Euro Road Trip – Short film Documentary

Next 9 days we are going to travel in the Audi Car covering 3500 miles, 7 countries Last 1 month in between support and development, we applied Visa and got stamping Day1 – we boarded into Ferry, going to Europe First day travelling from France to Belgium after that we are staying in Netherlands This is English Channel where Kutraleesvaran crossed by swimming Thats it speak to him Speak about Travel Itinerary Just now we started from Dover – He already mentioned it First we are going directly to Calai (Tease) -whom you are going to calai (Tease) First we are going to have breakfast then we talk about anything Will you take photo of Breakfast with your new Camera? Yes I want only English foods not vada, sambar etc Then what you eat when you are in France? -French foods We will change completely for that place somebody carrying food, I feel hungry by looking at it you asked vada, but it is Croissant Agenda is to travel all 9 days by car, thats the plan Especially Roadtrips should be like that That is the reason we rented Audi A4 Even if we drive 9 days completely, we don’t mind taking bath and freshup in Services We already planned and booked hotels in each country to stay so the trip looks like we would visit each hotels This is like lorries travelling from North India to South India They drive overnight Like those Lorry drivers, there are two drivers for this trip One is me and other is Prathip Varadarajan Highlight of the Trip is the drivers Pradeep and Prathip So these two drivers going to rock Europe (Stay out of the roads) Two other passenger’s life depends on them As they already have experience in UK driving, we trust them. Lets see how they drive in Europe Lets go in for Breakfast we are somewhere in France, all sign boards are in French There are few things to consider when you come to Europe by car First attach country’s name you drive from. GB – Great Britain

Secondly, Right hand drive in France, so Paste a sticker on the headlights like this Our drivers are adapting to Right hand drive now We entered into France and travelling towards Brussels For Right hand drive, these guys played GTA (Game) and got trained They practised all scenarios in GTA In half an hour, they will be alright The word Pressure reminds me my client managers This is Atomic Museum -Atomium -Yeah, Atomium museum Why it was constructed like this is If you see Atom, its structure looks like this from outside Then if we look at inside, will that be same as Atom’s inside? No, it won’t Car looks clean First advice for Europe trip travellers Get a Big car and little snacks In our car, 60% snacks and 40% luggage Did you place the parking ticket? What stadium it is? Looks like some football stadium It’s green Go in this Lane Take a right Look at the building

wow… Fabulous construction Stop… Stop… It’s Red Tram too going over the bridge? Day1 is completed We stayed in Maritime hotel Day2 starting with Pradeep (driving), Mani as a Navigator Buildings are good in Rotterdam Final destination is Frankfurt Don’t know why there are glass fences on the sides of Highway Whom are you talking to? Speak louder Boss, let’s drive in a dark forest so I will talk like in a discovery channel Why can’t you speak here, why do you want in forest? You don’t need to speak at all Mani is now controller, Navigator Mani going to change the gear, thinking of changing volume Mani, there is a parking brake button don’t touch it This is a parking brake, small button instead of regular handbrake Mani, can you show a Demo? And 1 CD player, 2 SD card slots, no USB As he opens, you could see SD1 and SD2 cards SD1 has Mani’s song collection SD2 has all other good songs Take that board Amsterdam, we are going for the first time Mani, is a Naturalist so he wants to visit beaches Karthi interested in History so he wants to visit Museums Me and Prathip just interested in driving There is something written on the boards like this We asked Mani to learn German and French It could have been useful now Another mystery in the highway, why there is horizontal pillar beams on the roof? Again the glass fence

Buildings look different in these places Wow Don’t know where they taking that flight It is on top of this bridge Could be a runway at the top There are so many cycles in Netherlands Boss, can you cover side also? Somebody going wrongly on the Tram route Yeah, they are driving in Tram route Yes, but not sure if they driving wrongly or we misunderstanding the routes Could be permitted during Sundays – don’t think so Buildings are so ancient And so many cycles In this city Traffic jams will be more due to cycles than cars We parked the car in Amsterdam Parking in all streets After parking, here we should pay, Paying machine in online These guys think paying machine as an attraction and taking photos with it No need to display the parking tickets It is enough entering our licence plate number in machine Same plants exists in our home town, still they taking picture here with it in Amsterdam Pradeep, look at this way If Karthik has another camera, he would take many pictures of his own camera We are in Germany now, driving towards Frankfurt We are driving for 1 hr and entered into Germany Its traffic here looks like an accident Seems somebody stopped the lorry and went for a tea break Looks like a fuel carrier Will it be blasted if we shoot like in GTA GAME? Let’s look at our passengers This passenger is always eating, since Day1 He is the primary driving Today rest for him Warming up for German Autobahn driving Autobahn is a German highway where there is no speed limit

There world’s fastest cars will be taken for test drive We are also in one of the fastest cars, Audi A4 Already we touched 140 mph City looks stunning Thank you Somebody take my luggage, I am taking Video We reached Frankfurt, Day2 Checked-in to Hotel Am I visible in video? Mani, wanted to say something This is Colour hotel, Looks colourful There is an Indian restaurant next to it These guys searching for biriyani wherever we go Let’s see the Lounge Day2, Frankfurt colour hotel I should see TV here at least Look at this Sit-out; open this we’ll go outside Wow Frankfurt city centre Boss, buildings are looks good Looks like a helipad on top of that building There is an Indian restaurant downstairs, smells good Our car parked exactly down, Audi A4 Did you see that tram? We searched and booked hotel in perfect spot Like in Netherlands, here also trams We came to an Indian restaurant These people interested to eat only rice not burgers We couldn’t find Pandian mess, so eating in some Indian restaurant It’s an Indian restaurant but menus are in German not even in English Main course alone in English Day3, checking out from hotel

Next destination is Munich n- BMW museum Today we are covering BMW museum, neuschwanstein castle and Alliance Area football stadium Am I visible? We are visiting BMW in Audi Nothing to see in Frankfurt It is just a stop over Started our driving towards Munich Another 370km to reach Munich This is Germany highway, no speed limit Today’s driver is Prathip Since there is no speed limit, we are going in 135 mph now Driver aiming to touch 140 mph We are in BMW museum In this section all are BMW sports cars There BMW Limo Now we are in Allianz Arena One of the biggest football stadiums Let’s see how clean the car is on day3 Looks messy with all snacks Driver looks very tired

All these snacks should be completed and thrown out by today Remaining 2 passengers are inside stadium, not coming out We are waiting for them After this Hotel for check in We are in Germany town side, booked Room here This is new Stadium constructed for world cup in 2006 After seeing one football stadium these guys talks more – We did an achievement We watched one European football club This is German streets Building looks different here too You drive, we’ll find the hotel As per Mani’s instinct, hotel should be on the left As per Prady’s instinct, hotel should be on the right Mani – told you Econtel This is the hotel we are going to stay Karthi, you told cylindrical building. It’s the photo of only a small part at the top But building is in rectangle shape We were searching for cylindrical building Day3 Here… here Finally we found Econtel hotel Mani’s instinct won There are Mcd, KFCs nearby so we would take rest few min before dinner We booked one of the biggest hotels in this city Attached restaurant And Attached Petrol bunk We just archived all junks That needs to be truncated and reloaded We are inside the hotel, searching for room no 310 Where is the key? Open the door See this glass here There should be a wired machine like Frankfurt For our safety we asked Karthik to open the door There is no bomb Wow Switch on the light -Switch on the light This is the biggest hotel in this city They are lying as nobody ever seen Munich hotels Driver looks tired Play some good movie Anjaan? Anjaan – most expected movie to watch We bought wifi for 12 euro to watch Anjaan movie This is a disappointment in all hotels, there is no free wifi Let’s take rest for few min, please don’t sleep Every time after we checked in all are going to sleep for 2 hrs Mani, it’s you – Not me Yesterday I try wake you up as the door broke, but you didn’t wake up from sleep I couldn’t hear anything Hey, I fixed the door before go to sleep

Before you I tried wake up Mani, he didn’t even move I just refused I was afraid door might fell down Ok, let’s sign off now The purpose of this mirror is To magnify Day4, we are starting from Germany Munich hotel This is neuschwanstein castle It is located in Germany border, outer ring road I think this was showed in Sherlock Holmes movie, popular castle We are taking a panorama view Next Mani So who built and when? Those answers we would know only if we go closer to the castle But for photo purpose, we stopped here itself This is Germany border on Day4 Since it is Germany border, the places look like Switzerland We are going to Austria after this He bought camera at right time This is Germany border (actually Austria border) This location looks good so we stopped for photos Finally the photo session completed Take the car quick If we start now we’ll reach by 10pm So not more stops We are in Austria now Just now we completed heavy lunch here Shall I take, do you want to speak? -it’s ok We are in Innsburck, Austria We know we are in Austria only after getting ‘welcome’ messages from Vodafone or Lyca

We had lunch in this restaurant Full Australian -Austrian Sorry, Austrian lunch We don’t know the language, so bought the food using sign language Innsbruck is in another 10km, it’s a good city in Austria Then night stay is in Italy We think today’s travel might goes till late night One of the longest travel days today, also mountain roads make the travel longer It would take more time in this mountain areas Roads are good though That Guy started speaking to offshore since morning We doubt it is offshore Face reaction looks like speaking to a girl friend As he is in our gang, sure he don’t have a girl friend We are check-in to Venice hotel This hotel is located in a forest Nothing in the surrounding Morning 9:30 is the checkout time We need to wake up tomorrow early, Pradeep always wakeup late Before we checked in, he got the wifi password and chatting with someone We need to raise a formal complaint in our group Hotel looks good – Don’t judge from outside As usual we made Karthik to open the door Boss, Room is very small Bunk Bed Switch on the lights Bunk bed, like in youth hostels Here Master bed Room looks smaller You remember I told Frankfurt hotel as small bathroom? -yes This is smaller than that We are reviewing bathroom now How a person can take bath in this? Day5 Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Today is Tuesday No yesterday is Tuesday, today is Wednesday -Oh yes We are losing Days count

Day5, Hotel in Venice What is the name of the hotel? Bryon hotel Karthik is ready We are in a balcony room This looks like our place, Velachery (Chennai) This is not Venice, some place outside I presume We found that yesterday after we reached here We should have pizza now Mani eats pizza in India, how can he miss in Italy He is compelling others too You can hear some breaking sounds inside, its Pradeep taking bath in that small bathroom We started from hotel Mani looks like taking picture, but he is taking selfie We are still in Venice outer; just now police checked our car Asked all the documents -Its a random check for all cars We crossed 4 countries, last 4 days no one checked any documents This means you can travel without passport and visa till Italy Nobody checked so far This looks like Pamban bridge We are in Venice entrance We tried going to Grand Canal by car Here we parked the car I think this is the last street in the city, beyond this water That’s why we couldn’t reach Grand Canal by car Spaghetti, meat ball Do you eat meat? – What is meat ball? This is Italian food menu Compared to Germany restaurant at least there are picture of the food to identify Prices also reasonable 1 roasted chicken -Lets order something we don’t usually eat Pasta, spaghetti and Pizza

3 and something for Karthik – Egg, spinach, milk No one should touch veg pasta We thought of returning in boat and searching for Boat stop This road goes for miles with this entire crowd Boats are going through these small streets (water) as well We are here; we need to go there where Car is parked We don’t know whether to take ticket or not Get in Day5, we were in Venice for whole morning and had good lunch in Italian restaurant Mani happily had pizza We had Pizza, spaghetti, pasta and went for boat ride Now travelling from Venice to Milan Shouldn’t forgot to lock the car This is Milan, a tourist spot in Italy Another tram waiting for signal We are entering into Switzerland We were roaming entire day in Italy We will reach hotel by 11:30 pm, called and informed them

One advice to the Audience is, if you drive in Italy you would pay lot for Toll 14 should be visible outside Stick inside out Is the sticket 14 visible? – Yeah We are in Swiss border – They stopped and charged 35 euro like a toll charge Could be because it is GB vehicle Couldn’t understand anything they say Shall we go? – Yes She said ok Let’s go If someone asks toll charge again She told something like 1 yr I asked if this is toll free, but she couldn’t understand Nobody knows English here Not sure, if they really don’t know or just acting As per estimated time, we would reach by 11:45 We reached hotel in swiz, this is the room Looks good Built in wood This is kitchen, self serve place Everything there to cook But for us, continental Breakfast is ready here This side, this side – That’s what I did Turn this side, you are using upside down Somebody opened the door and scared of looking at us Is this Day6? Day6, starting from swiz This is the best hotel we stayed so far in this trip As Euro traveller, we strongly recommend this hotel Karthik started with his new camera Even a car owner can’t take care of his car like how Mani does for rental car

There are so many kids here We are entering into Jungfrau in swiz This is Europe’s highest peak Even in peak summer, you could see snow here Mani, take that snow We checked alternative routes for this mountain Prathip and Karthik did some research and found a shortcut to avoid train We are taking that route believing them Hopefully, its correct route We bought the ticket for Jungfrau, 135 CHF Approx, £90 (Rs 9,000) If we would have taken that train, its 140 CHF We travel some distance in car to save some money, here also almost same cost Parking ticket will again compensate that cost Seems entire city depends on tourism Train started Its 2 hr travel from bottom of the mountain, from here 1:30 hr We are going towards that mountain Look there is a small waterfall

We reached top of the mountain Top of Europe, 3454m This is top of Europe, next is Everest We will cover that in another trip Full of snow We are thinking of doing some snow activities We are going to take pictures removing our shirts Like Ice bucket challenge Mani will take snow bucket challenge now Yeah, lift it up Higher Ok, 5:45 is the last train Everyone left, Entire Mountain looks empty. We are running to catch the last train If we leave this train, we would be frozen over night I couldn’t run in this snow Today is the longest drive in our trip, 730 km I think it will take 7hr to reach Paris On the way we’ll cover some places in Swiz and France We just entered into France border This area looks very bad People look scary We will reach Eiffel tower in another 3 km Parking is difficult in Paris, finally found a place for parking 1km from hotel We are starting from Paris; we have return ferry at 11pm until then roaming in Paris

We estimated 3hr for lunch in Saravana Bavan There is saravana bhavan, Muniyandi vilas Pandian Mess -Pandian Mess What you say about Paris? Some places looks good but other places are dirty Look at this hotel don’t stay here Hotel is not very good Located at the centre of city, so difficult for parking Let’s go, where is the map? I think we should go inside -did we get down from this boat? Exit is different Look at that side, So many people They are scattered around They might have come in a container, illegally Don’t take Video – But I am taking Did you check the exit? -last exit 4th -5th Checking will be tight now Mani, you gave incorrect name as well! Finally we reached Calais port, but we should be other side of the Fence We came here for a short break Karthik is looking at football score I am not getting the signal -All foreigners asking score to him But score is still 0-0 We are in Calais port, waiting for Ferry. Immigration check completed -Yes, Mani escaped All these cars are waiting for ferry, but its 1 hr late We booked Last ferry at 11pm, that too late for 1 hr I think we would reach home after midnight We are in J row -but it is irrelevant We are parking the car in Ferry -we are inside the Ferry now We should go for dinner quickly after this Note down the number -Check the floor number Oh… this part of the floor goes down We are in Ferry now; everyone came directly to food area Waiting in Queue Time is 12am There are many items, Fish, chicken nuggets, fries – He had a look and came For you just milk, egg and bread

Mani was sitting sadly Time is 1am; at least I had 4 chairs to sit These guys brought me to sleep in sofa, and we lost both See where we are seated There is no place even to sit Reached Staines – Successfully completed Road trip Mission Accomplished Let’s plan for next trip soon