Formula Cosplay 2017 [Europe Edition] (english subtitles)

Welcome people, this year we are at Formula cosplay 2017 Smiling through the pain, no just kidding I’m back people You probably don’t know who I am You gotta stop, you really gotta knock it off I know you from the Deo commercial, you are so cool! “You guys stink, use Deo!” I don’t get the reference it’ll be okay man Hi everyone, by the way. I am now here at uh.. Formula Cosplay I just arrived so it took a little while to get here, I know quite some people here actually Anyways, quite some people of our squad are here at the moment I’m surprised about that, because usually they skip smaller cons I don’t know what we’re gonna be doing, but we’re gonna try to make it a fun day Gio, hey man Everything good? Okay they have a K-pop corner guys Let’s take a look, a club area Welcome to the club I am surprised to say this but I don’t know anyone here Oh this is your corner? your spot? well, fun I see people dance everywhere I see that dancegroup there, I forgot their name (Black pearl) Well as you can see, there’s still quite some rooms where you can do stuff I am actually quite surprised about that Because this is legit an entire school But yeah– But uhh, I don’t what I’ll be doing, but there’s more “kinda” to do than I expected The area is more spread out than I thought So that’s pretty chill, I just hope there’s actual stuff to do in all that space From what I saw, the people in the Kpop room are having fun Hope that’s also in other rooms, The game room, of course they are having fun int he game room Hi What are you doing? Volunteer ayeee That’s not necessarily activity No it’s the most horrible activity to do when you’re at a convention But are you having fun tho? Kinda You know what it is, first hour you have a lot to do, which is horrible but after that it gets chill and you don’t have to pay, and you get free food I also didn’t pay yeah but you– PRESS you’re a different case! I’m walking around, and I’m actually still surpsied about the fact that almost all rooms are in use I’m pretty surprised about that Yeah especially here, downstairs it’s a little less, but here for sure Usually at conventions like these you know they only use half the space, but here in every hall and room something’s going on Yeah exactly I don’t know if there’s a LOT going on— Hi tho there’s nothing on the top floor– But it does look like at the Kpop room, the Clubroom– That really turned into the Kpop room That wasn’t the planning but, it became the kpop shit They took over if you guys ever see her in the future, don’t trust her when she’s a maid

She’s gonna poison your food and drinks So remember her, she’s dangerous You’re very sweet We know who you are No! go away man, it’s too early Look at this creature– no why do you do — You say it is too early, no stop it’s 2017, okay. it’s MAY We are done Make it shine No, we’re done Make it shine We’re finished Greetings child Why are you doing that Let’s get wasted Yeah man Anyways we’re now outside, I see cosplayers like..everywhere but anyways we went outside to get some food, and I haven’t had any breakfast yet so I’m in the mood for that and we’ll go back inside after- I need to come up with something to do today, So I constantly have activity, but I’ll come up with something- i want something to happen today But it’ll happen, because today is a fun day I came spontaneously, cause I wasn’t planning to at all Fleur is positive today, we can make use of that she’s gonna keep us alive today That’s her task now Not when I have teary eyes the entire time, cause that sucks everyone give us a blue thumbs up We’re gonna make it a fun day alright? Fleur is in charge of the positivity, so if she ruins it later. you can attack her in the comments What am I in charge of? Support her Be the assist No just make sure no bullshit happens today Yeah hello, that’ll happen anyways- Guido came and he’s still breathing so– oh shit, shpts fired Okay we’re finally inside again, we went outside to get some food. we were at subway but we don’t know where the rest of the squad is, they’re most likely inside again but– I’m now with Fleur and Maxiem We’re inside again, Fleur just got inside of the con for the first time She hadn’t been inside yet anyways we’re gonna have to look for something to do Because there’s enough rooms, but there needs to be something to do in those rooms as well Okay okay, did you hear my hook? You gotta hear my hook Oh yeah your transformers hook!– wait wait wait Autobots, Transform What did you think when you hear that for the first time? I was just like, “YEAh!—-” I was so disappointed How long have you been here? Since a couple of minutes and they already recognized me. (Darkshadowthehalo) What!? Really? Who recognized you? The people at the entrance, “OH you’re from that video” What, seriously?! Yeah! She also just got recognized fromt he Deo commercial But I walked inside and they were like “You’re from that video” and I was like shit I don’t know if that’s positive or negative…cause I was ranting about a couple things But that they know who you are, they did research I think I’m being stalked dude They did research cause you see literally nothing of your face on your channel That’s why They recognized me so– You can recognize your voice when you speak tho You can indeed recognize my voice, but I legit only said “Hello”… “OH are you from that video?” you’re no longer safe Wake me up

Wake me up inside Can’t wake up Yo man What are you doing? I’m sitting here, cause someone else was supposed to sit here, and I was supposed to be security But they left like a bitch Are you enjoying yourself with all them love livers? Oh yeah actually– He didn’t even see them yet Okay who wants to be interviewed You want to be interviewed, Hi Do I wanna be interviewed? Hi okay Hi, who are you? What did you say? who? Who are you? Hey I’m Sanne Hi Sanne, are you enjoying yourself? I’m enjoying myself perfectly fine That’s– guys she’s lying, she’s lying– I ate a banana, I’m happy Oh she ate a banana— and some bread So my day can’t get any better What is your advice, for people that don’t know what to do, how can they have fun at a conventinon? Bring enough food, food makes your entire life better That’s true it doesn’t matter what you do, conventions are always better with food That’s true, food is great. Thank you Sanne You’re welcome! I’ll probably see you later Most likely Bye Sanne Hello hello, Carlito! Yo man, you good? Yeah man I saw you working pretty hard just now Yeah I’m gonna go chill for a moment, so I’m gonna get rid of this real quick Yeah it’s pretty freaking heavy I think, isn’t it You’re getting rid of it? how heavy is that thing? how heavy? or is it decent? We can do a quick test Yeah it’s tripping cause its off What would that be, like 5 Kg or something? Wrong ball! ROLLING THUNDER! Beatiful , beautiful Good job Are you attacking me? Hi, what are you doing? Walking around Nice, did you see anything you like? You [SoundTrack by xKaru-P] Wow , beautiful, beautiful Yeah I’m also looking for something to do There’s a lot of places where stuff is going on but I gotta see what’s FUN which is important You have a really nice cosplay, I really like this Thank you He made that himself Oh really?! oh that’s really nice We gotta go back on adventure, we’re gonna look for adventure You can seriously make a music video here, in this restroom We’re gonna do an attempt later We’re gonna do an attempt and ask a couple people to act cool and uhh yeahh we’ll do that In the toilets? Yeah, this is just– LIT BOY if someone would just pose cool yknow– [Soundtrack by xKaru-P] Look at him go Ramen 101 What are you doing, making origami? No! you can put your ramen noodles in it That’s a thing? people do that? Yes they do, in Korea Oh that’s pretty nice Why are these noodles so longggg!? That’s what noodles are That’s how it works Are you enjoying yourself here? Yeah sure He’s so happy

Look how happy he is What are you doing? I’m working for the maid cafe You’re a maid too— Do you wanna come in too? how fun— Sorry wait , this is very important.. I hear deathnote I’ll be right there– THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, LISTER COME COME COME! Hey hello I’m again in a video! yeah it’s been so long , my god Look this is where the maid puts all poison in your food Not true… it’s freaking delicious! You get wings from it, that’s the poison What do you put in it? Red bull? Secretly [Soundtrack by xKaru-P] Woah that voice, that voice tho ROLLIN’ THUNDER! is that normal? do you think that’s normal? Yeah oh yeah… yeah why did I ask that? What’s happening, why is everyone so hyper? Where is Karuru— Sometimes you also gotta take small breaks during the recording otherwise you have like on long ass video I didn’t film for a while— I didn’t film for a while I went to the Karaoke for like half an hour maybe?

I think something like that yeah I was with Maxiem and Fleur earlier but I have no idea where they went, but they just went to walk around most likely They’re most likely downstairs Should we go downstairs?– Yeah let’s go downstairs— We haven’t been downstairs for a while, we’ve been up here for a while so we’re gonna take a look what we can do downstairs and if there’s any new people, most likely let’s see O hello there, what are you doing? We’ve been outside, but now we’re looking for a Photographer Nice, there’s photographers everywhere Yeah I know, but I’m looking for a specific one Oh okay So we’re gonna go for a hunt, byeee Are you serious?!

[Soundtrack by xKaru-P] So fun, party Yeah I know right, Party hard! Wait a sec– OH SAKURA’S DAB a bit too partyhard! That’s all I can pretty much These days it’s all you need Yeah I know right That’s how you start the party Or you end it– if you really mess it up you end the party with that I mean they are still partying, but maybe if you do it in the big hall, they’ll stop instantly Oh my god, on stage! Do that I’m gonna be host there so I could easily just– At the cosplay competition? I think so yeah, I won last year so I need to hand over the price to the next winner So I’ll do it, but you need to film it I’ll join, but I do wanna see it happen Okay it’s a deal Grannycon Grannies don’t dance Excuse me!? I don’t want people to see us like we’re under them or less Yeah but that’s EXACTLY what I’m saying— No just kidding! Nah, maids are super fun. Maids are even better What are you doing? What are you doing? I’m making a photo with this board I’m filming Oh shit! I’m filming you , who’s making a picture WITH the board Jeez you wanted attention and I gave it to you, so actually you should be grateful I always want attention Nice, good Okay actually not Nah but I’ll be back later for sure tho Okay see you later Hello– WOAH the horror! Woah look all my viewers are now scared, and got a heart attack Putting some dramatic editing in

Yeah I’m gonna edit this with drama cause this is horror for sure I’m so sad you did that, why are you like this? Because uh… I don’t know seriously, Kikuri, bite NOT ME! What are you doing!? I came back with attention What are you guys doing? isn’t that a little too close? Nahh this is intimate We are watching as mister is enjoying his food– Why are you looking at me, seriously? So she does have a weird fetish So what are you doing? “Oh we are watching how he eats” Stop it, nobody is gonna watch how I am eating Leave me , otherwise I won’t eat Maybe the entire world would love to see that Seriously, you know what the entire world would wanna see? Me taking off on my Motor cycle I wanna see the happiness on your face when you take your first bite.. DO iT I already long took my first bite Ahhw f*ck why did you say that , you didn’t have to say that on camera how unfortunate, how unfortunate You can edit it out okay I’ll do that then This is the Japanese curry– It looks really good tho! This is Japanese curry from the Neko Neko Nii Maid cafe This is gyoza He is promoting it very well, be happy with a customer like that Seriously, I have deep love for Neko Neko Nii, really You guys did really great, it looks very nice No doubt– just to promote them but– Neko Neko Nii is one of the Maid cafe’s that prepares everything themselves Not cheap from packets and from the supermarket Yeah I also saw those No offense but it happens, it happens Neko Neko Nii always tries to give their customers something fresh He loves you, I feel the love I would say, go to NekoNekoNii maid cafe, go get something, Foodcorner To go, to eat, order your food Where else do you guys stand? That’s important too We’re here— oh you mean at other conventions? Oh no doubt Animecon aand Abunai? The rest isn’t sure yet Okay good, people at least know this so I’m gonna stalk you guys again at animecon, are you gonna be there too? Are you gonna be there too? Good, I’ll be stalking you again then I’m gonna be there too Okay you should be there again as perfect customer! Also I was there last year as steward and sat there all day as well That’s what you do, if you’re a steward , eat at our place, that’s the best thing in your life School bully guys!

Get it girl! Do the wave! Well okay we’ve been at the Karaoke for a while now– first we went to that room with all that Kpop shit Then we went to the Karaoke for a while, sang for a bit– oh hey man! and now we wanna go to the cosplay competition Cause there’s a lot of shit going on You want that? Yes I want that Why do you want that? Do you also want that? Yes I want that too Okay why do you want that? Yeah because life is structured that way oh that’s how life is– Life is wanna grab it with both hands Yeah.– okay when are you on then? Me? that’s a good question, the end I think okay good, then I know that But wait even so, you get– oh you gotta join for a min No, I don’t even know what it is of course you do , come on 1, 2 , 3! She’s so disappointed in you it’s not that hard is it, it’s not that hard [Soundtrack by Tyrrer] So this was your first dab ever? OH, I POPPED YOUR CHERRY! We got back from the supermarket but I gotta charge my camera, so I’ll be back later Since I got back I did Ka— Okay I WANTED to do Karaoke, but everything is closing off and shit and I am now wondering what I should do.. except for that K-con shit thingy it’s pretty much like a K-con there’s so many people doing Kpop shit but anyways–

Pares asked me to come to the Maid cafe and apparently they’re still doing stuff there But I am gonna be chilling there for a bit, I was charging my camera, it’s charged a bit now, I don’t wanna wait too long cause it looks like that everyone is leaving slowly so I’m gonna do that in a bit– How’d you like it today? disorganized that’s unfortunate I was part of the competition, and they mispronounced everyone’s name Just like starbucks They messed up the order of several songs in the end and almost played some wrong songs for people so a tip for next time, pay more attention to that but what DID you enjoy? The Karaoke The karaoke was fun, totally had a nice vibe going on that’s true I’ve been there all day I did film it a lot yeah what’s the next con you’ll be attending? Animecon for me I’ll be there too so most likely you’ll see her again But anyways I’m gonna hang at the maid cafe, see what’s up there Success Do NOT throw Kpop weebs and Jpop weebs- or whatever together. it doesn’t work Cause can you explain why? So basically we have one room in which for majority of the day we had Kpop and the rest of the day Mixed But the Kpop people stayed in the room and everything went all over the place, and the k pop people now left because Jpop was also being played and it’s just not working at all, and it brings chaos Very sad So people don’t be an asshole, that’s the moral of this story Don’t be so aggressive you You Really gotta stop now, ughh I had such a long day Give her compliments You’re pretty I actually meant the girl behind you Just kidding Oh me! Where is that behind her wtf?! I actually meant the girl behind THAT I don’t know what you’ve done today I haven’t seen you for majority of the day Something wrong with your lens? Yeah Need me to give you something for that? No I’ll be fine, I’m a strong independent woman who needs no Eyedrops Who needs no eyedrops! Hey, everything good? —- Buzz off I’m talking about my life story How did you like it today? Chaotic But what should have been better according to you? how the 2 groups here got evened out in here mostly huh? the combination didn’t work well? Gio is working hard as you can see, if you watch this Gio, you did your best man I enjoyed myself, it’s not a super huge con or anythingand most things I did here would have been pretty crap at other cons, but today was fun So I cannot complain I’m gonna leave soon oh she’s gonna leave soon Oh look who we have there Ahhw too bad man, oh wait if you wanna act cool act cool here– wait We’re gonna make you a set Look, don’t you think this is a nice set, for your shit. look its all yellow That’s so racist man! That’s not how I meant it! [Sountrack by Tyrrer]