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good evening everybody it is steve luchner with agenda free tv we are here to bring you an update on the covid situation uh there are new concerns uh in the u.s and canada in europe so we wanted to bring you an update on some of the things going on with the virus in those countries uh well europe is many countries and some european countries and we’re also going to be taking your comments and questions on the air you can write to me during the broadcast at lookner on twitter is where you can reach me at lookner on twitter and i want to say thanks to all of our moderators for being there i very much appreciate our moderators uh being with us thank you moderators uh so i think to start uh it’s been a little while since we focused on some of the non-us stuff going on so i think we’ll start with that and then we’ll come back to the us uh thank you by the way kirk spazziani for your support thank you kirk very much and thank you also shaft zx and d for your support i appreciate it so uh we’ll we’ll get to the u.s stuff but why don’t we start with some of the other countries so um there have been new restrictions in canada so let’s start with cam we haven’t talked about canada for a while so let’s talk about some of what’s going on in canada and the basic story is that in the us in canada in europe uh in many parts of the u.s and many parts of europe and in parts of canada you have these concerns that the outbreak is growing again cases hospitalizations uh deaths in some cases so and worries as we head into the winter that things could get a lot worse both in and of itself and also because you know flu season so you could have hospital resources uh already strained from taking care of say people with the flu and then there’s fewer hospital resources to take care of people with the virus so uh here you can see ontario tightens restrictions in three major areas amid 939 cases of covet 19. now i want to say this first first and foremost um uh i would say i i i don’t like when you see report which is just this many cases in this state or this many cases in that country because as i’ve been saying the whole time just knowing the number of cases itself doesn’t tell you anything because for all you know if the if if if the testing goes up you know 300 percent there’s probably going to be more cases so you know just knowing that cases went up doesn’t really tell you a lot unless you know something about the testing so what i really look for is not just cases but also are more p people being hospitalized if more people are being hospitalized because they’re sick that’s not just going to be an uh something that’s due to testing also uh fatalities are deaths going up because that’s not just going to be due to testing also percentage of people testing positive and it also look you know at a certain point if a country is putting on new restrictions that suggests that they don’t think it’s just oh well it’s the same as before we’re just testing more so i try to look at other things besides just oh there’s new new higher number of cases because that in itself doesn’t really tell you anything except there’s the highest number of cases you need to know more um that’s why to know you know whether the the outbreak at a place is really growing

um but uh but that’s why i try to you know find other figures behind besides just cases um okay so um you can see here uh ontario tightens restrictions in three major areas amid 939 new cases of covet toronto ottawa peel region moving to modified stage 2 restrictions for at least 28 days so that suggests things are getting worse there because there are these new restrictions uh let’s see here this is from cbc this came out yesterday ontario is imposing stricter measures in toronto ottawa and peel region in a bid to curb the spread of covid as the province’s curve climbs ever steeper the measures which go into effect saturday for a period of 28 days include prohibiting indoor dining at restaurants and bars and closing gyms movie theaters and casinos after that the province’s health experts will review the measures so that’s pretty serious in toronto ottawa and peel region no indoor dining at restaurants no indoor dining in bars uh is it this is a little confusing it says prohibiting indoor dining at restaurants and bars i think it’s just the indoor dining not closing the bars and closing gyms closing movie theaters and closing casinos the government is also asking people in those areas to only leave their homes for essential purposes schools and child care centers will remain open the premier doug ford of ontario right said if current trends continue hospitals could be overwhelmed with intensive care unit placements tripling in less than 30 days so yeah this is uh i saw something about the number of hospitalizations going up let me show you something about that i think i have that in the other article hang on let me get that i have a couple articles about canada here i want to show you let’s see here so this is from the cnn recent article yesterday canadians encouraged to stay home as second wave of covet worsens uh the prime min uh let’s see not only are the national daily case counts going up in canada but also hospitalizations and deaths continue to creep upward as well okay let’s go back here this is the cbc article so there’s cases but again i like to know more about than just you know raw case numbers but clearly in ontario cases are going up again but you know i like to know more about who’s how many people taking percentage people testing positive hospitalizations that kind of thing let’s see here is there anything else i want to show you from this article okay a lot of this is more about daily number of cases without saying the testing numbers uh look at this this all comes with many hospitals in ontario are filled to capacity and intensive care units in some greater toronto area hospitals are reporting few available beds the province’s ontario’s covid testing system is also under strain with appointments at assessment centers in the hardest hit areas being snapped up shortly after they become available and some people have to wait for days to get tested that’s not good nearly one-tenth of ontario’s 4 800 pub funded schools have reported cases of covet in a similar proportion of the 630 long-term term homes in the province are battling outbreaks of the virus so again um this is just in ontario new restrictions in toronto ottawa and peel region fx trader lives in ontario let me show you a couple other things too from from about that canada here’s this this is from the toronto star toronto peel and ottawa

in ontario have new restrictions here’s what you can and can’t do now this is from yesterday what’s closed indoor dining and drinking at restaurants bars yeah so look it not only indoor dining and drinking which means i guess there’s i guess indoor bars are closed too from my understanding of this so no indoor dining no indoor drinking indoor gyms and fitness centers closed indoor movie theaters closed indoor performing arts and centers and venues closed uh what else here blah blah blah blah blah other stuff here schools day care stores places of worship these are all open outdoor gyms outdoor dining and takeout public gatherings are limited to 10 people indoors and 25 outdoors wedding receptions are limited to 10 people indoors and 25 outdoors so that’s in ontario kimberly says we have free medical but can’t get a doc been without for 10 years that sounds like a longer term thing yeah our viewer fx trader says it’s so it’s not the entire province uh the stories i’ve been reading you just talk about toronto peel and ottawa and peel by the way i don’t know much about peel peel in canada is like a municipal municipal area regional municipality of peel its population is uh 1.38 million the regional municipality of peel it consists of three municipalities to the west and northwest of toronto here if we get a map here we can see what we’re looking at oops sorry i want ontario ontario there’s ontario so what we’re talking about is ottawa toronto does it have peel here on the map or do i have to peel peel regional municipality there’s peel right there next to toronto and then there’s some another article here about canada here um canadians encouraged to stay home as second wave of covid worsens this is from yesterday and this is from um uh from cnn by the way just to show you here their overall statistics i’ve been having trouble with worldometer today the site worldometer seems very slow today i don’t know if they’re having problems at the site i’ve been having some weird issues with my internet i don’t know if it’s my provider just the last couple days where just certain sites are loading very slowly and maybe it’s just an internet thing but most sites are loading perfectly well but some sites are like voting very very slowly so i don’t really know what it is it’s very strange strange behavior i was trying to get you the canada um oh i can i can show you this the candidate chart yeah so like now look again this is new cases and you can go to google and get new cases but as i will repeat for like the 30th time this doesn’t tell you much unless you also know about the testing because if the testing has gone way up the case is supposed to go you should go you know we’ll probably go up unless lots fewer people are testing positive there’s cases deaths so you can see low low low low low then starting to get higher here see that look uh seven six seven six you know blah blah blah back in june you were getting 30 40 daily over a hundred even you know in march in april in april and may into the hundreds then low low low low single digits but more recently you’ve been seeing some higher numbers in canada double digits sometimes significantly higher last month the prime minister declared a second wave was already underway the national daily case counts can continue to increase sharply with an average about 2 000 new cases every day for the past week that’s a 40 rise in the last week alone i’m assuming testing has not gone up 40 but i’m not sure

hospitalizations and guests continue to creep upward more than 80 percent of new infections are from ontario ontario and quebec and those under 40 account for 60 of the cases the province of quebec is a particular concern with urban hot spots in montreal and quebec city oh dine in restaurants and bars in the province of quebec dine in restaurants and bars were closed last week in in in montreal and quebec that’s a big deal ontario the province of ontario joined the province of quebec friday with um with uh i’m just making sure there’s a quebec city and there’s a quebec province right yes there’s a quebec city in quebec province um on the province of ontario during the province of quebec friday with targeted closures in its largest largest urban centers that include a ban on dining restaurants and the closure of bars both toronto and montreal canada’s two largest cities have now shuttered restaurants and bars as hospitalizations increase the prime minister urged canada warned canadians to stay home even for the canadian thanksgiving holiday next week so what you’re starting to see and we’ll talk about this more you’re starting to see in canada you’re clearly seeing it we started seeing it in different european countries as well is these restrictions being put back on we had some of that in the u.s like a month or two ago you know in different places like texas and other places where restrictions that had been taken off started getting put on again well you’re seeing it in other countries too so clearly in canada you’re seeing it some places um in the in europe you’re seeing it some places but uh there’s also resistance to it uh in in a number of places so like for in the us you know if cases were to if cases and hospitalizations uh and people testing positive and deaths are to keep rising in the u.s as is forecasted uh you know what kind of new restrictions would you see i don’t know uh you know for there might i’m sure there will be resistance to it uh from some people so i don’t know you know what kind of restrictions you’ll see in any place but if you search for articles you can find articles about the tension between wanting to you know have restrictions to keep a new big wave from happening and people who don’t want these restrictions because for example the economies have been suffering for so long another crazy hospitals are empty comment well i’ll time the person out and fear mongering there you go there you go all right give me a shout let me know your thoughts at luchner on twitter i don’t know if i had an article about the quebec restrictions let’s see here here’s an article about quebec reuters quebec’s new social gathering curves risk dragging on as coveted cases rise government crackdowns on social gatherings in parts of quebec canada and parts of quebec canada’s epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic could drag on longer in hospit hot spots like bars and restaurants public health experts warns as covet hospitalizations hospitalizations have kept rising not just cases quebec canada’s second most populous province has shuttered gyms bars restaurant dining rooms and band gatherings and homes for most of october in hot spots like montreal pub public health experts say montreal bars would likely remain shut beyond the end of the month i don’t think we’ll see bars opening anytime soon said a professor at university of montreal outbreaks during the spring hit nursing homes in the elderly but cases among younger quebecers are mounting resulting in fewer deaths but raising fears of the virus spreading to the more vulnerable uh the quebec government if i have this right the quebec yeah the quebec government has faced pushback from thousands of protesters holding demonstrations to denounce the restrictions such as mandatory mass use in indoor

public places so looks like quebec and ontario are the two provinces uh of most concern right now in terms of increases in uh coveted cases hospitalization and so forth in canada all right let me know your thoughts at lookner on twitter andre says j not just a few dead in montreal quebec now yeah so and look it is you know the the absolute numbers in canada are significantly less than they are in the us right the population of canada is what 38 million which is about one eighth one-eighth the pi maybe one-ninth about one-ninth the population of the u.s um but like in the past i gotta get the world numbers here from worldometer like the u.s you know lately has been averaging seven or eight hundred deaths a day some days higher some days lower you know uh canada on the other hand you know has been averaging like today they had 23 so multiply that by nine that’s like the you that’s like the us having like 200 in a day uh and then they had 2 000 cases that’s like the us having 18 000 cases so per capita canada is doing significantly better than the u.s in terms of um you know death deaths per capita and cases per capita but at the same time different countries have different levels of tolerance you know new zealand a month or two ago they had a few new cases and they started locking places down different countries have different you know different amounts of cases and deaths and hospitalizations they’re willing to accept before putting restrictions on it’s just different in different places thanks by the way to you for the support uh oh is is slow mode not on i’m sorry i forgot i forgot that’s that was not my intention sorry guys it was supposed to be on hey thanks viticus rising for reminding me thanks also to uh for your support thanks warner for your support i appreciate it thank you jamie dodd who says the global population is still highly susceptible to this virus yeah i mean you can find articles about that by health experts where they say they believe that most people have not gotten the virus um i think in the u.s like um it’s there’s articles suggesting maybe like 10 percent of people might have gotten it or something see if i can find anything really quick quick yeah i read an article about that on the year like a few a couple weeks ago i can’t find it right now but there are articles out there about about that we we’ve actually read some on the year thank you jamie dodd uh stephanie uh benesmond thank you and dee and natasha zadonov and j cobb and don teller thanks so much for your support really really appreciate it also if you have comments or you can also or updates you can write to me on twitter at lookner i’ll be checking that as well hang on one second here uh nicole fleury our viewer writes in nicole says i live in gatineau quebec right across from ottawa as of midnight tonight we are following suit as ottawa

we are going into red zone i’ll go back to my map here here’s canada why is it so far away there’s quebec there is ontario quebec here ontario here quebec includes the cities quebec city and montreal among others ottawa toronto in ontario thanks for writing in nicole fleury here’s an update what is this here this is from ottawa citizen the quebec government has declared get in o in the adjacent mrc however that’s pronounced to be red zones the most restrictive category in the province’s color-coded coded covid system bars restaurants and entertainment venues were to be shut down as of midnight saturday although takeout and delivery would be permitted under red zone designations there can be no visits between households apart from caregivers services such as home health care security or personal care and for maintenance work people living alone can receive only one outside veteran visitor but it must always be the same person public and private gatherings are prohibited except for places of worship and funerals so these are pretty strict restrictions that’s in there are certain parts this article is about certain parts of quebec and this is from today this is from today from the ottawa citizen hey thank you destroyer of false prophets who mentioned his wife being a nurse in manhattan that’s a shout out to your wife for you know being a health care worker and uh in this in the in general and especially at this time uh yeah we’ll talk about the whole new york thing destroy your false process profits probably in a little bit when we circle back around to the u.s so thanks for your support thank you also paula faust very much and thank you so much karen christian that’s very kind of you karen christian from canada uh very much appreciate that thank you oh here’s something here now here’s another thing about the red zone cbc from two days ago from quebec city to montreal nearly everything is now in the covet red zone nearly all the municipalities between the montreal region the quebec city area are now considered red zones in the new red zones restaurants bars theaters and other restricted businesses will close on saturday while mass will be required at all times in high schools starting wednesday of next week our viewer men kanika says the uk is going to make an announcement on restrictions yes we will talk about that we might talk about that next thank you for writing in mechanical david mclean is sending me send me something about ohio we will be coming back to the us in a little bit cheryl sent me this about canada vancouver border towns have been having issues for a while now good article by vancouver sun explaining it now when is this from this is from late september covet hamburgers border towns on both sides of the canada u.s divide this is from september 27th

if you want to read more about this go to vancouver sun nicole says our quebec hospitals are always running at 100 so having a surge of covet is not good arm tree hugger says you ain’t seen nothing yet regarding covet well i hope not but um you know we’re going to be talking about some different areas where cases are rising hospitalizations are rising deaths in some cases are rising new restrictions we’ve been talking about canada so far jonathan dubois our viewer says i am in the red zone in quebec canada hey i want to say a quick thanks to our moderators we have they’re all volunteers so thank you to our moderators we have um rastazi and sarah they’re both there in our youtube chat very much appreciated thank you uh linda belk and lisa cushman and texas legends brian and sharon craig are all in our periscope chat moderating there thank you thanks also to our twitch and facebook moderators skip footariag and xxd are moderating in the twitch chat thank you and we have hang on one second here facebook moderators such as kimberly peterson courtney lane shay turner jose reno dan lindquist josh tompkins and remington denise frederickson thank you moderators really appreciate it okay all right so we’ve been talking a little bit about canada do real quick see if there’s anything else i wanted to mention about that did i have anything else i had i had i had marked down here okay let’s move on from canada we can always come back later okay let’s talk so let’s talk about europe now uh there’s a number of cases places in europe number countries where things are getting worse with the virus and new restrictions are being put on or being considered so uh one place is in in the uk there are maybe going to be some new restrictions so let me show you this i’ll take a couple i’ll just check the comments real quick stick says i need to run out to the store here in toronto i’m pretty sure the bar patios are going to be packed now are they are they going to keep the bar patios open when it gets colder out seize the day good to see you seize the day says british columbia in canada is spiking okay so let’s talk about the uk uh not just uh well real quick and again i hate looking at just cases let’s see if i can get the charge for the uk or maybe i can get the charge for canada first here’s here’s canada where’s uk this is worldometer worldometer is so s i think the site was down or something it’s very slow today this feels like you know 1998 internet or something i mean look at this this worldometer is so slow today i don’t know what it is can’t even open i gotta wait i’ll have to go back there

i have to go to google i guess so uh this is you can see uk new cases now again i don’t know how much the testing has changed since a couple weeks ago so certainly you can see this spike in cases in the uk right it’s a big spike but i don’t know how much the testing has changed uh also how about the deaths so it’s kind of similar to canada in which you had a lot of deaths you know early on like in april and may and then they go down and it’s really it’s much smaller some single digits but recently it started to tick up see oversee you’re looking in september and august and you have single digits or 12 or 14 right for like a couple months but look at it recently 77 87 that’s deaths that’s not due to more testing so it’s quite similar to canada you had you know it’s very it’s high here goes down last couple months before like a month ago you know much lower but starting to creep up that’s the uk uh now if you look here gosh the worldometer is just slow as anything okay um boris johnson to detail new measures to members of parliament on monday this is from today from the bbc the prime minister is going to make a statement to uh parliament members on monday giving details of new restrictions to slow the spread of coronavirus in england the uh a letter from boris johnson’s advisor says it’s very likely some some areas will face further restrictions but some leaders warn the new plan for a three-tier local lockdown system will only create more confusion under new restrictions pubs and restaurants could be closed bars and restaurants could be closed in parts of northern england and the midlands where some of the highest numbers of cases are occurring while a ban on overnight stays is also being considered the most severe measures imposed for aries in tier three would be agreed with local leaders in advance the details of each of the new three tiers including the level of infection at which an area would qualify for it and the nature of the restrictions are being debated this weekend so there will be new restrictions it sounds like but we don’t know what they are yet and i have some some some other stuff about the uk here there’s also this so this is interesting uh this is from yesterday uk workers to get two-thirds of pay if firms are told to shut which suggest you know which suggests that you’re going to see some firms being shut employees who work for uk firms forced to shut by law because of gov chronovirus restrictions are to get two-thirds of their wages paid for by the government that begins on november 1st for six months so it doesn’t sound like they’re anticipating this thing going away anytime soon a restrictions update which could see pubs and bars pubs and restaurants shut in the worst affected areas is expected on monday it is a simon jack from bbc says it’s a sign of how quickly the coronavirus situation in the uk has soured that the chancellor is having to return to a policy he thought he’d parked i guess that means done away with less than two weeks ago uh and you can see here this is um daily confirmed cases continue to rise in the uk but i wish it gave the testing details like the number of people tested too i’d like to know that in the percent testing positive oh i had read something also about um there’s like certain towns where it’s really bad let’s see if i have any of that

here was it birmingham there was some town birmingham how do you pronounce it there was some town i was reading an article about like yesterday in the uk where they were having like a huge outbreak maybe somebody can let me know if they they remember what it is surrey sean k says suri was that what it is liverpool and maybe it was manchester robert alport says liverpool and manchester here here well here’s something about surrey surrey live almost 150 new cases recorded in surrey with double figure increase in 10 areas of county now are they testing more i see again it doesn’t say it doesn’t say anything about the total number of tests and what percentage of people are testing positive that’s what i would like to see okay nothing in that article about that was it manchester i read about i think maybe liverpool too uh here’s something about some of the towns that have the most new cases uh this is from bbc new restrictions for parts of england likely next week from friday all pubs and restaurants across central scotland scotland including glasgow and edinburgh edinburgh i think it is are to close while in the rest of scotland hospitality venues uh must shut at uh 18 o’clock uh british standard time and alcohol can only be served outdoors the planned tightening of restrictions in parts of england follows rising infection rates across much of the country with medical leaners medical leaders warning the national health service is at risk of becoming overwhelmed liverpool manchester in newcastle upon time have the highest infection rates in the country a government source told the bbc the situation in the northwest and northeast of england was quote very troubling with growing numbers of hospital admissions and more elderly people in intensive care that’s just not that’s not just more cases that’s more people in the hospital and in intensive care hrh mystery says i’m in the uk and it’s the northern towns having a bad time mostly those with universities and your pronunciation has been good so far hopefully i’m probably getting some of them wrong i apologize if i do seize the day says north england connie says we were warned that we would have another surge come fall sure is appearing to be happening don’t it al narrow says living if liverpool manchester nottingham survey i know in the articles we just read oh nottingham was one of them kxn says nodding them i’ll look up nodding them too and see if there’s anything about that i just i had this article and i didn’t make a note of it and i should have uh here’s one it’s a bbc article nottingham kovage surge government told to act and nottingham is here that’s where nottingham is

in the in the uk and the article says where’d it go that’s not it here nottingham coveted surge government told to act uh nottingham has the highest covet infection rate in england figures show that 760 per 100 000 people tested positive over the past week rates have risen across the city but climbed most steeply in areas with high student populations the university of nottingham has about 1448 positive cases among its staff and student population the most in any higher education institution and again as we’ve talked about before if you have say a university where a lot of students are getting it certainly younger people when they get it are less likely to have serious complications or die but they they can they can die and they can have serious complications but they’re way less likely than older people however the concern is just not that you have more cases the concern is that you if you have more cases among younger people be they university students or you know school age children or whatever the risk is that those younger people with the virus end up giving it to other people and eventually more vulnerable more vulnerable people get it look at this coronavirus and nottingham lab confirmed cases by date of specimen this is from the bbc again i don’t know i assume testing hasn’t gone up by this much the worst affected areas are around the city’s universities it says give me a shout let me know your comments at lookner on twitter so we just saw new restrictions in canada we were reading about new restrictions in both quebec and ontario there’s new restrictions coming up in the uk early this coming week al narrow says it’s bad up north mojo j says everybody opened up too soon not enough people wearing masks i’m not sure if she’s talking about the us or the uk or somewhere else vertex buffer says east asia is doing great hey thanks by the way to megan mills megan says thanks for covering covid models are predicting a very bumpy ride beginning in november thanks also natasha zidonov again thank you natasha and the princess 777 thank you and also tom steele from the west coast of canada thank you tom beth hoover fitness says concerned for the fall now i have too many things open on my desktop again you can reach me on twitter at lookner on twitter uh crafty on sally says here in sheffield is looking at lockdown again on monday i guess crafty on sally is in sheffield here’s something from the star

i don’t know the star i’m going to assume it’s okay it says sheffield news live covid death toll in south yorkshire hospitals tops not hard as extra restrictions discussed where’s the thing oh talking about the possible new restrictions next week level three in the uk which is the highest level of restrictions could see a ban on social contact with anyone not in your household pubs restaurants and leisure businesses would be asked to close once again and some sports such as bowling would also be banned so we’ll have to see this coming week what happens in the uk uh here’s an update from the guardian kovid from four days ago three universities halt face-to-face teaching as uk strategy unravels at least five thousand confirmed cases are reported among students and staff at campuses across the country uh this is from this by the way that’s the new case graph in the uk and again i don’t know how much the testing has gone up in the last couple weeks i’m assuming the testing hasn’t gone up by this much this is from the guardian um efforts to reopen universities in the midst of the pandemic in the uk appear to be unraveling as three of the country’s largest universities called a halt to face-to-face teaching the university of manchester has announced its suspending in-person teaching by the way this article is from four days ago manchester is among the worst hit parts of the country the university of sheffield also is stopping face-to-face teaching other universities also said they had mounting outbreaks two weeks after students moved into campuses at the start of the new academic year and again the worry isn’t just that younger people students could get sick because they while you can get sick and you can even die if you’re a younger person you’ll do on average better than an older person would would the worry is that with more younger people getting it that can result in more people in general getting it including more people and vulnerable more vulnerable populations so things definitely uh seem to be getting worse in the uk um yeah here’s the here’s the um again i wish i had the number of people being tested each day that’s the daily new cases but again i don’t have the number of people being tested and how much that’s increased that’s from uh that’s from worldometer and then here’s the deaths and again like in canada just to point this out it’s this you know they were getting over a thousand back in april then it went down and for a couple months it gets down to you know single digits 11 16 12 10 but look at the recent days 76 77 87 that’s in the uk sarah bromhall says you can’t get a test in the uk i don’t know if there’s a testing issue in the uk at all see if i have anything else i had saved about this let’s see here um i mean clearly people some people getting tested because they have cases but i don’t know if they’re having testing issues there or not i honestly don’t know oh here’s something look um covid tests come quickly in britain if you can pay this is from bloomberg from today uh this is this the article starts lara dan in south london was faced with a stark choice when her mother became ill with coronavirus symptoms with no tests available at the time on the uk government website she knew her family faced two weeks of costly quarantine at home

with their two-year-old son so she paid 260 dollars for a private test with europe’s highest death toll from covet 19 in the uk nowhere else on the continent has come under as much scrutiny for its ability to test the population and curb infections that doubled in england in the past week through october 1st and just as the virus continues uh sorry it just doubled in the week through october 1st and just as the virus continues to expose inequalities between richer and poorer poorer regions access to the testing system is cleaving along similar lines despite intense efforts by the uk government to ramp up capacity slots at testing centers are still being rationed so the centralized labs can cope with demand people are being offered tests sometimes hours away from their homes or being told there’s nothing available for days others simply open their wallets and some medics say a financial hierarchy is emerging from a failure to get a grip on the pandemic so it looks like there is a testing shortage in the uk that’s from today karen brody says testing centers are also difficult to get to especially if you don’t drive i don’t know if she’s talking about the uk claire williams said i had three tests last week in england non-paid for all negative that was from bloomberg by the way that article one of our viewers said why is it increasing well in general i think any country where it’s increasing the reason is going to be that you have people in close contact more this thing spreads when people are in close contact with each other so if it’s spreading to more people that’s going to be because people are in more close contact whether it’s because they’re doing it say at work or at restaurants or at school or wherever it’s going to eventually come down to people not being separated from each other now also you know by close contact it’s also a question of are people you know how much protections are they taking uh so the basic way as i’m sure many of you know the basic way this is spread is that well person one has virus you have person one has virus particles in them and they uh ex and those virus particles come out of them like when they cough or when they sneeze or even when they speak or yell or cheer or sometimes you know it can be through touch but it’s believed possible but but the main way is supposed to be um through when when one person is stand is near another person uh and uh for example one person coughs and virus particles come out the other person breathes it in or the one person sneezes or one person is talking to another person for a while and the virus particles come out the other person breathes it in but also uh it is believed now that there can be it’s not clear how much this happens that also there’s uh some that particles can travel through the air that you can uh there are lighter particles lighter there are lighter particles that have virus in them that can come out of your mouth for example and they can float through the air because they’re so light and actually somebody who’s not even right next to you can get it if they’re floating through the air like in a restaurant indoor area so but basically my point is if infections are going up if way more people are getting it well pretty much that probably is going to mean that people are in close quarters with other people more now maybe also for example you could imagine a situation where if people were all wearing ppe and they were all wearing masks and whatever other people they stopped wearing them well that could increase the rates too but assuming that hasn’t really changed if you see a country where the cases are suddenly starting to go way up i would assume that a few weeks before that these people just started interacting more in being in close quarters more in for whatever reason but that’s basically us and also assuming there was no great mutation in the virus which made it more contagious

which i haven’t heard there has been all right so that’s that’s some stuff about the uk they will be getting some new restrictions next week not clear exactly what endless summers says i live in orlando but my entire family lived near nottingham if we’re using florida as a yardstick it’s really bad over there thanks for writing in oh yeah so hmb sent me this b o newsroom said uk reports you know 15 000 new coronavirus cases second biggest one day increase on record again i just wish whenever b o is great by the way because they at least they at least post this information but if you just hear that there’s more cases that in itself doesn’t tell you anything unless you have the testing numbers too but as b o newsroom points out it’s not just cases going up you have in hospital that went up by 177. on ventilator went up by six 81 more deaths which is significantly more than you know a few weeks ago because as we showed you in the uk you know for a while deaths were he is from this is a worldometer deaths were 18 16 12 10 you know for like a couple months there looks like they were you know single digits below 20 a lot of days well now it was 81 in the past day so that’s going up tobias says czech germany yeah we’re going to talk about germany shortly tobias says berlin and other big cities are go lock down during night time yeah we’re going to talk about germany shortly hang on one second here rodney watson sent me this article covid in scotland’s seven deaths at west lothian care home seven residents at a west lothian care home have died in a coveted outbreak this is from today the health board said it was dealing with a significant outbreak more than 50 staff and residents have tested positive since september 25th certainly condolences to their family that is not good four deaths were linked to red mill care home in east whitburn on friday okay let’s um what is this sorry hang on a second here okay let’s move on from the uk okay xn says very worrying numbers for ireland we hadn’t talked about ireland specifically which of course is in europe uh let’s

see see once again a headline a hospital coalition there are a number but not about the uh you know just raw case numbers i wish they would you need to know more than just the number of infections but this is from um a bbc not bbc this is from where did it go nope not that one reuters ireland reports highest number of infections in single day uh let’s see chief medical officer tony holahan said he was very worried about the numbers we are seeing and how quickly they are deteriorating ireland ireland last monday banned indoor restaurant dining nationwide and limited the number of visitors to people’s homes but it rejected a recommendation from public health officials to impose a much stricter lockdown so new restrictions in um in ireland as well including banning indoor restaurant dining uh here’s something about ireland about hospital numbers rising it looks like from the irish times this is from today highest number of cases since april in a day again i don’t know the testing numbers how they compare though where does it talk about hospitalizations as i assume it says there were 199 covert patients hospitalized which 31 are in the icu um oh look see the testing i uh so look um this is from the health minister right let’s see here the chief medical officer in ireland said all of the important indicators of the disease are deteriorating for example there has been a consistent increase in test positivity over the past week the test positivity rate up to midnight on friday october 9th was was 6.2 percent which has more than doubled in less than a fortnight so in less than two weeks the percentage of people testing positive in ireland has more than doubled that’s not just more people getting tested that’s more people testing positive as a percentage of people getting tested see tony holahan says all the important indicators of the disease are deteriorating case numbers are growing in age groups and throughout the country it didn’t specifically talk about the hospital numbers like how much they’ve been going up i assume they’ve been going up so that’s ireland so you can see we’ve just read so far we’ve talked about canada in particular concerns about the what’s going on in quebec in ontario sorry in yeah in quebec in ontario new restrictions there you know hospitalizations up more cases uh i’m assuming other bad news if it was just cases from more testing they wouldn’t be having more more restrictions so we talked about canada we talked about how in the uk um new restrictions going to come this week because the concerns there we talked about ireland uh and you know more people testing positive more cases new restrictions that’s what we’ve talked about so far this is funny john fucker’s book john [ __ ] john booker’s full spectrum says 99 survival rate first of all i don’t know if that’s exactly true i think it depends on the age group but let’s let’s suppose it’s 99 survival rate right like that’s a good thing

like if there’s a disease that is very easy to get and one out of a hundred people die that’s a good thing like my high school when i went to my high school i went to like a big high school uh which i think was about 2 000 students right when i was there i believe um so that would mean if every if the survival rate was 99 and everybody in on all the students got it in my 2000 person high school that would mean that 20 people died if you work in an office with hundred people and everybody gets this disease that means one people one person dies in your office so this idea oh 99 survival rate i don’t even i don’t know the exact statistics i bet it’s like i think it might be like higher for lower age groups and maybe a little lower than that for you know for upper age groups i don’t know also you know there’s questions about it’s not clear exactly how many people have the virus because there’s a lot of people who are asymptomatic and don’t get tested so they have to estimate and all that stuff but anyways regardless of what the actual number is i see all these people who say who who will post like um like 99 survival rate like it’s supposed to be like see it’s see no big deal ninety-nine percent of several rate wait it’s no big deal if one out of a hundred people who get it dies that’s no big deal that seems like a really big deal to me given how fast this thing is spreading so if there’s a university with like 10 000 students if they all get it that means a hundred of them died i find that quite concerning like 99 survival rate if that’s the case like that means if i get it there’s a 1 in 100 chance i’ll die so so so this idea when people say 90 99 survival rate i find that numbers scary again i don’t know if that’s the exact number i’m just commenting how this is like this new this new denier thing to say 99 survival rate and to me when i hear that i’m like oh my god if i get this thing there’s a 100 chance i’ll die and again i’m not saying that’s the exact number i’m just saying the people who put it out there are claiming that like oh if if it’s a 99 survival rate you shouldn’t worry about this like the person in our chat you’re not worried if there’s something you could easily get that there’s a 100 chance it’ll kill you you have a lot less fear than me if that’s the case and that doesn’t even it doesn’t even take into account whatever the survival rate is as our viewer says true blue survival get lung damage you could get other damage other you know long-term consequences you could get really hurt and have longer consequences side dying oh and here’s one danny q says not worth crashing the economy well see what danny q doesn’t get or maybe he gets and just is just a troll is that as long as the virus is out there it doesn’t matter whether the government closes things or opens things because the economy isn’t going to be good until the virus goes away this idea that somehow that somehow what’s hurting the economy is the government closing things no what’s hurting the economy is that people are scared of getting the virus i’m not not i i could go to restaurants in atlanta right now i could go fly in a plane i could do a lot of things that i’m not doing i’m staying here because i don’t want to get the virus and there’s plenty of other people who feel the same way so i’m sorry to burst your bubble but just if if tomorrow everything was just declared open the economy would not magically come back to life and be the same as it was because there’s a very dangerous virus that’s killed over 100 200 000 people in this country and people are scared of it these ridiculous arguments i’ve been hearing it for for for almost a year these ridiculous they’re not even i don’t even know if the people are trolls saying them they’re so ridiculous these talking points that are just ridiculous it’s a waste of time really to even address them in some cases but gee whiz up jason helms says it’s left leaning crap right right so so so looking at science so so everything i just said everything i said saying so what i just said was

that that um that i personally think if there is a something with a 99 survival rate which is a 1 death rate that’s easy to get that’s a scary thing and also that the economy won’t come back until the virus is taken care of that’s left leaning crap that’s political it’s left leaning left leaning so i guess i guess paying attention to science and thinking logically and rationally and reasonably is is left leaning crap i see i see it’s left leaning crap something isn’t something isn’t one i hear what do i what i want to hear so i dismiss it as left leaning all right let’s get back to the news uh we talked about uk we talked about ireland we talked about canada so let’s move on and talk about another country let’s talk about germany let’s talk about germany let’s do that uh plano’s been plano’s being muted plano come back next time come back next time plano enough can’t listen to plano anymore plano’s out come back next time okay new country to move on to i thought i had a couple of germany articles here i only have one saved for you a couple things in the netherlands couple things on france we’ll talk about germany first germany germany once seen as example in the coronavirus fight battles to contain contain spike in infections this is from washington post from yesterday the chancellor engel angela merkel called on young people to take the coronavirus more seriously friday as the country lauded for a relatively successful successful response so far works to contain a spike in infections this is in germany merkel announced new guidelines for cities as cases rise in germany from expanding mask wearing to restricting sales of alcohol germany recorded 4 500 cases on friday that means a lot it’s a lot lower than a lot of other european countries than other european countries but it represents a 60 increase in the past few days alone now i don’t know how testing compares you know they they really should include the testing data how many people are getting tested but i i’m guessing that testing hasn’t gone up 60 in the last two days but i don’t know uh given that the government is putting in new restrictions i can’t i’m guessing it’s not just due to more people being tested epidemiologists have singled out parties and an increase in indoor gatherings as german cities begin to turn into hot spots both the capital berlin and germany’s financial capital frankfurt have been declared risk zones with other states requiring those who visited frankfurt or berlin to present a negative test or to quarantine berlin introduced new restrictions this week as cases rose to more than 50 per 100 000 residents classifying it as red in germany’s traffic light warning system starting saturday in berlin bars and restaurants must close by 11 p.m with no more than five people allowed to gather inside after that time nighttime gatherings and parks in berlin where hundreds of people have congregated to drink and dance over the summer were also banned frankfurt has issued introduced similar rules more measures will be introduced in 10 days if the situation does not improve uh hospitalizations and deaths have lagged behind the new increases infections which they do but germany’s top virologist one that might not last pointing out that germany has an elderly population so new restrictions in frankfurt and berlin i thought i had something else here

about berlin where was it here it is uh berlin’s first curfew in 70 years kicks in the german capital says dw has implemented a nighttime curfew in response to a dramatic increase in covid cases on the first night of the new regulations the mood was somber in the friedrich shane district a virus hotspot this is from dw this is from today berlin’s busy nightlife faces a curfew for the first time in more than 70 years with coronavirus cases rapidly increasing berlin’s is it laissez-faire i can’t remember knights like without restrictions nice nights are over for the time being all businesses including bars restaurants and late night shops now have to close between 11 p.m and 6 a.m starting this saturday until at least october 31st the number of people allowed to meet after hours outside will be limited to five or members of two households relaxed enforcement on first night give me a shout let me know your thoughts at lookner on twitter mr orange our viewer says our viewer mr orange says in european capitals the most cases increases the most case increases come from schools work and in social hot spots nothing new look at belgium brussels it is especially in specific court courtier quarter i’ll have to look that up i think i was reading something about brussels the other day and coveted hey thanks by the way to laurel i really appreciate your support laurel thank you uh thanks also to uh linda belk for the super hearts thank you linda it’s very kind of you thank you also to hang on a second here thanks for the facebook stars rhonda fall valerie magliochetti brandi clausner klein closer klein laverne thompson brett lowings christina hadley brett lowing is again piet van wheel sean keating and brett lowings again thank you brett and everybody else for the facebook stars michelle writes in and says there’s more to understand for covid i think she means then death rates i know two people that had coveted survive but one has a chronic heart condition now and the other a permanent respiratory issue i don’t want to get kovid to risk death or a permanent residual lifelong ailment a fair point michelle tony del monte sent me this from dw news stuttgart is the latest german city to be marked as a coronavirus hotspot after cologne berlin in frankfurt where restrictions have already come into place look at this stuttgart fourth german city exceeds covid threshold the new measures will include in stuttgart include restrictions on alcohol consumption the mandatory wearing of mass and limited operating hours for bars and restaurants authorities also encourage people to work from home oh here’s some here’s some updates here um these are quick though we’re going to talk about netherlands we’ll talk about poland we talked about ireland already

i thought i had seen something hang on one second here something else about germany let me check something real quick no that wasn’t it let’s try one more yeah this is this is from a german paper saduch zaitang stuttgart also exceeds the corona warning value this is translated anything about hospitalizations here well now i’m just looking over this let me see also the the worldometer go here go here where’s germany germany’s here we’ll open this worldometer so slow so slow today it should be the page should be open already everything’s on a big delay hey thanks by the way g scott aka super earth for your support very much appreciated g scott thank you i’ll let you see the germany numbers in a second and worldometer is slow today here so this is again and i just i i don’t i just wish they should they really should have see it says new cases deaths they should also have here like percent testing positive and hospitalizations the deaths have not gone up much in germany you know here they’re like single digit lately you have you know double digit but it’s not a big difference germany titans coveted restrictions as numbers surged in europe anything different in here the shutdown in berlin start the 11 o’clock p.m curfew uh will covers all shops except pharmacies and gas stations although they will be banned from selling alcohol and also bars and restaurants right bars and restaurants do many business owners have criticized the new restrictions fearing the curfew will severely damage the economy okay so that’s about that we talked a little about germany norbert says a disease with a one percent death rate if it were to have that death rate scares me as well thanks norbert oh hang on one second here uh you can reach me at lookner on twitter thank you sachin mall for sending me the india testing data if we talk about india i will look at it our viewer steph says in nova scotia canada we are happy to report nearly zero cases since may this is nova scotia she sent me this that’s nova scotia look at that it goes up and it’s pretty steady look at all those barely any cases in nova scotia thanks for sending that in

gareth our viewer writes in and says sorry to jump back to the uk this may be applicable on a global scale i’ve been to three different hospitals since july in england and in each instance if we i witnessed poor mask usage by both staff and visitors one hospital especially has terrible measures in place one hospital the lifts are the elevators are crowded and people wear masks under their nose i was furious and waited for several elevators until people wore the mask properly security outside check appointment letters with no distancing and no visors and no non-medical masks on top of this security go to handle everyone’s letters on entering to read the information while wearing gloves surely handling everyone’s letters they’re risking another’s contact with any viral particles so gareth was not happy with the precautions taken in the hospitals that he went to in the uk thank you gareth for writing in all right let’s go let’s move on to oh hold on a second i missed this we’ve been on the air april coco sent me this so an update from president trump’s doctor this evening i am happy to report the president meets cdc criteria for safe can discontinue of isolation he is no longer considered a transmission risk to others uh fever-free for well over 24 hours and all symptoms improved so he’s still having symptoms the assortment of advanced diagnostic tests revealed there’s no longer evidence of actively replicating virus i need to see what a doctor says about this in addition sequential testing throughout his illness has demonstrated decreasing viral loads that correlate with increasing cycle threshold times anyways so i have to look at what a doctor says about this um but here’s the i’ll retweet this there’s a new letter after two days of nothing new letter from president trump’s doctor it doesn’t say he tested negative also it doesn’t say he doesn’t have symptoms it says the symptoms are improving are improved anyways i don’t know that’s the letter but i’ll have to i’ll have to look at it and see what people who actually know medicine say about it i’m not going to sit here as a non-expert hang on a second here yeah look the statement does not explicitly say that trump has tested negative for the virus nor does it say whether he is still on medication that’s from peter baker that’s one thing it doesn’t say also peter baker says the doctor’s note says trump has been fever-free for well over 24 hours which raises question of whether he had a fever a day ago ashley parker says if trump had actually tested negative for covid and we have no indication that he has it seems like something he’d want his doctor to put out clearly an asap or something to which he’d give the tweet treatment and nothing like that has happened yet so i don’t really know what’s going on there katie fong says won’t say if trump tested negative

why won’t he say if trump tested negative i actually do want to say this also it says all symptoms improved all symptoms improved at the bottom so he’s still having symptoms that’s what i need to say that’s what it says it says fever-free for well over 24 hours and all symptoms improved but he didn’t say no he didn’t say symptom free so so he’s implying he’s still having symptoms just to be clear anyways i’m not going to get all into that right now all i can say is uh and i’ve i’ve explained this before on broad broadcast that doctor has a clear record of first of all completely misleading the public and second of all of um selectively using language which presents a rosy picture of the president’s condition while leaving while selectively using language which allows him to present he he actually has a record of selectively using language which allows him to present a misleadingly rosy picture of the president’s condition without technically lying so like for so when he says something like all symptoms improved i see that as oh he could have said no symptoms but he didn’t say no symptoms and he chooses his language very carefully so i guess he’s having symptoms and similarly when he doesn’t say the president tested negative well he could have said that so i’m going to assume the president hasn’t tested negative i i hate being that way but that’s how you have to be with him given his record of communication so what can i i mean that’s just how he’s been so i’m going to look at that letter and i’m going to say oh what’s he not mentioning what is this language all symptoms improved well that means to me you’re not you’d be telling us if he had no symptoms but you’re not so i guess he has symptoms anyways but i’m not going to get all into that now yeah dean smith says he literally admitted to spinning his language to make it seem better than it was well i don’t he admitted the first day they came out the first day they did a press conference the doctor they they said they they implied with this i mean basically they said but if if you technically implied basically they made it sound like

that they did everything they could to make it sound like the president had not been on oxygen on thursday then on then on friday’s press conference then in saturday’s press conference all of a sudden they say oh he was on oxygen on thursday and then somebody asked well why did you say why didn’t you tell us that yesterday and it was this whole thing about well we didn’t want to like change the course of the disease by mentioning it or something which made no sense and then on saturday he wouldn’t say whether the president had been on oxygen friday and somebody asked him saturday they said so was the president on oxen yesterday oxygen yesterday or not and his answer was oh i need to check with the nurses the president’s doctor literally said in the press conference i need to check with the nurses whether he was on oxygen yesterday and of course the day after that when they did the press conference or when he came out with a letter then he confirmed that he was on oxygen on sat on on on sat on friday as well so it’s just it’s just a record of just being misleading and clearly in these in these cryptic emails which are very short some emails mentioned one detail some emails mentioned another detail but there’s no effort at being comprehensive so i’m sorry but given the guy’s record i just have to assume that if he’s using selective specific language to say things that leaves other things out that the things he’s leaving out are but not good news i think any reasonable person if that if that guy was a salesman trying to sell you something you wouldn’t trust him i don’t think you’d be ready to give him your money all right well hermit uh i appreciate the donation but i gotta time you out man i’m sorry or a man or a woman uh lightning you’re a moderator but you just been muted lightning i just muted you come you’re on you’re on probation lightning you’re on probation our moderator says please don’t start uh please don’t start being rational about the president’s doctor please don’t start steve please don’t start being reasonable about whether to trust the president’s doctor please don’t start please don’t start using reason and being reasonable steve please please don’t start that so lightning is gone for this broadcast we’ll see if lightning ever comes back it’s a moderator nonetheless please don’t start all right so i just want to update you on that news that news just came out uh rural reindeer wrote in do we have any idea about how the first lady is doing i don’t know there hasn’t been any reports i think she last tweeted about it a few days ago where she said she was doing okay but i don’t have anything to report on her i hope she’s doing well our viewer lone star wanderlust says i believe this pandemic is far from over this cold and flu season will be even worse because canal covet has been widely spread and as winter comes more people stay together indoors we are still months away from a vaccine and we’ll take it we’ll take two doses stay safe that’s from lone star wunderlist wanderlust oh by the way in case you missed it in case you missed it uh the head of the coronavirus task force uh had this event at a retire at a large retirement community in florida today he sees he posted it on his own on his own website on his own twitter page mike pence see this is this is the villages this is a this is um a retirement community in

florida that’s the head of the coronavirus task force mike pence that’s his event as you can see there’s basically no social distancing and hardly anyone wearing masks so that’s what the head of the coronavirus task force was doing today here here’s a video in case you were wondering about what what he was doing today here’s a video from josie ensor she says about a quarter of the people here are wearing masks people have pushed their socially distanced chairs together the village is america’s largest retirement village so that’s what he was doing today in case you were wondering what he was up to she also posted this she said the trump campaign put so put socially distanced chairs out for this rally but i can’t even see them now that’s at the villages in florida so that’s a little update from the u.s that’s what’s going on in the u.s that’s not a political comment by the way it’s not political to me it’s just rational and reasonable to say that you shouldn’t be holding large events with crowds with no social distancing and no mass during a pandemic i don’t care who does it all right hang on one second here let’s talk about um another country so let’s talk about france let’s talk about france so we so far have talked about uh we’ve talked about the uk we’ve talked about canada we’ve talked about ireland we talk about germany let’s talk about france things are getting worse in france by the way thank you to read israel rita’s rita says covid has other unknown long-term implications besides death my brother has lung and heart damage that may or may not be better that stinks not just about the u.s this is a global pandemic thanks also me so hungry for your support as well thank you okay um four more french cities placed on covid19 maximum alert level this is from the local france four more french cities been placed on maximum alert level because of the number of coveted cases and will therefore be forced to close bars a lot of countries closing bars and restaurants and other indoor places indoor gathering places uh the metropol metropole areas of lille leon grenoble and saint etienne have joined paris and its suburbs and the a marseille area on maximum alert the designation is given to the two

places that have a high number of cases a high number of cases among vulnerable people and more than 30 intensive care beds occupied by cova patients so this is not just about the number of cases it’s also the highest level of alert maximum alert applies when more than 30 percent of icu beds are occupied by covid patients that requires all bar so all bars will be closed closed uh restaurants can remain open under strict new conditions what are the strict new conditions no indoor dining let’s see restaurants in paris and other parts of the country what does it say there are a lot of new rules the restaurant must ensure a space of at least one meter between chairs of different tables that’s not that big of restriction i wonder if they’ll even enforce it restaurant staff must wear a mask in the dining area blah blah blah so there’s still indoor dining allowed okay bars will be closed for initially for 15 days okay let’s see here i have a couple other articles about france too that was from the local here’s something from bfm tv okay uh over 26 000 cases identified in 24 hours in plants but it talks about the hospitalizations too 54 additional deaths since friday the test positivity rates in france stands at 11 this saturday that’s pretty high 11 positivity is pretty high that’s higher than you want to be i don’t know what like the ideal positivity rate is but it’s a lot lower than 11 well ideally it’s zero but i mean 11 11 is high um see if i can find something about that here this is from johns hopkins this is in may um the world health organization in may advised governments that before reopening rates of positivity and testing should remain at five percent or lower for at least 14 days five percent or lower but in france right now it’s 11 percent for the country increase in the number of hospitalized patients in france for uh almost 5000 new hospitalizations have identified over the last seven days okay um 1456 people are in intensive care uh the highest in may so there are there are the highest number of covered patients in intensive care in france right now than there’s been it’s the most since may things getting worse there in france and then here’s something more about france bars to shut in four more french cities with alert level rays a french government has imposed tighter coronavirus restrictions in four more cities with high infection rates as a number of european countries see a surge in cases the cities of lyon leo grenoble and stien bars and restaurants will have to close i guess restaurants i thought restaurants were under restrictions not have to close that’s what the other article said hospitals in the paris region moved into emergency mode on thursday as coronavirus patients took up almost half of intensive care beds france’s coronavirus situation mirrors that of other european countries including the netherlands poland ukraine and the czech republic all which reported record increases in daily cases on thursday even in germany has started to see what its health ministers described as a worry called a worrying rise in cases okay we talked about germany before all right give me a shout let me know if

you have any thoughts at lookner on twitter uh oh let me show you also this is germany so again uh i wish i had the numbers of how many people were being tested if you look at this is germany daily new cases that’s the spring that’s now i’m guessing they’re testing more people now but there’s still the government beliefs calls it a wording rise in cases here that’s germany in terms of deaths see it’s kind of similar where they had a lot more several hundred in like april and may then it goes down single digits here you know for a lot but then recently they’ve been getting up to double digits that’s germany and then can we get france from worldometer worldometer is very slow today oh there it is so now again they’re not i assume they’re testing more people that’s a scary looking daily new cases graph that’s march april may june july august september you know september october so i assume they’re testing more people now than they used to but it’s also seen as a worrying rise in cases and again 11 positivity in france as of today for testing which is not good and then deaths kind of similar you know high and high in ape march in april march and april then going way down you know here like here you have a lot of for a couple months you’re getting in you know 12 can barely 11 17 23 but in the last few days look at this you know 130 76 50 62 54. so while the deaths in france are not as high as they were you know in this in the spring they’re significantly higher than they were a month or two ago frezio says anyone know how a second wave is defined you know must there be a mutation of the virus so there has doesn’t be a mutation of the virus i don’t even know that that waves i think it’s it’s not really a scientifically precise term i don’t i’m guessing there’s no it’s from my understanding the term wave it’s it’s a you know it’s not like a wave is when you have this many cases and this many blah blah blah so it’s more of a imprecise term and sometimes you hear debates over whether you know a large amount of new infections constitutes as a new wave or the same wave or but i don’t believe it’s like a scientifically precise term so france things getting worse there as well true blue says it’s only fall all right give me a shout if you have comments questions at luchner on twitter manu writes in and says i’d love to hear reporting on india and central south america brazil is in the top five and argentina is restructuring its debt almost almost after almost defaulting on it amid the pandemic well maybe next time we do a stream we’ll cover some of the south american countries thank you manu for writing in jan porter says i think a second wave is beginning uh what is this satyamal sent me this it’s supposed to be about testing data where see what i would need is how many tests what i need is like i have to look at this what i’d like to

have is see you know you what you what you’re used to seeing is you’re used to seeing like a graph like this where it’s like daily new cases in france but you know if if the if if if the if you have the testing graph if you put the testing the number of people tested next to this and the number of people testing graph is also like oops that’s that’s way too big uh if you look at the number of people testing graph and it was like why is it so big here let’s try this one if this was the number of people getting tested it was like this and then like this you know the number of people getting tested you might say like oh well that’s just a function of people of the number of people being tested now it’s not i don’t think people in france and the government would be worried if it was just a function of the more people being tested and it looks like the testing positivity rate is rising and the number of hospitalizations is rising so it’s not just about the testing but i’m just i’m trying to repeat again and again and again just knowing how many people are testing positive doesn’t really tell you much because maybe they’re testing a lot more people now than they used to so that’s going to be responsible for some of the i would think positive tests going up but so you want to know the po i would like to see the positivity rate over time and the number of people hospitalized over time and actually for the u.s that stuff is probably out there for other countries i don’t know how to get it uh for u.s when we talk about u.s states it’s much more accessible to get the hospitalization data and the positivity rates and all of that stuff but when we talk about other countries i don’t really know where to find that easily hey thanks by the way missy and [ __ ] for the super hearts alexia says it’s creeping up second wave and reckless people acl says my cousin is a nurse and should know better but everyone breaking rules here d thinks things are going to get worse thank you d oh does tomer berg have it up there on his site i thought he only i didn’t know he had other countries i mean i know to i look at covet coverberg’s site world let’s see what does he have for a world this is tomerburg covid data visualization i use this for us uh france maybe it does have it here ooh they do let’s see france i didn’t even know this was here i didn’t know this was on this his site uh i don’t know what to make about this it says daily new tests i would need to have this explained i don’t know if this guy i don’t know it’s because they you know they they report them i don’t you know there’s clearly some explaining that needs to do here i don’t know maybe they maybe they release the number of tests every few days or something like that i don’t think it’s like really like that they have new deaths there’s not hospitalizations here is there no i think that might just be like a weird reporting thing melissa mcqueen says i have lost all faith in 20 20 21 being any sort of an improvement over 2020 it’s gonna suck too seize the day sent me this there is a canada situational awareness dashboard if you want canada information thank you seize the day okay yeah we haven’t talked about italy hmb mentioned italy

oh by the way by the way rob points out how when we were first talking about this it wasn’t political at all our viewer rob says that yup it somehow became politicized the whole thing like wearing masks and and thinking rationally about the virus became uh politicized i agree with you yeah so hmb sent me this this is italy not just more cases but again you know it’s not also you know there can be countries where there’s more cases than the spring but they might be testing a lot of younger people so there could be it could be more cases but a lot of whom are younger people who who aren’t that symptomatic but again it’s concerning if younger people get it even if they don’t get die or get sick because they can give it to other people but you can see here the hospital numbers up i wonder if i can find anything about italy hospitalizations here look number of covid patients hospitalized in italy from statista if this is true wow was that much this says 3 900 is that what is that what uh bno said is that even roughly similar to what bno said i don’t even know bnos had 4 300 in the hospital that looks about right so look this i assume this is right this is from statista and it says number of patients hospitalized excluding icu so if that’s right if that’s right it’s way below at its peak the number of coveted patients hospitalized with symptoms across the country exceeded 29 000 it says now it’s much lower than that but it’s going up so what you don’t want to happen this is italy but what you don’t want to happen is it eventually going way up you know but this is that shape that general shape is what we see when we look at like the death charts from a lot of attack from a lot of european countries a lot of debt that’s hospitalizations and i i i wonder if the hospitalizations chart similar but when we look at the deaths chart uh it’s it’s it’s often that kind of graph look france big in april and may you know then way down and then starting to go up again we’ve seen in you know uk the same thing canada deaths the same thing how about italy deaths italy rodometer yeah see italy it’s like it’s way up here they were getting like 800 people dying in the spring then it goes down to like three four five six you know in august now it’s in the 20s and 30s so it’s creeping up again stack says all of a sudden now i’m you know look the the reason i’m assuming that these that these uh curves dropped in european countries is because you know they started putting the social distancing measures in and people don’t hang out as closely anymore and they separate from each other but then over the summer and then maybe over and then over the summer things are better and you have the restrictions and people are like obeying the restrictions but then you know the restrictions get taken off and maybe people get tired of doing them and they think oh things are fine and this is what happens okay cases start going back up hospitalizations and deaths start going back up and then what happens when you know how much will be different when it’s cold out and people are indoors more together hey thank you mindy brightman for your support really appreciate it mindy

brightman thank you cannes says how come africa seems less affected that’s a good question um i was reading an article about that recently uh and part of it was talking about how in africa they have experience with previous pandemics i don’t have the article at hand i’ve read a couple articles about that but that’s one of the things one of the factors mentioned it’s something that’s being you know looked at but i was reading something about it recently see if this has anything in here yeah look puzzled scientists seek reasons behind africa’s low fatality rates um also younger population perhaps it says here scientists and public health experts cite a number of possible factors including the continent’s useful youthful population and lessons learned from previous disease outbreaks african governments also had precious time to prepare due to the relative isolation of many of their citizens from airports and other places where they could come onto contact with global travelers uh some scientists are exploring the possibility that a tb tuberculosis vaccine uh routinely given children in many african countries might be helping reduce destroying covet another theory being considered is whether prior exposure to other coronaviruses including those that cause the common cold has provided a degree of resistance in some of the very communities once thought to be most vulnerable so there’s there’s articles written about this that is something that’s being looked into eb says amazing a second wave just in time to election for the election um there is an interesting question to me about with the u.s um you know there’s there’s lots of experts out there predicting that things are going to get a lot worse in the u.s um in the winter there’s certain some states where things are going to get are getting worse we’ll talk about that shortly but how am i i mean if it were like like for for like a new wave to infect to affect the election it would have to get a lot worse before in the next three weeks right because like look no clearly for a lot of people in the united states covet is like a huge part of of how they’re going to vote and a huge factor in the election my point is though um like will would there be some if some kind of there would have to be a really rapid increase uh for like a new wave to affect things before the election because it’s only three weeks until the election um so like you know they would have to you know it’s it’s it’s for for a new wave to affect the election in a different way you’d have to see like things skyrocket because i think if like cases and deaths and hospitalizations like gradually go up over a few weeks i don’t know that that’s gonna that in itself is gonna make a difference to a person voting uh they they i mean obviously kova is gonna be a huge issue for a lot of people but my point is just that you know there’s not a lot of time for like i think something that’s more likely than that is you get into december or january and the cases of in the deaths and the hospitalizations have gone up up up and at that point it’s a lot more than now but i don’t know that that’s going to happen like in the next three weeks psychomystics is only three weeks i can’t believe it yeah three weeks until the election three weeks and what two days i’m sorry tina i have to mute you i don’t know what you’re talking about and you keep posting the same stuff which i don’t see is relevant so i gotta mute you uh kevin polk says i feel like these countries in europe and canada will take early action will get it under control sadly we in the us

won’t that’s what kevin thinks seize the days how are we going to financials financially survive the virus well look i just unfortunately it’s i think we got a long time with the economy suffering just because whatever whether things are open or closed people are going to be scared of the virus and it’s going to be around for a while and it’s things aren’t getting back to normal anytime soon unfortunately kyler jones says do you think there’s going to be a shutdown well it depends on where you’re talking about like like so look we’re seeing there’s this big question in in various countries including the u.s there’s there’s what the government might want to do if the cases and the deaths and the hospitalizations rise versus what people in different areas might be okay with uh you know this has been going on for a while now so uh there’s there’s gonna be you know with the economic consequences that have happened so far and the amount of time it’s been uh it’s possible that in certain areas people are way less open to the restrictions i don’t know i mean maybe it’s going to be different in different areas in different parts of the of different countries thanks by the way for the facebook stars valerie sorry victoria lindsay and sean keating and ron default and valerie magliochetti thank you hey let me thank the moderators real quick as we’re on the air here let me just say quick we haven’t gotten to the u.s yet we didn’t get all the countries i wanted to get to i think we might we might need to go to the u.s next but let me say quick thanks to the moderators they’re all volunteers they are awesome very much appreciated erstazi is there and sarah is there thank you so much i know it’s been a busy chat they are volunteers so thank you to erstazi and sarah uh thanks also to our periscope mods really appreciated sharon craig is there right now moderating thank you sharon much appreciated also we got our twitch moderators and our facebook moderators and twitch we got idaho star rifftrax xxd thank you and our facebook mods such as denise fredrickson kimberly peterson courtney lane shade donor joe sereno dan lindquist josh hopkins and remington thank you rafiq ali in our facebook chat says england is really bad with the coronavirus because no one is listening to the rules now i’m not there so i can’t confirm that that’s what rafiq says thank you rafiq for writing in liz v hart says my daughter lives in dallas and a lot of their restrictions are gone three weeks ago they started their elective surgeries again they are doing well she said i work in a huge hospital in texas glad our numbers are way down now the texas hospitalization numbers i saw they had like started going up again i think they’re lower than they were a couple months ago and then there were all these new restrictions that got put on we’ll talk about some of the us we got to talk about some of the u.s places we haven’t talked about any of them yet now let me just oh well two things first of all in terms of hospitalizations yeah here’s this stephen dennis texas hospital cases are on the rise again hospital data so you can see this is from texas there’s this peak around july and july or august and that’s when new restrictions were put on in texas and then you can see it goes down but it started to go up again that’s from stephen dennis he got that from the texas website and then also though in terms of um you know there’s been more cases in the u.s right but it’s you know it’s it’s this is an expert craig spencer who’s a doctor who works with coveted patients he says it’s not it’s not just more he says it isn’t more testing it’s more virus the highest number of new cases in over two months now there are more people being tested than before

but he says this isn’t more this isn’t just an artifact of more testing that is from the covid tracking project i want to talk about some specific states though in the u.s there are certain states in the u.s where things have gotten a lot worse by the way things are getting worse also we’re not going to talk about right now but also the netherlands here really quick um on the netherlands really quick uh nl times coveted hospitalizations total up tenfold since september third look at this the covet patient total in the netherlands is now 1190 the patient total in the netherlands has gone up tenfold since september 3rd to a level not seen during may 20th that is not good that’s not more testing that’s hospitalizations going up tenfold since september 3rd and being the most since may 20th that’s in the netherlands from nl times that’s another european country and the prime minister of the netherlands said we won’t escape additional restrictions if the situation doesn’t improve saturday’s hospital patient total in the netherlands was 61 almost 61 higher than a week earlier how about that so things significantly worse there also really quick in spain spain imposes state of emergency on madrid one day ago bbc the spanish government has ordered a 15-day state of emergency to bring down covet infection rates in madrid the capital after a court overturned a partial lockdown imposed a week ago okay so things are getting worse in spain as well okay we’re going to talk about the u.s some u.s places now let’s do that we haven’t done that yet we haven’t gotten into it yet hey thanks to um uh dog lounge rob dog lounge tv thank you for your support much appreciated thank you uh curtis cardwell says here in montana not good at all with hospitals filling up now through the state just in the past three four weeks so something that’s happened in the u.s in the last few weeks maybe months definitely last few weeks is you’ve had a number of states that are the more sparsely settled states where things hadn’t been as bad as other states getting really bad north dakota and south dakota things have gotten much worse there curtis says montana so we’re going to talk about some of those states but but some of these less populated states less dense states things have gotten much much worse a lot worse and the thing is you’ll see the numbers and if you if you look at the numbers it’s absolute you say well that doesn’t sound so bad that x number of people have the virus or hex number of people are dying but you have to remember there might be like 1 30 if the population in that state of a state like florida or new york so it’s easy to like you shouldn’t be looking just in absolute numbers you should think of like per capita as a percentage of the population so as an example take north dakota so here’s something i saw about north dakota today north dakota had 15 deaths from covid which i believe is a record now you might say well 15 isn’t that many but north dakota i think has about 700 000 people as their population whereas like a state like florida has like 20 million so here’s what i posted earlier i did the math north dakota reports 15 new deaths today from covid adjusted for the population that would be like florida having 422 new deaths now florida has never even reported 300 new deaths so that you know if florida reported 422 new deaths that’d be a huge deal but it’s the same as north dakota reporting 15 deaths because north dakota’s population is so small and there have been just giant increases when you look at some of the graphs from

some of these like smaller states it’s pretty scary so let’s look at some of those it’s not getting much coverage either because i just can’t because the absolute numbers are small so look at north dakota look at the deaths hang on a second daily due deaths in north dakota that’s not a good chart look at this look at how it’s all september october like it never got above five most days it was one or zero and then all of a sudden starting in like september look at what happens that’s not a good graph that’s deaths that’s not more testing that’s more people dying and today it was 15 uh sturgis rally was in south dakota unclear how much that contributed i mean a lot of people came from all over to that rally that was a huge the sturgis bike rally that was a huge thing a huge event uh and then cases now again i’m guessing they’re testing more but that’s certainly concerning that’s north dakota and again their population is so small so you might say oh north dakota had 600 cases today that’s not that many but like that’d be like florida having like you know 13 000 here let me show you this article here but things have gotten a lot worse in north dakota and also like the testing the positive testing rate is way up and the hospitalizations are going up here let’s go to the tomer berg site this is a great site actually does this one working here see how this one is working here hospitalizations this is a day behind this is actually a good site though i like the graphs on the site this is a site called covid act now see covet act now right so go to like north dakota here click on north dakota and you can go down to hospitalizations so hospitalizations that’s bad that is not a good graph that’s the hospitalizations graph for north dakota now it’s a day behind so it only has yesterday’s data but look at this the last two days it’s like 202 and 214 that’s the gray line the black line i guess is the seven day average but the gray numbers are the actual numbers so the last couple days it’s been up around 200 and that’s in north dakota it’s north dakota hospitalizations i wonder if they have positivity right here let’s see where is positive test rate can i get the graph for that unable to generate positive test rate they do however have like some counties here have really high positive test rates they don’t have the positive test rates here how about tomer berg coveted data visualization from tomerburg if we go to north dakota look at the hospitalizations and they are doing more tests they are doing more tests but deaths and hospitalizations going way up isn’t just more it’s more testing so that’s that’s one state as an example where things are getting a lot worse but you’re not hearing that much about it i assume because it’s a small state uh let me show you also there’s the news md then when you look at the articles a lot of the articles don’t even say that much i don’t even think it has the positive

test right there thermal scope says i had to drive through south dakota during sturgis so many people without mass or distancing let’s just real quick let me just show you south dakota too that’s another place where things have gotten much worse much worse let’s go to south dakota covid act now south dakota positive test rate south dakota 20 20 20.6 as we said before the who recommends that a place be under five percent before they reopen 20 that’s south dakota uh and then um percentage of beds occupy well i wanted to go to hospitalizations hospitalizations look at this this is the south dakota hospitalizations graph that’s not good history underfoot says has the south dakota governor said anything about rising numbers so south dakota is a place where they do not have many regulations on people i know that and the governor christie gnome is known for that i was reading an article a few days ago about this uh let me see if i can find something about it but you see the trend in south dakota and also the deaths here’s deaths this is deaths actually i want to go to this one here get off of here get over here south dakota rodometer now they are testing more people that’s the cases chart but i assume they’re testing more people look at deaths south dakota that’s not a good graph in just just recently you’re starting to see over over 10 people dying in a day and you might say well that’s not that much but the thing is south dakota doesn’t have much of a population 880 000. so like if 10 people die in south dakota that’s like 220 dying in florida gene says 20.6 positive right that bear is being repeated here let me try to find you um now this was this was five days ago coveted hospitalizations continue rising in south dakota from the argus leader scott scott says between sturgis and all the schools opening up we’re getting the rise that was predicted had one kindergarten teacher died here in iowa already our governor is a complete screw-up that’s what scott scott says scott’s talking about iowa i think things are a lot worse in iowa too hang on one sec here but you’ve just started seeing a number of these you know more lessly settled uh more sparsely settled states get a lot worse okay now this is grand forks herald this looks like in a column in the grand forks herald by jim shaw and the column says north dakota’s coveted problem is fueled by lack of leadership it’s from today jim shaw of the grand forks herald says the coveted situation in north dakota is alarming and frightening the numbers say it all for weeks the state has led the nation in new cases per capita while adding hundreds of new cases virtually every day september was by far the deadliest month for covid for the for north dakota covet deaths while hospitalizations from the virus are at record highs he says the problem is us too many north dakotans are not taking the virus seriously and taking

foolish risks they think it can happen to them too many north dakotans aren’t wearing mass or social distancing and getting together with too many people on top of that it’s stunning that north dakota contact tracers who are trying to lessen the spread of covet 19 are often sworn at and hung up on he thinks thousands of north dakotans are being are are being influenced by president trump’s not taking it seriously then he says he’s critical also of the governor of north dakota doug burgum his wonderful pleas for north dakotans for to wear mass have fallen on deaf ears like in 34 other states bergam must issue a masked mandate my guess he says is that the governor knows what he should do but won’t do it because he’s afraid of ticking many people off so that’s a column from the grand forks herald today um wisconsin and nk li n mentions wisconsin wisconsin is really bad too but again um again um you know i think you don’t hear a lot about these states in part because you just don’t hear a lot about states specifically anymore because like i guess people have gotten tired of the coveted news but also the absolute numbers often aren’t as big as in like you know new york or florida boss prepping says no such thing as contact racing in alabama we’ll talk about wisconsin too kayleen says in wisconsin so many people are not doing cdc guidelines viticus rising says second wave will be far more deadly maryland says what’s hurting the economy is everything being shut down for so long i’ll say it again marilyn again and again again the economy won’t get better until the virus is under control it doesn’t matter if you open things up the economy is not going to get better until people feel safe there’s plenty of things that are open that aren’t doing very well because people don’t feel safe and as as i say every time we cover this and i’ll say it one more time since march the public health experts i’ve seen they don’t want to shut everything down they say that they say you can’t shut everything down indefinitely but that’s why they’ve said from the beginning they said what you need to do is when there’s a big outbreak you have a temporary shutdown to get the cases down and while you’re shutting things down that’s when you have to develop the tools to open up safely and open up in a way that will keep the cases down wow testing contact tracing isolation really develop the testing develop the contact tracing make provisions for people to isolate if they’ve been exposed or have it that’s what you do lock that’s what that’s they’ve been saying since the beginning you lock down to get the virus under control and create use the lockdown to create use that time to create do the work you need to do to open up safely all the public health experts i see they don’t want to be shut down they want to open up as fast as possible but safely it doesn’t do any good to open things up if they’re just gonna have to if you’re just gonna have a giant outbreak again but in this country we never did it we had the shutdown and then we didn’t do anything with it we never developed the mass tracing we never developed the contact we never developed the mass testing like we like like other countries have we now never developed the contact tracing and we never developed the isolation procedures and encourage people to go along with it so we’re stuck because until you get the virus under control the economy’s not going to get better so we are stuck that’s where we’re at and this is what the public health experts have been saying

since the beginning of the year beginning of the year we were talking about this months and months and months ago it never happened crazy auto said we half asked it and ended up with the worst case scenario hoosier says steve i had to do a zoom meeting with my doctor that’s how doctor visits are now by zoom videos i will say this though i don’t mind if if telemedicine becomes easier to do i think there’s a lot of uh good uses for telemedicine so i i i hope there’s more telemedicine in the future but clearly there are some things where you’d rather actually meet with a person in person meet with the doctor in person now toy biederman says states have been to various degrees yes there are some states that have done different things different things than others that’s true but the country as a whole has not done the things it needs to do to get the virus under control hey thanks mysterio mcmammos who says uh maryland cases are rising again thank you mysterio for your support thank you also to jason carney i really appreciate that jason carney thank you i got to take some more comments here we got to talk about wisconsin too though but north dakota south dakota both bet oh i didn’t even check on the south dakota thing i gave you a couple north dakota articles let’s see here hang on one second here hang on one second here so we talked about how there’s like hands-off approach in south dakota there’s an article from four days ago abc news south dakota governor christie gnomes says lockdowns are useless as states coveted cases soar she defended her hands-off approach to managing the pandemic south dakota’s governor is doubling down on her controversial stance against statewide lockdown measures even as the local positivity rate continues to soar um amid criticism over her tactics for fighting the novel coronavirus gnome used her speaking time somewhere earlier this week to read a portion of a letter she said she’d received from a reporter who praised her for sticking to her beliefs she says she hopes to show other states there are other there are ways to navigate the pandemic without enforcing harsh government mandates wayne show says indiana cases are way up so are the hospital numbers i’ll have to check on that i believe you’re correct on that i think i was looking at that earlier today or yesterday thank you wayne for writing in bill abrahamson says to get an accurate death rate for covett would you take the worldometer cases number and divide by deaths no because on worldometer or similar sites they’re only giving you confirmed cases but there’s plenty of people who have the virus who never got tested for it uh maybe they’re maybe they were so um you know mild the case that uh that you know they never even felt the need to get tested

uh you know for example so no uh what you have to do is factor in and there also could be people who died who never got registered as dying from coronavirus maybe they died and like they didn’t you know they weren’t in the hospital or anything and so there’s that situation too but i i think what what’s when people when scientists are trying to estimate the death rate i believe what they do is they try to factor in how many people they think actually have it they say well we think the number of people who test positive is this percentage of the actual number of people who have it uh one thing you might do is if it’s i know there’s doubts about the reliability i believe but if you do some kind of survey testing to see how many people have the antibodies uh which in theory if you’ve had the virus you should be after you after you have it and you’ve and you’ve recovered you should test positive and antibody tests so you could i’m guessing that’s one of the things the scientists use is they look at these antibody tests which will tell you what percentage of a population had the virus even if they don’t have it right now so yeah but the death rate is not just confirmed cases you have to you want you want the total for the death rate i mean it depends on what you want if you want what percentage of people with a confirmed case will die of it well then you just divide the two numbers if you want what percent of the people who get it will die well you need to estimate that our people actually got it because that’s going to be more than the number of confirmed cases thank you bill for writing in tristan says here in oregon the numbers this week have been some of the highest ever for us that’s what tristan says thank you tristan for writing it hmb mentions montana too they’ve had a lot more cases and i want to say hospitalizations as well check them out hmb sent me this craig spencer who’s a covid he’s a doctor who treats covet patients he said even just a quick glance at the coveted data for north dakota is immediately concerning test positivity and hospitalizations at an all-time high november deaths were three times any previous month in october is clearly off to a very bad start all very worrisome yeah here if we go to north dakota percentage positive tests this is the tomerburg tight north dakota it looks like it’s around 10 percent or something not as high as south dakota let’s talk about a couple other states let’s talk about a couple other states look at montana this is montana another smaller state montana tome this is the tomerburg cova data visualization look at the hospitalizations now in absolute numbers it’s not so high but it’s not a big state that’s the hospitalizations how about positivity rate montana let’s see if it says it on here covet act now uh there’s there’s hospitalizations in montana that’s not a good graph i mean look at how much higher it is now than it was all year and then positivity rate that’s not good that’s the montana according to kodak now that’s montana positivity rate which is just starting for the first time to get into double digits 10.6 their deaths haven’t um there haven’t gone up as much as in some places if we go down here montana well i mean it’s higher than it was this is montana actually daily deaths look at this so you can see in may it’s like zero or one every day but now look at it and again it might not seem like a lot but it’s a small state one of our viewers mentioned indiana go there i don’t know how things are there oops i’ll check it iowa things have gotten worse

indiana what is the hospitalizations there they’re in indiana hospitalizations are lower than they were but they’ve started to go back up testing positivity rate in indiana it’s lower than it was previously but it started to go up it’s actually 13.6 percent which is pretty high and then how about indiana deaths let’s see here they’re probably down here somewhere yeah so it’s you know in indiana it’s um you know the deaths were worse earlier in the year but if more people are getting hospitalized there then starting to get hospitalized and i expect the deaths to go up iowa’s gotten worse iowa testing positive rate iowa 17.2 percent positive look at that going up since like july hospitalizations that’s not a good graph that’s the iowa hospitalizations graph there’s this peak in like may june may then it goes down now it’s going up deaths there was a peak in like may then it went down higher lately so a lot of these again you’re seeing a lot of these states oh we gotta look at wisconsin wisconsin has been like one of the worst states lately really bad positive test rate wisconsin look at that 19.5 critical level according to kodak now and it’s just it’s way higher than before look at it’s just going up that’s the positive test rate uh hospitalization that’s that’s uh wisconsin things have gotten way worse there deaths the black is moving average the gray is the daily actual numbers certainly worse than a couple months ago but things are a lot worse there and then some of you might have seen this wisconsin is setting up a field hospital for covid patients as a surge in cases overwhelms hospitals cnn wisconsin is opening a field hospital at the state fair park in response to an alarming surge in hospitalizations from covey that’s overwhelming hospitals said the governor the field hospital is a stark illustration of the extensive outbreak across wisconsin which has pushed hospitals to the brink the governor to combat the outbreak issued an emergency order limiting public gatherings to no more than 25 percent of a room or building’s capacity wisconsin is divided into seven regions to manage health care emergencies all are reporting high or very high activity for coronavirus related hospitalizations as of wednesday explosion of cases since college is reopened the state’s seven-day positivity rate is 19.59 the second highest of any state in the u.s so again we’ve just been talking about various states but there’s a lot of states where things are getting worse uh and just looking this over here too you can look at like a u.s summary daily charts if i look at hospitalizations this is from the tober berg site so i’m just looking over here you can see also it’s also saying u.s total hospitalizations have started to go up again see total for u.s

this is very interesting can i get all of us here i think i need covet tracking project hang on u.s data i can’t find i was trying to find a graph for a currently hospitalized but i can’t find a graph for it see if i can find it here covid tracking project here it is see look at currently hospitalized look at this there was a peak in the u.s around april then it went down then there was a peak again around july then it went down now it’s going up again then i was just over here so this is current hospitalizations you can just look and see some different states like where is it going up arizona started to go up again after after coming way down um nevada’s starting to go up oklahoma quite bad there there’s the oklahoma hospitalizations graph west virginia not good tennessee going up that’s wisconsin really bad nebraska not good there’s nebraska right there that’s north dakota goes way up at the end montana goes way up at the end this is iowa here arkansas that doesn’t look good so you can see a lot of the the midwest states uh states with lesser population have been especially bad recently and in other states you know like massachusetts you had this high really early on and then the hospitalizations came down but now they’re starting to creep up again arizona he had this peak earlier hospitalization came down now it’s starting to creep up again minnesota you had this peak of hospitalizations earlier came down now it’s starting to creep up again so this is the covid19 data visualization tomerburg tony says minnesota is starting to go up this is a great site by the way uh covet 19 data visualization you can actually by tomer berg you can go and you can get like you can do you know deaths daily new deaths you can do uh percentage positive tests it’s it’s the best site i’ve seen for like if you’re just trying to get a general feel for what’s going on in the different states it gives you all these graphs look at the south dakota positive test rate wisconsin all right give me a shout let me know your thoughts at lookner on twitter i want to hear from you so that’s a sense of some of the us stuff that’s going on hang on one second here our viewer writes in shel wiggins teammate says here in florida we have zero restrictions and no mass mandate and we are still over 10 percent positivity rate ugh that’s from shell wiggins thank you chell for writing in lace says have you looked at covid counts on the upper peninsula of michigan no i have not i have not looked at covet counts on the upper peninsula of michigan i guess the implications i should be

i mean this is an article from i just did a quick a quick s quick search and i see something from like a month ago if the article will open up which it’s not hang on oh here it is four days ago upper peninsula moves to forefront in michigan’s covid fight the seven counties in michigan with the most new cases per population are all located in the upper peninsula a rural region that’s become the new focal point or another rural region it has about three percent of the state population but over but over the last three weeks have been home to about 10 of the state’s new cases hospitals in the region are seeing increases in bed occupancy and some are cutting back on elective procedures a combination of factors appears to be at play in the spread of the virus in upper peninsula including cases at michigan technological university in houghton in a surge across the state line in wisconsin that’s reaching into michigan state officials have voiced concerns because it would take a smaller uptick in the region than others to cause hospital capacity problems because smaller region that is in the detroit news thank you for sending that in or sending in the giving me the suggestion to look it up e.m sparrow says houghton county where i live no one wearing masks or respecting distancing or mandates look at our graph it’s a vertical rise straight up our cases have tripled in just a few weeks i guess this is i guess this is the graph i think i’m not sure it’s not label is that michigan i think em sparrow yeah it’s houghton county is michigan’s upper peninsula there the upper peninsula i assume is this let’s see here upper peninsula of michigan seems like it should label it on the map better wikipedia upper peninsula there it is there oops doug bruns says hoeton college town someone else sent me something here let’s see justin lucio says we are clearing on our own be smart avoid crowds wear a mask where was oh thanks e.m sparrow sent me the link from he said it was from min wright sent me this hey steve there’s been a surge of infections of covet in indonesia check out check out what happens to people who don’t wear mass social distance sky news says people caught breaking

coveted rules in indonesia are being made to dig graze and get into coffins thanks for writing in where is this i wanted to read something that someone had sent me a little while ago here alan greene sent me this before this is from september experts predict project autumn surge in coronavirus cases with a peak after election day yeah that’s being i mean that’s still being projected now so for example one model there’s a bunch of models out there uh let me let me find another one get a couple of them here um there’s a couple i look at i like this one i see this there’s a couple of them this one’s been signing cited a lot uh where is it the person who does it i think his name is like yong yoon gu is that what it is let’s see yeah yeah you yeah sorry you yang gu i had the name along yu yang gu does this one i see this one cited a bunch uh view projections united states so he is projecting oh it only goes to november this pale they’re no longer doing the model they’re no longer doing the page that’s too bad i guess they’ve stopped doing it we have released our final update oh yu yang gu data scientist says winding down in the months since several other reliable models have emerged he says hence i believe it’s an appropriate time for me to wind down my model okay i recommend covid19 forecast hub what is this the coven 19 forecast hub up-to-date forecasts browse recent forecast data okay let’s do that summary 74 models oh i got to go through all this can i just get an average of them like a graph visualization i want to show you some of the projections okay fine fine fine fine fine fine fine finish finishes us this is i could have read the instructions but i didn’t and now time chart ugh i’ll have to look at this later when i when i when i when i’m willing to actually read through it that’s not going to work right now that’s too difficult right now i don’t i don’t have the energy to go through it the reich lab model ucla has consistently performed well with this the ucla model okay do we have a projection here i don’t want state by state i just want the country well that doesn’t work oh what if i do this what if i do this world u.s here it is so this is their projection for the number of daily deaths oh they project it’s going to drop some other other other other other models say it’s going to be bigger that’s interesting they project it’s going to drop that’s this one that’s the ucu acla i know ihme is another one that’s talked about that model has deaths rising coveted projections they predict daily deaths that it’s going to rise the middle line is the one you want to look at by january no this is daily case it’s daily deaths you say fifty thousand daily death is in fifteen thousand what i’m so confused

it says daily deaths why is it this is just wrong why saying five thousand ten thousand fifteen thousand this is just it’s like it’s like this is off is this actually cases i’m so confused i don’t get it i don’t it’s all messed up oh this is global i want u.s hold on let’s get u.s that’s what it was i was like why is it showing 5 000 deaths in the united states all right hang on just to give you a sense of what one model is saying it’s already this is already taking way too long but i just want to show you also i always hate this because it takes so long to find the u.s north america there we go so hard to scr to scroll through this gosh they make it so there it is there we go okay this is the ihme model projection for the u.s and they think deaths are going to go up you can see daily deaths like right around now it’s like uh you know 700 or so they think it’s going to go up the middle line is the one you want they think it’s going to go up to about 2300 by february see that see 2 300 they say the green line is on the bottom is universal mass and the red line is what would like man with mandates evening but the current projection is for it to go up in the winter and get up to over 2 000 a day in january i hope that doesn’t happen that’s their projection so there’s different projections out there sorry that took so long but anyways uh one other thing one viewer asked one viewer said uh hang on a second here one viewer said uh what about the kentucky hospitalizations so i’ll look that up because somebody asked me about the kentucky hospitalizations but you go to co go to tomerburg’s site or go go to you can go go to turner brookside you can go to that’s the covid19 data visualization you can find all the state information there you can also go to this one here where is it here i had it open before delete it no not that one what was the other one i liked it’s called covet act now you can just click on a state so like i can click on kentucky and then i can get the graphs and i go down to hospitalizations their hospitalizations are rising that’s in kentucky that’s their hospitalizations chart and then you can get also like the positive testing rate in kentucky it’s lower than it was but it’s gotten a little higher so anyways kovadak now is a good site for that too and also tomerburg cova 19 data visualization all right i think guys we haven’t gotten to everything but hopefully we’ve done a little overview to give you a sense of the concerns in canada and europe and the us that was the purpose of this live stream so i think i’m going to take a couple more comments real quick and then after that i’m going to wrap it up hey thank you honey herzo for your support really appreciate it honey herzog thank you mars nova for your kind words appreciate it mars let’s see here cecil had acne asked me about the kentucky hospitalizations okay let’s see here laverne you are welcome for the website links also norma jean says according to the washington post north dakota and south dakota have the highest rates of new cases per 100 000 people

oh alton dalton says why is wisconsin doing so badly with the virus lately i had read something article about that i had read an article about how people aren’t wearing one one reason was that maybe people weren’t wearing masks see if i can find something about that i read an article recently about it let’s see anything in here wisconsin grapples with explosion of new covet cases amid political infighting this is three days ago adjusted for population wisconsin’s new case rate is the highest in the nation just after is the third highest nation after north and south dakota because it doesn’t say though maybe schools it does say here with midwestern states like wisconsin the dakotas began seeing a sudden rise in new cases in august when schools and college campuses began reopening and after i don’t know if it was a super spreader event but uh there was a huge 10-day biker festival in sergio sturgis south dakota so yeah i’m sorry i can’t find there was an article i had read at some point about wisconsin you can see here there’s a cnn article that says the increase has been driven in part by the unprecedented number of infections among 18 to 24 year olds but i had read some article talking about people not actually following along with math mandates but i can’t find the article now or mask recommendations here look i found something i found something here you go look political tensions rise as covid cases surge in dakotas wisconsin now a professor of health metric sciences at the university of washington seattle ali machdad cited data showing mass usage at 39 percent in wisconsin and 45 in the dakotas both below the u.s average of 50 so one thing is they do have low mass usage there according to what i’ve read but i’m sure there’s other considerations as well anyways all right hey by the way thank you sonic for your support i appreciate that sonic thank you and thank you to charles gokey as well i appreciate that charles gokey jbug says hospitalizations are up again in connecticut i think things are getting worse in massachusetts too i mean they were way worse in the spring but i believe it’s starting to get worse there as well uh let me just check that one more second i keep saying i’m going to wrap up

but i do want to check this why won’t this just open covet act now massachusetts see positive test rate massachusetts it was green for a while it’s not that high now 3.8 but it’s higher than it was for months that’s in massachusetts hospitalizations in massachusetts they were you know much higher in may april and may then they go down but they’re starting to go up again here see okay all right guys guys i think it’s time i think it’s time to wrap up the stream well we didn’t even get to every place i wanted to talk about but uh i think we uh did a fair summary of some different places hopefully oh by the way bernard blanchard messaged me about quebec yeah i did mention there’s a province in a city he said it’s hell here everything is closed the bars the gyms it’s the restaurants and a lot of hotels yeah bernard i literally said on on on the on on the broadcast i said there’s quebec city and there’s quebec the province i did say that val says florida’s not releasing their numbers today wonder why i heard i heard florida was not releasing the numbers b o news said i think was because they there was some weird thing where like some some testing lab duplicate reported testing results so they had to sort it all out so it was some kind of statistic some kind of thing with the they got like incorrect information all right guys i think it’s time steve joyce says what about some positive result countries please don’t use all capital letters yeah that was look there’s there’s certainly countries that are doing better so maybe next time we’ll talk about that but you can find countries uh you know new zealand is doing great uh but also the you know east asian countries um uh taiwan uh south korea i think japan’s doing pretty well at this point too i think vietnam is still doing well anyways a lot of the asian countries are doing uh well with this but singapore so we just it wasn’t really the topic for discussion beth says wear a mask all right so i think i’m gonna wrap up this live stream but i do appreciate you joining for the stream and uh thank you guys for letting me read so many so many comments tonight some interesting comments and questions so um oh acosta says hi from quebec the province so thank you thank you guys for watching and also for uh sending in your comments uh certainly uh thoughts with everybody around the world who has this virus and is trying to recover and my best wishes for a speedy recovery is possible and certainly also condolences to everyone who’s lost someone to this virus and the shout out to all of the people all the essential workers who are still putting themselves at risk to do the essential jobs every day the grocery workers first responders truck drivers you name it uh also uh the um uh you know medical professionals who are treating people with this they’re still going you know it’s they’ve been doing it for months and months and months and months all the scientists trying to come up with a vaccine shout out to all of them and we will certainly have more coverage of the virus in the future and so be sure to subscribe to the channel so you know when we’re coming on the air this channel agenda free tv we focus on live breaking news coverage without an agenda so subscribe so you know when we’re coming on the air hey also big thanks to our moderators they are fantastic they are all volunteers so i really appreciate the moderators think of how the chat would not be without the moderators it would just be terrible it’d be taken over so i really appreciate it uh sarah and erstazi have been there the whole time in our youtube chat thank you guys very much appreciated also um

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