Road trip home and Niagara Falls

hey what’s going on so my wife and I probably am NOT going look at the camera again as my wife suggested we’re leaving TF con right now and we’re heading out the convention was awesome we videotaped a lot of it you know there was a lot of cool stuff which you’ll see of course but you know there’s always a lot of stuff that just happens and it’s part of the TF con experience it’s part of the convention seen in convention experience I met some people there are some people I didn’t know you know just that’s what it’s about at a convention you walking up and down the aisles looking at stuff and you bump in the people there was this guy from around the Pittsburgh area I don’t remember his name but yeah we bumped into each other you know he sits him about my transformers jersey so that brought up conversation and he asked me where I was from him he told me at all cool and yeah we weren’t about our day so next day came and you know hey who do I run into again that and was like oh hey we made a can and you know it’s just stuff like that you run into certain people I conventions and there’s always certain people they kind of stand out and I might have stood out a little bit with my Decepticon Jersey that I was wearing I don’t think anyone else had one it’s on an Autobot one but and said i love that Decepticon jerz it’s pretty rare nowadays tell you know and it’s a cool seen something that happened that didn’t really have anything to do with transformers or the convention itself was I actually met someone who who knows me as Davy usher you know with my whole YouTube channel thing and uploading videos and you know he came up to me and he’s like ah hey I’m she would davetheusher and I was caught off guard you know because it’s not like I go I leave the house and I’m extruding the run into anyone to say that to me it’s never happened to me before as the first time it ever happened to me so that really blew me away and it’s and it’s like it’s just really crazy basically that that happened to me and you know he asked me if he could have a picture with me and I’m like no I want a picture with you like this is that’s nuts like what are you doing what do you think I’m like a big shot now like yeah let’s let’s have a picture so he took a picture of his camera and took one I had one taken with mine and uh yeah that that made my day like if that was anything for him it was like a million times more for me trust me that was just crazy so I don’t know that was that was really special it’s not like I’ve been to a lot of conventions overall you know I’ve been the vodka no one and then in 2013 my wife and I went to a couple like vodka 2013 power khan shahrukh khan and now TF Con 2015 up here in Ontario Mississauga and I got to tell you it was probably the best convention so far TF Con 2015 and maybe that was because of the convention itself meeting Peter Cullen oh that was extremely special of course but what happened with that guy you know knowing me as davetheusher that made it special it was actually it was my wife and it was our first trip on together as a married couple actually so far still so that made it special as well it was just a very special convention got some cool stuff met some cool people and it was just awesome my wife is holding the video camera and watching me babble on and on and on and you have any comments ty no I just really enjoyed myself it was great Canada was great city we were in was nice the hotel was good we had a great time so yeah it was it was a very special convention and I already told ty like we have to come back we have to go to another TF con it’s the world’s largest unofficial transformers convention and yeah it’s just it’s a real genuine awesome convention I told her recommend it to anyone watching these TF con vids and awesome stuff so thanks for watching these bits guys Abyssinia good stuff by the way but we’re in line to get back into the US and there’s a group all thanked for Falls

taisho Bailey is excited about the falls hey Bailey excited about Niagara Falls hey Bailey see the land work hey Bailey excited the excited button good stuff hey are you excited I am excited I’m kind of sad to be leaving canada canada is really cool apparently their money smells like maple syrup yeah is it like a scratch and sniff yeah it sounds good I think their money is cool pretty cool yeah like it’s weird but kind of cool and it’s like freaky ah my wife and I notice that in Canada I gotta tell you can say all you can t ins watch and you can say you don’t know what you’re talking about but there’s kind of a 90s fashion kind of a thing vibe going on in Canada let’s just different fashion no I think it’s it’s it’s a it’s a good thing it’s it’s kind of cool but I feel it’s definitely noticeable we’ve really liked our time in Canada I actually I did Canada a lot I think it’s a fun happy place one of the weird things we noticed that’ll think it’s just us as Americans just saying this but they have like really nice streets at least good bathing on like the paving of the streets this when we were going through like the may express threat you express why it was really nice and Hines and I they had like these very like prominent lit signs that I say like they don’t have nice signs anywhere but wow that express why I was nice cruising you know there’s good stuff driving on that so eat now we gotta get we got to get over we’re waiting to get back into our native soil see all the way down so I mean what else what else have we noticed got canada i guess i mean it’s just cool but I wanted to show Canadian flags different fashion different money it was a it was a really cool place and we hope to get back sooner rather than later right Bailey Bailey wants back I took bailey for a Canadian Walk school done and tomorrow we’re gonna hit the falls died yeah we’re not not literally we’re not jumping over hope now see all right nice hey so we’re driving home we’re actually very close to home we’re in Pennsylvania of course and we’re coming back from our Canadian trip ill away we’re coming back from our Canadian trip TF Con 2015 in mississauga ontario and last night we stayed in niagara falls new york at the sheraton and the Niagara Falls area niagara falls new york not the niagara falls in the canadian side is a very interesting place I don’t want to be one of those guys that just dad mouse and complains because you know I can only judge what I see and I don’t see everything you know who does but man the neighbor Falls area in New York is it’s interesting but well I mean what should what should I expect I and I kind of agreed on that it’s a very it’s a big tourist type of place you know it is just aimed at families and kids and it’s very it’s I wouldn’t you say but not really even like there’s not i mean just one arcade but the rest of it’s just very rundown so it was a little rundown and late last night after a time I went to sleep I kind of googled a little bit and yeah apparently the area is not a dorm too well and apparently the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls area has been more successful in the past and on a decade or whatever did look very beautiful the way before we cross yeah there’s like this squared section of Niagara Falls New York and it has all the little tourist type stuff little cutesy restaurants there’s a lot of Indian restaurants over there by the way but yeah there’s the restaurants and little things this and that and there was this right next to our hotel the sheraton there was this ill Avari oh this is the Safari restaurant rainforest in rainforest cafe which was okay it was totally of the kids you know I mean I can understand I can understand it but that was the thing there wasn’t a lot of it’s just nice nicer type restaurants

heartbreak nice restaurants and we asked a tourist info lady at concierge yeah concierge inside the hotel was really nice the staff at the Sheraton sandy uh her name was sandy season you’re Susan her name was Susan you could say anything and I probably would agree then she was really great we ordered room service twice and those two dudes were really great we tipped them well because they totally deserved it ah who wouldn’t deserve a tip would be the housekeeping unfortunately unfortunately the sheraton hotel was kind of a dump but then maybe at the same time maybe we should expect something great because we had our dog Bailey in the back who’s snoozing so we got the pet hotel by that pet room the pet room the same time you know pet room or not we you would expect things to not be broken looking or there was the forehead of wet spot hair like voices years in the bathroom Thanks made Dave really has a hair he does not like hairs in the messe and I shed a lot so it will be of my hair you know it wasn’t great yeah ah so we don’t want to be one of those couples or I don’t want to be that person jami whatever was the roof over our heads Simon Harper Dave the ushers coming boo it was a roof over her head you know we weren’t out in the cold where’s my royal treatment damn it it was you know it was fine I wanted nonfat milk in my coffee um nope you know the hotel’s still did at room service so yeah the employees were nice the thing about the the woman who told us about restaurants and such she told us to go like two blocks down like downtown look at the middle of nowhere no one nowhere at nine thirty nine thirty and it got a little like uneasy while walking we’re like bumpy I mean it’s cool this is know about this we know where we were if we were fast walking finish walking um so we didn’t like it and we went back and we were gonna be like all right let’s just do the room service but before we got back to the hotel we looked on the left side on the website was this big building literally across the street mr giant building this big building and it just we didn’t know what it was there’s no like hello I’m a sign this is what this is yeah little car lights colorful let’s just do it we were walking around I thought it was like another like tourists liked it liked or a thing maybe a museum I didn’t know we were having a workout we were walking around by walking around there’s a lot of families with kids and the families had death expressions like dedik dead eyes like a was on my help hey there’s a lot of kids and oven big tourist type town so we go to this big building and when we get to the doors we’re like well no I think this is closed I think they’re like repairing some thinner it was like dead I was I feel like I’m feeling I guess it’s dead man nothing’s going on we get closer and like all right let’s we peek in and what happens when we peek in Thai it was like it was a gigantic casino like like bustling and hustling and bustling it was like we opened up the sand cave from Aladdin like I’m fucking opened up out of nowhere and there was just shit all over the place I was like what’s going on in here nice restaurants cuz seen it it’s um it’s a big building it’s for what it is it’s a it’s a good casino considering we’re over here in New York in Niagara New York agri New York tie and i got married in las vegas of course fancy style at the Red Rock Hotel and Casino and you note I used to live there and we know Vegas man fake nothing will compare so why don’t I know my way around a casino you know and it was this may be where snooty snobby Vegas people now but it seemed like all the people here just didn’t know what to do with themselves and we’re just every all the people going in there was just confused like what is this thing this place it was interesting it was just something I don’t know what happened with Susan C never been to Atlantic City Susan dropped us all because there were super nice restaurants in there and it was across the street yeah um Susan or whatever her name was she didn’t mention the gigantic casino across the street if it had a couple of nice restaurant was like rainforest cafe or walk three blocks to a place that’s already closed like what there was there was a nice you know that’s a my garmin talking figuring shit out alright so we work that out anyway where were we tie Susan alright we went in the casino and a couple of nice restaurants as casinos usually do there was a nice Italian restaurant in there you know good stuff we saw the menu it’s fine fine menu she uh yeah there was

like a an asian japanese restaurant or something they had some sushi they had this and that you know that those two restaurants right there would have been fine we walked around for two hours looking for hey Bailey how you doing back there what’s he doing just looking out the window yeah but we would have eaten there but after all that after all that work we decided to go back to our hotel anyway and have room service so whatever yeah right I don’t know why she didn’t mention the casino it was like he was like staring through time like the time like it was like no no mention no one knows a casino exists it was a thing into a secret building from arriving there to leaving there it was just like a just a mind warp of confusion and oddities I don’t know how to explain it really uh about the sheraton the hotel I gotta tell you don’t stay there yeah we had the pet-friendly room or whatever I wouldn’t advise staying at that sheraton it was it was a dump well if you like staying at a college dorm with a bunch of loud people just I don’t know ty comments on that maybe you have the words dirty and someone was its kind of dirty in a blasting Europe up all night europop and it’s a college dorm cut atmosphere and on let’s just no go man no go the lobby was nice it’s it’s a deceiving it’s one of those deceiving hotels man it’s one of those deceiving hotels so I don’t know you know I I want to I want to try this whole Niagara Falls thing again but next year of course when we go to TF con which we will we’re going to come back and we’re going to stay on the Canadian side because i believe the canadian side is a little better but Canada has its share of shit holes and made touch upon this real fast canada was awesome but hey every country has its shit holes and i’m probably going to insert the clip into this video at some point i don’t know where yet but we tried to locate the kenny vs spenny house in the Toronto area as some of you may know I’m a huge kenny vs penny fan I just I love that show I used to stream at some of you might even remember that stuff if you live in Canada you know Kenny verse pending you got it and I just wanted to see the house it’s been several years since the show has been done but I just wanted this in front of it Empire and I would dance around like an idiot so we went there and the neighborhood where that house is located inside of Toronto is a terrible horrible place klaw-bak 10 it’s it’s a crack neighborhood a lot of homeless people there is an episode who can stay homeless the longest where Kenny and Spenny had to be homeless you know be outside they must have walked down the street and I think I even saw the park where the episode ended that I swear it the park was right there from that episode who can stay homeless longest we probably passed gold fields of pharmacy who was in a bunch of episodes of Kenny first many because there was like a lot of engage in stores there like what like a Chinatown kind of thing yeah um so yeah we were there but the reason why I’m kind of phrasing it this way is because we couldn’t exactly find the house one half-mile key right that’s Kenny has his voice as my garment by the way but we actually did find the house we went by it a couple times and while ty where was it it was gone there was an empty lot there we think it’s gone and yes I really messed up i’m looking up the address I tried it looked exactly like the same surrounding no it’s it might be gone a lot of empty because we counted down do remember the number 2 28 to 28 and it was 230 and then the empty law and the 220 I think it’s gone I I’m bummed I’m very house I was kind of bummed by a knife it’s gone it’s gone like what what are you gonna do so oh well where are you going I mean I’m pretty positive liked I know you you had the address that that was the address because everything else fed that part was definitely where they did the homeless episode and just anything else so there you go guys the convention was great everything was great the the road trip was great even the bad parts were great because they make up part of the story they make up part of the adventure so yeah we’re driving home now it’s dark and I need to see where I’m going I hope you guys enjoy these videos i hope you guys check out all the transformer convention stuff everything else and yeah man more adventures to come so

we’ll be seeing you you