[Twitch Play] Forza Horizon 2 – InuYasha's Second Online Road Trip[HD]

all right it didn’t yeah okay so i have to stuff I have no idea i’m in a Ferrari transferred out so is this dark saber person I guess I have to start building a salon car 400 yards turn right I’m driving straight ahead things right there this i’m driving straight ahead this odo ferrari off-roading not smartest idea does gonna make it happen to hope I’m going off-roading i can see that i can see it no one’s around me good I think we’re playing on that king of this what everything again pretty much however I kind of wish I was an all-wheel drive with this so i could be cheesy again pretend i’m playing on the ground too so you’re in a Scooby right now how do you think I feel now I’m in a Ferrari I mean of course it’s not as bad as handling it see you know dark but still Boosie shut the hell up coming in my stream telling me I I know I up and lost to a Bentley leave me alone is that case i’m leaving this king of the hill and I’m just gonna start drifting every clock yeah that is true that is a road trip thing I should just pick my Sylvia then just to see that so those to start off is the king that’s it it highlighted like this before too though I I don’t know king of the car Wow is juggernaut I can’t accelerate the way I want he’s making a left give me that ah I lost it oh you have sniper hell out of them where is everyone okay they’re coming right down my hit this tree over here Oh first uttal go man no I’m not taking from over here scoot get over here Scooby oh you all will drop that all right come on you mid engine buzzing Ferrari you’re supposed to be I don’t even know what to look for how you chose to be you’re supposed to be something good here up bump it up mine

because Gubru rally car yo oh where the did you come ah nah that the hell it’s a [ __ ] you know I re vs ferrari I’m gonna go over here oh I flip and that made my car reset Chico I am surprised i’m holding itself oh boy I know right well it doesn’t matter now the timer’s over I was also expecting to lose it this time I’m like man i cannot accelerate it all okay so far so good alright where is the next thing going to beat let me get out of here Road Yasha oh that way lovely everybody else going to wrong wiki I’m like a lot well as follows in 400 yards turn left Porsche won’t let me buy I’m just saying it let’s just wrap this way nope turn that way turn that way trust me turn to the right turn right but your scuba uste all through I’m in a Ferrari and I’m doing this yet oh no oh no there’s a house stall I ran to a house seems about right for a Ferrari your industry recalculating route there are a lot of trees here breaking turning turning some more full throttling I can see it Rory’s in front somehow okay cuz it cut through here full throttle this right here is the race love our low oh oh I crashed Oh Ferrari come on you’re supposed to not be in this off-road but you’re supposed to do something I don’t know a position I placing that I know you got first man I gotta think of some tuning for all her old vehicles i said like i made a commentary video let’s play for my first trying the first thing

i said was this forza horizon one people love to take shortcuts this came there’s a rally cars that’s going to dominate the game other than the race is set up where you have to be on a roll but for the majority rally cars are gonna dominate I want to get that truck speaking of that that Ram truck whoo I gotta get one I got sent you a friend request but if i press the button they will show my broadcast pausing i’ll do it after this four races we do here that’s like this is jeremy clarkson the Richard Hammond and James makeup it’s Harry ok so we’re got to ruffs so we’re all back here get wet e this game has an advantage using clutch or is it like horizon one where it doesn’t matter use clutch your regular manual I do it on 5 & 4 I don’t know but I’m afraid of him killing me I’m looking at that truck and I Fleck i’m playing blur that is all yell descubrir just flip I don’t know what to say about that I don’t even know what to say about that that was almost as bad as what happened to me if against the Bentley you have your Subaru lowered or you have it stock spring I left mine stopped because I was afraid but bouncing losing first right now look Carly and I’m in a second this coming behind he come on that’s it past the finish line there we go oh it was the Mercedes collect those points Texan smoke because Stan’s sit in the parking lot car let me stop yo your points your points all right at that point system is real now he will get inside waves off road stop live everyone’s caught I’m behind everyone right now full throttle in this damn hand-me-down Ferraris challenged for them in 400 yards turn right right

I’m going to make another this I need to make a ass one car for road trips as to for road trips in four hundred yards turn right too right getting a little bit more technical year I got there now I sure chose my drift car now that i think about it what would have made it would have made sense I think the only event where it counts if you win is the arm the king of the hill or wherever yep what our next events going to be it’s going to be some high-end race but although this bucket area when we were introduced this is high and you forgot what’s whoever’s cars floating that’s it I’m watching out for at Mercedes sl65 I think it’s pretty quick yes it’s points go and this is to the high end all got so I see where the top three right now here comes the there’s the Mercedes right there PS is in front with the rough we’re are in second followed by bins don’t worry my Ferrari couldn’t do that should it alright here i am in front there’s the bins behind me getting sideways this right here is no escaping this is all about high-end speed right here I am Richard Hammond Forza horizon 2 going at it clearly oh man okay you know it’s the same area I did come on TV now she’s been around a racing for quite some time this is your home territory maybe a random car with no tune yo I was just I was just telling my I was driving around this section yesterday and I was telling my girlfriend that if I ever gotten to race on this section it’s all about if you either keep your high end speed or if you make one mistake in someone who has the perfect line there you’re not catching them this is like a high speed run right here completely huh I wouldn’t expect him to be this far up

with this Ferrari but I’m happy here hey you can turn it off but I don’t remember what how my was on the first try I think it automatically tried it but i turn it off sometimes you know I just don’t feel like being on camera yeah with the whole what was the FCA worship and then they updated it when you got on the one yeah it’s probably still a probably still hears their Microsoft if you’re tapping my system right now I have one thing to say to you um can you do me a favor and get turn tend to put an evil 4 and evil 3 and 4 is all right thank you PS changes party system back Tyler 360 had it did it dude oh I want the test track back from four to one and that big ass over from four is the one yo-yo courtesy shut up you and your points think this is the part where we cruise to a very short section or something I’m almost tempted to turn around have a weird feeling about this okay we’re going the right way works Oh someone’s a little salty about last race take Jay killed me there riders on the stone that’s right winning the event let me get some points in this [ __ ] see now you want to be I barely used my one that much but quick question 2 courtesy and and where’s the other guy’s name love and tell them to I feel lost where oh okay there we go got you got you got out so how do you go to your players list on the one to add someone to your friends list I’ve never done that I’m here 400 yards turn right I’m still driving through the event no no I’m still driving to it I don’t know I’m not there I’m right behind you look yo share on you you should be in the the Ferrari man you’re sticking to the roads I’m going off-road I’m just saying I think they were worse see your you need to go on road man in four hundred yards turn left but fish I’m going offroad but we got like what do you mean by whiteout screen I’ve actually had that happen before on the single-player the first time I be the race it was just sitting there and I couldn’t press eight for like two minutes yeah if I were you uh Sharon I wouldn’t cross it yet there’s we got three

minutes to get points I’m collecting points this turn around when it is safe to do so wait now we got across it because that guy hit it oh well left turn left by with me that would be depressing I see you made I made it a five second meter 10 secondly wrecked send me a club invite when you get a chance to 20 mins to add up the math yeah yeah execution i’ll add you into the upper it’s not even showing it for me it foot yellow if push comes to shove I’m just I got my computer by me i’m just gonna go to notepad and shot your name down real quick you and the other guy make life easy let me show you in anything are you are you loading at all have you guys had your game freeze before I was going I was going 162 in my game froze okay I think he just froze there’s a guy here with a r34 skyline and he’s level 90 something he might mean business let’s do this you I’m gonna do my best to keep up with him but we’ll see that does sound smart but for whatever reason when i see a race i can’t help it straight away so you got me Monserrat come on Ferrari but I keep up with that thing that skylines leaving me well that it seems like he has this car I’ve built for this and that’s what i was thinking about doing myself I figure this make one for each car class might just build the same damn car sounds good to me hey was pretty fun you’re not gonna believe this oh he just crashed and then all of a sudden I crashed near the finish line I almost won but I just happened to hit a pole they wouldn’t tip over I had a chance to win but it didn’t happen I’m like oh look i have a chance to well ferrari is touching the were off of the row it looks yeah there’s no recovering from this there’s a pole yep I’m flipping you know how they are they’re trying they’re trying to incorporate themselves

to the newer audience in these games the new people to 240 series they’re probably just gonna be chilling hanging out with their friends are doing goofy stuff all players like me while I’m just gonna be racing true I’m locking the online racing though all right hold on I have no idea