Apex Legends Load outside Guide High REWARD – MY 'Sweaty' Load Out (Apex Legends PS4) 2020 Update.

hey guys welcome back to the channel today we are running my absolute favorite loadout my go-to loadout if i’m looking to play like little sweat ball that is the wingman and the mastiff it is very high risk very high reward it’s one of those loadouts where if you’re hitting your shots you’re probably going to win the fight and if you unfortunately miss your shots well you’re probably dead because uh it’s very unforgiving i mean you run into a 99 or a prowler up close and if you’re missing you’re a goner so here’s the deal man i’ve got two different games to share with you guys today the first one was so far in moose and i ended up finding a peacekeeper rather than a massive we’re gonna pretend like it’s a pack of punch massive okay it’s just a juicy shotgun that’s all it is same idea really so uh first one with moose and so far the second with eye temp and so far and both of which i i think were great games i think you’ll really enjoy it so thank you very much for watching and i’ll see you on the next video he’s probably on the road they’re all they’re all down here wait let’s team fire somebody i missed i got two no reds that was them oh yeah deploying a variant [Laughter] if he’s broken i am look at my help i’m broken we’re good reloading yeah i went i went like oh for 10 with my triple take shots it’s okay though nice so we’re all kind of about right we’re all oh we’re all missing yeah honorable moments here fellas uh i got confident for two seconds and it backfires i hate to see it i think the greatest moment of that fight was when jenks was pushing up with that bloodhound and he yelled hayyat and threw it landed right behind this guy’s head he just didn’t know what to do yeah we out here throwing pancakes at all the bloodhounds for real mouth breathers smh my gas is going off in capital is it yeah yeah there’s a it was a brief part now we’re getting back back i can be like right in front of me somewhere how much sniper ammo do you have so far um i have a total of 18 oh 169 oh the greatest he’s gonna get the res up there if you have nades he’s he’s gonna revive uh no this guy didn’t have any nades i don’t know i don’t pull yeah he’s over here i think oh hey lobo is he dead yeah it’s over last night see look i think the bruiser off the wingman and bada bing bada boom we’re hitting shots i’m playing that’s all you need i cannot use the bruiser on the wingman i don’t know how you’re doing that oh i wasn’t doing it that’s why it came off i can’t use a wingman in general so yeah i really want to try and get better with it but i love to know that i’m just i’m just so bad it’s the most satisfying thing oh it’s so gross i’m sick i hit him four times i hit him three

times or so far one head shot on him too he’s literally one shot oh my god he had literally wait these kids come up right now come on dude those shots were incredible oh my god i i i heard them and it sounded awesome that was sick dude those shots were crazy that’s what i’m anyways as i was saying before i was really interrupted and completely proved my point i love the wing man i absolutely love it so good on a positive note of this game i went three for three on my triple take shots there on the bangalore he did it oh he’s big numbers moving up what is this we do this who’s this octane why are there 50 pads oh oh maybe i know i appreciate that oh it’s a full team just oh that’s awesome recharging shields they don’t have circle lines guys they all have snipers and they don’t have zones can i get some more uh sniper ammo from you so far i got seven thank uh i went for 42. i’m gonna come up there i got a peacekeeper so i got one shot i am going oh that sounds scary oh i don’t have my old oops oh yeah i decided i went up with the intentions of throwing my alt on them and that i didn’t have an alt and i didn’t throw anything about them i was in another oh my god oh i hit him in the head though i hit him in the head revenue on me trapped i should have shot him down yes sir thank you at least i got one last head shot in before i got ambushed one last one i did something one last hurrah that was a fun game dude let’s go one last hoo rod yeah i got one last hurrah in before before the gas man went down in a blazing glory 33. let’s go oh smh are you the trap of justice big trap signaling my drone back where is he oh he’s chilling on me he’s just chilling up there i broke him for 74. there’s a new kid 58. oh he just got shot by somebody else i think oh yeah that’s good then i took that because i found a prayer in the next box oh you’re getting my eyes in the sky they are big scrapping i don’t need that i got a drone watching uh the back door so we can go in the side here and we’ll be able to see if they go back door ah smart they’re in front of me it’s called cryptos i broke uh one of them if you push i’m going to the right i’ll push him from the back this dude was trying so hard to thursday oh my god oh wait they’re all dead yeah they’re all dead thank you

defeated i guess we found them first he wanted these kills oh yeah 100 god played that you need any shields i dropped uh dropped a bunch in there so far yeah okay cool thank you i’m recalling my drone i dropped it one time can i throw it on the wing man 60 seconds left the ring is very close that’ll punch me wait there it is the ring’s closed so far did you see all the shield cells i dropped for you i’m kind of searching come over here possibly okay oh okay nice going up she went middle bridge towards you right here enemy agent right here you’re gonna be behind it rich okay i do hear people are they oh my god she’ll only be one more yeah i’m chasing i’m trying to quickscope him no no worries nearest apology i missed like half my shot so i didn’t really deserve it yeah it’s weird but i’d overcome say and end up missing on the other side i got a few fellas over here be right there my friend oh i come bearing an emp and alt accelerants for a second emp okay they also have an emp so yeah that drone all right so far are you ready to fry emp going in i saw you once make sure you watch that lifeline nice that that emp worked perfectly i did zero [Laughter] welcome to me playing crypto once again with the boys the flowing kind of big oh yeah yeah headshot another 72 flash 50 flex this guy on the bowl 45 purple this guy’s one bro charging my sniper with this guy underneath the stride i’m pushing him i broke another one oh no they all pushed with like no hp i’m stuck bro oh i didn’t reload my massive oh all right here we go it’s my time to shine fellas my time to shine fellas i was huge i crashed the race so we got to be careful i could take the portal can i take it take it i have 20 shots in my pocket there’s this guy right here right left

there’s okay it just looks last dude and his g7 it’s attached to his arm i hit him for a hundred it’s all good i ate every single one of these g7 shots i’m so mad dude he wasn’t missing yeah he just did not like me that man just farmed to 4k off us yeah the g7 is literally attached to his arms oh that’s convenient the fact that we actually have a break just to res me is insane hey you want to know what’s insane i had to emp do something yeah that must be 100 it was a big damage yeah i actually did it that was the one time where y’all didn’t just fry everything before i got the emp off it felt good oh i tell you what this map is fun for the third pies though they they come in like a power rangers move like one at a time bro the you know the third parties on this map though are like bearable like it’s like it’s easier it’s almost easier to play defensively and deal with third parties in this map i think you’re right yeah for sure something’s going through this funnel i’m excited to see what the new map looks like oh i’m so excited i think it’s supposed to be close quarters no more close quarters than anything i think so that’s what it seems like it’s about guns i’m excited i love close quarters yeah that’s so fun so and give me my g7 let me see the back of it’s traps fourth care package i have one out of my way to open by the way the fourth one no crying i haven’t even found a gun no not even anything not even a devotion to complain about oh i’m a hundred percent throwing away there’s a full team on me team on us yo rich i’m gonna go emp them okay wish me luck they both have the two people i’ve seen have both have blue and off wait wait wait i’m just gonna get i’m gonna get it closer so i can walk up my troll yeah i’m like 100 i’m dead uh oh come on okay i gotta be thinking into my eye in this guy don’t let him see me are you good so far no he destroyed it don’t push right i literally don’t have to get up there oh okay i’m just gonna sit right here give away for one second for my drone okay it’s halfway i got a gold bed a gold helmet so it’ll come fast oh they’re looking at you it’s a classic scene by the way too it’s causing grid oh sorry all right i got it i got it i got it i got it it’s where she was inside i don’t know yeah yeah what are you doing little guy i got a mobile respawn beacon record can make it in time on my body oh yeah wait 20 seconds i might not be able to get it and i’ve got the respawn beacon you might die to storm don’t don’t buy this farm over me no no don’t go don’t go rich i got the drone if i can reach it with the drone i’ll

reach it i don’t think they read so i think it’s just two they’re so dead this is your playground ridge like literally all i’ve been doing these games is call stick with an auto parallel with the fuji and they just can’t see it it works so well you are the apex champions all right i was watching that game i enjoyed streaming that i knew the screen whilst we went for the emp i saw you trying to take the team it was close i tried so i was so close you