Delta B767-300 Detroit (DTW) – Seattle (SEA) Flight Experience

you gentlemen I 2423 nonstop service to seattle on behalf of 25 wasn’t worldwide and insecurity damage to the right welcome aboard my nemesis of soccer field 10 today’s flight and obvious is the x 500 flight attendants and they panic before we depart we would like to show you brief presentation of the daily meeting to powerpoint 7011 if not we are you to end your mention the video partner from you and apply the methods in an hour shortly after save your hesitation will be turning off the capital X reading my buttons are located on your TV screens that’s priceless logical today’s flight time will be four hours and 16 minutes from takeoff to touchdown we do thank you for choosing down for your travel plans this morning and we were shocked last play I’m Richard Anderson CEO of Delta on behalf of the 18,000 professional women and men of Delta Airlines welcome aboard Delta people are the very best and what they our values focus on making Delta a great place to learn running a world-class operation and always having your back our team is committed to making flying better your safety and comfort are our first priority so please pay close attention and collar and safety presentation and thanks so much for choosing them welcome aboard and thanks for flying with delta our first priority on every flight is safety so before we depart i’ll be giving a brief safety presentation okay be sure all carry-on items are securely stowed in an overhead cam then play small items under the seat in front of you sound a meeting can ensure all owls exits and bulkhead areas are clear if you’re seeing that emergency exit please review the responsibilities for emergency exit seating on the back of the safety information card which is in your seat pocket are you willing and able to assist with the operation of the exit if necessary yes No if you’re unable to the phone these functions please let us know it would be happy to find another seat as we leave the gate make sure your seat belt is fastened to fasten insert the metal tip into the buckle and adjust the strap so it’s Lilin tight across your lap to release the belt just lift the top of the ball please remain seated with your seat belts securely fastened anytime too soon bill simon zone and enid the sign is off please keep your seat belt fastened in case we experience unexpected welfare for everyone’s safety federal regulations are all passengers to comply with compulsive placards in light of their mother she signs located throughout the cab in addition to any from her instructions smokey including the use of e-cigarettes is not allowed on any delta flight bag and federal law prohibits tampering with disabling for destroying a restaurant smoke detector there are 8 x’s on this claim four doors two on each side and for window exits over the wings each door has a detachable slide that can be used as around an additional raft is located in

a compartment at the center of all exits are clearly marked with an exit sign however if there’s a loss of power and Kevin visibility is reduced lights will illuminate the owl to guide you to an exit please take a moment to find the exits closest team and remember they might be behind you it’s unlikely but if cabin pressure changes the panel’s above your seat you will open revealing oxygen masks if this happens reach up and pull a mask or two until the tube is fully extended place the mask over your nose and mouth slit the elastic strap over your head and adjust the mask if necessary breathe normally and know that oxygen is flowing so don’t worry if the bag doesn’t in late be sure to adjust your own mask before helping others a water evacuation is also in life but just in case like this are located under your seats in the main cabin if you’re stated in the first class or business class cabin life vests are either in a compartment beneath our Jason to your seat to use remove the best from its container by pulling on the tab and then opening the pouch let’s let the best over your head wrap the strap around your waist and attach it to the buckle in front as you leave the plane inflate the best by pulling down the red tabs at the bottom of the net or manually inflated by blowing into the tube at shoulder level you can activate a light by pulling down on the tab in front but if your vest doesn’t have a tab the light will activate automatic thing in the water now before we take off you sure you’re seeing is up right you’re out on red star Lord your tray table is put away and all carry-on items are properly stow and finally now would be good time for everyone to review the safety information card which is in your seat pocket on behalf of everyone at delta airlines we want to thank you for paying now as we prepare for takeoff please relax enjoy your flip please prepare the cabin for the park

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ladies Germans own pleasure to welcome you into seattle water level thermos 1026 am pleased he loves the show tonight what the dust we both are happy enough creepy german archaeologist apartments so many trees as I don’t tend to fall you may now use multiple other handheld electronic devices travel around the computers may not be used at this time before you leave you probably be sure to see black box in front of you politic abort mission for Gary and Roxy 21st more because you may have gone a would spank we want you to visit employer to jeremy’s including text for your flight and messing up an account on behalf of doubt in my mind one person’s life physically based 72 and Minneapolis taste like the crew should I say that you’re complying with us we do appreciative businesswomen you a pleasant stay here in Seattle forever your final destination might be you do have any questions about runs baggage claim ground transportation or connecting gate information filthy customer service agents we slightly so we wanted happening to pursue it any questions you may have other human connect once in a machete de Montespan fairmount perform on stage information widow thank you for choosing don’t have a wonderful day welcome back to see us

folks were just short of the gate don’t lose my said I so the ladies seven we’re still on active taxiway we do need all fast there’s to remain seated with a signatory pass to please the doors for arrival cross-check the fair ball called me