Fête de l'Europe 2014/2015

Hello, welcome to Louis Armand High School And today we welcomed the bus Europe and we have with us those nice people which will first appear and we say their role Of course, my name is Ivana Graziani I am adherent of the House of Europe since long, and my current role is to be the treasurer of the association I am the house of Europe also since long, Philippe Agostini, I have not special function, I am on the board Hello I am Damien Varon, Councillor delegate to the communication Chambery Francoise Millet Lacour, assistant principal of this establishment Okay, the association is “The House of Europe “? That is “The House of Europe and Europeans “to Lyon What is the aim of this bus and this tour? So, first we should start with the purpose of the association, its purpose is to inform European citizens in relation to any that the European Union does for them The month of May is traditionally the European month because it is the month marks the beginning of the European Union by the “Schuman declaration”, which laid the foundations of the Union so throughout the month May this declaration is celebrated and we decided to take the bus for us accompany our role information and in fact the bus attracts the eye, which we can see a lot of people and their provide information concerning the Union European For you it was important to have things which informs us of Europe here? Then Europe, first of all, it’s the future Youth, especially the many programs which are intended for young people compared to trade, such as “ERASMUS” and other employment programs, and I think it was significant fact to bring this bus so as to discover what Europe and what is Europe, so to be able to look at this benefit which is also done in partner countries EU, for your future in terms of employment or cultural And for me, already bah for the program “ERASMUS” for it to succeed, but also for students and teachers can know Europe through training For young Europe of training is already acquired, but it is not very familiar of what is happening, we had questionnaires fill on Europe and in the end we do not know much so it is true that buses like this, its become interesting to learn these things; for it We respect and in the end we do not know much Of course, we must also tell you, if you have the opportunity to leave France, others European countries are still a bit more

information in Europe which is in fact here, especially in the media, you will notice that in Spain or Italy, when there are major undertakings and Europe participates, even when there is a sign showing how Europe gives as financing because it’s true that there is also a question which often come back is that France pays a certain amount in Europe to allow the European Union to exist, as any other countries there is a percentage of the product who art in gross domestic funding and part of VAT, but there not that you have to have the vision, it gives the France but against party, it also receives the level of structural background, i.e., all the infrastructure, highways, major works are also largely funded by Europe Needless to remember that English is today an indispensable language in terms of employment, depending on the area where you will go, but in any case the job market today, it requires a minimum of at least one English school, but especially common for some trade since it is increasingly important, and today a company needs to export to need to call to providers from outside, So it’s important, and most other EU languages such as Spanish or even German, you can the opportunity to work elsewhere It’s how long you’re with this bus tour? Ten years. It runs for a week or two weeks per years we did not do all year long, right in May for two weeks Thank you very much, thank you, good luck Both institutions are below the ” Rights Court of the European Union “and “EU justice of the court.” The EU Court of Justice this is what adjusts conflict between two countries, it is very important So what we’ll do is three groups and we’ll develop three themes over mobility was chosen e.g “Progressive Alliance of Socialists Committee and Democrats, “which will be in favor of deepening mobility. “ALDE” for a limitation, ie by completely blocked mobility but limited a little and the “conservatives and reformists” who want cut everything Hi, we aim to increase the Customs at the border in order to limit trafficking of all kinds Block goods between countries and there would be a higher participation Will you explain the numbers 80% and 60% for other members concludes something What do you think of Europe? This is a beautiful continent

As myself, I think it is something good but it is not very aware of what is going on so it’s more important that we know Well that’s good. It allows many exchanges between countries and much easier for travel between the countries I think it is a beautiful European Union, it feels good, it’s really great What do you think of this day? This is a great day because it allows us to see the Union of Europe, while the countries of Europe, and discover each countries and their specialty I think we worked a lot to do all that, and I hope it will be successful in the end and it would be although it will redo next year It’s interesting, it allows us to discover a lot of countries This is great, there are a lot of animation and it was full of stand, and many students who are getting into, it was a good idea What did you learn today? We can all be united, Europe can be united, and that we can discover each countries, and to remove all the stereotypes that had I learned how to say “hello” in Polish That karaoke is good I learned that was a lot of countries represented here you get a decade, and students invest a lot in this place, it is really good While we have largely crossed that name during our chapters of stories, but that we retain these are simple dates, not very invocatrices for us if that its creation did not begin today The European Union, it is not as dates, treaties, the European Union is also and above all a community of twenty-eight states with a common history. A big cultural wealth and a sense of shared common values, such as democracy, the right of man, individual freedoms With it, the European Union is the head of a global empire bringing together Half of global exports and imports With over 505,700,000 inhabitants, EU sees dialogue with a single voice to all its citizens can to understand is why it is essential for us to learn the language of Shakespeare, to control it, to open up more widely to others and that is that classes European involved in preparing us to that. They open our field of vision of Europe and of our culture, it us to discover other aspects of the Union European, for example, last Tuesday, we had the opportunity to participate in a parliamentary debate where together we had to work, we express, in some issues that animate our community. a week earlier, the bus was Europe came to meet us to talk about the European Union, of its creation and symbols. Through these projects, we were able to realize that each us had a place in this community breasts, it is essential to participate in the life thereof, and it represents a real opportunity for us to raise our voice. That’s why we thank everyone who helped conduct out all the projects to which we have attended to by Mr. The Principal began, Ms. The housekeeper and Ms. Michaud, staff technical and administrative, all members the jurors, Europe’s home for her Intervention and lots producers local, and finally our teachers for their active participation, Ms. Laurençon

and Ms. Lazareno-Saez. And now without further ado, we will proceed to the awards, Thanks for your attention First, I wanted you anyway congratulations for your application in this day, it was still very nice to see the enthusiasm you put and animation that you could create around this theme and it’s very pleasant to see young people as applied to the project Europe, which is something essential, if we are, I think the European Union is for something, we talked about it earlier, shared values, democracy, freedoms values I think it’s something that you really have daily work even if construction European is something difficult and it’s nice to see young people who get involved especially in a time when it is important to know the European Union and all difficulties in everyday life. The construction Is really a fundamental European issues in the coming years to save values every day, and to be able to develop for at Europe a large enough economic power to be heard around the world, each in his case, it does not do thing. Bravo for your work. So there had represented a dozen countries, while I’ll go up the rankings upside down, as in all ranking there is a first and last, it does not mean that the latter is not deserving, but hey, it might be a little less efficient than the others, then number 10, that is Austria [applause] 80 points in total, so all countries have had ample average even last classified was still enjoyed Then was Portugal [applause] Eight number one goes with Romania [applause] In number seven, we have Sweden [applause] At number six, one remains in the Nordic countries with Denmark [applause] The more we go down south with the number five, Croatia [applause] It arrives with the last four, in number four, Germany [applause] On the podium, number three, Italy [applause] Number two, I think the first two have the rights to batches, number two, Greece [applause] Or the Greeks? And finally, by deduction, the numbers one, you guessed it, it’s Croatia [applause]