Mérida is Weird – I like Weird (A complete guide for Travellers)

this is Eduardo he was my tour guide while I was emeriti that I believe the best way to learn about a place when you’re traveling is to follow around a local after spending some time following him around I learned something I think manatee that is a little while weird now don’t get me wrong I like weird what is weird – sound may not be so weird to others so what is weird I think pugs are weird some people think I’m weird I once ate Milk Bone in grade five Eduardo is weird he wants to recite a lot of interesting things his grandpa told him en la vida que sir como la Spanish but there’s two mierda ECS Adela he also likes to sing like Pavarotti so when I decided to take this year off my original plan was to start in Mexico and end up in Ecuador in three months I never left Mexico though some may find it weird that I spent so long in Mexico and I often get asked is it safe medina is actually safer than my home city of toronto and there are even direct flights here from toronto but what’s weird is that if you don’t pronounce Toronto right nobody knows where you’re from let’s start with the obvious the beautiful pastel facades of merida well they make you hungry the buildings look like cakes and sometimes the buildings match people’s outfits madatha is brain the second safest city in North America but I found some cracks in this claim and it’s not the obvious ones now I’ve been to places in the world where there are no sidewalks I’m no expert in sidewalk safety but I can walk a sidewalk back home without a helmet you just learn to walk like a penguin but amenity that it’s these smooth ones you need to worry about there is so polished it’s like walking on ice and when it’s raining outside they’re slippery er than the sled you might want to bring crampons so be really careful when you’re walking the streets Mary do that because you can get hurt I don’t want to move on but I think that I need something but I don’t know why when I arrived here Eduardo offered me a hammock I’m like dude are you crazy I had a perfectly wonderful king-size bed at his Airbnb I didn’t care that the Mayans have used them for over 2,000 years that they’re breezy on hot night that one-size-fits-all or that his friend Nellie made it look like fun I wasn’t sleeping in the hammock but then Nellie told me about this saying here like when your friend calls you and asked you what you’re up to you say pat the under lip on it which means you’re swinging in the hammock hitting the wall with your foot because you’re just chilling out so I have to tell you something I’m not really the type of person that likes to sit around and do nothing

hi I’m Dan the leper ed you’re kind of chilling out but then you’re hitting the wall with your foot it’s like exercise right so I rode the hammock and don’t tell anyone but I couldn’t like playing around and do nothing kind of felt like a baby again but that’s not what’s weird what’s weird isn’t pretty sure they came up with this dance putting away hammock once upon a time there was an overprotective father and this little girl was his princess but one day she wanted to meet a boy in the park he didn’t understand why so he asked what for she said to talk so he made these me and you chairs so they could just talk and nothing more do I mean but that’s not really weird you see that celebrity dog Bart talking his dad in the mean–you chair about what to have for dinner what’s weird is he looks like a PUD but he’s not a pug and here’s another love story the maquette is a love Legend where our mine princess was forbidden to marry prints from a rival clan so a shaman changed the guy into a shining beetle that could be worn over her heart as a reminder of their love they can live up to four years and they feed off the fungus that grows off wood now if the man I was supposed to marry was turned into a bug and crawling around on my heart I’d want a divorce allow me to introduce you to Pedro the lizard Eduardo told me they’re not native here Pedro and his buddies hitched a ride after a big hurricane I asked him how he knew that and he says he reads a lot and then they found his stash magazines and it all made sense I spent enough time and metadata to notice something about the people here they’re happy all the time whether they’re just hanging out working in the kitchen eating chichay bonus waiting in line delivering pizza putting away their Pug and even when the cameras are rolling it’s shocking to learn that they have a history of violence mana divas rivalry with their neighbors in Campeche now comes out of baseball baseball is a big deal here baseball isn’t really a violent sport except when Mexico and Canada played in the World Baseball Classic in 2013 Canadians aren’t really violent except when it comes to hockey the Canadians were winning the baseball game and the Mexicans got mad at us and started a fight what’s weird is if you’re from Mexico why would you get mad at a Canadian have you seen our winters snow birds is the term used to describe medians that fly south for the winter there’s a lot of them here and Mary that they spend so much time here that you can give them directions with the names of the street corners the main street corners have names that’s her directions were given back in a day these names are attributed to landmarks or legends of these corners some of them very few even explain why like Leticia which is a type of monkeys out of someone call Z that it means they don’t like it some of the legends are creepy like this one about the man leaving Condor Eduardo is one of a few locals that present explanations for almost all of them because he went to the library and looked it up what’s weird is here goes to the library Eduardo once told me the best way to tell Merida is to live Merida did he just say to leave Merida

so him Nellie and I left to see the ruins like look small the famous Chichen Itza the beautiful pink waters of Lascaux lavas which is where salts is mined and the pink color comes from algae and plankton that live in the water the flamingoes eat this and this is why they’re pink when you see Nellie’s photos it’s kind of obvious what she does for a living if you’ve ever wanted to turn pink you have to find another way because the water it only works on flamingos via delete which was moved from its original location after Spanish settlers complained about the mosquitoes many okay the only reason to go too many is to eat at this place one of the best meals I’ve ever had Nellie’s hometown of Motul we also came here just to eat Progresso Beach now don’t tell Eduardo that I told you but he went into the Gulf of Mexico here and rescued this girl kitesurfing what’s weird as she kept paid surfing sonatas the little tin cave do you know what else is weird Eduardo’s also stalagtite musician the magic town of is amol where everything is yellow Edoardo was right the best way to see maybe that was to leave it but that’s not what’s weird what’s weird is if you find the right spot on the ruins it’s better than singing in the shower the place where the meteor that killed all the dinosaurs felt I had a hard time believing Eduardo a giant meteor came down here and killed the dinosaurs but then Veronica said the same thing and when you look at the cenotes it does look like a giant meteor came down and made them I’m gonna get fernika to build me a house here what’s the chance of it hitting the same place twice everybody dances in the street and minute Eva all the time every day this comes in handy when you’re trying to work off all the delicious meals of the days of the week that’s right there are traditional dishes here that coincide to the days of the week monday was popular laundry day so pork and beans were easy to cook on the stove all day over a slow heat there’s even a gelato shop that serves pork and bean flavor gelato on Mondays what’s weird is I didn’t heat it Tuesday is rayon Oh Negro because there’s nothing better than staining your newly clean clothes with delicious black schmoly Wednesday is lentil stew on Thursdays you have Z which is shredded deer but now there’s a hunting ban so don’t ask me how I found this it was changed to puppet SUEZ after the ban Fridays is a classic dish from Campeche time the Kesang or you can have pork pork soup saturday is choclo mom and of course on Sundays you want the none other delicious Conchita pibil because there’s nothing better than pork fat after a Saturday night

Casa de bola is Edom cheese from the Netherlands which is used in a lot of cuisine here like brothel arena kiss oriano and the Marc Accetta which is invented by ice cream maker Leopoldo Menna who needed to sell something during winter so how did it cheese from the Netherlands end up here well there are a lot of theories the one that makes most sense to me is not that it magically washed up on shore or that a rich family brought it back from vacation this region has a history of pirates so it’s likely that a ship headed towards the Dutch Antilles with a boatload of cheese got hijacked they tried it and we’re like let’s put this in everything manadena offers an incredible bounty of Yucatan’s freshest produce I ran a produce market for seven years and some of this I’ve never seen before like Chaya mom a fresh hibiscus flowers black sapote which looks gross but it tastes like a delicious caramelized for Simic the Central Market can be daunting for even locals so I recommend taking a market tour with Aaron who’s an American chef and lives here in minute even she’s buying sapote fruit here which tastes like a brown sugar Eve pear Eduardo introduced me to this when I first arrived in Madiba he said this is where Chiclets were originated hiding the Bologna is from Venice on this route with an afterlife this is Raul an anthropologist who teaches Mayan culture here he took his class on a field trip on how they make gum and he sent me these videos the white SAP is collected from the Sapodilla tree and it turns into gum which they call Chiclets a former president in Mexico by the name of Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana became friends with an American venture by the name of Thomas Adams and gave her a piece of Chiclets and yep you guessed it Chiclets was born good luck trying to find some now it was discontinued in 2016 okay that was a fascinating story but did you see what Walmart was charging for Chiclets Yucatan is the birthplace of chocolate when the Spaniards first tried it and they thought it was a bitter drink for pigs but they brought it to Europe added sugar and the rest is history many that is home to key chocolate which is ranked second in the world according the National Geographic Traveler they use ancient Mayan traditions when making their chocolate here you must try the Mayan chocolate which is served with a variety of local spices what’s weird is the owners are actually from Belgium but I guess we know a thing or two about chocolate they invented pralines in 1912 madatha is a largest producer of the best honey in the world it’s made from the Mel apana bees you can eat it spread it on wounds wrinkles and cures illnesses and it’s really hard to find here I was only able to find the honey at this shop but it does come with a certificate of authenticity and it’s not cheap there’s something I should tell you about the Mel apana honey bee what’s weird is the bees they don’t sting why don’t they have mosquitoes that don’t sting hey see you I don’t ever remember you drinking coke but I noticed on your insta stories that you seem to be drinking a lot of coke what’s going on with that I was drinking a lot of coca-cola in Mexico but Ameri that the coca-cola trucks are everywhere I’ve seen coca-cola trucks before but never this many see the thing is coca-cola Mexico just tastes better something about the cane sugar and the water then I discovered these Yucatan Cheetos that are made here and manatee them and the taste so good with Cote whence I come in a little

glass bottle they taste the best I started to develop a problem but apparently I’m not the only one with this problem if you know the right people you can get Mexican Coke in New York City and Los Angeles there were so many Coca Cola trucks I kind of felt sorry for this truck it was all sitting alone in the parking lot why yeah you are asking me because I don’t know we need sugar and it’s delicious I wasn’t the only person to fall around Eduardo on his follow me Yucatan tours after all he is one of the best tour guides here and maybe that when I tell people he’s a guru no one believes me but really he’s such a guru if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have learned all these weird things about met Eva like that strange symbol he’s standing under I could tell you but it’s way more fun just to follow him around on a tour me abuelo siempre medicean a ho los ninos dicen la verdad los viejos dicen la quisieron yellow spend a hos dissing lo que van a ser thanks for watching this episode of turn left right here if you like what you saw be sure to hit the subscribe and like button at the bottom of your screen follow me on the social media links below tap the bell to be notified of upcoming episodes and please share with me your comments below [Applause]