4-3-16 SERMON: "Hidden In Plain Sight"

you you but if you have your Bibles and you would join me in mark chapter 4 beginning at verse 9 and reading through verse 12 I promise I will try to keep this succinct today some of the people on the internet are saying what you’re not done are the plan no shutting my computer off by now mark chapter 4 beginning at verse 9 and reading through first 12 and we stand in honor of the reading of God’s Word and the King James text today greens and he said unto them this is speaking of Jesus even have ears to hear let him hear and when he was alone they that were about him with the twelve asked of him the parable and he said unto them unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God but unto them that are without all these things are done in parables that seeing they may see and not perceive and hearing they may hear and not understand lest at any time they should be converted and their sins should be forgiven them I just want to talk to us for a few short minutes today because our services gone so long people sharing testimonies and what have you wanna share for a few minutes today hidden in plain sight hidden in plain sight would you bow your heads with me a moment father we love you God today and we’re so grateful for the wonderful positive spirit that we feel in this place today it is finished to blessing more to hear people share their personal experiences their personal testimonies morning’s been a wonderful thing today for this old printer to hear and to know that this ministry means something to somebody and as we today celebrate 14 years in this city as difficult as this work has been we have infected indeed accomplished something we touch them lives what we’ve been able to help some folks and what a blessing to know God that this is the case Master in the name of jesus as the Word of God would go for our humbly today ask that you will anoint your servant help me master to deliver the Word of God that you have placed in my spirit from this moment in time that the people of God may be nursed and help thereby lift us up above the shadows plant our feet on higher ground touch the years of every year not just those in this room but those my recent of the internet as well we ask all this and that secret saving name Jesus amen and amen you may be seated this afternoon you know they they say that one of the best ways in the world to conceal something is not to take it out into an environment where it is surrounded by nothing and it stands alone in other words you don’t have in the middle of the desert around in the middle of the woods to conceal something but sometimes the best way to conceal something is to hide it in plain sight so sometimes for

instance when a man is running from the all maybe he has escaped from prison and he’s running from the law knees all the way instead of him going out into a national forest somewhere and trying to hide out know what he does brother he uses a different name and he lives right in town and he shops like everybody else shops and he works like everybody else works and he lives like everybody else lives and he does everything like everybody else does him and yet at the same time he is concealing himself but he’s concealing himself in plain sight and they say that even the government uses the concept of hiding things in plain sight they say a lot of these secret army bases that they had you know if you watch any kind of television than you’ve heard about area 51 you know where the aliens who were brought lose and they were dissected you know that area 51 and yet area 51 is in plain view anybody can go by there you can look at it and you because of course you don’t have access to it you can’t go in there you can’t know what’s going on but it’s hidden in plain sight and they say that there are a number of government facilities that are located right in the big mix them located in the middle of everything people go by and every day it doesn’t have to be sign on it this is secret government facility it may have a sign on it that says change a cleaning company or you know ism and they’ll throw you off the track by labeling it differently than it is Jesus Christ was speaking to his disciples as well as to others in our primary takes today and he said unto you and has given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven he said but there are others out there that will never get it there are others out there margin that will never see it and they will never understand it because it is hidden in plain sight jenna is right in front of you it is available to you however not everybody is able to see it there are times when I am talking to someone about the identity of the Lord Jesus Christ are talking them about the nature of God and they’ll just sit there and scratch sir hit well I just can’t see it and yet to me my mind says it’s so obvious how can you not understand who Jesus is how can you not understand this mystery of the kingdom of God how can I get this it is right there and yet they can look at the same messages they can read the same bag library and they 10 up from the life of them see what I see I’m going to tell you something the jobs witnesses i use them a lot as an example and i hate to do but unfortunately they’re they’re just one of the best examples they claim to believe the bible they claim to interpret the Bible more literally than any other room on this planet along sorry for you you haven’t no idea what a mess you just walked into by claiming to embrace the Word of God in that fashion ah because God has not expanded his ways he has not expanded the mysteries of this king it is such a fashion that they can be understood in that way that’s right that’s right he hasn’t laid it out Lisa so that every Tom Dick and Harry who can read will understand it and see it simply by reading it so if you approach the Word of God with the mentality that everything is literal and every little word is literal and it literally means exactly what it says according to the way of reason you are going this so much you have no idea you are going to cause yourself more grief and more wall and more trouble than you ever can imagine because the truth is in there the truth

is available the truth is visible but it’s not visible to everybody haha no God has designed it so that it is visible only to those with a pure heart it is a veil all into those whose heart and my desires him he’s in the day that you seek me with all of your heart I will be found of you the hot you mouth but if you move into that book and you try to go who Jesus is haha but you’re trying to do it based upon the letter that’s written haha oh my rather than approaching it God show me well but why would God need to show me all I have to do is freedom / wrong it’s the network you need going to show you it’s written but it’s hidden site of Jesus Christ bought bananas as God manifest in human form and yet people can see they could not for the life of them family they couldn’t put them together they could not understand it even his own disciples for the longest time wrestled with this issue and we read things that the Apostles wrote and we read things that were said by the Apostles and the early church I love how the job will try to point to when Peter said in the second chapter of the book of Acts and they use this phrase brother to try to say that Jesus was nothing more than a man because after all Peter said that this same Jesus on they have approved of God among you so if you just take that passage and you interpret it absolutely literally if you believe that God is saying exactly what that particular passage says it clearly says that Jesus was just a man approved them done now that’s what Peter said about Jesus he speaking the people who knew Jesus he’s making the people who heard Jesus preach he’s speaking of people who heard Jesus teach he’s speaking the people that watched Jesus died and he is saying hey this man that was improved of the god Amun you papa honey I Got News for you and they just another and said this was God manifest in human form they have laughed him to scorn now he’s talking to them in terms that they can understand they saw a man they knew a man they identified him samana they saw his miracles they saw what he did therefore he addressed the Lord in a manner that they would understand this man who has approved of God among you you saw him as a man approved of God do you follow what I’m saying that’s how you proceed him that’s how you see you so that’s how Peter had to address it I can get a preach all day all right I can use the term son of God and I understand good and well what the term son of god means now when I say son of God it doesn’t mean to say thing others who might use that same phrase how they would define it no I understand it differently than they do we’re looking at the same phrase our preach messages over the years and I’ve tried to warn folks you know listen to rose by any other name still smell so sweet a rose by any other name is still a rose but you know what when the mormons get out there and they use terms like God our Father I got news for you they do not mean that even anywhere near the way you and I understand that phrase know they have a very different doctrine concerning call they have a very different belief system conserving up when they identified God our Father they need out of all the periods of gods that exist in the universe the One God over this planet who is the father of those of us who live on this planet oh well brother what do you mean we don’t believe their appearance of God’s we don’t believe they’re potentially millions of gods and each God oversees a different planet and has children on different planet no we don’t but this is why colts are able to deceive people this is why cults are able to leave Lestrade because they use the same

vernacular they use the same lingo the same language but the words they’re using while they sound similar mean nothing at all what you and I understand those words to me I’ve got news for you today if you want to understand God if you want to understand the Word of God if you want to know who teases is if you want to know what you must do today to be saved honey it is right there in the book it’s hidden in plain sight right but what is going to differentiate what is going to decide whether or not you’re able to see it and understand it it’s not God making a decision so I think I’ll let him understand now i don’t think i’ll let him now but yeah I with her understanding no I I won’t let him no no no God’s not sitting and hip and pontificating who’s going to understand it who isn’t going to understand no he said no it’s all up to you is it in your heart to know the truth is it in your heart to understand the things of God is it in your heart to know who Jesus is multi I talked to a lot of people in a lot of denominations a lot of different churches and religious movements and I won’t tell you a lot of folks they’re happy with whatever answer is spoon-fed home yeah that’s as far as their interest goes okay you tell me God’s three people sitting on Thrones in heaven once and of one’s the Sun and the other ones a father okie dokie that works for me I would sit back that okay they don’t have a hunger to note cause you are you I want you to reveal to me I want you to help me understand until you get to that place you will never see it that’s why you can’t argue with people you can’t debate with people the Bible said to avoid endless debates to avoid arguments you know why because we heard of got news for you if they don’t have a mind to see it you can talk and argue and debate to new turn purple and there never will see it there never go see it so all you’re doing is spinning your wheels and wasting your time well maybe I might be able to i might be able splainin 2 I might be able to get through to them no you won’t until they turn to the source until they turn to the author ms infra revelation has infer understand how delivered in that’s right I was born and raised in the family and I told you this many many many times before we have a man who was friend of our family who was the one about Jesus thing that was stalling preacher and my grandparents had known him for many many many decades and he had been a good friend to them for a very very long time and brother tap walk when started a little independent Jesus name church up the way and growing up as a kid I was always aware of the fact that there were some Christians who believed this way concerning the Godhead and there were some Christians who believe this other way now my family didn’t approach it like a lot of evangelicals and a lot of fundamentalist and blessed are the only way you can be saved as if you see God the way I see God I got news for you folks I don’t believe that for a minute I really no I believe what people are going to to heaven brother that’s when they’re finally going to know who God is because they haven’t all goofed up in their hand on this earth I don’t believe because then you get into Gnosticism now now you get into you gotta have the right knowledge in order to be saved no no no no you got obey the gospel in order to be saved but just because you perceive God or you understand God a little bit differently than I do I remember my grandmother seeing years ago she said I don’t believe in the oneness and I don’t believe in the Trinity said I believe in the Trinity I said the 20 what in the world salinity she said well I believe the father’s one and the Sun is another but then the Holy Ghost is the spirit of the father so I just believed in the tube you know how it goes the acid okay all right well here’s another tape do I believe for one minute that her understanding or her thinking that way he’s going to keep her out of heaven no I don’t believe Martin that you have to believe everything every point every single issue exactly the way I believe in order to be saved that’s right that is the position of the Roman Catholic organization and that is the position

set to saint of many today in the fundamentalist in evangelical camps anything annoys me is watching I see videos on YouTube and boy they’re explaining Martin how these people can’t possibly be safe they can’t possible be Christians why because they deny what Jesus did on Calvary you because they don’t believe Jesus died and rose from the dead no no because they believe God is one what you gotta be kidding me are you honestly going to tell me that you believe that folks who believe in the death of variable resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ who put their faith and confidence in bed in order to be safe that they can’t possibly be safe because they don’t see gone and understand all the way you do that’s the position of a lot of fundamentalist evangelical people it’s not about you’ve got to bleep no no it goes well beyond that you’ve got to believe what we tell you to leave you gotta believe it the way we explain it to you we got wait to see the way that we teach it if you don’t leave the way we teach it then your unsaved not not you have a wrong understanding in this area no your unsaved I don’t believe that no I think there’s a lot of people making art tell people all the time folks like to argue about whether Jonah was followed by swallowed by a big fish or a ways i think the Old Testament it says big fish in the new testament jesus said away I’ve literally seen people I’m not kidding argue over whether Jonah was swallowed by a big fish early and if you believe you swallow my will you were unsafe cuz you didn’t have lack knowledge if you believe this wow my big fish you were unsafe cuz you didn’t have right no no no no folks let me tell you something the most important thing you will ever do in your life is believe it obey this gospel if you can do that then let me tell you something you will stand in good standing with God you can have all kind listen your humanity get in the way without fail and have you believe they jump out to be believed it have you seen things the ways you all not to see them and understanding things the ways you are not to understand that every one of us brings our prejudices every one of us brings our sexuals of the experiences into the reading of the word of God I can read the same passage you can and you’ll interpretive entirely different for you than I interpret it for me because I have a whole different realm of experience i have a whole different satchel full of life experience and so I come in with a different perspective I commit with a different dare i say preventionists you follow it and say so i read about that doesn’t mean all together that you’re wrong and I’m right or that I’m writing your own the young y’all yelling kicks ass that I’m right you’re wrong you’re wrong and I’m right yeah all right now you don’t have to explain it so could’ve been there for me and fit them in plain sight the passage this message that I’ve read to you today appears right in the middle of the Lord sharing the parable of the sower and the seed this parable illustrates that it is the condition of an individual’s heart that has everything to do with whether or not they’re able to receive and benefit from the Word of God God does nothing backs in it right the fact that the Lord make this statement Martin right in the all of speaking the parable of the sower in the scene you got and you’d hear me say it all the time you’ve got to keep things in context so what he was doing was he was helping people to understand this parable is demonstrating what I am now saying to you some people can see them and never see it some people here than ever hearing there’s some people can be right smack dab in front of him and they will never ever crash better understand it even though it’s hidden in plain sight Jesus Christ was God manifest in human form there are all kinds of passages in the Word of God that helped to point us to this understanding and point us to this revelation and yet there are millions of people around the world who will believe that Jesus Christ was just a man

millions of people around the world Lee all he was just a good fella he was just a prophet of God he was just somebody God used he was this he was that they have all kinds of explanations and understandings because yes it’s right there but not everybody can see it try say well pastor wyd today or you get that front of us and telling us all this what what’s the point how do I apply this to mine make sure your heart is right make sure that above all else the desire of your heart is to know God and to know the truth if I can preach anything into somebody if I can help people understand anything in this world it is not my point of view it is not my doctrine no I want to help preach a love for God into your heart I want to help frazie a desire for truth into you because if I can you find that then you’ll find the rest try amen if I can help you learn to love the Lord and to desire the Word of God said to desire truth in the inward parts if I can help you to develop a love for truth and a love for God then just we got all the rest of the God will take care of it saves me a lot of work amen it saves me a lot of work I told you before years ago having been born and raised in a family where I was aware of these to the theology physicians concerning the Godhead and you know I grew up in the Assemblies of God Bless stuff we can explain away every argument that oneness theologians had I knew I knew every argument there was last on I’ll take you to Genesis 1 and God said let us hallelujah morning on mcmahon in our own image and in our own likeness how to move article that chose right there trying to tape it does that’s funny I won’t see Trinity in there nowhere and let us do I see three let us can be to it can be 10,000 there’s nowhere in that passage were three is implied or three is stated so know that message does not speak specifically to the Trinity so far as I understand and the Jewish people had that message for thousands of years before we would never come along as Christians and they understood the whole time another one of them ever saw the trippity any they said no that’s God speaking in in sovereignty as any sovereign speaks when a sovereign states the sovereign speaks for the entirety of the kingdom they’re not speaking for themselves listen to Queen Elizabeth make a speech and you’ll see she doesn’t say I was so pleased when the governor came to be an acquired about us as a she says we were so pleased if you bought she’s speaking for her kingdom she is the final say she is the final word in her kingdom she is the sovereign therefore when she speaks everybody in the kingdom is speaking you follow what I’m saying and the Jewish people say that’s what God was doing God was speaking a sovereign he was saying let us make better in our own image he’s saying all of creation everything that’s under the sound of my voice I’m speaking on behalf of the entirety of creation I am speaking on the incumbent of the entirety of my kingdom and then others have a position that perhaps even speaking to the angels because the Word of God said are not angels ministering spirits said is it not possible God will say how about we make man like us spiritual beings see so there’s a couple ways to understand it that don’t necessarily speak to the Trinity well I do all arguments brother I’ll take what I oh I just to chomp at the bit to be able to debate with oneness theologians you know oneness richer man I wanted to debate so that I couldn’t see straight and this one pastor that I begin to go to a church I moved to a new town and don’t you know God told me to go to a oneness church I said Lord while you tell me go there I’m not one this why would I go there well he knew he knew where I was saying that I didn’t than he did so I started 1 of this church and I would I’m telling you I never attends like on a woman to debate with the pastor and brother Davis like Nathaniel

in it one day you’ll get it you’ll get it I said I like enemies I’m not going to debate whether Carly no he made me so mad I wanted to debate and he wasn’t gonna debate with me was not going to spend one breath debate with it because he understood it can be hidden in plain sight just because you could read it don’t mean you can see it is because you can hear it don’t mean you can understand it and receive it and so finally one day I’ve told you the story before one day I got home from church one night and for some reason that issue was just burning in me and I said okay lord I need to understand what’s what I need you to open my unders they see all of a sudden for the first time in my entire life listen to me carefully I didn’t think the answer was in the book but I thought the answer was in him that’s right it was the first time in my entire life that I went to God with the issue right and I said Lord you need to show me I know what’s what you need to show me are you one or are you three bliss gone don’t ask God a question with a sincere heart because he likes her he said ask and it shall be given up you seek and you shall find knock and it shall be given under you go said hey if you approach me sincerely I got news for you won’t get with jasmine for uh huh I said Lord what’s the answer he said open your Bible that’s that’s the answer i thought so i took my Bible brother Jack Oh Steve I’ve line I took my Bible I laid it on the dining room table like this and then I living there you go I live it followed them literally and I looked down and I didn’t look at any point on the page I didn’t look for the verse in the chapter of you not just look down i am the lord that is my name i am god and there is nothing beside me that i went i am lord and beside me there is no God i’m bored and beside me there is no Savior and i literally just I just grabbed inches i didn’t look empty cow not just my papa and every passage that i read told me over and over and over again i’m gone three but one of me and I’m up here alone and not only they say I’m up here alone but he said beside me there is no other well that’s inclusive of any you can call the person’s you can call it whatever you want to call if he said there is no other then that means there’s nothing else beside me I’m alone beside me there is no Savior beside me there is no God and I begin to look Asian I’m your Redeemer beside me there is no Redeemer and I said oh dear God in heaven all of a sudden I could see things I could end you know to this day I can open that Bible Iranian and I read it now with one clear understand God this one I don’t have any issues I don’t have any arguments I don’t have any thoughts in the night that try to pull me in another direction you don’t why because for the first time in no Eiffel went to the source and I let him answer I like him reveal and then now when I go to the word uh-huh I’m able to read it with revelation but you got to start with the source that’s right say oh I’ll probably know you don’t worry about you start with the word and then you let the word tell ya I got news for you want to wind up with some convoluted doctor you will end up with some messed-up belief you go to the word without going to God first that’s right that’s why we got Morgan’s that’s why I wake up to witnesses that’s why we’ve got Christian Scientist that’s why we’ve got more cults in this world today then the world has ever had and every one of them uses the Bible yep you’ve got to start with a pure heart you’ve got to start with the right motivation you’ve got to start by knowing that when it comes to understanding God there is no one better who can show you and help you understand him than him mad because the truth is hidden in plain sight amai you