– Coming up for all you food rangers, we’re taking you to eat a once in a lifetime feast, that’s rarely ever seen We’re traveling on the ancient Tea Horse Road to Dali The old Bai Kingdom in Southwest China Here in Dali’s Old Town, we explored the backstreets, and found an incredible feast and celebration for Chongyangjie A day for celebrating and respecting your elders When we walked in, we couldn’t believe our eyes We were so lucky to be invited to celebrate by enjoying two delicious meals with the locals So make sure to watch until the end Because the incredible selection and atmosphere for dinner is gonna blow you away Let’s check it out All right so let’s check it out guys, it’s Trevor James, we are in Dali, China and today is Chongyangjie, a special celebration in China to respect your elders, and right up ahead, there is the big community feast, and we’re gonna go see what we can find Let’s check it out We really found an amazing jackpot today, they’re preparing lunch and dinner for Chongyangjie, a festival here in Yunnan, Wow look at all this sticky rice they’re preparing here, and we just had a chat, and we are gonna be able, we’re gonna get lucky and we’re gonna join them for lunch today Beautiful! This is a giant steamer! Look at this Babaofan here This is such an amazing experience guys we got in We are helping peel some vegetables This is amazing We got so lucky coming in here They’re just making a huge wok of chicken (wok steams) Wood-fired wok That is incredible This is just insane Oh, fried potato slices, with ginger — Oh, ginger with fresh-sliced potato This is like the biggest wok I’ve ever seen! This is amazing guys There’s four woks of delicious dishes going on now and they all are healthy, and just incredibly fragrant And people are so friendly here! My mouth is watering just looking at all of these woks that they’ve got here going on Winter melon here I love how many vegetable dishes there are here This looks incredibly healthy Winter melon with spare ribs They’re gonna make a nice chicken soup

and we just got invited to stay here the whole day Lunch, and dinner There’s two meals And they’re cooking up for both meals right now This is such an amazing opportunity It’s full of chicken feet, it’s full of all the chicken bits, amazing They are steaming some Feng Jen roll, Yunnan style, we’re gonna try this in a bit It is just overflowing with steaming dishes Absolutely amazing to see here So there’s a lot of dishes to have both for lunch and dinner, and these steamed dishes, the steamed pork, you can see the dishes right down here, looks like some steamed fatty pork, with ricemeal and pumpkin, that’s just absolutely mind-blowing Look at this Absolutely huge portions here Salted veg, fried pork Is it good? Okay. Let’s try it out Mmmm! Amazing So this is Bai people’s local food here, and this is Bah-ta-wan There is eight special dishes and this is just incredible Look at the big steamers of food — This beautiful courtyard was just full of people volunteering and preparing and cooking for both lunch and dinner With lunch being the first, smaller feast, and dinner being the full-on 600 plus people celebration After walking around enjoying the cooking seeing a little more, lunch was served and we sat with the organizer who invited us While I was getting some close-ups of the food, they began pouring rice liquor out of a massive kettle into everyone’s bowls And I didn’t know what I was getting myself into We’re just starting the feast now, there’s a few dishes for lunch, this looks amazing, This is just amazing Mmmm This is — This is rice liquor, guys Wow This is the red braised pork, fatty pork belly, it’s so nice It’s actually quite peppery It’s not spicy at all It’s like a rich peppery gravy over top of pork belly Everyone is so friendly here And then this salted veg, fatty fried pork, oh with carrots, chili oil, look at that That is incredible Mmmm Oh it’s a little salty, but sour I don’t know how we’re going to film all day The winter melon soup Oh, that’s healthy Oh it’s clear healthy, soft, winter melon This here, this big pot they just poured, that is full of Baijiu rice liquor And everyone’s drinking that After that beautiful lunch of Bai minority specialties, we helped with splitting some mushrooms for the upcoming chicken soup, and hung out in the courtyard area

for a bit, while the dinner preparations were underway In all the years we’ve been traveling in China, this is the first time we’ve been this lucky to come to a local Ba-ta-wan style feast This is the rest time, the rest time before dinner, and that’s the big feast, the Ba-ta-wan This really is what dreams are made of, guys, You hear about these Ba-ta-wan, these big feasts and mass-produced feasts in the countryside, and you only see them in photos But to come to one like this is — Oh! She just put pork — Look at this! This is just full of Shiangiu mushrooms, pork and green onions Oh! That’s mass produced! It really is rare to get to come and see this The Ba-ta-wan, which literally means eight big bowls Amazing (wok steams) Oh yeah Oh and she just put a bunch of bell peppers in! (cooks chatter) Just look at all the peppers and pork, fresh mushrooms, that mushroom fragrance is just hitting the nostrils The Ba-ta-wan feast we’re about to witness is incredible So this is dinner prep now And these are — These are meatballs These are meatballs covered in chili Wow, that is the most, that the biggest bowl of meatballs I’ve ever seen (meatballs hiss) (wok steams) Oh yeah that’s what we’re getting Wow! They’re pulling off the lid to those four steamers, five steamers! Oh yeah look at that! Fatty pork with veg So we’re just pulling out these big bowls, these big steamed dishes, So much food here Nine layers guys!

Dinner actually had ten amazing dishes, starting with the delicious, and healthy chicken soup, with dates and Chinese yams, and amazing sweet sticky rice, with crushed peanuts and fruit jelly on the bottom, some spicy and some sour lean pork slices, and chili sauce with cilantro and sesame, some steamed fatty pork with rice flour and pumpkin, some deep-fried fish, and incredibly juicy and spicy pork meatballs dish, with chili and soy sauce, a slightly sweet red-braised pork belly, some incredibly aromatic mushroom and bell peppers fried pork, some boiled broad beans, and some fried milk crackers This truly was an amazing feast So we’re just chatting with the same man that let us have lunch here, the man that let us enjoy that first feast, and he said it’s been so busy, there’s been 600 people here already, and we’re gonna have dinner with him in bit, but for now we’re just gonna chill out and enjoy this crazy mayhem Wow It’s all here This is an incredible feast Wow, that’s all rice liquor There’s a lot of food here, and we’ve been watching it all unfold It’s been — All right, we’re starting out That is strong rice liquor Look at all the dishes we have here today guys Lean pork, covered in chili and sesame Amazing That pork is actually a little sweet! Has a sesame, nuttiness to it! Mm with cilantro in there! This is amazing! I really wanna try this sticky rice, covered in sesame, sugar granules, peanuts, walnuts, fried walnuts — oh that just looks amazing! That just looks amazing Mmmm! That is sweet and nutty, a little fruity, a jelly It’s like a milk cake Mmmm! That actually tastes very milky Almost cheesy And crispy All right we’re going in for one of those spicy meatballs, covered in chili, we saw them boiling in that huge wok, let’s try it out Mmmm! Those are actually a bit sour You can taste there’s a bit of vinegar, a little bit of spice, a little bit of cilantro And this is the Yunnanese bong You put your cigarette — you put your cigarette down in there, and the locals, that’s how you do it These mushrooms with pork and bell peppers, is absolutely fragrant and aromatic You can taste the mushroom fragrance in the pork I’m really speechless right now guys Unlimited flavors here, spicy, fresh, herbal, earthy, healthy home-cooked goodness This is, this is an infinite joy of — This is like a universe of flavor here

That truly was an unforgettable day, from the lunch to the dinner, all the friendly people, all the smiles, all the colorful, healthy food, that’s something I’ll never forget, and something I hope you enjoyed watching I would love to know what you thought about this video in the comments below, and if you can, please click that like button and subscribe to this channel if you haven’t already, and click that little notification bell as well, so you can get all these deep street food tours Thank you so much for watching guys That was truly unforgettable