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This is so romantic Xiao Ying, I am back Ah, Bai Cao! Come here! How was the date today? It’s not a date Haha, you’re blushing, you must have been happy today Let me tell you, you’re very lucky Senior Chu Yuan was so worried when I told him that you were injured Unlike my crush, he only cares about martial arts Well, you spied on him when he was taking a shower That’s my business I am glad to see you like this. It proves that you are a normal person since you are able to use your heart When will I be able to melt Senior Ruo Bai’s cold heart? Senior Ruo Bai I feel like Senior Ruo Bai’s heart is only filled with Yuan Wu Dao It is! So much so that I can’t stand it This is not good for my poor heart I don’t care, you have to help me when I ask Senior Ruo Bai for a date Yes, you’re such a good girl, I knew you were my best friend Oh right, tell me all the details from your date Did he hold your hands? Ah, did he kiss you? He didn’t You’re lying, he must have He really didn’t I am serious Big Brother, long time no see, right? Ah What? Why is your face so long? Yeah, do you have something on your mind? Worries? I can get anything I want Why would I have any worries? My biggest worry is not having any thing to worry about Of course Our Ting Hao is unbeatable as the world champion Other than Yu Chu Yuan, the most talented Yuan Wu Dao athlete was you Yu Chu Yuan is already past tensed He can’t be compared to our Ting Hao If our Ting Hao wants to fight, Yu Chu Yuan would definitely lose Exactly You really think so? Of course, I have faith in you Whatever he has, I also have Alright Alright Waiter I’ll pay for these two beauties’ drinks Ting Hao, won’t you drink with us? That way you can relax with your friends I won’t for now But, I will have one soon Enjoy your night This tree (Sambucus williamsii) is a very special and magical plant, it will keep you safe I hope this can give you strength Stop thinking

I’ll be scolded by Senior tomorrow Big news! Ah Big news! Bai Cao, Bai Cao, big news! What is it? You’ll know if you come with me So cool! He’s like a god The day is bright, the TV is still on with my mind full of yearning whom should regret the past conversations we had A similar place and time Pretending that we didn’t meet and that we’ll meet again There’s this coincidence between us The picture has already gone so far You’re like beautiful fireworks, that beautiful gliding gently through the limitless skies The secrets we used to share will be forever in my heart Woah! You’re like mysterious fireworks, that mysterious The wind seems to follow you as you left Leaving behind what could have been Dropping the memories we used to share You’re like beautiful fireworks that beautiful gliding gently through the limitless skies You’re like beautiful fireworks The most beautiful flowers to give to the most special girl Do you like them? Go on! What are you doing? Is this another prank? I don’t have time to entertain you I am being serious this time The things I want to say are in this song I hope you won’t reject a heart that’s very in love with you Because it’ll break for you Take it What are you guys doing? Hi – Senior Ruo Bai – You don’t have to explain Go back to practice Ruo Bai I am trying to confess, why are you interrupting? The martial arts hall is not the place for this No one can interrupt practice within the perimeters of the martial arts hall – All of you go back – Yes Bai Cao There’s more surprises coming up Xiao Ying, Xiao Ying How does Bai Cao know Fang Ting Hao? I don’t know, I can go ask her now Tell me, how did you know Fang Ting Hao? The flower and the singing…is he trying to date you? Stop guessing, it’s nothing like that He must be trying to make me angry Anger you? What are you two doing? Do you want to do more squats? Practice I’ve already told you no Let’s practice Xiao Ying, what are you doing?

Bai Cao Flower rain Bai Cao, this must be Fang Ting Hao’s surprise Bai Cao, you’re really dating Fang Ting Hao No, I must have offended him somehow. This is some kind of prank Yeah, like we’re going to believe that Prank? Do you prank someone with flowers? It’s obvious that Senior Ting Hao wants to win your heart Stop talking nonsense, how is that possible There’s more? “Bai Cao, you are like the most beautiful and brightest firework.” This outperforms any idol dramas I’ve watched How can a girl reject when a guy uses tactics like this Senior Ruo Bai, I’m going for a little while Go, I believe you can handle this Something things, we don’t understand Love, at the end of the summer asks me I want Hey, Bai Cao Bai Cao Bai Cao Enough. How long are you going to keep playing this game I am not playing around this time, I am being serious You have money and time so you can treat anything like a game I am different, my world is simple I don’t have time for anything else other than Yuan Wu Dao I beg you, please don’t bother me Fine, I promise you Really? Is this another joke? Yuan Wu Dao is something you want to pursue, while love is something I want We both have our own passions, don’t you think we’ll make the perfect match? It’s your right to accept or reject, but I also have my own right to pursue to I support your freedom, but I also have to defend my freedom Stop playing, you should go No matter how others might be jealous of the fate we share I will treasure this relationship we have Bai Cao, be my girlfriend Stop it Bai Cao Ting Hao Are you being serious? It’s none of your business whether I am being serious or not You have no business in my love life I might have retired from Yuan Wu Dao, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care for the students of Song Bai Fine. I was waiting for you to say this Remember this. There will be a day where you’ll come begging on my door for a challenge Senior Are you okay? This Qi Bai Cai isn’t that pretty and she looks a bit naive Don’t you think she’s special? Special? A little It’s my first time seeing a girl that doesn’t fall for your charms

I already know She will fall for me one day. This can also surprise that person Surprise Why would Fang Ting Hao like Bai Cao? He’s probably a player Maybe he thinks Bai Cao has talent because she won the match That’s possible Why does a person like him exist He went overboard this time All he does everyday is make a joke out of me Is he that happy to see me embarrassed myself? He thinks he’s all that because he’s a world champion and a Yuan Wu Dao champion? Bai Cao Senior Chu Yuan Senior Chu Yuan, did I bother you? No, I am here to find you I hope you aren’t too troubled by what just happened You saw it? Really Bai Cao is a cute girl. It’s normal that you have someone that likes you He isn’t He really likes joking around Senior Chu Yuan, I really don’t understand why Senior Ting Hao is a world championship and an expert in Yuan Wu Dao Should’t he be calm and reliable? Why is he like this There are many different types of Yuan Wu Dao experts Not every single one of them will be cold and cool Ting Hao is blessed with natural talent and instinct unlike others He might look like he seem sarcastic and skeptical of the world but in his core, he’s like a big kid; full of innocence and passion It is that innocence and passion that had helped him elevated his arts You’ll realize he’s a very good person once you get to know him Why would I want to know? I already have someone I like – What? -Oh It’s nothing Senior Chu Yuan. I’ll go first. I need to practice for the competition 23rd Annual An Yang Yuan Wu Dao Competition Go! Go ! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go Song Bai! Go! Go Song Bai! Concentrate and on’t worry too much Yes One, two I am glad to have met you. The impossibilities have been achieved like miracles – Go Bai Cao! – Red wins It is almost magical Because I have met you I have come to believe I can fly across a sea of people just to find you Bai Cao! Bai Cao! I am not scared because you are the guidance in my life Together we can overcome any powerful storms Bai Cao! Go. Go and soar like the wind because you’ve given me wings You are the light that shines through my heaven This light so bright. Just like the most beautiful dream I can soar like the wind and shine like the brightest light in the world I will never waver to walk through the unknown future

Bai Cao I am glad to have met you Fighting (courage)! Fighting! Fighting Bai Cao Feng Ping Qi Bai Cao vs Feng Ping Bow Prepare Start When you watch other halls fight, there seem to be equal chances for victory for both sides When it comes to our hall, I can’t say the same We have been losing from start to now If we lose again today, then we’ll break a record in the history of Hall Challenge Matches We’ll probably be remembered as losers for another hundreds of years That’s enough. Stop talking nonsense We still can win if you guys put in the effort If we win at least one match, we can still move up There hall is so strong, how do you think we can win? I will fight till the end today I will win at least one match for Chuan Sheng Hall Go Bai Cao! Go Bai Cao! Go Bai Cao! Isn’t that Qi Bai Cao? How did Qi Bai Cao’s kick become that powerful? I thought she was new to this? Song Bai Hall really is strong Shes’s only been there for a few days, and see how much she has improved Quiet. What good-looking performance? Blue. Red Qu Guang Ya Chen Er Ying Qu Guang Ya vs. Chen Er Ying Bow – Prepare – Ha! Start I heard Chen Er Ying is really strong Her kicks are especially powerful, Guang Ya will not win this It’s over for Chuan Sheng Teacher, you shouldn’t have send her Right, I regret to send her now Are you continuing? Prepare Start Go Song Bai! Go Song Bai! Stop Match over. Bow Red wins Do you have the ointment? Over there. You can get it Guang Ya Persist a little longer, there’s only two more rounds, you just have to endure it for 6 more minutes If you really can’t do it, we will forfeit We can forfeit if you can’t do it You can give up now. You’ll look even worse if you keep fighting Bai Cao! Bai Cao! Bai Cao! Good performance Why?

Everyone from Song Bai, listen up! After this, you can come over to our restaurant, my mother already has the food waiting for all of you Yay I also love to eat. No wonder you are the smartest and lovable junior in our hall This Senior right here will definitely eat a few bowls I wasn’t talking to you Alright, everyone has worked hard. We’ll have dinner tonight. I’ll treat Isn’t that Qu Guang Ya? Guang Ya is up against Chen Er Ying This is bad Her kicks are destructive It doesn’t matter. She treated you pretty badly when you left Chuan Sheng That’s called karma This isn’t okay Senior, should we cheer for Guang Ya? That would only be a waste of my energy, She should just give up so we can go home One, two, three, four Five, six Seven, eight Teacher, we should stop wasting time Go! Go! Go! Just give up Everyone thinks I will lose Guang Ya! Go Guang Ya! Go Guang Ya! Guang Ya win! — Go Guang Ya! – Stop it You’re a traitor to Chuan Sheng Hall SInce you just won your match, are you here to flaunt? You are being too much Yeah, what a two face Go Guang Ya! Go Guang Ya! Guang Ya! Stop pretending We don’t need support from Song Bai Hall, shut up Why won’t you guys cheer? She fighting so hard to win this for Chuan Sheng You are just over here doing nothing. Is cheering for her so hard? You think we are being heartless? Guang Ya is the one who insist on fighting It’s obvious she can’t win with her skills She should give up before she embarrass herself After Senior Yi Lan left, all the other seniors with skills left with her This is over for Chuan Sheng Hall We shouldn’t be in this competition at all if all we’re going to get are laughters and called losers You are a traitor! You have no right to criticize us I don’t care what you say Yet I will cheer ‘Go’ No matter what you do Go Guang Ya! Guang Ya win! Go Guang Ya! Guang Ya! Go Guang Ya! Go Guang Ya! Go Guang Ya! If you are going to battle, why didn’t you bring the weapons Remember we are a team Exactly. You have us Leave the cheering to us But.. I am cheering for Chuan Sheng Hall We’ll support whoever you decide to support

Let’s get ready and cheer One, two, three Go Guang Ya! Go Guang Ya! They’re cheering me on Guang Ya, you can do it It’s Bai Cao Isn’t Chuan Sheng Hall the one Bai Cao stayed in before? Yes, the girl in this competition is the teacher’s daughter Look at how Bai Cai is cheering. She is trying harder then when she competes She always try hard. But I didn’t imagine she was so loyal Now I know why you like her But I think she is difficult to win over She cares this much for her teacher Can you return to the hall and do something for me? Alright Go Guang Ya! Go Guang Ya! Why aren’t we cheering her on? Go! You are going to lose It wouldn’t take very long before I defeat you I am out of energy. If this keeps going, I am going to lose for sure Guang Ya! This is it I won’t say One. One Go Guang Ya! Two. Two Three. Three One. Two Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten – Red wins – Yes! Good job! Guang Ya! Guang Ya! Guang Ya! Thank you for cheering me on earlier What are you talking about? You are part of the cheering crew. Whatever you do, we will follow you I don’t wish to be born on the same day, month and year, I just hope we die on the same. day, month and year. [Note this is a colloquialism meaning, you are such good friends you are willing to perish together.] – Of course! – You have us Right! Bai Cao, if this happens again, make sure you tell us If you don’t tell us, we will punish you! That’s right. You all cheered on a different institute Was Senior Ruo Bai upset? Him? Go Guang Ya! Why is Bai Cao cheering for the other institute? Yeah, they were the ones that kicked her out. If I were her, I would avoid them When it comes to Yuan Wu Dao, the most important thing is loyalty If she forget them as soon as she joins Sun Bai,

even if she wins a lot, it will be hard to become truly great Looking at how hard she is trying, for Quan Sheng Hall Is it so hard to cheer for her? So Senior Ruo Bai, you don’t think she did anything wrong? How about you guys? Letting a team mate to struggle by herself? We’ll go help her! Us too. Coming I didn’t realize. I should go thank Senior Ruo Bai Eh, that’s Guang Ya Xiao Ying, why don’t you all head back first I have some things to say to Guang Ya I hear and obey Let’s go, we’re leaving first Today… you did really well Seeing it, Teacher must be so happy Guang Ya, teacher especially worries about you You are picky about your food. Make sure you eat some meat and not just vegetables Also, there is a blanket from your aunt in your closet Ah, yes yes yes I know already. I will take it out – Then – I’ll head off Although, you are troublesome But thank you Hey Someone else wins, why are you so happy? Jumping around like a bunny Childish I thought you really cared about your teacher, but maybe not so much What do you mean by that? I know where your teacher is Do you want me to take you there? Get ready, raise your foot Okay, raise your foot again Didn’t you say you were bringing me to my teacher? Why can’t I look? Listen to me. Walk softly If you don’t, you wouldn’t see your teacher Follow me We’re here What do you think? Do you like it? What are you doing? Where’s my teacher? Your teacher? He’s right here I, Fang Ting Hao, have studied Yuan Wu Dao since I was four Until today, I have won more national and international competition than I can count The Xuan Wu Dao Hall I am a part of, is the very best Bai Cao, don’t you want to study Yuan Wu Dao? From this day on, you can officially join Xian Wu Hall Train with me and compete overseas. I can give you what Song Bai can’t Why are you joking like this? I’m not joking. I’m very serious Qi Bao Cao, don’t you want to study Yuan Wu Dao? This is the best gift I could give you So, after saying all that, You really don’t know where my teacher is do you? After you join Xian Wu Hall, I will look for better teachers for you

– Of course, I will look for your teacher Xiao Nan too – That is enough! Bai Cao Everything I am doing is for you I know making you choose now, is asking a lot But later, you will be thankful you made the decision to switch Fang Ting Hao! What kind of person do you think I am? If someone told you there’s a martial arts hall that’s stronger than Xian Wu If you go there, you’ll definitely become stronger, would you abandon Xian Wu hall and go there? It’s different What’s the difference? Fang Ting Hao, listen Qu Xiang Nan is my teacher He raised me up since childhood I don’t care how strong he is in martial arts nor do I care about the bad rumors surrounding him Even if he is unskilled in his arts He is still my teacher My only teacher Forever my teacher! You always lied to me before You always prank me and make fun of me I pretended they were jokes I thought you were just bored but you’ve gone overboard Why did you use my teacher to lie to me! Why? It must be fun seeing other people sad and hopeless! Fang Ting Hao, I respected you because you were a Yuan Wu Dao champion but now I hate you You’re the world’s most hateful person! Bai Cao. Bai Cao! Listen to me It’s perfectly normal to switch teachers to elevate your skills I believe, being in Xian Wu is the best choice you’ve made I did all this because I like you Don’t say you like me, because I don’t even know what it’s like to like someone But it’s definitely not like this! You might be skilled in Yuan Wu Dao, and you have lots of talent Yet I really can’t see where your passion for Yuan Wu Dao is when you put so much time on jokes and pranks Love towards Yuan Wu Dao Oh no! It’s already past curfew Should I call Xia Ying? Forget it, I don’t want to bother her When she opens the door, Senior Ruo Bai will see. Also she’ll be tired I’ll tell her tomorrow Xiao Ying, I will stay with Guan Ya tonight I won’t return Don’t worry Who? Go to the back gate Do it Hello It’s Qi Bai Cao Who are you?

Enter How you get out is how you get in What does that mean? Why don’t I just go in and have a look to see what the situation is I can just apologize to Senior Ruo Bai tomorrow You chose to climb over even though I opened the gate for you Such a silly girl I hope I get a good fortune Get it on the head Get it on the head Head Head ♫ Little Little Kids, Wearing backpacks to school ♫ I did it three times, and got tails all three times Hi, I’m here Relax. Relax What’s up with you? Senior Ruo Bai and Bai Cao went to the gymnasium to pick out our next competitor in early morning but it’s 10 o’clock already! Why haven’t they returned? Why are you so nervous about that? It’s merely a competition Whatever happens happens Worst case, we continue next year It’s funny how you have the nerves to say that. All the athletes in the competition went to the draw and you didn‘t go just because of a few extra minutes of sleep Don’t use vocabulary incorrectly This is call using one’s energy wisely Don’t you understand that Ruo Bai and Bai Cao can divide up their energy and not get tired? Excuse! What are you going to do? If we end up going against Xian Wu Hall, Aren’t we dead then Keep your mouth shut Any one who goes up against Xian Wu will lose for sure It is equally worse if we get Jian Shi Hall! Don’t say that! If we really got picked against Jian Shi Hall, at least Senior Ruo Bai and Senior Yi Feng still has a chance, but Bai Cao will definitely lose! You guys are exaggerating Not even a little! Jian Shi Hall is the second strongest after Xian Wu Hall Jian Shi Hall is on their consecutive year of being second place Especially their senior Lin Feng, I have to say she’s super strong No female athletes in An Yang other than Senior Ting Yi can beat her Yeah I mean the title of Rubber Ball Pheonix wasn’t granted lightly Rubber Ball Phoenix? Rubber Ball Phoenix? Interesting Yuan Wu Dao has high high expectation of the body Those with natural talents usually have a slim and athletic body It’s unique to have such a physique like her in this field Normal people who look at her body all think she’s not suited for Yun Wu Dao, but her agility and jumping power makes her exceptional already Lin Feng? Help me find her competition time Ok, no problem Qi Bai Cao?