A Scotsman in Warsaw, finishing the journey.

Hello, it is now the ninth day of my Polish odyssey. You can probably tell that it’s taking a toll on me now. No worries – two more days, I’ll survive It has been the absolute trip of a lifetime without a doubt Paweł, thank you for all your planning. I couldn’t have done it without you. Anyway, let’s explore the capital Hello Warsaw I like the countryside, but my heart will always be in the city A monument here to the the fighters of the Warsaw Uprising in 1944. Right now I’m headed to the Warsaw Uprising Museum so you’re gonna find out all about this Polish museums are the gift that keeps on giving I’d like to be speaking about all the amazing things I’m seeing here but unfortunately my mind is not working today I guess I just recommend you come here – the Warsaw Uprising Musuem – come here and see it

Well that was inspiring, interesting, informative, generally breathtaking all around I recommend, very I feel like i’m in New York or something I’ve changed into my warm jacket. Seriously I’m dead now I think eight days of slavseeing is my limit Walking through the Old Town although it’s not really so old Basically, after the Warsaw Uprising, as mentioned earlier, basically, the Germans, they systematically destroyed the entire city Like literally – a full operation, dynamite street by street, literally destroyed the entire city. So this this old town here, it was painstakingly restored going off the work of a Polish artist, i forget his name but basically they studied his paintings of the Old Town and yeah, went through a massive effort to rebuild it as it was Very admirable effort they made Poland should be proud of itself Here we have the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It’s a beautifully designed monument that truly

captures the respect and gratitude the Polish nation has for the the many, many, many, many soldiers that have fallen in its defense Taking a look through the Museum of Daily life in the Polish People’s Republic. It’s an interesting place Hello everybody, there is no problem which cannot be solved by going to bed at eight o’clock. Today I’m feeling fresh and ready to make the most of my final day here in Poland Currently crossing the Vistula river into Praga district So Praga has always been a diverse district in terms of ethnicity, religion, culture etc. It managed to escape destruction during WW2, so as such it’s considered to be basically the most authentic part of Warsaw It used to have a bad reputation so to speak and as such like in any European metropolis, because of this attracted all types of artistic types and whatnot Gentrification eh? Anyway, let’s take a stroll around and see what Praga has to offer We’ve got the Praga bear here Monument there to Polish Home Army soldiers who

fell victim to the NKVD and the new regime after the war ended Walking through Mała street right now. It contains some of the very first brick houses here in Praga district, it’s also repeatedly served as a filming location for pre-war Warsaw world-renowned street artists have their work represented here in the graffiti and murals of the streets of prague The first rule of fight club is you do not talk about fight club The second rule of fight club is you do not talk about fight club Mr. Meeseeks? Remember my four favorite things? Add neon to that list There’s PGE Narodowa, the home stadium for Poland’s national football team and the largest stadium in all Poland Been caught by surprise by another manifestation of Poland’s love affair with the USA. A memorial to George Washington I’m making my way through the Saska Kępa district now It’s basically the most high society area of right bank Warsaw. All the celebrities and well-known personalities live in this section. All the embassies are here. Just walking along Francuska street

right now So this I think marks the end of my ten day tour through Poland Katowice, Kraków, Zakopane and Warsaw Poland, thank you for everything and I will return for sure