ASMR: Can I Remember Every Flag & Country Location? (Plastic and Paper Tapping, No Talking)

Hello world. Today I’ll be doing something I REALLY love myself! Which is… ASMR with this miniature Planet Earth I love world maps and I am a collector of small globes, especially This one I got just a couple of days ago from my friend It’s nicely black and gold. I used to have a very short phase as a teen when I liked those colors together I liked them so much I spray painted my bike with black and gold Idk why I’m telling you this Anyway, that’s not all. I am also gonna be using other props Flags! There’s a big bunch of ’em Oops, dropped Lesotho I drew all of these myself..! There goes another one Jesus, stop dropping everything Here are all the flags I’m gonna be showing you in this video, telling you which country it is by pointing it out on the globe Or well, we’ll see how well I remember which one is which Let’s go then! Not looking… picking one randomly First flag is here! This one is Dominica Congratulations for being the lucky first one Hmm, this ball boi is gonna roll right off the table if I keep doing this like this I’ll use this glass as a holder for it ehe Next flag! Argentina I feel like you can’t see shit, maybe this side of the desk has more light ’cause, like, the window is right there. Better? Flaggies, flaggies… my baby flaggies Moving on Oh! Bangladesh! The coloring on this one is real shitty, the marker was running out of ink. Hopefully this doesn’t offend anyone Let’s see… Bangladesh I know its whereabouts but… this globe is so small not all countries have their names written on it Aha! It’s gotta be that one! Surrounded by India This one is Algeria Turkey St. Vincent and the Grenadines Hmm… I actually can’t think of a country for this one Something in the Indian ocean? The fuck are you?? Okay, I’ll cheat. I’ll check what is written inside of it Oh, bugger, it’s Zambia! Well at least I know where that is I… have no idea

I can’t remembeeeerrrrrr Cheating time again OH DUH, COME ON! How’d I forget – The Bahamas?! Well, I gotta admit I’m not very familiar with the Caribbean area. Never been even close to that place And it’s got all those lil islands and I keep confusing their names with each other Welp, speak of the devil! This one I actually know, though It’s Trinidad and Tobago Kiribati Hum… well, where is it? I mean, it’s supposed to be around here! I just can’t find its name written anywhere on the globe However it’s an island in the Pacific Ocean, very near to the international date line Spain (sorry, didn’t realise I’m showing the flag upside down lol) But it’s Qatar Fuck yeah Madagascar!! Anyone who’s a fan of the Dreamworks movie should know where it is Ecuador Oh shit… Sorry… this flag is so badly drawn I’m too embarrassed to show it any closer but You can still tell it is Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates South Africa Vatican City Of course it’s the tiny motherfucker INSIDE Rome, in Italy Hmm I think this is Palau And it’s one of the island countries in Oceania Uh… hello? There??? Palau??

I think so! The Dominicanian Republic Trying to get more light from my desk lamp Now it’s almost like the sun for this planet Aha, easy. Russia The largest country in the World. A lot to tap on That’s Yemen Wow, geez, wonder what this could be…! Bet nobody’s ever seen the Union Jack before! The United Kingdom This Wait… I know this..! It kinda looks like the Indian flag but the ball in the middle is different I think it was something in Africa Ooooh right, Niger! Yep, it is correct Cuba Colombia I’m really sorry about this lamp issue Haiti Why can’t I see its name anywhere..? I know it’s right there next to other Caribbean islands Oh well, it’s still there somewhere. I’m sure it exists Ethiopia Germany Bulgaria

Tanzania This is personally one of my favourite flags. It’s so aesthetic! I like diagonal stripes in flags. And the colors are nice, too Tanzania! Laos I’d recognise that bird silhouette anytime! Papua New Guinea Sorry for the bad coloring again Pakistan Now, this flag I always find very interesting, almost like a trick question It’s got very “tropical” colors, or something that we usually see in African flags But here’s the twist It’s actually European! And not even South-East Europe, but Lithuania! There. Lithuania Been there once. Wasn’t very impressed, got to say Canada Ireland Brazil Somalia Republic of North Macedonia In case anyone’s wondering, all the other “Macedonias” are parts of Greece Azerbaijan There it should be North Korea Croatia Once again it’s one of these small guys in this clusterfuck of Balcan. Bet you can’t tell which one I’m pointing at Barbados Mongolia

Angola Central African Republic CHILE! Nice, nice One of my best friends is from Chile It’s this long lad right here Czech New Zealand Absolutely one of my favourite flag designs, again. It’s got diagonal lines AND stars. Love em! Bosnia and Herzegovina Senegal Vietnam Hungary Australia Sri Lanka Sweden Wow. Two neighbors of my home country in a row. What are the odds? Estonia Le Tricolore. France Iraq Thailand

China Venezuela Switzerland Oof. I can’t remember this It’s gotta be African but which country? Wait! It’s all coming back now Benin That’s right! Benin Uganda Morocco Belize Norway Mexico This What are you My head is empty I have to check Oh, goddammit! Guyana I am so sorry, if any Guyanese people are watching. I swear I’ll never forget it again Aha, badass dragon Bhutan Belgium Japan India Nauru I always remember this country because In my native language, “nauru” means laughter So it find it kinda cute Democratic Republic of the Congo

Now this can look tricky too, it looks a lot like Ireland’s flag that we already had But no, the colors are the other way round in this It’s Ivory Coast Israel Tunisia Jamaica Djibouti It’s this small, SMALL country between Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea Austria ITAAALIAA Greece Sudan Monaco One of those microstates again Philippines Oh, dear. I must admit I’m not sure where exactly they are In Asia, but Oh, there! Spotted them! Indonesia Portugal Ait gotta take a very close look at that one… because there’s a very slight color difference from antoher country’s flag But yeah, it’s Luxembourg Now this. We just almost had a same kinda flag, but in Indonesia’s one the red and white where the other way round This one belongs to Poland Peru There’s a bunch of flags of different European countries that look like this, but this one specifically is Slovenia… I think

Now here’s The Netherlands. Looks almost exactly like Luxembourg, but the colors are darker The Netherlands This always reminds me of some sorta LGBT Pride flag, but it’s actually just Mauritius Mauritius Denmark The only times I’ve been to Denmark are when I had to drive through it to other countries Kyrgyzstan Togo St. Kitts and Nevis This special snowflake flag is Nepal Nigeria Afghanistan Honduras United States of America Bolivia Suriname Lebanon. They have the funny whatever tree in the flag Latvia East Timor South Korea

Belarus Syria Lesotho It’s completely surrounded by South Africa Now this…?? Oh, I know..! …or do i? Allright. Costa Rica Egypt Cyprus This pretty flag is Finland And this pretty boy is FROM Finland! So yeah, now you know where I myself am from Let’s see if I can find it… damn, such pressure….!! Would be kinda concerning if I couldn’t point out where I live, right? Finland Next!!!! This…! This is… This flag is uhhhhhhhh I’ve no fucking clue, in fact I see… Solomon islands, it says Now where are they? Somewhere here maybe? I know they’re quite a big group of islands Sorry Ukraine Tonga Tonga is here and Oh my goodness I just realised Solomon Islands are right here in Oceania, too I was looking at a completely wrong sea, earlier Anyway. Last flag Iceland So, that’s all for now. I know not all countries were mentioned, but hopefully most of you got yours Me and my baby globe wish you good night and ’til next time!