Journey To A Beacon Block Episode: 5 Grindin Grindin…Grindin!

hey what is up guys and welcome back to another minecraft video today we always playing journey to the beacon block and yeah so let’s get ready so in the previous episode I think what we did was we made the nether portal so I’m going to go ahead and turn this off because I don’t want to be dealing dealing with this noise and it’s going to be just annoying me so let me just break this and then we can get ready to go find that grinder that I mentioned in the other one do not render spawner so yeah I thought I heard one right here somewhere so I didn’t bring my shovel let me just go get my shovel little and we were going to make an area for the enchanting room and yeah okay that’s supposed to be there I’m just gonna leave it like that oh well so let’s grab this shovel the Spade and we shall get ready to go so I’m gonna just dig here oh hello mr. paper Oh first of all of course he blows up those creepers like blah right I’m all right I’m all right so right here I think I’m just gonna dig down here I don’t know what to expect so see here that goes yeah something is definitely the skeleton I still hear it the other is there it is there it is getting closer oh sweet oh ok let’s quickly that quickly yeah lock it off lock it up oh yeah you’re going to push water in the street this is awesome okay so let’s check with something test we got a flame want to come on i think 91 and sharp is you go wow it’s really good or at least we can go to make a cool sword and you got that’s all righty so let’s go ahead and snag these chests and then we can start making this grinder so I can get tons and tons of XP so I can get my first rd level so that okay I’m gonna go ahead and jump up here I’m gonna dig down like that that and of course I’ll replace this with good stuff later i’ll probably take some another brick when we go to the nether and yeah okay so so basically I’m this a bit also going to be a tutorial how to i think so i’m going to show you guys how to make a really awesome spawner so what you got to do first you got to check the area right right right right and then you gotta dig down two or three hour what you want from the spawner so let’s take this area down and we can also get some moxie cobblestone just good so you gotta just take this whole area out it’s a need and comes to spawners well it’s not necessarily a neat you can do it another way but this is the best way to get fast and tons of skeletons and yeah i will make a separate tutorial video on my redstone sundays video i think so maybe I don’t know with an explain big like tutorial how to make a really good one double spawners triple spawners our quadruple spawners and that is possible to find if you have a dungeon it’s really rare like I think and one some one of my survivals I found double dungeon I mean a triple dungeon it was near uh what Yuma call it it was near what’s it called a mine shaft mine shaft and there were spiders runners and there are two spider farmers not to sign off on this one spider spawner and then to skeleton Bunyan spotters it was really cool so yeah let’s continue

mining this up then yeah so here we got our lab right here responded the spotter yeah so okay so we’ve cleared out this area which is good so you got the top portion clean and we got the bottom portion sheet so I’m going to go ahead and snag some water buckets is we’re going to need it well I’ll snack to water buckets so that we can actually let’s leap off the night who sleep us tonight then I’ll grab two water buckets so we got one let’s take another piece of iron oops there we go so you got two oops scribe it from here then we’ll place that down the real okay so we got to water buckets and later I’ll mind that ice with if I ever get a slip touch cake I know minecraft music okay let’s go ahead and make ourselves so this is see how far this goes okay so we’re going to have to bring this wall back to where the water can go fully there we go can you go any farther okay no this wall here gonna have to be like this so that the skeletons can drop down oh no my bad I’m sorry okay so right here after you get the water we’ve got so basically the water is going to push the skeletons down so the water goes to we’re ready to go right there alright so the water will push the skeletons down into into this hole which will then push the skeletons over there iron ok so the walk then I’ll push it down here and then we will have another water trail going here then after that let’s see how far it goes from here right here perfectly okay dokey okey dokey so then pushes it down there so that then it drops down here one two three knob of this and then we place a block link it should be like this so drop down here and then we’re standing right here whoops not like that and then the skeleton comes and then we hit it and then tada we got a skeleton spawner so that’s basically how you make it so I’m going to go back up here I don’t know voice up just have to see we can just keep going they’re just going to eventually hit this oh no all right or not and those weird noises I like two strand them where is it where is the exit oh right here right here so basically we just come down here and yeah so let’s cover that up let’s jump down here so we it’s gonna be a not too great of a looking spotter and i’ll hopefully fix that later but it will do for the time being so yeah let’s Oh try to think how we’re gonna get get out once we’re done okay let’s just do this

and bam back ok now ma’am well ok that’s a bit weird glitch doubt water let okay so let’s place this water we got the water placed or long list almost got the water placed three more buckets yeah okay there you go Oh fine let’s just take two more seal this up whoops Oh God place that water bucket there and there we go we got a perfectly working spotter just pretty awesome and we’ll just cover this wall up once we take this out that’s pretty loose down okay what here we go now how to do it so let’s cover this fall up let’s pop these torches off and let’s take all this cobblestone there we go got a pretty boss spawner now whoa yeah working as well as I thought oh poop I gotta put this there okay there we go yeah so now the skeletons come down here and we get tons of XP so I’m just going to tidy up this area and yeah let’s go I’m just going to clear out some of this area because I don’t want to walk down into a mess I’m gonna have like a cool room storage and stuff look really cool we have some ladders going down a pretty good idea for this here all that goodies that is the skeleton is coming down the only thing that’s going to be buggy is just that water at constant noise and water is flushing roots like let’s see how much spawn so far Wow and then later I can add some black okay let me get through so let’s continue tidying up this area but we need books we have leather we have tons of saddles let’s clean up this area how much more down we have to go we have to go right down actually oh let’s catch up that there won’t work if f of that there wait a second I put that darling still work no it’s been nuts Turner put this leg back and stay up all this dirt noxious dirt don’t like you

burped nobody like yeah now we got to feel this area okay so pair maybe maybe what we’re gonna have to do here it’s just gonna be like a to wait cousins are killing each other Lord sound a bit it’s a slow and tedious process but it does the job coolbeans you got two levels from that that’s pretty good and if we are not level 27 or level 0 we probably would have got six seven levels from that just really good that’s still really good minded minded mine in mine my my my new mining mining mining okay so go ahead i’m just gonna speed this up coming out this record and I’m not gonna talk so yeah Oh you oh yeah so almost done filling this up as you can see probably saw I was cleaning it with the clothing it with my fist my fists of Steel so yeah yeah add some iron they’ll come back for that later let’s torch this up and take that actually probably wanna get click now that’s okay i’m going to put torch right there and then i torture there and we keep it goes with it whoa that is cool that is pretty sweet a gold armor skeleton spawn okay that’s pretty cool let’s see your new village yeah we killed it ok so we’re level 30 and that is good that is good I’m just going to go ahead and stack up here so I don’t like lose everything and will help I’ll get some ladders in a minute let’s take everything down let’s go ahead and deposit some stuff that base mmm let’s deposit our cobblestone in here got tons of cobblestone I don’t know why I just put that or in there no and we got tons of arrows that’s good and bone meal and bone meal and let’s shove that oven put all that in there right I just place a torch I don’t know who knows world never don’t do we have any leather ok so I’m probably gonna have to get some off time or off camera or whatever um yeah we don’t have any leather that’s good let us put our books in there let’s put these bows in there keep the chest down in the other room and let’s take two swords from this chest so we can finish off their usage in yeah so let’s head back down here let’s torch this up

so we know that this is our area ah man I’ll just make some done oh no no no no ooh ooh God okay let’s see how can kill them no no no oh wait the water was there that’s all good yeah smart smart this put it right behind it books kill each other skeletons kill each other Oh thing a lot of stuff this might be a problem I have to make that enchanting table quick well guys thanks for stopping by and watching this another video of this video or whatever whatever you want to call it so anyways yeah once again thanks for watching I’m screwed when you and I hope you guys enjoyed and I will see you next time