Microsoft Office Specialist Documentary: The Journey

(upbeat music) – [Craig] Here at this intellectual competition, these students will demonstrate who are the best of the best – Troy – Here – Clayton – Here – Tyler – Here – Lauren – Here – Adam – Here – Mason – Here – Addy – Here – Kai – Here – When you look at the future of the world and who the future leaders will be, it all starts in the classroom And it all starts with what are these students learning to make a difference in the world This is actually the 17th year of the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship And about six years ago, we started the Microsoft US National Championship These students will participate in a variety of live testing, demonstrating their skills in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint – [Group Leader] It’s Word, right? Everybody’s doing Word? All right, when I give you a letter, you give it back to me Ready, give me a W – W! – Give me an O – O! – Give me an R – R! – Give me a D – D! – What does it spell? – Word! – What does it spell? – Word! – [Group Leader] Who’s gonna be the champion? – [Group] Me! – Oh come on, there was only two Who’s gonna be the champion? – [Group] Me! – All right, that’s what I want to hear You ready to go, let’s do this – [Craig] And we will select six that will represent the United States in the World Championship, where they will compete against the national champions from different countries – This is where the best students come to compete And so it’s not just how do you bold, or how do you make this look pretty It’s very real life situations and scenarios that they have to recreate for us – [Group Leader] Go ahead and take a seat It should look exactly like your name where you’re sitting (group cheering) – Honestly, as soon as I like enter the testing room, I just forget about everything and just focus on the test – It’s paper based So they’ll look at a piece of paper They’ll have a reference image They’ll have some instructions And they have to recreate that digitally on the machines And they have 50 minutes to do it in – So go ahead and hit start exam everybody before you try to open the manila folders And then open the manila folders and good luck – In Microsoft Word, it could be a resume, or it could be a pamphlet that they have to design In PowerPoint, it could be something like a sales presentation With the Excel exam, it might be something for the weekly operating report of a small business So the end of that, then we have a scoring procedure in the back end that looks at what they’ve done So the winners are based on who has the most points And in the event of a tie, we look at how long it took them (group cheering and buzzing) – When I was a freshman, I didn’t know what I was good at This competition really like, you know, boosted my confidence and like self esteem I think this applies to like many other students as well – Oh my gosh It warms my heart That’s what it’s all about is just seeing students that are motivated about something beyond just the grade that’s on their transcript (light piano music) – [Boy] Over there, that guy – How would I describe myself as student? I wouldn’t say I’m the best student I give my teachers a lot to handle I get tardies Sometimes I just don’t show up to school because I don’t want to show up to school – Cameron’s actually pretty smart when he wants to be He’s gonna give you nothing more than he needs to to get by

And then when you make him feel like he couldn’t do any better, well then he shows up to the occasion, and shows you what he really can do – [Cameron] Pass that down Take one, pass it around – Take one, pass it down – When I think of the average MOS competitor, I don’t think of a person like me Nobody in my school or anybody that I hang out with thought I would have been here They all tilt their head like, you? You won that? (lively piano music) – My brother’s the one who first got me into piano I started taking lessons and getting good at it, and now I play it a lot – His brother will place into those competitions But he doesn’t And he was just there – Sitting with us – sitting with us as an audience – He was kinda upset – He was kinda upset It’s like, I should be on the stage – He’s enormously talented in so many different ways – Kevin is a smart little boy, but he’s very linear He loves math – He thinks really well with numbers which is why he’s doing math competitions – [Announcer] In second place, with a score of 140 from Dunbar, Kevin Dimaculangan (audience cheering) – [Christian] And he’s doing piano pieces that are like so rhythmic, and have all these different polyrhythms going on He loves data And so Microsoft Excel is a good match for him – Some people say that Excel is the hardest out of the three choices, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel I just think that means less competitors – I don’t know if you’ve ever taken an Excel expert test You know, they are pretty robust And so, to have a freshman get perfect on Excel Expert, I knew that we’ve chosen the right student to try for the world competition (water splashing) – One thing I know about Jesse is when he sets himself to do something, if he really wants to do something, he will go for it and do it, and do it well Like for instance, if he says, I want to be a Microsoft Word champion Then he will see what he needs to do to get there – My swimming mentality kinda transfers over to other things, and it’s also made me more competitive, which makes me want to do better at everything I do, so yeah – [Coach] Take your mark (whistling) – He’s a quick study That is really his strength he has No matter what it is that you’re trying to really expose to him, he just (snapping fingers) He just grabs it rather quickly – The sport draws people who are academic types, and also high achievers So the work ethic and time management that they learn from swimming is something that translates into their academic side as well Jesse’s personality is a very kind and giving young man He’s a great teammate And he’s a good racer and he likes winning, which is important – [Leslie] And then Miss Wagner said you might want to go over Mail Merge, or you feel like – [Jesse] Um, so, yeah maybe ‘Cause that’s still the thing that I’m least confident about – One day, Jesse just appeared in my room and so I asked him if he was there to compete And he said he was – I took a course on Microsoft Excel and Access and that inspired me to certify in Microsoft Word If you know anything about our school, it’s a very competitive school, academically and athletically We’re just one of the top public schools in the state of North Carolina And that’s reflected in the motivation that our students have to succeed (energetic piano music) – I had Linh in my class She was in the Microsoft Office Specialist class and she excelled She had taken all of the Office 2013,

and we were running a pilot of Office 2016, and she certified in all those programs as well And at the end of the year, she walked up and said, Mrs. Eckelman, next year I want to go for competition – [Linh] If you got two right and one wrong – [Patty] For world competition, Linh’s gonna bring the advantage of speaking multiple languages She speaks Vietnamese and English and I think when she’s looking at written directions, she has the ability to really dissect it And that’ll have a huge advantage into better understanding what the task is to perform on the test As a teacher, this is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to have students competing at Microsoft Office Specialist US Nationals You know, it’s just a fun moment in time (audience clapping) – [Announcer] Start with PowerPoint – You’re sitting in a chair waiting to hear did I win or did I not win I’m like, ah, I didn’t win (audience clapping) Well I gave it my best effort – [Leslie] I was very nervous as they were calling the names – Nobody else had gotten called from Green Hope yet I was like, oh man, if none of these people did, maybe I didn’t – [Denise] I was there at the National Championship and I was so excited to be amongst Kevin’s family They start announcing, you know, winners right Excel 2016 – So they announce me as first place and then I’m in a little bit of shock at first – I was just yelling, that’s my boy over and over again That’s my boy – We were surprised, happy, that he got the first place (audience cheering and clapping) – Then they called off my name and I was like, oh my goodness I was kind of in shock at first and then, yeah, it was great – [Cameron] And then they called my name – When he won, we were so, so happy We were not there because my husband has been battling cancer So you know, had to support him at that time But we were so happy to get the news – Definitely excited It made my day I think I was finishing a round of chemo And he called at around 10 He said, “Dad, Dad, guess what, I won!” (laughs) I was like, wow, that is so impressive – You raise your children and you hope that they get little glimmers of things like this in their life We’ll talk about it forever We really will I mean, to watch your child get to that point, very emotional – I love my dad My dad’s the best thing in my life He’s been my base support through all of this He’s making sure I study, has the best intentions for me, which is the best thing I can ask for (chair squeaks) – All right, ya’ll ready? – Yes we are – All right, let’s do this – This is Freedom 1110 – Happy Saturday America You’re listening to Let’s Talk Cars Radio on WKQA Freedom 1110 I’m your host Dave Pillatsch, hangin’ out with Rockin’ Larry Cobb And of course, Cameron’s doing all of our technical work behind the scenes for us What’s goin’ on guys? – No car show today – Nope – [Dave] So we have the radio show It’s called Let’s Talk Cars Radio Cam pretty much is the behind the scene guy that makes everything work At the radio station, I manage their live broadcasts, their Facebook Live, their Facebook page, their YouTube page As far as being funnier on air, me or Cam, I would say that I’m pretty funny But Cam is one of those people that trips you up and is funny without realizing it – He has more jokes he just laughs to himself about – I can make myself laugh any day But I can also make everybody else laugh – Okay, I’m not gonna argue with that – Jasmine Tea (birds chirping)

– She is very academically driven, very motivated She will put in more than 100% to study Her biggest challenge over the next two weeks in preparing for World is to just really work on her confidence – As an immigrant, that was a great honor for us because we came from like a humble beginning, and we were poor So we want our kids to grow up better than what we went through We could be two working parents, but we choose for her to be at home with the kids and guiding them And it’s a lot of sacrifice And I told the kids, you might not get everything that you need like other kids would have But we’re always gonna be there We are blessed to be part of his journey – My parents have been very supportive They’ve been part of what’s given me my drive to compete They’re near and dear to my heart I’m really excited that I get to represent the United States in a world competition I haven’t been to any world competitions before So it’s gonna be really exciting And I hope I’ll do well and be able to bring home the bacon – [Cameron] The biggest challenge I face is trying to study all the material to prepare myself for the world championship You already thought the national test was hard So now, how hard is the world test gonna be? To be honest, it kinda freaks people out – You don’t know what’s gonna be on the test so you kinda have to make sure you’re good at everything and you know how different things affect the document So I’m learning a lot of the Word Expert stuff – By the time the test is, my confident level will be high I know I will win this and I will make sure I try my best effort to knock all my competitors out – He’s gotten so fast at doing the practice test I think he’s just gonna do what he’s always done Go in there, crush it, and then get out way quicker than anyone expected (piano ringing) (light music) – So the vibe at the championships, it always surprises me ’cause I’ve been several years And I walk in every year and I’m even more inspired by these students And so the first day is really a reception It’s a mixer where all the students come together that evening – Viva Mexico – Viva Mexico (upbeat music) – It’s really cool to meet people from other countries and stuff, and see how they also like Microsoft applications – It doesn’t matter what school you go to It doesn’t matter what your background is All these students are there to compete against each other It’s a completely level playing field That Monday is always the testing day And so they have a set time that they come in and test – Good luck, good luck, good luck You got this, you got this, come on Oh man, I feel some sweaty palms We got nervous people goin’ on here This is awesome – Little nervous, just a little bit He’ll be all right He gave me the same answer he gave me last time He’s either got it or he doesn’t is what he said So we’ll see (crowd buzzing)

– He’s like less nervous than I am He’s ready for this And he’s gonna do great (group clapping) – It’s pretty much the same as how I feel before a big swim meet Usually I’m not nervous going up to it And then like during the night before, I have a hard time sleeping ’cause like all of a sudden I’m nervous And then like, I just try to do my best (upbeat music) – It was hard – Yeah that was hard – [Dave] We’ll see how it pans out – You got 1,000 on Excel Expert? – [Jesse] Excel expert? – Yeah Expert one, like 20 minutes – I’m from Dominican Republic (audience cheering and clapping) – Sebastian Thomas from New Zealand (audience clapping) – Now, let’s go and talk about who’s going to take home the prizes today Are you ready? (audience cheering and clapping) We’re gonna start with the category of Word 2013 Taiwan (audience cheering and clapping) (light music) For PowerPoint 2016, the world champion and first place winner goes to Tristan Mona of New Zealand Nutthaphong Tuemala of Thailand And now, the announcement of the world champion of Excel 2016, an exceptionally hard category That champion is

Kevin Matthew Dimaculangan of USA (audience cheering and clapping) (upbeat inspirational music) – I did not place top three Honestly, I wasn’t that surprised ’cause I wasn’t as confident as I was after Nationals with this test – I didn’t win first, second, or third But I now know where Worlds is next year, which is gonna push me forward to make sure I get there again – [Announcer] Ladies and gentlemen, your world champions for Microsoft Office Specialist Congratulations (audience cheering and clapping) – The rest of the US team was cheering me on and like, oh you’re gonna win first place We believe in you And so that was a confidence booster And thanks guys – As you can tell, he was very calm and matter of fact, and stately And his principal on the other hand was like a raving maniac Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! – I hope, you know, this will all gonna be like the beginning of his bright future (camera clicking) (lively piano music)