One Week Post Surgery On My Broken Humerus|My Journey 09-08-19 – 06-10-20|Positivity|VLOGTOBER

okay hi guys it is now the 12th of october if you’re wondering why i’m dressed for summer i’m not actually dressed for summer although it’s nice and warm indoors it’s because as you can see i’ve had some surgery now if you are new to my channel firstly let me say my name is leslie anne and i really appreciate the fact that you’ve stopped by to watch this video um i’m going to tell you that this is about my journey so far with what happened to me from the moment i broke my left humorous if you’re squeamish then listen to bits and pieces it’s not too squeamish but you you know on the other hand you may be too squeamish to listen to it and for everybody else and my lovely subscribers my lovely friends that i’ve made with you all um this is just my little update okay so first what i’m going to say of course i am no health professional um everything i tell you is just what i’ve experienced my own experience what’s happened to me and of course it may be of some use to to you if you’re going through something similar or indeed you know anyone friend or family member that is going through something similar you might find that this helps a little bit okay so let me start by saying i’m 63 years old when i had this accident rather i was 62 years old so we were out um it was on the 9th of august 2019 and it was a lovely evening and um chris and i just decided to go for a little stroll with our little dogs and we hadn’t got any further than literally round the corner from our road and across the road um a little way up the oh what do they call call it it was at the back of the library anyway where we live um and it’s you know you can drive up there to get to your garages it’s a walkway it’s what do they call it byway or something i don’t know anyway we were just walking up there and all of a sudden i felt my toes was stubbed against something and it threw me forward um so obviously you know when you’re thrown forward you’re going to try not to go down but i just went down anyway um so i had clearly like stubbed my toe on um uneven surface now since the accident we’ve looked at it and um there’s a lot because it’s like concrete up there lots of it has all been broken up etc just i suppose where cars drive up there and um even the dust spin men drive up there because they they pick up in the front of the houses one day a week in the back of the house there’s another day of the week um so one lots recycling ones household stuff but you know i’m like you know i’m digressing a little bit but you can you know you get heavy vehicles drive up there um so i suppose over time it’s broken up the concrete so i clearly um stubbed my toe on some of the broken sticking up concrete and i went down oh my gosh i knew i had done something awful because the pain it just hit me and i couldn’t get up i was crying with pain chris was saying to me um come on let me help you out let me help you out i can’t i just can’t i cannot get up at all i’m just in such pain i’ve done something i’ve broken something so he called an ambulance or cutting the story a little bit shorter for you kind of he cut an ambulance he called the ambulance um the ambulance came about it was about 40 minutes later trying you know obviously their other priorities and stuff certainly got to me about 40 minutes later by then it started to rain and i was on the ground and i couldn’t get up um and one of the there’s some flats like at the end of the cutway and obviously the one of the guys in one of those flats must have seen me on the ground and he came out with a blanket bless him and put the blanket over me um anyway cut long stone shot the ambulance came

and they could see straight away what what they thought the problem might be and they were giving me gas and air to try and get me up i still couldn’t get up it was so horrendously painful so then with me being on gas and air they tried to sort of pick my move my legs into position so that i was like in a sitting position on the floor and then with sort of chris and the um the two paramedics they could all get either side of me and and dave actually our next door neighbor he drove by and could see us there so he brought his car back with his family and then he walked round to us see if he could help and i all i can remember is saying to david i feel like i’m gonna blow off david i’m so embarrassed i’m gonna blow off and he was like just blow off you need to do it just do it thankfully they’ve got three children he’s been present at the births he knows what it’s like to see a woman on gas and air oh anyway bless them i eventually they got me up and into the ambulance and um of course off we go to the am off to the hospital then i’m x-rayed all the rest of it um given really strong painkillers because of the pain then x-rayed um and then they came back to us and said she said have you have you seen your x-ray and we were like no um and she was like so the nurse was it’s a really bad break a really bad break so um i’d broken my left humerus and it was like a so you’ve got your bone that goes down and mine was like fractured like spirally so it was like more than one and it so it had like five pieces but they were all like spiraled if you know what i mean um so anyway they kept me in overnight and um surgeons came to see me with a plan to operate in the morning um of course i was given some pain medication to try and help me to sleep and then in the morning the surgeon came back to see me to say that he had had a meeting with because they turned off their meetings in the morning don’t they um they’d had another meeting and decided that they wouldn’t do the surgery because i have other health issues i have rheumatoid arthritis i have a lung disease where the arthritis has actually gone into my lungs so i have a lot of breathing troubles and i wasn’t quite stable enough for them to be able to they they did um a risk assessment i decided that they didn’t want to operate then so what they decided to do was to put me into an arm brace that’s not this thing that i’m wearing now um it was a black armbrace and it had lots of metal rods in it to hold it securely and so they said they wanted to try to see if it would heal naturally and the idea is this brace would pull your so you’d have your hand so say it was this hand up high like this and the brace would pull your arm down like this so what they hope is that it will the the weight will push all those bones back together pull them down together and then try and let nature take its course and you know hopefully your bones will heal then it got to and so i was having like monthly x-rays up at orthopaedics no you know nothing nothing was changing um in fact what happened was my bones did start to heal but not together they were healing at the end of each break which meant they then became individual bones so they were no longer part of the long um humorous bone there were lots of bones and what they were doing is they were just like running free in my arm if you like because if i moved my arm i could feel the bones were moving backwards and forwards they were grinding they were getting stuck they it was just horrible um and also because i didn’t have anything from the elbow

up here i was okay from wrist to elbow but beyond elbow to up here there was nothing nothing attached so my arm was going into all different types of positions i will insert a picture here for you um yeah my arms will get my arm rather was going to all different positions honestly and the bones would get stuck and i’d have to try and push them back um and when i tried to you know like when you push on your hand it just used to make me feel so sick because if i put any pressure on my left hand all my bones would just everything would just float away from me it was awful that used to really make me feel quite ill um so if you can imagine if you had like a handful of sticks say five sticks and you pick them up and you drop them down and then you pick them up and you drop them down again they would land in a completely completely different place the second time than the first time and so every time i move my arm this is what was happening so the bones were i had one sticking under my arm in my ribs um it was awful actually um but it was weird as well because the the pain side of it actually almost gone as time went on because of course the bones had healed they just had not healed together um of course i couldn’t be left like that i had an arm that just was not working couldn’t use it um i affected my life i i wasn’t able to drive my car i wasn’t able to hold my newest grandson um i wasn’t there was such a lot i couldn’t do even cut my own food i’ve just used a fork all the way through even still right now um or else do my hair properly there was so much i couldn’t do i could only wash one side of my body properly always had to get my husband to help me so i was all right doing this side when it comes to doing this and trying to do under my arm i had to like like a monkey does like that you know when they have an itch and everything oh my gosh it was awful um anyway so then on one of my hospital appointments up at the orthopaedic department and the consultant there that i saw that particular day said do you know what he said you’re going to need specialist surgery um he said a lot of our surgeons here cannot perform the surgery for the state of your arm now um but we have got a surgeon here who does all our trauma um incredibly difficult surgeries so i would like to refer her to you so as time went on i had my referral within a couple of weeks for her um miss lewis and she’s amazed an amazing amazing surgeon and the first time she saw me she was like i cannot she said it well it beggars believe how your arm has been left she wasn’t very happy um however you know what’s the point in looking back there isn’t any is there really um so she said okay she said i’m going to get you in for surgery this is what i plan to do pre-med stuff done my bloods etc and i had a date for the 20th of march 2020 the day before my surgery i had a phone call to say i couldn’t have it coveted here i was like do you know what wow you know i obviously wasn’t meant to be there at that time right um so we are now all this time down the road and i finally had my surgery on the 6th of october 2020 so broke on the 9th of august 2019 surgery um six of october 2020 so long time long long time um so when i i what i had was i had a phone call we were actually out with um our dogs on a dog walk with friends and i had a phone call to say that um could i this was on a stairs on the thursday and i had a phone call to say can i get to see miss lewis on the monday at the hospital for an appointment um she’d like to do my surgery on the sixth so obviously yes you know i went to see her um and

so she had all my bloods done there and then um she did my covid my mrsa test i say mccobb test and she said right you now go home and you isolate and you don’t leave your house until you’re coming here she said um you know nobody in you’re not out let’s keep you safe get you straight in on the six and it said and it won’t be cancelled it will not be cancelled she said i’ve got a few patients that i want to do their surgeries before it all comes back and you know second spike and all hits again uh and i said oh do you think that’s going to happen and she said yeah i do so um anyway so that was it so i was in on the waterfall 7 30 um chris obviously had to say goodbye to me wasn’t allowed in i mean he was allowed to walk me to the ward because that was like more public area you know where people get to their clinics and then when we got to the ward we said our goodbyes and then i was shown to my room and i was very fortunate that i had my own room with ensuite and when she came to see me when the surgeon came to see me she said to me i said oh i said i feel really lucky to have my own room and she said because i’ve got an autoimmune disease and because i’d been self-isolating she said we’re not going to get run any risks whatsoever she said so you’re in here um so i said what are the rules you know for masks etc and she said but you can have your mask off in here she said everyone that comes into your room will have their mask on um she said the only time you will have your mask on is if we’re taking you to when we take you to theater so i said okay so yeah she came out and talked to me about it all and about what they’d be doing um i already knew that i’d be having a plate i already knew that i’d be cut from sort of here but here all the way down to my elbow so it’s one big incision it’s one plate that goes from up here all the way down um it has many screws in it as well the plate is made of stainless steel um she did say to me there are occasions when it doesn’t take it doesn’t work it depends on the state of your bones when we get in there um she also said sometimes the swelling is so extreme afterwards that the skin will blister if that happens we will have to put a drain in um so i was kind of aware of all of that did my consent form the rest of it because i actually had my surgery that day um the anesthetist came out to see me talked me through everything um now my surgeon miss lewis had already said to me that i will be having a um like a nerve block in my arm i was having the operation by general anaesthetic of course but i’d be having a block in my arm to help with the pain post-operatively immediately because she said the the thing is she said well you’ve actually been relatively pain-free since you’ve now done it we’re going to put you back into that whole scenario of having just broken it again because what they had to do is they had to take the end she had to saw the ends off of every bone so that it was a fresh injury um so that when it was all screwed and played onto the play and everything and the play in there um the bones would grow together they’d graft together and that wouldn’t have happened if they’d stayed or healed over at the ends um where am i going with this oh yes about the nerve block um so then the mythical said to me we’ll be doing the nerf block before um so when we first get you down to theater we will be doing it you’ll know the block and that will take about 30 minutes and we’ll be doing it into your the left side of your neck i don’t even know why i didn’t even think where that would be i don’t know i just didn’t i imagined it would be done whilst i was under for some reason but no um i suppose they just need to know if you’re if they’re in the right place and because i had to move my fingers and stuff a little bit so that

was that was all of that organized and sorted and everything obviously i’d had markings on my arm um um then i know i had to get into a gown anyway so that time seemed to come around really really quickly and so i’m on the bed uh no pre-med nothing like that i could just see my shadow here i hope that doesn’t put you off too much so i went down and down to sort of like down to the theaters um so i was put in what they called like the hot it’s like a holding bay and i was talking to one of the theater staff that came up to get me because two ladies came up to get me one sort of like got on and did some chores the other one was sat with me talking to me and we’re having a good old chat and she was saying you know if ever i had to choose which surgeon i had i would choose her she said you’ve got an amazing team now i knew it took a while for them to get my team together because of all these specialist things going on in my lungs etc i had to have a certain team there that are qualified to do certain things let’s just say it yeah it throws me it all goes over my head a little bit but um they were just saying to me that they needed to to pick a team that team had to all be available so you know um anyway and then i i i made a chuckle because i said i feel like i’m in the holding bay ikea you know i think my nerves were kicking in and i’m one of those people that sometimes when i get nervous i giggle if i see somebody fall over i know how awful it is and i’m the first one there to help them like i mean crikey i fell over you know but there’s the nervous side of me wants to giggle i think because i worry about what i’m gonna find when i get to that person um and so anyway but because they were still finishing off theater getting it ready that was really good for me because um this gentleman came over a few of them come over but there’s one particular gentleman came over shook my hand and that and he said to me he said oh hi he said i’m dave i felt about laughing when he said dave i mean random or oh you know to say oh hi i’m dave down in town and operating theaters um he said i’m going to be assisting miss lewis with your surgery today and that blah blah blah blah blah blah we had a nice little chat and everything went back through my consent form and confirming that was my signature and i’d signed it that day and all the rest of it and he said you know what it’s really nice to actually meet a patient he said because the majority of times this doesn’t happen um he said we’re usually you know scrubbing up and everything and then by the time we’re all gowned scrubbed and the rest of it and we go through to do the surgery the patient is already on the bed or the theatre sheets all over them and all you get to see is the part of the body that they’re going to be operating on you don’t see the patient you don’t don’t know what they sound like you don’t know what their personality is like you don’t know anything about them um and of course you’ve got the anaesthetist at the head top end up here with thingies up and everything looking after you from that end um so they’re just like eyes focused on the job he said it’s really nice to get to meet somebody and i said oh well that makes me feel so much better but you will look after me won’t you you know the nerves were like my heart was going like this um so he was lovely and then um another one of the anaesthesia because i had two antithetists in there with me and the this particular anesthetist was a gentleman and he came out and he said his name was ken so i was talking away to ken and everything um anyway so then the time came for me to actually get my ass in there get into theater so you know here we go and i sort of get up on the bed and he said okay he said well first of all what i’m going to do and when the first anesthetist came up to my room to see me i had to move my head about so she could see that i could freely move my neck sort of in this position so that they could do the block here um so he said all right i’m gonna just i’m gonna sort of tilt you a little bit onto your right side he said if you could move your head over to the right um and he said i’m gonna start to do the block uh he said first of all we’re gonna put a little spray on it which is probably cooling numbing spray probably kills germs all the rest of it then we’re going to go in

with a local anaesthetic and then we’re going to do the nerve block and then he bought over like a little monitor is what he would be working from so i could see that quite clearly because obviously he was up here behind me and the monitor was here in front of me so i could see it i couldn’t make a tail of it mind you was telling me that about it um and but before he started he said well i’m just going to pop a cannula in your hand now he said and then once we’ve done the nerve block he said i’m going to give you a lovely gin and tonic in your hand followed by a chaser and then you’re going to fall into a lovely sleep like that and i was like okay um but he said before i do anyway i’m going to give you a little bit of sedation so did that gave me a little bit of sedation in there then he started on the because he said the sedation helps your body to accept the anaesthetic and the surgery and so he said you know he said it how anyway it helps you accept the anaesthetic better so i’m like yeah okay that’s fine so you did that anyway so then they started to do this like spray bee sting from the anaesthetic local anaesthetic then i just felt some pushing really with the thing and then i could see it on the screen here and i’m saying and every now and then i’d go oh like that because it would like feel it in an uncomfortable position um and he was saying well this is that nerve then that’s that nerve there and that over my head but yeah um i thought it was brilliant that he was explaining things to me i guess if you if you if you don’t want to know then obviously they wouldn’t but i’m i’m nosy you know um and then of course the sedation has started to work and and i’m like i’m a good drunk if ever i’ve had a drink a good drink i’m not a miserable one i love everybody i want a cuddle everybody and be your best friend and i was a little bit like that and i was worried i got sent ken i’m so worried about you ken because you know have you got barbie is barbie your girlfriend and my mind and thankfully they were laughing they were laughing i was laughing because they were laughing i had no idea i was laughing at really but i’ve just made a connection of barbie and ken and i was looking for barbie for him in my mind they were oh my gosh they were so lovely honestly his sense of humor was amazing um then he that was all done and then he said i’m going to send you off oh right now it’s time for you g t just a little bit of a chaser he said and then he put like the mask oxygen on me in the mask and he said now you’re gonna get a lovely smell of swimming pools and um armbands and stuff it did add that like that smell to it you know um and then the next minute that was it i was gone i woke up in recovery with a specialist next to me who was checking on me continuously continuously continuously you know you sort of wake up a bit and then you drop off and you’ve no idea how long you’ve been there do you you know but um yeah that was it and then eventually i went back to the ward i have no memory at all off going back to the ward no memory at all and then sometime later they were obviously you know they keep coming round my room was obviously a nursing station anyway um and they obviously will come around to do like all your or your um like your vitals and stuff like that you know they’ll under your blood pressure etc temperature don’t they all the rest of it all the time um and the thing with me is my sats are always low they are normally low um and that’s what they were i knew that’s what they’d be concerned about i mean my sats were going down to 80 they went down to 82. um i was on oxygen i was on oxygen right up until the about halfway through the following day i suppose which for me is very good um but i tend to operate quite normally i function normally on about my sats being 92-93

that is normal for me because of my lung condition um and i think once they saw that that was consistent they felt happier that if it weren’t below that that was more of a worry but if they sort of hung around that figure that was kind of fine for me anyway so then i was with it a little bit more um unwise i it just felt now like as i said how long would this nerve block last and they just said it depends on the patient some people it lasts 12 hours some people it lasts a good 24 um that same evening i was getting feeling back into my fingers but it felt like uh you know you’ve been to the dentist and you’ve had a an injection in your gum and you’ve had work on your tooth and afterwards you can just touch yourself feeling your gum but you can’t feel it it’s still numb it was a bit like that i suppose a bit tingly and um anyway so then they started to get me on to some morphine for pain relief because obviously the pain was coming back so i was being managed on that for a little while again being the happy drunk oh i have these things on my legs guys i’ll insert a picture for you about here as well have these things on my legs you know those um those they’re plugged into the bed to like the electrics or something and they um they inflate and contract inflate you know like this um so that you don’t get any deep vein thrombosis on your calves so they’re working on your calves all the time and um in the night apparently i was telling elsie now elsie’s one of our little dogs and she sleeps on our bed and often she get into under the bed you know into the covers apparently i was shouting at her said uh elsie will you keep still will you stop it move them by my legs and i thought that those leg things massage things it just felt like it was ousted down by my legs um they did say that when i came back from theater during the time that i was asleep in my room although they had checked me they checked all your vitals and everything um they they do tend to like try and let you sleep off don’t they and i had a little accident i had weeds myself in bed all who went gosh embarrassing um but the that is neither although they don’t care do they and to be fair i didn’t even care never get on you just had a little wee and i was like oh sorry then the next thing i know i’m being like over to the side and then like giving me a wash and changing my sheet and within no time at all i was sorted um so yeah that’s it basically that was how the operation went later on that day i had a cup of coffee they offered me food in no way could i i just could not stomach anything i had been throwing up which is something i do after every anaesthetic it’s just something they give me anti-sickness and stuff but it seems to make no difference it’s just something that how my body reacts to it um so i’d been throwing up a bit um but i had drank a cup of coffee later on that evening i was in and out of sleep of course chris couldn’t couldn’t come and visit there wasn’t they weren’t allowed you out loud visitors um but i he he kept um in touch with them on the phone and a bit later on that evening i just sent him a message to say i’m okay i know i’d phone some of my kids as well spoken to chris they were like mommy awful face yes so that was that was it really in a nutshell it i tell you what three o’clock was i got hungry about three o’clock and one of the nurses before she went off duty off day duty before the night chef came on she said to me i’m gonna pop a tuna fish set do you like tuna fish i said yeah she said i’m gonna pop a tuna fish sandwich she said in the fridge for you if you get hungry any time just ask for it three o’clock i got hungry so i waited until the nurse came in to do my pulse and blood pressure and you know the rest of it again and i said to her i said oh one of the other nurses popped tuna fish sandwich in the fridge would you mind very much if i had i’m so hungry now um so that was all good wasn’t it so she came back and there was a little brown lunch bag little paper bag and there was my sandwich in there there was a yoga there was

digested alpaca too digested biscuits and just a little tiny thing of um pineapple juice i couldn’t face anything else my gosh that sandwich was the nicest tuna fish sandwich i’ve ever had let me tell you but didn’t it take some eating my mouth because of the morphine and everything was so drawn a little [ __ ] like that you know your mouth will dry on and it was wholemeal bread and i drank gallons and gallons of water they were just filling up my jug filling up my jug filling up my junk um i drank so much water in there and every time i ate a mouthful or something i can swallow it and i thought kind of chokes a mouthful of water but it was always that lovely um so that’s it really guys that’s how i how how it all went for me um now my surgery took just over six hours six and a bit hours i was in actual surgery i was out of action obviously the whole day um i knew it was going to be a long one because i knew it was a complicated break and i knew she did say there’d be a lot of blood loss there would be um due to the fact that they had to take the ends off the bones a lot of work involved let’s just put it that way shall we and obviously my my wound my cut is all along the front of my arm and obviously it was open so i’ve had to go through muscle and obviously lift certain things out of the way so that they could get the plate in there and obviously whatever they put that in with and they cement it as well don’t they and screw it and i’ve got screws going all the way down my arm to secure the play this up here has been giving me the most pain up here i’ve got the plate is screwed into my the ball of the shoulder socket and i think that’s probably what’s giving me the most pain because that’s probably the thickest part isn’t it um i would insert some photographs here for you to see an x-ray of what that looks like now it’s in my arm um now what i’m going to say to you now is before i had this done like when i knew i was going to have surgery what do you do what do you do i google things right so i googled and i youtubed a lot of videos to see what people were like recovering post surgery early days post surgery of you know their broken humorous fracture for the repair to that and i saw some horrifying stories and there was one that i saw that was that filled me with confidence let’s just say that most of them were people saying it was the most painful thing i’ve ever done it was as painful as when i first did it i wished i’d never had it done i wish i just left it and stuff like that didn’t fill me with a lot of confidence and i even said to my surgeon like the day when i came home incidentally i came home late on the wednesday so i was in tuesday i had my surgery tuesday and i was out on wednesday now i was obviously recovered enough to be able to come home also they don’t want you to hang around in hospital i didn’t want to be hanging around in hospital for obvious reasons right now and my surgeon said to me how do you feel in yourself about this is it what you expected and i said you know what i went into it thinking it would be the worst case scenario that i would experience maybe even more pain that i did when i first broke it and it and it hasn’t been that i said maybe because i expected that i don’t know but it hasn’t it wasn’t anywhere near as painful as when i did it that’s not to say it isn’t painful because it is but it’s a different type of pain um for a start now i’ve got the plate in here and it’s everything’s all the bone’s all been screwed to it and everything my arm’s not all floppy moving around and bones or getting stuck in different places it’s i you know it’s where it should be everything’s fixed into place i can um if i wanted

to touch something with the palm of my hand on this hand i can without it traveling and making me feel sick because of course everything’s fixed and in its right place um so i just wanted to say if you or anyone you know is about to or in the future has to go through this type of surgery um please show them this video because i’m going to give you a more positive outlook to it i for me i it’s been something that i’ve been wishing and willing for for about or 14 15 months something like that just to get my life back yeah it’s uncomfortable it’s going to be i’ve had you know um just over six hour operation i’ve had a lot of work done in here um but it’s it’s it’s all good i am just so grateful i am so grateful to miss lewis who i would advocate as such an amazing surgeon and i am so glad in hindsight that i didn’t get it fixed straight away because had i got it fixed straight away would it be as good as she’s done it would it be i don’t know but she’s made a fantastic job of it and i will be forever grateful and the whole team were wonderful as everybody at the qa hospital in portsmouth is amazing um yeah i feel i feel good i have my moments and yesterday i felt really groggy yesterday but i think it’s to do with a lot of my medication i’m still on a lot of pain medication but also because i do suffer with rheumatoid arthritis and other things um they’ve had to stop some of that medication i had to stop some of my medication for two weeks leading up to surgery i’ve had to stop that i’m not allowed to continue with that medication until two weeks after surgery so i’m missing a lot of the meds that help with my joints right now so i’m you know getting a lot of pains from joints i wouldn’t necessarily normally have because my meds would look after that but you know all i think you know what is two weeks of my life and then just get it better so i go back to see miss lewis on the 19th of october um she’s gonna obviously undress it she’s going to if it’s healed on the outside which it should be she will remove the clips then send me to x-ray fingers crossed everything’s fine on the x-ray and then it will be a case of um physiotherapy i mean i’m moving things already i’m obviously i’m not going mad i’m just doing little things like i can move my shoulder up and down it’s quite painful and stiff to do it but i’m doing it and i do i’m constantly moving my hand and my fingers keeping that moving because they’re the joints i don’t want to get stiff um so yeah it it went very very well as i said i have my moments and i just think it’s part of the healing process then like now i’m fine i thought i’m gonna get this video out gonna get this video out because i feel okay but this afternoon you know i could just be like i am so tired i need to go to sleep near years and um and i just think that’s the way your body copes with healing if if you then become really tired you sleep you rest and that helps with the healing process um so yes my loves that is it a quick infield update chat about how it went i’m really positive about it i am so thankful as i’ve said to all the nhs staff i am so thankful to all of you for all your fabulous messages i mean you i tell you what just seeing all those messages i’ve tried to reply to some some there are so many and but it’s amazing that there are so many um but be assured i read every single one and they mean so much to me i um i’ve received beautiful gifts from some of you as well i mean you have no idea what that means to me no idea i feel like i’m sharing this like i’m sat down in the room with you i’m having a good old

copper and you’re saying to me come on let’s see how did it go and i’m telling you you know that’s what it feels like it feels like natural now um but yeah i’ve got this little top on just a little bandeau top because for ease i got charmed bottoms underneath bottom half and then this can just be pulled up and i’ve got worry about brass i had a t-shirt like a little vest stop on the other day that was a little bit more difficult to get on and off i have to confess so i’m just taking the easy the easy router yeah personal care at the moment um so i’ll stand up and show you oh okay so as you can see um very difficult to dress up here so this is like um a dressing that’s a little bit like skin they tell me so this goes all the way down to i can’t reach over there but down to sort of my ankle up my ankle gosh i’d have a problem with my ankles there if i move that up there if i can do that my elbow there so it’s dressed all the way down i mean it’s got this all the way down and then it’s got this dressing around here but obviously this area is a bit more difficult to do um so yeah that’s what it looks like this sling is just for my support to make me feel more comfortable when i go to bed i have to put a cushion next to me to put for the whole of my arm to be sat on to help to support it and then with another cushion underneath my hand so that my hand is up so i’m like that on the on the cushion okay on the pillow and then another one when my hand is like that to stop any swelling if you like that you’re going to get swelling up like that you’re not going to get any swelling so that’s what i do with my hand right now we are sleeping separately chris and i so that i can have the middle of the bed and just have as much room and be comfortable also then i’ve got room to the side of me to have the pillows for my arm um and chris is in the spare bed he’s we’ve got a double bed in there so he’s okay which means he can sleep better because he will be he would worry that he’d lean on me or roll over on me so this way i’m comfortable i’m not gonna be knocked or anything and chris is okay in that room in there because he can sleep he doesn’t have to worry about disturbing me um so yeah that’s just how it is at the moment so i want to do this catch up but please share if you know anyone that’s going to be going through this then please tell them don’t despair because there are some horror stories out there and it could be perfectly i’m not saying that’s not true it could be perfectly true for that one particular person um maybe it depends on how you manage pain i have got a really high pain threshold and actually chris is always saying to me you stop telling her how high your pain threshold is because you’re not going to get as much help but need it i you know i’ll take it if i need it i’m not a martyr um but yeah i wanted to do this catch up with you and i now need a drink and i can feel my eyes are starting to go a little bit i’m starting to get a bit tired now so i’ve like put a lot of energy into this um and thank you so much my lovelies for watching all of my videos and my progress um i probably won’t come on every day and do a progress thing now because at the moment it’s kind of a bit samey but now i’ve got the whole sort of thing experience out there to you um i’ll probably pop on every sort of couple of days or just on my normal uploads which i tend to normally upload monday wednesday friday however it’s it’s flocked over at the moment so i’ve tried to get a few more out so i’m gonna just see how it goes okay so just look out for some videos you might see some extra ones because it’s for october um i hope you’ve enjoyed this video and my little update if you have please give me a nice big thumbs up that helps my channel out if you haven’t subscribed i’d love you too i’d love you to subscribe to my channel and i will talk to you all in my next video and again thank you so much for supporting me thank you talk to you in the next one bye my lovelies