2nd wave of Corona Virus infections in Europe & Other Top News | NEWS NIGHT | 16.10.2020

good evening the campaigning ahead of u.s presidential polls is moving at a feverish pace as president donald trump and democratic challenger joe biden held simultaneous town hall broadcast attacking their opponents policies and views on the matter of importance we will tell you all about that but our top focus tonight is on why europe is battling a resurgence of kobet 19 and that’s a bigger wave than what we saw in the first instance in the first wave that is uh all that and more in this edition of news night amanda acharya first up the headlines prime minister narendra modi to address 12 rallies in pole bound bihar starting with sasaram on the 23rd of october bjp president j.p nadda and other bjp leaders campaigning for bjp candidates in bihar jdu rjd and congress leaders two step up campaigning in the state bjp takes on lgp days after lgp quit nda in bihar terms ljp as a vote cutter party pratasha breaker of the bjp charges chiraq password with misleading people by taking the name of bjp leaders in his statements exists confidence that nda will win by three-fourths majority in behalf prime minister narendra modi terms the recent pro-forma reforms carried out by the government as key to doubling farmer’s income says measures will check middlemen in the system agriculture minister narendra singh thomas says attempts are on to mislead on the new farm legislations mos finance and iraq taco interacts with farmers in latina and moga says they won’t end mondays on 75th anniversary of the fao prime minister raindra modi shows praise on india’s farmers releases a commemorative coin of 75 rupees denomination to mark the occasion dedicates to the nation 17 recently developed bio-fortified varieties of paid crops since the country is committed to the welfare of poor and to food security central pollution control board attributes to local and regional factors as reasons behind rising pollution levels and delhi ncr states are being taken on board to control the pollution levels supreme court forms a monitoring committee under the chairmanship of former judge but then be local to stop stubble burning india’s fight against covert 19 gains strength over 70 000 patients cured in 24 hours recovered cases are eight times more than the active cases recovery rate rises to 87.56 percent health ministry sends a high-level central teams to kerala karnataka rajasthan chhattisgarh and west bengal to help reduce the rate of transmission second wave of covert 19 grips europe several european countries impose new restrictions to tackle the pandemic curfew to be imposed in nine cities of france including paris campaigning picks up a pace ahead of november 3 u.s election a day trump and biden participate in dueling town halls in two different cities of the us take each other on on their policies our top focus tonight prime minister narendra modi has said that the government is committed to protect the minimum support price and government procurement of crops he loaded the new agriculture related acts and he stressed that they will strengthen the mondays adding that the new legislations will ensure that middlemen will have no role in the sale of farm produce in markets he added that a large network of farmer producer organizations are also being created to bring revolutionary changes in the lives of small farmers he further assured that farmers will also be assured of good returns for their produce due to these new provisions the narendra modi government is committed to doubling farmers income and has been constantly working towards achieving this end farmers are now more empowered than ever before at the same time the government has strengthened procurement and the public distribution system prime minister narendra modi described the recent laws passed by parliament as very important in expanding

the agricultural sector and in increasing farmers income the prime minister said that more than 2500 crore rupees has been invested in creating better infrastructure in agricultural mondays the prime minister described msp and government procurement as an important part of the country’s food security and assured that the new system has eliminated the middlemen the prime minister said that to give strength to small farmers work on forming 10 000 farmer producers organizations is progressing fast the prime minister said that the essential commodities act too has been amended to facilitate foreign agriculture and farmers welfare minister narendra singh thomar reiterated the government’s result to double farmers income he made it clear that the new laws do not harm farmers but vested interests have been trying to confuse farmers about the situation the addressed farmers in ludhiana and moga in punjab through video conferencing he explained how the government is taking measures for the welfare of farmers he accused the congress of duplicity and spreading falsehoods foreign the agricultural reforms are for the welfare of farmers the government has been committed to the rights of farmers and in doubling farmers income these reforms further reinforce those objectives which held in the mishra and chandrasekhar newsnite desk td india prime minister narendra modi released a commemorative coin of 75 rupees denomination to mark the 75th anniversary of the fao and dedicated to the nation 17 recently developed bio-fortified varieties of crops on the occasion he greeted the people who are constantly working to remove malnutrition and said that while they have filled the greenery of india with their hard work they are also helping the government in reaching the poorest of the poor he added due to all these efforts india is fighting a strong fight against malnutrition even in this crisis of corona prime minister narendra modi heartily praised the nation’s farmers on the occasion of world food day on friday he said while the country’s bread producers have filled the nation’s granaries with their hard work they are also helping the government reach out to the poorest of the poor in far corners of the country

the prime minister released a 75 rupees commemorative coin on the 75th anniversary of the food and agriculture organization or the fao and dedicated to the nation 17 recently developed bio fortified varieties of eight crops these will not only improve yield but also boost the nutritional value of the produce the prime minister said that the fao has played a key role in improving farm yield eliminating hunger and improving nutrition not only in india but in the entire world bharat saheed a the prime minister also said that his government took the battle against malnutrition forward after coming to power in 2014 by working on a multi-pronged strategy the national nutrition mission was initiated and at the same time each of those factors were targeted which contributed to malnutrition in the country who possibly underlining the nation’s commitment to the poor and food security the prime minister said that the number of being provided free food grain in the country at present is more than the population of the european union and the u.s put together he added that while the entire world has been struggling with kovid 19 pandemic since the last few months india’s farmers have broken last essential agricultural the prime minister expressed the wish that problems of the world’s poorest of poor are sorted out and said that india will work with all its might along with the rest of the world to attain the goal news night desk dd india and now our top focus and that is on the second wave that is engulfing the whole of europe from france to britain from netherlands to the czech republic european countries are confronting a surge in coronavirus cases that is fast filling hospital beds leading to higher death tolls and raising the possibility of further lockdowns in economies already battered by the pandemic the continent which once compared favorably to the united states and its handling of the pandemic is being engulfed by a second wave of infection and with an average of more than one lakh new infections per day over the past week europe now accounts for about one-third of new cases reported worldwide here’s a look at the measures that are being adopted by some of the worst-hit countries in europe france figures amongst the worst hit european countries by the second wave of covert 19 on thursday it reported a record daily high of 30 621 new corona virus cases over the past 24 hours as france battles with the surge president emmanuel macron announced a strict four-week curfew from nine in the night to six in the morning in paris and eight other big cities starting saturday while weddings parties and public gatherings of more than six people will be forbidden all restaurants theaters

and similar businesses will have to shut by nine in the night the french government declared a public health state of emergency giving officials greater powers to impose new measures to contain the spread of covert 19 this comes amid protests by healthcare workers across france against exhausting working conditions during the pandemic decrying long working hours physical exhaustion and lack of beds for patients london europe’s top financial center has rolled out tighter covered 19 restrictions from midnight on friday as prime minister boris johnson seeks to tackle a swiftly accelerating second coronavirus wave the measures were necessitated by the fact that in london 11 boroughs are seeing more than 100 new cases a week per 100 000 people the worst hit areas are richmond hackney and the city of london ealing redbridge and harrow health secretary matt hancock has announced that london as well as the adjacent heavily populated county of sx would be put on high alert level up from medium so working closely with the mayor with cross-party council leadership with local public health officials and the national team we’ve together agreed that london needs to move to local covert alert level high russia’s daily tally of new coronavirus cases surged to a record high of over 15 000 including over 5000 in the capital moscow authorities in moscow said qr code system would be introduced at late night entertainment venues from october 19 in an effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus german chancellor angela merkel and governors of its 16 federal states have agreed to tighten mask-wearing rules while also mandating bars to close early in areas where coronavirus infection rates are high germany is reporting more than 5 000 infections the country’s highest daily figure in about 6 months the czech republic has the worst infection record in europe a state of emergency was introduced on the 5th of october followed by escalating series of restrictions its hospitals are bracing for a surge in covert 19 patients as the number of hospitalized reaches six times the peak seen during the first wave of the virus the dutch returned to partial lockdown as covered 19 cases saw dutch prime minister mark root announced closing bars and restaurants as his country becomes one of europe’s major hotspots in spain the madrid region is the worst hit where intensive care occupancy of coronavirus patients has reached 38 compared with the national average of around 19 percent two spanish regions catalonia and navarre have announced new measures to contain the outbreak the spanish region of catalonia ordered bars and restaurants to close for 15 days from thursday night onwards and limited the number of people allowed in shops in navarre gatherings will be limited to six people from tuesday and bars and restaurants will be closed at 10 in the night with covert 19 cases surging in europe authorities are imposing new restrictions to try and control the pandemic with the w.h.o warning that europe’s daily covert deaths could reach 5 times april peak without effective countermeasures the continent seems in a long haul news night desk dd india let’s now take a look at the map of the european continent and take a look at those countries which are reporting the highest number of cases as far as the second wave of cobit 19 which has engulfed europe is concerned these are the 21 countries which are blinking where there are the highest number of cases in the second wave of covert 19 in the whole of europe the worst affected being great britain there you can see it and also czech republic so these two countries being the worst affected the rest of them also are waging a battle with the second wave of kovit 19. so that’s the situation as far as the whole of europe is concerned and remember that there are three tier cover 19 restrictions that have been imposed in the uk what does tier 1 mean tier 1 is the medium level of restriction there are baseline rules that apply for most of the country except where rates are either very high or are the highest and for that there is tier 2 and tier 3 we’ll tell you about that later well follow the rule of six if meeting indoors or outdoors the rule of six applies if you have to meet anyone indoors and outdoors here’s what it means socializing in groups larger than six people prohibited whether indoors or outdoors so you can’t socialize with more than six people either indoors or outdoors as far as this first year of restriction is concerned also pubs and restaurants have to shut at 10 pm so this is what the first year of restriction means in the united kingdom and that announcement was made yesterday

tier 2 is the high level of restriction where all has it been imposed well london essex york are some of those places which are in tier two where there are high level of restrictions not medium not the highest no household mixing indoors is allowed at those places where there are tier two level of restrictions london the capital is one such place rule of six will apply outdoors here so if you’re going outdoors you can’t mingle or have you know more than six people together in a gathering and that too has to be done with social distancing pubs and restaurants to shut at 10 pm this is what we saw in the first year of restrictions as well this has been retained in the second tier of restrictions as well and then there is the highest phase of restrictions or the highest tier of restrictions which is tier 3 which is very high liverpool city region is the only area which is currently in this highest tier so this is what the situation is and what really does this entail the tier 3 level of restrictions for no household mixing indoors or outdoors and hospitality venues or private gardens so no mixing allowed our indoors or outdoors and hospitality venues and private gardens rule of six here applies to outdoor public spaces like park so if you’re going to a park you cannot have a gathering of more than six people well pubs and bars not serving meals will have to be closed for the time being so that is what it means at all those places where there are tier three restrictions and i tell you told you about liverpool being the only place there where this restriction has been imposed guidance against traveling in and out of the area this is what we see when we see the indian context as far as containment zones are concerned we see this in containment zones and this is what we are seeing as far as tier 3 restrictions liverpool area in uk is concerned so movement would be restricted there and what does the who really have to say as far as the second wave in europe is concerned and the kind of damage that it is doing well who has a word of caution there daily deaths could reach five times april peak within months this is what the who has said and who says that that is why you need to take counter measures in order to stop that from happening covert 19 is the fifth leading cause of deaths in europe this is what who has said so that is the kind of damage that kobut 19 is really doing to lives in europe cobra 19 claiming over 1 000 lives in a day in europe so that’s the daily death toll in europe according to the who in the european continent tighter controls introduced this week could save lives so there is a touch of optimism as well other than the touch of caution that we just told you about so if these tighter controls are implemented well many lives could be saved that’s what the who says we’ll take a break at this point in time after the break we’ll analyze why in the first place has the second wave come to europe is it because of the pandemic the nature of the pandemic that is or are other some other reasons we’ll talk about that and more after a short break foreign welcome back you are watching news night and in focus tonight is how europe is battling a resurgence of covert 19 to talk about that we have with us a special panel of guests professor harshbands distinguished fellow orf is joining us dr harinder sikko senior consultant vif is with us and indranil basu ray cardiologist and professor university of memphis from memphis in the u.s so i welcome you all to news night and i come to you dr panth on what really do you make of the reasons behind the second wave of covert 19 infections in europe is it something that has got to do with the nature of pandemic you feel if that’s what epidemiologists believe or is it because of complacency or poor planning what would you say um it’s very uh you know difficult to figure out one particular argument as to what is happening but clearly uh you know if you look at the changing weather pattern for example in europe it’s it’s getting colder there so perhaps you know the the changing weather is one reason why perhaps we are witnessing a renewed surge the other point perhaps which is important to consider is what happened in the first phase and whether the european nations were perhaps

a bit complacent in their approach so leadership there in in country after country uh tried to uh you know uh dismantle the restrictions relatively early because economically it has proven to be very very damaging and so clearly there have been there are good economic reasons for doing that but maybe those economic reasons led to this complacency amongst people who felt that things are getting better and perhaps the the relative return to normalcy was a bit and you know the kind of anticipation with which it was welcomed and that perhaps led to this second wave where we have you know which seemingly is getting out of control as we speak so i think there are you know there can be reasons about whether there can be reasons about policy decision making but one thing is certain that no country when when it looks back today whenever you know this this pandemic is relatively over no country would have would be able to credibly claim that they managed it well all those countries that had one point we said our great success stories uh have come back you know that argument has come back to haunt them so clearly no one template has been you know countries have been able to figure out a template or no good template which perhaps is working across the world and i think this resurgence in europe is one example in countries like germany for example what is happening germany weathered this first wave very very well but again when you look at the numbers today it’s a bit disconcerting what is happening in germany so i think that the reasons can be varied but no good template has yet been found of properly managing this pandemic absolutely mr ray since you are in the united states and uh we are seeing that europe once compared favorably to the us that’s not the case any longer what do you make of what’s really gone wrong in europe at this point in time is it the nature of the pandemic since you must have studied the pattern that this pandemic is following in different parts of the world very closely or is there more to it yeah i think uh i agree with dr pont basically there are three different aspects that is called causing this search um which actually uh in the europe this is the second surge what they call in america actually they are now expecting a third surge especially in five to six states first reason is number one is because it’s getting cold outside so people tend to stay inside so whenever you’re in a covered space there’s more chance of getting irresolved virus and getting infected uh so that is number one number two is most of the festive season in the western world circles around this time you have the thanksgiving at the end in november uh christmas is coming so that is another reason people visit uh their families who may be even far away and carry the virus with them and third last but not the least is is the fact that in certain places particularly in six or seven places states in europe which includes italy netherland france russia there has been quite a good control of covid in the summer and that prompted people to be less careful and started going out some of the jobs opened up restaurants were opened up you could see people even sitting outside or inside eating in restaurants in europe and particularly in germany there are many such cases so all these three together actually accentuated the infection and as you know this is a virus which kills more than influenza this is a virus which is much more effective than influenza so any such things where you do not follow the normal pattern of keeping at least six fixed distance and wearing a mask you are liable to get infection anyway that’s i think the three mr ray how would you compare the situation in europe and in the united states to how if you could hear me i was asking you that how would you compare uh india’s handling of the coronavares pandemic considering that we had set our targets for instance we had set a target initially of crossing 10 lakh tests by the end of august we achieved that well ahead of schedule and here we are looking at you know countries like for instance in the united kingdom there’s a long queue of people waiting to get their tests done and netherlands is thinking of hiring the labs in abu dhabi despite the fact that it is known the world over for its best healthcare system so to speak so what would you say has been you know the difference in the way india has handled this pandemic and european countries of the us have so i think till now india has handled it quite well it is important also to understand that the pandemic will spread that is the rule even in india the numbers will increase but the good news is that based on uh lost uh india like 67 000 cases which is

possibly the highest in the world but remember it is much less than the number of cases we had in august so it looks like whatever the government is doing whatever the people are doing now the trajectory here is quite of a plateau uh the number of cases one thing that is very important to understand between the india’s response and the response uh in some of the other countries is in europe particularly there are a lot of countries which did not actually put in lockdowns the way india did and that prevented a lot of mortality that would have taken place had india kept things open at that time second thing is india is obviously a much huger population and it is much more difficult to have public education to do that for example you still see cases in the united states of america but people going to the beach or people attending political rallies without any uh mask at all so that’s a problem everywhere but i think till now they have been able to connect and the problem with europe as i said before was um a large population of europe were exposing themselves in different ways people were going to their jobs without taking care without maintaining distance there was social interaction and as as you know uh england yesterday night they were still at night blocked uh you could not stay indoors with anybody else other than your own family so any sort of social interaction was bad many countries closed their shops by 10 o’clock some even 9 o’clock so these had they done this much before uh would have been better i’m not i’m not saying that they should have locked down it’s good lockdown has its own problem but at least social interaction should have been strictly controlled to prevent the spread of this epidemic which unfortunately has not been done in in many countries i’ll give you one small example yes take for example los angeles los angeles had the largest number of cases even before new year whereas new york had 10 times more debts what is the reason los angeles completely clap to clamp down you know people and not only it clamped down even in the offices people were asked to give tips if somebody failed to maintain distances they were reported if somebody failed to enter a shop without a mask they were not allowed to enter so today los angeles is in a way better place than some of the other as you know there are over absolute million debts in america but uh a contribution from california is way low so it all depends how you how you tackle it and i guess india till now has been doing good despite the fact remember india has more population okay mr ray let’s take this point uh further with uh doctors five or six countries that is responsible for europe’s increase in number india has more population than that so it’s not an easy job but i think till now they have been doing a good job absolutely dr seko we’ve seen how in india prime minister has recently launched a campaign to create mass awareness here in darshan we’ve launched a moscow india campaign in order to tell people that it’s important to wear your masks properly and all the time especially when you’re interacting with anyone what do you think india is doing right which u.s or europe isn’t i don’t think it’s a question of doing right or wrong we’re all doing the same thing in fact i would think that india faces bigger challenges because as the doctor before we just said that given the humongous size of a population it is very difficult to control the population but at the same time i think uh indians may be more resilient as well because of the tough living conditions our population goes through but you know awareness is one thing some people are following social distancing and some are not so it is something which i think even the western world is grappling with the situation of uh creating awareness it’s not even if people are aware uh i think the temptation to digress from the norms which are being laid down is too much india has tried to create awareness people are aware but unfortunately we also face a number of challenges like access to clean drinking water and there is a very uh strong you know the social infrastructure is inadequate because a lot of our population lives in highly cramped spaces so how are they going to i mean you have labor living in uh rooms and all so i mean of course sanitization and all is happening but even the hotels which are you know the fancy five-star hotels you do not know under what conditions the staff lives but i think where india has done right is having these sanitization tunnels you go to a hospital

you go to an a mall you pass through a sanitized you know a tunnel which sanitizes you so maybe that and you know the campaign on tv does educate people and there is the fear also you know amongst the people who cannot uh afford social distancing and they’re living in cramped spaces they’re also very fearful because they are the ones who face the economic brunt of the pandemic they are the ones who were laid off jobs uh and the economy uh you know the economic fallout has impacted them the maximum so they also want to be more careful so i think you know it is the pub going class which may be more slack now and that is why you find that a lot of educated people are falling victim to the corona virus and we’ve been able to reduce even in delhi i think the last three days the numbers have started going up but then given the size of a population i think percentage-wise we’ve done pretty fine uh the government has geared up and the prime minister has come up with you know a lot of talk and a lot of media presence yes it’s showing in the numbers as well our recovery rate is far far higher it is well over the 80 percent mark well dr panth uh you know on the situation in france we know that very soon uh there will be curfew imposed for the night hours in france from nine in the night to six in the morning and francis also declared a state of emergency we also saw how france was in a tight spot first time around when there was a first spike of cases so what do you think are the issues or challenges that a country like france is facing why is it battling peak after peak well i think you know one thing that this crisis has done is to expose the vulnerabilities in the so-called developed worlds medical infrastructure and i think you know a lot of these countries uh in the in the west in western europe were very complacent about their about their medical facilities they are you know because the numbers were never that high you know you could deal with with relatively few numbers in you know with the degree of sophistication that was available and that was seen to be emblematic of a good medical system and i think what has happened in a number of these western countries including france that that idea has been exposed very you know extremely as is one which is extremely shallow and hollow and i think that’s that’s where the the the initial problem that france was facing was that it just could not cope up with the numbers that were expanding and that that was also the case in spain that was also the case in italy but once numbers started coming down i think it was quite extraordinary that you know the the decision makers in several countries including in france decided that the time is right for uh you know making things relatively at ease and i think that’s where the sense of complacency set in amongst a lot of ordinary french men and women that perhaps it’s all right to you know lead life as normal quote unquote and i think that that has created the spiral now which i think the policy makers are finding it very difficult to uh to control and if you if you if you allow me you know if you compare the indian situation where i think two things happened one indian prime minister you know when there is a lot of debate around indian lockdown but what what from a public policy perspective what did that lockdown decision do it shook up the system you know it it made people realize the gravity of the situation that the situation is so serious that the country has to come to a halt for so many weeks so therefore you better take care of yourself you better take care of your family you better take care of your health and i think that kind of you know that kind of a response we have not seen in western european countries so therefore now that they are struggling with the second wave there is a realization that perhaps you know the decision making should be more robust in in this case and a public policy response should be more robust and i think uh we’ve yes uk has declared a three-tier uh you know lockdown system as which you were describing earlier you will also see in france a strong very strongly worded statement by senior decision makers that you know this is really a crisis situation i think they’ve learned from their past mistakes and perhaps they are going down a route this time around when they are taking critical decisions at a very early stage in this in this second round mr ray how do you see the fact that uk instead of going in for a nationwide lockdown has actually gone in for a three layered system of restrictions is that something that makes sense from the economic point of view so that you know the wheels of economy keep running and the transmission rate can also be controlled at the same time or would you prefer a nationwide lockdown at this stage considering the number of people who are waiting to get their tests done

well so there’s been a ton of research on lockdowns not only that india did and a bunch of other countries did it’s not pretty clear that while logged on helps lockdown has many problems of it other than a severe economic disaster it has also disaster at the personal level there’s increased anxiety there’s increased depression there is increased stress um there is abuse family abuse of children of ladies so lockdown is not a easy thing plus it has got other racial and other characteristics for example people with lower economic section people with minority tend to get abuse when you have lockdown and things like this so lockdown unfortunately is not the best way what has been the best way now is bringing in regulation that will prevent people from coming to one place and the best way to do is the way they are trying to do now though there is really no research on this but based on the research on lockdown and the effects that are seen in europe in us in multiple other countries it is clear that completely blank lockdown from morning to evening is not a good idea so now what they’re trying to do is trying to bring in less crowd out trying to make sure people follow their norms like wearing masks keeping their distance at the same time people can attend offices go to their jobs so that they can keep their economy running so other than health different aspects of life is badly affected when you have complete lockdown and though there is a lot of controversy there is understanding that unlike what was thought before lockdown has failed to stem the virus because this is a very very effective virus it has completely failed to stem the virus so that’s why most of the new idea that is uh prevalent in the uh in the field of social medicine is trying to bring in not a complete lockdown so essentially you are saying that the details the restrictions system is better in the scenario than a complete lockdown and thank you well uh uh mr basu ray and dr harinder seko and uh professor panda thank you so much for having joined us on news night tonight well let’s move on now our prakash avraker union minister for environment forest and climate change has asserted that india will meet its paris climate commitments several years ahead of the 2030 target in an interview to a bloomberg channel which is a provider of primary research on clean energy advanced transport to digital industry innovative materials and commodities he said that india is the only country among the top five emitters whose actions are compatible with a two degree warming scenario here are the main points of the interaction well he said that india has the national clean air program with city specific plans for 122 cities india is measuring air quality in 328 cities in the first phase of ncap india has concentrated on cities which are facing real problems as far as pollution is concerned india wants to move fast on the field of electric mobility it is expanding both electric vehicles and charging infrastructure it has already provided more than 1000 e-buses in various cities including delhi on the question of priorities jawbreaker issued a list of three main issues one is to ensure that the industrial growth happens takes place with transparency and more importantly with cleaner practices he said that i understand that we are not part of the problem but we want to be part of the solution he added that the prime minister is very passionate on climate and has brought to the table two new issues of climate justice and lifestyle he said that india wants to actually ask the world to also report actions on lifestyle issues whether they are really compromising on something you pointed out that average per capita power consumption is 1100 units per year whereas that of the developed world is around 11 000 units india’s cars per 1000 people are just 25 to 30 and theirs is around 300 to 600 that is the real issue he pointed out so you don’t ask india to do more well bjp has taken on ljp days after ljp quit nda in bihar terming ljp as a vote cutter party union minister and senior bjp leader prakash javrakar charged ljp president chiraq password with misleading people by taking the name of bjp leaders in his statements prakash exuded confidence that nda will

win bihar polls by no less than three-fourths majority as bihar gears up for the polls campaigning of various political parties has also gained momentum the india alliance which is already playing on the front foot got further strengthened with the announcement of prime minister narendra modi’s election campaign dates at a press conference on friday bjp’s election in charge of bihar david rafat navis gave information about pm modi’s scheduled rallies in the state prime minister narendra modi will hold 12 campaign rallies in pole bound behalf on october 23 he will hold rallies in sasaram gaya and bhagalpur on 28th of october the prime minister will hold rallies in tarbanga muzaffarpur and patna on november 1 he will hold rallies in chapra east jamparin and samasthipur on november 3 ranis in west champaran sahirsa and arya will be held chief mr nitish kumar all nda candidates will be present with the prime minister at every rally many state-level bjp leaders will also be there in view of the covert 19 pandemic the prime minister’s rallies will be broadcast on led in all nearby grounds in the states ravishankar prasad held a press conference on behalf of the nda and patna today targeting the opposition parties he said that there is talk of development in bihar under nitish kumar’s leadership electricity and water are available in all the villages city foreign and he said that the political culture of the country has changed after prime minister narendra modi took over and that politicians now had to show their report card to the public also kicked off his campaigning on friday hitting out at nitish kumar government he said that the government is tired and can’t govern the state voting for bihar’s 243 seats will be held in three phases in the first phase 71 assembly constituencies will vote on october 28th bureau report newsnite desk dd india it has a fight against covert 19 is gaining strength over 70 000 patients have been cured in the last 24 hours recovered cases are eight times more than active cases and the recovery rate has risen to 87.56 percent the union health ministry has ascend high-level central teams to kerala karnataka rajasthan chhattisgarh and

west bengal to help in reducing the rate of transmission in those states india continues to perform exceptionally well in the fight against covert 19 the country continues to report one of the lowest deaths per million population in the world case fatality rate has been on the downslide continuously at the current figure of 1.52 it is the lowest since the 22nd of march 2020 while higher number of recoveries has aided the national recovery rate to further improve to 87.56 percent maintaining the spree of registering more recoveries than the new confirmed cases 17 338 single day recoveries were registered in the last 24 hours as against 63 371 new confirmed cases the total recovered cases stand at 64 lakh 53 779 presently the active cases comprise nearly 10.92 percent of the total positive cases of the country standing at eight lakh four thousand five hundred and twenty eight meanwhile dr harshvardhan chaired a meeting of autonomous institutions of the department of science and technology and the council of scientific and industrial research on covert appropriate behavior via video conference the ministry of health and family welfare has deputed high-level central teams to kerala karnataka rajasthan chattisgurt and west bengal the teams will support the state efforts towards strengthening containment surveillance testing infection prevention and control measures and efficient clinical management of the positive cases the central teams shall guide in effectively managing the challenges related to timely diagnosis and follow-up these states have been reporting a surge in the number of new covert cases in the recent days newsnite desk dd india the government has decided to liberalize the fdi regime for entities engaged in the news digital media sector accordingly entities engaged in streaming of news and current affairs through digital media have been permitted fdi up to 26 to the government approval route the decision will apply to following entities digital media entities streaming news and current affairs on websites apps or other platforms news agencies catering to digital media entities news aggregators which aggregate news content from various sources the entity would adhere to the following conditions majority of directors on the board shall be indian citizens chief executive officer shall be an indian citizen entity will be required to obtain security clearance of all foreign personnel to be deployed for more than 60 days in a year following the decision of the central government allowing 26 fdi and a government approval route on uploading or streaming of current affairs and news through digital media the ministry of information and broadcasting will be considering in the near future to extend the following benefits presently available to traditional media to such entities also pib accreditation for its reporters cameramen videographers enabling them with better first-hand information and access including participation in official press conference and other such interactions persons with pib accreditation can also avail cghs benefits and concessional rail fare as per the existing procedure eligibility for digital advertisements to bureau of outreach and communication similar to self-regulating bodies in print and electronic media entities and digital media can form self-regulating bodies for furthering their interests and interaction with the government the results for niche 2020 have been announced by the nta 7 lakh 71 500 candidates have qualified the examination shoaib aftab of orisha has created history by scoring 720 out of 720 marks one more student has scored 10 percent marks in the examinations 56.44 candidates qualified neet exam this year the ministry of human resource development has established national testing agency as an independent autonomous and self-sustained premier testing organization for conducting tests in order to assess the competency of candidates for admissions to premier higher educational institutions the national eligibility [ __ ] entrance test undergraduate formerly the all india pre-medical test is an entrance examination in india for students who wish to study undergraduate medical courses and dental courses in government or private medical and dental colleges the central pollution control board on friday said that conditions in delhi have been extremely unfavorable for dispersion of pollutants since this september as compared to last year

cpcb member secretary prashanth gargov said that the pm10 concentration between the 1st of september and the 14th of october this year has been more as compared to the corresponding period last year the air pollution levels in delhi ncr are rising due to local and regional factors according to the central pollution control board authorities are getting prepared to deal with the problem shiv dasmina chairperson of the central pollution control board said that the air pollution levels in delhi ncr are rising due to other factors besides stable burning the cpcb has taken multiple steps to control pollution and because of that delhi ncr has witnessed a declining trend in pollution levels in the last couple of years the pollution watchdog has deployed 50 teams and put in place several steps for controlling winter air pollution in delhi as a part of efforts to check stubble burning which chokes delhi ncr every winter the supreme court on friday appointed retired justice madan b lokor a former judge of the top court to act as a one-man monitoring committee to prevent farm fires harvesting of crops in states of punjab haryana uttar pradesh and delhi cpcb member secretary prashant gargava said pm10 concentration this year has increased compared to the corresponding period last year common sources foreign air pollution levels are a great concern especially in north india with the onset of winters and change in weather delhi ncr and other parts of north india have already begun witnessing an increase in air pollution levels this adds to the challenge of controlling the spread of governed with inputs from vikas sarti tapashita charles report td india and it’s time to say goodbye but before we end we’ll remind you that it’s important to keep wearing your masks whenever you are out of your homes interacting with someone so be part of dd news’s mask up india campaign do wear your mass responsibility thanks for watching you