Cessna 150: Final Oregon Flight

okay buckled in more sweatshirts and I did she dump you got a little session in there to you I think I got battered English clear and you turn these two on yep when defense traffic cessna 160 58 on the ramp taxi to runway 34 I bet there’s some cool graveyards yeah who especially Arizona there’s some cool graveyards act on a seed like down by tucson and stuff the airliner oh yeah yeah think I’ve seen that from the highway yep mohave California hobby that’s a tool that’s the one I’ve seen yep yep going through Mojave here’s the trick with this is I would sit right here neither run out to do their up because they don’t want it blasted yeah I was real straight my controls free correct free and correct you’ll down down 1700 left leg drop a little right Peter duction gauge food four and six put their back to a thousand that okay all right let’s go depended traffic cessna 1605 a departing runway 34 to test there’s bit of a cross wind coming a little bit yeah so I actually yeah well actually kind of come right back at us now is yeah what that would suck at the other well maybe they’re both it looks pretty good all right my dad I guess but if it’s coming this way i’m from the west and i was turned this way right he’ll always go into it are you going again okay the cross so it’s coming from the east a little bit so maybe just a little bit like that not much though okay feet on the floor let’s rotate a little bit you ready to fly you know cool houses man I know there’s some pretty cool spots down there I’ll be so cool just to park your plane at your house I know those are the big garage as I dream up yeah cuz you gotta if you have a airplane hangar for garage you got room for some motorcycles and other stuff I have a friend who talks about you know it will feel like story so he’s got a bunch of motorcycles boats upping his girlfriend at the top you know says oh ah that’s what we like is you know you can get a cheap house and there’s lots of toys exactly these houses though don’t look cheap no I don’t think they’re cheap houses by any means but what you’re turning out everyone we like to see you get is there a certain altitude you have to be before you start clicking your turn 400 feet one or two hundred feet return 0 syl yep but if we’re lucky that it’s pretty much straight home yeah please

turn straight shot yes straights out here yeah oh you know just a little bit see if there’s anybody out there they may be dodged some rain showers yeah I went up to see skirt around somewhere you want me to cut it yeah let’s go to the right of it let’s get a look get away for back big black cloud exactly I have a little rain in it pretty sunny to the west I know it’s there’s some open spots that are not bad at all then there’s oratoria Golf did that golf course down there that’s outside of a Dallas I think but but no it’s a big golf course I’m just kidding i putt putt golf but I I don’t real golf very well in there are you golfer now I like hot rod but I I ctp you know I’ve got it’s like one of us it’s like video games to be it’ll take one of those things that were just completely encompass all your time and I just lick him ain’t nobody got time for that people are people get into it though and I mean the amount of money you can drop on clubs yeah balls and the clothing yeah it’s pretty yeah they do dress sharp they got that any type you can wear flat paints a public I think if you check out opportunity go ahead like right for these trees are and then shoot in that way sure there’s a little break right there sounds good now well you’ve got to see some different seasons now when did you start flying with me it was late in the summer wasn’t it who’s late spring great spring classes ok I think it was probably I guess it’s been about a year now okay cuz I just I just brought that other alley uh-huh and I was out cruising around so I got that in I think I got that in may maybe worse baby was something it was really something it was summer and I think one of the things that set us back for keep a training a lot was the daylight savings change yeah because I remember we were trained in a lot and it changed it was like crap is that it was getting dark at five o’clock and then I started working a lot hours to and then they worked you hard no I remember that I was kind of boy get it done in April yeah cuz you came out about a month ago or so indoor soccer me about it but yeah yeah no it’s all right if she go we’ve never done it at our dare fort so when I I know I that’s one thing we never got a chance to do yet so yeah Prescott will be different you’re gonna have to solar the tower anyway so oh yeah three takeoffs and landings at the tower we also didn’t get to do any good work really I think I done the sim once now we did the sim know so you have to do that and then it’s basically getting into your cross countries yeah i know but i would say you know really look around and find an instructor that you like and it’s a it’s hard looking for flight training how far from the airport are you going to be close oh cool okay means of you i think i’m about five I think I’m five miles from but that’s probably not gonna be much farther than that oh shoot that’ll be doing an airplane and someday would be pretty neat for that business because Arizona the weather’s besides out in the occasional thunderstorm it’s gorgeous yeah to cover a heck of a lot of ground with a 172 or 182 or something like that you know yeah we’ve certainly lived a lot of interesting places seem to be one florida and texas and arizona oregon washington where’d you leave washington seattle area of Kirkland bro when I worked for I was working on halo 4 for 343 industries okay kirkland washington and Bay Area San Frisco San Diego Los Angeles Albuquerque I’m actually going to be in san diego on Sunday that’s where my overnight is all right we have a pretty rough overnight there we get there and dude we start early in portland at 7am we get to San Diego dude and then we don’t leave san diego until 5pm the next day up nights shut up now give you my nephew’s phone number man he’ll beat you at the green flash there’s the Grail restaurant right pacific beach oh yeah yeah he loves it there we always go in right when Evan I

love San Diego I did the first overnight did last week I’ve got my buddy I’m gonna meet up there Joe yeah she says she pilot a seaport airlines oh they have a base in San Diego as well so should be gone I’m excited there are worse places to be at San Diego miss this place I I you know I was born in San Diego but I really felt I was with San Francisco uh-huh this place has been the favorably as I’ve been since San Francisco that’s you know including Austin and albuquerque what’s austin like I know it’s got a different feel for Texas but is it nice or is it yeah it’s like an oasis I think in Texas popular place I want to live in Texas is Austin yeah I lived there for a year I built I built a house right before disney hired me and I have taken it but that’s what I went to San Francisco but haha but it’s it’s really cool I mean there’s like it’s a very user friendly City if you wanna go downtown you can go downtown you’re up there’s no thinking about it like there is no lay or whatever but and and it looks like every weekend there’s like two things that happen in commuting why there’s a plane about to clock old r and so like you have to decide you want to go to the reggae festival or the ice cream festival you know it so there’s a big that’s cool you really keep the community involved and South by Southwest is there so you know it’s kind of a hippie community kind of a cowboy community very liberal stink mix for Texas though yeah that’sthat’s rights like an oasis in it to the hills you know I like it I Lake Travis is there it’s a big lot of water but if you used to growing up around the ocean but just doesn’t quite that’s kind of what i thought Madeline it’s great to figure it out very safe place pleasure Seattle is’t you see if you did well yeah I think we got a pretty big boot staff writer huh just built up a little bit ice there’s still enough humidity in the year today it’s kind of a perfect combination carburetor icing that’s what thinking Arizona you’re probably not gonna have much just sold you may be so dry we have tokeep in anita speedo I could just fly something that’s a fuel-injected injected yes there’s that too to be interesting breaking a new instructor I know give different perspective everybody has some good to offer though you know everybody’s got a little bit different perspective huh no I mean even fly with Emily you know Emily cut me some slack because she didn’t know what I knew uh-huh you know you you know what I know don’t know so you can get on me when I’m not know you or you’ve been an excellent student so I really wish I could have touched you the whole thing yeah me too Global Forum right here you want to shoot through it or you want me to go round up straight through time has a little bit of a wisp of a shower there right up against multitude hero isn’t even paying attention it’s all right well I’m glad the weather cooperated enough that when you get up Bianca chips really any wind look at that uh smoke over there on the hill yeah straight up do you there’s a plane right oh yeah cool keep an eye out or even see what he seconds coming underneath his head to the right a little bit sure out of his way too serious yeah oh there’s somebody else pretty dumb today are you anybody on the radio well that’s it going into midfield they’ll pull your car beat you see how the throttles crept down that you built the ice now that she’s back in he should doubt of it yet me a little bit ice buildup GPS sure is nicest I know yeah it’s amazing it’s easy to get stupid you got gps record for you it’s funny before the end of the GPS you know you you look for landmarks and you always know where that is where to turn or whatever its deadly changed a few things and not all of it for the better no satellites ever go down and

in your old school for sure I don’t grip this any Hardy Moyer when I’m on the cell play night I was watching a video of me and I was I was tied on the stick at least my hand looked like it was right it’s a different sensation isn’t it yeah totally I’ve been to the cell plate once if what was what my comment it was how did the fuel for I mean every little move really affects the cell plane and I my comment was that you could just we the slightest turn it felt like you could do a flat spin just get one spot it you could just do this but I saw so I’ll play it up there just turn like that I was like whoa there so I got it didn’t take much at all that they just you know that is even bank it just just over totally oh yeah I know we’re about five miles out Ranieri but all right yeah you’re 5.1 ok so that’s work wit so when your suit what you’re doing this but guys yes yemen and I start pulling your power because you’re going to start yeah you can just say you’re over the newer VOR they bound for me to his there’s the VOR to your left there to see it newport it would be a workin i Chuck testa 1605 a over the fourth VOR for food and for what ye do that a little bit but widows traffic cessna 729 or three tango Tea Party runway 20 widow web traffic cessna 160 58 on the left up with Ford away to whatever it’s somebody coming on one of the videos that they thought it was the craziest thing ever to take off directions its tariffs are clear from this runway Oh shoes like man it actually works really good if you’re you know it what if traffics us to 1605 a left downwind for runway 2 who knows traffic’s at the Niner three tango is the party near is to the southeast about blacktop what’s really black yeah I don’t know they haven’t done anything to us probably sweat yep water on there the numbers are beat out two out of 15 that was a claps you about 1,300 or so mi help ya that it when I was traffic busting 1605 a during left base runway 2 12 yo actually looking okay it’s full actually a little bit far out yes to see was what a shot successful 1605 a train Final Four only two of them at that a little white okay all right now will add just a little bit of power get over those trees your feet here too just a search sick anymore rhetoric you know not bad for three months not too bad at all awesome man very cool that’s one morning sure yeah take a beat one that’ll be fine no worries

Nassib steam coming off the runway as the yeah the heat melts the for the evaporator that’s rates the water yeah and let’s i will just tie it down for now i don’t think you know what else has it yeah what up traffic destined when sakura far they clear when we to club huh at a favorite spot whichever one you want put her back where we found her I see you’ve got the it’s not just orange anymore but there’s actually writing that tells you put the chains in the well i know i did that people not putting the chains of the way just throw it okay great way to suck him up at the mower Bob carving it radio is off now eggs yeah awesome well thankfully that’s great you still got it sir I’ve got something hahaha definitely all right nice need to get the get it all done for sure they’re well yeah I mean the good thing about Arizona is the weather is usually not a switching factor although I know it can be really windy there yeah I can you know wit pretty good fun with the wind I just want a BF hours oh yeah alright awesome man i will be up there yep so this is my last this is my last flight in Oregon as a tuesday i’m moving to Arizona so I have to lock down another cfi down there and finish my training in Arizona so I’m going to miss our organ my instructor Kelly has been really awesome it’s been a great experience I’ve loved flying with them so I’m gonna miss it here but you said there’s a lot more VFR days in arizona and i’ll be flying and the airports are about a mile high to start with so it’ll be high altitude for me anyway flying but anyway just uh another adventure so next time i see it it’ll be on AZ time Oh you you