Family & Friends Town Hall with Student Experience

hi welcome everyone um parents i want to welcome you to the calarts community and to our student experience panel today i’m bailey cool i’m the interim executive director for the student experience team for this coming academic year clearly i want to say that clearly the classroom the studio the stage experience is a huge part of a student’s journey at cal arts but what happens outside of the classroom is critical to your students learning and development as well many of the services students need to attend their physical emotional and creative well-being and development are provided by student experience we’re excited about offering opportunities for a variety of activities and meaningful experiences virtually for this coming semester we hope these events and activities will help students have a rich sense of connectedness at cal arts while they’re here and will lead them to feel invited to contribute to and make a difference at cal arts and beyond through well-designed programs and cohesive programming student experience staff members work closely with students in a variety of dimensions to help them realize an enriching educational experience inside the classroom and out so apart from my interim role as executive director of student experience i’m also the director of the patty disney center for life and work a department dedicated to providing a variety of resources for students and alumni to help them chart their path to success as creative leaders in the world the center for life and work is in many ways our art school way of saying career and professional development career services etc highlighting that we at cal arts take a whole student approach to helping them develop as creative leaders and not just college grads who are about to enter the creative economy the center for life and work offers one-on-one advising appointments to help students create their professional package materials like resumes cover letters their online portfolios as well as advising appointments and workshops on job and internship searching interviewing skills and building your professional network all bfa1 students will be receiving an email link and will be invited to have an individual meeting with our life and work advisor in this coming semester where they will explore their career goals and how to work toward attaining them in their time here many of the center for life and work programs this year will speak to the remote nature of academics and life during covid and when we go back as well to help students be set up for success during this really rocky time we offer an um for sorry we offer a four-credit internship program and coursework and entrepreneurship financial literacy personal finance and life skills and regular employer engagement events where we invite employers to come talk to students

either to recruit them or tell them more about their field or industry we’re fully prepared to work with students online through the coming semesters to provide the same level of service and programming for this current year without further ado i’m excited to introduce my colleague maria victoria perez hello everyone my name is maria victoria perez i am the director of caramel being at cal arts and i use she her pronouns i work with students with disabilities students in crisis and what we know to that to be an umbrella so anything from i’m fighting with my best friend and my roommate all the way to losses in the family um and medical leaves and things like that so why we also work with students of concern and we can talk a little bit about if you are concerned about your student what steps that might look like i also oversee the student health center and our therapist on campus our mental health therapist um i also manage our medical leaves and then also our emergency grants um our office particularly likes to focus on if students aren’t quite sure where to go that we can help navigate the campus policies or get them to the right place to figure out what that is um next i’d like to introduce one of my colleagues kristin acosta hello everyone my name is kristen acosta i’m the coordinator of care and well-being and my pronouns are she her hers as part of as part of the care and well-being team i perform similar duties as marie victoria i serve as a liaison for students who are seeking out reasonable accommodations for their courses and registering with the disability services office so students who are seeking out accommodation should schedule an appointment with me soon i also meet with faculty to address any questions or concerns they have about accessibility offer official letters of accommodation and reasonable accommodation students are entitled to as determined by our office and next is my wonderful colleague just love hello everyone my name is jess love i’m the director of campus life my pronouns are they them theirs um campus life includes two very active parts of our campus the first being residence education or also known as student housing uh outside of covent we’re able to house 500 plus um students on campus unfortunately at this time that’s not of a safe possibility but we are working uh diligently uh to prepare those buildings putting a lot of tlc into them right now and we’ll be excited to welcome you back as soon as we are able um however uh our services don’t stop there if you are looking for um help and assistance finding housing in and around santa clarita their larger los angeles area please feel free to reach out to me or our residence life staff at residence life we’d be happy to walk you through our off-campus housing guide and also the ins and outs of a partnership that we’ve been able to create during this time with two local hotels the other area of campus that we help oversee is student engagement our campus activities so this includes weekly and weekend activities such as virtual dinner parties jack box game night speed meeting all sorts of fun things that many students have already attended this week i’ve gotten to meet many of them and look forward to continue to connect this year through those events as well also student engagement includes our 20-plus campus clubs if you’re interested in connecting with a group of students on a personal interest or academic interest please come be involved with our clubs and if you don’t have a club that you’re you’re into i can definitely help you start one so again happy to have you all here and now i am excited to introduce uh my colleague kim kim hello um my name is kim mcalpine i am the operations manager for student experience and that means i mostly handle the budgets for all of the areas of student experience in addition to systems uh full operational systems that we use um including the online software that we are currently using for our virtual online orientation modules i also manage the student worker employees that we have through the student student experience office so i get to interact quite a bit with a lot of the students and and see them come in and out i’m also someone who can answer lots of questions through the student experience general mailbox so we are the student experience team and uh now we wanted to be a part of this event today to make sure that we can start answering your guys’s questions

um we have a q a function down in the bottom right hand corner of your screen you’ll see a button that says q a we want to invite you to please put questions into that box and we will moderate those questions and try to get you answers to all these kinds of any sort of questions you may have that have come up in this first week of orientation or just in general that you have about this school year in the student experience area so i really invite you to start putting your questions in so we can get to answering them and i will start uh with a question and a follow-up question for bailey to answer so bailey if my student got work-study funding this year will they be able to use that in the fall yes so um actually that’s a big piece i should talk more about student employment in general so the center for life and work partners with our human resources department to make sure that students have a robust on on campus opportunities for working right now if you have federal work study your only option for the moment is to be working remotely but we do have remote options for student workers in the fall so as kim mentioned kim manages our student workers in the student experience office there are many other administrative offices that have student roles that they would like to have students either help with events help with um academics or things like that remotely um you can use federal if so let me go back up so you can use federal work study um for those opportunities as long as it is remote students who don’t have federal work study there are some options where you can work on campus um once in a while if it is for an academic purpose so if you are hired as a teaching assistant which it’s really unlikely in your first year but it does happen um if you’re a teaching assistant that’s considered an essential service uh since academics are our core service that we have at cal arts you may be allowed to work on campus if that is something you’re comfortable with and you set up with your hiring manager in general i want to say more about how students can find opportunities to work at cal arts our career services management software is called compass the url we really hammer it into them in the in the online orientation module they go through it’s that’s where you can see internal and external opportunities for students so there’s a lot of internships listed there that are external there’s a lot of creative jobs for people entering the creative economy and the creative job market but that’s also where we put all of our on-campus opportunities if you do have federal work study it’s going to be really clearly labeled labeled federal work study opportunity and only federal work study students can apply for that opportunity on compass you can search on the job board for specifically for work study jobs actually and if you don’t have work study you don’t qualify for one of those work-study jobs but there are many other student assistantships and part-time jobs um virtually for on-campus so at the moment you know unless it’s an academic job you won’t be on campus helping with that but you’ll be able to apply for those as well and in general if you do have more questions about um general like student employment and what opportunities might look like you can email clw we’ll put that on the closing slide at the end of this session but it’s clw and my assistant director zarina martinez manages that whole process and coordinates with on-campus supervisors and students looking for jobs as well so we really in this kind of remote time want to make sure that we’re giving this individualized attention to students who are looking for on camp virtually on campus employment opportunities um those will be really sort of kind of rolling in over the next couple of weeks and we advertise those in a couple of ways to students we send out a weekly newsletter to all students called career corner where we highlight on-campus or cal arts-based opportunities for students and starting the first week of school we’ll have kind of on a rolling basis different events that really promote and advertise those on-campus departments to students so for example if you’re interested in being a teaching artist and teaching virtually teaching youth through our community arts partnership sometime at the end of next week we’ll be having a virtual information session with all of the hiring managers for cap for the community arts partnership talking to students about how they can get involved in something like that so there will be events coming up that we market to students as well as the newsletter that goes out fantastic so pulling back to myself

and the next question that we have is actually for maria victoria and maria victoria how do students get medical and psych services this semester yes that’s a a great uh question so uh students will if they want to see our doctors that are located on the campus they come in a few days a week they will be providing telehealth services and so they can sign up for those appointments by calling our student health services office which that number is listed on our student health services website and by scheduling an appointment the nurse will walk them through what the next steps are for those that service is available to all students and at no cost for the visit particularly and then if students want to see a therapist on campus our therapists are only nine months um and so they actually start uh the first week of classes the 14th and if they if a student wants to sign up for counseling there is a link um and a whole module actually that we put about karen well being in the students online orientation platform that they’re able to access that link that link also will be updated on the counseling website this week um in order for students to go ahead and start making appointments and so that as our therapists are adjusting back from their summer break that they’re able to start scheduling those appointments with the students in addition we also have a 24 hour crisis counseling line that’s just set up just for calarts students and that number is also listed on our website and throughout the students module as well for them to access and i can also if you’re if you’re interested can drop that but again it’s just for the students um and the students are off the ones who have to be able to initiate that at cal arts wonderful thank you so much um the next question is actually going to go to kristin if a student is getting um accommodation letters from an individual therapist uh do they uh reach out to you directly or how do they reach out to schedule a meeting with the disability services office for accommodations so for students who are looking to register with our office we have a new streamline process on our disability services page which i’ll go ahead and include in the chat here for anybody who’s looking to request accommodations and sign up with us awesome perfect so we’ll see that link going through to the chat window if you want to see that and go through the link to be able to see that new process all right so this is a good question for jess jess how do you envision students being able to establish creative relationships outside of virtual environments or maybe even inside of virtual environments as those are the main ones we have right now yeah that’s a great question so right now everything that we will be providing uh programmatically be it through the clubs or through our office will all be remote however i do know there are students who are um here locally in santa cruz and the southern southern california area um who have through different social media accounts um you know built up through the institute have been connecting um and as a and you know using proper protocol have been getting together i know a group of actors got together and went to we have this really great farmers market here in santa clarita at college of the canyons which is right down the street from us of course with masks and socially distance they did that um due to um you know state and local um expectations protocol procedure right now to keep us safe um we have to be distant and so right now unfortunately we’re not holding any person socially distance events but we are planning to have them as soon as um it is um um uh share that that is something that we can start going into but for right now due to the number of cases um you know it’s just not safe for us to do that however i do know many students who are attending the orientation leader events are sharing social media handles or sharing their email addresses getting connected i also know many of the programs as they’re having their you know different meetings things like that students are reaching out to each other oh i’m here and even if they’re not local um are from maybe the same area back on the east coast or in the midwest um and are making plans um safely to get together so again right now everything that we will be presenting um through campus life your student experience will be virtual and there’s no expectation

you know to get together but if you do feel comfortable and you know are adhering to the guidelines that are out there i know that students are creating different ways to get together through their art practice or just socially too fantastic and just as a follow-up to that bailey i do believe there are opportunities potentially through compass to connect creatively with projects yeah absolutely i should mention that too so um in the url i shared that is sort of you know i mentioned it as our employer basis for on campus and on off campus opportunities but students actually can um they they’ve all been imported for a single sign-on option with their student id but they also can use that um to sort of act as employer if they will and if they’re leading a creative project say they’re an animator and they want a musician to make their score for them they can post an opportunity to on there on the job board just as a creative collaborative opportunity where they can actually be connected to other students who are looking for similar types of engagement opportunities there um and we also can always include a call for creative collaboration in those weekly newsletters to all students that we mentioned too so they can send that into the center for life and work and we’d be happy to kind of help them craft that language and best get that information out to others to to creatively collaborate in that way all right so this next question is um is actually not something we necessarily know the beginning answer to but i think we can all speak a bit to what it’s going to look like the question is how big is the first cohort of students deferring to a spring start and what provision will be made for their induction um so i i will start a little bit with um talking about our online orientation module that that module will still be available in the spring for uh new students who start in the spring so they will be receiving that uh module that is exactly the same that all the students starting in the fall got um there may be some updates to to new information as new information around campus changes but as far as that online module we will also have students who are deferring to the spring go through that same module at least for that portion bailey would you like to speak to any other portions of a spring orientation um well not specifically at this time just that we will be giving them updated but essentially the same information and will treat their induction if you will into cal arts in with the same importance that we do in the fall semester um i don’t i actually just don’t know the answer to how many students have deferred for the semester um that kind of lives with our enrollment management office um but i do know that you know the same team of of student experience leaders and staff and we will have some version if not if not the same like orientation leaders to lead these social events for those coming in in the spring it may be a smaller and more contained version than what we’ve done this for two weeks this semester but we will treat it with the same importance for those coming in later on fantastic so this next question is for kristen is there a deadline to request accommodations or can it happen later in the semester if need be um yeah definitely so for students who are looking to request accommodations we usually recommend that students do it either two weeks before the semester begins or within the first two weeks after classes have begun just because our accommodations aren’t retroactive so to answer your question yes and no um you can request accommodations towards the end of the semester however it does take us about seven days to kind of finalize everything and let your faculty members know that you have registered with us and provide you an official letter of accommodation for accommodations that you have been approved for so we don’t recommend doing it the last week before finals but if you need to request accommodations mid-semester that’s definitely possible again just know that the accommodations aren’t retroactive so we can’t go back in time and apply those accommodations perfect um so this next question is for maria victoria can students access health care and counseling services through campus even if they have independent health insurance yes absolutely so our services are for students any student

that carries any type of insurance there might be some perks that are that lean towards the students who do hold our specific student health insurance plan but um as far as seeing our therapists and seeing the doctors on campus that is the same across the board for both students who have our insurance or independent outside of the school awesome and as a follow-up can you just speak a little bit more exactly on the process for um signing up for the therapy appointments sure so as i mentioned earlier the students will be able to navigate on the website this week that’s still being updated to fill out one of our intake forms and through that process for counseling particularly the intake form will be assigned to a therapist and the therapist will make direct contact with the student to either set up uh via a phone call or zoom hip a compliant platform um an order and that choice is up to the student uh those appointments are free to the students and we offer 12 sessions a year the students and the therapists can decide whatever that looks like for them we have students come in who just need a monthly check-in we need some students who like weekly um and some who do every other week and some version of that so um that’s there’s some flexibility on how that works between the therapist and the student and as far as student health services again you the student can call making an appointment to meet with one of our doctors also via zoom um hipaa compliant platform uh by calling the student uh health services office number that’s also found on our student health services website i did drop if you are um in the zoom i did drop the 24-hour line for students to be able to call um they can call this from anywhere in the united states at any time including weekends and holidays and nights especially especially and then also i did put the form in which the students can access and request that appointment there fantastic thank you so this next question will be for jess will calarts help connect students that are in school remotely and living near each other so they might get together socially in it together in a socially distant way yes so um right now that’s all happening organically through our orientation live sessions and so i would recommend if your student hasn’t looked at that schedule to to go to our orientation site on the main page at keller’s page i’ll put up the link as well and look at those events and just start meeting people um so yes it’s been happening organically but more structure wise as the school year starts uh out of campus life some of the programming that will be taking place is just round table discussions based on where you live to connect people who are close to each other and then also just to connect people who are in programs together so throughout this time um the orientation events are open to new and returning students so we’ve seen some really great connections just happen um on their own that way but this will be much more structured so when school starts um we’ll have several times where you can come and be a part of the midwest group and get and chat and if you’re close to each other maybe finding a way to get together in person but then also with each program too so if you haven’t met too many third or fourth years and you want to do that you know are more first-year students second-year students like yourself please attend those and then outside of that time you’re just looking to connect you’re not quite sure where to start i know this can be very overwhelming please i’ll put my information in the chat you can reach out to me personally also through residence life that’s a great way to get a hold of me as well and just start to talk about what you like personally professionally and how we can connect you to something outside of the classroom to get you acclimated awesome actually kim sorry to interrupt i wanted to jump on that as well um i shared this uh just shared this with me earlier in the week last week and i shared it with some parents um i’ll put this in the chat but there is it’s not curated by student experience i want to say that now but it is there is a facebook group um for incoming 2020 uh bfa applicants um i’ll put that information in the chat it’s you know it’s not curated through calarts like we aren’t monitoring that i just want to be clear on that but um it is a good way to meet other people who may have just moved to santa clarita who may be in the valencia area or in somewhere in los angeles and that’s a good way to for students to proactively find people who may be their their somewhat neighbors perfect thank you for interjecting in there sorry all right um i do have a question here uh that is about the library specifically will the library be open at least by appointment to return or check out material and books so we don’t handle the library

in our area however they do have what there will be their operating procedures right now available on the library website so i do suggest you go check that out to see what services they will have available at what point during this year i do believe there may be some ability to do pickup drop off um and that would be by appointment so after that this next question would be for maria victoria my still my student still needs to get a tb test does the student health office offer the test so our student health services office is not set up to do tv tests tv reads however our nurse is willing to direct the student to local agencies in the area that do provide the service they can call the student health services number at 661-253-7830 and i’ll drop that also in the chat um to inquire about those places that you provide those services in the los angeles community fantastic so i want to encourage you guys if you still do see the questions are slowing down so i wanted to see and encourage you to still reach out with questions any questions you have we will definitely do our best to answer that’s what we do every day even if it’s not our area we will do our best to point you where you can find that information so do encourage you to still um be putting questions in there um the next uh next question i have um for bailey uh about how many on-campus jobs will be available this year yeah um so and again we’re speaking like in quotes like on-campus jobs and everything um but for student student employment um you know it’s hard to say in terms of number um i know that many of our like certainly the number of teaching assistantships so to work with a faculty member to curate a class that will look pretty similar to other years um most most or i shouldn’t say most many cal arts classes have teaching assistantships um i know that the community arts partnership uh teaching artist positions there will be just as many as there always have been so if students are interested in teaching their art form to youth um that’s something to check out as well i think we’ll where we’ll see the dip in terms of um number of student jobs might be more on the administrative side working with a staff department um but in terms of that there should still be there certainly will be a com a lot of a lot of opportunities for students to engage through federal work study and student employment and we won’t see a huge dip in opportunities for those type of jobs um in terms of numbers it’s uh you know they’re rolling in we’ve kind of had an interesting summer at the institute of course we all everyone has where we’re trying to figure out sort of finalizing budgets and some of that is based on enrollment numbers um and so it takes a little longer than normal for departments and faculty and different individual members who normally hire students to be fully prepared to put those opportunities and the job description and the pay rate and everything on compass right away i think that in normal years we would we would see this week leading into the first week of school we would have more opportunities listed but if you don’t see as many opportunities as you assumed you would at this point just know that those will be coming in throughout september that they will be being updated constantly um and that in many realms like i mentioned in those two teaching realms um and then in terms of in some of the administrative side too there will be enough enough opportunities for for people who are seeking them we also can help people find um sort of internships or ways to use their federal work study potentially off campus and some engagement opportunities my team is looking into partnering with sort of the financial aid office but then also partnering with off-campus organizations that might have virtual opportunities for work-study students as well so we’re expanding the number of options in that area and then seeing the others come in on a rolling basis fantastic so i have a couple of questions um that uh will be going back to maria victoria and again they are relating to student health services uh the first one being has has there are oh sorry related to the tv question will the school provide flu shots um and in addition will what is the discussions around

calarts providing covet testing for students yes both of these very great questions um so unfortunately we did have a plan to do a flu clinic on campus but we are not allowed to have people on campus so we are highly encouraging students faculty and staff to get their flu shot as we know um the los angeles county department of public health and the cdc really encourage that for all folks to kind of mitigate the difference between the two um but we can also have a student struggling and really needs to help find help around this area both on our student health insurance plan or on their own plan to find a flu shot clinic we’re happy to help them navigate that process um and also in regards to providing coveted testing so again we’re we’re not quite allowed to have students on campus um we’ve gone through a series of covet testing plans and if you’ve been watching any of the news in california also um and nationwide with some of the health insurance companies and if you were on um tracy and robbie’s meeting this morning you would know that um it’s it’s quite difficult so we know and have pinpointed places in direct immediate locations around calarts that can provide covid testing but right now particularly insurance companies are not paying providing testing for folks who do not have symptoms of covid or have been in direct contact with those folks um but we still can point students if they do want to covet tests without those two criteria of us where they can go for sure and we keep updating that plan as um things start to move forward and things like that throughout the semester fantastic that’s actually a great segue um i would love to kind of go a little bit into what things in our area may change when students are allowed on campus um i know there may be some changes um once students can come in a more active way to be on campus i know they’re not right now but if we can kind of go um and talk about various ways in each of your areas that things will change once students are allowed on campus um and jess if we could actually start with you sure so i mean uh the first um and most evident one would be that we would have students in the residence halls and so we’ve gotten lots of questions regarding what will that look like how do i apply um what’s the process and so uh similarly um kind of what uh to what marie victoria was saying about how we’re um overseeing uh this crisis um and and how we’re moving forward so it won’t be just one one day all of a sudden it’s like oh we can be in the residence halls it will be this gradual um move to to do that and so as we see cases declining as we’re getting positive response from local and state officials will be gearing up to be able to bring you all back onto campus which we’re excited to be able to share it’s all the whole new online process and so many of you we had over 500 people apply uh this year and use it we just weren’t able to fully fully use it uh because of covid so um essentially uh the way in which we’re looking to use that is if you’ve already filled out an application there’s no need to do it again but if you haven’t though you will have a period of time where you can apply and then our housing is done based on a lottery system um and so from there uh you would be you would be chosen and then more information would come from there um and then as far as um on student engagement side or activities we are planning um as we start to move towards being able to come back to campus having those uh socially distant on-campus events um you know if that be that yoga or frolting or outdoor dance parties all those things are ready um so once we start moving in that direction we can start to host them but i would say those would be um the biggest changes and then of course you know the student um the students that we employ they’ll be able to also be back on campus and not remote thank you bailey can you continue yeah definitely i’m going to speak directly to less about student experience as a whole but less more about the center for life and work um one of the biggest differences is that in when we are in person and allowed on campus we like to hold different workshops and events in person and invite guests and professional development leaders and employers to campus we can’t do that this coming year and it’s really unlikely that there’s going to be a really effective way throughout this academic year to do say a career fair in person um you know career fairs involve hundreds of people and employers and external people and

our students touching the same things and exchanging papers and business cards and um we have thought about ways to do that either through um the virtual like compasses virtual career fair module and also in ways that we actually are just going to be inviting those employers to come to larger student portfolio exhibition type of events so we have something called cal arts expo that happens in the spring um luckily we were able to pivot that to completely online last spring right around the graduation time it’s an opportunity for students to showcase really interesting innovative work that they’re doing in any metier and what we’re excited to do this year is actually kind of flip that career fair model on its head and invite employers and partners recruiters to those events where it’s already showcasing cal art student work so we’ll be partnering with the program directors um in the academic side and the deans to really think about if you don’t in your metier have a way to showcase your work already at the end of the semester whether you’re a graduating student or not how do we curate that type of event and then get employers to come see them there that’s the biggest difference in terms of um sort of our on-campus presence and what that looks like um of course we normally do advising appointments in person if possible i’ve actually found that it works better in some ways to do these one-on-one advising appointments on on zoom or virtually anyway because you can edit live and share documents and actually it’s it’s led to almost more of a more time being used more effectively for our life and work advisor and for myself when i advise students as well so those are some changes i think when we are able to come back at some point we will want to re-engage with having in-person workshops possibly you know socially distanced advising appointments if that is what works better for your student um though we are very fortunate that for the most part in the center for life and work we can pretty seamlessly just do a virtual model of what we have been doing before and actually we can offer more workshops and more it’s a little easier to get um panelists to come and and talk to students when they can still do that from their home um so we’ve seen a big uptick in terms of student attendance and panelists being available for that awesome maria victoria can you talk about your area and how things will change when students are allowed on campus sure so i will save probably for this academic year just due to the nature of the space that we do um occupy they’re very small rooms very small offices and seeing that most of our appointments that we do through whether it’s counseling or the disability services office will be probably still held online because it’s hard to a provide counseling and a session where you are we may be able to get them so far apart but having to also communicate in a way with wearing a face mask is not exactly going to be helpful to the students nor to our therapist and the way they would like to provide our services our offices are just too small to be able to handle and navigate that without um the fear of a spread of infection and things like that but the student health services office will start to open up some more of the appointments that um will be done uh virtually on telehealth but they’ll start accepting more students to come into the space as we’re able to so that students um can get through that process without having to do the telehealth stuff as well great kristin um are there changes you see to your area once students are allowed back on campus um just to piggyback on what maria victoria uh mentioned previously that the space and due to the nature of where we are housed um doesn’t really allow for that um contact to be very great with the face masks and going back and forth so we will still remain virtually as well for our accommodation appointments and any other concerns that we need to address great thank you guys for going over those i think that’s um that was all very very helpful um jess this next question is for you have students begun occupying the hotel rooms if so how is it going and when will there be room for students in january yes thank you for that question um and yes students have started to move into that space and yeah it’s going well we were able to i it was my hope to be able to share that information in that partnership much sooner and so you know there aren’t as large in numbers as we thought like hundreds of students uh due to the fact you know students decided

uh to live other places um in and around santa clarita in the greater los angeles area or not come to southern california at this time due to the high number of cases um but yeah the students who have chosen to do that are in that space and there are contract terms from january 1st to may 15th and so if you’re thinking of transitioning during that time um there there’s still opportunity uh there to to you know be housed in that location so again if you do have any questions regarding that more specifics please reach out to residence life be happy to share more information about that thank you um marie victoria i think you um will be absolutely the best one to answer this next question uh prior to coming on campus when students are allowed will students need to have a kova test and supply the results prior to being on campus um and if so how long um is a test are those test results valid for yeah so that’s a really great question and so as we’re still navigating to seeing like how and when um we’re able to provide cova test and also due to the nature of um a huge burden on the county and the areas around us who are also doing lots of testing um we’ll be able to prevent uh provide the community with a very comprehensive testing plan uh we’re not quite sure which route we’re gonna go in yet as things are still rapidly changing i mentioned that we every time we put a plan together some piece changes and then we’ll have to re-navigate so as we’re able to come to campus we will communicate with students what that looks like particularly as we know testing essentially tells you don’t have it at the moment in which they swabbed your nasal cavity right like your nasal cavity um so we’ll be more very specific about what that looks like if students have to do it uh prior to campus what i will say is most likely if a student is traveling a test prior to traveling most likely will not transfer over as that there is plenty of ways to be infected um you know from oregon to california and wherever so the test would have to be taken in the state and and definitely mostly in the los angeles area fantastic um i do want to let everyone know we have about 13 minutes left um so please if you have last minute questions go ahead and start getting them in there so we can get all these questions answered for you guys um so the next question will be for jess will the dorms be available in fall 2021 yes that’s a great question and i can say with all certainty i don’t know i wish i knew i wish i had the ability to know that i do know that we will continue to follow you know state and county guidelines as we’ve seen from other institutions who made the decision uh to move people into the residence halls they are very quickly hell finding out they need to move them out and so we do we do not take that lightly um your safety and bringing you back onto campus we understand the importance of a residential experience in college but we also want to focus um on providing opportunities that will keep us healthy and get us through this crisis at a quicker pace than not and so again this won’t be something that will just happen overnight it will gradually move in that the direction of being able to bring people back on to the campus so i’m i’m hopeful that we’re able to continue to be distant and cover up our faces and do everything that we need to do and that those numbers will start coming down and i will be i am so ready to send that out saying sharing that uh the residence halls are back open um but to answer your question i’m not sure but i’m hopeful that that is a possibility that we’ll be able to provide soon rather than later fantastic thank you this next question is also a question that’s not necessarily in our area but um we can speak to it a bit um bailey i will ask you to respond to this um is enrollment down this semester and if yes how much yeah i can i can attempt to answer that um again it’s it’s kind of more in that enrollment management side at calarts um so to be transparent like yes the the enrollment is overall down however um we won’t know those numbers and and really percentages and everything until um we get through that first week of school and through that ad drop date and we actually are kind of in the semester with students and seeing who is actually you know who we’re retaining in the classes

um it is we have drawn out over the summer with our our cfo and our administration several scenarios of you know what this looks like and we i think at this point are are happy with the enrollment that we do have um but we we don’t know percentages at this time thank you um i do have another question for jess um once the dorms are able to be reopened um will will they need to reapply um for that or will their previous applications still be still be valid yes thank you for this question so um yeah you will if you’ve already applied if you applied to be in the residence halls um for this semester you will not need to reapply unless you like to do that for whatever reason um but again as we start to see numbers go down as we start to you know move into you know being able to open the residence halls back up we will contact you and say hey you filled this out are you still interested if you are interested are you so happy with all of your answers uh and then go from there um and so yeah even though our housing is based on a lottery system just want to clarify we do give a priority to first-year students um the two halls that we have chanard chernardan ahmanson chinard for the most part pretty much houses all first-year students with a few second sometimes third year students and then we have amundsen which is for all upperclassmen mostly fourth year third year students um and so so yes you won’t have to redo that unless you want to and then if you didn’t apply and would like to apply you’d have that you’ll have the opportunity to do so thank you for that um there is a question here that i’m gonna go ahead and answer um so i do have a parent asking is there an org chart available for parents so we might contact you all so while we don’t have an exact org chart available that we’re gonna email you out or anything at the end of this presentation we do have a slide with all of the contact information for each of our areas um and so i highly recommend you can go ahead and screenshot that or just file that away somewhere so that you have all those um all those email addresses available again right now email is the best way um to get in contact with all of us um you know due to changing situations of where we’re working from anything like that email will always get to us so definitely take a screenshot of that at the end so that you can keep those handy so we have eight minutes left i’m going to give some time to see um let’s see i do have a couple more questions uh jess is there any chance that the dorms would be open in january 21 absolutely is there a chance that could happen for sure that that that could be a possibility however um having studied um and really looked into the way that the pandemic has progressed um you know uh in other places it’s not likely and i don’t share that to rain on your parade um or anything like that but it’s very unlikely that that would be able to happen but i’m hopeful that again if we’re all able to live into uh the guidelines that are set um and those expectations and we can start seeing a decrease i would love for that to happen um but however just trying to be realistic and looking again at other places that are further along that would be it would be unlikely but um you know if it is we definitely will um you know take hold of that opportunity um and send out information on how that would look for us however just wanted to share you can always reach out to residence life at we have an off-campus housing guide we can help walk you through we also have made an arrangement with two local hotels and they are taking uh contracts from january 1st to may 15th if you’re interested at all being in the southern california area santa clarita area but again at this time until further notice we’re not able to have people on campus community and again when we’ve seen even though that might be our hearts desire to really not it actually pushes us further back and being able to get there um as we’ve seen from other institutions so right now it’s a no but as soon as we’re moving in that direction you all will be the first people uh to know what that’s gonna look like as far as bringing you back on to living on campus thank you for that um bailey i think you’ll you’ll be able to answer this question a bit um are there going to be any cap programs in the fall semester yeah thanks kim um so i’m so excited to talk about cap my colleagues know this um i worked with cap for five years and

that’s how i came to cal arts um for those who don’t know cap i mentioned it earlier when i was talking about student jobs it stands for the community arts partnership it’s a department um sort of wedged into cal arts that works with the college students and alumni from cal arts to teach their art form to kids anywhere from for ages four to 18 throughout los angeles county there are a lot of um normally and when we are in person there are a lot of community center programs um programs at schools they will not be going in person with them this year but they will be hiring teaching artists in pretty much the same volume as they normally would but to teach online so there will be cap programming um you’ll be able to find some of those opportunities kind of coming in on a rolling basis on compass on the job board and that we will be having at the end of next week a live info session with the cap staff to talk about how they’re going to be hiring for the fall and spring semesters for this year um it’s something that it’s i encourage everyone to check that out it’s a really amazing leadership opportunity and a really amazing professional development opportunity for students to work in a collaborative team to teach whatever they are studying at cal arts to youth in different on on campus or sorry in different virtual settings um so i highly recommend that um stu you know encourage your students parents to look out for those opportunities and there will be virtual cap classes this fall that they can help teach in fantastic thank you for that um so i think we’re we’re coming down to the point where we have no open questions um does anyone have any last remarks they’d like to make or just kind of summing up i see jess uh does so why don’t we start with jess yeah i just wanted to um share as the you know the professional staff person who’s gotten to um help our orientation leaders really welcome in your students also as someone who um i’ve been i’ve worked in student affairs uh for over 10 years and um i i primarily worked in crisis and this is definitely the biggest longest crisis i’ve ever worked through and so um having the opportunity to work with students um through some of the lowest points of their lives i just want you all to know that um there’s a not to sugarcoat something that’s been awful but we know as as educators that grit and resiliency is created during these times and so as much as your students going through we want them to know that they have a loving caring team of folks here in student experience but throughout the campus to help them through this and it’s okay to not be okay it’s okay to struggle and need help and we are there we are there to help and so um throughout all this time and again not to sugarcoat something that’s you know really terrible we also know as educators um some really amazing skills are built during this time and your students have a front row seat you know where our third and fourth year students might be really sharpening those skills your first year students are already getting the amazing opportunity to start building uh those resiliency skills grit skills that you all know they’ll need throughout their life so again just one more shout out you’re never bothering me you’re never bothering any of us please reach out with any questions concerns always happy to help thank you so much marie victoria that’s a perfect segue and to the closing remarks of today um so i want to think we want to thank you all and appreciate all the time you took today to get to know us a little bit about what our areas are and that we can continue to build partnerships and continue to support you and to help you support your student while they’re here at cal arts and um speaking of supporting students um we hope that you can join us on tuesday september 8th at 5 p.m pacific time um for our uh book club panel which is what this is the book that we read the stressed years of their lives have helping your kids survive and thrive during your college years you do not have had to read read the book to attend um we’re building a little bit of off discussion of the book but really about what we pulled out of here to say how do we create this partnership how do we continue to create uh resiliency in our students and making sure that they’re adapting and moving forward and seeking out help um and then how as you as parents can help navigate that or even step back at times when appropriate so um i hope you will contact us with any questions we hope to see you there um all of our emails for the areas that we spoke about today will be on the next slide so thank you and have a great rest of your

sunday wherever you may be