Sunday Road Trip: #4 First Person (GTA V) PS4 Gameplay Truck vs Mt. Chiliad

sup guys it’s a legit Yeti here we’re gonna go ahead and be venturing up the epic Mount chiliad I’m looking at the little trail pass here so looks like we’re gonna deviate quite a little bit cuz we’re gonna be going up north here to Mount chiliad so we’ll go ahead and take it out and in case you didn’t know there’s a lost [ __ ] on the loose that’s correct GTA chickens so we’re gonna take out my friend Bob here and Bob as you can see is sustained a little bit of damage I’ve not gotten him into this shop yet but Bob’s hanging in there v10 engine real strong american-made it literally is bent inverted wise don’t look too bad up here but then you kind of look in the front bobzilla jacked up made bob still drives well so don’t worry we’re gonna go ahead and get inside Bob here and start this road trip up Mount chiliad and maybe I’ll even parachute down we’ll see see where the road takes us I’m a little nervous taking the truck up this especially I did not think about first person and the perils of not being able see the road oh this would be interesting to say the least so we’re gonna veer off to the left here still okay we’re still on the road here we go Bob would never steer us wrong although technically I’m the one steering Bob there’s rocks we’re good starting off the trip pretty well gotta be I don’t think careful on these corners also realizing it’s starting to get dark which is a little scary cuz oh did we go stuck already back where did we go wrong bob was not made for this kind of driving all right I gotta get out guys I got to see how bad this okay so we totally will off the road here not like you really needed to worry about his physique or anything although I think we are kind of stuck up shits Creek here we got that v10 engine we can pull ourselves out of this hill here there we go and we’re back on the road and first person with a truck is banged up as this will make this ride a little bit interesting to say the least Oh going this way yeah all right we’re good did not expect it to be this perilous going into the road trip here oh that’s that’s Daisy Daisy that’s not much of it go for it go bigger go home oh that definitely freaked me out all ooh ooh it’s okay guys it’s not that far of a fall down an entire Mountain hey on the trail wow I cannot believe stay down the road there alright so in the midst of trying to get out of where we just were kind of made things a little bit worse for Bob here I’m a little concerned about where we are and how this is gonna pan out

about v10 engine beer on a rock literally stuck on a rock oh don’t worry I got you don’t worry this should take you in for repairs I’m sorry I’m gonna say Bob we can do this Bob beat you I said Bob I won’t do it to you again but you got to pull off man you got it you got to do this for me come on huh I don’t know where you’re taking me Bob but it’s away from the water huh there’s a trail follow it Bob get it out of here no Bob you can do this look at me Bob you look at me Bob look at me we can do this all right Bob Bob you can might close to that water there I don’t want to lose you again okay we’re just gonna take it nice and slow nice and slow oh god Bob that is not nice and slow okay this is not about chiliad any more on Oh Bob Bob huh you’re good Bob you’re good you just you kind of got yourself a bit of a pickle here Bob Bob Bob Bob you got this oh there we go pop this out of here do a little wiggling gonna do this Emmett okay as you can see we’re on a trail to get out of here but I would like to illustrate then we had to cross that River right there and that is literally right where Bob was stuck and took a lot of maneuvering but we finally got him out which is good because it was pretty sketchy going and Bob is really jacked up and a little bit waterlogged but we’re out of here and we’re on the trail [ __ ] River oh [ __ ] easy Bob see I got a little overzealous Bob got a little angry too lot bad memories I don’t think Bob will go swimming any time soon okay let’s go ahead and keep it going here find a way to get back over there go ahead keep going down here I think it does lead over Nevin away Bob easy easy there we go so after a lot of debate here and me trying to get my truck unstuck I started thinking man dude I talked through this truck a little bit too much it’s only me in the videos I have to have someone to talk to you we found a bridge to go over that river now anyways it’s okay I don’t mind it’s good to have something to talk to I don’t know exactly where the trail leads here a lot one seconds all right it goes right up here trying to think I’m just thinking of my mind here where did we go cuz the map doesn’t necessarily I don’t have the map on not the radar on so we gotta have to wing it here but to go up here should be like a branch off here reverse it sorry sorry as I start so sorry should be a trail right over here we go there we go we’re back on course it’s got us be cautious here cuz I don’t see very well big nice and slow Ricky Newbridge sure it’s safe there

cracking moving well this is nice our nice little Top Gear reference there you’re watching the u.s. one you’re now watching the right one well this is nice there’s like no traffic up here in these hills all right so we want to go up there at a certain point certain a little cautious here figure out where we’re going back it up again Aleve there’s a way to go down great here yeah I think that’s a trail right ahead of us to get up the mountain somewhere over here definitely familiar oh dude it’s right there all right we’re gonna go a little off-road it’s a little unrealistic but the trails are literally right here so only missed it for a couple seconds and we’re on the trail here we go I’ve take it kind of fast going up here cuz I don’t know Bob’s got it in them a good old tank here to get up this mountain after all the damage sustained here we go come on Bobby well there you go pop if we’re going the wrong way again come back around ya know what the wrong way nor we’re back on it don’t hit the rock there we go I don’t care about your sibian do not care we’re trying to climb a mountain in a truck that has seen far too much damage I’m not trying to talk bad about you there oh yeah that’s what I was scared of got to be kidding me here we go a little bit of a weeble wobble here ma’am I realized get it out of the car with the gun is probably not the best idea once hitting a hiker here I’m very sorry about that and collecting money but I had to make sure we’re good alright hikers down let’s go ahead and no grip enough speed to climb this mountain hikers had to die to make this film people this is the kind of stuff I bring you requires a small sacrifice I don’t know why it took the higher hill here because I wanted the more difficult route there we go we will make it up this mountain I swear you can make it up this map pictures no hitchhikers this time no 360 No we got it we got it we got it don’t worry no no no no Broadway Rock Oh Oh No Oh I hope my even upside down there many attempts of trying to get up this mountain with this awesome truck here that I so beloved Li named Bob it’s come to an end he no longer is of use to us because he could not get up the damn mountain up there we just fell down on the fifth try Bob fifth try for that we’re gonna to give him a Viking funeral without the water but he’s technically near a drainage hole which will maybe lead parts of his truck to the water I’m sorry Bob came to this I will be right back with a dirt bike that could do its job better than you as I stated earlier I found a dirt bike figured I pay my respects to where Bob used to be down to get the show on the road though because we’ll climb in a mountain with lights we’re prepared and ready to rock and

roll there’s the path over there so I’m doing this on a dirt bike and I figured that’d be too easy so if we’re gonna do this at night to kind of amp it up a little bit but we’ll see here look that’s where we killed the hiker once with Bob Vaughn memories all right here we go it’s getting a little sketchy already definitely should have no problems doing this on a dirt bike try to stick to the trailer once we get up here to a certain level it’s gonna get a little dicey because very big and steep consequences whoo all right we’re good already have a parachute so it won’t be needing that so do plan on jumping off the infamous bridge once we get up here cuz why not just does it this trail really does start to get a little why I can’t imagine doing this will Bob good old truck as it may be this is some pretty sketchy terrain here up here you took your way up but made it I’m talking about still time travel this sell faster get up here certainly not going down at the time trout cuz I would be [ __ ] dangerous chao-li Oh girls right here got a little loss there but we’re good got a gearbox wow it looks so tiny from up here just easy part nice to me I think I see this bar it’s quick it’s got stamens really good watching jobs like that and we’ve made it to the top I was banished for you go off this this way yeah we’ll get up there damn it this is little bit sketchy positioning here yeah there we go just right we’re good alright three two one let’s go jumping off bowling oh oh there goes my bike go far – oh [ __ ] still find my bike is gone well there is here’s the bike still falling and still falling we’ll follow it late ah still going circle around oh man that got violent quickly I think it’s done but then it could be wrong circle around one more time see carries about that bike 500 man is getting vicious could have been me folks could have been me if I hadn’t jumped off when I did I always get ahead of us man it gets stuck going down oh [ __ ]

I have not mastered the art of landing with a parachute but we’re good and if I’m correct there it is oh [ __ ] okay guys I’m I’m alive hey there Oh cruel mistress puts you in a place we’re gonna constantly fall down to get to yes that’s what I’m talking about drive the rest away down a motorcycle Oh Oh or not and died well that was Sunday road trip guys Sunday road trip ended in a fiery explosion but it was fun jumping from up there and landing all the way it’s somewhere well really slippy down there see you next week