We eating Granny Chickens Over here/Road trip pt. 2| Ep. 15 ||Black Family Vlog

look it’s so what was problem he not he know he don’t like to watch nothing wrong with this look Betty all right Chris what you think this is a tutorial mom grandma is since I than vulgar wait that’s organic Veronica’s for something is a rich brownies case with so we got wasn’t in Lauer mama talked to Justin does that carrageenan if you pay two dollars that karijini I this this thing that gives it a certain so I clicks out across seaweed but it has cancer causing supposedly I don’t know anyway go oh yeah cause cancer I’ll be I I in Germany on three crisp is a hundred counterflow the OTB oh yeah sure they are only five servings come here doll same look that’s a head must be half of one who’s that I can see what it looks like thank God way they are Oh what are you doing oh my god are you serious I gotta can I see a whole one what it looks like me Jason I want to see what a whole one looks like if it looks like it does on the pay the bag it looks like galati and I know something look like it doesn’t back oh my god stuff is this anyway look what do you think about that let me try it tastes like being around you like it’s very first by dark chocolate oh yeah taste this you give me nothing okay Jesus that’s not even any bigger oh my jason this stays good it is my brownies but this is brownies the you don’t even like this comes to me just need if it wasn’t me hila stop saying is big and I had nothing to do with it I was there I don’t drink real milk feels like a brownie it’s crispy brownie you know we eat around the edges of brownie an exactly it was safe but I like it yeah he’s a milk wait how you gonna eat vegan and drink milk what the heck okay I’m gonna drink milk no mo okay now that’s like for you did you know we stick of course I’m against animal cruelty I huh hey come by chicken unless your heat cruelty free chicken was that mean that means that you raised my dad’s naturally yeah whatever it don’t you get a tough ballgame Nick they be running still boy to me the cruelty free chicken and amis wheat wheat chicken that died of natural causes oh I’m pretty for real oh hold him durand is all granny chicken want to eat the young ones you want to take you all you don’t want to eat chickens that have not lived a full life yet oh that’s so disgusting oh my god so you need to you that’s why I give me elderly people oh my god wandering to basically get a nut sharing you should eat Indian oh I’m not always justifies I’m saying oh I see it all to the carnivore robot but we know your mediator then let’s go through this see what we got don’t see what I got huh o we one hundred percent process my own process holy yeah it’s our 10 miles an hour oh really that’s good whole wheat flour

wheat berries some organic apple all of this bag is so cute it was like a nice dance yeah exactly let me see what else um two grapefruits I don’t feel like going nowhere so organic bananas I don’t want to go I got to organic avocado I never heard of that but yeah some cookie butter the same it has this no I have heard organic has less calories than the cookie butter though I mean almond butter organic coconut oil what is she died on a panini slim sandwich bread five grams of fiber smoked salmon dip with capers I make some organic mushrooms yeah oh just power crunch bar I gotta try this Felicia’s and talking a lot about this french vanilla this is what I’m lead to gym gonna eat like half 14 grams oh yeah so 300 calories but the whole one is 200 calories in this thing I need to make it to the gym 3 DG cornell’s up I heard these are these are really good though just this this fig this I mean walk into a bar all of these granola bars i call walking to the welcome to a bar may with our granite greens 200 so i said this fake walks into a bar so this fig walks into a bar oh I get it walks into a bar it’s so slow any good oh I never knew what it meant I kept saying walks into a bar I didn’t know a natural fresh mozzarella cheese I any mad give me a piece of this let me get a piece of it you got these red tomatoes potatoes potatoes baby red potatoes what you gonna do with these organic pop tarts no all natural wheat flour the first ingredient wheat a lot of people have seen on YouTube was tearing them up zucchini what is it okay I’m gonna teach you at least come put this spinach and kale thing in the oven arugula of parmigiano-reggiano ravioli okay what’s so special about this i am ricotta cheese arugula parmesan yeah why’d you want that so bad chamomile herbal bagged tea oh that’s nice chef clarity yes chef produce highly processed i knows natural ingredients what i discovered other day spinach the meat that’s in here yeah that’s not good for you says it on a big one it’s like it’s basically like eating a hot dog yeah mechanically process i read it one time and that’s what stopped me from buying it a mechanical process natural ground turkey good price 299 like the regular price what do you say isn’t it that’s what yes why eating hot dogs sliding on a diet why what happens to the all-natural eggs what happened to the organic live one eggs you bought they cost more good stuff it with omega-3 they say for lunch farm fresh eggs additives and hormone-free this is like a and you know this is cheaper than the regular eggs in the store a little ghetto expensive it exams or might even for the second year this header thing this is a certain she bought some turkey

what I should go raw honey natural and this is a good price for all honey cuz this crap for 799 in walmart you got this a 599 good price one hundred percent or again that’s minus a good price of the honey natural raw almonds because the small bottle in walmart is 799 899 i was looking at it spending 899 almonds dry roasted unsalted almonds those are all mistakes good they have a different flavor they taste really natural my you waffles what you don’t their waffles are the best for eating whole wheat like blueberry some two-dollar chocolate one made you buy this chocolate belgian dark chocolate organic what that days like in tim’s full body dark chocolate made from fairly traded cocoa beans raw pecans but don’t really like pecans that’s hers was all stuff I got back here my jacket that I wash and iron I’m just a towel but we get home I can iron board so I put the towel on my deep freezer and iron on there okay cuz the dryers here and wanting stuff out the dryer iron over here I’m hadi freezer Jay Sean was gonna wear this hollister shirt but it’s a in too little time to donating I wash my jacket for work and something fell Oh anyway so I am coming to warm up the spinach thing or what I meant it below one up there so long ago I got a lot of product for fifty bucks a whole lot of stuff and i only spent 15 hours actually 49 did good I did good so I think I’m gonna play the bean boozled challenge tonight with lee for jay sean already back they went to a family gathering with their dad from the church was having family fun day to heaven games and all this dust so they went there and wait for them to get back so we can all play together boo boo berry huh come here I got something old you to try okay you wanna do sure Yuri said he want to try Jay don’t even know what it is I see Jana neat we know that hey I want y’all to eat at the same time oh the chips oh he sent you [ __ ] come on gay com Taiwanese chips what kind of chips what organ is fri-sun our city [ __ ] let me get the right to sell earlier that’s right now would you listen only to get loud okay whoo soda is it no you can have it you don’t it’s coke to come try this don’t [ __ ] your food you can always get some more are you happy to learn how to share are you saying right now no come taste these fancy chips what is the dog I just shot wash your hands so you can taste this I’m gonna open say try this out just slide it out I are you gonna make you fly out okay oh yeah hey what you doing its final stop no just wait don’t eat it yet it’s not gonna I’m not gonna eat it I don’t you smell anything don’t a fried kale is melted do not fried kale either your lipstick is on it cuz I just try to pull it out with my mouth Jashaun stinks are we looking at you offers immediate some offer your dog feel appreciative dog food just fell out the hole right there ed hochuli your mother life I quit gravy in there he’ll care you’re feeding them fruits and all this other stuff you all that whoo look at the see me okay take one you’re gonna slap nothing i’mma slap you it’s not being rude I’m gonna pick a lucky on we mean lucky just pick one so much god you’re nosy you can read upside down for making seaweed it’s a snack this is the kind of this is a healthy

snack it’s just like if you let me focus max mommy is plastic dyed green here all right I’m so serious what are you saying eat it it spicy taste like hot cheetos festive day green take my hot cheetos I don’t know what to do with this last thing we need if I make it with the zucchini oh you have enough let me see well to eat it I’m gonna get our house I cut them in half so I have like the thing because this y’all can be what any chips okay okay come on these chips what are you gonna put it this is what you guys are gonna eat for snack Dez ready I’m gonna cut it I’m gonna fold it in half it takes like a hot cheeto that melts on your tongue that’s cool lies I’ll take for you look at her babe I know Jay Sean was gonna like it oh I was Reggie shop I never don’t like you so much yo stuff tune it up I’m more open to trying new things they re yeah I any good re can eat broccoli what is it actually see I told you if he’d like you gonna eat it all I have to hide it from what are you doing no move move Jay Sean no no you don’t eat those and that’s good what’s out they re man you can have it What’s Wrong thick Oh everything like what every day like what loves it yeah the problem look like you just came straight for ocean maybe it did that’s what you call wrong first I put it back I told you drink some water no don’t drink no 50 go get Jake on safety i’m gonna offer you eat it ok it tastes on these ships you know you know you don’t know you don’t eat nothing healthy you don’t know nothing about he’ll being healthy gave eat the darn thing okay i decide to take one I do not like it then put why are you eating it if you don’t like it I make any food I’m impressing you to Jerusalem via MIDI game can i see you need to thank mom we’re gonna fuss at me in front of you buddy she always in all right i just gay eat the seaweed helps you don’t shove it in your mouth like that tastes good i donĂ­t know I put on my lips in a burning David okay good no what’s your mom was fussing about yeah oh yeah ha EJ no think so what they eat easy and just welcome back home I don’t do that what oh how you deal with your nick name was unique re why did you take it if you don’t want it I didn’t act you to shove it down your throat other that’s gonna shove it down her throat she don’t like it so why did she take another one oh my god man camera but you won’t like it either re can’t go peanut lucky Audrey likes a seaweed I don’t eat anything healthy it’s roasted seaweed like listen to the ocean what you do is good they cleaned it of course they did take it no don’t you dare don’t you dare touch another movie toy Jashaun you all ate the whole package here you got one more God go yes he does no I don’t want ice cream bowl you think under the sink I don’t want any longer nothing really harga hello hi what’s up my name is Ari this is a month it’s the mama bear trail with spit no mean coming did you get punched things are my Marie what are you doing I’ll hold off referring to being google shower okay

sure rking for my seaweed ziploc bag back over to see me here’s pull too tight right there oh yes full to type put this way what you participated well you guys in ok one again without one so much time no she knows she’ll I’m sorry