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Hallo travelers of the whole World -My name is George and i am European tourist Guide from Ukraine Italian Alps Road I am a bus tours supporting guide but sometimes my friends are also renting my services This is Salerno Italy which is close to Napoli, ship from Catania (Sicilia) This is My Home Krivoi Rog (Central Ukraine)And i`ll tell about: I am Tourist Guide and i know all resorts (over 100)in Ukraine and we can travel in my country or Europe (over 1000 interesting places) In budget mode, because medium salary is 350$ in Ukraine, so my tours and travel services are low cost and i know how to economize This is German Autobahn This is a comparative video including the calculation of savings between bus tours and car tours In our country over 70% citizens sit at home and don’t travel to Europe at all because they are afraid and have doubts which does not allow them to start a journey to neighboring countries This is a novice tourist looks like(Hamster), but the first rule of travel is TRAVEL LighT Price of bustour starts at 50euro for All tour (including night transfers)But you get opportunity to go to Budapest, Vienna, Venice e.t.c this is Florence Piazzale Michelangelo The cheapest Bus Tour is the closest one -From Lviv to Poland 80 km From Uzhgorod to Budapest 280 km Most people mistakenly think that traveling by Bus is boring and not comfortable But the task of each guide is to make tourist excited on the bus and show interesting movies tell stories and entertain their tourists And if Bus Guide got 80Lvl . Tours finish like That My tourists are always singing with me and i know many songs and got vocal skills and children’s, teenagers, pensioners love it We play games. And i tell interesting stories and make competitions inside the bus I always miss them, I grieve after the tours and tourists inspire me to write songs (See other videos on the channel) The task of HighLVL guide is to create a collective consciousness in the group for the success and wisdom of the whole tour Ukraine has 24 regions and people have a different mentality: someone is friendly, someone is conflict and offensive, but towards the end everyone becomes happy This is Venece Boat Lviv tourists are my favorite and I am from central Ukraine. And for them i am like alien,but they love it With teenagers we travel to Festivals and events like oktoberFest. Comic Con Game ON e.t.c This is Dusseldorf And a boring bus tour turns into a fairy tale Budapest Parlamet Dunay River Austria Vienna Albertina Platz, Maria Teresia Platz From Ukraine You can Go to Iceland Reykjavik or Tenerife (Atlantic Ocean) without using airplanes And travel without a guide, This is a trip without knowledge. Never economy on guides. Every country got it`s own guides This is Lucerne Swizerland Every City, town, village, mountain, resorts keeps wondering story and you must absorb that Know that everything material will turn into dust, and no one will take away your knowledge and impressions from you, only they will live in your hearts But in Ukraine, conservatism affects people as a consequence of life in the USSR and therefore they continue to be afraid to save money behind the wall and not traveling Austria Vienna Praterstern park From Bydapest to Vienna 250km to Btratislava 80km All interesting places located close in Europe We have charity tours and promotional starts from 20euro

Budapest Basilica of Saint Istvan the Top I say that the problem of Ukrainian tourism is the greed of the operators and -the poorer the operator is the more honest operator is In Ukraine, such a division of tourism, we have Travel agencies(over 3000) that sell tours. And the operators are creating(or copying) tours! If you got money, you can open own travel agency without knowledge about trips I do not like the work of agencies, but I will try to open my own while working as a freelancer Many agencies try to sell long distance and expensive tours to earn money, and this pushes out ordinary people This greed factor prevents many from starting to travel because of the illusion of high cost And then People look for excuses about the impossibility of traveling such as fear of night crossings, although they work in hazardous industries at night time Night transfer moving allows you to save time and money on a hotel and overcome 1000 kilometers this is Bamberg Bavaria but tours without night transfers include night rest in hotels and if you want a good rest, it is not necessary to go far But a distant tour without night crossings can drag on for 20+ days and its price will be over 1000 Venece Saint Georgio Chuch Tower Debrecen Hungary 120km to Ukraine I try to explain to Ukrainians that a lot of interesting things is nearby. We are all neighbors and one big family Budapest From the Ukrainian Customs ,,Chop,, to Budapest 300km and I know more than 10 resorts and so on throughout Europe I discussed these resorts with my bosses and they answer me that this is not profitable All this I can realize only on my own tour And so I can create a tour in one country for more than 20 days or in a small area And each and every day will be interesting this is Dunay Boat 10$ with champagne and audio guide Debrecen Zoo But Hungary got the Biggest Zoo in Europe called Sosto Zoo in Nyiregyhaza I know about all booking and Excursion servises in Europe and Ukraine Rome Coliseum Dont forget to hire a Guide Debrecen are second Capital of Hungary and it is interesting City To hire a Guide in Europe costs about 50$ per hour To hire Me costs about 50$ per day&night Lucerne My biggest group was 64 people Bus Tour to Vienna The smallest i support 1 person to Scandinavia Tallinn guide in ethnic costume Every guide got a Licence Vilnius TV tover Close to Kiev 600km Budget tour means Budget buses which are comfortable Some buses still use cassette and reel videoplayers Joking -) Every bus got Ecological Euroclass so you can travel on Mercedes bus or else My bosses make a lot of demands on guides I got only 1 I got few Favorite companies and we are working like a family this is Bamdberg this video is ad-free so there will be no brand names But you can search on google or call me I tell you about all companies that i know -Live

this is one of the Prague towers -TV tower Another one Prague tower -on my Instagram search BelowGeorge and become my friends We have very different tour companies and I give them ratings and they give me Feedbacks this is Vienna Stephanplatz I got Video about Vienna on my channel Traveling to Vienna, I always talk about Freud’s psychology and Jung’s Sociology, and I start with the Habsurg dynasty I also have knowledge in Chinese horoscopes zodiac signs and this content is always easy for tourists to remember Content about Yoga and chakras comes in well and tourists always study with me And i always study with people because i like interesting personalities a hobby makes you an interesting person I got lot of Hobby, and on tours you will be charged with the energy of the world One of the most interesting things on the tour is the company You can meet a beautiful stranger or an interesting conversationalist or even a mentor this is Vienna full of barocco Lithuania Trakai Island Castle Each country also has interesting personalities. For example, in Germany there are German philosophers like Martin Heidegger,Emanuel KanT,Shopengauer e.t.c this is Krakov Poland And if you have knowledge or an interesting story, I can pass the microphone, you will have time of glory Vienna Schonbrunn Always try to attract more people to Travel and you will return as different people It is very difficult to start, but there will always be someone who will support you. It may be I. It may seem to you that you will escape from your life But when you return from a trip, you will understand that life runs away from you Some Ukrainian travel companies are good sellers of illusions and think about profit, and you would think that paying a huge money will provide a good rest As I said, I have a budget direction, but be careful when choosing and planning a vacation this is Swarovslki Museum western Austria Insbruck Now I am starting to compare bus tours with CarTrips and i always suggest trying to start traveling any kinds of tourism this is Budapest Parlament building Praterstern Vianna 5 euro =1 trip Budapest Gellert Mountian Eger Hungary nice resort got Eger Castle and thermal sources 2 types one with salt Lublyana sLOVEnia Miskolc Hungary Park close to cave sources Budapest Hight Krakow Poland Bratislava Ufo Tower Car rental costs 50 per day. In Ukraine, cars are expensive but not like in Europe, you can check on the sites Autoplius.lt & Autoscout.de I am a route, we will agree on it renting my car or car with a driver which costs 0.5 euro per kilometer bus rental 1 euro kilometer This is my car groups in Prague At Balaton it is Hungarian sea I build a route and go where you like for the number of days you need Weekly spending of money on which tours for All Inclusive: Excursions, dishes, visiting interesting places, + my services and accommodation cost —- 1000-2000 euro it depends of your wishes for the whole family Living in nice apartments in your screen

During a week of active travel, we visit more than 7 cities and 5 countries But as I said, I can arrange a tour of one Hungary for a month and every day there will be 2 new places never repeated Corresponds to the 3 month cheapest traveling in Ukraine The costs(spending) of a family or company of 3 persons in Europe is 200 per day in Ukraine -100 to all inclusive approximately There will be all the most interesting without squandering I tell you about all touristic services in Europe or Ukraine I will offer and you will decide whether to economize or not If we prepare in advance we will have an advantage But if we do not prepare, we will have the opportunity to change the program every day I know where to buy Food drinks cheaper this is appartamenti in Salerno Italy In Ukraine servises like Booking or AirBnb are not popular Better to use OLX services but this site is in Ukrainian Language About touristic servises i can tell you -long story Just call or contact me In Europe there are many Sea Cruises tour and even River Cruise. Also you can choose just Transfer You need to balance between active and passive rest Unaccustomed tourists get tired quickly If you like swimming, then the best sea on the islands over 10000 islands in Europe I tell you about my Favorite islands: Tasos,Samotraki- Greece.On video is Catania Sicilia. There are many many. I will not list everything It depends on the group if a family with children is one direction, melenials are another people, the people of retirement age is the third In Ukraine there are Many Resorts. Also Ukraine is Cheap country So in Ukraine the rest of the whole family will benefit Brave graduates from Lviv sing Ukrainian anthem in Riga And on the bus we sing ethnic and folk songs about Ukraine Each team leader tells the wisdom of the country in which we travel But all tours start from Ukraine and Ukrainian wisdom If we go to Koenigsberg this is Kant’s birthplace And if in Florence, this is the birthplace of the revival of wisdom =renaissance Stenico Alpian little Italian town We also visit the hometowns of contemporaries such as Eckhart Tolle from Dortmund, which is closer to Cologne First I talk about books that I read, such as The <> and then everyone has a chance to tell about their interesting book

left side is Santa Maria del Fiore.Italy Florence Ragusa Sicilia Only traveling gives a huge amount of emotions and feelings. If you are willing to argue please leave your comments Active relaxation is good for your health and you don’t have to spend time on fitness; in 3 months I lose 10kg And I can wear XS-sized things with a height of 188cm and a weight of 72kg If you want to feel life in your veins, we need to travel together I have orders so call in advance if I’m busy on the dates you specify, I will advise you to an accompanying person no worse than me it can be a girl Follow my instagram and facebook I use them a couple of minutes a day so I’m not popular Because I like to live a real life and not life on social networks This is centre of Debrecen Hungary you can watch all these photos in instagram or FB I undertake all travel duties. I love people especially small ones because i am philanthropists So don’t worry, message me and we will have a good time I have relatives and friends in Lviv and Kiev and often I can be there at the Airport And meet you in Ukraine this is ROME FORUM If you have not watched my video about Ukraine, then it will be at the end of the video The high cost of the tour will not affect your mood But generally travelling inspires you and you can promote and realize your ideas When you returned I am mostly real Just call and check this is Venece I show you this place and thousand of others As a true traveler, I always disdain the services of airlines I know 4 Languages and Traveling in our Language -ПУТеШЕСТВИЕ 2 wods divide ПУТь=way ШЕЫТВИЕ=close to -pilgrimage I am always open to new dating Those one who do not travel see a lot.But those one who travel always see more so START your Journey Cologne Cathedral, Choir, Rehearsal

i charged all 7 chakras until 2030 In this part of video i write only Filming Places Budapest Royal Palace overlooking the Danube and my wife Cruise Liner Tallink company close to Stockholm And Baltic sea veiw from Tallin TV tower Rome Debrecen stadion Vilnius BalticExpo Comicon Vilnius Nyiregyhaza and Budapest Vienna Shlotz Shonbrunn Some of my talents Florence santa Croce Gardaland Budapest Vienna Stephanplatz Sosto lakes Hungary Venece Rialto Bridge Debrecen Balaton Hungarian sea Tokaj vine Hungary have 22 vine regions and this is a king so you must Taste it Cologne Cathedral Nurnberg Baltic sea cruise Nurnberg Bavaria Budapest parlament and the beautiful stranger Budapest Monument – Hunt of King Matias Vatican behind

Tallin Tower 180m Hight I wrote song about traveling watch at my channel Catania Rome Forum Fail Norway Flam Vatican Not the Only enclave in Rome Italian islands got many Cruises which price starts at 30 euros Close to Corsica i don’t remember i drinked all night with strangers Greece Lutra close to Thessaloniki Shonbrunn Palace 560 km from Ukraine

Comicon Baltics 2019 Vilnius Austria Vienna Praterstern Gardaland Italy lake Garda My masters The Witcher Winter Europe it is another Europe Vilnius Marvel on Comicon Vilnius returning to home More Photos and videos on My Youtube channel ,,Please subscribe and add to FB & Instagram-Belowgeorge WhatsApp, Viber +39068443014 Travel light with Me!!