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two in Syria we have this one famous saying its food it’s the the bread that is provided by the government many other socialist or communist influence countries have this in common in Syria it used to mean to the Syrian people something more than food first literally it’s it’s bread it’s cheap available for all social levels and high quality delicious even the rich people you know they prefer it so it used to buy by the time my that by the years it used them into the Syrian people something like stability in the safety in dependency it’s like as long as this bread is available so it’s okay no matter what happens wars catastrophes everything so what we what happened in the last four years or five years let’s say made us realize that the real bread or the real government bread is people not the bread that we have you know it’s like when you want to build this safe stable free independent country you wanna or country or Society or gathering you want to work on the people who are the bricks for this world who are the sole basis for this big establishment so that’s why we chose this name with a little word to play that we used heavy slowly that means government bread to to employer to to interpret it as people we all dream of this perfect country perfect society perfect call it what you want but until in order to reach there to to reach there we have to work on ourselves and the people around us so that’s why people are the subject matter of our music or art or anything that we would produce this

we just know about the concept you know yesterday and or the day before so and we are as a toad you were collaboration between many bands so we just got on the stage and played something on the spot it was really overwhelming I mean whenever you had the chance to play something that is being created on the spot it’s the kind of thing that happens once in a lifetime you cannot repeat it that’s the beauty of it last time we had a concert together so now it’s a one year it’s been a long time last time was in Lebanon Beirut and it was the last my last concert within the big guys a scrub is daughter yeah so it’s been a while it’s been a long time actually it felt good coming back together and playing together and like as an opening to Europe this is the first time we play in Europe in a nice place like cutting hay so it was a good experience yeah the songs you can basically it’s like an eyewitness of what’s go what one and what was going on in Syria from the from the from the vision of for young people will in Syria the witnessed the events of what was going on during the war and you can say that in the album you can find the songs that talks about this as I witness and by the end of the album it is just our our own vision of how we see things that how it should be

not all of the people not all men there have a clear vision like if they if they it’s really they would interfere in this world or not because basically imagine that you’re shooting at your own brother so this is the first thing that you would think about you know the the war in Syria is between between Syrian people you can say and somehow some people from outside of defining things but the thing is it is like shooting your own brother because mostly he can find people just following commands about some things and many many times happened to brother followed like the army and another bottom went to the revolution because of the two splitted minds and it happened that encountered so this is the thing so when you think about it and you know that the back in serious military service is a is not an option you have to go so it’s not the war that anyone can can fight and it’s not that not anyone wanna get or go shoot others or you don’t know what to protect what are you protecting I’m protecting my home from and he’s protecting it you don’t know what’s going on plus it’s got really complicated you cannot call it even I cannot call it Syrian work now because you have many agendas many people from outside and it’s not the Syrian it’s not a Syrian issue anymore it’s it’s a space now this little Syrian land is it’s a space for in my own opinion it’s a space for all the world forces to fight and to do you not to negotiate on some stuff using forces that they support so at this point you start to think about it is it really worth it to go through this and die and die for what for the Russians or the Americans or the Gulf or the for Iran you’re just a number a number on the table of negotiations between all these it’s usually it’s it’s been always usually always like this and all civil wars like the people are the fuel for the whole thing and when they from outside beside that okay we reached for an agreement it magically ends and it starts to rebuild and you know like in Lebanon the Civil War during the 80s and 90s plus a if I want to say something to the Europeans there’s a lot to say actually but I could sum it up in few words that this is a situation now in Syria complete mess one of the biggest crisis crisis since the maybe the Second World War it’s not the place for us anymore musicians artists doctors engineers farmers it’s not the place for them anymore so as a normal human action they will try to find another place to be active in to survive into so what I can assure to the Europeans is that we are not people who are trying to come here and take your food or take your land or take anything like I can assure you it will just people who are trying to find another land on this big planet called Earth to to be able to be active again and to be productive to act as humans like I want to be I want to be engaged in a society and Europe and and get to a point where I’m active I’m an active

member there and I I add to the society I add some value I don’t want to be just this parasite who just needs food and then place to live and sit here while waiting some money no chances are more open here I mean this is this is the last thing that we would think of that now we just one up sometimes I think I could we managed to release an album and by root which is not our country plus it’s it’s really hard and complicated to survive in by root to make living i mean it’s it’s one of the most expensive country the lebanese their selves they cannot find jobs so sometimes i think if we manage to make it there then i have the confidence to say that i can do it anywhere else i can survive anywhere else so like I put myself in the Europeans shoes right now I don’t know how to convince but let’s see what will happen Oh it all started from stumble turkey after we gathered was the group that wants to go through this journey it started from Istanbul from example you you go to a point the ones responsible to take you on the boat to to Greece a left by a by caused by a van to a certain point in Turkey I don’t know the place of a Jay the place of it as location we spent two days and we had some issues on the way like one of the costs that that were moving us they’d stop at the middle of the street because it got broken and we had to sleep like a day on the side the police shouldn’t know what the cars should know about us in the cars because yeah they would know that we are going through the smugglers yeah they were closed bands you can say so we need six people in one then just sleeping on each other explaining really retails it was really difficult you can very lucky we then it was a kind of dog and people trying to sleep if you turn a it was difficult and we had to sleep by the side of the street just a normal street where you have like a site for us they stopped all of a sudden and go go go go this kind of thing we all on the rush every day all in Russia and they you move to another point you sleep another day at the poorest just waiting for the for this rubber board that they get you to leave and all of these details are unexpected we were told like you have to wait for only three hours or four you get there and get didn’t get you don’t take off but so we did not take some big bags food anything I put the lace and water less and you have other groups with us so we when we finally got to the point we slept only one day at the forest and the other the the next morning we woke up and they started talking to us let’s go guess you’re gonna be a dinky and he’s gonna you’re leaving soon we saw I think he leaving Joe week of just watching and watching them leave they succeeded before us and after almost two hours they said Let Go Go Go Go you need to go and they just did not wait for anyone the another surprise when we when we got to the point where we have to leave usually

they make someone drive the boat because if you the driver got caught it’s gonna be a really risky for him he would be jailed for three years I guess and the thing is from the group that we were in no one intended to drive but they suddenly said you guys are alone now no one is gonna drive you have to pick one of you i will teach him how to drive the engine and all of the sudden like this and yes one of one of us at the group they they they taught him how to drive the boat good to hear a few who not yeah we were kind of few fewer than the usual yeah the usual you can say up to 40 50 people with family it is a crime actually you put such a number on this little I don’t know how they do it it’s only nine meters like a rubber boat like a little dingy and it can barely handle the amount of these people and usually problems like this happened that the engine stops at the middle of the sea it’s a network so you like directly you just deal with the representative of that or the guy usually Syrian how do you know but I are my friends you know we got this number of this representative in Syrian called his eyes a nickname you just call him and say okay you you have to use your guts your trust and it like this some question and then especially you usually see the people that went with him before if they usually arrive safe then this is a trustable you know let’s just trustworthy this one no he failed many times this is how how it went but honestly it was the easiest part the part in the sea I swear it was the easiest of the whole journey because I’m given the fact or have in mind the journey before from stumble to the spot and then the journey from Greece all the way to Macedonia Serbia and then through the bush in fields and minefields to Croatia the sea part was the easiest you for us it was a it was something different something we did not expect you expect it to land or somewhere we have to climb or it just flowed by something yeah yeah what we found some people waving at us like this and we we thought that they’re waving that land somewhere else don’t learn here but they said no land here they were really friendly and peaceful and yeah especially when we got down and we said hello we started speaking English a language that they understand and they saw was all a happy smiling so they were really shocked me are you holy smuggled wrong you’re just being too you’re just doing some tourism in the sea usually they see a large number of people getting off the dinghy we’re with sad faces and hysterical looks with children and stuff cuz this is how it is but they surprised that 16 guys happy just joyful and it’s like fun having fun in DC and then hello and there was some musicians there he was girls Benjamin there was a musician that work unless your filter hey I’m a sexy funny though there were musicians I so things got the long and after like we were extremely happy because at the middle of the sea the engine stopped and we were shoveling and we have to move we have to move fast so after the the second time the engine worked and we reached a short it was the most happy things for us we landed see so we started the cds and introducing ourselves to the people as you usually do when you get somewhere new so they were happy and we would have so for them it was it was like hysterical kind of comedy like one band

come out of the sea it’s like we’re on a mission together the cities and go back you know it happened in the police station in the lock we got friendly with the policeman and at some point they started to know to get to warn tomorrow to know more info about us so we said we talked we told them about the band and the page and they check it on youtube in front of us and this all really cool you really have songs that they did not believe it because there’s always suffer with modern in in water and all dusty and so they did not in Europe and what you doing here so so I give I remember I give the the city two to two or three policemen and one of them was a rocker like he was not going to talk about the house a drummer I like thrash metal and it’s some Swedish I don’t know it was surreal the scene I remember this specific moment when he played the song on youtube one of the songs and he started to listen so I was just meditating on the whole thing that is happening like I’m here detained making this policeman who is detaining me listen to my son this is this is victory yeah like you know lachemann he said something really nice out of him when he like after having the musical discussion and all these things he said and music unites us all I said to death yeah there were some intense moments there I wish I could shoot them yeah the whole things like turn delivered at the room we are all tensed and things and after some musical things and we listen to the song yeah things got different because you’re starting to understand the other person in a different situation in a different perspective like you’re a musician me normal people I run a clears up some things like papers and procedures you know we have to be an NSA different situation but as people like me yeah well I really the song that he was listening to on youtube in front of us it’s a it’s a fourth track in the album it talks about something about prison and the victims and someone jailing someone and this is funny actually it says that something like the chorus says it in the darkness no one can live but that the jailer and the victim but in the light or in when you free yourself you can build home for everyone you can build homes for it was three spirits build the homes forever yeah so he was listening and you’re just looking at each other oh this happens on to the lifetime you why Berlin basically as the main the main reason is everyone knows Berlin for a musician or foreign artists is the best best destination it’s an international capital ya consider and you know that Germany has special treatments and things for for the Syrian refugees facilities yeah yeah but for us personally it’s the best it’s the best choice as musicians as an artist and it’s like the London that you can go to yeah I think

you you Oh Oh you you you