[FULL] Assault Again EP.06 | Chinese Millennials in Military | China Drama

It’s an order from Brigade Commander putting him on key training Yes Company Commander But how can we go down there? We just failed one time You are now like this As a heir to the Old Riffle When shall we bow our heads in front of the enemy We always raining against the enemy Assault again and again Even if we will die, we must die at the gunpoint of the enemy fall on the road of assault Raise your head for me Reconnaissance soldier as pioneers Assault again and again In order to carry out the mission, he almost killed us Xiao Long What do you mean? Just do it! Let’s go! Come here and discuss about it Liang Yongjun I have something to talk with you What’s wrong? It’s inconvenient to say here Follow me Here I come Come here Si He is coming here So what’s your opinion, Si Wenbin Do you come together or one by one Swineherd I am a man with principle Don’t worry You won’t be beaten up today I am just on behalf of the buddies to fight with you I will take you on So what? Feel scared? Do you regret what you have done Si Wenbin I tell you You’ll be failed if you fight me alone,so you guys fight with me together How can you say I will fail I am descendant of the Old Riffle I am even not afraid of death Will I afraid of you? Assault again and again Go! What are you saying? The Old Riffle spirit is used to deal with the enemy It’s not used to deal with companion But you used the bomb to us I didn’t use the bomb to fight with you I do it for warning the Company Let him to prevent the instructor from going out Warning the Company? Who do you think you are? Let me tell you the truth,the instructor is kidnapped What? What? Confidential matters I can’t say anymore But I have a question to ask you Do you afraid of death No I have never been afraid of anything We are descendants of the Old Riffle

We are afraid of nothing He is right Okay The Company let me join in the council of war I will actively request this task How about cooperating with killing the gangsters and saving the instructor Well No problem That’s over? Si Wenbin I see You’ve been fighting for a chance to learn more military tactics in actual combat do you? It’s none of your business Swineherd But I have to tell you If you tell what happened today on Chief this will not over! Please let me finish I have told you I’m going to fight for this opportunity for you It includes you Ok? Are you serious? Of course Come on The UAV of the Mountain Brigade fly very low It seems that they can find it They are intended to do it Maybe the Mountain Brigade has found us earlier They’re worried we’re running away They’re warning of us So will we submit to them without a fight? Of course not We have hostages Guys Be ready We will assault tonight Emergency fall in Liang Yongjun Right-dress Eyes-front The soldiers who joined up in 2015 stay here Others aim at the East area Go Liang is the standard to form two horizontal teams Right-dress Eyes-front Liang Yongjun Here! You’re in charge of the new soldiers and patrol the battalion ensure the safety of battalion Yes Turn back No You tried your best to get us this kind of task Come here Get closer really? 201, 201, this Point 1 Focus on searching abandoned warehouses in No.13 Area Please answer, the plane warehouse of No.13 Area Roger Everyone attention Advance to the abandoned warehouse of the No.13 Area Company Commander The enemies are in No.13 Area why are we coming here To have a rest Taking a rest The instructor has been hijacked by gangsters Everyone is fighting How about hiding here to have a rest none of your business To have a rest is also a mission Yes They fell into the trap

Let’s pull the plug 201 calls 203 203 Roger that Dapeng, go to the No.13 abandoned warehouse Bring the instructor back in one piece Yes, Sir Let’s go to the No.13 warehouse Master Chief, where is the Commander Why doesn’t he follow us? none of your business Mo Lei, watch out Yes There are weapons in the direction of two o’clock There must be gangsters Master Chief I will take Group A to investigate the warehouse The group of UAV Flying UAV investigate the situation of warehouse Roger Don’t make any noise Swineherd We have lied on the ground too long Just staring at the war room? Is this your first day to be a soldier? What’s your meaning? Make it clear Do you remember the order? The order is watching the war room Don’t think something will be happened? Tell me what you have known That’s all what I have known Damn it If you want to win the honor Just stick to it What? Just lying here? and win the honor? Bull shit How about you command me to take lead in Point 1 ? Ok,let me give a chance Point 2 calls Point 1 Point 2 calls Point 1 This is Point 1.This is Point 1 I command Wenbin Si and Xin Ma swap their positions Wenbin Si leads the Point 1 Roger Go ahead What’s happened on Point 2 Why are they move? Report 201, No.12 requires transfer Why because of eager to win honor Bull shit Your concealment is the top priority If anyone is fooling around I will send him to military court Yes What’s wrong? Why are you bring me here No worry Just stay here There must be something happened Okay Ok, I trust you this time Don’t let me disappointed 201

This is 203 201 This is 203 This is 201, speaking 201, gangsters are taking hostages Hidden in abandoned warehouses in No. 13 Area It seems that the hostage is safe and sound Take action as planned ensure the safety of hostage Yes 201 calls Base command center Group A arrived the target point.The hostage is safe Ready for action The target appears!Ready for fighting Liang Yongjun Are you crazy? That’s the Chief How many chief in a brigade? The Commander and Instructor has focused on him long time He is the target Ready for battle! Run away Keep following 201, Point 2 report The target is missing Keep catching him up! Grab him as soon as possible Make sure group A rescues the hostages But the war room is important Point 1 and other confidential things are all here If we leave, who protect them? I request to stay here What fucking are you request? You are new here Do you think anyone can attack the war room? You carry out my order now! If the target run away, I will haunt you Yes Liang Liang What does the commander say? Arrest the spy! Move! I find the scouts who are detouring from both sides 800 meters far away Beat the UAV Leave now Yes take with her Sir The UAV is beat It is break down Everyone pay attention to the gangsters Get on the car Don’t shoot.The instructor is in the car So what can we do? Drive faster Keep catching up with them Let them drive into the Group B Yes 201 calls 203

203 Roger that Peng, keep catching them up I am waiting for them Yes Report the Base command center The battle is moving towards as my planned We can get them all together and ensure the safety of hostage They are in front of us.Keep going Don’t let them run away Hurry up Ready for battle! Be careful Yes 203 calls 201 203 calls 201 Roger that Please speaking We were barricaded by the gangsters Now the gangsters are two kilometers away from you Roger I command you to clear the barricades immediately Hurry up You must block the gangsters Roger Fight! Get off Stun grenades Don’t move Don’t move.Don’t move Let’s go Don’t move.Don’t move Take them away Go instructor,instructor Instructor Calm down. I am Mo Lei Instructor Is there any injury No Thank you Are you Ok? It’s fine Raise up your head Lift up

Where’s the others What are you doing Tell me Don’t give me that I see I know you have discipline and it requires you cannot abuse prisoner Don’t break discipline Buddy Do you believe that All of you can’t run away Just wait and see Sir Instructor Are you ok? It’s fine Commander Xiao reports to the Base commander center The gangsters have been arrested Okay Okay 202 report The gangsters have been arrested 202, this is Point 1 I command you bring the gangsters back and keep your watch on the Point 1 and Point 2 Roger Give the transmitter to 202 I need to make a phone Roger Lin Hello Point 1 This is 202 Please advice 202 I apologize to you on behalf of the whole brigade It’s Ok, Point 1 I am also a part of Mountain Brigade Well done Stand down Get up! Let’s go Go Hurry up! Let the UAV monitor No.0 Area Yes The No.0 Area is our camp site Be ready Stop! Squad leader Stop! Stop! Stop here! I am from the Equipment Department The leader of the Equipment Department is sitting in the car Drawback to the alert area Draw back Point 1 and Point 2 attention The gangsters have fell into the trap Be ready to take action Yes What’s happened on Point 2 Point 2 is still tracking The situation is not clear What’s the hell? I told you must arrest the spy Point 2

If you arrest the spy, it will be a great contribution to the reconnaissance company Yes Liang Are you sure about it? I am always believing in you Don’t worry Keep searching Yes The chance to make a great contribution is finally here All ready! What is it? It’s too quiet This is the ammunition depot Bypass the sentry Be careful Yes Go and throw the flashbomb Yes Move! Liang Point 1 is fighting Should we take a look calm down Our mission is to arrest the traitor Don’t move Disarm Bullshit What’s your name Shut up! Don’t move Put down the gun Get on the car Move Go Company Commander The gangsters are caught We caught three gangsters without nobody get hurt Please command, Sir Si Wenbin You made a contribution to the company Give you a reward Thank you Sir Assault again and again Sir Put them over 201 calls Base command center This is Point 1 Report the situation Point 1 report the reconnaissance company has completed the mission Catch all gangsters alive and without no soldiers of reconnaissance company get hurt Point 1 This is 201 Point 1, this is 201 201 calls Base command center Are you sure you have accomplish the mission? Point 1

What do you mean? I told you clearly what’s you priority mission tonight in the battle plan It’s ensure the safety of war room Now have a look by yourself War Room Highest alert War room is occupied Surrounding the war room Quick Yes Hurry up! Go! Go! Get on the car The people inside listen, this is Xiao Jun, commander of Reconnaissance Company I admit your victory Hand over our commander We can discuss about the conditions No response is provocative is to declare a war Let me tell you There are all troops of a brigade surrounding you on the ground There are planes in the sky monitoring you Our combat power can destroy you at least ten times within 5 minutes Put it down Line up Fall in Right-dress Eyes-front At ease Attention Commander Reorganization of troops is complete Please advice At ease Yes At ease Comrades I am a prisoner now My war room is occupied by the enemies As a commander I become a prisoner in my war room Sir Chief Go ahead Go ahead Catch the traitor This the phone that he communicates with the gangsters Red-handed and inarguable proofs Chief Li? Come here Liang Yongjun Here! I want to ask you a question The mission of Point 2 is to protect the war room What did you do? Don’t see him Answer my question Sir Because we find the traitor Okay

Have you reported the situation after you find the traitor? I report it to 201 Commander Xiao Here! This soldier executed your order and abandoned the core place of the Mountain Brigade Opened the door to the enemy Don’t you need to say anything? I am willing to accept punishment from the organization Now,you need to tell me Why you transfer your place The soldier who is guarding the border Since it happened, I have never believed that this is actual combat So every time I make a decision, I have concerns I’m afraid something will go wrong When the traitor we’re tracking appears I don’t believe that a drill would treat the War Room as the attack target So So I gave up the task of defensive war room it causes the war room attacked Forget it Your problem is you are not believe the existence of the war Fall in! Liang Yongjun Yes Turn left On the double