Going Country Whitetail Hunt

with 3/4 million acres to hunt the Flying V ranch is Idaho’s premier whitetail destination as Jeff wicks and I learn on this episode of goin country country music relates to so many things I’ve definitely grabbed a bunch of ideas being in a deer stand and especially just walking around here it rains a lot steeper here and it’s definitely not your normal whitetail hunt we’re still about 350 out I want to get a little closer it was pretty neat to be back there and then Jeremy hear him freaking out cuz he’s the guide and he’s not guiding right now they’re under 300 yards now for sure Huck of chucks not shooting ok I’m on him I’m gonna take him right now it’s browning or nothing for this show welcome to Kamiah Idaho I’m your host Chris T Leigh Cook of goin country and we are at the Flying V ranch where we’re gonna be hunting whitetail with my special guest Chuck wit who is a famous singer songwriter Chuck is definitely a character he does some crazy stuff I was excited to get the call to come out here and hunt with her this is my first hunt here at the flying ‘bee ranch and in Idaho so looking forward to it it’s beautiful out here and we’ll see what happen the Orvis endorsed flying the ranch is a year-round hunting and fishing resort with special permits on about 750,000 acres of clear water and Nez Perce forests with everything from elk and pheasant to salmon and steelhead but now it’s whitetail that we’re after one of the greatest things about this hunt is getting to hunt with one of country music’s hottest stars the music business is pretty small so I knew who Christie Leigh Cook was I was excited to get the call to come out here and hunt what they’re I got a number and I texted him and his reply instantly was yep where we going and where are we going and I was just like all right I know he’s really busy on tour and stuff so it was really neat that he had heard of me and he had seen the show and stuff and so he was all excited about it to make a real long story short I just started writing songs in college made the move to Nashville about eight years ago and signed to deal with RCA Records released the first of my first album in 2007 had a few singles off of that that did really well and and now we’re making the second record and in between hunting as much as I can so that’s pretty much my life right now writing songs staying out on tour and and hunting hunting as much as I can the white-tailed deer has long inhabited northern Idaho but in recent years has expanded its range farther south taking over farmlands River bottoms and even some of the steeper slopes that were once the exclusive home of the mule deer we hiked up and hiked over and around and up another Ridge and looked off of that there’s four of us moving around so we’re kind of decided to get on this buck and we’re in the grass and all four of us kind of ikan our way up there to stalk a whitetail honey has to overcome

3 acute deer senses the whitetails sense of smell is much better than ours and nearly as good as a dog’s they hear a wider range of sound frequencies than we do and although they see not quite as well as humans they can immediately pick up even the slightest flicker of movie and those Bucks ended up spotting us booked it over the ridge like we tried sneaking up there and we tried being quiet but there’s this is not happening an afternoon a tracking and Stocking draws a blank and finally we run out of shooting light the terrain here is incredible I mean you you see a mountain you look at it you look at a hill whatever it is you’re like oh no problems not that high but we got up here and we were going up and down and up and down and it was it was intense man especially when you’re carrying all your gear and you know you just get and you’re trying to be quiet you know you got Christie Lee cook it’s just the loudest person in the world I need to get back anyway so he’s not going anywhere he’s he’s over there in that great she’s not going anywhere so I want to come back I’m right again but we got a ways to walk so buses we’re starving so we didn’t get a buck that night but uh I know I know we’re gonna get one in the next few days let’s get to that Rock Lake when we get to this edge here goin country is brought to you by browning makers of firearms clothing gun safes and other top quality outdoor gear Winchester ammunition the American legend mule deer foundation leader in mule deer and black tailed deer conservation Sportsman’s Warehouse America’s premier Outfitters shop at one of over 30 locations for online at Sportsman’s Warehouse calm this hunting is just a lot of glasses you just sit in glass and glass and glass one of the the key factors for hunting either whitetail or mule deer is definitely patience we’ve already done about a day and a half of hunting we’ve seen a ton of white tails we had a couple great stalks and then another great bug proves that good things come to those who and right off this Ridge on the other side of the mountain was two bucks and we were like all right let’s you know that one of them is a pretty good buck let’s let’s try to get on him and see if we can get him I’ll shoot the one on the right they are Walker they’re gonna be walking this way into the oh yeah I see let’s get to that rock like why don’t we get to this edge here think about Bluff right there and then juice how far do you think a little bit for a shot yeah that rock right there that rock yeah so we’re all Buster tails get it one that’s nice for my part here before it’s too dark hunting whitetail in the mountains is a lot different than what I’m used to I’m used to flatter and Crown and this is definitely not flat you’re hiking in and out of canyons so Chrissy and I just make it right over the side it’s a bunch of mule deer intercepting us before I get to the whitetail so it wasn’t it’s never gonna happen run that light zone my style hunting you I grew up hunting

the tree stands I couldn’t even use a rifle where I grew up so coming out here and beaming out to hook up was browning and these they’re great rifles and seeing how far they can shoot it’s gonna be a lot of fun he wanted to bring his browning able then but I told him that we had a gun for him it was one of Browning’s newer guns it’s a 325 wsm and that is just a phenomenal gun it had a Swarovski scope on it just I mean set to the vest while I’m using the classic 270 Winchester Chuck’s 325 Winchester short Magnum with 180 grain silver tip bullet gives him up to 500 yards shooting range he’s a little nervous about shooting it but we went to the range he shot it three times and he was comfortable and ready to go he shot it like a champ and he absolutely loved the gun early morning we get up 4:30 again breakfast at 5:00 and it’s it’s Chuck’s turn for a buck you know the guest we want him to get the bug first though of course the gentleman that I am I always said Christine you know ladies first you go ahead even though I’m the guest and most great hosts like you would give the guest the opportunity I did want to shoot a buck first but I let him have it just common courtesy she uh she stuck to her guns and we headed out to the same area that we saw the two books that were bedded down that we spooked off earlier we saw nice nice 4×4 and we immediately went after it but we learned that not everybody has to go during the stalk so we just cut it down to just me and my buddy that it was filming yeah bar we’re 500 yards still but we still got to sneak up on the keep looking back first deer up on the hill that’s distracting them said we keep on going he’s about the difficult to draw so if he does have we don’t have a shot he’s walking down just walking away I hope you pull the figure oh my gosh you’re broadside well was this shooting well we’re still about 350 out I want to get a little closer he’s about to dip down to that drawl so if he does that we don’t have a shot this is like I shouldn’t be talking right now I’ve seen flat surface and take a shot should be right around 300 yards Christy and I have we just about been taking the spotting scope we kept thinking off there under there under three hundred yards now for sure Huckle Chuck’s not shooting and finally we were able to glimpse Chuck and Kitty’s getting the shooting sticks out we thought okay here we go and the buck was just getting ready to go over this Ridge I mean we’re watching it and we were just like back there we’re like oh my gosh I hope he pulls the trigger I hate him no way did you see him go down he swallow down the hill no way dude I saw the smoke coming out of your good he’s our man that what a great awesome feeling any time you take a longer since shots a little nerve-wracking but we were like dying because the anticipation was nothing he knocked the deer down with one shot it rolled all the way to the bottom of the hill belly Tan belly pain belly pain he was just Chuck was so excited yeah I want to go good to get my hands on this thing I know boom – oh yeah this is awesome thank you so much yeah yeah this is great now we gotta now we gotta get you on I know

I’ve for the record though I did say ladies first but you decide you just took off after this one I didn’t even have a chance to sit but you said were you a nice host that’s what when you host when you have a guest you feed them trust I wanted to get a big one you feed that could you could ever know gram I love those could you oh I don’t think that I didn’t even think we were gonna get an animal because we were just laughing the guide me Chuck and even in my camera guy was just cracking up non-stop we just had a great time I mean I know you’re lazy and all since you got your buck but now it’s my turn I’m ready I’m here Wow that’s good now that it’s my turn for a but it’s also Chuck’s last day and I’m hoping I’ll be able to find a deer before he is the head back home I’m the type of hunter that just loves have a good time it’s all about the hang time for me and this trip was no different man Kristy Lee was great she’s fun man she’s she’s just like hanging out with one of the guys she’s just a little prettier than everybody else she’s she knows what she’s doing she may be my favorite hunting partner after this we had some dough’s in the field some live bait out there for the fuck so I told Christy I had to leave tonight but we spotted a buck so we got I got one more hunt with her and this is gonna be a good buck if we can get this buck down I’m gonna be really happy it’s a nice deer I think that’s him coming out right at the point I think I see antlers in here Timothy seen is that him that’s him pretty tough let’s go back here I can’t tell which one he is he’s starting to turn around goin country is brought to you by browning makers of firearms clothing gun safes and other top quality outdoor gear Winchester ammunition the American legend mule deer foundation leader in mule deer and black-tailed deer conservation Sportsman’s Warehouse America’s premier Outfitters shop at one of over 30 locations for online at Sportsman’s Warehouse comp is that him that’s him to that points what how far was that pointing in that’s at least 450 yards knowing that this is the last night this is the Bucks that I wanted Chuck’s here everything’s in place the buck is there he came out it was literally do-or-die like we had no time left there was probably about ten minutes left of light for filming and shooting we were running low on both it’s pretty dark in my scope I can’t I can’t tell which one he is there’s four or five different deer out there and they’re all yeah okay wait there he is there that’s his head I can see his antlers right there I gotta take this shot I don’t got much light left as soon as he turns broadside I’m gonna take him he’s starting to turn around here he comes dude he dropped that was awesome they’re obviously excited so I oh my gosh 247 yards I’m so freaking excited right now chuck was here is the last night last minute last moment of shooting light I was really wanting Chuck to be here for my my bus and we got it we both had a feeling that he was in town and he did and Chuck spotted this buck originally so thanks to Chuck we got this buck drop the rightness tracks and man awesome thank you that was that was a fun shot a little lucky but I mean whatever even whatever to big bucks down at find B ranch nice it was so much fun to open range whitetail ymb ranch Chuck wick and Jeremy the guy he’s been awesome we’ve had a great time well thanks for coming on the show and glad that you did

yeah I mean maybe you can come back some time but never you know what time is she’s come here I’ve never shot a deer I don’t think past 200 yards so this trip when I got to take a shot at 300 yards on them on a big whitetail it’s a pretty special man it’s pretty awesome diesel I want to thank flying the ranch for having us out for the whitetail hunt it’s a beautiful Lodge amazing food and great people it’s definitely one of my favorite places to go and I’ll probably come back here in another come on look at her guide look hey he’s he’s a little shy so be nice to him to find out more about going country visit going country dot-com you