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(bright upbeat music) – Hello, and welcome to my channel InnerJourney with Meditation (laughing) Hello, Welcome to my channel, I’m Doris Today, I want to talk about, about jobs Actually about jobs About work, about working hard I watched a show on TV the other day, and in it The show was about two families, rich family, poor family, swapping lives, living in each other’s lives So, the rich family moved to the poor house and lived there for a week The poor family moved to the rich house and lived there for a week I think it’s a week, anyway I watched one of this shows and there was In the one I watched there was this young man He was black He was early twenties, I think, not sure how old he was I don’t think He was from the poor family side obviously, most of us are black Most of us are black (laughing) Most of us don’t have much money I don’t think he had higher education So I don’t think he went to university or anything like that So, he and his family moved to the rich household They lived there for, I don’t know, five days, a week, I don’t know how many days the show is But during this time, he had dinner They enjoy the rich household lifestyle He had dinner with like the male friends of the rich guy And he came out of there, one of the things he said was, “Oh wow, they seem like such nice people.” And he likes the lifestyle, and he knows, and he wants to work harder to achieve something like this Something similar So basically he wanted a better life for himself and the rest of his family He could see You could see how the other half lives And you’re like, “I want a piece of that.” But as soon as he said, “I’m going to work harder.” I just thought to myself, work hard doing what? And this now started a dialogue with my inner being So, because it wasn’t so much that I was having a go at the young man thinking, well, what are you gonna do to achieve? It was more I felt bad that we have this belief, this thing that all we need to do is work hard and everything will be fine Work hard and you’ll get there So when I was thinking about when I thought about him, it was more well, work hard doing what? If he had no formal higher level, degree type education? You most likely, not always, most likely you get a job doing minimum paid work, working for very long hours, just to achieve a smidgen of what that guy had Living in that big house That’s how I felt And I felt a bit sorry for him because I just thought, you’re gonna be working long hours and just to And I wanted to Anyway, let’s not go in there, I wanted him to (mumbles) But then these now brought thoughts, of when I worked in corporate life, where we Even in corporate life, even working with a university degree in corporate life, there’s also the thought process Just put your head down, work hard, it will show itself and you will just get promoted That’s not what happened to me I didn’t find that I found the goalpost kept moving I found I don’t wanna go into what I found

But so far as to say I was still unfulfilled yet, I was afraid to leave my job because, I don’t know what to do with myself I don’t know what I like enough to do to make me leave my current job Besides, the job pays more than the average wage National average wage, why leave? This was how I felt And I know that there are a number of people in that same situation You know you’re working hard I live in minimum paid work, doing the 70 hours a week, that you don’t even have time to think for yourself Think about Oh, time for myself Or working hard even in corporate life And you don’t quite understand, “Why am I putting in all these hours, “And yet I seem to move that much.” Why? So what’s the answer? The answer is my standard answer The answer is my standard answer Connect with your inner being, dialogue with your inner being I didn’t do this back then when I was in corporate (indistinct) corporate life I didn’t do this then We’re in this conversation that I had with my inner being This is what she said I’ve got a prop Okay. See this is See this stick? Can you see this set of, bunch of, looks like four sticks Really? It’s another proper set of lined sticks Anyway, there’s like four sticks here facing downwards I’d actually sort of video it like this, but If I did that, you wouldn’t be able to see it very well So, I have… I’m gonna have it like this, so that it’s a bit clearer for you Now, bearing in mind that there are four sticks So there are obviously four starting points This is an example of like a life path And this is an example of either a life path within one job So, this could be, say, the corporate job If you are At any point that you are, your inner being So this is why you should connect with your inner being Your inner being can see at any point that you are, where you’ll end up At any point that you are, where you’ll end up Whether it’s the best… I did that wrong Whether it’s the best point or not it’s irrelevant Your inner being has a view of where you are and where you’re likely to end up dependent on your beliefs, hard work and all the rest of it And this is why I say, connect to your inner being ‘Cause your inner being considered, this is most probably not the best path for you And so if you’re doing the minimum paid job, there’s most likely a better path within that, right? There’s most likely a better path Within the minimum paid job And I said to my inner being, So you mean, if I If I was in that minimum paid job, 70 hours a week, you’d moved me? She’s like, “No.” (laughing) She said, “Get out of there quickly is what I’ll do.” The reason why you should connect with your inner being is because your inner being knows, at whichever point you are, where you’ll end up Now I have another prop here, look, toddle This is what I made earlier If you can see it very well, I’ve drawn some lines right? Going across So, let’s go back to the example of corporate life Because in a lot of cases, if you’re in a corporate job, why would you want to leave? You don’t know what you want to do It’s secure, you’re secure enough, you can You have some disposable income You’re able to look after your family, pay the mortgage, Why leave? Although you are not fulfilled, but it is enough It is satisfactory, not enough, it’s just satisfactory

Why leave? Within that, your inner being understand that you will not necessarily want to leave, because you’re comfortable, because you’re relatively happy within it But your inner being can still navigate you to something better So coming to this, your inner being I’ve got, can you see the lines in here? I’m saying wherever you are I said earlier, wherever you are, your inner being knows where you’re going to end up So if this set of pathways, assuming this sticks are life path for your job For a job that you’re doing now, these are possible path that you could be on If you started here as a secretary, you could end up here as the VP or something, I don’t know Is that possible? Anyway, what I’m saying What I’m trying to say is you could connect with your inner being at any point, and your inner being can navigate you to the most profitable, suitable, favorable, favorable position for you within that role, that you’re playing That role, that company, that job type, that career, within that, your inner being can navigate you to the most favorable for you So, in corporate life, there are always this little projects that you do Extra (laughing) Over and above your regular job And you do it to kind of try to shine, to the bosses, especially if it’s flavor of the month It’s flavor of the month, Peter over there has got this in hand, and Peter will be giving kudos And hopefully Peter will get the promotion that he deserves Do you know what I mean? And then Peter is working really hard because this is a very visible project This is something that he wants to look good doing Do you know how many of those projects you do in your lifetime in corporate life? Constantly trying to please the bosses? And how many actually get you the promotions? How many? The reason why I’m saying this is I’ve I guess I did enough a number while I was in corporate life, so not to touch upon it But I also know in this conversation with my inner being, trying to explain to me that if I had been connected, dialoguing with her at that time, being able to listen to my If I’d been able to listen to my… Listen to her, my guidance system I’d know the I would understand and know when she was moving me across to a better placed position So, I talked about, what did I talk about your just know? Just now I talked about projects that you do, so that you’re recognized or visible to the upper echelons of management, and the presidents, and the vice presidents, and the CEOs So they recognize you for such a wonderful job that you’re doing for this firm And your Nobody sees the amount of time and effort that you put into these projects that you do It’s just Everybody just wants to see the results For you, you work hard You might as well be working 60 hours a week, minimum wage job As in, it’s a lot of effort in for you, and a lot of stress What did my inner being say? If you connected with her If I’d connected with her at the time, what she would have done in that corporate job, she said, If it was a minimum wage job, she’s like,

“Nope, you’re out of there.” She would have placed me, navigated me to a better position, period But in the case of a minimum paid In the case of a corporate life type position, where I was unwilling to move or not ready to move out yet into the world, on my own, what your inner being would do, is navigate you to a project that, so navigate you, if you were here say maybe, and this was a better place for you, or maybe that was the better place for you, navigate you across to that And what I mean by navigate you, your guidance system There will be ideas There will be conversations that you’d have, and you drop certain ideas and feelings to the right person, the right ear, things like that What she said, and you would find this applies to a lot of people, is that you I would be navigated to do project, rather than the ones that made me run on the hamster wheel, trying to please everybody at the same time in this visible project, that would get me noticed by the big wigs of corporate life She’s like, “No, you will be navigated to a particular project that seemed kind of benign.” Like it doesn’t seem important The thing is doing a project like that, gives you, kind of take the pressure off you Do it in your own, not in your own time, but it’s easier for you to do as it’s not so visible to everybody It’s not so, how well are you doing it? Are you doing it quick enough, fast enough, what did I do? Those kind of project you could do, and you can do it well What she would be doing at that time, what most other inner beings would do, would be to place you strategically for something that’s coming So there you are thinking, I’ve got this benign project that seems counter intuitive seems like, not important at all The differences is your inner being knows, has a perspective of your life Pretty much like the future Who knows what’s gonna happen in the future? Inner being knows that that project is gonna be important in the future And here you are, when it comes, you’re like, done, dusted, with little effort You didn’t even have to work that hard And what I mean by work hard is, stress about doing it, quickly, on time, to the right level Which you’ve just done it in a suitable amount of time That suits you and your family life, that’s easy You’ve just done that Sound like a good idea? Yeah And before you know it, somehow it’s like to the right person, picks that up “This is what we need, who did it?” It becomes a coincidental accident, if you like And this is how it works So another reason to connect your inner Another reason to connect to your inner being They have a better perspective than you, and everybody else in that office Which will you go with? So now the third thing I hadn’t talked about I talked about like minimum wage, working hard, your inner being will probably move you to a better position, at the right time I’ve talked about if you had the If you’ve got a good job, and you have If you’ve got a good job, you’re comfortable, you don’t want to leave You will be navigated to something better within where you are Now the best one of it is, I want to leave my job, but I don’t know what to do I’m prepared to leave this job, but I don’t know what to do My inner being said, “Clear the table, clear it, “we’re starting from scratch.” In that scenario, you get one path This is something akin, very closely akin, to what you’ve come here to do

And your inner being is saying, “You’re giving me the permission, “to guide you to do this one thing “This would be perfect for you.” This is when you’re doing the best thing ever for you You wouldn’t even start to anticipate, recognize, imagine how perfect this one thing is Give your inner being the permission to guide you to that one thing, clear the decks You’re on your way (laughing) I hope you like this content Like the video, subscribe, and I’ll see you in the next video