US & China Army Bands Perform Together Historic Concert P.2 UN Eng. 片长60分钟

your excellencies ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the United Nations General Assembly Hall for today’s gala concert featuring the musicians of the military band of the People’s Liberation Army of China and the United States Army Band of Pershing zone this week marks the first-ever visit by the POA band to the United States and the first ever joint concerts with the US Army Band Pershing’s own this military-to-military exchange six to foster cooperation and friendship through music and is being contacted through joint concerts in Philadelphia Washington DC and New York City musicians performing today represent represent the absolute best that each of our militaries and nations has to offer and we welcome the People’s Liberation Army Band into America for this historic events before we begin today’s performance we’d like to recognize a few of our distinguished guests first please join me in recognizing his Excellency Ban ki-moon general secretary-general of the United Nations we also want to recognize our co-hosts for today’s concert from the People’s Republic of China his Excellency ambassador Li Bao Tong permanent representative to the United Nations and from the United States the Honorable rosemary DeCarlo deputy permanent representative to the United Nations if a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step then a symphony of a thousand melodies begins with a single note and friendship and cooperation between the military band of the People’s Liberation Army of China and the United States Army Band Pershing’s own begins with this concert here today ladies and gentlemen please welcome the conductor of the POA band senior colonel jung jae-young ladies and gentlemen please rise for the playing of the national anthem of the People’s Republic of China once again ladies and gentlemen good afternoon and welcome I’m sergeant first class David Brown from the United States Army Band Pershing’s own am captain Louie Brown Foreign Affairs Office Ministry of National Defense China we will serve as your announcers for today’s program first we open our concert here today with the grand and graceful match composed in the early 1980s here is victory is beckoning

Mr Wong lopping is a renowned Han Chinese cell writer whose speciality is composing songs based on the music of various ethnic groups in western China based on a folk song of the Kazakh ethnic group in the Xin Jiang Autonomous Region our next selection tells a moving story about a boy named de dar who courts a girl named Maria in a love story appropriately titled a lovely rose

next is a work inspired by a famous poem from the Song Dynasty entitled the whole river read combined with music it perplexed the Chinese cultural tradition of using poetry to express one’s aspirations to conduct the joint bands please welcome the commander and the conductor of the POA band senior colonel we hi

we would now like to showcase two vocal

soloist and a famous duet from Verdi’s La Traviata our soprano soloist is a native of Troy New York who has degrees in music from Iike Ithaca College and currently serves as featured vocal soloist with the US Army Band our tenor soloist mr. Dai Yu Cheung recalls that he first heard opera while listening to the radio working as an engineer at the age of 22 it wasn’t until the age of 30 that he began to study opera for the very first time two decades later he has become one of the most famous opera singers in the world please welcome to the stage the soprano soloist sergeant first class Lee Ann Hinton and the tenor soloist by Jung we can only mourn day

ladies and gentlemen please welcome the leader and commander of the United States Army Band Pershing’s own Colonel Thomas rotonda jr please rise for the playing of the national anthem of the United States of America John Philip Sousa began his career in the United States Marine Band at the age of 13 serving as an apprentice who had enlisted to receive instruction in the trade or mystery of a musician he went on to become a legend in his own lifetime composing 136 marches earning him the title March King in 1932 Sousa composed a March to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of America’s first president here is John Philip Sousa George Washington Bicentennial March

in the summer of 1895 a college English professor took a train trip from Massachusetts to Colorado several notable sights inspired her along the way community in a climb to the top of Pikes Peak where she encountered an unforgettable view of spacious skies and purple mountains that night Katherine Lee Bates composed the words to America’s most beloved patriotic hymn with music by Samuel Ward here is America the Beautiful

in a career spanning almost six decades John Williams has composed some of the most recognizable film scores in the history of motion pictures the music he composed for films such as Star Wars et and Superman remains as memorable as the films themselves in 1972 John Williams captured the sound of the American frontier in his score to a classic John when Weston ladies and gentlemen here is music from the movie entitled the Cowboys

it was on a transatlantic ocean crossing

that John Philip Sousa began to since the rhythmic beat of a band playing within his mind Sousa recalled that throughout the entire voyage this imaginary band continued to unfold the same things echoing and re-echoing the most distant melody on Christmas Day 1896 Sousa arrived in America and quickly committed those distant melodies to paper creating a national treasure ladies and gentlemen John Philip Sousa greatest work the national March of the United States of America the Stars and Stripes forever

during the preparation period for the first National Day anniversary of the People’s Republic of China mr. Wang Singh a famous Chinese composer took a trip to Beijing he started composing a song on the trim back home shortly after he saw the sea of fluttering five five star red flags at chairman Square in late September 1950 now the song is honored as the second national anthem of the PRC ladies and gentlemen please welcome Colonel Lee hi to close today’s program wish out to motherland