Bro. Joe Thomas "Discipleship as a journey"

in my years studies with epidemic books if I’m not able to be certain of things what is the use of going to the college like science then I came two or three days before the class starting here I was in my room very passionate reading by – this is the first years we can see similar things and I happen to read ecclesia and there it comes everything is meaningless what am I going to do here but slowly Lord began to unveil things that it is never a ways to study scriptures systematically it is only going to help you to know what interpret God’s Word better and right now I’m standing here after two years of studying be grateful to the Lord for this great opportunity to study in this great institution for a meditation this morning I would like to know people ask me who’s going to read the scripture question you with us or somebody from I said I don’t have a particular portion message because I’d be going from one passage so if I read one more secure visit Geor did not speak on the passage is because we are also was a seated we are not to receive the services to evaluate whether the principle of unity so it is particularly a journey through the narrator Luke through his book I know most of us here have had an introduction to lose gospel look he is a carefully written narrative very different from the other gospel there are seven emphases in Luke’s Gospel what I miss is that war lately is an emphasis on women right from chapter 8 you have a remembering a knowledge of Jesus’s feet and Charlie two and three words directly you have the names of women who supported Jesus no other Gospels mentioning of women supporting Jesus Marie Louise mentioning of gee-gees will be supported by women and you have the story of persistent Widow going after the unrighteous judge and you have the story of Jesus healing widows son and of course the story of two coins being offered by the widow in Luke’s Gospel chapter 21 and also a lot of emphasis on rich and the poor where in Matthew’s Gospel you have the beatitude blessed are the poor in spirit but look for various reasons have taken that inch with blessed are the poor and you have so we’ve reached for a lot of emphasis on it is kind of an upside to ology the popular theology of rich being blessed by God look is challenging that popular theology the start of feminism language like for like women but another emphasis would be holy spirit it masks gospel you could seize Matthew’s Gospel you will see five times mass gospel you see six times whereas the Luke’s Gospel 16 times where body spirit comes and sinner in Mark’s Gospel it comes four times in Matthew’s Gospel is it comes five times but 17 times in Luke’s Gospel not to condemn the city but of course the salvation is for or to bring the team Luke has mentioned this all over again and again but people look at it Steve called discipleship in Luke’s Gospel you hardly find that word discipleship in any of the Gospels but the secondly the team is running if you will tournament me to Luke’s Gospel chapter 9 and verse 51 Greeks like this as the time

approached for him to be taken up to him Jesus was in a place set out for Jerusalem literal translation would be Jesus set his face towards Jerusalem now from here a journey is stopped the destination all of us know it is to Jerusalem and in chapter 19 and verse 27 he reduces waste Jerusalem whose fortified Jesus entered Jerusalem so this is called as a central portion Luke’s Gospel chapter 9 verse 51 to tell and in verse 57 till 18 verse 40 it is a unique pity the only new goalie has though he is following back crossly but man 51 18:14 only Luke has this particular portion in the scripture and look at the merit the skillful narrator is drawing discipleship passage journey to Jerusalem so let’s take the next 15 minutes to travel with Luke let’s go to Jerusalem and let’s see what is happening there and all the way there is important lessons on this citation what is meant to be a disciple of Christ and all of us have responded to the call of Christ that is why we have written here the second element is we all want to be disciples of Christ is there anything more that is going to take us on the road of discipleship in very first passage of 9:54 the following verses it reads like this and he sent messengers ahead of him when he was a Samaritan believes to get things ready for him but the people that did not welcome him because it was heading for Jerusalem the first thing that is happening after the journey in strategies rejection Samaritan people are not willing to accept or welcome Jesus into the wings and that comes the strange behavior of this – verse 54 but the disciples James and John saw this they asked Lord do you want us to call fire down from heaven to destroy them this is one thing that we have to learn on our way to Jerusalem what is our attitude towards people outside the smoke or the other the UM cast already they have prejudiced against the semantics I don’t want to explain the history and on top of that here comes the portion where they are willing to welcome Jesus how many times is mistake happened to us what I mean we have a prejudice against some people who come from a particular place or some people with a particular color of skin or whatever and on top of that they have committed a mistake then in your heart with your friends we go with it this similar sort of response by James and John and there are some important lessons that we can learn from James and John see the confidence they have on Jesus though it is for a negative it is not at all a positive signal able to do what they are asking but the confidence Walker do you want us to all fire down from heaven that means they’re confident if we caught fire as well calm about them probably this there is a building on the story of Elijah to cold fire from heaven it might know the scriptures or Testament Scriptures building on the story of Elijah and they might be thinking Jesus also is thinking like them that is why they are saying do you want to support fire down from heaven to destroy them Jesus we know that you are also thinking like us you are so angry with them do you want to call fire on the median translation speed like this you do not have it Jesus respond to that and you know who you do not know what kind of spirit you are this is how Jesus responded to the thing of James and John to Cora find out from heaven what is the lesson that we can learn from here all the way to Jerusalem but way of is silent what is our attitude towards people who don’t speak a language who don’t look like us different colors maybe you think yeah this is all important lessons we have to practice in the ministry when we do all upside when we are in a mission to you we have to be really considerate of people does it look like this me let me put this challenge before you the size will be here where is some challenge to put this into practice where we have people from a lot of cultures coming in who doesn’t look like us different cultural background having discipleship pushed you to thinking and accept people of other cultures of the language just

like the way you would deal with or mingle with your me or is it ethnocentrism that is driving us this is worthless now look at night this is where our skin movement in the next chapter you have a story of good semantic good Samaritan is something like hot ice not my department it’s an oxymoron he’s a good it’s like Good Samaritan and it is like a response to the story of a teacher of the law who said who is my neighbor and I honestly believe that this parable more than it brings a challenge to the teacher of the law this pattern might have brought a big challenge to his disciples first because they have seen Samaritans not welcoming Jesus and he Jesus is saying about a parable of a Good Samaritan that means there are people were good even from cement verse 37 when Jesus asked which all these three you think wasn’t able to the man who fell into the hands of robbers 37 the expert of the law said the one who had mercy on him he is not even saying the semantics he’s refraining from using Samantha what we see he doesn’t want to say that he was a Samaritan chapter 17 verse 16 you have the story of Jesus eating 10 numbers and only one came back and he was a Samaritan this is a big lesson that we have to learn owner would to Jerusalem on the way to discipleship we had to accept that sometimes offended Christians driven by innocent will call fire from heaven and we have to check ourselves when we do things very passionate for the Lord are we driven by insult and anger or are we different by compassion towards love songs Jesus is saying but Jesus stand rebuked them and they went to another village Jesus came to say not to condemn may that be our attitude moving on to the next lesson that we can learn first of all it is a lesson to accept the other world now about ourselves on the way to Jerusalem on the way of discipleship what can we do what can be layer of arsons verse 57 verse 57 to 62 we have the story of three would be dishonest why they would be because we don’t know whether they follow Jesus or God they are potential disciples / the story is never concluded that they made a decision for Jesus over now count to fifty seven as they were talking about the past sentiment I don’t follow you wherever you go very impressed by Chuck 9 verse 22 jesus himself predicted the passion that is Jerusalem and next previous episode we don’t know for sure probably disordered we don’t know what as a narrator cooking it but after seeing all that Jesus is gone to Jerusalem to be killed people are not welcoming Jesus but still we want to follow Jesus is all a trick himself I don’t follow you better will you go Jesus my foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests but the Son of man has no place to lay them this means if you come after me you will become like me I already became like that Samaritan these people did not welcome I didn’t have a place there if you are going to make the decision to say this whistling has caused a very twisted bar on this man who were looted and the narrator is not controlling it I said became a follower of Jesus we don’t know next immediately jumping to the next man he said to another man follow me with a mad goodbye Lord first let me go and buried my father I know you live with this verse but this words has all see this question on you several times here is one father who is dead and this man is saying go first let me go and bury my father I will come Jesus I look down just five minutes ten minutes give me some time but this is not the case here when he said that most probably the father is not yet dead what he’s saying is had obligation to do my Paris the

oblivious knees have to keep my father otherwise we won’t look good it is a question of priority I had to go to bury my father and there is more to it but in my father if I being with him in the last minutes I think that inheritance if I come to you Jesus if I follow you I don’t know what is going to happen to you if that drawer of the South watching is not successful I don’t have anything to lean back let me wait till my father is dead let me get that into inheritance so that he’s walking with Jesus is not working out still that has something to lean on there are several people who does that come to ministry because if ministry is not working out let me go to that thing this is something that we have to question ourselves we have to learn our way of discipleship what is our priority is our priority there’s a question of supply there is a question of financial security and the third person Jesus said to another still another said I will follow you hereafter person who all enjoyed himself I don’t know were you Lord but first let me go back and say goodbye to my family now we have to get it right this is not about totally abandoning parents and for doing ministry that is not the message here this is about the question of priority Jesus himself said love your enemies love your neighborhoods of course we have to take care of appearance but when it comes to the question of priority whom do you give priority on the way to decide for the question of worth to Jerusalem about ourselves we have to set our priorities right first of all towards other people we have to get things right of having an open mind of accepting and secondly looking at ourselves we have to check our priorities moving on to the final thought that have to share with you is the news gospel chapter 11 the other two in the decided I’d like to preach and preach and please please call the decide so I managed somehow to put these things across if you’re not fighting include connection you can go back and we lose gospel 951 or verse again now attitude towards God as far in the Old Testament when you read father is coming through Deenie times but is always using the Covenant a centre-back background of God is power now healing and prayer you address g-god as far Jesus is saying when he did let us pray when you pray our Father father the god of history the Great God is our Father whom we can pray and more than that in verse 5 that is why that is when that good always strikes me then he said to them suppose one of you has a friend the brain God is addressed in prayer as their father but like all of the seated here would have several experiences when you think of you father some of us have fond memories of father some of us can not really connect to father because of my daughter so if some people are struggling to ecology is a call God as father here is an another energy so course you go to a friend as made comfortable and increasing my lot of friends like Danny 4G Pelican convenient suppose you go to a friend and this this is happening I think in an ancient wisdom we late set up where you have houses next next door next door next houses where we can run to for help that is what we did and it was hit metal movement a friend is coming and he goes to him at a midnight and says friend let me tell you also bread because a friend of mine on a journey has got to be and have nothing to set before me now I really understand this all of a sudden if somebody is coming to your house you would not have my cell or we said touch me don’t call your friends come just informing I’ve heard so that I can prepare something you come into three boys with you what happened nothing is

there something similar to that he and me inside don’t bother me the door is already blocked and my children are with me I wasn’t ah and bigger impact with Peter lactose don’t bother us now no more girls now we can’t get up messengers here was it I tell you though he will not get up and give him the bread because he is his friend yet because of the mast bonuses he will get up and even as much as he means on max worthless this persistence challenge this interpretation the Greek world and India there are people who say there is no connection or meaning of persistence being attached to their word an idiot the first Center when it was used so we have to go back and create what does it really mean he is going in the big night knocking the door somebody is saying from inside don’t bother we have even better he’s not saying I don’t have bread he’s always saying and the excuses I can’t give up and he’s saying the narrator or the fabulously I tell you though he will not get her because except friend he will not get up but because of this man’s persistent we may think it is because the man is knocking knocking knocking because of an idea the world liquid for boldness which means translated in the English Bible most probably deserve reference to a sense of shade and any sensitivity towards the one who is knocking one who is knocking knocking knocking and this person is totally insensitive to that one who is knocking outside he will not get up he’s his friend but because she what is the city next morning when Sun comes wasn’t that Victor comes out and I will tell everyone yesterday we went to cousin that fits on hand that did not open the door because of that chain it opened the door again what is that this is an argument of lesser to the greater what is that that friend inside out of shady not because he’s his friend I think it’s because this is but I’ve seen how will that face the society tomorrow if I do not get up how about shame even if our Heavenly Father is not like that who sleeps inside who is totally insensitive to the needs of the one who is outside good news this in our ministry our way to Jerusalem on the road of discipleship we have a father or we have a friend who is totally sensitive to all means well we can try to in the midnight outline what is it mean with Mexico life but nobody will be here to help us when we feel all alone here is somebody who’s inside who is waiting for you it’s not like this man who gets out of shape he’s a merciful father in 92 Barcelona Olympics decidable story it’s a real story British fleet he was in the semi-finals

all the supporters were all predicting it’s going to be direct premises name because in the first cloud he came with recall the first place now he was in the semi-finals whistle is gone good start 400 meter race after 250 meters experience has been snapped a machine catch this videos that you do oh this damn was predicted to come to us but he got up and he was limping forward but he was limping forward and in all history of movies displays the happened a man from that crowd of spectators 65,000 of them were there and everyone man broke all the security values and came down to this director and he put his arms around his shoulders and it was healthy indirect to finish his talents to five ten minutes for him the struggling water diverse revelry director municipal will body used man but this man putting his arms around and slowly moving forward and when he was out with the destination disbanded who finished it this man was his father Jim I was thinking about the story many people were there to celebrate victory none of them came to the track when he was left there only one that was helping to face this this is an assurance on the way to Jerusalem the rod of decide which he deserve he is even better than Jim even he who sympathize with us he is sensitive to our names and he will make sure that you will reach the other Shore