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Hey whats up guys so, today im going to be driving some trains Hey guys, so I’ll be driving some trains today in this live stream here Hopefully I set up the live stream. All right, I had some problems with in there wasn’t create I don’t know what was going on. So Yeah, it does seem to be working now. I have one bike and one viewer So let’s go ahead and get in this train and start rolling To viewers to lights awesome awesome. Awesome. Thank you guys Go ahead and put the reverse of the forward. We need to unlock the doors here We actually need to pick up some passengers before we leave Thanks for all the subs like out today guys you guys are helping me beat arcade series in the battle for YouTube here goes You see oh Hey Apolo spice, what’s up, man? Hey, what’s up? There we go I don’t know why my live chat wasn’t coming up there, but now it is, uh, How many subsets I did I think I got like a good What was it? I went from one year to 13 to 2 I Think I might like 227 now So I went up a good like I don’t know. I’m not gonna math but that’s like a maybe like 10 15 subs there. Alright, we need to lock the doors now Hopefully the video quality is good for you guys I couldn’t figure out how to live stream on you on YouTube from Xbox They actually make it extremely difficult for no reason so Currently trains should be rolling now It is not rolling I leave the brake on. Yeah, I did Turn that off. Oh wait, no There we go now we’re rolling now we’re rolling Yeah, okay like shit Okay, all right, this is only my second live stream guys, so sorry or from a bit new to this Let’s go ahead and go to some outside view camera angles here, I think front camera. Yeah, that’s the one You can get a view from the tree in the front. I do need to actually turn on the cat The other cameras the it’s a cold front headlights. Let’s go that dim. It’s daytime. We don’t need that that good of headlights Ditch lights. I think those are like flashing lights. I don’t know. I don’t need done that Okay We’ve got 15 miles until the next station Hit a nice 45. I need to back it down on the throttle there though. Cuz uh now I’m technically speeding Speed limit is 45 around here. You don’t want to go over that I’d I like this game a lot better than what’s it called train sim simulator 2019 they just kind of update the same game every year This game is like so much better. There’s another train right there There it goes, I Actually rode when these trains recently up From Washington DC to New York City. It’s really fun. Really really good trip I just I love trains so much and that this is just it’s so beautiful, like look at that train. It’s that awesome That’s just fantastic right there. I mean, well what could be better? Okay, we’re switching tracks here. No, we’re not That’s a switch track going on the second track going southbound there Yeah, this train is a ECS 34 I believe Those headlights do not turn on. Oh wait. No, that’s the ditch lights ditch lights are the ones at the bottom I don’t know why they call them that but uh We just change from here now. We got to be in the cab. Don’t we? Yes, we switch controller over a driver mood. There we go So we’ve ditched lights on We’ve ditch lights flash Yeah that I always accidentally put on that. Okay, so that’s what it is if you just put on the flashing mood Yeah, you don’t want to do that. So I don’t know why you would do that Doesn’t really making sense does it um, oh we can go 100 miles an hour right here bet Speed up it’s nice 56 miles an hour

Speeding up got about 500 amps in there I think this game what it really needs is they need to add subways Like if you could drive subway trains around that would just be fantastic. Oh, did you play eurotruck sim – at all? No, I have not played that game at all I Played American Trucking simulator though still alive streaming that maybe a few months ago III thought about actually buying Euro Truck Simulator 2 but I left my ditch lights on after I complained about people who do that, of course, um, go ahead and that just on I don’t know why they call those ditch flights like You would think that these lights the top are bored be just like these external lights You don’t really need them like these seem like the real lights right there. It doesn’t really make any sense to me We were just speeding by right here bro texted me we’re not speeding but we’re gonna have to slow down here That’s a 45 zone. We’re going like 90 Yeah, don’t get pulled over by the train police, of course they don’t really pull you over you’re speeding this job You just lose your job And put down I’m gonna apply a little break here. So We’re doing 125 amps and negative. That’s a yellow light not agreeing. I don’t know what the games trying to tell me there You got to slow down around these bridges. This is actually the fastest train line in America Believe it or not. It doesn’t go that fast compared to other train lines, but it’s the fastest one in America if you take the celo Express, of course that goes like ez 140 This goes you know what? It says 150 I’ve tried getting up there There’s no way that tracks so bendy that it just it’s impossible that a point Oh, we have three viewers and three likes. Alright, that’s awesome See here check the live chat. I’m sure I’m not missing any messages, okay Okay, I’m gonna back it down the 70 here there’s a 60 zone coming up We have to back it down the 60 a bit. I Do like doing external cameras? They look very nice. I don’t know what the zone in the middle is. Whoa, that’s a wall All right. I don’t know how they know. What’s P were supposed to go to zone. There’s no speed Speeding with signs. Yeah, none of those I like how you can just get up in the middle of driving and just feel like check some like fuses in the back or something like that and Like the game just it just lets you do that like the train is still moving and I’m probably speeding by now But the game just lets you go and you can just get up out of nowhere and just do whatever you want. Really It’s pretty cool Yeah, all right we have a one viewer now still finds fun This isn’t gonna be your typical Action for tonight’s stream. It’s more of a slow journey to think we’re going to Newark Airport in New Jersey That’s our final destination. There might do like this ride and then one other one I’ll probably stop the streaming around 9:00. So I’ll live stream for about an hour here Got three likes on the stream to us nice Yep, I Would play some music or something but uh, I don’t really feel like it copyright strikes on this channel. It’s not really ideal That’s camera moving oh oh oh crap I said the thing there is reverse go forward go forward Nog reverse when you’re going forward at 70 miles an hour. Oh Crap looks like I turned on the headlights and now they’re just blaring right into this Train car here. These are actually from the 70s. They still pulled them around cuz uh Technically Amtrak is actually a federal company controlled by the government and they haven’t allocated enough money To Amtrak here to let them expand their train lines or update their fleet or anything so Yeah, it’s kind of unfortunate. I actually I didn’t know that I thought Amtrak was a private company But they’re actually just a federally owned company yeah, they actually they have different classes like these are business class and Then you’ve got your business class. Usually they’re you know, I rode in the business class, which is kind of like the nice class

it’s not nothing compared to like airplane first class then I mean you got these cafes in there and those are really nice to Know I’ve got to keep us check on the speed and we have eight point four miles until the destination. They’re Lou’s okay arcade gamers here says lose III don’t know what I’m supposed to lose here I mean you can derail that’s about all you can lose. But I I won’t lose the great subscriber war I’m definitely gonna win that one All right, so you got your coach class This is kind of like it’s worse than business class But it’s still not bad cuz you’re still riding on a train and then at the end like what they you know They there’s no caboose or anything. Usually he’s red light should be on but the game hasn’t done that yet. So We didn’t have the watch or speed around here though 9 sub difference wait, wait 9 some difference in whose favor and Check that 9 sub difference Okay, yeah, that’s what you said so forth for some reason every time I get a message here It it like shows up for a second and then it disappears and I don’t know why All right, we’d rather go ahead speed this up We can get up to 70, but we’re gonna go back down to 60 soon Nice slow journey But there spoke alarm button care impressive, um Cab light desk console light obviously be I Want to find where is the set the camp light? That’s not a button some of the buttons. You can press the some of them You can’t oh, there’s some freight trains on the left there. It’s pretty cool Bill oh Yeah is a train hoard That’s awesome One day I’ll ride the sila Fastest train on the East Coast and really America for that unless they get that la High-speed route installed soon. Oh We’re gonna have to back down to 40 here. That’s a 40 ton up there So here automatic release, I know there’s a cab light somewhere wipers Where’s the cab light Huh, oh we’re going across the preacher. Oh, I think I know this bridge Whoa, look at that Just a train line that just stops right into a warehouse That’s weird, why would they even extend the line out there what’s you’re doing some manual switching? Still one person that stream sticking around watch me drive trains. It’s pretty cool. Thank you for sticking around See this is quality content right here like this is quality right here like this train just Watching a train drive around. It’s just the best just the best I’ll be like if I click on why there I’m playing this on xbox by the way look on why Yeah, I can control the train from here, but I can’t actually see forward unless I click why again and go like this whoa, whoa, whoa That guy’s getting awfully close on that turn That’s bit sketchy. Whoa here’s red lights on what Why can’t I get the red lights in the back of my train? That’s that’s the bridge over there. That’s the bridge Huh, okay, so my that I’m using my phone record this and it just said 20% battery left. So, uh Okay, when it says 10, I’m gonna try to extend My charging cord somewhere, huh? Well I don’t know how my do I could technically get my laptop plugging in What has happened to my Chet I’m not gonna tolerate this silliness. Oh my god

Just now saw that Presto’s my boy Alright, let’s stand up look around the terrain here Don’t know why. My phone is already at 20% It literally was at 60% like 10 minutes ago So, I don’t know what that’s about only been live streaming for 15 minutes so Yeah, YouTube. Please don’t kill my phone. Um Look at that bridge also that arch de Triomphe. Eh, I think that’s how you say your arch de Triomphe. I Don’t know why they call it that though. Yes. That was a During the polio at times because French really hasn’t won a war since This train seems to be speeding up pretty fast here don’t want to go too fast in the bridge get marked by the train pulled he’s no expert what my present Thank you Okay, looks like I have intestinal difficulties here huh can’t do anything Um Yeah, well I don’t know what this is I’m just gonna try restarting it Okay, sorry about that guys I don’t even know what happened that’s just it’s top quality programming by Microsoft here Well, that’s loading I’m gonna see if I can do something about the charging problem All right, pretty sure this game has one of the longest loading times I’ve ever seen in any game All right, um, let’s try a high-speed route actually I think that’d be pretty interesting it’s got services High-speed it kind of Technically it’s a high-speed train go ahead and continue I like nuna routes Yeah, long thing to Bristol Temple Meads Yes, that’s cool I See that’s been before All right Phone’s holding this battery power Alright, alright, ok, so charging is not

All right, it’s charging guys this charging also gotta save the day All right, we are now in Paddington Station and we got a take off westbound on the high-speed British route All the engine is off that’s a problem. All right, let’s turn the reverser to unlocked and Forward that’s neutral ask forward, okay? Turn train brakes off and look at those amps go up 1.4 1.5 1.5 thousand. We have a red light here So we have to slow that down Probably breaker. Oh, that’s a yellow proceed with caution Means we can still go but we just got to be careful about it. Check the live chat while we’re at it Okay, here we go I’m gonna tell her at the silliness Ulta for real phone. That’s the worst French I’ve ever heard Having troublesome being that Xbox Live Also, the arch was built during the Tholian Three time which lost to the pro sure German nor consideration. All right, that’s some pretty good information right there Got a better camera angle here is actually if you’re a extremely dedicated for us total finest expand gaming fan You might have realized that this is the same place where I did my presto 569 game review of This game it went right under that bridge and run out of the station I did this exact Service, probably I don’t know might have been the same service you actually you can open these ball that’s driving. It’s kind of weird It’s like a little shielded from the Train. I’m pretty sure and get this thing out so if you run into any other trains on the tracks, you can just couple up and Take them with you It’s not really much of a bullet train, it’s kind of not really a bullet train it was me All right, we can put it up a few notches here Let me make sure my battery power is going up oh That’s fantastic. It sure is and now all this got it happening is my computer and a die, so Let’s hope on that check the live chat again, see if anything change Nope, nothing has changed yet All right, it’s gonna go ahead and be our speed limit for now there’s a map of Britain on the map Wait, I didn’t say map of Britain on the map a map of Britain on the wall. Yeah All right, Oh Oh a hundred miles in point nine miles And we will be able to get up to speed here throttle is actually idle at the moment which is fine Yeah, you can’t move around like you did another train in this one you can only move around in this cab area and You can a person of curse, of course go to the other cameras This train has got one two three Four five six cars on it pretty good. Um, I’ve got I don’t remember how to run in this free camera mode oh, I know you can’t you got to go into this free camera mode and then go to this no, I Will come back. I don’t remember how to do this External front all right, there we go. No, that’s that’s turning over first. I don’t wanna do that And here’s the back of the train here, there we go got those nice red lights on pale bytes trains

Alright, let’s go ahead just like to check the live chat every once in a while make sure nothing’s changed didn’t miss any of The guys is wonderful messages Alright stop staring in fact the train and Get in the front Our speedometer is looking 35 it is ok We can get up to speed here believe It’s so showman like 45 50 miles an hour on the little meter down there, but I don’t know if that’s true Probably not. Oh, there we go. Now it’s showing a hundred It does appear to be raining outside you Guys might even be able to hear that. It’s not that loud. It’s kind of just a drizzle, but it couldn’t be loud still just one person sticking around here watching this entire stream don’t know if they’re actually watching or if they You know Just accidentally left it up on their computer and forgot it was going or something But thanks. Thank you We live stream for about an hour here We’ve got 30 minutes left on this live stream believe yeah just just be about Just another refresher we are currently heading out of Paddington Station heading westbound To Bristol or something like that? not Bristol as in the American Bristol but in Bristol UK Owen they should new Canadian trains, that would be awesome Like they need to make Marta but in train simulator world and okay, that that one person watching the stream has has left and now they’ve come back so Or it might be someone else. I don’t know. But thank you Yeah, guys I’m not I’m not that good at live streaming I don’t know but It’s just relaxing just to sit back drive a train and see how my community is doing. I Don’t know it’s still my second live stream. I’m slowly getting better last time you guys couldn’t even hear me for parts of it Because my mic cut out for no reason so Going under a nice brick bridge there. It’s pretty nice going through one the new stations Who is 125 mile an hour zone here we’re all the way in the left track Go pretty fast. Okay, we have zero people watching the stream five likes. That’s not bad Can’t put these windows down they’re kind of weird. They’re like lock right in place Lights, which is at the cab light. Hey, I found the cab light Hey doesn’t make a difference Doesn’t do anything does it? Hey, I don’t know why this game. It’s kind of hard to like Select individual things with it’s like use the cursor to use the cursor. But all that does is jump around mortis It’s just laggy for no reason. I don’t know why Yeah, we got six likes on the stream guys. Thank you all Right going through a tunnel now I’ve got a yellow light up ahead and point seven miles. Hopefully, I turns green Usually that means knows another tree in front of us, but it’s probably gonna leave the zone that we’re heading into before It goes so provide following like another train just like this Of course this game its not multi player or massively multiplayer or anything like that. There we go. Turns green That means they’re completely out of the zone Yeah, just train tracks working zones like they are you got two people watching the stream and we have seven likes fantastic Let me check on the live chat. Make sure I don’t miss anything. Oh Here we go perverse card, yo our key gamers sucks That is fantastic guys. Thank you Our key gamers will lose the great subscriber war Even though he gets shoutouts from like his teachers and stuff I’m still a better channel and you guys should definitely subscribe to me our key gamers is like arcade series and and We’re gonna win in the end, even though PewDiePie is currently losing against t-series And it doesn’t look very good for him getting back up to the top. I don’t know. I don’t know how teachers is growing So fast, like who’s subscribing the tea series right now?

like someone’s probably just sitting there like and they’ve made like 90 million other accounts and they’re just all subscribing to T series like That’s my guess on it anyways Use the external cameras to look around it the beautiful countryside. I mean in the beautiful city were passing. I don’t know It’s more like suburbs. It’s kind of a mix between the countryside and suburbs this nice shed. That’s the second shit I’ve seen today pass by looks identical to I love sheds. It’s just it’s like where trains were born, you know? Here we go through another station that’s got a cool thing there, you know, there is actually a station up in a in What whereas called England? Yeah England in England, there’s literally a train station called Preston like that’s just fantastically one day I’ll make it there and I will buy that train station and I’m gonna rename it to a presto five six nine station and Anyone who goes into the station has to subscribe to presto five six nine It’s gonna work guys. It’s gonna work. You know, what’s gonna be really epic though is when I have 569 subscribers, so it’ll be presto five six nine with 569 subscribers. That’ll be epic Imagine that when the year is It’s Well what I don’t know what month is five but whatever month is five, I think I was like May Or April. Alright now, that’s me. That’s made. It’s me. Yeah, so imagine when it’s 5 2016 9 it’ll be 5 6 9 there. We’ve got a perfect date. I Really feel like 30 days 31 days their whole month of press co5 6 9 when that happens. I’m gonna be like Near in my 70s But I’ll make a whole month of presto 5 6 9 how far I remembered me saying this all I’m gonna say this and then in the future, I’ll actually do it in the year 2000 69 In May a whole month of presto 5 sometime when I’m 70 and probably when I’m 70 I’m honestly probably just gonna create like a YouTube empire Make tons of money buy a bunch of model trains and just settle up in like yeah I don’t know we’re and just build a big house where I can just put my model trains everywhere and Then I’m gonna go and I’m gonna make videos about my model trains And so I’ll make a whole month of like my videos on mall trains. Let’s see here. Hey shadow wolf How you doing man, how you doing got a nice 8 likes on the stream now awesome awesome awesome Yeah, but that’s what I planned anyways I know I I have a few like job things that kind of want to do. I kind of wanna become a train driver. I Want to build like roads work for the d-o-t? that that and I kind of want to like What’s called be president? Yeah, I think that’d be kind of cool because then like Imagine I become president and during my inaugural speech. I’m like, okay guys Everyone here is gonna go subscribe to presto five six nine gaming like that would be the biggest shoutout ever like I shout out By the leader of the free world and it would be me So I’m doing shout myself out as president and it would be like all over the news who’d be like crustle five six nine surpasses, PewDiePie and t-series It becomes the biggest channel. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. No, that’s okay. I Thought I was dead there. I’m literally going 114 in the very left lane and there’s a red light in nine hundred yards Like that’s pretty dangerous That means there’s a train in front of us and we’re apparently going faster than that So maybe I should slow down a little bit. Oh, I got two people viewing the stream here Let me check the live chat. You sure I don’t miss anything that you guys are saying to me. It goes another train Oh, here we go It’s sad how desperate Lewis’s -10 He’s streaming the sub difference between you guys and here’s like three and eleven dislikes. Oh That’s awesome trust again got in there and disliked it fantastic fantastic guys hash a presto game Driving my train all day I’m driving my train all day It’s great people. I keep getting all these uh, Wait Still winning, I keeping all these messages but it says there’s like one or two people in the stream not oh crap. Oh crap Put the frame brake on Oh

Yellow yellow yellow Okay, they got to stop scare me with that. Like if you’re gonna give me some warning give me like a mile to stop I’m literally going a hundred miles an hour in the left lane. There’s no way I can stop in time They’ve got to be more careful about that. Okay, I Don’t really like this youtube streaming Mechanism for live chat. I can never really see it’s because my fans do not like I Think that live Comparison is pretty good. Yeah, I mean, I think it’s pretty good too. Um, oh crap, that’s a red light. Okay Stop doing that game. I didn’t even realize what I was okay I’m just gonna slow down a little bit just in case just in case it’s it’s really being sketchy nowadays Stay here live chat Yeah, I do the comparison is cool it looks just like the real one Subscriber difference is it you know our our channel? There da our channels aren’t really gaining as many as as PewDiePie in T series but suggestions Your life. Okay. I don’t know why that is popped up on my screen III know you’re calling me shadow wolf I’m in the middle of a live stream though, and I’m using my phone to record the live stream so I can’t Okay suggestions um, I Don’t know. Yeah. Oh, yeah. One thing I saw I don’t know why there’s a like YouTube URL at the bottom of the screen When I last checked it was there so, I don’t know maybe maybe try to get rid of that. But I Know I’m sorry Shannon wolf. I can’t answer your call right now. I’m I’m live doing with my phone. So oh, yeah What Elevate you put the blind down under percent So you can’t even see the train tracks like you can see a small little sliver like hopefully I don’t crash guys In this game actually it it It warns you. Oh Come on There we go. It’s where else enable get that back up and see anything Although this game warns you not to do anything in real life at the beginning It’s like please don’t go on the railroad tracks and and play on them and and like run around on them please obey all the sign poop up above like Yeah, I mean I, you know I might do that but that’s probably not illegal, you know, it’s just Real fans got to do what real fans got to do Let’s check the live chat Are you recording your screen? It’s a secret link or your screen, lol. I mean technically I am recording my screen Live-streaming from xbox to YouTube is basically impossible. So what I did was I just put up a a Guy I don’t even know what the chat is now Anyways, I Just put up a what’s it called one of those stands I Don’t know what it’s called. It’s like a stand that holds your phone or like a camera I don’t know I i’m blanking I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s I took one of those and I just put it in front of my TV And i’m just live-streaming but i’m no no turn back on computer. You’re gonna kill my phone. Okay Oh, my phone started to die in the middle of things So I had to bring my laptop downstairs and I went and I took my cord and I’m running it from my laptop To my phone so my phone won’t die. So that’s the current situation of my recording studio here Just get OBS You can’t go eh you but you can’t get OBS on Xbox It’s it’s impossible. That’s a PC program. I would I would honestly I would if you would let me but it’s not gonna let me so Yeah, I don’t know what’s with all these yellow lights Like I I never liked yellow lights like I’m driving now and I hate yellow lights like they’re so annoying cuz yeah they tell you’re like oh, yeah, you know the things about to stop no the the yellow lights all that does is like you’re driving up to a green light and you get like 10 feet from the edge of the intersection and

you just like you just go and You know you got this yellow light you don’t know if like when you’re ten feet from there Sure, I just slam on the brakes and stop or can I make it like it’s it’s kind of annoying And I wish there was no yellow lights But then I also wish it wasn’t just green in red then that’s also problematic on a on a certain psychological level, you know You never know when it’s gonna turn red, you know, the yellow it gives you a warning, but it’s not exactly Always what you want because it gives you a warning but you know, nobody been making it or not So some be able to speed up and some people just slow down But if you slam on the brakes too hard your whole whole cars just gonna flip over so I don’t know guys I just yeah, I don’t know what to do It seems that arcade gamers himself is is Raiding my chat with nobody cares here But I don’t know. It’s it’s fun Oh nice roast by shadow wolf there then why are you watching then? That’s that’s a good roast right there Let’s see if arcade gamers can come with a good response to that There’s a battle going on my live chat now It’s about 20 after 12:00 here in the in-game Still cruise down 64 we probably speed up quite a bit, but don’t want to push it with those yellow lights. Those are really sketchy I’ll leave then – one for you. Ok Get up around the cab here it’s weird. This is crouched right here. This is crouched This is standing all the way up like your guys just a giant and you can also go through chairs apparently Hello fella. It’s like a high-speed train. But this chair looks like it’s from the like sixties or seventies Hello laka boy 6 – 8 – how you doing today, man? Trying to chat as much as I can here then we have this checkered chair over here. I don’t know what this is doing. Yeah Check the live chat here All right, nothing new Kind of nice eight likes and for viewers on the street and currently Thank You y’all for watching tonight? Should be live stream for another good 20 minutes Yeah, I don’t know what the names about this is my brother’s account Okay Do I uh Trying to think well, what is your other account name like I Might I don’t know if I know your other account Nope to switch back to driver. Whoops Okay, okay I got you I got you Yeah, I didn’t have a youtube account for a very long time actually I just I never bothered to create one that I just kind of just won the like he just I never had one like and then Like it was so hard starting out cuz I didn’t know how to make videos I didn’t know how to post videos or anything like that. Like I had no clue what I was doing like I don’t started YouTube

January 7th of 2018 so a little over a year ago. I started making YouTube videos and stuff like that and It’s it’s been an experience. I’ve learned a lot about video creation and stuff like that But I didn’t even I didn’t have a youtube account until like 2017 I mostly just watched videos just kind of signed out and stuff. But like I can never like them I can never subscribe to channels. I don’t know why I did that. I just like I I never Wanted to I guess because if you do that Like it makes it into a channel and if you’re not gonna post anything like there’s no point in having a channel But it’s it’s kind of weird how they kind of they forced people to make YouTube channels And that’s why I’m both things if they’re counting how many YouTube channels are they count how many you’re over five subscribers? Because most people that have no videos Like and just kind of use their accounts as to subscribe to put one like their videos and stuff like that They mostly just use it to You know like videos and they usually don’t have a lot of subs. They have no video if I hang it like that so they must just mostly just have accounts for that but It’s weird they’ve kind of baited like a lot of people in the creating accounts that don’t even want to create accounts because just cuz like You have to have a count to really do anything interactive. Like you can’t even chat in live streams. It’s pretty crazy I’m normally don’t have too much time to watch YouTube. Okay? Yeah yeah, I Feel like I need to cut back down on watching YouTube videos and stuff like that apparently that’s where 87% of my battery power goes and But I’m glad you’re spending your time on YouTube watching my videos or my live stream. Sorry. Thank you. Thank you Oh crap crap, that’s a red light that’s red light Oh, please turn yellow please turn yellow that’s 300 yards Oh Sir failure single pasture danger Thank You. Bean, okay I don’t even know I don’t know okay, let’s try the German one now that Was all for nothing apparently hey this like I don’t know how this will so stop within that time I’m currently a CSS trained engineer and that’s why I don’t have too much time. You’re actually a trained engineer too, bro, dude. That’s awesome That is awesome Wow really – that’s so cool. Yeah, that’s yeah, I’m gonna do that one day Once I’m out of school and I Find a job or anything. Do you like it? Do you like it? Yeah, there’s a CSX train on this game, I’m right here I’m loading it right up home CSX That is a GP 38 – to yn3. I Always do it in the summer clear It’s a rough job, but enjoy yeah, yeah Run our trash train from 0.2 first one station where another Engineer will take it onward to the barges. Okay, let’s do that one Dude, that that is awesome. I literally have an actual train driver in the live chat cuz That is awesome, thank you for joining us tonight You can start at CSX Okay So the conductor’s a the conductor is right I Don’t know I might be wrong about this. That’s who drives a train, right? 21 you can be always engineer your drivetrain. I don’t know. I always get those confused conductor an engineer like you conduct the Train, but you also You engineer it I guess um Huh 21. Yeah, it’s it’s gonna be a few years for me Go loose eternal, he’s doing the last few. Yeah. Yeah. I saw that I saw that livestream It’s trying to beat me in a subscriber count, but the presto gang will win Conductor is the one outside doing the cars. Okay, okay All right, that’s awesome, that is awesome Yeah, I would gladly be a conductor to

any sort of thing that involves trains I’m up for that like that’s crazy. I Mean it’s not crazy. But like, you know, it’s cool. It’s crazy cool. You know, that’s what I’m trying to say I’m gonna turn that volume down a little bit that Trains were a bit loud Driver mode Medium lights Driver camera So, uh does also yardwork, okay, so you basically just switch the cars and stuff like that Okay, yes, they they just they don’t really act very professional or anything like that they just kind of fool around or something Also men how did you find the stream like where you just search them three train sim world live streams or just like do you know my channel at all or something Because I’m interested to see how you found my channel Because I really have an actual train engineer in the chat like that that’s just amazing. It’s just amazing Yes funny so he basically just had no clue what he was doing he was just yeah, he said stop stop never mind stop Wow That’s hilarious. Oh Why is the train stopping dude busy reading my live chat Okay, he was new to the job yeah, huh Now I don’t know if I’d everyone do dispatching cuz that’s kind of hard it’s basically air-traffic control but with trains Yeah, you know good sorting to mess out that’s good so where is where Or is it um? Where’s Waycross? Like like what the state is it in or anything like that? Oh wait cross Georgia, yeah, that’s that’s what state I live in Oh, College degree. Okay. Yeah, I’m probably gonna go to college. I don’t know what I want my degree to be in though Folkston, yeah, I don’t know. Is that north or south, Georgia? Yeah I don’t know where folks 2news kind of sounds like South Georgia maybe Okay, so it’s like right on the border there yeah, I’m all the way North east of Atlanta, Georgia so like I’m pretty far from that but uh, wait we got some good trains up here – We have an Amtrak line that runs through Gainesville kind of up there and uh Stuff like that. Yeah

That’s awesome. That’s just awesome man III am honored to have an actual train conductor in my chat here Oh From Jacksonville to Atlanta. Also you’re coming up here. So you’re in Jacksonville right now. Just resting up getting ready for the trip Oh, I’m going to do that Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry. Sorry Okay. Yes. So you’re an actual engineer man? That’s awesome. That is awesome. So you’re actually gonna drive the Train It’s alright. I I thought you would said your conductor earlier Okay, yeah I was plan that in the stream like an hour in but I I can I’ll probably just go until You leave or something like that? It’s no reason to stop it early if I don’t have to Alright man shadow wolf I’ll go check out your text I just cannot believe Intermodal is not the ones with like the the trailers on the back and the the crane like it’ll just pull up to a thing and It’ll just go from the trucks. They just have like the Box containers and they go right onto the trains. I Think that’s I think that’s what it’s called right? That’s what it is Okay, yeah, yeah, so you’re gonna be driving an inner mold train up from Jacksonville to Atlanta more That’s awesome. That’s awesome One day I might do that, too Nice nice, that’s awesome intermodal So, how’d you how’d you find my livestream like then you just look up Train Sim world livestreams or something like that Because I I don’t know At first I thought you were like someone else like that was already subscribed to my channel and like Was used their brothers account and so I didn’t recognize them or something but I mean you were literally like a train engineer like that’s literally what I want to do with my life later on and It’s just it’s amazing. No YouTube has Brought you into my stream. It’s cool Started editing I’m not familiar. Well, what is a um? Lookup live trains. Oh, that’s so cool. So I just gave up my scream Wow. Okay. Thanks YouTube. I recommend an actual train engineer I’m not familiar. What what is a DP you? I don’t know. I yeah, I just I don’t know what I dpu is is that like a new type of Booster to the GPU is a distributed power unit. They put an intern at the middle or end of a trend

Okay, so it’s like a booster type thing Okay, so they’re adding those to the free units that’s cool That’ll be nice give it some extra power because I’m pretty sure like you go Cuz going from Jacksonville to Atlanta. That’s that’s quite a hike in elevation. That’s like I Don’t know how high Jacksonville is, but I know up here. It’s like Thousand feet something like that Okay, Union Pacific could be in this if used him a lot. Yeah Yeah, I know a lot of train Companies I know the I always say wrong every time I say too fast like a BNSF or like whatever like That there’s that train company North folks Southern CSX Union Pacific There are some others too, I can’t remember Other ones, but I know those then they Amtrak’s mostly like the Know what what is BNSF stand for? I Feel like the SF is like San Francisco probably wrong though. I Don’t know what BN is The CSX stands for something as well Burlington Northern Santa favor away. Oh That’s what that is oh Okay, I didn’t know that – CSX chance for something Chessy system merger Hey what how’d they get that X then from merger? Oh steals Lex Okay So so they just kind of added that letter on at the end. They didn’t really make him matchup, but CES was already taken Huh? That’s interesting. That’s interesting Nice relaxing video of a train slowly making it way through New Jersey Yeah, I like to watch train live streams as well, I don’t know I felt like doing a live stream tonight Usually I just do regularly record videos or something like that but tonight X doesn’t really have a meaning but a lot of workers just say it means merger, okay Yeah, huh Interesting I wonder why they say we decided that X was sound really good CS m Like CSM doesn’t sound that sound that bad CSX, you know, that sounds really good I Don’t know what’s going on with our YouTube streaming here. I don’t even know what this is Hey, it says there’s one person watching this stream But I have like two or three people were commenting and doing live chat at a time. So I don’t even know I Don’t know what YouTube’s doing Yeah, I just I like trains a lot if you find a railroad you want to work for Okay, did they pay good and everything like that treat you good I’m guessing they do if they if you’re recommended I

never thought it what train company are willing to work for I Can never really decide if I wanted to do Freight or I want to do passengers because passengers are kind of all about time I guess Freight is queue, but it’s kind of It’s cooler. You get to go to other parts of the country guy like freight army I mean sorry not Freight passenger is kind of stuck on a single route or something like that Freight seems to be more open Yes, so you did don’t need a college degree or anything to I don’t recommend it Yeah, okay good the no good though, yeah Always trains were like as Needed and prevalent in America as they were back in like the 1800s 1900s and everything like ever since that mentioned in the car Nobody’s really cared about trains as much but I don’t know I’ve always liked trains like that’s just kind of my thing like literally my YouTube logo used to be just Like it just said I like trains and had this guy from the I like train thing It’s like it’s like a music video a thing. It’s great a long time ago It’s like a mean thing or whatever, but that was like literally my logo was just I like trains Okay, yeah high school diploma yeah, that’ll be easy that’ll be easy I’m gonna do that three years Yeah, you remember that shadow wolf yeah, I like trees Dudududududu, yeah, that’s a pretty good music video but like it’s funny cuz I like trains long before that thing came out and all that Before it was like kind of just a meme or whatever like two like trains, but I’ve always just liked trains Whoa, that’s a weird roadway. It’s literally Like 12 lanes with things in the middle It looks like they just took the same three lane highway going both ways and copy and pasted it It’s kind of weird. Oh I don’t know where the train would areas See if I can activate the horn You know what the max speed is no, what is the max feeding me go on here it says a hundred I don’t know Sorry, it’s taking me so long to respond to your some of your things So here here’s I’m sitting in a chair in front of my phone, which is facing The horn doesn’t sound right 75 really is that like how fast they can physically go or how fast like, they’re allowed to go? I’m like, I’m sitting here watching my phone Like go forward like like the camera on the front the front camera is recording like like TV Of me doing this So it’s kind of hard sometimes and the messages tend to disappear and I click on live chat and then bring it up Please please excuse our kid gamers About 55 or below Okay, okay Why do they have to go? That’s Lois. I just so like Because kids are so heavy like in case they need to stop or something. Is that for safety region for regions reasons? Again, please excuse arcade game errs locker boy

Sorry about that, sometimes my chat gets a little bit of sketchy Safety Tuesday goes tonight 75 on abend. Oh Okay, so yeah safety a yeah, definitely yeah if you go in 75 miles an hour with Coltrane Yeah, that’s not gonna turn out good Yeah I’m sorry about that. I yeah He’s my YouTube rival He’s trying to get more subs and be used to me and stuff like that. So He’s he’s coming in here. Yeah, I can’t bend people but I’m a strong believer in freedom of speech so I don’t want to ban new one Even if they’re saying that kind of stuff if it gets too out of hand I I might put them in timeout or something like that You can put people on time out on YouTube streams, but I don’t like to ban people from speaking their mind Even if it’s just you know this kind of stuff but Yeah Yeah I I Don’t like what he’s saying about him, but there’s nothing I want to do about it, cuz I don’t I don’t want to ban people Just straight off my thing it’s just ever since I created my channel, I was one of the values I wanted to put to its core was I Never will ban anyone or delete people’s comments or stuff like that. I just anyone can say whatever they want on my channel and that’ll be that Okay, okay. Okay stream back the stream back Okay, it seems like my camera angles a little bit messy here Oh, wait, hold up hold up I missed your previous comment there When I get off a train, I have 12 hours to find out tail and sleep and then everybody be on another train Ok, ok ok. Yeah, I was just going back Yeah, like I always wondered that like if you’re off like doing Deliveries and stuff like that. How do you how do you keep your family? Like? Hey, do you? Just like not go home For like a number of days or ain’t like that All right, hopefully the stream looks better I didn’t know it was on that tilted angle the entire time Patrina stop trying to catch you trekked too many things at one time Okay, so you’re off one and a half days just driving a train around Huh like what is a typical work thing like work day for you like I’ve always wondered that Lee do you go to work? Like says it says trained like train you driving trains that’s like a journey like you go from point A to point B, and once you complete that journey like

you get to go home, but like, you know, that’s like doing like a road trip every day, you know, I Don’t know. How how do you Like do you go home most nights and stuff like that and then like Or do you just like take the you know? if you like if you live in Atlanta and then like you go to Jacksonville and then you Wait get in a hotel get on another train to go back to Atlanta. Like is that how that works? Do you just go here and there here and there? Because I’ve always wondered that is I want to have a family and everything but like I’ve always wondered. How do I You know have a family make doctor’s appointments Stuff like that. Just you know, if you’re if you’re driving a train, I mean Ah this stream is kind of looking low-quality on my computer over here Okay, so girls will though you have to HD that’s fine my computer is just displaying it in 480p I don’t know why this looks really bad on my computer. They’re Trying out the quality of my streams and everything like that this is actually worth quality in the last one Unfortunately, because I don’t know how to livestream on xbox. It’s extremely tough But I think this might actually be a journey we can complete this time sort of the other ones where I failed But it definitely takes a while to to do these journeys just like real life Of course, you know it’s it’s it’s less harder in real life. Okay? Okay, so like everyday you just you go You get yourself ready and everything and then you real life In the cab all day Wow Wow Huh Yeah, um That’s amazing man, it’s amazing One day I want to do that. I Would love to be in in a cab all day Since I mean, that’s just I love trains like ever since I was little I’ve always loved trains. Just something I I’ve treasured that’s just Yeah Oh dude, that’s awesome. That’s awesome. That’s so cool. Hey, yeah, that’s awesome Yeah, there’s a lot of real fenders out there No, you’re not banned our key gamers because I’m a strong believer in freedom of speech and I will not ban you I just thought the right track is it map? Okay, okay wait, we need to stop the screen and Go ahead and back it up here Looks like that was not the right way. We’re supposed to switch tracks back there Okay, nice man nice CSX CSX Western, Maryland heritage mocha locomotive But what does that train look like is it just like What is a Maryland heritage like is that a special flag delivery? I? Don’t like such a rail fan and everything like that but like I honestly I don’t know much about like, you know That kind of stuff like in real life. You know, I just I like trains like Fireball sticker on the nose coffee. That’s awesome. That’s cool. I like that Did they have like, um mortal or – you know Like the world war two sharks and stuff where they had like their sharks on the front of planes

Do they have that like on a train? I think I’d be awesome to put on a train Oh this your dad that I should make a train like that or something I think that’d be awesome Ya see I can’t be making these kind of mistakes in real life when I become a Actual rail conductor. I mean engineer shall we say conductor because I always did those confused. I never knew the difference I’m told I’m told you know, no What is a Oh Okay, you’re talking about that Maryland heritage. Nope, a locomotive. Yeah, that’s rare I never seen him one of those with the fireball sticker on the nose Alright guys gotta back it up here pretty sure I’m almost to the place where he’s supposed to be little backed up Slowly getting there after this delivery. I’m gonna have to end the livestream Yeah a member just um subscribe Remember to subscribe block a boy or whatever your real account name is or, you know, sorry funded my account But yeah, just remember to subscribe man, you can come check out my channel anytime it’s been a pleasure To have an actual train conductor in the chats been very interesting talking to you. It’s been an honor I’m not in the stream yet. Just gotta back it up and switch the tracks and then I’ll Get up there John okay You can call me Preston, but it’s kind of obvious for my channel name It’s just I just drop off the OH or I mean the end Okay Oh My god, sorry. Sorry. I keep saying conductor. I don’t know why I don’t know why I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that All right, stop the train All right, just don’t the starcade he’s trying to just you know, just just don’t listen to him he doesn’t know he’s talking about Sorry for any problems. He’s caused or anything Now you can come back any time I think you can come back any time I’m sorry about what he’s saying? You can come back any time man don’t don’t be intimidated by him or anything like that Yeah, I know yeah, he’s just he’s underling I timed him out so he probably won’t bother us anymore

Sorry about that, man. I’m sorry. Oh Wait way that’s reverse Okay, man, all right, I just I want you to come back to yeah, you’re just you’re so cool to meet an actual Train engineer set it right that time Oh, whoops Yeah Okay, I didn’t realize that actually deleted every single one of those comments Oh, that’s how you started your Your train? Oh, whoa. I’m going 40 miles an hour. No, no. No. Um, so that’s how you started your your training Addiction I guess. Oh, you’re 29 now Wow, okay Yeah, you do you plan to to do it for the rest of your life or you’re gonna stick with it rescue your life Well, I completed the service there we go guys and I finally completed service I walked 661 yards, I drove 14 miles and took me 30 minutes to do that All right, guys Okay, that’s awesome and you just gonna do that till you’re tired yeah Whoa, whoa, whoa, why is the train driving off without me? What? Haha, how do you know what I’m doing anymore guys, I’m now stuck inside the Train. Oh, there it goes

Alright guys well I’m glitched inside of a train now. I can’t really move. Um, yeah guys Thanks for watching my livestream I’ve met a Very full person John he is a train engineer for CSX and Give him a shout-out here. He’s really cool And just thanks to everyone who joined whoa Okay, um, thank you everyone who joined Thanks for subscribing and viewing my livestream everything like that live tomorrow tonight. I Don’t know I I might I might actually do it. I don’t know I don’t usually do live streams and I’ve just kind of done it every once in a while, but Yeah, I Don’t know Yeah, I might I might come back do another live stream tomorrow night you never know so Yeah, definitely be on the lookout for that I might do it might do it if I have some time or maybe the next night after that so yeah, um, thank you guys for watching and I hope you guys have a wonderful night and Remember to come back like subscribe tell notifications. So, you know when I make a video and everything like that and I’ll see you guys I might join in You know, okay Well, what do you mean join in? Oh, oh. Oh. Yeah. Join the chat. Yeah. Okay. I was gonna say this game is multiplayer It’s not multiplayer. So yeah, I always said I got you soon. So anyways See you man Alright, thank you. Thank you I’ll try to stream again tomorrow night if I can if not tomorrow then some other day this week because it’s been nice talking with you and Yeah, see you You have a good night too min you have a good night too. Good luck with uh, driving you train tomorrow up to Atlanta Good luck with the your entire career and everything like that, so Thank you for joining the stream tonight