Hi everybody how’s it going? Welcome back to Minecraft and our let’s build a town in survival mode series. We are right back where we left off over in the farming area where we’ve put together these little wheat farms and also we have of course started putting down some carrots and potatoes over this way as well We are going to do a bit more work on this area in this one specifically I want to start building the windmill that I mentioned for the wheat farm so we’re gonna get working on that straightaway We’re going to need a range of blocks for this I’m gonna go for cobble I’m gonna go for planks not birch. We’re gonna look for oak we have some oak there brilliant and we’re also gonna use some stone bricks as well I think because we’ve got plenty of stone bricks So we’re going to use a bit of a range normally when I build windmills I tend to just make them out of like copper than wood but I figured we’d use some stone bricks in there as well just to make it look extra special so let’s head into the house I’m not sure if I have any stone bricks floating around that do brilliant we need a lot more than that though so we’re gonna have to produce some more of those I’ve got some smooth stone in there away we had a whole stack there okay excellent so what we can do let’s get building some smooth stone so well stone bricks not smooth stone bricks let’s just go up to a stack of that shall we near enough we’ll chuck the smooth stone back in we’ve got that we’re gonna need some planks which will make out these let’s go up to there we’re going to need some logs as well so we’ll keep a couple of logs may need a bit more than that Shelley but we’ll see how it goes and we’ve also got those I’ve just noticed in our invent those lily pads that we picked up last time so cns were right by poofy spawned let’s chuck these bad boys down to finish this bit off poofy said that he wanted lily pads and stuff so here we go I’m gonna Chuck him down and finish off proof he’s built she would put one let’s put one there why not and there we go poof his pond is fully complete we finally got the lily pads might have a bit too many actually but yeah I’m really happy with how it’s turned out I think it looks great I hope if he’s happy with it I know it’s been a while finishing it off but there we go we’ve done it at long last I also need to put some torches down I will do that to light up this area a little bit soon but let’s get started plotting out windmill and I’m gonna slightly go differently I’m gonna keep it similar to how I would normally build a windmill on this game but I’m gonna change it up a little bit I’ve got a couple of ideas of things I want to try so we’re gonna try some new things as well as I’ve said before if you’re new to the series I’ve quite often saying that I want to try new things in this series I want to do things a bit differently to how I normally do it so that’s the plan really right so we want to go there there one two three I might have gone too close – no I’ve gone perfectly I don’t mind that that attaches to the fence actually have we gone too close one two one two three there we go and then that should be – how does that look in relation to this yeah that’s fine I’m happy of that and also want loops I don’t want to do that I do want to place a block there but I want it to be some oak clogs because those are gonna go in the middle so you might need to get some more oak to do this but yeah I’m gonna have it different to my normal windmills if I build them because normally they’re no access so they just go up they do what they do but I’m gonna make it so we can go into this one we’re gonna have some stuff inside some storage maybe some hay bales things like that now you’ll be able to climb up some ladders to go out to sort of service and maintain it if that makes sense so it’s going to be different but I’m looking forward to it really happy to see how this turns out just go with it yes right here we go right put these down so we want to go up thinks about five blocks so we see this is two and we should have cut down more trees shouldn’t we not problem though we can do it this way

shouldn’t be too big a deal and then once I get up to the first layer I’m gonna build a bit of a scaffolding type thing because we all know how it went last time with two bits ours where I didn’t bother with a scaffold and yeah that came back to haunt me the net when I kept dropping off the roof so let’s head off and cut down some oak trees there’s some just over here we’ll just get enough so that we’ve got some some resources to build what we need I think there was a skeleton lurking around here somewhere so we’ll have to watch out for him is my good friend Lister’s started a new what a couple of new series on minecraft recently he’s got chicken block which is number Dan Rob’s probs map pack those are pretty cool by the way and also he’s back on broke Rock first season the season two of that um which I’ve just died watching recently as well if you haven’t done so I’d highly recommend checking out Lister’s minecraft stuff is great he’s a minecraft channel to be honest with you but he’s one of the best minecraft youtubers I’ve sort of met myself so it highly recommend checking his channel out he also gives me a lot of advice for this series lot of of advice and tips and tricks as well because as I’ve said quite a few times I’ve been out of the Minecraft game for quite a while this has been my sort of come back to it really so highly recommend that I’ve got a feeling that that wolf just that sheep now that might be a thing I’ve never seen that happen before I’ll be honest it makes sense that a wolf would eat a sheep but ya never ever seen that before in Minecraft it’s another Minecraft first for me it seems to be a lot of those in this series right more logs we need plenty of logs how many we need I honestly don’t know but we’ll we’ll keep gathering some up maybe we’ll get a stack just so we with good you know get in there so yeah the serious is going really well I’ve got so many builds that you guys have requested and ones that I want to do and yeah it’s just great I’m loving the interaction with all you guys I’m loving that you guys get to choose what we do in the series just makes it a bit more dynamic and interesting than some of the other games who play on the channel and it’s almost like you guys are part of it with me rather than just watching me play it you’re actually contributing to the series so it’s really cool right we’ve got a stack go away wolf tame you later keep meaning to tame the wolves don’t me I never get around to it let’s have a quick snack here we go right let’s get back over and we can then hopefully put at least the first here at this build in place so that’s two or is it through is free okay not a problem I just thought it might be a little bit taller than that so we might have to go one more we’ll see what it looks like right so that’s three isn’t it do we have enough stone bricks that’s going to be the question oops well we won’t if we do that that is for sure it’s of course it fell down there right okay we get late in the day car we are can you believe it barely even started the build and we’re late in the day it’s crazy crazy I tell you slain briquette better not de-spawn won’t be very happy about that right so this is four blocks high right or is it yeah for something can we go one higher for the first tier hoping that will be enough to be honest with you we’re probably not going to have enough Oh No we might have enough I think I’m going to have bang on enough of the stone bricks aren’t we going to make a safe platform to get down off this yeah we’re gonna have to spot on enough can you believe that so we’ll be able to do this and we’ll be able to I will stick a torch down inside shall we because we definitely don’t want any guys spawning in there right how are we gonna do this is that gonna work yep that’ll be good should be able to survive that excellent right doors gonna go here I’ll stick a torch down in here

for now probably put gravel in there for the floor I reckon oops hello oops okay took a bit of damage there nevermind see I’ve been told that the jump oh jeez Galvin okay I’ve been told that the jump attack does do increase damage makes it more likely to have a critical hit or something so we’ll bear that in mind for future fights let’s get back home they’ve got dark very quickly didn’t it it’s a creeper and a skeleton and a spider it’s all sorts of bad guys out here the dangerous place to live it turns out you probably don’t need to cook up any more smooth stone actually for this build because that’s pretty much gonna really I mean this could potentially be a bit of a problem run for it no it’s a creep up okay get the hell out of here creeper you’re not ruining our builds and I can almost hear Lister and everyone else saying put down torches and we will I promise you we’ll do it just not now do it at some point uh promise I will like it all up so we don’t get the bad guys spawn in him right so I’m thinking we put down a crafting table out here while we’re doing all this because we keep having to run back and I’m sick of running back we just go crossed in tables sell all over the place but that’s fine that’s not a problem so we want to look into building how are we gonna build some ladders that’s what I want a knife so I know for ladders piping is right how much do we need for ladders I start seven sticks right so we’ve got six ladders from that let’s get a few more put some more of this in half and half right that should be good right 15 ladders that should be plenty for now we’ll make make a little platform to get up there shall we actually do you know what we won’t why am i doing that that’s silly we can actually stick the door and it turns out let’s do that while we’re here why not we live dangerously right there we go doors on so I’m thinking we use the back wall as the ladder thing I know you don’t have to put a ladder at the bottom but I’m gonna do that because I like it to look nice right so next here is going to go in slightly I think that’s normally the way that I do it I’m just trying to foresee how I want this to look I’m not gonna have windows inside we don’t want any more stone bricks do we for now so let’s swap that out for the cobble how many high did we go one two three four five why did I put the cobble there okay right so is that how we want it I think it is isn’t it – get rid of that that can just drop down there so we go free trying to remember how I normally do this right and we should probably Crouch shouldn’t we will crouch for now so that one and that one we now want to make into logs like so you want to take that cobble out from underneath it and then we’ll fix that in a minute so it looks proper do that from inside yeah that’s good and then we want to go I’ll hang under no that’s that’s wife done wrong that looks silly doesn’t it I don’t want that to be a log want that one to be a log and then we won these three again to be cobble silly me why am I talking about alright jump on to there we will put a floor in here in just the second so that we don’t

that was a zombie down there then so we want to do that run it again right let’s put that in there that in there I want to make this a log I want to take that out we’ll go down and collect all this cobble in a minute that one like that it’ll be easier once we’ve put the first layer in it’ll make more sense as well that one needs to be a log get rid of that and then that one can be cobble cobble cobble cobble in there and that will be the beginnings of the second tier which obviously is you can see is one block further in which will make perfect sense in a second because windmills aren’t the same thickness all the way that is certainly the case right what I want to do now to prevent myself from falling down oh right we’re going to do this but actually I’ve thought of something while we’re here and that is we can’t climb up that ladder anymore because it’s on this block so what we want to do let’s take that out for now we’ll put it back we want to move the ladder in just one block so I’ll have it one block off the wall so I’m just gonna block this in with dirt so it can be like a bit of a platform so we don’t have a repeat of last time with the falling off like that right we will jump down here go down the ladder they change the sound for ladders then they might have right let’s take this down what we’re going to do with this is we’re actually gonna we’ll put Kabul here why not we’re gonna do this not that we’re not gonna do that right the ladder can go on here and then we’ll just take that out there we go and then we’ll come up here and then this one can again be Kabul stick another ladder on there there we go that’s better so um we did five-tool didn’t leave for the bricks let me just double check don’t want to get it wrong 1 2 3 4 5 yes all right can we go 4 with the cobble so we’ve already got one so we’ve got 4 this is actually gonna be a floor by the way so it’s gonna remain a floor all right let’s stick that there that there that there and we’ll just build it up as we go so that can go there this will be a floor and then I’m thinking maybe we have another ladder going up one of the other sides but we can decide that later that’s fine that’s not really an issue for now the music’s finally kicking back in seems since it’s gone to bedrock the music is not as frequent as it used to be I’m not really sure why that is it’s just something I’ve noticed since I’ve been playing bedrock maybe they reduce the frequency because it seems like the frequency on the PlayStation version of Minecraft was a lot more frequent than Java as far as I could remember at least so pretty high up here and we’re going to run out of couple we’ve got plenty of it though don’t worry I’m sure I’ve got it on me but you can go back and get some right so what’s that three one two three we’ll go one row higher shall we and what I will do is just go outside and check that I’m happy of how it looks let’s jump off here no fall damage which is good let’s head down go back and we’ll get I know bad etiquette leaving the door open a creep who could get him we’re getting quite late in the day but it’s okay how’s that looking so far I like that I think it’s good I actually quite like the look of the bricks and the the cobble I think that’s pretty cool so let’s go over here I don’t know why I keep looking in there let’s just take a step of cobble is that noise

sure heard something they’re going mad I mean spiders can get us up there if we work through the night so probably don’t want to work through the night but yeah yeah I’m really happy of how this is looking actually I think this is good yeah I like it I’ll go one higher that’ll be pretty cool let’s just close this so we don’t get any funny fellas follow us in here so where do we want the next ladder to go that’s the question should we do it here should we do it no I don’t want to do it there because I’d quite like to have some windows there let’s do it here okay it is of course getting dark now now that I said about so one two three four yeah looks good happy with it one two three we won’t get caught out this time by the Sun going down I should be crouched in living dangerously can write one two three four and then that’ll be the next level this is where we’re gonna put the roof now and then we’ll have the actual windmill bit coming off the side well here we also want to get some Wow look at that sunset it’s lovely what whoops women have crouched should I right let’s head back home before go to sleep we’ll come back in the morning we’ll leave the door open just so we can invite some idiots all right let’s get back hopefully we’ll beat the spawned probably not never happens that way awesome a good friend Colleen vgm started a Minecraft Survival made series as well as funny watch the thread now there are a man very nearby where you may not read now there are monsters nearby where are they monster what is that what the hell is that oh it’s Alma wait is that who is that down there so a drowned you may not read now there are monsters nearby are you kidding me it is a drowned girl of a gal gone clear off no drowned can you believe me not right now there are monsters nearby but there’s another one alright that’s gonna get carried away by the viaduct main oh the aquadolls bye you may not now there are a man nearby someone please tell me how to turn that voice off by the way it’s driving me nuts where’s this monster lies an Enderman they’re right we might have to fight our way through the night it turns out that it’s the Enderman who’s causing problems you may not really nearby where is it is it the Enderman may not read now there are monsters nearby can we take on the under man you may not read now there are mine yeah get it there’s monsters nearby please somebody tell me how to turn that voice off I’d honestly don’t know how to turn it off it’s been driving me nuts ever since we updated to bedrock okay I need a couple more of these I need nine in total we picked up a leather cap there so I need to get rid of some of this crap in my environment okay I’ve got a lot potatoes got eggs we’ve got Rock get rid of that rotten flesh and the glass so we need endermans looking at me and I can hear the Drowned still we need stone well we need quite a lot of stone bricks for that don’t we let’s get some of us me to stone out and make it into stone bricks this isn’t the end into the episode that I was planning and never mind though I’ve got four I’m gonna need a lot more aren’t we right where is it there we go 15 there we go we’re fine all right can we go to sleep now

you made harlot now there are mines nearby where are these monsters they’re nearby I can hear a drowned but I don’t know where he is it’s also a zombie nearby well it turns out we’re stuck in here all right where’s this drowned drowned where the hell are you I know it’s around here somewhere I can hear him various look is it a zombie they were like getting clogged up down there alright I just want to check there’s no creepers sneaking around was that there right there he is you clear off wait how the hell is he hitting me from there right stop interrupting my sleep I need my beauty sleep come on you may not now there are monsters nearby where I can hear a drowned but I can’t see it anywhere I have to go down there and kill it I don’t know if that could be a problem we might have to make another bet I see you potato Wow really doesn’t give you a lot in the back is it it’s definitely a drowned down there I can hear him gurgling away is it nearly daytime no it’s not let’s make a run for it we’re going back get away Enderman we’re going back to the earth god this was a bad idea terrible idea hello bye-bye Hey that cow was just climbing over there let me in now we’re safe okay as long as there’s no spiders we’re all good right it’s no spiders so the end demands calls in yeah out of here right these guys need to go away they’re causing a lot of problems can we fight them that’s the question can we do battle with them thing I’m worried about is the creeper because if the creep is out there he could blow the hell out of some of our build right there is we don’t have a bow and arrow zombies are still there jeez these guys just a relentless aren’t they one Sun coming up probably shouldn’t have come in here should we it’s a good lookout but not the best idea I’ve ever had for sure I think the creep is gone let’s go down and see mr. creeper if you come we can close it again quickly if he’s there go dodododo dodododo no no no no no okay roof we’re off we’re going back home we’ve risked it it wasn’t a good idea cuz we’ve got to build a scaffold to put those bricks down we’ve now ended up really hungry because we were stupid can we go to sleep now right we can’t anyway let’s call that the episode then not where I wanted to end it but never mind yeah good start TV progress with the windmill we’ll finish it off in the next episode hopefully or at least get largely towards finishing off but that has it for this one so as always guys thank you very much for watching if you enjoyed the video click on that like button it really does have a channel to grow so I do appreciate it make sure you hit that subscribe button and the notification but lifting you or just haven’t already done so and I’ll see you all next time