Town of Salem (First Impressions!)

get a ladies and gentlemen and welcome to town of Salem this is a game where I can safely say just go out and play it right now it will cost you nothing this is a free-to-play game it’s not locked down like league legends is where you have to buy every single champion or to play them no there’s no features that are locked you the game makes its money through purely through cosmetics such as all these cosmetics that are currently on display here none of these cost you anything none of these impact the game they just make the game look a bit different there’s customization option there the shop here as you can see everything costs well most of the decent skins cost around 1000 coins and you roughly get like five coins every match so it takes you a while to unlock the skins however there’s a complete free pass that should be given to this game just because it’s only skins that are being monetized it can cost a fair amount for skins five bucks per skin my way of like in League of Legends times where everything can cost like upwards of a good 20 bucks for a single skin in that terms this is really good value but it’s still 5 bucks for a skin well not exactly a very attractive proposition there however regardless this game is excellent it is one of the few multiplayer games I play on a religious basis that doesn’t get me infuriated every time of course there are moments when it’s just pure infuriation but no this game is brilliant especially if you play with friends although that can be a bit looked down upon especially we’ve blown skype and you’re cooperating few friends that’s really looked out upon in fact however it’s quite a lot of fun before we go into the aim I feel like we should discuss the actual gameplay a bit since it can get a bit hectic in the start and you can get a bit lost with things so basically there is a three different fashions here there is the town faction there is the mafia faction those are the two major factions that make up the majority of players in the game and you’ve got everyone else everyone else will generally be by themselves that will generally have no one else working for them unless you’re working with them i should say unless you’re in a custom game and the general gist of it is you kill everyone who doesn’t belong to your faction there are of course number of exceptions to that rule the town can win with people have the survivor role and mafia can also win with witches and survivors and such but in general this game is actually quite a lot of fun so we’re going to hear you got normal games which will do right arm now since it’s the easiest to actually explain and get through your custom games which basically have different roles available to you you got chaos which is all annie and bridge Atlantic’s all annie is just all random roles classic is a preset roll list and it’s quite good it’s the main way to play this game if you want all the intrigue and all the arm bluffing and lying this is the perfect one to do it with as you can as any other one so you can lie and get away with get away with it very easily and this one you got the accountability of everyone knows what roles are currently in the game so as we go into a game here was a journal lobby look I’m a host here I don’t really need to do anything this is not a custom game so I get to sit here and discuss the game so the game has multiple phases it’s slowly progresses through you’ve got the daytime which is separated into discussion voting someone up to get be put on trial and then voting that person who’s on trial to be lynched or not at nighttime or after that comes lifetime might lifetime well actually yes actually is quite appropriate nighttime is knife time in this game there’s night time which is where most people’s roles come into effect depending on what I actually get old and be able to explain what my role can do at night if anything but the majority of the game though is not based on what your role actually does it’s based on talking to people it’s based on lying it’s based on deceit it’s based on communicating with other people yeah that’s the main mechanic of this game that’s where the brilliance of this game comes out if you are overly talkative you can be targeted by other people as a

target of opportunity if you reveal or hint at what your role is you could be targeted by someone who wants to get rid of your opportunity of your opportunity no um role I like a medium oh geez here we go going to die night one and in general everything happens here you can’t you don’t know unless you’re in the Mafia you don’t know what other people’s armed roles are you don’t know who’s a part of your team and who’s not you’ve basically got the role list here and that’s about it oh dear okay so i don’t really do anything at night no one is dead i’m medium as you can see up here this is explaining what my role is when dead when dead speak to a living person at night and that’s my ability so i can only listen to the dead at night there’s no dead i really need to do anything so i got good 20 seconds to discuss the game so i just go over the interface real quick we got the role tab over here which tells you what you can do it tells you your goal as well I’m with the town so my goal is to lynch every criminal an evildoer which also explains down there and these all the people I would mouse over it but I can’t these are all the people that I need to kill though or who i can let live there is the role list over here which tells you what different roles are currently in the game there’s their graveyard which tells you who is currently dead and you can also click on the people’s names are in a graveyard which when this guy actually pops up in the graveyard oh oh wow that’s actually a pretty fun role and you just left the game born in the graveyard you can go overlooked wrote look over there last will or their death note which is left by the person who killed them if anyone killed them and on the note of last wills you’ve got up here and this button up here you got a last will to right up here this is generally more left towards the people who have got information to share such as a investigator will generally have a very lengthy will as they investigate different people and see what the roles they actually have it’s mainly left here because you don’t want to reveal your all too soon as you may be targeted as a person of opportunity and you may be killed because of it so you just leave your royal there so in case you die people can still benefit or your rescue team could still benefit from the information you had so we go into the voting face here and it appears that people are going to kill supernatural I wasn’t really paying attention like you’re just going to kill him oh dear this might be an executioner execution of this job is to get somebody else lynched it’s there I’m roll over there they’re all by themselves they don’t have anyone else on the team they’re just basically all out to get somebody else lynched and the guy who was saying supernatural is mafia he might be a executioner so I’m not going to vote guilty or innocent on this guy as he could be innocent for all I know and yeah there’s the guy they’re stopping with the route stop it with the random there’s absolutely no vote no evidence provided whatsoever so i would actually vote innocent on this oh that was close vote but yeah the other guy who said that I can see you he’s probably prime target for a one of the town to kill him like the jailer to jail him or something like that you’re our protector they could be a bodyguard whoo geez investigator okay well that guy’s gotta die okay then so we’ve got a bit more time here um so much the drama cut of the game comes from the unknown it’s got a bit of a um it’s got a bit of a gambling enjoyment in it yeah like flipping a coin or pulling the lever on a slot machine it’s completely rounded what happens whatever happens is well for the most part you don’t know and whatever you do know what isn’t particularly that exciting but it does help you win the game more you know this particular this unknown part particularly comes into play in the end game where generally all the investigators and stuff will have died and you need to start lynching people

every single day because otherwise they like the MAF here or something could overwhelm you with their sheer numbers so the unknown comes into play where where you need to kill someone you don’t know what role they are so they’re going to lie to you to try and prove that they are innocent or whatever sometimes you have jesters that will try and get themselves killed just as gesture is of course a role that wants to get themselves lynched that’s their entire roll oh geez he actually left the game what role is he doctor why wasn’t that going no as I can see you yeah and that was the guy that I’m tried to get the or did get the investigator lynched so I should um question him so I’ll just go and say I can see you why did you say super was mafia so we’re just going to question him on that depending on what he says or not we can get lynched yeah I should get him lynched anyways who go scroll up here it says like if we can go up here I can see supernatural mafia vigilante come on load him up come on one more you lied is what you did oh there we go so is being put on trial so as you saw previously when they’re on trial they generally make a defense we can’t talk Roman this is there time to make a defense this guy is probably mafia that or a executioner or gesture on the way or if he’s gesture then it’s really bad but if his executioner it really doesn’t matter if we kill him ten out of ten defense would Lynch again so hopefully is going to die maybe he is mafioso or something oh who cares was gesture I really don’t mind dying if his executioner well oh my god you voted innocent no why don’t you fight innocent he should have just died anyways uh-huh punish him for his sins for Christ’s sake he could be Mafia or something ah hey what’s a man so as you can see he I’m talking with the dead the dead have a grayed out text that no one else but me can see and only I can see it at night Shh pig kill by its killed by the mafia well they got nothing to say to me so it’s completely and utterly useless um oh jeez oh yeah I completely feel their turn music off okay so there’s the music in a game it’s quite repetitive which is why i turn it off pretty much religiously and just listen to my own music I would be listening to my own music right now but I am afraid of getting copyright strike to the hell off of youtube oh jeez that was the jailer oh no that’s not good but yeah the problem with the music that I have of this game is it’s quite repetitive and in fact all sound effects are quite repetitive I think I’ll leave the music on for the rest of the game just purely because just let you know what it’s actually like but yeah in terms of gameplay wise this game well the roles and stuff really don’t mean anything yeah of course the roles will determine what it actually happens what a person can do but for the most part every game is determined by how smart or how dumb people are ya you can get times when it’s just one sided with one faction having more people and significantly more people in the other

such as when a mafia has six people in it as post while the free is right now that’s really bad it can quickly spiral out of control in mafias favor and there’s a lot of blocks going on in the chat okay hmm so the general just the general gameplay is affected by how smart and dumb people are yet yeah or aply we already mentioned that so you can have really really good games that have got some really really smart people and you have a hard time of trying to lie about no I’m just going to get a little ash lynched trying to lie to you can have really really easy games where people are just complete and other idiots easy games are more easy for the people who are trying to kill the town apart versus the actual town itself and this is purely because idiots are quick to lynch people for no reason without any evidence whatsoever this guy we’ve already got yeah we already got the ask the which call it investigators already tense and likelihood the sheriff he’s unlikely whatever guess he was lucky then her okay um so the general theme of the game a little Michael I keep getting distracted and going back to this point okay final point about this a collage you know nothing you’re like John and snow you know nothing okay um and once again I got side track so i think i’m just going to avoid that topic altogether but what are my thoughts in the game well my thoughts of town of Salem are that it is one of the most addictive and fun games you could ever play yeah I highly recommend this game you cannot I cannot stress enough that this game is great try it at least once even if you think you won’t like it try it once it costs you nothing but a good 20 minutes of your time yeah it’s great yeah especially when you play your friends in a game we’ve only got your when you’re only versing against your friends it is so good it’s akin to a cards against humanity levels are good yeah any game that has a lot of lying and deceit like this it’s just so good okay so we need to kill ash yes town killing his veteran maybe so he was the sheriff he was telling the truth he was telling a terrific and ash so ash is good yeah I should still be the Godfather could still be the GF since sheriff can’t tell is mafia oh yeah I can see you yeah on are just not going to lynch anyone then we got no other way of killing people apart from lynching at this stage but the serial killer dad we got to mafia dad we just need to kill the Godfather and we are golden okay [ __ ] pigs shut up sheriff you got you got anything to sleep too I guess not ah jeez anyways thoughts on the game the game could do with a little bit more variety as the gameplay generally always

runs a certain way yeah there’s every game we’ll just feature the same lying the same people being idiots etc etc however the game is still really addictive it’s got the same appeal that like someone is rift has with league legends yet even though it’s the same basic setup every single time the way it always plays out is always different it’s kind of like a rogue light in that regard you will always have a different game regardless of who is playing if you’re playing it’s the same people over and over and over every game will be different there’s no sure games are the same even if the roles are exactly the same so it leads to this bit of addiction to it where you don’t get bored because there’s always something different about every single game and that’s brilliant it really sinks into you and hook see when I first found this game I played it for a good 20 or so hours yeah just 20 hours non-stop with one of my friends and it was amazing of course it’s I’ve wound down for my addiction even as I speak this but it’s or even as I say this but it’s still kind of like league legends where I just keep coming back to a time after time after time it’s like an old habit you can’t quite kick um technically us a message to him who is the last mafia I can see come on we need to lynch someone Lynch Lynch Lynch Lynch Lynch Lynch Lynch Lynch come on we need to kill people you idiots oh and then someone else is going to die we need to kill someone we can’t get anymore yeah we just need a randomly Lynch at this stage oh and now comes the part where I never leave [ __ ] about stupid people I’ve already bitched about stupid people a bit before but they generally do a wreck the game for you we need to start killing people regardless of what they are and if I die now I don’t die the dong is dead oh my god we need to kill with someone Jesus Christ so we got a gesture oh my god we got gesture just a executioner Godfather and then me so there’s one other guy that could be possibly town so there’s two just a and a GF and the median we aren’t winning this unless the jesters is help great tricks okay tricks okay please may he be the Godfather for the love of God he probably isn’t the Godfather but it’s a one in five shot at killing the Godfather oh well hopefully this will actually kill him maybe still not talking maybe he was just AFK well kill him anyways and if his gesture well Soviets doesn’t look like we’re winning anytime soon a majority of the towers that like pretty much everyone but me is dead oh well let’s see what he is he is very likely to be a gesture but at this

stage it does not matter he’s not a gesture okay then what is his role sup okay come on what’s your role better oh my god oh my god yet we lost this game there’s nothing more to say to this that guy was AFK the whole game this is ridiculous whatever see ya as this gain slowly whines down to the MAF you’re killing me um yeah when I’m gonna die I didn’t I okay then Jesus Christ his Godfather’s taking he didn’t kill anyone well well well sir lawl our soul is the Mafia I can see huge guy you guys don’t the win with the must be sad to fig Ashwin’s gesture they don’t and get lynched so hey we all burn a you will all with me okay but yes um my judgment of this game it’s really great yeah I don’t think I’ve sung the praises of it enough it’s really addictive it’s really great even when I’m dying right now I had a bunch of fun with this game even though I’ve played it so much I’ve played a ridiculous amount of games miss ya oh good coming almost 200 hours now I’m not 200 hours but 200 games now and it is so good so good costs no money it’s great so in general um via ash scale crab wait what what was ash Oh ash must have been the executioner ouch got a target lynched oh well anyways let me just wrap this up by saying ever regardless of whether not you like you think you like it or not just try it yeah I’ll see that a number of times already and I’ll continue saying it costs you nothing absolutely nothing and it is great fun yeah so on that note I will maybe see you guys next time if you could could you please leave our like oh I comment or even subscribe it will be greatly appreciated and particularly constructive criticism I really appreciate and I’m sorry for taking up 30 minutes of your time however I do wish you all a good evening or good day depending on where you are and thank you very much for watching and I’ll see you potentially next time to raw you