Jerome Corsi: The U.S. is now run by China

dr. jerome corsi joins us here in studio he received a PhD from Harvard University in political science at 72 and he’s also currently a senior staff reporter for worldnetdaily he’s at a whole bunch of number one bestsellers like unfit for command and others and again he’s had five number one New York Times bestsellers I guess just amazing and he also worked in security and other highly classified areas for the State Department and for unnamed intelligence agencies and he joins us here to break down what’s happening talk before we get into Benghazi before we get into agenda 21 before we get into the total rush that’s happening and Feinstein saying titles of nobility to government people to be exempt from gun laws even after they’re out of office and police before we get into all of that what do you make of airport terror announcements now in hotels highway checkpoints here in Austin now looking for terrorists while the borders are wide open I mean they are really accelerating things what’s happening well I think it’s a whole clampdown the whole decision by the government to get as much information on the populace as they can get I mean remember it wasn’t just the Nazis confiscated guns the Nazis were experts in censuses and getting people to tell them what they owned where it was when the Nazis came to take the Jews away they could say where is that bracelet you described and such in such a census and you said you used to keep it in this drawer where is it now I mean it got down to that kind of specific in for me everyone just loves submitting and submitting people say oh we got to fill out all these forms we had to all these census reports and by the way Alex I never worked as an employee of the government I work with these 80 you’re a consultant consultant as one make that clear so people didn’t think I was misrepresenting anything I’ve done I’m always precise on that oh and you’ve worked in finance for some of the big outfits five years and finance for banks around the world and still have all my securities and insurance licenses Bellino the real agent say we know all the real agents actually aren’t in the agencies it’s been yeah but anyway look the whole purpose right now is to collect information by corporations we just got forms coming from I believe the Census Bureau or the Commerce Department all kinds of detailed in for me my point was you worked high level in the State Department insecurity tell folks since we never brought that up what you did doing that it was in the it was a period of time was where he was some top psychiatrists here in I’m actually in Dallas and we went into the State Department and trained State Department personnel and hostage survival techniques this was right after the takeover the Embassy in Tehran I spent almost two years doing high-level work on survival of terrorist incidents and developed protocol for the State Department in the State Department employees around the world a lot of that information is being used today I’ve I developed a computer model that predicted the outcome of terrorist events published it in an International Journal of conflict resolution at Yale my point is you you can really speak to Benghazi that’s why I brought all this up I mean we’ve even got general Boykin coming out let’s get into that now but Benghazi I mean first of all the Benghazi issue is one that we have to first of all figure out what they were doing there and what they were doing as far as I can figure out Stevens and the others as they were it was another kind of Fast and Furious operation bringing weapons into Libya with the ultimate intent they were going to end up with al Qaeda and a lot of those weapons today are ending up in Syria the same weapons if we could track them I would believe the weapons that were brought in by the US government through Libya that’s what the former had a Special Forces Boykin general Boykin saying and I think some of them were used in by the mali al qaeda terrorists in that attack but if we could find and track those weapons you’ve got why would the State Department want it because that huge weapons cache at that safe house and then why would for eight hours the White House be caught lying we now know order a stand down were they trying to get rid of people after the transaction or was it a double-cross by the al Qaeda security they hard to run Benghazi let’s see first of all I think the there was there’s so many games going on on this first of all Stevens you remember came into Benghazi when Qaddafi was in power he came in through a cargo ship or something he kind of snuck in Tripoli and Tripoli came into Tripoli ended up in Benghazi the commando invasion and was funding and providing weapons to eliminate Qaddafi so these people who ended up killing Stevens were actually funded and gotten weapons to them into

their allies but then now see Stevens is turning on them we realized we’re missing maybe a million weapons we don’t know where they are and seems trying to find out where those weapons are al-qaida was taking and shipping those weapons into Syria we’re beginning to find out these weapons right well of course the West wants that they’re running the whole attack and in fact it’s the same thing as we did in Fast and Furious we provided the weapons the weapons ended up in the hands of the gun cartels look I just did this big expose on hsbc bank hsbc bank doing major money laundering for the mexican drug cartels they just paid something like a billion you know dollars in fines on the information that we helped to develop you come to the final realization look we are the drug cartels you don’t wanna launder a billion dollars of money bring it to the Tijuana branch in hundred dollar bills and having it put into an account without the federal government knowing it when I take a thousand dollars out of the bank they act suspicious and ask you what I’m doing and I get the big argument with them it’s none of your business I mean they won’t even let gerald Celente get ten thousand out the idea that we’re preventing terrorism and we’re running the terrorist operation they get the law to know everything about your business and collect the data so just like fast and furious was to be blamed on the Second Amendment to take that away they give al-qaeda all these missiles let them take out the Syrians then all we got to take your rides because there’s 10,000 each seeking missiles missing exactly and we’ve got to make sure that you know we clamp down on guns in America because look at the violent level now they’re saying Homeland Security is now for guns not for al-qaeda it’s for the gun owners it’s for the libertarians it’s for the conservatives it’s for the returning veterans well see we’re going to be defined as anyone who doesn’t go along with the agenda anyone who objects anyone who raises questions immediately you’re on the suspect list how do we respond to that because again I mean I mean you’ve been there at the highest you know levels of the system and in banking and in consulting and everything you know you’ve written books that brought down your major presidential candidates your big insider you don’t say that but let’s just admit you are dr. Corsi jerome corsi what where are we going cuz I see this as a VC French sympathizer takeover where the foreign banks are like the VC French the general stand down they turn America over to it and and that’s what I see I mean I mean they admit it well first of all Alex you’re doing a great job and we at wnd we work with you we support you we think you’re doing a great job we’re on the same team the first job is you’re exposing your calling the agenda and your show you’re opening people’s off so what is the agenda I mean do you concur with my analysis absolutely agendas complete domination of the American people’s to taunt arianism this is the and there’s no doubt now it’s 100 percent naked this is the the left its most bald ever running to the finish line I mean yeah I mean I’ve every instinct I’ve got is get out of the country is saying next we’ll take your property I mean the whole agenda here collectivism what is collect you know you don’t own that the the government build that didn’t build that you know we own it we need this to redistribute it the whole plan of getting people out of the houses okay well I studied the the 1917 takeover is you have from everything I know they’re using that plan and I’m not just saying that for the attrex you’ve got the floor I want you to break that down from everything I’m seeing they’re planning to try to start a civil war and call him Lincoln it is always the same plan the plan is disarm the people plan is call the people the terrorists get information on the people and then divide find out which is the group is it going to be the Jews who’s it going to be this time there’s a scapegoat group that has to be collected it’s going to be the white militia they’re now saying that it’s gonna be anyone white who still believes in Jesus Christ and professes you know religion how they actually say that sure there’s I mentioned the manual is the plan how this is the these are the people they’re gonna march on oh I the the peer pressure thing article actually said let them get ready we’re coming for you and the Communist Chinese are going to help that that’s that’s that’s Newsweek it says Newsweek on the byline is saying work they’re that confident well look the whole plan of the United States being bankrupt I just wrote a short book Howard Piven theory that it’s a plan to bankrupt the United States yeah and with the Chinese owning as much of our debt as the Federal Reserve owns their one and two in competitors China is saying already will take equity instead of the debt we’ll manage your ports will take land will have occupation zones within the United States that we create as free trade zones wrote article this week in WMD where China is buying oil rights in the United States the george w bush prevented china from doing with the Unocal deal saying it was a national

security threat now today under obama china’s signing left and right oil natural gas deals well we’re still dependent on foreign oil we won’t let us develop does everything you can to block it while giving huge swaths of the china china just bought the biggest oil fields in texas hundreds of thousands of different acres I can drive 20 miles and show you Chinese owned areas and China just made a big deal bought one of the major companies in Canada which owns rigs in the Gulf of Mexico in US territory China is going to own and operate those rigs China is going to be essentially producing oil out of resources while we’re buying oil and natural gas specially oil on foreign markets it makes no sense at all why are we buying foreign oil and laying the Chinese well because again the plan the plan that’s why they gave in the Panama Canal that’s why they give them all the industry that’s why I mean this is so diabolical taking this little ebook I wrote I wrote to ebooks I think you’re very important one is on Alinsky the evil genius behind obama and the seconds on the coward Piven theory which is the plan Obama’s plan to bankrupt the United States that’s what it’s called these two sociologists came up with the conclusion the only way to transform America into a socialist state was to bring it to its knees economically by overloading the welfare the welfare state with obligations that could not be that’s the plan Lou look at The Daily Beast article it says we need the Communist Chinese government to tell us what to do this is globalism we’ve got to get Americans ready to have our TV foreign-owned like Current TV somewhere Alex Jones is readying his flamethrower let him and they go on to say we’re going to use the minorities and have a and basically racial division and we’re going to use women they’re actually admitting what Rush Limbaugh finally said yesterday they want a race war in this country’s we’re look at how the campaign was run this Obama ran a race war campaign Saul Alinsky you know the rich are not paying their fair share so you’ve claimed the economic resentment get all the minorities to feel you know the the white majority has stolen your money they made you an have Obama raised taxes on poor people so they’re hurt and even worse well and again is part of the plan to bankrupt every yeah exactly because under the lie that he wasn’t gonna raise taxes he did raise taxes man like eighty seven percent of the workers in the country exactly it’s so diabolical it is so diabolical lying lying old so how do we stop him because I mean this is a so this is a real soviet-style Tango yes in fact congressman Brown just came out and said Obama only is faithful to the Soviet Constitution fact go back and ask what is Obama done for the African Americans look at the unemployment rate among African Americans what has he done they’ve been hurt two worst the worst look what has he done for the youth who have voted for him highest unemployment rate the the slimmest chances of jobs of any generation that we’ve ever had in America these are the Obama’s zombies that in collinear illegalized us funding for basically forced abortions in China where they give the women women if they get aborted and kill the babies left and right force women to have abortion in China China look you go tried a bring a Bible and profess the religion of Jesus Christ in China you’ll be in prison China but I mean talk even though I know all this stuff we’re going to break I can’t believe it’s really happening the Bank of China has had meetings with the United States government the plan is set for China to transfer its debt into equity own parts of the United States manage that’s official it’s official the meetings have happened that’s why they said in the People’s Daily a month ago you will take the guns meetings have happened so they want the property they know we’re gonna fight china wants to disarm the united states before this plan is implemented we are being conquered by the globalist leverage in china absolutely china wants us to have no weapons I mean this is show dud and I want to talk about the military it’s a plan the colored Piven Theory Obama’s planned the bankrupting a Soviet globalist commie plan Pro pure is introducing Pro 1 all of your filtration in one system portable on the go this is a revolutionary system and I am so pleased be able to introduce it to you this is the Pro 1 by Pro pure you wanted it you got it no more do you have two or three filters to just reduce sodium fluoride you have a system that cuts out the sodium fluoride and up to 95 percent of hydro Floris allistic acid advanced manufacturing technology combined silver impregnated white ceramic with new aqua medics advanced media for removal of fluoride and other heavy metals all in one filter element in the last 20 years

companies have developed technologies that will cut out classical fluoride sodium fluoride with a secondary filter because sodium fluoride and its derivatives are so incredibly tiny some of it still gets through so you’ve got to add a secondary fluoride filter onto it which still doesn’t cut out some types of fluoride ladies and gentlemen prepare for two years has been quietly developing this with scientists and engineers it was designed in the u.s. they only have factories that can make this in England so it’s made in England and this is the only filter that not only cuts out the other bad contaminants and also the fluoride in one step it cuts out the acid derivative of fluoride it is the only one that does it and out of the gates we haven’t discounted at ten percent off with promo code water this is the system you need to add to all of the pro pur systems that you’ve gotten from Infowars folks the reason I keep talking about since yesterday this appears pressure article that I came out January 21st I didn’t see total 24th is that I haven’t had time to read it on air yet and it says yeah we’re getting rid of America we’re getting rid of sovereignty you know we’re gonna we’re going under globalization new world order and the gun owners grant to turn their guns in and you know the Communist Chinese thank God other governments are going to help I mean II it’s everything I saw in the Weathermen trials going back and seeing the old footage where they plan to bring in the Chinese and all this it sounds crazy here we are 34 years later and they’re really gonna try it I mean and I believe they’re gonna fail but there’s gonna be a civil war Ron Paul agreed last week with us on air countless how there’s every analyst I talked to let me ask you that dr. Corsi best-selling author here in studio with us hey how are things going for them they’re teamed up with China that much is clear do you think they’re able to actually execute this how do we defeat them what is the time frame well first of all exposing them is critical like what you’re doing every day is critical ah the time frame is now it’s immediate the plan to bankrupt America is in it’s ongoing today Collard Piven theory is in twenty two billion to ship General Motors overseas got to read the Collard Piven Theory take I wrote it out of this little eBook and it explains you bankrupt the United States by overloading welfare with demands that welfare can never meet including Obama care including wait they’ll take the student tuitions and forgive all those loans all designed a bankrupt all designed to bankrupt China has had meetings China wants assets and see the New World Order people say well China is the future why cuz China’s communist but they combine capitalism under communism at a model and the elites are exempt then the elites are exempt the elites get to lead a privileged life with weapons go into any Federal Building what do you find you find armed guards you go through metal detectors all your property is searched the federal government is going to be well protected and they’re going to have weapons everywhere but they’re gonna take our weapons because they China does not want to take over the United States with an armed citizen it’s unbelievable and there and they’re planning to just have a slow-motion Red Dawn with all the infant and give China tax incentives as they’ve announced in these free trade zones where no one can compete look I wrote about you’ve even got governor perry back with sintra rebuilding the parts of the trans-texas corridor that was super highway super highways are coming back in with toll roads they’re under the radar they signed something like twenty billion everything is to bankrupt how is it going for them done incrementally so you can’t see that it’s happening in little pieces it’s going well i mean they’re well it got Obama re-elected they’ve got you know a socialist agenda set out they got the Republicans on the run what’s going to stop them is the second amendment and the American people finally waking up and saying no and Alex you’re playing a big role in this every day getting the information we at WND every day getting the information in front of the people the truth look I just wrote about the fact of oil we are selling to the Chinese oil rights throughout the United States nothing for nothing and George W Bush would not remember Unocal was going to be taken over I think that tooth and that’s what government land is all about so they can just give it away to give I remembered 15 years ago reading about the UN World Heritage Sites where they admitted the buffer zones hundreds of thousand square miles around it was was being pledged for the national debt and who owns the debt China wants to manage the poor China China wants to manage the port’s they wanted they’re managing the port’s right now there’s no that’s the deal will will will use your dollars for slave goods our slaves make with suicide Nets around the factories but you give us the Long Beach and the Panama Canal and the

infrastructure and the oil Panama Canal China is they’re managing was everything did everything monza dia they’re ready to manage Los Angeles and they want free trade zones in the United States where Communist Chinese can come in and set up business this shows your takeover it’s a takeover it’s a step-by-step takeover and it’s happening and our death is giving China the the leverage they need to demand s and the global issues our military what’s left of it as the leverage point to keep the comi Chinese in line we don’t have to have a military China has one is it not my clean time to spring welcome back to odd things the foot here in Texas you know dr. Corsi I’m noticing there’s like a gathering in Texas it’s also happening other states like New Hampshire but everybody is really moving to Texas and the globalists see Texas as the resistance to their new world order take over and I know they’ve got to get the guns but I think as the founders said you won’t need the second Emmett Till they try to take it as Thomas Jefferson said elaborate on what you mean by the Second Amendment is going to save us and that you were telling me during the break people are finally starting to get it this has been great banter we’re having well I think first of all with the broadcast you’re doing that we’re at W and D getting the word out people are understanding that all this always a conspiracy theory it’s not a conspiracy it’s a conscious plan to bankrupt the United States conscious plan to take away our freedoms you get the Patriot Act coming in after 9/11 you get now the you know terrorism is expanding so we’ve got to be able to take guns away school killings all these fear elements end up and taking fundamental rights from the American people while we’re being indebted to China and China wants the assets the New World Order people Communists socialists say China’s the future because China is communist but they’ve figured out you know the Obama people well they’re religious slave masters ilysm their slave masters yeah communism for the slaves palaces for the controller’s Lee I mean you know Obama gets you know multi-million dollar vacations ten million dollar vacations red carpets they’re the new Hollywood Ed’s and celebrities and you know so does Nancy Pelosi you go into a federal building you’re gonna have to go through a metal detector your property is going to be looked at you’re not they’re all going to be protected the federal government buy guns and weapons and by the way they’re not part of Obamacare not woody Senate the house is part of Obamacare nobody that said of the house will be part of any gun restrictions when China comes in unbelievable China comes in unbelievable and the trans-texas corridor was the first salvo in this and out of it look China is still managing the Panama Canal they’re managing these ports in Mexico like Lazaro Cardenas and Manzanilla China wants ports the Bank of China has met with the federal government they’ve said we want to we want assets now and for our debt well good and the colored Piven Theory drives this because the cloud rivet two sociologists we had a plan they bankrupt New York in the 70s with this idea overloading welfare so capitalism crashes you blame capitalism you reconstruct socialism that the Chinese come in and show us how to do it the Chinese understand capitalism the way it works and we’re just being prepared for it the discussion today and Lee in the Senate about guns is to sensitize people remember same-sex marriage 20 years ago people were offended now everybody’s desensitized the same with a gun take over you said introduce the idea you shone Newton Newton Newton Dolly’s school you want to protect the school’s put armed guards in them that’s what they do in the federal buildings it works for the federal federal buildings are not know no gun zones the federal troops have no federal officers in every House and Senate but how do you beat it when they’ve got all the illegal aliens voting and everything what they don’t have is they you’ve got the people the United States those left in America who understand the founding fathers created we have to get aggressive and realize how much trouble we’re in and go out for him politically legally people got to make this a full-time deal and take it seriously now this isn’t a joke it’s not a joke I mean this is now when you know pre-prepared that you know all these the census data the data about filling out all this and smart meters watching

everything or doing the collecting data right now to know where everything is so when they come to get the guns they all say well give us the one you got in that closet you registered it we know you’ve got it and it over you know this is where the end for men they know when people fight back then it’ll be oh there’s a new terror a threat all we want to do is register the guns what’s wrong with that well as soon as you’ve registered and they take them they know where they go but you can keep your bolt action now Australia’s banning bolt action well and again what’s an assault rifle will assault rifles gonna be anything they decide is it assault that’s why they’re now saying oh it’s handguns too we’re gonna buy anything you want visit assault rifle and again the Second Amendment was designed for this very situation as we saw in Katrina and as we are watching now in New York and New Jersey the federal government can’t and won’t help you in a crisis FEMA ran out of water and MREs and days electricity is still off to over 1 million people the Red Cross who is quick to beg for money is now slow to react don’t put it off any longer get prepared today while you’re on Infowars shop comm check out these other great preparedness items the aquapod kit lets you store up to 65 gallons of water in your bathtub pocket socket provides you with manual electricity for small electronics like your cell phone the LifeStraw is great for your bug out bag and check out our complete line of inner food products for great tasting and nutritionally dense foods that have a great shelf life if you are looking to secure your home in a crisis you can order strategic relocations the film a great companion to the book strategic relocations third edition in the secured home by joel Skousen when the time to perform arise the time to prepare has already passed get prepared now so if a crisis strikes your home you and your family will be secure go to we’ve got dr. jerome corsi here with us for another 25 minutes or so and he’s got to leave and get on an airplane again he is a PhD from Harvard University in political science I work at the State Department other agencies and highly classified areas as a consultant and of course is written v New York Times best-selling non-fiction books many of them number one and he writes for WorldNetDaily he’s got a bunch of ebooks out right now and yes there are a lot of different sociologists and that’s how Communists operate during the infiltration phase is they want to bankrupt things then blame free market and they get so many dependent they can take over now doc we’ve had great banner everybody seeing a powerful radio earlier but I want to be able to now just sit back and have you recap everything you’ve said that this is the global mega banks anti-free market with the Socialists in the communist to recap last hour leveraging with the Communist Chinese using limited capitalism where they exempt themselves from the rules basically modern slavery to take over and how we beat them in what we’re facing and how they use the drugs how the big banks are behind that you wanted to talk about that I’m gonna just sit back now you’ve got the floor I mean there’s so many first of all the I want to start out with the Second Amendment I want to say this about the Second Amendment Second Amendment was written for a time like this it was written for time you know Revolutionary War it was when the British we’re taking everything over British making a final play to dominate the calm and the militias then at that point people being armed were critical an armed public today Second Amendment is a powerful tool to why it’s being attacked it’s critical to maintain now the next thing I want to say is look and Alex we are the drug cartels the government of the United States you got the NSA which is reading everybody’s emails now you mean to say I showed and published with John Cruz the whistleblower the information about hsbc money laundering money coming from the drug cartels that has to happen with the US government knowing about it you mean Treasury Federal Reserve NSA CIA didn’t know that Mexican drug launderers were driving into Tijuana with a truckload $100 bills sitting in the High Net Worth area you know drinking expresso while that’s being processed into the bank and shoveled all over the world be on behalf of the drug cartels we facilitated that I’ve talked to the Air Force and Army officers who sit there with a surveillance blimps and the aircraft and they’re told let that through let that stop that why do we have more heroin coming out of Afghanistan today than when the Taliban ran wet ran Afghanistan again we are the drug cartels we are the gun runner’s of the world fast and furious was just the tip of the

iceberg you mean guns are being run worldwide and the NSA and the CIA doesn’t know what’s happening and can’t catch anybody it’s nonsense drug cartels penetrating into the United States you mean we’re able to sell billions of dollars I’d say the drug business may be a trillion dollar business it is to drug addicts and the streets of Colorado and every other city of America and you know the CIA and the FBI can’t find them well I mean Wells Fargo with Warren Buffett got caught laundering three hundred and seventy eight million two years ago with Wachovia that major profits I think today being made of the banking system worldwide come from money laundering the money laundering laws that are out there are not to catch the drug card they’re there to harass us they basically permit the federal government to track everything you’re do in the bank where your money is make sure you’re not using any cash the catch who’s being caught with the Patriot Act our legitimate citizens who just do one or two things wrong no no I know someone in Texas who has a successful business no criminal record and over two decades had saved up a couple hundred thousand dollars in cash went to put it back in the bank they’ll be harassed I was arrested yeah right exactly and see but yet you come into Tijuana with a truckload $100 bills hey you’re your preferred customer and that money is going to pass right through the entire system going to come through banks HSBC was money laundering in Long Island we had the data stealing people’s Social Security numbers creating false accounts running millions of dollars through these false accounts closing the accounts so there was no trace of them we turned the information John Kruse the whistleblower I wrote about in wnd we went into the proper Homeland Security in New York turned over this information turned it over to the Congress and nobody was doing anything until we started publicizing it writing the articles about it exposing it I’ve exposed HSBC in India all around the world HSBC is a criminal bank it’s engaging in these activities of HSBC wants to sue me hey I’ll save them the problem I mean wait a minute it’s in the news it’s in the news that all the big fellas are member banks and others and then caught injuring money they are laundering it’s the only way the drug business why they keep it illegal to keep the price up so you can’t have a drug business if the governments don’t cooperate now doctor saying with the guns the guns are the same guns are being the Gulf edirol government wants a monopoly on the weapons so that they can put the weapons where they want and selectively arrest us and selectively arrest us if we dare have any but they’ll be happy to get them in the hands of al Qaeda where’s al Qaeda give us oceans let’s track the weapons that were used in Mali let’s track the weapons that are used in Syria and find out they track right back to the state that you said that people always in the mainstream media spin it that I’m saying and that this is a quote of Chris Matthews that Bush was at the towers with a plunger bush’s a teleprompter reading puppet like obama too many levels though obama more and more we’re learning is actually you enjoying what’s happening and in there running some of the things I’ve always said criminal globalist elements are financing and using al-qaeda as a pretext to Menace us into slavery and as a pretext to bring in a police state and look at the homeland documents it’s all about returning veterans gun owners I mean I don’t I get an apology from the National conservatives out there who spun it that I was saying the whole government was doing 9/11 I would say forget about the issues is that the you’re right and tracking the information and getting it out this is apologies whether you’ll ever get sure sure I don’t even want that my point is is I’m saying there’s a criminal globalist element in the government using al Qaeda we have a criminal government our government is running drugs permitting it to happen and running guns and running al Qaeda and running al Qaeda we are the drug cartels we are al Qaeda this is a fundamental in I you know 100 miles into the Texas border all over the state anywhere I have to go they Border Patrol checkpoints when I pull up now and they go on to search your cargo you know the government ships the drugs and they go alright you can go I mean they all know it and look al Qaeda right now I’m getting we have a group of expatriates out of Libya they’ve been sending us information al Qaeda has taken over Libya they fought the flags there and they are in fact raised raging a tribal war where they’re killing other tribes that were favorable to Qaddafi we’re not saying oh we’ve got to hit use this doctrine to protect people of the UN go in no other ethnic cleansing the blacks because as long as al Qaeda is killing people our government’s going to stand down I mean the the whole Arab Spring was a takeover by the Muslim Brotherhood of all these countries one after the show where is it all going how do we beat this well again exposing it as fundamental people waking up an understanding but you know we’ve got a criminal government it demand

investigation when you were calling for investigations Alex you need to have you on the investigating committee not some you know Warren Commission that’s guy that where the you know that you get the State Department and Justice Department says her first 24 hours we got to make sure Lee Harvey Oswald’s found as the culprit paper over it put the critics on the investigating committees given the power and let’s prosecute the federal officials how about Nancy Pelosi how about Barack Obama you know in terms of criminal activity Rand Paul said bare minimum Hillary’s you have to step down obviously the White House has been caught lying quit lying you quit you know I want to know for the eight hours this embassy was under attack we had drones there they sit and watch it in the state of course they did did they go to bed and let our people die in the field over there while in fact we had al Qaeda attacking and we were running drugs we’d rather have those ambassadors die than admit we were they were there with guns that were run that was a cache of guns that were illegally brought in the United States by the United States headed to Syria that we that they didn’t die we were going to expose our own gun-running so the you know the White House and over in Pentagon and CIA they watched them die rather than call in militant order the CIA torture base down the road to not help and stand down the some of the I believe at least two of them the government official the military that were there dying in Benghazi basically violated orders and when it that’s right yeah now the Navy SEALs be seals violated orders they weren’t going to stand for this they were there begging for help they were calling in you know trajectories giving target locations well it was because the drones around their head to be armed for eight hours you had up to five hundred people with with anti-aircraft guns cranked down to the ground firing into the building what is Obama in the end and Hillary come they say always because of a movie again using the incident to try to quash free speech say always is they were insulted over this move they recycle everything they do to attack freedom attack freedom it’s all back on attacked the United States citizens take the guns away take the First Amendment away and use any incident that happens school let me ask you this if we don’t stop them studying this worldwide reading their own white papers their own sociologists where does we don’t stop them we doesn’t stop them we you know we might as well read Nazi Germany again is we’re going to be the victims in another Nazi Germany there’s gonna be no place to go these are authoritarians and let’s that’s like Congress know that if Congress doesn’t listen everybody in Congress we vote out anybody who’s there we just voted it’s time to be freaking out I mean this is this is openly and demand hearings demand investigations press the information every day Alex when you’re out there showing people what’s really in the news your audience what we’re doing at W nd this is an extremely important function get the truth the trans-texas corridor when people realize that they were going to take four football fields wide to Texas and give it to Spain the developers huh that’s Columba Muslim and finally Texans came out of these meetings they told Rick Perry and the Texas Department transportation they could shove this plan but six years later like a roach he creeps back come back it’s constant vigilance Jefferson was right constant and anyone who approaches the jewel is an enemy and they they will target us as the enemy that’s fine way we’re committed we’re going all the way we’ll be back with a final segment to talk about the new royalty it is just unspeakable how evil these authoritarians are and it’s not authoritarianism for domination because they have some grand plan to help people the globalist have stated them really hate humanity they’re very unhappy nasty people that you mentioned something earlier I wanted to flush out here here’s the Weekly Standard and it is in the new bill Feinstein gun control bill to exempt government officials and I have the Huffington Post here with the police one of the police patrolmen associations in New York saying well we need guns to protect ourselves from criminals so the police now under this federal bill are saying well we’re gonna take all your guns but we’ll still be able to have guns to protect ourselves because criminals won’t follow laws this is new titles of nobility this is what our founders fought because the police and all former feds just like you said earlier Congress exempts itself from Obamacare exactly I mean that is so discriminatory Obama gets to have all the vacations he wants travel anywhere he wants to go look at how Nancy Pelosi flies around this is all they have their own health system Congress they have their own lifestyle their own parking lot their own restaurants it’s a Cena cure for life pensions forever if you’re in for one term you look Alex this entire plan the

entire attack on god that’s what my new book is on the ACLU it’s on the plan to remove God’s called the bad samaritan Lauria Steinem said we’re shirts saying I got an abortion it’s beautiful here we’re celebrating abortions now the next thing if we’re celebrating abortions the next plan will be to celebrate the killing of the old you must not watch a mainline new TV well you know the sexy thing is to talk about our ugly old people are and how great it is to kill them right because they’re useless they just you know wasted they’re old they can’t do anything they can’t contribute kill them at the same time all the groups that are supporting Obama all the leftist oriented groups the minorities are being used as dupes there be nothing is it return to them go into the Obama won’t even go talk to remember what Maxine Waters said go to the African American communities look at the highest unemployment look at the biggest crime and drug use dropouts from schools exploding families what is any federal government doing to you know big Chicago where that were the dawn runs things go into Detroit let’s take a look at the comparison that’s circulating the internet between Detroit and Hiroshima the end of World War two he regime is a thriving community Detroit under social issues real estate that’s that’s the future of America under socialism Detroit go look at it no jobs the jobs to China everybody in poverty everybody facing either go into the drum when I say to socialists that are mid-level and really meanwhile they go everything is going to collapse austerity you want to kill old people and meanwhile it’s the eugenicist saying they’re going to kill the old people and my book of this whole thing got a look at the cloud driven theory the plan is to so bankrupt the United States with new entitlement programs Obamacare you’ve got you know all the food stamps you want well roll out entitlement after and teittleman because the idea is we’ll never be able to pay for them we’ll be bankrupt and the collapse in the United States they’ll blame capitalism then the open the door for the Chinese the Chinese will own the debt and socialist as they already do the Chinese know how to run capitalism we’ll just use the Chinese system Constitution is an old document we’ve already had the jour they’re already saying that in the piece again the peers pressure article do one on this this article says we need to do with the Communist Chinese say read it and then I’m and then I’ll be dealt with as uh that’s gonna be actually and did you see Piers Morgan saying wants to shoot me yes I saw that I saw the entire suicide every day have you been around the so-called liberals privately we’re all they ever talking abouts killing people that’s you know look the whole agenda is a death agenda is killing babies how are we gonna celebrate killing old people killing old people how could the free-market pay for everybody and now socialism nothing can be paid for in fact look this is not people you understand this is not an economic downturn we’re in this is a created manipulated structural unemployment where even the economy approved the jobs created or in China have double the food stamps that’s on goers they’ve had increasing dependency on the federal and they’re saying and they’ve even got Rand Paul going we’ve got to adapt or die that’s IAP to make the Republican Party you know just the right wing of the left the Republican Party the Democratic Party essentially one it’s a PSYOP it’s one part people are rejecting socialism and people have got to continue to reject socialism people gotta start taking strong measures demanding and it’s time to start a little investigation I agree but isn’t it start to not complying as well yes also first of all the Second Amendment is fundamental people have got to retain their guns the Second Amendment was created for times when tyranny is on the run it’s here it’s here as here it is on the move you know our founders are fighting for us from the grave women and we’ve gotta listen because the words that they gave us the instructions of the tools are right there first amendment second amendment we’ve got a demand the federal government is a criminal government running drug cartels tell you what come back into five more minutes with us then the big announcement I want you to finish up with your plans to turn this around Dave we’ve been warning people for decades and now that we’re coming down to the wire people are going late Ron Paul dr. Corsi Alex Jones G Edward Griffin countless others objet Minh the list goes on and on Lew Rockwell they all warned us about this and exactly what they said is now now happening they told us ten years ago the smart meters were going to hook into all our electronics and track us in taxes and surveillance and the government said it was a conspiracy theory but now it’s admitted well wait Alex said the NSA was spying on his ten years ago without warrants non terror related now they admit it Oh Alex said that it was really for the American people homeland security now it’s admitted again it’s all happening we’ve got a chance to beat these people if you realize they’re really bad people they’re not misguided liberals environmental wackos I wish Rush Limbaugh would stop saying they’re idiot wackos these are because I’ve been in

hundreds of their events and they always come over when the cameras often punch you in the arm or grab your shirt and say I’m gonna get you one day we’re gonna get you I’m sure that’s happened to you dr. Corsi in closing we got some huge news coming up after you go Kissinger predicts nuclear war with Iran holder begins gun control push trying to raise money for the Democratic Party on the back of it fireside chats assault weapon ban lacks Democratic votes to pass Senate don’t think they won’t have another shooting ladies and gentlemen now that is just some of the stuff we’ve got here we’re going to make the big announcement on the $115,000 biggest contest ever after he leaves this operation Paul Revere that’s going live with a red link right now at info Amal posted to prison planet calm is a back up but but doctor we’ve had great banter for the last hour other points you want to add about solutions I just want to first get your take on this look this is real you know I mean you’re more steeled than ever knowing it’s real we’ve talked privately it’s now all manifesting our worst analysis being proven right again people better take this serious what can you say to police and military I’m talking to police and military and they’re either totally waking up and the majority of them are or they’re decide to just sign on to evil how will the system deal with that well the police and the military I’ve got to the oath keepers the whole plan to reach out and say look you know because the New World Order will turn on the police as well if they always do they don’t sign on they’ll be equally victims in this but again it’s a plan the Obama plan to bankrupt America your book that’s what I’ve been pushing that people to read you understand that once we are indebted to China we can’t tell China to stay out once you’ve sold current TV to el Jazeera Al Jazeera owns the airway that’s globalism have foreigners come in and buy everything and I wrote a book America for sale I warn people you’re gonna be reduced down to you know living in the safe places where you can find to live burying your guns having you know food to live and even that’s not safe how long you’re gonna laugh no they know we’ve got the food and but people gonna said what you’ve been saying is true fast and furious occurred from the top it was a administration concocted plan by Eric Holder to take the guns away to attack the Second Amendment they have these guns show up at events you know killings and murders and say look the guns are being sold that came out in the memos out and and he tried to get the truth the memos won’t be released the testimony even Hillary’s testimony lying testimony testimony where Hillary did not say where the 25 people who survived than Ghazi why can’t we talk to them what was the White House doing and the CIA for the eight hours of this attack were they watching and occur and that’s ending in the military to save our troops why are the two seals have to essentially disobey orders to go to protect Stevens again what were the guns we were running there you do not launder billions of dollars through HSBC for the Mexican drug cartels all admitted finds now out there we’ve been publishing it in W ad without the government no the cartel leaders said in trials hey we have a national security pass we were doing this with the government you know we are the drug cartels weird we are al-qaeda we’re arming al-qaeda were arming the drug cartels and you’ve got to have let’s have criminal investigations a Hillary let’s get the documents let’s demand the document why are they so bold how could they publicly use al-qaeda in Libya and Syria and then go on the news and say you got to give your rights up al-qaeda got weapons in Libya with a compliant press with you know Piers Morgan with all these other people piers bring the foreigners in here and have them lecture to us on gun control it actually says that and they’re gonna get me yeah exactly and and you know the whole idea is avoid investigation that’s what the government wants to do no memos where is where are the memos and the investigation unbend guys checked ahead of the hearing take the head of the EPA when they caught her using a dummy email SBC let’s have a hearing how did that happen and the Federal Reserve and didn’t know about it why won’t the Congress do it blackmailed threatened look the Congress is part of the deal Congress is being offered their lifetime royalty as you say they’ve got their positions the Democratic and Republican Party are basically in agreement now they’re offering the cops lifetime royalty take the people’s guns you can keep yours after you retire cops if you believe that you’re idiots it just has believing the fact that if we let them go on this one you know why don’t we have a Watergate style investigation of the entire Obama administration I agree you know they admit it was done a thousand times what Nixon did ten thousand times they admit it’s the cops holding up going after the guns because the cops know they’re going to have their guns taken and the cops know it’s going to be a civil war cops better protect us because the cops are next that’s the point it got comments I need to be happy to come in here with their military and tell the local law

enforcement we don’t need you any well they’ll tell them turn your guns in and they’re gonna kill them but look you’ve got the NSA the NSA can read your emails read my emails you mean they couldn’t read the emails of HSBC laundering money they couldn’t read the emails of the drug cartels coming across the border they couldn’t read the emails from ambassador Stevens saying we’re not protected here running guns without Qaeda taking over you talk to a lot of corporate and government people are they concerned right now increasingly because again the corporations you know the whole idea is well corporations will be lining globalism they use all the labor from China you know they don’t need American labor see this people American labor is useless it’s a detail you know don’t need expensive American or European John all these rich people know they’re going to get double-cross it’s the whole point people out goes you’re not going to be safe by being ignorant they’re idiots you’re not going to the governing class is going to slit their throat and it’s you know this is the big move towards globalism it’s the one chance where they think if they can just bankrupt the United States eliminate the military step by step China will move in we become a colony the Communist China we become the globalist that’s why the National Souza’s film gets it wrong it’s not that Obama hates hates nation states and is an anti-colonialist well no he does hate nation states it’s that this is a reverse colonialism of the globalist and collectivist governing class to get rid of the nation’s and create a giant world governments and when the Georgetown professor says the Constitution is an old document to ignore it because they think nation states God they think God is old how is your suitors film wrong what is his films wrong in that that we want to colonial eyes America Obama that’s right America’s being colonial eyes by the global love it is mine colonialism as long as he’s the one doing the college exactly it’s a total lie globalism is corporate colonization using communist methods thanks to it because the banks will control the money you know if England thinks it’s gonna vote out of the eld EU they’re not gonna get a chance to do that it’s not gonna happen the EU begin bankrupting the EU bankrupting in their own documents admit it was designed to bankrupt it puts more power in the hands of the global bankers who want to say we’ll be just fine will they come and the EU bureaucrats are all exempt from the taxes look at the same deal yes the only money in the United States today is held by the Chinese of the richest country in the world the drug cartels have more money than the corporation’s of the federal government the federal government has been intentionally Bank right criminal takeover criminal takeover its criminal takeover by the globalist other federal and they’re just criminals cooties that’s why they use criminal tactics Bava is heading a coup d’etat from within a criminal cartel foreign criminal cartel codec job we are the United States government is the drug car that we are the drug cartels we are al-qaeda we’re funding al-qaeda we’re putting guns again the criminal groups that have coming in hijacked our right and killing Qadhafi I mean Obama white Obama turn on Qaddafi contain come in and worked with him Qaddafi funded Obama through Louis Farrakhan Reverend Wright met with Qaddafi funded Sarkozy that’s even come out in the news then Obama turns a double cross their own guy through Qaddafi to the wolves because he had al Qaeda coming to the fore al Qaeda has taken over all the criminally good which again is Saudi Arabia the whole line that’s the deal the whole idea this Arab Spring turned everything over the side only more of the Muslim Brotherhood the radicals taking over all of north and so it’s Saudi Arabia the Communist Chinese and the mega banks all teamed up against any country they don’t control any country they don’t control and bankrupting the United States people making the United States people feel like if they don’t get their social security checks look at the bed number people that are on the verge of bankruptcy in the United States number of people facing losing their homes the plan is to take the homes away from Americans and nationalize that plan is to reduce Americans to poverty and it’s this whole cloud Piven theory is a conscious attempt to bankrupt the United States in order yes she was the game it’s domestication for slaughter dr Corsi you’ve got to go catch an airplane we’re gonna have you back on very very soon when the new book comes out in fact I want to tell Weldon Henson back there over our department I want to carry our it is bad Samaritan you’ll you’ll have it I want to carry I want to carry all your new bucks of it all right dr. 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