Wargame Red Dragon – Tank Guide – Part 1

hey guys still there with part one of my tank guide there is so much to be said about tanks there are so many different elements to highlight that I considered doing this in one video but it would probably be too long and not exactly a good overview so I decided to make it to videos and in this part we’ll we’ll look at the specs of things what to look for in a good tank how to pick the tank that would be best suited for your needs now as you can see I’m in the tech sink and sorry the tank is section of the armory and there is a ton of Tanks here this is starting with NATO and the list just goes on and on and on there are so many tanks in this game that it is very very difficult to pick from them or at least you’d think so now once you’ve actually played the game you’re going to see what tanks will actually succeed what tanks will really be useful in your play style and that is the first issue I want to address all of these tanks are like tools there are particular tools from the toolbox and all of these vehicles will do something exceptionally well other things average and the rest just pour so it’s important that you use a tool in the right way don’t use a hammer to try to solve off something it just doesn’t work it’s the same with tanks use the right weapon in the right situation now how do you recognize what is the right situation in the right tank first of all you have to decide for yourself what exactly am I looking for in the tank what should it do is it something that supports an infantry push or is it something that is going to be the push itself is something supporting the tank which already means that you’re completely or that you’re using completely different tanks another thing to keep in mind is that if you’re using for example the French which have pretty fast hit-and-run tanks you’ll be using a completely different type of playstyle with your vehicles then you will if you were using Germans it really depends on military doctrine of the specific country for example let’s have a look at the French tanks these French tanks are all pretty fast as you can see off-road speed 60 70 70 70 65 75 so they’re all pretty fast and not all tanks from all nations can do this this is because the French are usually a hit-and-run force they are there to quickly strike the enemy to go and come in at 75 or 65 deliver a lot of punishment in a short time and get the hell out of there that is the French military doctrine and that’s what it was at the time of these units so therefore you will generally not see a lot of armor on these tanks for example take the AMX 30 B to Brennus it is only 11 frontal armor which is not a lot for 65 points you could also get an m1 Abrams and an m1 Abrams has I believe 15 frontal armor and that’s because the m1 was built with a completely different plan it was built with a completely different way of waging war using a tank now another thing to look out for is for example does a tank have a stabilizer now French tanks interestingly although they are meant for hit-and-run tactics generally don’t have stabilizer so you will be after you have to be standing still with these units to actually deliver it Sean let’s take a look at for example the British how is their tank policy if you have a look at the Challenger this is 150 point tank so 115 950 British tanks are usually very very well armoured so these things can take a lot of punishment and that is because if I recall correctly the British used their tanks mostly to support infantry and the soak up damage and that is where you’re going to see a lot of armor on these tanks if you compare for example the chieftain mark 10 with the French tank we just saw you don’t see a difference the 30 b2 Brenes has 65 points and this one is at 70 points this one has 11 arm in this 14 so here we get a bit more firepower or a bit more defense versus other units that’s because the chieftain was meant to soak up damage now the difference is that this thing the brenes comes with an autocannon which is more of an infantry supporting role whereas this thing purely comes with a main gun and a machine gun you also see that if I’m only selecting the British vehicles these French vehicles had about

65 to 75 off-road speed the British don’t now the challengers are more of the advanced vehicles so they have a bit more off-road speed just because they have more modern tech in them but if you look at the Chieftains 45 kph off-road 40 even that hurts the British tanks were not really designed to go this fast offroad and this really limits your play style with the British tanks because whereas with the French you can really quickly push across an open field deliver your damage and get out again over the field the British just don’t do that or at least not very well until you get up to something like a challenger 2 which can actually go 60 kph offroad so you really have to look for the particular tanks in every nation what kind of tanks are these how can I use them because again between French tanks German tanks and then the British tanks there’s a difference the German tanks were designed with heavy tank on tank warfare because of course West Germany was right next to East Germany and they were going to be the first ones to take the brunt of the attack so you will generally see leopard 2 tanks or a leopard 1 tanks as very fast tanks decently armored with a decent gun they’re pretty average they are just a very well all-round tank now something is special about these leopards the leopard tank usually has a very good gun he’s very mobile and it doesn’t have a lot of armor and that is because at the time that the leopard was the leopard one was conceived it was thought of that tank Armour is just going to be obsolete because at that time the calibers and anti-tank weapons were just ever-growing and if a tank was going to get hit it was generally going to be so badly damaged that it wasn’t going to survive anyway and that is why the Germans with the leopard one let’s pick the leopard one A two it just didn’t have a lot of armor six frontal armor on the tank these things were just designed to be very quick to outrun tank shells to be so small a new verbal that they were just difficult to hit so if you know something like that about these vehicles you can play with them a bit different because then you think ah these tanks are used to be quick hitters there used to be on the move and that is why for a 30-point tank you got a 30% stabilizer these things aren’t meant to be sitting still the French are the French don’t have any auto loader sorry that’s not the British that’s the French the French don’t have any stabilizers these things are ambushers and fast attack tanks which is a completely different military doctrine it will really dictate how you can use these tanks now let’s have a look at red floor for example let’s go with USSR USSR had a different policy for the tanks especially later on which was that most tanks were to carry an 80 GM so almost Russian vehicles and most of the Eastern Force were let’s say Poland Czechoslovakia and East Germany you’re going to see atgms on their tanks because they were mostly export products from the USSR these things generally don’t have a great gun generally there are some things which are an exception but they will almost all of them come with an a to GM and these things are gen be very very good now this means that with a Russian maids tank he will generally have a standoff weapon such as the ax gonna AGM and look at that 22 APR with a 55 percent accuracy 2,600 meter range these things were meant to destroy the enemy tank long before the enemy tank could actually fire at this thing now in game this is not always properly executed by the AI driving the tank but if you wanna really force your tanks to use these ATGMs disable the main gun anyway that’s a bit of specific tactics for these units always keep in mind and if you really want to be effective with a particular nation read up on the military doctrine for that period what kind of vehicles they were using and what kind of the military doctrine they were using what what was thinking behind using these vehicles Sweden for example has a particularly weird-looking tank because generally if you look at this thing you think it’d be a tank destroyer but please don’t tell the Suites because they are very proud of these things this is a tank but it is a very very low tank

it is if you compare it for example to the bulkiness of the m1 Abrams and then look at the strv 103 C it is just a very light very small vehicle and this is because as far as I know the Suites were really using these things as their own ambush vehicles and this adds to the problem that they don’t have a stabilizer these things have a good rate of fire 15 rounds a minute they have a good gun 20 to 75 meter range 15 AP power run of 80 point platform with 13 frontal armor that’s good but don’t use these things in an offensive role where they’re constantly moving because they will just have to stop aim fire and then move again so that’s how important stabilizer is now once you start to really look at the tank categories this way you’re going to see how these units are supposed to be used and that is really when you start to understand how to best use these units for example if we’re having a look at the Norwegian leopard this is just an export product from Germany so this is exactly the same tank as the Germans use apparently Norway also got a couple of export from the Americans the m41 a5 and they got a very old m24 chaffee 1943 this is because the Norwegians are generally very very good with infantry they are military doctrine correct me if I’m wrong but their military doctrine was to delay the enemy using infantry tactics so using ambushes and that’s where you can see the fulcrum Yeager with their excellent Erik Satie GM these things can jump out at you jump out of the bushes at you fire ATGM and get rid of them and once you start to see just what kind of thinking the particular nations were having that’s when you best use it tank so now it is not just a quick fix it is not just use this tank use that tank and use that thing because that would just not be doing the unit justice of course I can make such a video and I have done if you want to see how that works look at my tank reviews or my deck reviews and that’s when I highlight what tank to use and why but in this video I wanted to highlight why these tanks are the way they are now let’s have a look at for example for example Japan these tanks the Nana Yan Shiki series was designed to particularly by the Japanese now you don’t see it in war game but these things have excellent gun depression so their gun can go down quite far and this is because they were meant to fight only on Japanese soil which is very hilly very rocky terrain and with a good gun depression and a specific hydraulic system you could actually elevate the back of the tank so that the tank would be level and then point is only as turret below the enemy rich line or below the rich line so it could fire with just its gun mantlet and possibly its turret sticking out over the hill you don’t actually see this in war game but with a bit of background like that you have a bit of a better idea how these things are meant to be used they’re not exactly meant as an offensive unit I mean six frontal armor or on this the G version from 1994 mind you eight front alarm and that’s not good but it does kind of reflect that the tank itself is not that heavily armored but the turret is and this is because the turret was only meant to be sticking out now of course later there they get the actual battle tank which is the qumari Shiki and this is basically a leopard 2a4 to a5 even and this really has the high frontal armor they used to when you’re using a tank but for example the Japanese with these Nana yan cheeky series these things were mostly meant as ambushers and things that are on the move so pretty much the same idea as the leopard one version because these things just don’t have a lot of armor it also means that there’s medium sized tanks they’re not as big and bulky as the Americans because they were just meant to be on the move and the smaller your vehicle is and the more it’s moving the harder it is to hit of course in war game that doesn’t really translate well because a tank that’s on the move is just still as easy to hit as a tank that’s sitting still so it doesn’t really matter there now my specialty is mostly in NATO units so I don’t know as much about Wrath for unfortunately if you do please let me know in the comments below please give me as much information as possible I

will try to incorporate it into a new video last thing I wanted to cover is the American tanks the early American tanks and you can see it here with the patents are really used as an offensive unit even on a 40-point thank you got nine frontal armor which is about the same as a leopard which starts at about 50 or 60 so these things are really meant to be the push of the army and you can see that being translated into stuff like the m1 Abrams which for 65 points has 15 frontal armor but it’s a big tank it has a lot of fuel requirements because it’s autonomy is not that high and you can see that these things were really meant to be pushing and firing on the move because even at 65 points you get a 50% stabilizer now that’s nice but it does suffer with the AP power so this is really something you have to keep a look on okay sorry keep a look at now generally when we’re discussing tanks what I look for in a tank or several aspects I’m looking for a ground range which I usually go for the highest range on the tank which is 20 to 75 such as this on the m1a1 Abrams 20 to 75 is the main range on a tank gun there are no tank guns in the game as far as I’m aware that have longer range than this and I’m not talking about 80 GM’s which are usually found in this section of the East for tanks and the red for tanks I’m also looking for a high accuracy because these tanks generally don’t carry that much ammo this tank for example incurs 29 rounds you can go a little lower with accuracy but make sure that you have more rounds on your tank by then now depending on the kind of nation and the kind of roll I’m using the tank in I want a stabilizer on that thing and a stabilizer will mean that if you’re moving with a vehicle you get a bit more chance to actually hit something the lower the stabilizer or if there is no stabilizer you have to stop aim the gun fire the gun and then you can move again and this is for example where the Americans excel at they are really good accurate platforms when they’re on the move the French which are highlighted earlier just don’t have any stabilizers these things were meant as ambush tanks dig in fire a couple of shots and get the hell out that’s why you don’t need to stabilizer on a tank like that now what I’m also looking for is a frontal armor and again this depends on the country because if you’re using for example the Americans their tanks are pretty much the core of their army whereas if you’re using say the Suites or the Japanese or the Danish which all have very good infantry then you won’t need as much frontal armor on your tank because those tanks will also or all generally be in the background of the battle they will not do as much tank to tank fighting and they will be there to support the infantry in taking out vehicles which means that they don’t need as much frontal armor so yeah I generally do like high frontal armor because if I do bring in a tank I expect it to survive you will rarely if ever see me bring in for example a t-34 because three frontal armor is just horrible these things are meant to spam you have a lot of these in your deck and of course a tank from 1969 is going to be very very difficult to pit up against the tank from 1996 for example so my preference is usually heavily armored tanks you can have a look at the HD power if you want to but generally this will not be higher than four depending on the main gun of the tank the higher the caliber the higher the HD damage but a tank in my opinion is meant to take out other tanks not infantry so you don’t need a lot of a cheap power AP power is important because if you go tank on tank then the more a cheapest rate ap power you get the better and the longer range you can be at when you destroy the tanks now I will do a particular or a different video on the ranges of tanks and how exactly this kinetic model works because you have kinetic rounds and heat rounds but that’s a topic for a different video because it’s quite a bit of explanation to do but just keep in mind that the higher the AP power are the better then I’m looking for speed how fast is this thing actually and how fast can it move off Road you don’t have to look at road speed because it will generally always be 110 or 150 if you’re looking at tanks which are wheeled there aren’t really that many in the game but some of the

French tanks use that but an off-road speed of 65 is decent and that will mean that it can keep up with most infantry carriers so it can blitz across open fields cover the infantry the infantry can take it down and that way you can keep hopping from town to town or from cover cover the lower this off-road speed the more you are restricted to using roads or the longer you will be out in the open and generally you do not want to tank out in the open especially not something like the Emily 1h a Abrams for 145 points because the enemy can just use one hgm plane and there goes your expensive tank so generally look for a high off-road speed another thing I’m looking out for is autonomy the better the autonomy the better so the higher the autonomy the more I like the tank and this is because I don’t want to babysit my tanks I don’t want to keep flying supplies in or keep bringing supplies in with the vehicle because I don’t want to have that micromanage worried I want to be able to focus on actually commanding my army and not doing a little logistics to keep my tanks rolling so I do like the m1 Abrams series whatever tank it is but the autonomy is not very good now if you compare that for example to Russian tanks which are used to go very very far here for example if the t-62a 500 kilometers that certainly 60 kilometers better different tanks such as the t-62 m v1 which is an upgraded version 650 now that’s great that’s a very good range but this tank doesn’t have very good stabilizers so that might be a concern for me to not use this tank because I don’t like the 15% stabilizer so another thing to look out for is what kind of secondary weapons does the tank carry I all considered the main gun its primary weapon and then I think will usually have secondary weapons now most tanks especially the NATO ones don’t carry any secondary weapons other than machine guns here you can see an m2 browning a medium machine gun and then another medium machine gun in the form of the m240 you can see this on most vehicles especially most American vehicles just carrying machine guns then they’re stuff like the mbt-70 which carries in ATGM there is stuff as the French tanks which carry an autocannon and this is really what distinguishes a tank from another tank because it really highlights what kind of role the unit is supposed to be taking the AMX 30 B 2 for example has the autocannon which has a 1575 meter range which means it’s 600 meter less than the main gun and this thing means that it is best used against infantry in the open or in towns or vehicles not tanks because it doesn’t have high AP power only has two AP power it does carry stabilizer of only 5% so I would still try to use these things sitting still and that actually adds up to the logic that was used by the French which is dig in and sit still that’s why you get a very good accuracy for 40 points that’s why you don’t get a stabilizer so the 30 b2 is something that you use against infantry or to support your infantry versus vehicles if you look for example at the Russian tanks this thing is definitely a tank killer 16 frontal armor a very good ap power gun with a good accuracy and a good stabilizer and an AGM the Cobra ATGM 45 percent accuracy 20 AP power which is a little higher even than the gun 26 25 meter range good autonomy good speed I like this tank but this tank is not very good against infantry it does have a decent HEV power but it only carries 24 round now combine that with a 55% accuracy and saying you don’t get any other accuracy buffs and you’d have 12 rounds impacting the infantry which is just not gonna be effective this thing will be effective when you’re fighting other tanks so the secondary weapon is really something to look out for because it specializes or it more or less dictates what kind of weapon system you’re using what kind of tool are you looking at if you know that then you can use the tool in the best situation so this tank is a tank killer let’s have a look at some others the BMP 685 of course I wouldn’t really classify this thing as I think but I suppose that if you wanted to you could this thing

has 11 a peep our 380 power 65 sorry 55 percent accuracy 30% stabilizer no secondary weapons so you don’t have to look at those 70% or 70 kph off-road 600 kPa 600 kilometers autonomy this thing I would use to support my infantry against vehicles it is definitely not something that you’d do a one-on-one versus a heavy tank because three frontal armor is just gonna get wiped out easily this thing does carry a main gun with 11 a peep hour so it can take out some tanks or vehicles that’s what is best at and you can see that reflected in the type because this thing is mechanized armored or motorized which means that it is best used as a flanker something that comes around the flanks that supports infantry but it is not something that hits very heavy let’s say you were looking at the m60a3 American 50 point tank 10 frontal armor a decent cannon on it and decent man gun 55 percent accuracy 25% stabilizer try not to keep this thing moving while it’s shooting 13 AP power 380 power machine gun a very standard tank not much special about this unit decent off-road speed of course a good unload speed and with ten frontal Armour it can do some tank on tank warfare but don’t expose it to things like the m1a1 HC Abrams because it’ll just once shot that tank I mean this one will one shot the pattern not the other way around generally so this tank I would use to back up heavier tanks like for example this one this one would be in the back this won’t be in the front taking the shells dishing out some damage to the vehicles in front while the m1a1 HC takes out the very heavy vehicles with its 22 a peep our gun so also keep in mind that you can’t combine tanks because the one tank may be better suited for taking punishment the other tank may be suited for dishing out damage a good example of dishing out damage without taking it would be the m8 age yes this tank has very good accuracy very good stabilizers so that means move it all the time keep this thing going small size and no armor so if you remember what I just said about the leopard that this means that this tank is not meant for tank on tank warfare it is meant as I support tank it is meant to be on the move it’s meant to be mobile constantly hopping from cover to cover and with a 13 rate of fire sorry 13 rounds per minute rate of fire a 16 AP power gun 380 power you can effectively use this thing on the move keep shells pumping out of this gun with 60% stabilizer so you will hit about 6 out of 10 rounds which means that you can take out about 18 vehicles if you do this right but it is not meant to take on the enemy head-on it has three frontal Armour which means that a t-72 just looks at it laughs at it and kills that with one round so this is really how you should particularly look at these things what can I use them for don’t scent these tanks on most of the fronts because I’ll just get wiped out similarly don’t keep m1 abrams in the back of your army because they were meant to be on the frontline they have a ton of frontal armor now finally in this video let’s quickly walk through the different armored doctrines of these vehicles of these particular Nations as far as I know them if I get it wrong please correct me in the comments American tanks are generally heavily armored you can see it here with the m1a1 abrams hundred a 17 frontal armor 22 frontal armor 12 20 a lot of armor decent stabilizer so keep these guys going keep them moving they are your armored fist and you want to use them as such punch through those lines British tanks good frontal armor 19 which is even a bit more than the American counterpart good accuracy good stabilizer British usually have very high hitting guns or very heavy hitting guns for example if you compare this one to the m1 Abrams we just saw this thing also has 19 armor or 19 a peep hour but the British fire a bit of a heavy bit heavier of a shell so this thing has more HP HD power as you can see it carries more frontal armor and that means that the British tanks would be best used to soak up damage so that other units don’t have to that other units can support these vehicles that’s

why the Challenger 2 is one of the most heavily armored tanks in the game 23 AP power is only met by some other super heavies from the other countries and not even that many the British chieftain line is generally meant to defend areas or at least that’s how I use them most of these will have a pretty bad stabilizer so they’ll have to stop aim the gun and fire they cannot do it on the move or at least not reliably and of course the chieftain mark 11 is a bit better it actually has 40% stabilizer and 19 a peep hour but still not a lot of frontal armor so if you want to use that 19 a peep hour at best make sure you use these things this nambus position if these chieftains get the first shot off and destroy that tank with one or two round well the other tank might not even know where this thing is another thing before I forget is that the Chieftains always have poor off-road speed which ever chieftain you pick the chieftain frame which is this the bottom of the tank the gum system can be different but the bottom is always the same is just poor offroad 45 is horrible that’s why I avoid using these things off-road and I suggest you do the same the French hit-and-run tanks that is where you get stuff like this this is a tank on wheels which goes 85 off-road but carries absolutely no armor to make sure they can go that fast no stabilizer so it can really quickly leap out at you but it kind of fire while it’s doing so use the French tanks as ambushers use them in cover use them to hide behind buildings quickly come out take a shot get back don’t do tank on tank warfare unless you’re using some of the heaviest tanks they have such as the AMX 40 or the Leclerc now the Leclerc really sickening dignifies or signals a change in French tank thinking because this thing it subtly has a ton of frontal Armour whereas the AMX 40 has 12 or the AMX 30 B – Brenna’s has 11 this thing has 20 it is really a completely shift in tank design from the French and this thing you can use very nicely on the move 70% stabilizer very good AP power you don’t get a lot of to anyone AP power guns in this game so make the most of it but make sure that this tank doesn’t go head-to-head with too many tanks at once because although it carries an autoloader although it can keep up that 12 round a minute rate of fire it does not have some of the best frontal armor such as the Challenger – which we saw earlier Germany generally very very well all rounds tanks take the leopard 2 a1 good AP power good accuracy both stabilized and sitting still decent AP power good frontal armor off-road speed good autonomy these things are just good tanks all over they’re super heavy then Leo 2a5 good frontal armor 22 and you can see that still the Challenger 2 ranks up there with 23 so that thing has even more 23 AP power gun one of the highest in the game of course you do pay for that 170 is very expensive but this is just an awesome tank I really really like using those Canada does not heavily rely on tanks Canada has different units to deal with other tanks such as the chimera which is in the vehicles tab but that’s a different topic Canadian tanks are you best used to back up the Canadian infantry Canada believes or at least in this game seems to believe that defense is always a good option and they are not great at attacking they can do it but they’re not great at it if you want to use a Canadian tank for attacking use the leopard 2 c2 mech sis which is a heavily armoured version of the leopard 14 frontal armor 16 kph off-road good autonomy good stabilizer so you can use these things on the move and 15 AP power these things don’t get a lot of AP power that’s just not how the Canadians work but they do have very good ATGM platforms and these they use those to take out other tanks next up Denmark Denmark again doesn’t seem to believe in tank on tank warfare now this may change with the new DLC I’m not exactly sure which units the Danish will get but if you look at these tanks these are just british centurion tanks and some leopards so I would use the Centurion mark-5 as a defensive tank again bat stabilizer battle for speed bad optics

usually seems stating still use them to create entrenched positions whereas if you want to push you use the leopard because that thing can fire on the move can do some damage against tanks but again the Danish use their infantry and their aircraft to go after tanks not their own tanks the sweets a little bit like the French in their ambushing aspect they have these strv 104’s these are basically Centurions so don’t let the name fool you they are just Centurions and they’re meant to be used in the same role we also have the strv 103 B and the 103 C these things don’t have stabilizer again means that sitting still is best don’t use them on the move because they’ll just not fire at anything and you can see that from the stationary tag 15 rounds of 15 rate sorry 15 rounds a minute rate of fire very good weapon decent AP power and if you keep hitting something with 15 rounds a minute a 15 AP power it will generally guaranteed to die but you have to be sitting still to do it use these things in groups of two or three to quickly stop an enemy push and then you can come in with for example the Swedish helicopters or aircraft to finish off the enemy whoops we were looking at Norway Norway again just has a couple of exports tanks from the other units or from the other nations no great tanks on their own again might change with the DLC I’m not sure what they have in mind German leopards very very old American m24 chaffee ‘s and some m48 a 5 s all of these are not meant to go tank to tank except maybe the leopard because that thing carries a 15 AP power gun the m24 carries a 4 ib power gun so this thing you use against other vehicles if you’re using it at all because 200 kilometer to 200 kilometer autonomy is bad and you get two in free eight a5 which is just more or less of an all-rounder keep in mind that this version does not have a stabilizer you can’t spend them if you want to wouldn’t recommend it use these tanks the Norwegian tanks to back up your enemy or it’s a sir your backup your enemy to backup your infantry backup the excellent infantry that the Danish sorry Norwegian of the Danish I always get these flags confused sorry guys used in Norwegian tanks to back up your infantry and vehicles because that is what seems to be the Norwegian doctrine next up we have the Anzac the Anzac such as the New Zealand’s and the Australians carry tanks which are again exports from other nations they don’t have any own tanks they got the Centurion from the British 20 pounder gun don’t expect miracles from this gun against other tanks because they’re just hopelessly outdated 1951 the leopard as1 plus can do some damage against tanks 15 AP power keep it moving 50% stabilizer will guarantee a lot of hits try not to use it against infantry as much and keep these things away from towns because they’ll easily get wiped out by infantry frontal armor is bad create them or use these things to create ambushes and then take out the enemy another thing that the Anzac forces get are scorpions and scorpion 90s and this seems to really dictate what kind of warfare you can do with the Anzac which is high mobile warfare and by that means that you always will be using these things on the move let’s have a look at the vehicle time for them all of these units are meant to be moving and moving a lot all of these are very very mobile especially off-road the ATGM platform very good off-road platform very very mobile fire support vehicle 65kph off-road mini gun carrier 65kph off-road even their supply vehicles are very good off-road or such as the studies which are british vehicles so keep these things on the move because they don’t have stabilizer oh sorry don’t yeah both actually keep them on the move jump from cover to cover there’s small tanks hard target don’t get them in towns because they’ll just get wiped out even by an IFV but do use them to create ambushes get that 13 if our gun firing at the enemy and try to get a side shot on them the Japanese already briefly discussed you have the Japanese not a young cheeky line notable is the nanny on shaky G which is a prototype unit which carries

a grenade launcher very very handy against infantry but not so good against tanks 80 frontal armor a lot of mobility 50 kph is decent not great but decent and you use these things mostly to support the a and the Japanese infantry now keep in mind that the Japanese have the Japanese self-defense force and as the army name States it’s a defense force the Japanese are not great at attacking with these tanks if you want something that can really go out there and attack the enemy you use the key you Marucci key basically a pumped-up leopard tank leopard 2 tank probably the leopard 2a4 it’s not the leopard 2a5 which is the real pointing nose turret 20 frontal armor 22 a peep out very good stabilizer very good ap power keep these things rolling keep them supported by other units do not send these things out on their own because they will get picked off quite easily keep them moving have them backed up and they can do wonders for your army South Korea carries some of the older American tanks because of course South Korea is heavily backed up by the Americans so that’s why you’re gonna see a lot of these patterns and 48s these things general all-round tanks for 45 points no high frontal armor 5 frontal armor 16 AP power is surprisingly good so try to use these things as ambushers or flankers although flanking is going to be pretty difficult with 50 kph you really want to attack something take the k1 and if you really want it dead take the k1 a one quickly comparing these tanks the k1 a one is pretty much the beefed-up version of the k1 with more AP power a better stabilizer more frontal armor more autonomy or sorry the same autonomy these are real anti-tank units and these are decent anti-tank units use them to back up the Japanese forces or to have these things go out on their own with supporting forces such as some of the ifvs that South South Korea gets support these tanks because on their own tanks are no good next up switching to East Germany in East Germany doesn’t have a lot of high-end tanks instead they get a lot of Russian export products such as the old t-34 85 I would generally not use these tanks I used to train against these tanks in the zombie mode but otherwise I don’t really like these things but I do like are the mm sorry the t-55 tanks and the t-55 can make sure with the ATGM that they can do a lot of damage for 55 points they are decent against enemy tanks but not while on the move 10% stabilizer not that good on the move you get the t-72 now these things if you’ve seen them on the battlefield you know how difficult they are to kill medium sights which means they are not as easy to hit for an AGM as some of the big vehicles they carry pretty much decent aspects all over the tank decent frontal armor notable autonomy 700 kph or 700 kilometers good AP power gun decent average stabilizer an accuracy not that great best to use these things sitting still to use for example two groups of them two groups of two have one group move up and the second group sits still and you can really bunnyhop and keep that rate of fire up they also have some heavily armored tanks which are the t-72s very very good ATGM 22 a power with 50% accuracy will means that these things will slice through pretty much all of the native tanks with the exception of the Challenger which is 23 AP power on the front but any other tank can pretty much be heavily damaged by this thing or destroy it with one shot keep that in mind use the East German tanks to go after tanks with a large wave of t-72 and ones backing up a couple of t-72s you don’t get that many of these you can also go with the standard t-72s s1 this one has an AGM this one doesn’t which means it’s a bit cheaper but otherwise it’s exactly the same vehicle the difference is availability on these units now German oh sorry the USSR has a large variety of tanks they have all sorts of tools in their tool kit and that means that you’re gonna be a really really picky

what kind of tank to use but generally most of these tanks will carry an 80 GM whether it’s the Cobra or the sphere or the upgraded version of the Cobra and then you have the invar which is the absolute top and a 2 GM on this unit you only get these things on the super heavies and these things are really really meant to push across large open fields 80 kph offroad which is some of the highest in the heavy end tanks 20 frontal armor 23 AP power gun 24 a peep our ATGM even the problem I have with ATGM carrying tanks is that they won’t always use these things if they do use them they will use them sometimes against life vehicles which is a complete waste of these missiles and they take up a lot of supplies to rearm because these 80 GM’s are really expensive weapon resistance these Russian tanks generally pretty much whichever you pick are mostly designed for tank on tank warfare they’re used in large groups pushing across planes quickly taking an objective and then have the infantry come up and take that objective resupply the tank so that the 10 can keep going and that you can do that all over again next up Poland again you’re going to see a lot of export products from Russia in this group such as the t-55 am to Merida or Merida I’m not sure where the pronunciation should be these tanks decent stabilizer deep decent frontal Armour not really exceptional in any area except the age of GM carrying very good ATGM 50% 22 you’ve seen this thing before so I’m not gonna cover it on these tanks notable tank for Poland is the PT 91 to Artie now don’t let PT surprise you because it’s the Polish designation for a tank so that is why you’re going to see PT and not just t PT doesn’t mean it is some sort of inferior unit is rather a superior unit so keep in mind that these things will definitely hurt your tanks if you’re playing netted with their 22 a peep our gun they are very very maneuverable these things can be used on the move in a push good rate of fire good frontal armor and something which I am personally pretty happy about is that they don’t carry an 80 GM so they are not as expensive to resupply again pretty much the same use as Russia as the uses are keep these things supporting each other keep some of the cheaper t-72 such as the t-72s or the Jaguar in the front Troy Lee a little bit more to the back these things deal with the heavy tanks and these things deal with everything else Czechoslovakia again a lot of export products from the Russians so for example a lot of the lines from the t-55 a lot of fire and friens sorry variants a lot of t-72 variants 14 frontal armor is not that good but 16 AP power 45% stabilizer these just all-round general things notable tanks is the modern outline good range of course same ranges all the other tanks good frontal armor very good AP power gun again no ATGM but they do carry an autocannon and up close these things you can take out infantry very very quickly and they can even destroy tanks because the closer you get the higher this ap power becomes because even at close range it can slice through enemy tanks so if you come up against an 80 gr t-72 m2 moderna very very close you can destroy it because your own ap power will be higher but even this autocannon is lethal use the polish tanks sorry it not suppose the czechoslovakia tanks to really support the each other actually support each other after t-72 Mimms in the front a lot of frontal armor on those have these things back them up because they have a decent AGM 2800 meter range will means that once these things are taking fire you can support them with the Dyna one and these thanks will then take out heavy vehicles so that these things take a little less fire and these are generally not as sturdy or as reliable as the t-72 M a.m next up China China early on seems to believe that spamming tanks is the option or is the answer to everything and that means that these I usually just

call them made in China thanks because they generally don’t not very good not that everything that comes out of China is bad of course but these tanks just aren’t that good I mean seven frontal armor ten AP power 5 percent stabilizer that’s just bad but then again these things are from 1969 so from there and it gets better the type 59 2a or 11a I’m not really sure is a bit better a bit more frontal Armour a bit more epi power and you get 15 AP power for 45 points so that is very nice keep these things on mass you use a lot of these vehicles – really – through an enemy line really deliver a lot of punch but they will go down quite easily they will go down the leopard ones for example they will go down two Centurions so keep in mind that they are not very sturdy and massing them is the option or is the answer China also developed their own line of Tanks because this is actually 8055 which is just adapted to China’s needs these are different tanks and this is actually a thing that was designed in China I believe notable tank for Chinese is the ztc 85 three good frontal armor good accuracy that stabilizer interesting because this means that they are not very good at firing on the move and that limits the amount of use this tank has when doing pushes so use these things to support other tanks support other vehicles and support infantry preferably from a sitting still position North Korea I rarely play this faction but when I do I pretty pic the Chung Mahal for version because it has decent aspects all around twelve frontal armor forty percent accuracy 17 AP power gun which is good for a 65 point tank again keep them massed up try and use these things to go around enemy positions if you can because their autonomy will allow you to do that 55 550 they also carry the type 59 tank which again is the t-55 tank they carry this in home which is if you ask me not actually a tank but more of an infantry fighting vehicle or a fire support vehicle but they want to call it a tank so that’s fine too frontal armor definitely definitely not to be used against other tanks more to be used against other vehicles and you can see that by 40 percent accuracy not a good Stabila stabilizers so fire them sitting still decent AP power these two hg power so you use them against vehicles and have them fire their ATGM against tanks because 14 AP power can really inflict some damage notable tank is the t-90s very very powerful tank a lot of frontal armor very high peep our gun good accuracy good stabilizer very high autonomy 700 kilometers good off-road speed no HCM so again that is something I like you might not if you don’t please let me know in the comments why what arson what is so good about the atgms on some of those Russians vehicles for example because I generally don’t really get it so this is how you can use with the Chinese tanks used or sorry the North Korean tanks used them in groups large groups mix up Chung mahal force with their high AP power and the type 59s for soaking up the damage and then once the enemy has been weakened or a little bit further to the back of your push you use t-72 m’s and the t-90s to make sure you really deliver that finishing blow so that was pretty much an quick or if you can call a fifty five minute video quick a quick overlook of all of the tanks that are in this game now I realized that this is just very theoretical if that’s not for you you probably stop watching so if you’re still here kudos to you because this is a long video I hope that by explaining how these nations thought about the use of their tanks you have a bit better idea of how you should use them consider first when you’re building a deck what is going to be the mainstay of my deck what is the best aspect of this nation or coalition then this decide what tank would be best used in that situation some tanks are best used to sit still Centurion mark Elevens some tanks are really meant to soak up

damaged challenger twos other tanks are really meant to be on the move one a fives some tanks just can do it all leopard 2a5 some tanks like to be really really quick going onto flanks and try to pepper them from this such as the scorpions Americans really front row tanks destroy a lot of stuff for those nanny on cheeky G’s depending on the gameplay alike these are pretty defensive tanks again the same thing for the Suites use these things in groups of two or three pepper them with a high rate of fire Russian tanks the Russians have so many different tanks that is pretty difficult to cover them all in one video you can actually make it difficult or a different video outlining only the Russian tanks and I might do that at some point in the future if there’s enough demand for such a video they usually carry an A to GM and usually like taking out their vehicles at extreme range so then they can either when they’re softened up kill them or when they’re not softened up yet really mash them up with their main gun tanks such as the t-72s which ever country they are are generally very good all-rounder so it’s very nice to have a couple of these in your deck because they can generally do it all but whatever think you’re using keep in mind the soft spot for tanks is ATGMs whether it’s a helicopter firing it whether it’s a plane or infantry tanks never ever go out alone they are supported by all sorts of units so do not ever make the mistake of sending out a lone t90 sending out a lone leopard 2a5 because if i see you do that in a 10 v 10 i will generally kill it straight away don’t be that guy in the 10 v 10 match who loses their very very important tank because people will laugh at you and you’ll feel miserable anyway on that mode I hope that this video was useful I hope that you’ve really got a bit of understanding why you use some of the tanks the way that you do if it was useful to you please consider hitting the like button if you want to see more of my videos and I will do a second part to this tank guide where I can actually show some of these vehicles off subscribe to my channel to keep an eye on that and if you have a question on a specific vehicle if you have a specific guide request leave me a comment below and I will get to your guide as soon as I can thanks for watching hope it was useful and that you enjoyed watching it and see you in another video