[ENG SUB] Mit Katze reisen (Flugzeug): Bali nach Deutschland

Travelling with a cat from Bali to Austria Hello and welcome to our new video Hello Today it´s not about digital nomads, although somehow it is Today we share the story of how we travelled with our cat from Bali to Germany The process is not so easy I guess that if you clicked on this video you will be interested in this topic or you are even facing the problem yourself You know that it is complicated to travel with an animal from Bali to Europe And that’s what this video is about How did it start? We moved to Canggu, Bali in January 2019, that is more than a year ago. In the end we stayed for ten months We rented a villa there that we loved very much Actually, we loved everything in Bali, but that’s not the point today. We made a different video for this. I’ll link you to it here somewhere You’re welcome to watch it. There we filmed our everyday life There’s the one we’re talking about today We filmed our everyday life and our villa. We also talked about our cat and our digital nomad and work life But today it’s about how we travelled with our cat to Germany Since we knew that it would take a few months, it had to be well planned Everything starts with the rabies vaccination This was already in March or April, because we actually wanted to fly out earlier But than we’ve decided to stay longer So the rabies vaccination is first One month later we could do a blood test and send it to the EU For us it was London, which is probably the usual way It would be funny if the cat knocked over the tripod After one month the blood test was sent to the EU We were a little panicked about the brexit from Britain. But that’s the usual way it seemed like So first rabies vaccination, then a month later the blood test is sent to the EU It takes a few days for the test to arrive in the EU It will be evaluated and from the day it arrives at the lab, you have to wait three months It is a total of four months waiting time One month between rabies vaccination and blood test Then wait three months after the blood test Upon arrival at the lab The vaccination was no big deal. The blood test was worse This took quite long because the cat was very strong The blood test requires to take blood from the cat’s aorta. Because our cat is small and thin, this could not be done on the arm, but on the carotid artery Of course the cat did not find this funny. It cost a lot of time and nerves The veterinarian came to our home with her husband. We had to fight for two hours. It was so horrible My Viennese friend and I kept the cat and the vet’s husband also helped The cat was slightly sedated. It was not possible to sedate her completely, because then the blood doesn’t run very good anymore She was a bit conscious and only a little bit out of it. It was enough that she could defend herself After two hours the vet was able to take the blood sample to the laboratory and after another two hours they brought the sample back That was bad. The first excitement We made the trip with a smuggler from the beginning Smuggler is a strange word You can’t export animals from Bali. It’s actually forbidden to import or export animals.But quite a few people do it anyway They do it with a smuggler For the smuggler we paid a total of 25 million Rupiah, which is about 1.500€ depending on the exchange rate. Afterwards we realized that it was too much

Round about There was the dragging and the veterinarian. Also the rabies vaccination, the blood test, the sending to London, the test results, the microchip and the pet pass Also the mental preparation. They did everything we needed In hindsight, maybe it didn’t have to be We know it´s possible to get it cheaper The pure smuggling can be done for about 7 million Rupiah and if you do it through a local vet and get all the other stuff yourself, you can do it for 4 million Rupiah You can save about half if you organize everything yourself I’ll write you the details again below, there it’s more clearly arranged The first time you do it, you don’t know so much And to be honest, even though there are so many people doing it, I had a hard time finding information about the process After 4 months the animal can leave, but we stayed longer Then the worst phase begins, so menatally it was the worst phase. In retrospect, you did it too. But in the meantime, it’s bad Then the cat is picked up. At our place it was picked up on October 29th You just give it out of your hands and don’t know what happens It’s just smuggling and not a first class trip It is not pleasant that she is no longer with us and with a stranger I link our smuggler below They took a maximum of six animals with them, that was important to me, because then it is not so crowded And with our smuggling there were four animals, two cats and two dogs Picking up the cat was a huge drama She’s totally freaked out Two hours before the pickup we closed the doors all over the house. That was unusual for the cat, because we usually had everything open We already put her into her transport box before We got her a little bit used to the box before. We started to get her used to the transport box a month before by doing box training with treats every day That means that we put her in the box every day First just like that and later we closed the door for a few minutes. So she was in the transport box before the journey We did it, but I can’t imagine that it had a big effect It did no harm When she was picked up by our smuggler Rudi, she was already in the transport box Rudi put her in this car and that was that We flew the next day. That day we said goodbye to our friends and packed our things We didn’t do that before, so that the cat would not be stressed unnecessarily by packing One day later we flew We spent one night alone in Jakarta. The cat travelled two days from Bali to Jakarta. On October 31st we got her back So on the 29th the cat left, on the 30th we flew and on the 31st we got her Elsa has just arrived and is eating, it is a good start What annoys me a little, I gave her some things that were not given to her She’s a little thin, but everything is fine

She’s been out for two nights, we were told it would be three nights. It was faster then The whole trip took about 30 hours and was cut down to three full days. The 29th, 30th and 31st In Jakarta we found a nice, animal-friendly hotel. I link the hotel in the info box below It was right next to the Grand Indonesia Mall, the biggest shopping mall in Indonesia Which is quite nice if you come from Bali and are in a big city again In the hotel we registered the cat, they wanted a copy of the passport and the vaccination certificate In the hotel we spent five days, it didn’t have to be that long. But we had planned five days in case something goes wrong If she arrives late or anything else happens In Jakarta we had another appointment with the official veterinarian We went there by taxi. At the airport we met Rudi from the organization, he was there with the other three animals The parents of the other animals were not in Jakarta. The other animals flew on with flight volunteers We were the only ones there. And we met Rudi and the other animals At the airport the official veterinarian checked everything again and signed the certificates Then everything was good One week later, we flew with Turkish Airlines There you could take a cat up to 9 kg into the cabin It depends on the airline, but with Turkish Airlines it was 9 kg with the box or with the small bag you are allowed in cabin, I show you We have such a bag for the flight. It is very practical, because you can enlarge it a little bit You can enlarge the bag three times You can put documents in here We bought that one in Singapore There wasn’t such a bag in Bali For a long flight the bag should be breathable The bags in Bali were not so breathable It’s just better on a long flight The dimensions of the bag are particularly important These were not checked at the check-in or in the plane, but when the cat was registered for the flight There we had to give the measurements of the bag We were rejected twice, because the measurements of the bag were not correct We did the registration at the same time as we booked the flight We had informed ourselves before that it is possible to take the cat up to 9 kg into the cabin You fill out everything and get an overview of what you need So vaccination certificate, rabies vaccination, microchip and pet passport You reserve first and then you call the airline and register the cat One day later the cat was released for the flight to Munich Actually we wanted to fly to Vienna, but we were rejected because we had given the wrong measurements of the transport bag

On the day of the flight we got to the airport earlier than necessary There we met Rudi. He accompanied us and brought us the documents We flew business class, which made things a lot easier. Like shorter queues at the check-in and at the counters We were afraid of the security check.They told us that we have to take the cat out of the box So when the hand luggage is scanned, the cat has to be taken out of the bag and go through the scanner with her on the arm We even practice line training for that. With a harness and not a collar But in Jakarta we did not have to do that at all. They just looked at the bag and laughed a little bit In Istanbul we didn’t have to take her out either, there they took a closer look, shook the bag and did an explosives test We didn’t actually intend to give her sedatives, but she is a cat that meows a lot She is loud and screams. This is not pleasant for anyone, neither for us nor for the others So we gave her light sedatives on the plane We have discussed this with our vet before We only gave her a quarter of a tablet and when it had worn off, the next quarter Three times we gave her a quarter tablet In total the flight was 12 hours From Jakarta to Istanbul, then three hours in Istanbul to change flights and 2 ½ hours to Munich The cat was never knocked out, just a little bit calmed down Let me recap the whole process The whole thing starts with the rabies vaccination, a month later the blood test is sent to the EU Then three months from arrival in the lab waiting period. The blood test must come back positive The probability that a rabies vaccinated cat has a positive blood test is very low If the blood test is there with all the documents for the animal passport, you get the microchip Important to always have the documents at hand Prepare the transport box for the trip to Jakarta and then the carrier bag for the cabin When the cat comes into the cargo hold, it will stay in the larger box. But for the cabin it can be put into a carrier bag. It is best to get used to both with treats Relax yourself, because your own nervousness is transferred to the cat This is of course easier said than done, because you are very nervous I was less nervous before the flight than before the trip to Jakarta The important thing is finding the right smuggler. I can recommend our smuggler, even if we paid too much But I think you could get a better price. I don’t know why we didn’t negotiate either With him we had a good feeling right away and so we didn’t act. Probably we could have saved 400-500 €

For the flight itself I paid 130€ for the cat. That depends on the weight. I think she had 4.5 kilos And the bag had a ¾ kg I think In total it was less than 7 kg That was our trip, we are glad that we have this behind us She got used to it quickly We landed in November, which might not have been ideal, but even though it got cooler, about 15 degrees, she went into the garden And we are now taking her for walks. She is very shy when going out and only wants to go out with us At the moment she doesn’t go out alone, because it’s too cold for her to go out I think that when spring comes, she will go out alone Probably it is better to fly in spring or summer, unfortunately it was not possible for us She’s indoors a lot now and sometimes she gets bored there We couldn’t see that she was carrying any damage from the trip. One could have thought that it is too much But we can only talk about our cat, which is a very sensitive one and all worked out just fine In retrospect I would worry less And importantly, not to be talked out of it by other people who have never experienced something like this before I informed myself on Facebook groups beforehand, and there everybody said: Chill, it will be alright Also other cats that have had worse experiences, adopted by people who have been on holiday in Bali There the cat spends the four months waiting at the shelter Also in Jakarta these animals are alone with the smuggler and then usually get into the cargo hold Microphones failed These animals hardly know their owners. Mostly only from the few weeks of vacation And also with those animals everything went well Don’t stress too much send us questions, if you have any, by email or write it in the comments We wish you good luck Now the camera battery is also empty So now the battery was empty, but that was the end anyway The Bali animals are so grateful and also animals that have experienced something different are so grateful I do not regret it in any case Goodbye. Bye