Grenzsteintrophy 2020: Ein Bikepacking- und Gravel-Abenteuer

Hello my name is mathias müller and today i invite you to follow me on the Grenzsteintrophy, a special kind of bikepacking-adventure along the former inner German border between czechia, east- and west-germany until the small town the track will follow the whole borderline The Grenzsteintrophy is just 1300 priwall at the baltic sea kilometers long and has 18000 altitude meters and it’s pretty hard because we ride on tank plates (with lots of holes) for probably 600 km. The rest will be forest-ways. It goes up and down constantly Insane. We push our bikes a lot We are about 20 starters, everyone rides alone. It is a self-support-trophy, everything we need during the race, we have to take with us on our bikes Have a look on the bikes A front-roll, We have bags everywhere a frame-bag and a seat- and cockpit-bag With all that, we hope to get fast and save to the baltic sea Hi, I am daniel, and I ride the Grenzsteintrophy because it is the coolest thing you can ride on the bike My name Gerhard, coming from cologne and I ride the Grenzsteintrophy because I just want to experience a new adventure My name is Leona, form Freiburg, I like to experience lots of hills and tank plates and adventure And here is the organizer of the Grenzsteintrophy Gunnar Fehlau, hello What is special about this trophy? You really want to know it before the start? Kidding. The Trophy follows the former borderline, means, it is not optimized for cyclists It is going straight up the hill and on the other side just down again mostly very steep, up to 30 percent and mostly on tank plates. Thats tough The plates will feed the tires off Everything up to 3 inches will fit exactly into the holes It will be a bit grueling How many riders use to start? During the last years, there were always about 30 starters meanwhile it is well known, that the Grenzsteintrophy is very tough. not just the pace, that makes a race hard The hills will not become less steep, when you ride slow! How many people arrive usually at the baltic sea? 30 percent of all say from the start, they have only until a week. So they ride a particular stretch and quit then another 30 percent will fail because of any problems My Chances are about 30 percent then?! Then I have to say, many thanks in advance for this torture Yes I wish you the best, have fun and don’t forget: the tank plates are like divas but if you know how to deal with it you will have a lot of fun Let’s go to the Grenzsteintrophy 2020 I have the first 500 meters behind me already pushed twice and here is now the famous tanke plate 1300 kilometers that I have to ride somehow about 18000 vertical no big mountains, only short an steep hills I’m in a good mood, but I guess that will change during the next days

So let’s go, this is the start of the Grenzsteintrophy 2020. Have fun! SOLO STARTS EVERY 10 MINUTES Hello I am Wolfgang from Radolfzell at the Lake Constance WOLFGANG WILL BE THE FIRST TO ARRIVE AT THE BALTIC SEA, IN ONLY SIX AND A HALF DAYS Last year I coudn’t finish, because I hadn’t enougt time to finish Now I am happy to get my second chance TANK PLATES WITHOUT HOLES! AND THEN HIKEABIKE. LOTS OF Hallelujah – say it loud You got to really want ride this insane route I don’t think I have 60 kilometers of 1270 from 1270 – hallelujah I’m just down the hill and markus, who has a cycle-shop in Nürnberg is doing some trailmagic for us. Thanks a lot, Markus My name is Thomas, I am riding the Grenzsteintrophy because sometimes I do have a lot of stress at work, and want to relax a bit here DOES THAT LOOK LIKE RELAXING? Folks, you won’t believe how stee p this is I have to pull both breaklevers, to prevent the bike from rolling back absolutely crazy it is a bike-pushing-adventure, insane! Nobody is able to ride this hill My name is Tobias, coming from Kiel as you see, it’s a tough course we will see, if I manage the next day and days

I already pushed so much today it’s half past eight now, ten and a half hour on the road, only achieved 110 kilometers. One coule ride 300 km on the street in this time After a mixed night we really were long on the road yesterday and pushed a lot the mattress is loud, don’t have a pillow slept not so well whatever the forecast isn’t that good today foggy, wet Need to wear different clothes but first, I have to dismantle the tent Grenzsteintrophy day 2, 7 o’ clock. I am riding with Achim from Göttingen, we pitched camp together last night it is raining and I have already torn my tights on the right leg can’t always work out everything optimally we find slowly our rhythm into the day now and are chasing hot coffee Dear Gunnar Fehlau (Organizer), #asshole 🙂 excuse me, it is a good sign that I am still able to laugh here are mountains so steep, that you have to stop pushing every 10 meters to get some breath really crazy 10 o’clock on the second morning from GST and I am so hungry now it just has to be two coffees two burgers, lots of fries, cola, everything this course is so hard. insane Let’s go. Yummi

Very nice with all the flowers better then all the tank plates! I think i have a problem, folks what to do now? they are in no hurry! I MEET ACHIM AGAIN hey, how are you doing? I am totally on fire! this is the second day of the Grenzsteintrophy. It is about quarter past eight in the evening I rode alone, then met Achim again probably he waited for me? We riding at a comfortable pace now until 10 and then again, we will look for a place to pitch camp Great evening here, with the warm sun Hope it will last like this Grenzsteintrophy third day I have just opened my eyes We had pitched camp in a beautiful beech forest but don’t ask where we did 140 kilometers in approximately 15 hours What you see here, is my breakfast for today Ah yes, why not pushing the bike uphill, where there is no way at all?! I don’t know exactly where i am but i need a break I’m hungry, let’s go Okay, I am a bit shaky, very exhausting, rode the tank plates about an hour uphill now I need a little break okay, that’s the point where the fun stops

I carry my bike, over 20 Kilogramms, since half an hour through the forest and over lyling trees just because the fu… track says I have to all you see here are burning neddles I have to go through it, with shorts, fu others have been here before here too– so let’s follow them Grenzsteintrophy , fourth morning I’ve had a hotel for the last night I had to take a shower and have breakfast this morning things needed to be cleaned up. unfortunately my favorite shorts are not dry yet anyway Fourth day of the Grenzsteintrophy, – have been into a hotel last night, though there was breakfast from 8 I’m really late but I thought: fuck it all 🙂 Comon boys – now we’re racing! POINT ALPHA, MEMORIAL OF THE GERMAN SEPERATION Finally a hill that is ridable Folks, I am in the middle of a bachelorette party, bought that shell that should bring luck if I speak in there: “I want to make my way healthy and fast to the Baltic Sea please” hopefully it will come true Grenzsteintrophy – fifth day I have now driven two kilometers and again I am pushing 🙂 But, yesterday I became fast at least in the evening so I have to be patient, just doing step by step I am just doing my first video of the day, and there is Markus approaching he is supposed to ride already two hours. Let’s hear

what he is saying I am Markus, 56 years old from Stuttgart riding the Grenzsteintrophy for the second time had a crash 2015 and couldn’t finish, hope to do it now RIDING WITH MARKUS FOR A WHILE THEN IM RIDING ALONE IT’S HOT. EXHAUSTING. BREAK Thorns without end Until the blood flows and the right calf is already totally destroyed because while pushing the bike, the pedal strikes the leg want to bet half of the right calfs from all starterst look like this maybe even all of them, then half of all calfs in the trophy look like this Oh man, what crazy thoughts one has during this torture Not bad, what you find along the way very good

Bad Soden-Allendorf, I need to drink – a lot – Urgently haha, all mine and pasta is coming too it takes a little time in this restaurant iI really don’t care now it’s my turn, then let’s see whats next Dear people, down there is the valley of the Werra-River and through this forest here I have pushed this bicycle there over tank plates so steep! I would say that was the biggest mess so far on the whole route because one does not think it was possible to top the insane things of this trophy so far Dear Organizer Gunnar, i don’t know what i do next time I see you! Day 6 at the Grenzsteintrophy – the late bird has too much eaten for breakfast again I will start very slowly somehow I come today into closeness of the Brocken Mountain But only close to, I guess the last days are taking a toll Very dark circles around the eyes in the morning don’t want to look in the mirror Anyway, here we go AND THEN, MEETING MARKUS AGAIN FAST FOOD. CLOSED. WHAT A DISSAPOINTMENT WE SUFFER TOGETHER FOR A WHILE Sixth day at noon I ride with Markus from Stuttgart there haven’t been any catering for hours all restaurants are closed we’re a bit frustrated – I especially three hours until the next chance to get some food if this doesn’t work, I am done

I’m still a long way from the Brocken-Mountain and it is already evening. Today supply situation was so bad that I rode the last three hours really fast to get this chance here Now I bought everything I could get I drank the Powerdring before I had to pay at the cash register Now I will have some Pasta-Salad and sardines then cacau, cola and an apple Let’s see how far I make it today But if you think you’re running now all good into a nice evening then something things like this arises Gotta make it somehow, Idon’t know how yet yes, yes, I make it to the summit of Brocken-Mountain, on the 6th day nice light here Good morning 4 o’clock and 35 minutes. Woke up on the Brocken-Mountain you see me with circles around the eyes don’t have any makeup there yet 🙂 I’m still on the brocken right now the first tourists woke me up there I thought, well let me stay asleep now here it gets restless They want to look at the sunrise and I’ll pack my tent and bags now I look a little bit better. Still on the mountain, 1100 meters high, wanted to film the sunrise now it goes further north hope to ride home quickly and hopefully safely let’s see, what have we today, Grenzsteintroph, seventh day don’t know if you see it in the background It’s the summit of the Brocken-Mountain don’t know what lake this is here, aah, there is a sign, wait

the Eckertalsperre. Perfect It’s a bit rough here Have to be a bit careful with only one hand an the bars This is a nice morning hope it will stay that way And here the track leads us right through the former border station helmstedt or Marienborn awesome also the whole last days what I saw on defensive towers buildings and other stuff what this former state (german democratic republic; east-germany) built then actually to prevent there own people from fleeing One could do parties here, but probably it’s still better used as a memorial Grenzsteintrophy 2020, 8th day It’s pretty damn late today, almost 9:30 a.m After leaving the summit of Brocken-Mountain, i sat somehow over 17 half an hour in the saddle it was tough, so I rode to wittingen and found a hotel there they had a key depot there, so I could arrive lately cleaning my stuff took time still crazy how long it takes, until you finally come to bed. Yes and then I started unhurried this morning disadvantage in matters of the hotel is, you have to leave the course. I started five or six Kilometers away this morning now I am back on track here are the beloved tank plates is it coming to an end – slowly

I have to say I think I’m glad if at some point it’s done so once again it says “Let’s go” Supermarket in Salzwedel is so big it will take half an hour to find a bottle of cola 🙂 Fried herring and pasta-salad, non-alcoholic beer and coca cola – perfect! It is the eventing of the 8th day of the Grenzsteintrophy honestly i am wondering why one built this road. No one is driving a car here but I even don’t see a bicycle sign instead I lay mine down demonstratively and the other direction is empty too – no cars at all If you ask me – One could have let this all forest here!! Day 9. I am riding through this beautiful Elbauen-Forests. and suddenly – this Many thanks! Day 9 of the Grenzsteintrophy 2020 it is just before 11. i’m not straight woke up but already two and a half

hours or so on the bike. I’m now Bleckede and that is first contact with my beloved Elbe-River which also flows through my hometown Hamburg I would now just love to go 60, 70 straight ahead to my garden and drink a good coffee, but I still have to finish this business here Here I can wait for the ferry it will put me over and then I head in the direction north to Boizenburg and then to the Schaalsee-Lake. And I really hope that I will arrive at the baltic sea today in this sense, let’s go! It’s a quarter past six I necessarily want to make it to the Baltic Sea. I still have 75 kilometers – but if the course is still like this a few kilometers before, I doubt it I ride like hell – really but I don’t make good progress

Arriving to quickly is also not a good thing 35 kilometers still ahead, it’s a beautiful evening Just want to enjoy the moment It’s ten minutes past midnight and I am really tired after 16 hours in the saddle today and I think 220 kilometers – the Baltic Sea is there, ten meters away and I am here and thus I have finished the Grenzsteintrophy 2020 The last three hours were spectacular! At first a giant sand area then I rode very fast through a foggy wet forest only with headlamp that was the biggest fun then I rode down the street with euphoria because I thought, that was it. But then the track lead me another time through thickest bushes with thornes. Argh But that was really crazy tonight, yes! And now, I think i’m really happy. That kind of happiness, you can’t buy you have to work for it, with sweat perseverance, a few aches and a little anger sometimes on the organizers too 🙂 but then you’re happy. So folks, in this sense get down to work You only get happiness that way I jump now into the baltic sea – good night that was it!! No, wrong again just because of the filming

A FOREIGN WANDERER: Now, ride fast, give it all Two times I crashed the drone into a tree but it is still working A strange day is that since I left Brocken-Mountain started perfect, tank plates didn’t bother me but right now I am feeling totally destroyed A deer. 🙂 I think – oh shit, it’s recording