ENG SUB【斗罗大陆 Soul Land】EP46 | 秦明义无反顾跟随院长离开了皇家学院

♪The past is buried with farewell tears♪ ♪Tang’s belief is regained in the Soul Land♪ ♪Ghostly Trace, from place to place you run♪ ♪Xuan Tian power burns♪ ♪Never look down at the shabby wooden house♪ ♪Create our glorious miracles in the Soul Land♪ ♪When seven creatures combine, hope is what we get♪ ♪Never give up as it’ll be unforgettable♪ ♪For a hundred thousand years I’ll search and grow with you♪ ♪I’ll turn into a sky of bright stars when I think of you♪ ♪Life is full of wars, battles, adventures♪ ♪and I’ll still protect you♪ ♪I’m still the King no matter the Black and Blue are awakened or not♪ ♪The darkness is all released by clouds and mists♪ ♪I’ll never forget my promise♪ ♪even if the sky and earth changes or the sea roars♪ ♪I’ll stand up high even the Gods have to look up♪ ♪My invincible legend right on this Soul Land♪ [This animation is based on the novel Soul Land] [written by Tangjia Sanshao] [Previous Episode] Exchange in our school? You poor fellows? Get lost! Why is the quality of the students of Tian Dou Imperial School so bad? I’m the president of the Board of Education, Meng Shen Ji Vice president of the board, Bai Bao Shan Second vice president of the board, Zhi Lin He is testing my strength Level 42 Level 43 Level 44 Soul bone [Soul Land] [Episode 46] Uncle, here they are He is The Grand Soul Land Master Is President Meng Shen Ji around? Your Highness, you are here Why don’t you, the committees of the Board of Education, introduce the guests to me? Your Highness, let me introduce to you This is the Dean of Shrek School, Frander He is here to discuss collaboration with us Dean Frander This is Prince Xue Xing of Tian Dou Empire

Imperial School is managed by His Highness I’ve never heard of Shrek School It must be a lousy school President Meng Shen Ji How could you let people with unknown origin enter our school? Your Highness Shrek School is not a lousy school Mr. Qin in our school was graduated from Shrek School It’s our pleasure to invite Dean Frander and fellow teachers of Shrek School to teach in our school President Meng Shen Ji According to the school rules, assessment is needed to hire teachers Teachers from Shrek School have the ability of Tian Dou level teachers Don’t need assessment Your Highness Did you come here for this? Tian Dou Imperial School is the pillar of the empire It is here to bring in talents for the empire I don’t hope that the school would hire some arrogant and bossy people President Meng Shen Ji I heard that people from Shrek School has just arrived today and yet has humiliated my nephew, the fourth prince of the empire, Prince Xue Beng He is the fourth prince of Tian Dou Empire? So how will Your Highness settle this matter? I don’t know if you have asked Prince Xue Beng why he was humiliated? I’ve always been kind to talents Since you are here to collaborate with Imperial School, let’s put aside Xue Beng’s humiliation However, you have to prove to me that you’re really talented Okay. How does Your Highness want us to prove it? Very simple As long as you can hold on under Mr. Du Gu for 5 minutes, I’ll agree that you’re talents Otherwise, please get out of my school You! He defeated Mu Bai with a simple glance Your Highness, don’t go too far President Meng Shen Ji, don’t you forget in the Tian Dou Imperial School, I am the direct manager I have the rights to decide the personnel You Mr. Du Gu, please So, it is him You guys come together [Soul Land] The Grand Soul Land Master

My surname is Du Gu. My body smells fishy If I’m not wrong, you must be Soul Land Venom, Du Gu Bo Since you knew my name, hurry up and get lost! Okay. Let’s go Gang I cannot let Shrek School suffer this shame You can’t defeat The Grand Soul Land Master Even if we are not afraid of death, do you want the kids to die with us? Let’s stop here today We will never forget the warm hospitality of the three seniors. See you next time Wait Du Gu Bo Let the three of us experience your venom Fellow committees, what are you doing? Prince Xue Xing, you are stubborn and act arbitrarily After today, we’ll report what happened today to His Majesty, and let him decide Fine Shrek School doesn’t want to trouble you Since Tian Dou Imperial School doesn’t want us to stay, how can I force? Let’s bid farewell here, fellow seniors Dean Frander! Grandpa! It’s her Grandpa! Yan Yan. Not bad Your strength has improved It’s him Grandpa, last time we Fellow committees, I’m thinking to leave here too Mr. Qin, you can’t do this We will definitely report this incident to His Majesty Let His Majesty uphold justice I appreciate your kindness Since the imperial family hates people from Shrek School, how could I stay on shamelessly? I was alone when I came here Today, I’ll leave alone too Three of you take care. Bye Your Highness, you’re silly Do you know how talented they are? At this point, it’s useless to talk more You! If the three of you want to complain to His Majesty, I have nothing to say. Bye Yan Yan, I’m leaving now You stay here and study well Xue Beng. You’ve brought me so much trouble this time

I’m afraid these three old fellows won’t let this matter drop If I didn’t create this trouble, I wouldn’t be the arrogant and bossy Prince Xue Beng At this point, it’s useless to talk more Unfortunately, the three committees are your brother’s men Dean, let us expand Shrek School You’ve always rejected students’ sponsorship I understand But at this time, even if we are to strive for vindication, we can’t stop here I agree. Boss Dai is right Frander, I’m sorry. It’s my fault It’s nothing to do with you. It’s just our bad luck I’m not in the mood to re-run the school at all Maybe I’m too tired What shall we do now? Why don’t we go to my palace now? It’s not far from the Qibao Amber tribe here Thanks for your kindness, Rong Rong But, I don’t want to feel being under someone else’s roof anymore Dean, it’s my fault. Please punish me Qin Ming. What are you doing now? It’s not your intention I should have said sorry We have ruined your future If it wasn’t your teaching, I wouldn’t have a future Dai was right Let’s re-run Shrek School None of us would want to see it end like this Yes Okay. Shrek School will not end But before that, let’s find a place to stay in Tian Dou City Recruitment. Lanba Advanced Soul Master School Due to expansion, we would like to hire for the following positions Ten soul sects at level 40 and above Ones with high soul power are preferred Once hired, treated favorably Why is a school’s advertisement attached on the city gate’s bulletin board? How much does this need? Lanba School. I know something about it [Next Episode]

We don’t have to waste time Go! This voice Gang. When can you stop avoiding? Gang Our pay requirement is quite high Can you bear it? [Blue Lightning T-Rex] When you love someone, you don’t have to own her I hope she could live happily But, at that time