#3 Let's Play Tales of Xillia 2 (DE/HD/Blind)-Letzter Zug aus Sprengstadt

Inez very common to loot our body part a let’s play hey Celia Twilight be for our new bhai from the Hilo it a and let’s about as if Andy’s new cougar on diesel took would have phones and I can find Exodus angry Griffin and Ethan took Center everything indeed he be – Melissa max I owned Olympus here stammers nervously about the excellent solution over here extremist Mohammed skeeted servile or a dish lacked Nia for alles oper CPV ha many dust Natasha test via yes range Hazama done happy anonymous and paternity security let some partisan I’m al Aswad and it took a right somehow me owns a Buddha Julia’s he again often the Apple didn’t focus enough on Spiros commands I’m a Makeba and enough I’m an angry girl friends oh yeah Julius teen chef he front speedos only this wave is Navarro hot seeking a monster 510 and is a 1d here a lot they are geared on vehicles are amounts of animal but of i’ma simply hinted to put it one HP humor me anger they are a fat asbestos purely strangest ladies about Danny other guys yet own blood we took we took me to talk invisilite there was a young good at dr. Coburn where anything incentivate mr. Brousseau Clem scrums a flow is a basket here up it rises the average hawker the sprouted often oh my god fuzzy get for mood hey so we 14 hey guy is that your cat yeah I thought she was with that girl I’m not afraid hey else all alone isn’t she no I came here all by myself my mommy’s already dead daddy I’m not saying I don’t want his enemies to find out we’re not his enemies I promise and you don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to good coz I won’t you know the way you look there it reminded me more of a spirit that wasn’t like any spirit I’ve ever heard of spirits are mysterious beings that act as conduits between people and nature they’re rare here on Olympius but they’re quite common where I’m from in Risa maxia freaky things like that are common spirits do command great power but they’re no enemy to us and I assure you I’ll Lugar’s neither scary nor a bad guy honey he looks after his cat doesn’t he is that true d cutter hello did you ever think you’d see elevator and I’m like this is this thing I can – well that’s the other a delivery Kalodner so a nice to see it HTC capture so it’s been king when we clear a guard happy cows oh yeah got a salient on the hips it was from Vinoba I got him oh we see the opponent yeah good um oh yeah yeah somebody can enter but I don’t enter him yeah good Arizona could secure the connection so much every vendor pathetic concern okay what a Skoosh murder as a bush but yet coming here and for what this artist money the high cement effect as almost cuts are killed many am ignorant efficient when can he an artist Activia ad Activia TC in mine come be artists here down activates it again super shiny money can only get alemana cambiar t he met my partner Mark Martin own depositors cosmic Anunnaki kindness is I think somebody here this Activia on Camden directly enough that’s nice the artists here a hint held we make covenants attacking as the editor on the Ricky critique practices to the move him so the gloom in the Sigma also him as no Isis maintains to see the a clear policy of trying to copy it it’s would only subbu tailgate it was funny here kiss via not I have to get good on trucks to meet here at Florida Bay is make rig

immediately shown the mmm when we have silicon via notes Mukhlis Alan this her gift on because our quinoa skillet I’ll select on mantras and story building too much fun since they started building the above units even creams crumbs yeah so no game environments by the first one we have fun as a vector own was made up a light and – oh my god so as can see arrogance coolly emit Judaism was a song in mind let’s play fantasies here we have a Menominee miniman anger speed but the same body known as he might have Azad true to be monster you have a seller here made in the selector gonzo and how cool or adverse effects answers we also got some time okay this is Louis but I’ll keep at it aha guy okay nice practice to confirm Angra phenomena clinks Andres Wayne or own carrots nice light installment ok geeksmas important Bhangra thing about unfair I understand philosophy and in the heat receptors they are better self up here and up their club well in this particular power to fire yeah okay mm-hmm well I reckon in your vision autonomy the Amish techno member of the Thai stripping was fake erotica and they were here Zagar was not effective as graph and talking with them under elemental I get enough probably know one of the house partner for ax this is somehow a traffic Emma hello who is this big admissible informative hey grant our gigabit I’m an element on a manpower come to that but is or so so let’s get to it money killing I could get Xena cities its I had some simple commands when I’m born League done Kazuma exon soccer – ah my gig now and someone took it up and I’m just at suicide okay you will Indian are attacking VNT that’s hard can any Content have any vaginal no elemental combo Anton okay damn just need to have linklok come on as a here because I’m a newcomer haven’t looked our artists also essentially Kumar this much trouble cutting Egon that means eight minutes from what the artists off but Dean can is aggressive about frivolity peace part o JP unholy I kept my movie anaconda members Padilla of T of alle schema okay this is cool as this one is a cruiser again soon as my man the victim comes to cinema I was in follow other week is dr. Steven Thomas much as he had its effect on our gig Narang graphic on the Nazis I’ll charm to thinkin they take my ass Whitman it comes to steam I’m in here and buy him a terrific team you know man it’s gonna be out of this ring else comes his team is I’m gonna give my meal a hot topic is Harford many meters been cooperating here the figures own video directly this is an article information we have to miss these matters the anniversary has Malik MIDI from to me hi it just delightful me a curry intestacy dramas of this is me according an alum warm system a hospital Muslim and he still maintains several made an appalling Korean deep volume Coogan so a thermometer huffing back on irons on yeah it’s my video is we can fellows were here stand back let me handle this you don’t need to know I said you don’t need

versus arrogance of work because yet Jory’s what’s this lost a Govardhan oh my god what is this does this definitively on the brutal order I can’t even sing a song with I’m on spa you can see a shrimp in there we just added in Shiro met DC alligator because demons are like isn’t no scientist can hurt me mazia good as an accessibility across the desert at Manhattan’s here an entire universe of speed 9 I just paid media located kept this amount and entirely my understanding I kept Carlota advises 15 unique machinist our own 1cm a equity concealers logic then must see em everything so our care is really looked on select color that under some senior people to see the eyes when cilantro’s our human a group circuit so harvesting so very basic Java Posadas logic as she Louis what happened that creature hurt my employees like this do hurry and finish him off what are you waiting for you despair this monsters life I know you have a kind heart I told you to stay away bad news the brakes have been sabotaged what’s going on our top story terrorists hijacked a train meant for today’s festivities and crashed it into the Oscorp plant the number of casualties is still unknown at present authorities suspect the attack was an assassination attempt conducted by members of Exodus the terrorist organization that opposes peace with Riza maxia bus is here you seen Lord vasee a particularly truly a versus the hobbykids gonna a disco that we couldn’t have asked about the brewery Juden on time for my here on the waterfront in London alright I was seen or we caught masala Fernandez here yep took in the Oscar brand I wish for this Allah says okay el santa needs to could true tea as well as money here on his clapper to Busan Zara Torah here we’re Obama’s IMAX they’re calling it an assassination attempt nasty business well to you I’m the man who saved your lives that’s all

you need to know really mr. Udo how are lugar and Elle coming along oh you’re awake any aches or pains the treatment worked without a hitch for both of them I might add Wow Spears’s medical agents really are tip-top I’m flattered by the compliment truly but our medical spyrix are simply superior to your spirit arts that’s all uh Leia no no don’t worry I’m fine I’d better take this you’re a big liar my daddy gave that watch to me sorry to interrupt all the excitement but the bill for medical treatment comes to 15 million gold what oh it might sound excessive but and you really put a price on saving a life with the proper work ethic and a bit of elbow grease anyone can make money if they try even you being a child is hardly a valid excuse whoa don’t tell me you’re resorting to literal strong-arm tactics now really Luger you’ll need to behave better if you plan to fit in around here excuse me I’m looking for mr. Adil ah perfect timing miss Nova this woman works for Berlin bank Luger what are you doing here is this loan for you hmm what are you talking about in any case we’re talking about a small fortune consider your options phoo phoo phoo Simeone in kind so um he kept exactly so sea lions xia xia longing speed not just talking crap kappa mid dinging i’m typing speed to heal ahsoka are which is a different from our guard the comment when he came out enough XP that I’m a lone guard on e5 1109 think you have known she’s don’t repeated only say it’s a 4-1 fucker DAF only I become in vices besides consoles pyramid for bring the three decades I wasn’t me cuz this middle nickname this is the 50 million where to cut an image dude nice this meal huh it cannot access p.m. it can be nice time get out of hospital it’s not nearly good good it wasn’t super reflects from kaio-sama is okay this is limited yeah harm is on PC engage sorry Adam it’s 100 a kind it’s the super loiter and feel you know Phil 2,900,000 part okay today learned not eat oh no no after naughty ximena’s it wasn’t on and was wait wha Samians not to pressure you unduly but have you reached your decision you’ve made a wise decision are you sure sorry about that the call ran long hey what are you doing oh he’s just taking out a little loan to cover his medical obligations this bill is huge did anyone

tell you what’ll happen if you sign that basically you’ll be tracked to be a GHS they’ll be monitoring your finances around the clock you won’t be able to buy a stick of gum without them knowing a lot of debtors can’t manage their money lots of them squander the cash they should be using to pay us back those deadbeats waste their money and their lives but lugar here isn’t a deadbeat is he that doesn’t well maybe you’re saying you’d like to cover his bill that’s not quite what I was besides not to be gauche but haven’t you sunk every last gold into your spy right research hold on Luger there’s got to be another way well you could always try mooching off of a family member a solidly employed older brother for example hey pleasure doing business with you I will transfer the amount of 20 million balls into mr. Rados account hey wait I forgot to include your veterinary fees my apologies for the oversight see me if you ever need follow-up treatment I’ll even give you the frequent patient discount Luca please don’t look so gone it’s my job to help you pay off your loan that means our partners now yeah like consumer Mamba say I was born or planets one six million order to be ready understood today yeah so this is a clear target because my obsession didn’t like and tootling the Lochner canoe reduced her alpha dual optimal tan side six million Anthony I am this company this candy I remember Turkey room does he see in Houlton Carl likes to go home the tall girl cheats activate hopefully time for my and this came in the first day we were shopping hey sorry I left you holding the bag on that loan I’ve been researching ways to replace the current spyrix I got stumped and the bills piled up what will you do now you come with me where Kanan it’s a place spoken of in fairy tales an ancient spirit legends they say the spirit that reigns over the cycle of reincarnation dwells their magic and it can grant any wish that you make no it’s true daddy told me so how come you don’t believe me perhaps Canaan is more than just a mere fairytale according to legends I’ve encountered the sage kresnik traveled to the land of Canaan wielding the Lance of will what you’ve got a lance if the Lance really exists maybe Canaan does as well but what in the world was that ell how do we get to Canaan I don’t know my daddy just told me to get on the train so I did lost little girl I feel bad for her I guess I could I mean you still need to give me back my pocket watch so anyway that creepy guy with the glasses sounded like he knew something about Kanan Julius kresnik Luger was that really your older brother given the circumstances let’s look for the real Julius yeah have you tried calling his GHS I’m sorry the GHS you are trying to

reach is currently unavailable please try again don’t look so glum maybe he left a message for you back at home you’re gonna come with us to Canaan aren’t you I am something of a do-gooder well thank you hey are you gonna tell me the Kitty’s name alright first things first let’s catch a train back to try glove Natuna Vanessa Buddha end here harem admit I can for my phone to Aqaba San Simeon sure Maria mom are you okay all those PT procedures on acquaintances again on Hollister 20 million here guide from him a ring hitting me super done come and see you namely Mukesh lay up to hone our scissors that Ines are here and let me grab it older till him I inspire I’m ended on here a girl’s top my day I’m a little loop poster boy because I could hate even any leave astride his mark on spire at it’s no it’s only kleiner it’s also a trick when a man to fact provide near a spring on Vanessa saw runs in and zagnut she drew him a fortune but rival on the main factors yeah yeah has over there to see Frankie treatment Chinese officers design what has meant for fact Alice opposed to intensive sea lions he got my charm the spears or she’s my good lose some weight phantom or Gotham does he Allen Olympus treatise by written mana harmonic misfire exponents and missing spark fertility Xevious intuitive the guy stuff I once pirate it’s no no no not true but a leak is our students are categorized and a manufacturer does mr Brock sure throw me no JB magnin angling cut underneath markets and ever tomatoes here let’s fight bison hot Ryan Adams graphics