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Las Vegas. No other city stands for the american dream like Sin City The dream of fast money The sparkling city is a place of extremes where everything’s about money It’s a city of winners and the luxurious lifestyle Every minute is worth a lot of money and it can happen that you don’t get a job one night So you have to take jobs if you get them It’s also a city of losers It’s a tough fight. Only the toughtest survive Despair and crime That’s the other side of Las Vegas You’re only as good as you look. I have to dress like a millionaire i have to feel like one and become one too The city of sins never rests Passenger! Leave the car! Turn around! Turn around! A city on 24 hour duty. 24 hours non stop! 20 past 1 in a pawnbrokers shop How ya doin? How can i help you today? I’m doing some business and i need some money in exchange for my clock Have you just lost some money gambling? No my teams have all won but i need some money to pass the time I need 500 dollars for my watch 500 dollars are no problem Thanks Steven is a returning costumer here He pledges his Rolex several times a month He gets cash for it As soon as he can pay the money back he’ll get his watch back The easy credits are saught after in the city of money Thank’s Micheal, see you next time I’m just looking for some money until my wins get paid out I’m gonna take these 500 and bet them at the caesars palace His watch gets stored in a safe If Steven doesn’t collect it within 120 days it gets sold on the other side of the store to custumers with money In the 2500 quare big warehouse there’s stuff worth 400’000 dollars waiting to be collected Micheal knows that people in Vegas depend on the pawnbrokers We are a 24hour-city that needs money around the clock There are no “regular” costumers here. There’s a rich lady buying a luxourious handbag while there’s another lady just really in need of money to feed her baby 2 hours later on the other side of town Lance is preparing for the following night. He’s a socalled “VIP-host” He organizes individual Las Vegas Tours for people with money His most important custumer just arrived Welcome to Vegas my friend I thought i’d join you at the Hard Rock Cafe and we’re gonna go see a MME-fight Then i booked a Blackjack Table and a VIP-Table at a night club See you in 30 minutes Is everything booked? Yes it’s all good Lance lives off of making people happy There’s no wish he can’t fulfull. From Nightclub-Table to Yacht. He’s prepared for everything Don is one of the biggest VIP’s in Las Vegas If he wants something done you have to get it done Don is unpredicteable. He might lose 3000 dollars or maybe even 30`000 As long as he’s having fun money is no big deal In a casino in Atlantic city he once won 10 Million Dollars in one night. We’ll see what happens tonight Lance has all kinds of custumers. Bachelor Parties and Millionaires

But one rule applies to everyone What you win in the beginning of your trip here you won’t take back home There’s just to many fun things to do here. Like helicopters, night clubs, waterski and so on You can easily get addicted to Las Vegas. It’s just the city of entertainment That’s why his custumer Don flew here for one night in his private jet Don, nice to see you. Did you have a nice flight? Yes, very relaxing Same suite as last time? Exactly! Don’s suite cost’s 10’000 dollars…per night! It has two bedrooms, 3 bathrooms a personal butler and much more But, who can actually afford this? Don made most of his money with a betting-site and through gambling He’s a so called “high roller” which means he gambles with really high sums of money It’s a high risk but in his case it’s a million dollar business I’ve gambled in every casino i can see from here Where did you make the most money? At the Venetian Over there. Right next to the Palazzo May I ask how much? No you dont! Once again, tonight Don visits a casino We’ll join him there later At the same time, far off from the shiny strip in the east of the town A city as bright as Las Vegas casts a big shaddow The city has one of the highest crime rates of the US We are meeting with officer porter from the Las Vegas Metro police We’ll join him on one night of duty. But first there’s a security check Everybody get’s scared sometimes but we have a job to do We have to be brave enough to run into a shooting while everybody is running away I was scared once too. But you have to cope with that Despite the danger the officers are on single-duty Porter’s the father of two children. His duty begins with harmless traffic-controlls But then he get’s called to action Stolen car. Please come. Rodger Imedianately we are on our way to the location of crime What’s happening? One of my partners is following a stolen car We need to help them to stop the car The police blocks the stolen SUV in front of us Officer Porter reacts tough and instantly pulls out his gun Hold up your hands Get behind me Hold your hands out of the window and open the door from the outside Hands behind your head and turn around Don’t look at me and walk slowly towards me While the officers search the car the suspect gets handcuffed instantly Even though they don’t know weather these are the thiefs My collegues are trying to find out if the car is still registered as stolen If it is, these who will go to jail The suspects claim that it’s their neighbours car While the station is checking everything officer Porter get’s called to another situation We’ll meet him again at night Back at the Las Vegas Boulevard the so called “Strip” The city is also known for their shows like the cirque du soleil Today the most important casting of the year is taking place It’s ten past four at the Sarcana-Theater in the Middle of the strip She dreams of a life in the spotlights The 17 year old Athea is one of the 23 invited casting attendees Last thursday i booked my ticket here. It went fast. But that’s what i always wanted to do It means everything to me being able to say: I was a part of cirque du soleil

The last months she trained 7 days a week for almost 8 hours a day That has left some marks While working with the rope you have to protect your skin or you will get hurt I trained a lot so i got hurt The judges flew in from canada. That’s where the circus comes from originally We are expecting to find some new talents today. That’s what the audition is for We want people you don’t know. Something new…something fresh This isn’t a regular circus. There’s no animals, no real stage But there’s a worldfamous show with artists and theater 1300 artists from about 50 countries perform worldwide for the cirque du soleil Athea want’s to become one of them as well Always by her side: Andrew. He’s known her for years and used to be her trainer He knows how hard she’s worked for this day She’s certainly good enough but it’s not in her hands anymore Then it’s time. She’s never performed on such a big stage before Also, he needs to give directions to the technician for dropping and pulling the rope Will she stand the pressure? Will the 17 year old convice the judges of her talent? Usually only men perform on the rope. It’s usually too exhausting for women But Athea proves strengh That was very exhausting, expecially because i had to talk to the judges as well And it wasn’t something i’m used to Athea, could you please come over The judges want to know if she could come back tomorrow for the recall or if she has to be at school She seems to have impressed the judges with her performance She still can’ t believe it I don’t know if i was good enough It’s hard to tell without a video But she’s invited for the recall. In 24 hours we’ll meet with her again and see if things work out for her Las Vegas is exploding. Almost no other city in the US is growing like this one Almost 600’000 people are living here But amongst the 40 million tourists annually, real habitants are a rarity Adam Schwarz is one of them. The limousine-driver was born and raised here I’m trying to play the roll of the well-dressed driver. You’re only as good as you look I need to look like a millionaire, feel like one and try to become one as well It’s almost 6 pm. His shift begins. Adam works at night 6-7 days a week Adam built the house for himself and his wife. She also works at the strip as a groupier Their home is a small oasis of peace far away from the strip I avoided the strip for the first 40 years of my life At home is my real life. Out there you always have to keep up I gotta go now. I have a wedding-drive in half an hour He doesn’t drive around in his private car. So he first has to get his Hummer-Limousine in the garage next door For that he pays a monthly rent. For him to earn something he has to do as many jobs as possible But his pink Hummer has a problem today The car made some weird noises last night and today it won’t start but i have some important jobs today The problem: His battery is empty and has to get replaced but that takes time There’s only one mechanic. While all of the others leave he has to wait

In total there are over 140 limousine-services here The pressure is big How much did you make yesterday 1000 or maybe 11000 dollars Damnnn…that’s more than me Every minute is worth some money. It can happen that you won’t get a job for the night So if you get a job, you have to take it Last tuesday i earned nothing! Even though his car finally starts, he’s allready lost his first job If he’ll still manage to make enough money tonight we’ll see later The night begins and the city finally awakes Back in the suite of high roller Don. It even has a bowling alley Before they visit the casinos they’re bowling a bit Our team is playing with them. Then they’re off to the casino Lance allready booked a table, of course Guys, the limo is ready! Don’s a high roller. He’s allready won multiple millions with black jack The casinos fear him. He isn’t even allowed to play in some of them He’s developed a system together with elite mathematicians to beat the casinos With success! I met these guys and we shared the passion to beat the casinos We developed a concept, a strategy I knew that i had enough money to play and there are so many casinos that we can do it You can’t be successful forever though The casinos get what you are doing How his system works exactly he wont tell us But we are allowed to follow him to the casino, he’s gonna play at Before that, of course there’s a show. A boxing-fight in front of the casino. Lance got VIP-Tickets, of course I liked the fight of those two. And now, let’s gamble! Wanna play against me? We’d rather not. We get brought to an extra Table where only he’ll be playing Todays bet: 5000 dollars. He isn’t allowed to play with more in this casino For Don that’s pocket-money I’m just playing for fun today If i play to actually make some money i’ll bet with half a million or a million dollars He has two oponents today. The casino and himself. Because the important thing is to stop at the right time Richard Wilke is the manager of the casino. He’s watching the game of Don critically He’s playing with a double deck of cards. It’s harder to concentrate for him thata way Far off the strip officer Porter is still on duty An ermergency call just arrived. A beating has taken place The suspect is only 16. He’ll go to jail for domestic violence He’s a minior so he’ll go to juvenile-jail His two collegues deport the boy and bring him to jail. For at least one night The officers shifts last up to 12 hours After 6 hours he’s taking a quick break. But since an incident a few years ago he can’t even relax here Two of my collegues were taking a break at a pizza-place. A man came in an shot them both I used to work a lot with one of them. I knew him since police-academy His death hit me hard The incident changed the officer. He became even more cautios You’re always looking? Yes i always am. Looking at the surrounding, the people, their hands, if they carry a gun

I look into their eyes. If they are watching me. I don’t like it when people stand in my back I know some people want to hurt us. Just because we are wearing these uniforms We return to the strip. It’s shortly past 2 at night The limousine driver Adam is still looking for custumers The problem: he’s not allowed to pick up guests from the street like a normal taxi So he just drives from casino to casino in the hopes of picking up guests. But this is the ground of the portiers The portiers rule the city. They want their piece of the cake That means, they want money. So they’ll get a share of 20 percent for every guest You need to know every portier of every casino. They all need to have your number That can take years and years Then finally a job. But at the casino the next problem awaits, You need to leave here. But i have a custumer! I can’t turn around that’s why i have to drive through What did you say? I hate Limousine-Drivers! I love you too! You don’t have to be rude to me! Idiot! Adams needs to leave and look for other costumers. Via phone he gets another job from a collegue I’ll be at the MGM in 4 minutes Being on time is important and 4 minutes later Adam’s at the location Where do you wanna go? Venician? And then finally he got his first job of the night In this city you’re only good if you can work. It’s a 24 hour job in a 24 hour city People say that New York never sleeps but they shut down at 4 am Thank you very much here’s my number. I’m driving all night He gave me 145… Not bad for my first drive of the night Adam got used to living at night. His shift only just started. In a city that actually never sleeps It’s 4 in the morning. On the strip life is still going Don’s still sitting at the blackjack-table Within short time he turned his 5000 dollars into 8000. He’s getting his win paid out If i’m sitting here, i always win. That’s for sure Lance fulfilled his job and made his custumer happy. Together they`ll keep partying through the night life To celebrate the small success The sun is returning But the shaddows of the night are long Welcome to the hangover heaven. A hospital for people suffering from a hangover Like these man you can choose from 3 different cures ranging from 150 to 300 dollars Dr. Jason Burke is an anestaesician and he had the idea for the clinic You’ll first get Electrolyts into your veins then you’ll recieve vitamin a and c The patients are also breathing oxygen through the masks these guys want to feel better as fast as possible cause they have a lot planned today You’re exagerating…that’s not that bad! Okey okey We have a trip into the desert planned. We want to shoot with machine guns there We need to be ready for that Instead of laying hungover on a couch these guys invested some of their money into the hungover-cure That’s peanuts in comparison to the costs of the entire trip Hey Shannon, how much did we spend up to now? Oh god, i think 25000 dollars But do they actually feel better after their treatment

I feel like jesus after his resurection! At the same time. School starts at Whitney School in the east of town 85 percent of people here are homeless Director Shary made it her job to help these people Let’s see what kind of clothes we have for you here These children. Many of them are siblings will get newly dressed today The children ofter wear the clothes for several days. At the end of the week their clothes are extremely dirty Going shopping with their parents. These children never had that. Today’s a very special day for them The whole thing get’s financed by donations. Sherry looks after the kids like their own Do you guys have a coat or a jacket? None of you? Many of them don’t have a home at all or are sleeping in tiny rooms Without the donations they’d have to freeze in winter. They’re not picky at all They’re happy about every piece of cloth and also about the visit of our team cause living is usually one big battle Our camerateam is a welcomed distraction Do you like the sweater? Did you get clothes here often? Yes, a backpack, shoes and this sweatshirt! There are not only clothes but also toys. On it’s birthday every child is allowed to choose one for itself At home they usually don’t get any presents. This lil boy even forgot his birthday My birthday was in august but it was so loud that i didn’t hear the call Okey, you can choose one present! A lot of them don’t even know that you get something special on your birthday I’m hoping that they feel appreciated at least once We’ve asked them what they did on their birthday but to them it’s a day like every other Happy Birthday! He’s very excited. He chose a special present In memory of his father. It’s a wrestling figure My dad used to wrestle on the bed with me but now he’s in prison We can only call him on the phone. He always tells me to watch out for my brothers and sisters He always says he’ll be back one day For Samson and many here school’s the only place they can learn some structure They all feel a very strong empathy. That’s definately because they all live in the same situation They are all trying to survive and they are all looking out for each other These sibblings are all being picked up by their mother She’s overwhelmed These are beautiful! I mean, i love my job but…The money’s not enough It’s not enough to buy clothes for my children The family is living in a weekly home. A room they rent for only a week at a time Nine people in one room. The school helps them out so the children don’t have to live on the street I try to get as many donations as i can so i can help these people get a roof over their head I try to get them rentmoney, clothes when they need them, all i can But it only works with donations. I couldn’t do it without the donations Sherry could make these children happy. But the price she pays for that ist high

She works up to 18 hours daily to make the children happy It’s almost eleven. The other extreme of the city is only 10 kilometers away Here we find the rich Las Vegas. Roy Wuong belongs to the winners here He’s living the american dream. He got rich as a luxus-car-dealer The cars stand in his own garage. His showroom is his own driveway My passion for cars started in the womb. It’s in my blood Roy’s the son of a famous art-dealer. He built his business himself Even today he makes it all by himself. The pictures for his sales. For a better look he waters the ground In a city that fights with a severe drought That’s not good enough for me i will not accept that Do you see this scratch? That’s typical for this car We need to redo that. Only if the cars are repaired and like new he’ll sell them Half a year ago a costumer employed him to find a special ferrari with a special lining. Today the car’s here Thomas, guess what, your car’s here! Come over I’m home Not even half an hour later Thomas Sukah a successful producer and photographer arrives He’s been waiting 5 months for his dream car You’re killing me There he is. His ferrari I love you man. Can i drive a bit? Yes sure it’s yours! Not yet But Roy’s sure. His custumer will buy the car It’s exactly what he wanted. I looked at 50 or 100 cars before i find the right one Thomas seems to enjoy the test drive. Past the houses where people like Steffi Graf or Nicolas Cage live I’m drunk. Drunk in love Thomas had special requests. Black leather and white seams. Yellow wheel-caps That’s a used car for 190 thousand dollars And Roy found it for him. In this city dreams come true a bit faster that elsewhere Las Vegas. The city of dreams. But they can crash as well The seventeen year old Athea was at the recall Will her dream come true? She was great. She’s strong, flexible and a lot of potential She’s not quite where we need her to be but she’s so young and she has potential Athea actually did it. As soon as she’s 21 she’ll become part of cirque du soleil Las Vegas. A city that writes it own stories For most here it’s only about one thing: Finding luck While some still dream about it, others allready made the big money But sadly, many of them also lost it all again In this glittery city that never sleeps and never slows down Las Vegas – City of extremes