I talk about creating our own rut alright guys today is our oh fifth fifth day of the gun season second gun season today is an exciting day of the nine-day season because it’s the first day that the waterfowl refuge areas on the public land are open for other forms of hunting so you can hunt anything else other than waterfowl on these areas starting today these areas are not allowed to trespass on for like months at a time they are public land but they’re closed certain times of the year the fact that nobody’s been in there means that there’s going to be a ton of deer packed in there especially with all the people thump and deer around on the rest of the public land the borders it a lot of those deer run into that area to escape and today hoping to catch them off-guard we’re expecting a lot of people to be out there taking advantage of the first day of this it’s it’s tough talent because well here we are in Iowa where apparently nobody hunts during the gun season in the middle of the week so nobody may be out there but we’re gonna be the first people out there we’re gonna do a lot of wind bumping today because the weather is not going to be ideal it’s gonna be like 40 degrees for a high so it’s gonna be pretty warm I don’t think we’re gonna get a ton of natural movement you’re probably gonna sit the beginning of the day and probably the end of the day but the rest of the time we’re gonna just be pumping those deer around Jake’s calling me here so let’s see what he’s got going on hey buddy what’s going on yeah I’m fine with that I’m just gonna get to the end of the water there I think and just either keep moving up if I’m seeing the air we’ll just see what we see and then if they aren’t move and then we’ll make a move it should just be should be crazier and hit they I mean at this point in this in this fresh earth here that we’re going to just I don’t really care what we do let’s just do an hour I mean who cares yeah good luck to you hey give me a holler if y’all knock one down yeah so we’re gonna be right here are you watching through the camera yeah cuz I’m actually talking to you we’re just gonna walk the lake down like even if we spook them from up here it’s probably good thing really we’re just gonna get to this point measure it once okay so we may need to move up this edge as the morning goes on but our winds gonna be pretty much this blown right out into the lake I’d imagine it’ll probably try to get to this Cove that’s what I would do at least we’ve walked edge of the lake this is the side that’s exposed to the Sun all day so I don’t know we could try it though am i definitely been cold enough to make some more ice I’d say forget something like bullets or putting my orange on or something like that just cuz I’m so excited got my tag got bullets I’ve got a gun that’s all I should really absolutely need I got this chapstick he’s gonna be okay toilet paper that’s good good news it’s gonna be important at some point I don’t want well we made it to the spot and there’s nobody here Jake and Logan are on the other side of this piece coming in from the next access to the west and we’re both gonna sneak into these coves we’ve been learning more and more about hunting these coves this lake just in the last couple of years and we feel pretty confident with kind of our game play of the day we’re gonna go in kind of set up a little bit or still hunt our way through and based off what we see we’re gonna start making wind bumps throughout the rest of the morning we’re gonna try to hit as many of these pieces as we can and when bump them before everybody else gets here this weekend we know I’m during the weekends these things get crazy there’s tons and tons of people out here and we’ll change our strategy for those days but as them now while nobody’s in these spots we’re just gonna go in and get aggressive on them lets go yeah there’s a buck a little buck over there it looks like there’s at least three deer on that opposite bank I think we’re just gonna slip up to the cedar this is the cove we wanted to get to you were gonna get a little bit further but this will work it will just slip up here we’ll have a good pay attention better get any light that moves man oh yeah dude he’s a toad yeah there’s a huge block over there maybe he’s stand-in there maybe that thing it like he’s huge

I don’t know if he said there’s tiles down there no we’re running towards him I don’t think so there was just a tank standing over there to scrape he looked down the bottom just took off up and the seniors it is gray LIBOR pretty far away from the deer and we got good I think we got a good backdrop I think we should have been covered fine I’d say there’s a good chance we’re gonna see that buck again before the end of the morning time to do I’m sorry try it do you really want to I don’t care to be a lot quieter but like I also don’t want to get what I’d rather not bother her again I’ll just try this out therefore he’s really scared of his eyes it’s afraid that he might fall through I’m gonna keep going this way good eyes Logan so you don’t have a cooler here yet maybe a fox actually that’s cool I don’t see many foxes I never did in Wisconsin that’s cool look I gotta start moving faster though just cuz I want to get up to the head of this call I gotta be set up right up here so we’re just gonna either head between this or maybe they’re gonna head up this drainage or up this change and get to the line probably just do this one right here and then we’ll just work that one betting area right doing well so I’m gonna just try do all these separately on the way out I think it’s a lot more effective when you do small jives like that with two people what people I guess but you see all these deer over there Ted do you see all the deer over there right behind that door and there’s a couple nice bucks a very good job of getting them clean but we’re seeing a lot of deer we’re bumping them their way so they’re just gonna run up to the middle of those Cedars and stop and they’re just gonna bump on back through here yeah well we’re not the only ones out here I know about the opening of this this area

over here because there’s some guys over there shooting like crazy we can see them across the water I’d imagine they’re gonna start coming through here at some point if jake and Logan I blow and they’re scent to this bedding area all right at the head of the water here and we feel like there’s a bunch of crossing trails right here we go here we go get ready man that those does are doing perfect giving me 15 different shot chances well we got the guys coming towards us here worked yep again I mean just piles of deer but none of the Bucks that we saw came out which is kind of interesting honestly we could probably go right back through this piece and we might even do it again later today and it’s just a riot and they come around and over that he’ll like that the cool thing is as we’re done with this spot for the time being it’s only 8:30 so we’re gonna have plenty of time to hit multiple different spots doing this we got the perfect conditions to be wind bumping and the deer still doing exactly what we want them to do just got to get lucky and at some point have a buck follow and like we did yesterday does a lot the ton of this did exactly right I only saw one buck naturally moving back and forth he was just confused those guys just got him up and running and that’s a wild time my favorite guy is a guy up by the oak tree way up and amid all of the field yeah man I came around this bend at this thing and it was just getting daylight and I looked over there I was like Ted there’s a bunch of deer and all of a sudden I just glass I need to stand on this grape and it was just like at the point that point out and that goes around but he bounded up into the woods by himself and like I thought for sure he’s gonna come right through here what those does but I bet you the buck most of the time slip out of the back when he got such a small group I think you just gotta hit him just right to nudge him to where you don’t bump him a lot talking about mass confusion that’s looking pretty good right there good place a lot of deer down see how that gradually goes down versus these other ones right on this side up just like right here I could work that’s pretty sweet dress we’ll see I guess not sweet for them but never do or do you think they’re but right across the ice that’s done under very soon you know what this film to the right of him maybe a little

there’s two nice bucks it’s about one o’clock and we grab the bite to eat popped back out here and we timed it to where all those guys that were on the other side of the water from us this morning they’re coming through on our side now but they are to the west of us they’re bumping deer this way we’re guessing that we’re gonna catch some movement coming through this way from those guys but Jake and Logan are also still hunting through the bedding areas up there we’re both gonna be in the game for shooting at deer because we don’t think anybody’s been back in here today there’s no boot tracks or anything we didn’t hear any shots over here at this morning at least not any big groups of shots those guys are blasting away to the west they’re shooting a ton and we’re pretty sure that they’re just gonna end up driving those deer all the way down this water’s edge basically just on another one of these big funnels where there’s major trails that come off these secondary points that are bedding areas and Logan and Jake are just kind of zig zagging back and forth through those bedding areas letting their scent kind of go at a crosswind they have potential to catch deer moving naturally or coming from those guys that are in that big group over there and we’re probably gonna catch movement coming across these major funnels as deer continue to get pressured back in here Jays just gone absolutely crazy up there I see a unpressurized deer on the edge feeling totally relaxed there’s probably some good urns in here too you just got to get lucky and have them do the right thing work yesterday middle of the afternoon so maybe we’ll get lucky and something will work out for us tonight I really believe that if you can get yourself because you’ve got like look at the gun right now it’s not even moving you’ve got it pinned in there but if you’re out here your back is floating you know but if you’re in here look how much more firm I look in this position versus right here shooting tip get your back and getting something Ted thinks I’m full of it but no I know he’s picking on me for talking about it so much may or may not have been why I missed that buck yesterday you watch this way that’s why works for the does every time that worked like a charm yeah except for the buck I think it’s gonna work it’s something that’s what I mean that’s what I mean I’m thinking maybe up there I like up on top you got a better chance me something like that see I kind of trouble you get yourself into there right here there’s a bunch much right there I’m perfect because she has to go around that somewhere right in there I can shoot first down my dear I see coming down through there with sunshine and on it I’m gonna scream big buck I guarantee it buddy yeah I did he’s coming towards us he went up to the right yeah I don’t know if they’re gonna go up here to the right yeah there’s a buck another couple buck

go further north it must have just been bedded further up in there where they have a better escape but we should have known that bucks would be up there I mean shall we move up still just like now that we know Bucks went through there that’s right all right so we had several bucks come down they were right on the trail that we were set up on but they came through really fast and they surprised us they just went up in here to the right or guessing they probably didn’t go very far there’s more gear coming down from that spot so we’re facing in that direction now we may need to move up or try to loop around these deer over here I’m just gonna have to sit here and make a decision for a sec but first we’re gonna what see what comes out of here it worked if we’d have been up another 50 yards we probably would have seen him stop up in the edge of the timber that’s the tough part about it it’s not easy he’s gonna see deer but it’s hard to get in front of a good buck that’s a big one in the back I think mm-hm not quite what we’re after I don’t think I’m gonna shot him around in geez laughter yeah this is the most fun way to hide I get so exhilarated there’s a good chance I can bump back into these deer that were bumping too because they’re just running right into the next bedding area you know that’s why we plan for the whole time now we can just bounce right back around there’s a ton of deer coming Oh buddy a couple gatherings come out right where you walk down I mean just to the that direction they can’t see that dead tree out now in the corner we’re sitting here facing this way a bunch of those came down you know really that pretty quickly they tried to go around this way no see yeah I bet you that those Bucks are doing that man I bet you those Bucks are cutting over the top mostly and the fact that you guys brought it back from that fence I didn’t know you guys were doing that the only way I was jumping in is if I would stop for a while like I would just stop and I think they just get uncomfortable and then they stick after 15-20 seconds they stand up like how long ago did you see the buck and out area I wanted to get to that line in case they were gonna go north and that’s much more than they came down cuz I did jump see deer right up in there how wicked would it be if they ran out of this there’s something up here both and do your head let’s go get her did you see how close she was when I pee that’s when the action happens

you know one or two couple hound dogs we’ve just kicked up and doe and fawn right there don’t stop done the other side of Creek before that there’s two doe but stopped right here that buck came through he was dead he did say that far I can I’m sure this one this one was I mean right there