Ancestral Land. Russian TV Series. Episode 8. StarMedia. Drama. English Subtitles

Star Media presents Alexei Kravchenko, Svetlana Kolpakova Yuriy Borisov, Arina Zharkova Maksim Kerin, Alina Lanina Maria Smolnikova, Vitaliy Khayev Sergey Sosnovskiy, Maria Kuznetsova Sergey Peregudov, Vladislav Vetrov Viktoria Tolstoganova, Leonid Gromov Created and directed by Milena Fadeyeva Director of Photography Radik Askarov Art Director – Sergey Kokovkin Costumes by Alexei Kamyshov Music by Ivan Uryupin Montage by Marina Vasilyeva Sound Director – Leonid Shushakov Executive Producers – Eduard Aliyev, Tatyana Statsman Produced by Ekaterina Pogorzhelskaya Produced by Andrey Anokhin, Vlad Ryashin Movie of Milena Fadeyeva THE ANCESTRAL LAND -Why did you cut your hair? -Don’t you like it? No, I do like it very much Your forehead is hot How are you feeling? Try them on, please You shall keep your hands warm Where did you keep them? In the oven? I’m glad. Here are the socks At the front, a surgery room might be an ordinary cold tent You shan’t be cold, Lesha Lilya Mikhaylovna, you’re an extremely caring wife We shall leave in five minutes One minute I’m ready -What are you carrying? -I’ll explain later I’ll write to you as soon as I get there Please keep yourself save, honey To the wagons! -Good bye! -Good luck! God save you! Why do you keep silence? Look at me Lesha, go to the wagon -You’re very hot -Go!

To the wagons! Come back, guys! Come back! Write to me! Ilyusha, I love you! Ilyusha! Excuse me. May I? Sorry Lesha? Lesha? Lilya! What did you do it for? You shall get off the train immediately Immediately! Lesha, sit down! I have the same full rights of a soldier as you do I don’t understand anything I put another pair of glasses here Lesha, what is there to understand? I went to the 3.5-month study course Then I made them send me to the front together with you Did you think that I’ll sit at home quietly and wait for you to return from the war? But why didn’t you say anything to me? Why? Lesha, because you wouldn’t let me do it I’ve always coordinated everything with you I was always waiting for your say, and that was the reason why I lost Timka This time, I decided to act without your permission Forgive me, my beloved Dr. Morozov Accept it You don’t have any other choice anyway Are you a fool? You are You may get to our people but what will you do without the papers? They may think that you deserted or even something else They may even execute you Thank you for the shelter, Antip Grigoryevitch You shared your last piece of bread with me You fed me. Thanks Thanks for the tobacco too I’ll be on my way tomorrow What do you thank me for? Other people escape from the front Bastards! Bloody deserters And people like you go to the front despite anything It’s all so silly! If a man wants to be at the war, let him go! You’re not a cripple. You’re a strong man! Thank you for the understanding, grandpa Wait. I’ll come in a second Lie down Sleep a bit before the long road God only knows when you’ll be able to sleep again Look, Stepa. Look, look! Our army is close!

I’ll try to talk this boy into taking you with him Pack, and I’ll go to him One second, one second! -Are you alive? -I am -Alive? -Yes Then tell me the way! Go! Go! First ride straight There will be a field after the forest; make a turn from the road, go to the end of the field Our people are digging trenches there Go, honey! Go! Come on, come on! Go! -Get up. Your companion is unwell -Lilya? I think there is something wrong with your lady Lilenka? You know, I have a torch Shall I light it up for you? Yes, please My girl It looks like it’s typhoid fever We shall take her off the train at the nearest station She can’t stay here There are people around She shan’t stay here in any case We shall get to the hospital I’ll now find out what the nearest station is For now, let’s go to the platform of the wagon Let me help you with your things Hold on, hold on a bit. My girl Hold on, hold on. Hold on. Hold on Come on, come on. Be quiet, bro! Here, our people are already close! There they are! Are you alive? I am Come on, come on! Move it! Come on, come on! Botkin, Tarasyuk! To the cart Assist the wounded Go on working, guys, don’t relax! We have little time -Is he alive? -He is -Are you alive? -Yes Get him on the stretcher and run to the trenches! Who are you? Show me your documents I’m a nobody. Morozov Stepan I don’t have any papers I wanted to deliver him here as soon as possible Wait. You’re that Stepan! I’m Trofimov Mikhail Trofimov, we met before the war in the restaurant Do you remember the fight? I was there with Ninochka -You’ve just married… -Yes, we have -Hello, Mikhail -Hello, Stepan. What a meeting! Now, now Be careful Stay here, I’ll come back in a second My honey. Be quiet, be quiet What has happened to me? My girl, everything is fine You are a bit sick Are we going home?

No, honey, we’re going to the hospital Timka Are these your things? I’ll help you The hospital is close by Now, now What? What do you want? What did you come here for? Father went to the front Grandpa and Grandma died There is no one left in the village I may rely on Did you come to live here? Are we relatives or what? What kind of relatives are we? Who is your relative? I shall go Wait Come up How may I drive you away in this state? Alexei? Alexei, you shall eat Thank you, Nina Ivanovna, but no No, you shall! Drink some tea and eat some bread No, no I won’t even listen to that! Come on, do it! If you don’t obey my order, I’ll drive you out of here into the cold! Thank you I’ll have to leave soon I have an order I must be at the field hospital in 2 days Don’t worry. We’ll care for your wife You’re not leaving her at the battlefield She will be among people, among doctors, among nurses Yes, I understand But the unknown scares me How will she find me? When will we meet again? She will find you! You are Auntie Nina? Oh, you’ve woken up! Let’s go, then Your wife is asking for you Lesha Lilenka You shall go. You must I will have to go soon Forgive me You forgive me. I delayed you here As soon as I stand up, I’ll catch up with you at once You go and don’t worry about a thing My honey! Pasha, don’t worry, OK?

What are you up to now, my Goldilocks? You see, another person will live with us from now on My honey! Are you pregnant at last? It’s not me how is pregnant My sister came from the village She is all alone there and she is pregnant I couldn’t drive her away She’ll live in the larder, I already showed her there And she’ll clean the house We needed a housemaid anyway, didn’t we, Pasha? All right, show me your sister Of course. Let’s go Wow! You’re a real Aphrodite. Just pregnant Welcome to the household of Pavel Arkadyevitch, girl -Dig the trenches deep! -Yes, sir! Be quick! Be quick! In twenty minutes, the trench shall be ready! I don’t believe we may do it! Morozov! Did you get the uniform? No. Not yet, comrade commander Follow me. In your clothes, you may only clean kolkhoz’s sheds but not fight with the Fascists What is wrong with your leg? Nothing serious It’s nothing serious, but you’re limping like a lame cow It’s infantry, bro, not a hospital An infantryman without legs is like a woman without breasts We have been walking almost all the week through! About the woods, fields and rivers -Tarasyuk! -Yes? Can’t you find an old uniform for a soldier? Why not, comrade commander? I’ll look for it now Look for it faster, and give it to him! Yes, sir! Other people’s stories are none of my business I don’t care who you are for Captain Trofimov I got an order and I’ll executing my commander’s order Tarasyuk? Come on Here we go What a nice guy! It will do Sharifullin? He is calling me again Comrade Commander, Private Sharifullin came at your call! Teach the young soldier to shoot Why are you staring at me? He has just arrived to the front He hasn’t been in a battle before He can’t shoot And show him how to crawl too Yes, sir. But how will I teach him to shoot in three seconds? No more talks! Execute the order! Yes, sir. Come on, soldier, follow me Faster, faster Place the hands here to make it more stable. Here Look into the aim with the right eye and close the left -Can you see the target? -I can -What do you see? -A tree And now, Morozov, imagine that it’s not a tree but a bad Fascist If you don’t kill him, he’ll shoot your mother, your sister, or your beloved girlfriend Have you imagined that? I have Shoot when you breathe out, as I showed you. Are you ready?

I am One, two, three, shoot! Oh, you! And you said you didn’t know how to shoot, you son of a bitch! Our shooters played a great part in the demise of the group of the German General Kleist by Rostov They bravely sneaked deeply into the enemy’s positions They started fire along all the flanks and the rear Thus, our shooters created chaos among the battle positions of the enemy Our fighters are doing well I wish they crushed those bastards as soon as possible We’re sitting here as if on a powder keg We don’t know what to expect of this war Wash my soles so that I walked the clean floor in clean slippers. Varya? One moment -Wash my slipper. Varya? -One moment Wash my slipper. Varya, do you hear me? Yes, sure I wanted to ask you How is Ignat doing? Did Katerina see him off to the front? Katerina died What do you mean – died? Are you mocking me? How may one mock regarding such things? She died when giving birth Oh, God What about the baby? The baby is fine and healthy It’s a girl. Ignat called the girl Zoya Ignat’s mother is looking after her now A month ago he left for the front He is a tankman now -A tankman? -A tankman A tankman They wrote something about the tankmen too No, it was in yesterday’s paper Where is the yesterday’s paper? I put them there, in a stack The tankman… Yesterday Oh, no, not Babakhin, not now He always comes in the least suitable moment Go and open the door for him -Hello -Hello May I? What a beauty! A rare beauty I haven’t taken the brushes in my hands for a while -Give me the coat -Thank, thanks I’m Dubasov Yakov Dmitriyevitch You may simply call me Yasha Varvara Varvara. Very nice to meet you Come on, come on! The stretcher, fast! Hurry! Bring him to the surgery room, fast! Come on! Stop! Put him here! Come in, come in! Bring him here Yevgeniy Nicolayevitch, honey, hold on! Gangrene We will have to amputate all the limbs I beg you! Better shoot me! I beg you!

He is our commander, Senior Lieutenant Yegorov He was also shot in the chest I think there is a shell splinter there Did you bring him out of the battlefield? I did Thank you. Go outside Tamara, prepare the chloroform urgently He is very stressed and won’t lost consciousness at once Olenka, warm the ampule in your hands, it’s too cold Hold on, hold on, honey! Let me go! Come here! Fast! There are more wounded! -Here, brothers! -Bring the stretcher! Olya, this is it. You make take him away Girls, stay close to him. He’ll start being sick, make sure he won’t choke Comrade Military Doctor, the trucks brought another twenty people! God, this is impossible Alexei Makarovitch hasn’t been sleeping for the fourth day in a row! Sort them and we’ll operate Tamara, put some ether on the towel for he may come to his senses during the surgery -Prepare him. I’ll smoke a bit -Yes, sir There are four times more than 20 people there, Alexei Makarovitch -We have no more room -Are there any more wounded? They are lying on the floor, side by side How are you, Comrade Military Doctor? My heart is torn apart when I’m looking at you Stop it, Anya I hope they’ll send more surgeons to us, then it’ll be easier Air alert! Air alert! Run for cover! Doctors, nurses! Don’t you dare hide, cover the wounded first! Let’s operate -Alexei Makarovitch -Let’s operate! Lie down! Lie down! Alexei Makarovitch Morozov Listen, Morozova, did you come to the front to fight or are you just a Decembrist following your husband? I came to fight, Comrade Major If you came to fight, here is your order and go where the commandment is sending you I beg you, Comrade Major – please send me to Forget your lady’s caprices! Leave them for the peaceful times! Why did you leave home at all? The front needs fighters and not infatuated girls! Go to the rear! Wait for your beloved man there while others are fighting I want to fight, Comrade Major But I want to be close to my husband This is enough I don’t have time. Yershov? Yes, Comrade Major When is the next echelon to the Urals? At the end of the week, Comrade Major Send this girl to the rear Comrade Major, in accordance with the order I will arrive to the place stated in my order at the scheduled time! May I go? You may It’s God knows what! Yershov, feed fighter Morozova Send her to the front this evening Feed her well, the woman has just recovered from a disease -Yes, Comrade Major -You may go Pavel Arkadyevitch, as the meeting decided,

the plant will work in two shifts starting from tomorrow Don’t let the women work night shifts Soon only women and old men will work at the plant We’ll sort it out when it happens Have you distributed the food ration cards among the people? Yes, we have them covered for December Pavel Arkadyevitch, the teenagers ask for work A crowd of them gathered at the entrance Accept them Just choose the right jobs for them Report to me later Yes. OK Why haven’t you cleaned the snow? We have cleaned it this morning However, it has been snowing for another two hours Clean it all, now! What is it, Pasha? The plant isn’t a theatre, is it? Well, driving is not painting either Oh, Pasha, I’d never work as your driver but for the war It’s better to be my driver than to fight at the front in the trenches You’d better thank me than complain Stop it. I know it. I didn’t mean it How are you managing at the plant? I started my career at a plant, actually It’s not a theatre, of course, but life is not easy now in general When peace comes, then we’ll see As for now, it’s much calmer to work at the plant People have less questions to me You have become so thoughtful, Pasha I value that in you I went to your wife today to bring the food ration cards You have a new relative, don’t you? Varya. She is Alyonka’s sister What is it? Do you like her, Yasha? Stop it! I’m just interested The first battle is like the first girl in a man’s life You don’t know how it’ll all go, you’re scared to shame yourself It’s very scary. But it’s fine then You start doing it just as you should with a girl You come to like it Morozov, the main thing is to look at the Fascist with hatred Hatred doubles your strength -Right, Utkin? -I think so He is very clever. A mathematician He may calculate in his mind Utkin, tell us, how much is 3,029 plus… 1,056? It’s 4,085 Did you see? The main thing is, nobody may check him. Utkin? How did you call those relations those ones Binary relations of equality or two-number relation between any of the multitudes Did you see? Like that It’s any sub-multitude of the Descartes’s multiplication of these multitudes Why are you so interested? Because, Mitya, I don’t understand a word of what you’re saying As if you’re talking in German By the way, do you know their language? I studied it at the university You’re a clever bastard, you know everything Tell me some bad words in German, will you? Schmutziges schwein What? Say that again? Schmutziges schwein What does it mean in their language? “A dirty swine” Oh, good. A dirty swine is good It suits us Morozov, remember – when we meet them face to face, tell them they are “Schmutziges schwein”, so that they knew

Good afternoon, Comrade Commander At ease. Eat, guys Morozov, come up to me for a second I got a letter from Ninochka today Morozov, why does he like you so much? What do you care? You’re being rude at once as if To the trenches! Attention! To the trenches! Into the battle! Into the battle! Fire! Fire at the tanks! At their aims! Fire! Come on The aim is to the right! A shell! Fire! Dirty swines, how many of you are there?! Bastards. What do you want here? Here are the bread cards Exchange them for butter You gave me three cards So what? I have been craving for butter for two weeks now You shall eat some as well You only eat empty porridge The butter is the most expensive good They ask for three and sometimes even for four cards for it But we won’t have bread afterwards Who told you we won’t have the bread? We have enough of the cards. Go! Where did you put them? Into my pocket Put them here Now go! The defensive battles in the capital of our Motherland The First Storm Army under the commandment of General Lieutenant Kuznetsov started the attack and liberated the city of Yakhroma They are continuing the pursuit of the enemy

in the direction of Solnechnogorsk and Klin! I won’t give it to you I’m not taking it. What do I need it for? If you don’t need it, just move Did you eat from a dog’s bowl? It’s just trash So what? We eat what we’re given I have a bread card Do you want some bread? Don’t you joke like that, auntie Let’s go with me. Come on Coke on, come on Come on, follow me Polkan! Do you understand what you’re doing? Do you realize what you’re doing? Do you think Pasha is printing those cards? Alyona, but he was so hungry! He lives in a cellar with a dog He sleeps with it not to get cold What do I care about him? Shall I give bread to all homeless kids? But you said that we have more bread cards Who are “we”? Who are “we”? You can’t give orders in my house! Alyona, I didn’t eat that bread I gave it to a hungry child What if you had a kid who was hungry? My child will never be hungry I don’t give a damn for homeless kids I can’t feed all of them You’re cruel, Alyona And you’re so kind You’re so kind that your kindness drove our mother to the grave! Varya? What is it? Varya, what is it? Varya? Varya? Varya, what? Varechka, what has happened? What? Varya? Varechka, wait Wait. Urgently What? You fell asleep You shall go and lie down on a bed Take off your clothes and your heavy boots I fell asleep I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to What didn’t you mean? You’re exhausted Who sent such a princess to the war? Well The war took two of my sons God didn’t send me a daughter If he sent me a girl, I’d never let her go to the front Eat while it’s still warm Thank you Do you believe in God? No

One shall believe in God at the war And not at the war too How may one live without faith? Who will protect you except for God? I wanted to give it to my sons, but they refused to take it They were Communists And you shall take it Let me put it on you It’ll protect you from death Don’t. No need to do it Don’t take it off, daughter I’ll protect you How did you end up at the war, you, so thin and tender? Soldier Morozova, go out. Faster, faster Come on, come on This is it Why are you crying? Shout! Shout! Why shall I shout? I don’t know All women shout when they give birth -Come on, shout, shout! Well? -I can’t Aren’t you in pain? I’m in great pain Then you shall shout Lie here, I’ll come in a second You have a baby here!