good morning guys we’re back here in the same spot that we were just a few hours ago actually Jake and I put those stands in there last night right at dark trying to move back into that bedding area on these bucks and it’s about 4 o’clock right now and we’ve got a good I don’t know probably hour hike to get back in there to those stands super super quiet we’ve got to go right along the edge of that bean field for the last 50-60 yards and I’m assuming that’s where those bucks are at right now so we can see the edge of the beans from where the stands are but the bucks got to come into the timber just into the very edge for us to kill them on public and we’re set up right on the same trail that they exited out of their bedding area last night so hopefully they’ll use the same one on their way back in I guess Ted’s just gonna nap in the boat here for a little bit huh yeah there you go but we yeah we better get moving in there we’ll see you guys in the tree and about 100 more yards of just steady walk and then we’re gonna get real quiet at about 5:30 we got another 15 minutes or so before legal shooting time him Jake and I are in these stands we crept in so quiet this last 40-50 yards and we’ve never buggered anything we ever heard anything take off anyway only sitting about two feet off the ground right here to this tree and as it gets light I would assume we’re gonna be able to see deer out in the beans here the property line is not very far that way you know we only have about 15 yards to work with that direction to the edge of the field so they have to come in here to the edge of the grass in order for us to get a shot they come down here this little lane right here to the left of me they go down there to get a drink we can also kill them there yep those bucks use the same trail this morning all be in good shape I say they’re way out in the beans but they’re walking right to us oh yeah one of them the first ones two year old if he walks in here i’m going to shoot him he’s kinda coming this way tho walking right at us I just lost track of those bucks they went in there to the right I can’t see him anymore but the last one was just feeding they’re about eighty to a hundred yards and I think they’re in that little buffer strip right now that butts up against the edge of the field that’s right where they walked by Jake and I last night watch those bucks go in down there in bed we know that they’re only 150 yards or so from us right now we’re gonna have to be real careful getting out of here I’ve been looking at onx trying to gather who owns that property you know I may try to get permission to shoot across onto their side because I’m afraid of in this spot is we’re gonna have a buck come by us here 30 yards right to the edge of these beans you know we’re not gonna be able to shooting because we don’t have permission to shoes over there or so I may call and see if we can so we’re gonna go ahead and climb down head down work on videos for a little bit and then we’ll be right back over here this afternoon all right it’s mid-afternoon and me and Ted just got back out here just parked the boat we’re getting ready to head in we’ve got some wind cover right now so we’re gonna move real quick try to get back there and pick a tree out for the evening hunt

watch out for snakes Ted we had some new developments earlier I was looking at onx and I figured out who owned that land that private land to the south those beans where these bucks had been frequenting and called a friend of mine that lives here close by and I guess it was just a stroke of luck but he happened to know the people that owned that land so he called them for me and they’re gonna allow us to shoot onto their property it’s real nice of him I wish how to ask yesterday because I could have shot anyone of those bucks they were all inside of 30 yards that just means tonight we can set up a little more aggressively knowing now that we can shoot the edge of the field so we’re gonna get moving and we will see you up there in the beans in just a few minutes I were about into the last hundred yards here stop for a second and then we’re gonna take our sweet time getting back in there it’s really thick but this morning we were able to get in there without making any sound just by taking her time it’s amazing how much a bedded buck will let you get away with only making sound and you have a little bit of wind cover like we do today you can slip right up on them and I think those bucks that we saw this morning or embedded over here in these woods within 100 yards or so right now we finally got the stand on that and we didn’t make much of a move Jake and I were sitting about 20 yards away maybe not even that far this morning we were only about three feet off the ground this evening Ted and I are probably 25 30 feet up in this tree the reason why I got up so high it was the wind is finicky right here this is bedding behind us I kept dropping milkweed once I got up just like 12 feet I dropped milkweed and it was sucked back in there where our our scent would be hitting the trails there coming out of the bedding and into the field so I just kept going higher and higher now that I’m up here I’m drop it and it’s going to clear out in the marsh now granted Jake and I watched those two bucks go in down there by that black drain tile pipe or whatever it is they went into the north and there’s likely bed it up in there but we kept hearing stuff back in here all morning so I’m sure there’s more dirt better than there after looking at the footage it looks like there’s at least four five different bucks in here that we chew that we saw the last two sits and you can tell with these beans our brows down heavily here in this corner the shaded side of these fields is where the deer are at now that we got permission to shoot on this side of the boundary I’m pretty excited about this evening sit I can’t imagine we’re not gonna see deer that little marsh is right here to the north and there’s a runway that you’ll see when Ted pans across it that leads out of the field go straight down to that marsh that’s what those Bucks did last night they went down there got a drink and then came back up onto the beans and hopefully at least one of those bucks does something similar to what they did last night if they do we’ll have a 20-yard shot right here in front of the stand yeah that’s the ten from last night that’s the same three from last night man I’d love to shoot it any one of them we’re in business there’s another during the corner right there there’s five bucks out here now things are really heating up guys it’s like a quarter after six we’ve got five bucks out of here in front of us that all just came out in the last five minutes I believe the two on the right are the ones that Jake and I saw this morning and I think those three included that big ear temple here are the Bucks that we saw last night if they work the edge that field like they did last night we’re gonna have a chance you’re coming there right there what’s coming I don’t know which one that is that’s one of those two that me and Jake saw this morning oh yeah they’re all coming right at us yeah this one’s coming here

they go right down the tractor path they’re all gonna learn them right here don’t turn around got one coming right at us right now he’s about 50 there he comes he’s thirty-five right now I’m going to let him come as close as he’ll get this one on the left bad angle right now turn there we go you ready watch him there he goes he’s the dead buddy how about that ted we got a Kentucky velvet down yes yes yes guys buck down first one of the deer tour right here look at those other ones out there they don’t even know what’s going on he fell right over there dude did you get him falling yeah I was a nervous wreck man and finally finally he started turning a little bit and I waited he kind of put his head behind some golden rod or whatever that stuff is that was the best way that could have happened we want to shot him last night but we couldn’t get permission so I had to look at onx today find out who owned this and see we’re on public land right now but we needed permission to shoot into the private we just got it and we just got a buck yes give him a boat ride yes I got a call Jake he’s gonna Jake is kind of flipped his lip he’s at Dairy Queen is it when is it when he’s right now working on a video for you guys we’re gonna need you to head down here to the boat ramp yes oh yeah he’s dead in front of us uh yeah lots of water yeah I bring my water okay let’s see you man let’s go get him he was standing right in here somewhere I saw the arrow blew

right through here it is there oh yeah oh yeah he didn’t know what hit him he was done in a matter of seconds that’s about 21 yards to the tree look it up blood dumping there he is there he is buddy holy cow are you kidding me velvet buck right there oh look at that look at that I’ve always dreamed of hunting him now and he’s all fuzzy not broken off at all like he’s starting to shed it a little bit on that tip I’m gonna get him tagged and then we’ll move in so we can get a little better look at him for you guys we also gotta go grab Jake and getting gutted in this hot weather we don’t have very much time we’ve got to get him out of the woods as soon as possible so beautiful here that’s cool that’s awesome like that that’s exactly what our what our goals were when we came down here was just try to shoot a nice two-year-old velvet buck what you think about that Scott I’m happy for y’all thanks man a couple days of hard work pays off real quick first velvet buck one big thing that works for us in this particular instance was that we observed these deer last night we came in kind of into the wind we got in in a spot where we can see at least a little bit and we could tell that the beans were browsed in the field and we observed them and then we had to make a game plan from there in a lot of cases people are thinking observation sit that’s like half a mile or 400 yards in this case these bucks last night were 25 yards but because they never came in the timber where we left all that ground scent we weren’t too worried about the pressure you know when an observation said this time of year you don’t feel like you’re wasting a hunt as much as say maybe November or late October because these deer have probably been doing the same thing like we said last night for the last two months I mean we knew if we observe something that at least within the next three to four days that they were probably gonna be coming out in the field and doing the same thing again I think one big key to a lot of folks are hunting these the big bottom ag fields like this all over the Midwest really where you’ve just got hundreds of acres of soybeans or corn and there’s not deer on every acre of that in a given evening they pick certain spots of the field to feed in those pockets it’s what you’re looking and and that’s what you get from an observation set you get to see which areas of the field they’re using and in some cases like we saw earlier this week the deer bedding in the beans you know once the beans get a certain height they start to feel more comfortable out there during the day these beans are so browsed down in this back corner of the field that they’re still betting out in the timber and then working their way out like you traditionally would but they’re not far off the field no they’re right on the edge betting is right on the edge of the food right now you know what what people don’t realize now and today’s agriculture production is when we were younger we would walk through soybean fields and when they were fully mature they beat our waste and now you walk through bean fields and every six foot tall they’re up to your chin and there’s a security factor there in the deer to when when the beans are above their eye level and all they can do is just see what’s out in front of them you know by inches I think they like stand back now you know it’s not in the natural areas where they would be with the shadows and the shade in lower temperatures but where that browse is that it just gives them that security factor of being able to see and what a capitalize on they definitely moved through the field faster this morning where the beans were taller and ones once they got to be much shorter they over here and I think a big reason why is because there’s this big strip with all this natural brows up it’s right next to the beans right if you watch those deer in tonight’s video all these bucks coming in half of them are in the beans and a half of them are in here you can hold it whatever this stuff is yeah

well this is Johnson rice here but you got ragweed out here and you’ve got some mares tail and you know it’s it’s the first part of September but all through the summer you know you’re their brows yeah they’re browsing and the later it gets something else becomes more palatable and and when they make nip some of this stuff it just comes back and it’s just fresh you know and it’s more it’s tender and the palatability on this stuff is great and it’s just another transition you’ve got the beans you’ve got the the brows the weeds or grasses or broadly whatever you want to look at you know with so many crops now being GMO and Roundup Ready you know these fields are sprayed once or twice a year and they’ll be tracks it’ll be up and down the fields and those deer they’ll cut those fields exactly where those tracks are heading buck and the other will walk right down the tracks if me or you go out there and walk in that bean field our feet will get bound up it’s like it’s a wiry mess you know and if you had to know how to get yeah that’s it yeah I mean their feet are clear and that vegetation has been more or less killed due to the pressure of the tires and they’ve got that visual I was glad you’ve seen a lot of deer this evening but I respect you know you’ve taken the first opportunity that you had on a on a velvet deer and and you’re doing on public property and what a lot of people don’t realize is you’ve got 44,000 plus acres to hunt on and you’re trying to figure out where can you narrow it down to that 20-yard shot and you did it I’ll be honest with you though man like my confidence was completely shot a couple of days like these guys like quit being a baby we got to keep going I’m like oh that’s too warm we’re never gonna kill anything there’s nobody’s killing deer and then you look at Facebook and there’s velvet Bucks you know hit the ground in Kentucky I’m like well somebody’s killing them and then we talked to Jason you know he’s hunting up the road he got him a nice velvet buck on public land and then we met up with Jordan they’re down there and he’s seeing bucks and we’re like okay wait a minute maybe we’re not doing things right so we’re not killing them over a 200 pound corn pile and I mean you’re killing them on there’s no baiting there’s there’s no mineral you know on on public lands and and so you’re hunting vegetation I mean that’s that’s your food and and water has been everywhere you’ve seen around there it’s not the amount of water that you got to look at you got to look at that water that’s really close to the location of the water in this case the bedding the water and the food is all within 80 yards of each other in that corner like where we shot this buck is where all that comes together in that spot that’s where they were bedded yesterday today they weren’t bedded there but they were headed there that’s a velvet buck though right there boy right you know I couldn’t be more pickle with it welcome to Kentucky area hey I’m gonna be back I no doubt about it thank you guys for being part of this couldn’t have done it without you about time we had some blood in this boat coming in hot