ตำนานจอมยุทธ์ภูตถังซาน ตอนที่ 132 Soul Land EP 132 ( English fiction )

tl by bagel sun tang san didn’t dodge after the matter with xiaowu his attitude had undergone a heaven and earth revolving change the original gentle ease disappearing long ago only an intense stubbornness remaining tang san was unwilling to think of even those things he learned back in the moon pavilion now besides the only thing he longed for was to increase his strength get out of the way are you blind the leading horseman saw tang san walking forward with his head bowed and cursed furiously the horse whip in his hand rose and the instant he approached overbearingly whipped towards tang san he was very confident in his strength he only needed this whip to certainly send tang san flying making him unlikely to hinder their way forward just at this moment tang san’s gaze slowly rose from xiaowu and along with his head rising a clearly visible white light abruptly spread out from his body in an instant the air seemed frozen a pinnacle chill suddenly releasing within the range of that white light amidst calls of lament more than 10 very carefully chosen war horses almost simultaneously fell paralyzed to the ground spitting out white froth under the effect of their inertia they directly went straight to knock against tang san humph exhaling tang san’s left hand grabbed the horse whip lashing towards him his right hand making a fist suddenly striking out a white light completely different from the one that spread out before condensed on tang san’s fist this punch seemed gentle but it contained explosive force with an explosive sound the first war horse halted under tang san’s fist the solid horse head smashed to pieces the whole horse’s body instantly squeezed on reasoning force penetrating its body and the horses behind into its side also came to a halt under the explosive force of this one punch the more than 10 mounted horsemen were thrown off practically simultaneously what tang san released first was his death god domain and then stored up strength with his fist but he still acted with propriety while he injured the horses he didn’t harm the people only that horse was directly killed left hand pulling the horse whip the master of that blasted dead horse was directly pulled from the saddle by tang san when the force on tang san’s fist erupted there were already cries of alarm all around the eyes of the commoners there for the spectacle mostly held pleasure but even more people had fearful moods because these horsemen all wore the clothes of the imperial forbidden guard regiment the imperial forbidden regiment was the heaven dough empire’s most coarse soldiers each passed very careful selection junior captain level or higher were all spirit masters to the heaven doe empire that lacked spirit masters this was absolutely the elite of the elite that imperial forbidden guard tanks and pulled down still wanted to resist but with only a shake of the whip by tang san a surging force passed through it and he fell limply to the ground a crowd of imperial forbidden guards fell into confusion one among them fiercely crawled up from the ground bastard kill him for me as he spoke strong spirit power fluctuations burst from the speaker spirit body enhancement looking at this person tang san couldn’t help being somewhat stunned he was the only one among the knights not wearing forbidden guard armor apparently magnificently dressed approximately 30 years old or so this was someone tang san recognized back when they left for the heaven doe imperial academy they had gotten into a fight with this person it was heaven doe empire’s fourth prince shwe bang it had been many years since he’d seen him even though he had aged a lot that pompa’s appearance hadn’t waned in the slightest looking at his clamoring appearance tang san inwardly felt loathing with the same father how could the suns be so different compared to schwe king he really was far too lacking two yellow and two purple altogether four spirit rings appeared around schweibeng born of the imperial family his spirit rings were naturally in optimal configuration only 40th rank at 30 years of age even if he cultivated assiduously later in his life it would still be impossible for him to reach the title dullula level tang san softly caressed seau was fur in his arms no longer looking at these people as if they were basically unrelated to him the imperial forbidden guards swiftly crawled up from the ground encircling schweibeng then cautiously staring at tang san their expressions nervous even if tang sin didn’t fully use his spirit from the explosive punch just now as well as that vast killing intent still making them tremble these imperial forbidden guards accustomed to being

arrogant still didn’t dare act blindly none of them wished for the same fate as that war horse able to become imperial forbidden guards they were all true battlefield veterans the feeling tang sen gave them was like like someone who had crawled out from a mountain of corpses that deathly still ice-cold murderous spirit wasn’t something ordinary people could produce do it you trash schwedbang clambered loudly and these imperial forbidden guards unexpectedly without one spirit master slowly encircled tang sanded his orders tang san strolled forward and those imperial forbidden guards surrounding him swiftly recoiled an answer to his footsteps not one with the courage to attack tang san they weren’t even spirit masters and after suffering the death god domain their hearts were already filled with shadow shwedbang was just about to move launching spirit abilities at tang san when suddenly a large hand fell on his shoulder forcibly restraining his spirit power don’t do it if you don’t want to die leave it to me a deep aged voice echoed by schwebbing’s ear hearing this voice schweibang’s taut body visibly relaxed and at this moment tang sans disregarding everything footsteps suddenly paused once again raising his head something within his ice cold eyes an old man had appeared at schweibeng’s side at some unknown time long green robes disheveled grizzled hair just standing at schweiben’s side the atmosphere had become entirely different the intense pressure gave even tang sen a feeling of being unable to breathe the green robed old man stared coldly at tang san but the astonishment within his eyes couldn’t be concealed the aura this youth released before was clearly a domain type of power and the spirit power contained in that punch was also quite considerable in his impression this wasn’t something someone so young could possess even that little freak he had considered a friend couldn’t possibly be so outstanding especially when he still held a rabbit making a somewhat strange appearance tang san placed ciao on his left shoulder simultaneously raising both his hands in the heart of his right palm glittering with blue light a blood red and resplendent gold double veined blue silver emperor quietly came out in his left palm black light gathered inscribed with the lines of the death god domain tucci one long the cylindrical clear sky hammer appeared from nothingness without using spirit power only simultaneously revealing two types of spirits this was the greatest degree to which tang san could simultaneously use his two spirits when the two spirits appeared simultaneously he couldn’t use any spirit abilities even unable to bring out the might of the spirit it was only a kind of demonstration when the green robed elder saw tang san raise his hands his surroundings erupted with green light but as he saw the two kinds of separately appearing spirits in tang san’s hands the pupils of his eyes contracted violently incredulously looking at the youth in front of him old freak long time no see tang san side lightly appearing at schweibing’s side was precisely the poison dulyo dugubo dugobo looked at tang san with shock on his face yugyeor tang san smiled riley is this still not enough to prove who i am suddenly dugubo’s face abruptly turned cold the once vanished green light appearing once again silhouette flashing he charged in tang san’s direction as a title duluo the pressure he gave tang san was obvious simultaneously withdrawing the twin spirits tang san swiftly retreated a step flicking his right wrist a golden red pearl appeared in his palm others might not react to the appearance of this pearl even the commoners in the distance didn’t however with the appearance of this pearl dugobo was like he had seen a ghost retreating like a flash of lightning at least twice as fast as when he charged forward the green light around him weakened substantially and his face displayed a horrified expression what tang sen pulled out was naturally the ten-headed arden young serpent knighting this knighton could not only receive any snake venom but simultaneously had an extremely powerful restraining effect on all kinds of serpents even if dugo beau’s spirit was the jade phosphor serpent emperor he still suffered enormous influence in front of the antediluvian mythical beast ten-headed arden young serpent snyden this sudden change left dugubo without any choice but to retreat trembling from his very soul even as a title dulyo he was still terrified his gaze at tang san immediately changed a lot actually tang sen didn’t really need to pull out the ten-headed arden young serpent sniden even though it was still impossible for him to beat dugobo with his present strength resisting

for a little while still wasn’t any problem but he had the original form xiao wu on his shoulder he didn’t want ciao to suffer any harm you looking bewildered at tang san the expression in dugu bo’s eyes flickered judging by the spirits that was the clear sky hammer without a doubt and that glittering with peculiar light blue silver grass also seemed to be one of the twin spirits but tang san’s appearance had really changed too much and even his temperament had undergone fundamental changes he had planned to first capture tangs and then slowly ask him afterwards patting his wishful hundred treasure purse old freak will find somewhere to chat while speaking tang sen flicked his hand and withdrew the nighting jugubo nodded clapping schwebbing’s shoulder you deal with this place finished speaking he walked into the distance with large strides tang san’s feet slid passing shua bang he reached dugobo’s side xiaowu again returned to his embrace dugubo shifted a meter sideways keeping his distance from tang san that tan-headed arden young serpent knighten from before really left him somewhat apprehensive tang sen couldn’t help laughing old freak when did you become so timid dougable’s aged face reddened give me a break even if everything points to you being little freak how could little freak have grown into your appearance pointing to a tea house ahead tang san said let’s go we’ll talk there on the other side bang’s gloomy face revealed a somewhat peculiar vigor his brows wrinkling slightly as if thinking of something waving his hand he had the imperial forbidden guard swiftly put the scene in order his whole aura seeming somewhat different entering the tea house tang sen asked for a private room and poured two cups of fragrant tea what’s going on little freak how come you look like this when tang sen pointed out the wishful hundred treasure purse at his waist dogubo was already convinced to some extent recognizing him twin spirits and still knowing the wishful hundred treasure purse was given by him even the other shrek’s seven devils might not know it clearly he already had some trust towards tang san tang sen carefully placed xiaowu on his thighs glancing at dugubo he said your hair has already changed to its true color the remaining poison within your body should also have almost dissolved congratulations while listening to gubo’s face relaxed a lot it seems you really are little freak however how did you turn out so handsome teach me perhaps i can still recover the spirit of my youth tang san smiled riley how would it be that easy this is the changes caused by my spirit’s second awakening inheriting my mother’s part of my genes immediately he recounted everything that had happened since he left with his father almost without holding anything back he didn’t even omit the events in slaughter city up until what happened in stardom great forest when tang san spoke of ciao was sacrificing herself to save him his gaze was completely focused on xiaowu his sorrowful expression unspeakably tender dugabol listened dumbstruck to everything he said little freak you really were a freak from the start you actually have the bloodline of spirit beasts tang san’s expression sank old freak even though my mom was born a spirit beast when she had me she was already human if not for spirit hall our family wouldn’t have changed to this and mom wouldn’t have returned to a blue silver emperor again i just didn’t expect that i would encounter the same thing my parents did me in spirit hall it absolutely won’t be left at that dugobol looked at tang san in front of him unable to hold back a burst of sorrow within his heart among his peers tang sen really was an outstanding figure possessing things countless spirit masters yearned for even in their dreams but in reality everything he had paid and endured was equally far beyond what ordinary spirit masters experienced cultivation his parents tragedy his lover’s tragic death as sacrifice all this had fallen on these only twenty-year-old shoulders that he could stand straight was already unusual extraordinary people had to go through extraordinary events little freak what are your plans retaliating against spirit hall dugubo asked tang san laughed coldly not right now i still haven’t lost all sense of reason with my spirit emperor power how could i rock spirit hall’s foundations my dad was too rushed back then i won’t make the same mistake i won’t stir things up once i move i’ll definitely leave spirit hall grievously injured until they’re thoroughly rooted out i’m 20

this year i have plenty of time when i feel i have saved up enough strength i’ll move on spirit hall old freak what about you why are you together with someone like schweibeng with your brains it’s not like you couldn’t see schweibeng in prince shwexing’s position back then in the heaven doe imperial academy are people like that worthy of your protection dugubo looked deeply at tang san little freak you’re still too young some things aren’t as simple as they seem on the surface very often you will have to look carefully to see the truth of things through the surface tang san was startled you’re saying there’s some problem with schwe king duggabo nodded silently do you know why schwebbeng is such a dandy that’s actually something shut king forced into the present heaven doe emperor shwegie originally had four sons sia king was the oldest schweibeng was the youngest originally the most outstanding child of the imperial family wasn’t schwe king but rather emperor shuiya’s second son that was an alarmingly talented youngster perhaps he couldn’t compare to you in spirit master cultivation but in intelligence and wisdom he was still above you but when he was 12 he died prematurely at that time as the elder brother king was fourteen the next year emperor shwaya’s third son a son extremely gifted in spirit master cultivation died prematurely at eleven therefore of emperor shuiya’s originally four sons only two survive a chill bubbling up in his heart tang san looked at dugobo unable to keep his heart from fluttering don’t tell me she king had something to do with the death of the two princes dugabos said indifferently no one can be certain because there’s no proof only two days before the second prince’s death emperor shuiyi had just convened some ministers to discuss the position of crown prince almost all the ministers were inclined towards the second prince tang san’s eyes displayed a trace of introspective light wouldn’t it be the actions of someone backing shua king dugabo shook his head that’s impossible at that time the four princes all lived in the inner palace the second prince died from poison and all the food and drink passed stringent inspections on that day there absolutely wasn’t any chance to add poison only people on the inside had any opportunity it was basically impossible for outsiders to approach the chamberlains and maids minding the prince were all the trusted aides of emperor schweiz after the event this became a case without clues but when the third prince died the next year the circumstances were almost exactly the same at that time the fourth prince schwebling was still only seven due to his grief emperor shuiyi sent prince shushing to investigate the matter the results of prince shwexing’s investigation were very strange from the clues he discovered that the two princes were killed by exactly the same poison but it wasn’t a poisoned drug but were rather poisoned by a spirit master spirit tang san frowned that still can’t prove a relation to crown prince xua king dougable gave a cold laugh without evidence go look for who benefits the most the second and third princes died young the fourth prince was underage who obtained the most benefit if outsiders did it to strike at the heaven doe imperial family why leave behind the eldest son in fact even though schweiking’s innate talent wasn’t equal to the second prince he was still quite intelligent the reason why schwebbing turned to this appearance was because he didn’t want to die back then prince shweshing personally instructed him in a unique skill that could save his life as the reigning monarch’s younger brother prince shushing absolutely isn’t as simple as the face you see originally he did me a life-saving favor that’s why i know so much behind the scenes information over these years crown prince schweiking has obtained the support of more and more chancellors emperor shuiyi also trusts him extremely much leaving even more affairs for him to handle but emperor shwaya’s body is steadily deteriorating not long ago prince shweshing suddenly discovered that emperor shuiyi is suffering from a slow acting poison and found me to diagnose it i discovered that what emperor shwayi suffered is a kind of mixed poison the poison is ordinarily introduced through food and comes from a kind of spice in the imperial palace ordinarily only one person uses this spice that’s schwe king this mixed poison is extremely surreptitious if it was me from before i still wouldn’t have been able to discover it it’s thanks to the knowledge of those mixed poisons i got from you

through various clues i discovered i then associated it with the events back then do you still believe schweiking would be clean listening to dugubo tang san’s expression immediately grew serious this was the first time he encountered people using something like mixed poison in this world and it was furthermore used on the emperor dugubo’s title was poison that he was unable to discover this poison with his previous abilities clearly showed how much thought the poisoner had put into it recalling king’s modest and respectful appearance even though tang san in his heart wasn’t willing to believe it dugubo’s word still made his impression of king changed to some extent but as is said take what you hear to be false only believe it when you see it he would still have to find the concrete details from his own later observations then why are you following schwebbung you’re not afraid it will make schweiking act against him moreover no matter what is said this is still the internal affairs of their imperial family don’t tell me you want to help schwebbing take his place dugubo gave a cold snort shwedbing that kid isn’t simple either he’s an extremely clever person only he’s always hidden himself very deep you see that he presently has no more than 40 something ranked spirit power actually that isn’t because he hasn’t had the chance to cultivate even higher but rather him deliberately not putting effort into cultivating letting his spirit power stagnate this matter relating schwe king and the mixed poison i’ve only told prince shushing right now even emperor shuiyi is kept in the dark only i made him an antidote that can slowly dissolve the poison i only told emperor shuiyi that he had been poisoned and had him continue acting as if he was so don’t tell anyone about it i don’t want to get involved with the matters of the imperial family but if you want to deal with spirit hall later then you should hope that heaven doe empire has a stable ruling class you returned from star dobrate forest just now so you still might not know of the two major things that happened what major things doubtfully dugable lowered his voice the seven treasure glazed tile school and the blue lightning tyrant dragon clan were ambushed because the seven treasure glazed tile school discovered it in time they responded appropriately they paid with the lives of more than two-thirds of their disciples and retreated into heaven doe city the blue lightning tyrant dragon clan has already been wiped from this world a total massacre only some children not in the sect at the time managed to survive what tang san shot to his feet involuntarily crying out in alarm however even when losing his self-control like this he still didn’t forget to lift xiaowu how is that possible the seven treasure glazed tile school and the blue lightning tyrant dragon clan are two of the three upper sections even spirit hall wouldn’t be able to extinguish them so easily dougable side his eyes revealing a meaning of the fox grieving for the death of the hair facts or facts two great sex are finished even if the seven treasure glazed tile school wasn’t completely extinguished it still greatly lost strength the two great title duo were seriously injured simultaneously and of them the sword dulyo had his strength greatly reduced from the heavy injuries think capable of mobilizing several tens of thousands of spirit masters to besiege and annihilate two great sects practically simultaneously who has that kind of power tang san looked somewhat dolly at dugubo muttering fiercely done spirit hall dugabos smiled riley through these events i learned that i’ve originally always underestimated spirit hall they can actually possess such tremendous strength by the descriptions from the seven treasure glazed tile school when they launched the attack the counterpart had mobilized four title diluo and the blue lightning tyrant dragon clan was attacked almost at the same time extinguishing the blue lightning tyrant dragon clan without three or four title diluo is impossible but there’s absolutely no evidence of the spirit hall supreme pontiff being present and you say ghost diluo and chrysanthemum diluo were in star doe great forest this means that spirit hall itself actually possesses the strength of more than 10 title diluo tang sanzai suddenly displayed a trace of alarm the blue lightning tyrant dragon clan was destroyed then teacher dugubo said grand master is all right right now he’s already formed an alliance with the heaven dough imperial family and is just painstakingly training the empire’s spirit masters the destruction of two of the three upper sects rocks the balance of the two great empires spirit hall’s actions this time can be said to have caused intense panic in both empires

it’s impossible for them not to deal with spirit hall if you can draw on their power to deal with spirit hall wouldn’t that be half the work for twice the effect that’s why get to the bottom of this matter with schwe king as soon as possible tang san didn’t sit back down old freak you research the imperial family side some more i have to go see teacher at shrek academy with his clan destroyed even if teacher’s natural disposition is staunch i’m still afraid he’s unable to stand such a heavy blow i’ll go see him at once dougable knotted go take care to hide yourself right now you’ve made an enemy of spirit hall especially destroying their good occasion this time as well plus killing so many of their experts they absolutely won’t let that rest don’t go strutting on the streets afterwards even if this is the capital of heaven doe empire spirit hall’s influence still isn’t weak i will finished saying this tang san hurriedly left the tea house heading straight for shrek academy after this exchange with dugobo the confusion caused by the matters with xiao was settled again everything was a lot more complex than he had imagined this left tang san with no other choice than to reconsider his plans holding xiaowu tang sen used the fastest possible speed to reach shrek academy while not attracting attention grand master was like a second father to him one might say that without grandmaster he wouldn’t be who he was today tang san could imagine grandmaster’s pain over his family being destroyed when he reached shrek academy’s gate the students on duty this time didn’t block him the frightening display of the shrek seven devils in the academy the time left an extremely profound impression on all the students grandmaster’s face was a lot more rigid than before coldly watching the students doing their utmost to run in front of him the chill on his face seemed like it could make the air solidify these of course weren’t common students but the young spirit masters with promising potential sent over by the imperial family the reason why there were no spirit masters among those imperial forbidden guards schwebbing had along was because the majority of the spirit masters were already here conducting unified training under grand master heaven doe empire possessed a lot of spirit masters but the ones truly grasped in the imperial family’s hand weren’t many including the spirit masters from the seven treasure glazed tile school there were altogether less than five thousand and the powers among them were just a handful in the area of spirit masters heaven doe empire was far from able to compare to spirit hall of course if war truly started heaven doe empire could still dispatch some spirit masters from other regions however their overall strength was comparatively low it was also due to the lack of spirit masters that the two great empires had no choice but to patiently endure against spirit hall on a true battlefield spirit masters facing 100 alone was an empty talk among the several tens of thousands of spirit masters controlled by spirit hall there were powers like clouds and they also had the backing of those duchies and kingdoms even if the two great empires joined hands they still wouldn’t dare speak of certain victory even more on the surface the conflict still wasn’t completely roused therefore they could only endure silently storing their strength grand master had split more than 4 thousand spirit masters into 20 teams for training even though shrek academy was a bit small this could still be considered the most suitable place in heaven doe city not only were all kinds of facilities completely allocated three were still numerous mimicry environments for spirit master cultivation the 20 groups grandmaster had sorted them into were separated according to cultivation direction among them the most numerous were power attack and agility attack type spirit masters added together they accounted for 60 percent of all the spirit masters or so right now grand master was just training a team of power attack type spirit masters before ordinary special training terrifying hell model physical strength type drills were naturally unavoidable zhao would you stood to one side his gravity control open completely falling on the more than 200 spirit masters currently running making the weight each person carried extremely well distributed under the tiger-like glare of leo erlong these spirit masters could only train honestly not long ago because of grandmaster neglecting sleep and work leo erlang had suddenly fallen ill this had made grandmaster rest a while because he had to look after her but leo erlong couldn’t keep pretending forever helplessly she could only accompany grandmaster

to train these students together helping share some of his burden so he could relax a bit she also knew that grandmaster’s exhaustion came even more from the heart she equally endured that kind of pain even though the two weren’t husband and wife in truth their hearts were still as one tortured by this kind of pain she had also almost collapsed she also wanted to take revenge but after constantly obtaining reports from heaven doe empire about spirit hall strength even her fiery temper had to grow colder and colder just at this time suddenly a somewhat irritable voice echoed i won’t do it this isn’t something humans can endure one spirit mastered currently in training suddenly halted quickly stepping out of the area of xiaohuji’s gravity control sitting his but on the ground and gasping for big mouthfuls of breath the training grandmaster gave these spirit masters really was very tough because they were all already 20 or 30 years old their training capacity was 30 percent higher than the shrek 7 devils back then these spirit masters training was too difficult for words with someone taking the lead among the more than 200 spirit masters there was immediately a lot who halted their clothes long since drenched in sweat violently gasping for breath as soon as they stopped one expectant gaze after another turned to grandmaster grandmaster looked at those students taking the lead to move away coldly saying who said this couldn’t be endured that spirit master looked 30 years old or so build robustly a power attack type spirit power at the 48th rank among spirit masters of the same age that was considered quite good as a spirit master always living like a prince the focal point no matter where when had he ever suffered like this shooting a glance at grandmaster he gasped got skill got skill you come in try it right this isn’t training for humans if it goes on we’ll all collapse with someone taking the lead the resentful voices immediately spread the halted spirit masters whispering among themselves looking at grandmaster with gazes filled with resentment and even hatred leo erlong snorted furiously stepping in front of that spirit master in a few steps pulling him up from the ground line up continue training otherwise i’ll give you training alone looking at a violent mother dragon like leo or long the robust spirit master’s eyes held some fear but he still defiant ely said we’re not your oxen at worst i’ll quit i don’t want to die here grand master is also only a grand master of theory if he can’t do it why have us do it even title duo might not be able to endure this kind of torment without using spirit power tl by bagel sun you leo erlong was somewhat temperamental and these days she was especially twitchy and having heard what was said was immediately angry raising her right hand tyrannical spirit power fluctuations immediately suppressed the spirit master in front of her stop grandmaster shouted blocking leo erlong’s actions slowly walking over in front of that spirit master grandmaster nodded to him fine i’ll train with you as long as i still haven’t fallen you can’t halt either hearing this leo erlong couldn’t help being anxious see how gang don’t be impulsive remember your age and moreover you haven’t been resting these days how can you play around like this the corner of that rebelling spirit master’s mouth twitched saying in a low voice i knew he couldn’t just abuses us grandmaster looked towards leo erlong with a gloomy gaze erlong you continue supervising from the side i’ll accompany them for training even though his intonation was very flat his tone was unquestionable even a powerful woman like leo erlong unexpectedly didn’t dare prevent him at this moment when there are matters for a disciple to handle teacher let me train with them i also want to take a look at how strong so-called impossible training is hearing this voice grandmaster’s ice-cold expression finally changed a lot astonish turning his head looking in the direction the voice came from he found tang sin carrying a white rabbit walking over with large strides very quickly reaching him you’re back looking at his disciple grandmaster couldn’t help all sorts of feelings welling up even to the extent that he didn’t notice ciao wu in his arms tang sen nodded to grandmaster then turned to that robust spirit master saying i’ll represent grand master to train with you i’ll do twice the training you do no one has ever researched the extent of human limits i’m grand master’s disciple so i’ll prove grand master’s theory to you the robust spirit master

said somewhat disdainfully you can talk big when you don’t know how we’ve trained i want to see your double training tang san stroked xiaowu in his embrace walking over to leo along handing her over teacher erlang i’ll trouble you to help me hold her this is xiaowu leo erlong stared blankly taking siawo from tang san for a moment she didn’t understand what he was saying tang san turned and walked over to that robust spirit master looking straight at him face to face if i do it apologize to teacher while speaking he walked to the center of the field with large strides then turned to grand master teacher please guide me tang san’s appearance finally made grandmaster’s gaze soften somewhat nodding grandmaster said you will run laps under xiaoweigi’s gravity control gravity is tripled 20 laps you may not use spirit power or spirit abilities the place where xiaohuji was the center of this practice field relying on his spirit duly of strength he could just spread his gravity control over the surrounding field tang sen nodded to xiaowuji teacher zhao i’ll trouble you give me six times gravity zhao would you smile faintly nodding to tang san even though his gravity strengthening ability wasn’t true gravity control unable to weaken gravity his present strength was still enough to strengthen gravity by ten times the light of the third spirit ring brightened six times gravity directly falling on tang san tang sen felt himself sink his gaze turned to those halted students please inspect for me as his words fell he was already running teng sen didn’t run very fast but the length of every step was practically equal moving forward at an even speed very soon he came running up the outer ring those students weren’t too convinced tanks and really was enduring six times gravity right now and subconsciously approached him as tang san passed by them they immediately felt a formidable pressure almost falling paralyzed to the ground from the weight then they were certain zhouji wasn’t throwing the game for tang san of course this couldn’t make them give up on inspecting each spirit master carefully observed tang san if he used spirit power there would naturally be spirit power fluctuations and they could instantly spot it however they very soon discovered that not only didn’t tang send you spirit power his running speed also started to accelerate tang san was no longer the tang san from back then two hundred years one thousand year two ten thousand year one hundred thousand year six spirit rings had a frightful growth effect on his body let alone when he still had the baptism of two great immortal herbs and the attribute growth of four spirit rings the power of his physical body wasn’t something a human could compare to not even the motionless bright king jiaowuji very soon ten laps had passed and tang san was going faster and faster the expression in his eyes without changing in the slightest his breathing even his complexion was level just as if nothing was going on teacher zhao apply your strongest gravity tang san yelled to zhao wuji when he started his 11th lap zhao woody secretly laughed a little monster really was a little monster with him taking grandmaster’s fights this time there was a good show to see while his heart thought so his mouth warned the strongest gravity is ten times be careful rather than saying this was his reminder to tang san it would be better to say he was telling those dumb struck students gravity increased once again but tang sin didn’t slow at all the only change was that his face was a lot more flushed these heaven doe imperial family spirit masters were all new transfers and they hadn’t seen the the shrek 5 devils fight xiao wuji and flender last time so they naturally didn’t recognize tang san watching tang san unexpectedly madly rush around under such terrifying gravity while relying only on his physical strength everyone were instantly dumbfounded the mouth of that robust spirit master that previously provoked grandmaster hung open even further looking at him with incredulity twenty laps finished very quickly tang san once again returned to the center of the field saluting to grand master teacher what’s next grand master waved his hand to tang san indicating he come over tang sen very quickly reached grand master and right now only a faint sheen of sweat was visible on his forehead his eyes displaying a gratified expression grandmaster turned to the previously yelling robust spirit master now you tell me 20 laps in triple gravity is that an impossible task for humans the robust spirit master stupidly looked at tang san you are you really human

at these words even grand master and leo erlang’s faces couldn’t help displaying a slight smile leo orlon kicked over that robust spirit master with one foot less nonsense returned to your position everyone who stopped right now start over with your laps begin whoever causes trouble again don’t blame me for being blunt that robust spirit master even leaned over to run back to his unit but still couldn’t help turning his head to look at tang san brother what rank is your spirit power now was your physical strength trained by grand master tang sen nodded to him i cultivated under grand master’s instructions from childhood right now on 66th rank put on the robust spirit master’s legs softened falling to the ground ho dash how much his voice trembled somewhat tang sen calmly said 66th rank i’m 21 this year satisfied you still haven’t apologized to teacher while speaking a formidable pressure abruptly radiated from him instantly spreading over the whole field giving each training spirit master a feeling of being unable to breathe these spirit masters were for the most part at the 40th or 50th level of spirit power capable of making them feel such pressure only 60th ranked spirit masters and above could manage it therefore even though tang san didn’t release his spirit rings these spirit masters were already convinced beyond a doubt of what he said all the heaven doe empire affiliated spirit masters were stupefied when the robust spirit master looked at grandmaster again his expression had undergone a heaven and earth revolving change deferentially bowing deeply to grandmaster i’m sorry grandmaster just now i offended you i accept my punishment grand master evenly said another 10 laps the robust spirit master’s body trembled but he still quickly returned to the squad running with the other spirit masters under xiaohuji’s gravity grand control sighed lightly clapping tang san’s shoulder if all of them were as obedient as you all were back then heaven doe empire would inevitably be able to compete with spirit hall one day little sand you said this is ciao how is that possible leo erlang looked doubtfully at tang san tang san hurriedly moved over to leo erlong pulling back ciao would do his embrace he discovered that even when siaw had turned into a rabbit leaving her for even such a short while his heart felt a bit restless teacher teacher long let’s find somewhere quiet to talk seeing tang sans darkening expression grandmaster and leo erlong knew that something had definitely happened the couple didn’t say anything else bringing tang san into the forest to the side little san speak grand master nodded to tang san teng sen stroked xiaowu in his arms his with great difficulty calmed heart dashing once again grand master was his family seeing grandmaster all the defensive walls in his heart collapsed the rims of his eyes reddening he said teacher you might have guessed it at the end of the continental advanced spirit master academy elite tournament but xiaohu isn’t human but rather a hundred thousand year spirit beast it’s also just because of this that bibi dong originally wanted to attack her back then it was my father who appeared timely and brought us away the pupils of leo erlong’s eyes suddenly contracted you’re not telling me that this little rabbit you’re holding really is xiaowu tang san nodded then immediately recounted in detail the events since leaving the academy and entering the star doe great forest as he spoke of how ciao sacrificed herself to save him he was already sobbing uncontrollably it’s all my fault i didn’t protect xiaowu holding xiaowu tang san knelt on the ground in front of leo erlong with a put on sound grandmaster’s body trembled slightly and leo orlon was equally sobbing voicelessly both hands firmly grasping tang san’s shoulders spirit hall bd dong i’ll kill you in a violent rage leo erlong turned and walked away tang san hurriedly took a step forward catching leo erlong’s arm teacher erlong don’t be impulsive leo erlong fiercely threw off tang san’s hand impulsive why can’t i be impulsive tang san if you’re still a man follow me to spirit hall even if i die i’ll still turn the sky and earth upside down enough grand master exploded shouting at the furious leo erlong what use is doing that you’ll only sacrifice yourself in vain

it’s already happened don’t tell me you’ll also bring little sand to die with you staring at grandmaster leo erlong’s lips trembled finally she threw herself into grandmaster’s embrace crying bitterly her clan was destroyed her clansmen massacred even the goddaughter who was the only one she had entrusted her heart to had been turned into this by spirit hall the grief and indignation within her heart had already reached a peak if she didn’t cry she might directly go insane grandmaster pulled leo erlong in tight looking at the tearful tang sand all right men men of character may bleed but not cry spirit hallows us a debt there will be one day when it’s repaid a hundredfold what happened to ciao who can’t be blamed on you you couldn’t have done any better what you will do right now is to increase your strength as quickly as possible the sooner you reach the title dullula level the sooner you can help her resurrect understand tang san liked his tears heavily nodding to grandmaster grand master said first calm down your heart as for spirit hall sea of blood and depth of hatred will take our time to make plans just as he said this grand master’s body suddenly went swayed leo erlong in his arms was in close contact and reacted immediately currently pulling grandmaster in close but discovered his complexion was already pale he had unexpectedly already passed out teacher what’s going on tang san jumped from fright currently stepping forward and helping grand master lay down on the ground leo erlong said with teary eyes ever since the clan was destroyed he’s always made himself work stressfully hasn’t given himself a chance to catch his breath you also brought this bad news about xiaowu and he also relaxed a bit when he saw you his body is finally unable to hold up little sand if you were a few days late i don’t know what would have happened to him tang sen took out a dragon zoysha leaf from the wishful hundred treasure purse and stuffed it into grandmaster’s mouth pressing on grandmaster’s chest with both hands slowly massaging his spirit power was the mysterious heaven skill the most orthodox sect inner skill under his meticulous control a gentle inner force twined into grandmaster’s chest and stomach urging the dragon zoysia leaf’s medicinal effect to enter his blood helping him bank up his vitality the circumstances of grandmaster’s body were still pretty good having eaten that purple zoysia tanks and gave him back then now with tang san’s dragon zoisha leaf added to the mysterious heaven skill in a while of work he could be heard breathing deeply slowly waking up few slowly opening his eyes grandmaster saw tang san and leo erlong’s worried expressions and strongly roused himself i’m all right tang san sternly said teacher you can’t go on like this if your body collapses then who will lead us against spirit hall later you’re mentally overdrawn you have to rest more don’t say anything i’ll have you rest properly for a while even if i have to tie you up leave training those spirit masters to teacher zhao and teacher erlong seeing tang san and leo erlong’s gazes grand master finally surrendered erasustible painful tears flowing closing his eyes he nodded silently men’s lives would always be more wearing than women that men didn’t cry wasn’t because they didn’t hurt but because men had to be strong suppressing everything in their hearts no matter what just because of this men would never live as long as women tang san brought back grand master to his room on his back guarding at his side while he slept then left the room he had a great many things to say to grandmaster but now clearly wasn’t the time he’d wait for grandmaster’s body to recover seeing that grandmaster had agreed to rest properly leo erlong also heeded a sigh of relief she couldn’t bear the tiredness of several days either and fell asleep next to grandmaster closing their door besides their room tang san directly went to the dean’s office to find flender telling him about what happened to xiaowu finished listening to tang san’s story even though flender wasn’t as impulsive as leo or long he’s still angry enough to make corpses jump calming down after a long time little san what are you preparing to do now flender asked tang san said first i plan to cultivate a while and also make some useful hidden weapons flender nodded saying right now rongrong and mahongjun are both cultivating in the academy you can stay together mubai and juching return to the star luo empire come find me if you need anything right now the heaven doe empire is supporting us with their full strength

resources are no problem tang sen nodded saying then i’ll trouble you flender looked at ciao and tang san’s embrace his eyes brimming with sadness what trouble you little monsters were all fostered by my hands i haven’t married in all my life you’re like my own children seeing ciao like this i really wish i could go kill my way through spirit hall with leo erlong fine don’t talk about it you’re tired from traveling go rest first rong grong and mah hong jun are both staying in that forest cottage you cultivated in there’s plenty of space you go there too wrong grong’s mood hasn’t been good recently either the casualties of the seven treasure glazed tile school directly related disciples were disastrous ai why do you children run into such trouble three monsters met again but it was difficult to be happy tang san found a place to stay in the forest cottage after learning about xiaowu it was difficult for ning rongrong and mah hong joon to avoid grief everyone’s hatred for spirit hall had imperceptibly already reached a peak three days later tang san sat cross leggett in his room siawoo place next to him bizarrely even turned back into her original form and with her mind lost even if tang sen didn’t pay attention to her sia was still scampered around within a five meter range of him tang san had always cultivated in the past three days stabilizing the advancements xiaowu’s hundred thousand-year spirit ring as well as eight spider lance’s evolution brought his body tang sen discovered that even though his spirit power rose more than six ranks this time because it rose so quickly his foundation was somewhat unsteady for a very long time hereafter he had to cultivate in order to stabilize his spirit power finally above the 60th rank the speed of of spirit masters improvement would clearly drop even these geniuses were no exception tang san also understood that he couldn’t rush otherwise he’d only reach the opposite result therefore he steadfastly cultivated he knew that compared to his father he was still considered lucky at least xiaowu still had the hope to resurrect and could also always stay with him as long as he wasn’t cultivating tang san would carry siawo outside breathing in the fresh air bathing in the sunlight telling siawo about what was on his mind his skill circulation perfected a great heaven circuit closed his mysterious heaven skill had also stabilized somewhat with mysterious heaven skill breaking through the sixth tier that is after the 60th ranked spirit power he could already manifest internal strength externally in tang sen’s previous world this was also known as protective big dipper chi this was also a reason why he had to stabilize his internal strength otherwise the protective big dipper chi would have gaps and couldn’t be used for comprehensive defense exhaling a white energy left his mouth revolving around tang sin quivering with a tiny cry just like a dragon after connecting the eight extraordinary meridians his mysterious heaven skill had entered another level of cultivation with the experience from his last world further adding the instructions of grand master in this life tang sen clearly understood that cultivation relied mainly on stability expression shifting slightly tang sen stood up and pulled open the door grandmaster quietly stood in the doorway to his room after these few days of rest grandmaster’s expression already seemed a lot better only the ice chill in his eyes showed no intent of dissipating on the contrary growing even denser teacher tang san hurriedly let grandmaster into the room he knew that grand master definitely hadn’t come here just now only he hadn’t knocked him so as not to disturb his cultivation even though this was only a tiny detail it still showed how much concern grand master showed for him grand master looked at his beloved disciple his face displaying a rare smile i’m already fine little sand first let me see that spirit bone armor you mentioned he had worked with researching spirits for more than half his life even though he fainted he had still recorded tang sans words in his heart and was extremely mindful about these unusual circumstances tang sen naturally knew grandmaster’s temperament and also didn’t say anything removing his clothes placing siawo aside on the bed he immediately circulated spirit power releasing his twice evolved eight spider lances as the blood red eight spider lances broke out of tang san’s back grand master couldn’t help drawing a cold breath a dense blood reeking aura radiated from those curtailed to three

meters long blood red eight spider lances filling the entire room with a ruthless energy even tang san’s eyes turned blood colored strangely this time the armor from last time didn’t appear tang sen only felt a wave of heat on his back but after the burning feeling covered his back it no longer spread lacking the protection of his front from last time and the other three spirit bones didn’t react either tang san somewhat astonished poured his spirit power into the eight spider lances but the eight spider lances only grew a deeper blood color without any changes appearing teacher last time wasn’t like this tang san spoke somewhat anxiously he didn’t want grandmaster to think his words before were unfounded grand master’s eyes revealed a somewhat pondering light don’t move finished speaking he quickly stepped around behind tang san carefully observing the eight spider lances he naturally couldn’t see his own back but grandmaster clearly saw a layer of fiery red plate armor covering his entire back the design was completely the same as the muscles it covered like a part of his body along with the movements of tang san’s upper body the armor also shifted with the muscles this was also why tang sen only felt a hot feeling and nothing else this armor appearing on his back was unexpectedly completely a part of his body done looking at the armor on his back grandmaster also carefully observed the changes in tang san’s eight spider lances the eight spider lances were rendered with a layer of cu and deep blood colored light the wicked blood wreaking aura extremely strong when observing carefully one could even catch some monstrous aura within grand master moved around in front of tang san again saying describe what you sensed back then again in detail teng sen nodded saying back then i only felt the eight spider lances had changed completely turned blood red and at the same time my back was very hot a scorching feeling passing from my back around to my chest after that i finally saw the blood colored armor appearing just when i thought the eight spider lances had mutated my three other spirit bones also all changed the armor that spread linked up only each spirit bone was different according to their attributes and also gave me different feelings only when they combined with the eight spider lance’s armor on my chest did they also turn to blood red armor it felt besides strengthening my defensive power all my abilities were also released together and each ability had a certain amplifying effect and the spirit power consumption also dropped drastically at the time i felt as if something shattered within me and also as if something fused together but each spirit bone gave a different feeling making me very uncomfortable only the increase in strength was certain at the same time as all my past spirit abilities didn’t decline the spirit power consumed by the spirit abilities dropped by 10 percent the power also rose 10 percent under that amplification my overall strength increased a lot a pleasantly surprised expression was now in grand master’s eyes he suddenly clapped his hands i understand it seems my conjecture was right even though it’s only in embryonic form it’s very possible you will obtain that kind of unique ability tang san looked at grand master without understanding teacher what ability are you talking about grand master lowered his voice i’m talking about a spirit bone fusion ability spirit bone fusion ability teacher you’ve never mentioned it to me before this was still the first time tang san heard this word he only knew about spirit fusion abilities and had never heard mention of some spirit bone fusion ability grand master side saying i never mentioned it to you before because i didn’t believe you would have the chance to come into contact with a spirit bone fusion ability in your lifetime i didn’t expect that with your profound talent you could actually come into contact with such an eccentric field tang sen couldn’t help asking teacher just what are spirit bone fusion abilities grand master said this is an almost unattainable area according to what i know there is currently only one person in the present spirit master world that might be able to obtain such an ability what is called spirit bone fusion abilities are additional abilities caused after the fusion of spirit bones generally speaking such abilities are all extremely formidable their boost to oneself no less than that of two spirit masters joining hands to use a spirit fusion ability moreover because it’s produced by the spirit bones themselves it’s capable of reaching a 70 percent degree of fusion tang san said then it shouldn’t be some ability caused by two spirit bones otherwise you wouldn’t talk about it as being so rare grandmaster nodded of course it’s not that simple

to have such a spirit bone fusion ability to appear is practically harder than reaching the sky spirit fusion abilities only rely on the matching between spirits but spirit bone fusion abilities rely on the attributes of the spirit bones and still to a very large degree luck the greatest challenge caused by spirit bone fusion abilities is in order to produce such an ability you first have to gather a complete set of six spirit bones afterwards there’s a one in thousand chance of a spirit bone fusion ability appearing listening to grandmaster say this tang sen thoroughly understood the difficulty of producing this ability and for a moment he couldn’t help shock saying then you’re saying the armor that appeared was a spirit bone fusion ability but including the eight spider lances right now i only have four spirit bones hearing tang san say this grand master couldn’t help smiling riley don’t tell me you’re still not satisfied still don’t you know that even a title duo level power might not be able to possess one spirit bone and a kid like you has four two of them still being from hundred thousand year spirit beasts it could even be called a profound blessing tang san smiled mockingly it’s possible my luck is comparatively good you understand if i could i wouldn’t want to have those two hundred thousand year spirit bones compared to spirit bones his mother in seattle were more important if he could choose tang sen definitely wouldn’t hesitate to have his mother and siaw alive master said there’s still another extremely harsh condition for spirit bones to appear that is the six spirit bones must all come from the same kind of spirit beast imagine spirit bones in themselves are so difficult to find and moreover to have one kind of spirit beast produce spirit bones for different positions what are the odds in the history i know only spirit hall possesses such an inherited set of spirit bones but i’ve never heard of anyone who could fuse with all six of them bibi dong is regarded as a genius and also has twin spirits the one person i mentioned that might possible have a spirit bone fusion ability is her hearing grandmaster mention bb dong tang san’s face couldn’t help revealing an intense hatred it was on the orders of this woman that ciao wu became like this the destruction of the seven treasure glazed tile school and the blue lightning tyrant dragon clan were perhaps also inextricably linked to her grandmaster looked deeply at tang san what happened to you is very like the foreshadowing of a spirit bone fusion ability the reason why it didn’t appear again is because your spirit bones are incomplete and you yourself furthermore doesn’t have the capability to use this kind of ability tang san frowned but my spirit bones really aren’t produced by the same kind of spirit beast how could a spirit bone fusion ability grand appear said this is just what i was coming to next if i’m not mistaken the reason why something like this would appear is because of your eight spider lances the six spirit bones required for a spirit bone fusion ability are the most orthodox six spirit bones and the spirit bone fusion ability precursor that appeared for you now is caused by the external spirit bone not counted among the six in other words the eight spider lances has become the catalyst to cause such an ability as an external spirit bone it will grow and evolve several times along with your strength increasing especially this time successively provoked by ciao’s hundred thousand year spirit ring as well as the energy of a several tens of thousands of your cultivation man face demon spider it made a qualitative leap and this leap also gave it an ability like a bridge helping all your spirit bones connect however even i don’t know what degree this ability can reach you said that when that armor appeared the different feelings each spirit bone gave you made you feel extremely uncomfortable this is because your spirit bones really aren’t produced by the same spirit beast even though the eight spider lances connected them in itself it’s still incapable of connecting these spirit bones it’s impossible in the future as well after all even if it evolves again at most it can only be equal to a hundred thousand year spirit bone consequently whether a true spirit bone fusion ability appears hereafter depends on the spirit bones you obtain in the future especially whether the spirit bones can change having heard grand master’s explanation tang san understood the circumstances of his body even though what grand master said was only conjecture tang san understood very clearly that his teacher wouldn’t shoot without aim if even he didn’t know then there might not be anyone in the spirit master world that knew what was going on grand master said in a low voice don’t waste any energy into researching this researching spirit

bone fusion abilities is my matter what you need to do is continue cultivating assiduously after all to you even though this ability is pretty good it’s far too vague the possibility that it can become something you truly can use isn’t large to you it’s more crucial to increase your own strength but cultivation must be stable the speed of your progress is already fast enough you have to make your foundation even firmer to continue charging ahead