Can You Beat Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land Without Any Copy Abilities?

Kirby is often considered to be one of the most difficult games of all time Nintendo has even unofficially gone on-record saying that Kirby is intended for hardcore gamers only, for people who truly want to test their skill I remember thinking back when the first game was released in 1992, 4 years before I was born, that it was almost like Nintendo was calling me out, daring me to test my luck against their most challenging of games Can You Beat Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland Without Any Copy Abilities? Up first is Level 1, who’d have guessed that This being the first level, things are off to an easy start The first time I sucked a fireman I accidentally hit down and absorbed his soul This was the first of many, many resets For the sake of honesty I’ll tell you that I’m playing this on an emulator Nightmare in Dreamland does have a way to reset the game, press A+B+Start+Select and you’ll be returned to the main menu I didn’t want to do that every single time I became a god by mistake Instead, I made a quick save in the overworld and went back to before I started the level rather than reseting the game The effect is the same, it just saves a little time Then, I had an idea, a better idea than the time I thought to make nachos after multiple shots and ended up setting off my smoke alarm The solution to that problem was to shut off all power to my apartment and manually disable that smoke detector by removing the battery and unplugging it The guys who found that during an apartment inspection were not happy that I rendered 33% of my smoke detectors inert I ran a poll on Twitter asking if it would be better to do a No Copy Abilities run, or a No Damage run That poll was a ruse The second I posted it I knew exactly what I was doing Grab a juice box and put on your nicest pair of jorts The real title of this video is Can You Beat Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland Without Any Copy Abilities and Without Taking Any Damage? That’s right, I’m doing them both at the same time I went back to the beginning, to the dark times of the long ago, to the first level of the game and began my journey again Level 1-1 is about as easy as it was the last time, this is, after all, still a Kirby game If you’re wondering about rules, damage is damage and enemies can be eaten as long as they don’t give me any sort of ability If I take any damage of any kind, I hit the quick load button and go back to the overworld to try the level again Also, fun fact, I never once got to the top in that post-level mini-game Level 1-2 introduces us to the invincible spiked balls, world war 2 era anti-airguns, and has the first mini-boss fight There are many throughout the game, but most follow the same sort of pattern Level 1-3 is more of the same, has some new enemies and abilities to play with, and the first underwater portion of the game 1-4 cranks it up a notch with a ladder and a walrus, I think These areas with enemies swooping in proved to be a significant challenge later in the game Then there’s the first real boss battle and this one took me a bit to get through Probably didn’t help that I was several shots into my Saturday afternoon by that point The issue is the apples falling from the sky like acid rain They always spawn above you which makes it somewhat tricky to inhale one of them and shoot it at the tree while also dodging the others that are still falling But like most areas that presented any sort of a challenge, things get a little easier the more you do it You learn the patterns, figure things out, and can get through it with relative ease I would go so far as to say that my last attempt was my best one, 6 apples fell and not one was wasted Next up is World 2: Ice Cream Land, it’s called “Level 2” but I don’t care I’m calling it a “world” In 2-1 I learned that after falling for enough time you can land on a star block or an enemy to destroy it Scarfy shows up here, with these weird ears, they get pissed and become suicidal when you try to eat them Then there are the sentient bombs that exist only to die in a violent explosion, causing great harm to everything nearby Stay far enough away and they’re not a threat 2-2 supplies a few copy abilities before battling the wheel from classic 2010 film Rubber You’re supposed to absorb the wheel and wheelie your way through the level I’m sure that would’ve been fun My imaginary therapist advised me to avoid fun so I just killed everything that came near me by blasting them into oblivion instead of running them over with my body Death is death, how they get there doesn’t matter 2-3 took a couple tries Most levels have many parts or stages to them, this was the level with the most stages so far It also had a fight with Metaknight’s minions There’s nothing inherently hard about it, just move carefully and with purpose, pay attention to when projectiles are being thrown, and you’ll get through it In 2-4 I got an extra life that meant nothing and fought an alarm clock 2-5 was a bit of a pain, the alcohol was causing some issues, I got greedy with my movement, and this section with all the blocks was annoying The falling bombs are waiting for you at the top If you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time they’ll detonate all over you My self confidence is into the negatives, I’m more than comfortable with admitting

that I was on this level for more than 10 minutes The secret is to never give the bombs the opportunity to fall to their glorious demise in the first place World 2’s boss is the Paint Roller Once you realize what you need to do, this becomes a cake walk Suck the baseball or the umbrella or the cloud or whatever he throws at you, shoot it back at him, hover at the top of the stage, then he explodes into nothing World 3 is the Butter Building I’d tell you that a lot of the levels in this world take place indoors but it really makes no difference whatsoever 3-1 is a fairly standard level, nothing crazy 3-2 has you ascending a tower, watch out for the falling bricks and the caterpillars, there are some areas of the game you physically can’t reach because you have no way of destroying the stuff blocking your way I remembered the beetle being one of the harder mini-bosses, he’s really not Maybe a little more time consuming, if that 3-3 had lots of doors to go through, it’s probably the closest any level in this game came to being a puzzle It took less than a minute to beat this one 3-4 contained another Metaknight fight It was far more open than the last one was, towards the end you’re floating up an indoor skydiving tube Spikes and turrets exist and should be avoided The gimmick of 3-5 is that you’re given an invincibility power up to run through a bunch of God’s little mistakes Beat the monkey with your suction and you’re done 3-6 had a bunch of those terrorist bombs in the first area which kinda forces you to go slower than you’d like while you wait for them to kill themselves This was another one of those levels that took far longer than it had any right to Mostly because bricks kept falling from the sky and caving in my skull The Butter Building boss was a twofer, both the sun and the moon came out to play I spent a solid 20 minutes in this fight Looking back, I’m not sure why, I’m not seeing anything that should’ve been difficult The only thing I can think of is that the object in the sky will sometimes shine down a light and I kept underestimating how close I could be without taking damage, or they sometimes do attacks where they fling themselves or something towards you at supersonic speeds and I waiting too long to dodge them Eventually they both fell before me, and I was onto World 4: Grape Garden As always, the first stage of a new world is nothing complicated The UFOs can fly towards you pretty quick, so you gotta be ready to not get hit by them and turned into jelly Same goes for the bouncy-balls And the tornados 4-2 was another lengthy one Quite a few areas to get through, some rather large that are time consuming to get through, and it culminates with a 2-on-1 mini-boss battle Something else I noticed in these sorts of levels where I took damage a lot, I would get overconfident and try to fly through them like I was doing a speed run or something, more often than not that would lead to more failures than successes 4-3 was nothing noteworthy, I realized after I took damage in 4-4 that I hadn’t saved after beating 4-3 so I had to do it again and of course I took damage more times trying to beat it the 2nd time than I did the first 4-4 had a lot of enemies in it, birds and shit, I accidentally got a copy-ability, way to go me, had many many many different failures right at the start of this mission Checkpoint confidence is a very real problem 4-5 marked the return of Metaknight and his gang of felons, as well as some pretty hazardous landscapes to navigate I started noticing a pattern with the 6th level of each world: they all seemed to give me trouble Once I became self-aware for the first time in my life and stopped trying to impress all the nobody who was watching me, I got through it World 4’s boss is Kracko the Cycloptic Stormcloud and I hate him The reason for this disdain is that it takes at least 40 seconds for the battle to actually begin It can be done faster if you use the Hi-Jump ability that the game practically gives you for free I, obviously, can’t do that Every time I fail it takes nearly a minute to try again Not to mention the fact that with the Hi-Jump ability you don’t really need to worry about being damaged by Kracko I’m slow, both mentally and physically, so it’s a problem I must deal with As for the fight itself, ehh… the Hi-Jump is supposed to be used to attack the eye-cloud Because of how high it sits above the ground, your openings to attack are infrequent That said, the fight is absolutely manageable, pretend all that bitching I just did didn’t happen World 5 is the Yoghurt Yard, there’s a theme to these worlds, I think you can figure out what it is It’s construction themed 5-1 was a fun level It was the perfect mix of speed and skill, and it was the closest this game comes to having the Dolphin Dive soda from Black Ops Flopper is the best perk anyone who disagrees with me should be castrated 5-2 was a level that seemed to go on forever, every time you went through a door there was more level to get through 5-3 required a good amount of careful floating so pink guy doesn’t bonk his noggin The strategy of sucking an enemy into your mouth and falling into the void works well in Smash Bros, doesn’t work out so well here though These spikes gave me a sneak peak at pain to come, then that pain arrived in 5-4 The thing is, I’m not great at platforming that requires any sort of precision The last 2D platformer I played was New Super Mario Bros 2, and that’s even more of a baby game than this I couldn’t tell you how many times I fucked up getting passed this spike section

After that comes I think the 4th tussle with Metaknight’s muscle, then some basic enemy evasion, and then more spikes, this time underwater alongside the spiked balls and water that is constantly pushing you to the left Then, then, you’re still not done Fall down this waterfall while not getting hit by any of the enemies On their own, none of these areas are that bad, for someone who isn’t me they probably aren’t even a challenge at all But this level took me about 20 minutes 5-5 had the first fight with Ninetails autistic cousin Slightly more difficult than the clock or the hammer gorilla or any of the other mini-bosses You can always count on hiding at the top of the level to save your ass. 5-6, not even worth talking about Easy World 5’s boss is the Heavy Mole I like his name I liked the boss battle too, it wasn’t anything stupid Occasionally you’ll have to put your back into it to not fall off-screen because this is an autoscroller For that reason it took a little while, but it was probably the easiest boss in the game Next is World 6: Orange Ocean Kirby is automatically given a snorkel when he’s in the water to make up for not being able to suck or float If you think about it, he could probably just suck all the water into the infinite nothing where his heart used to be Speaking of water, dealing with the stupid elephant in the water was so frustrating, then I found out there was more level passed the door I entered and I didn’t have to fight him at all Watch out for the pelicans and piranha’s, and 6-1 is now a fever dream that you’ll never want to remember 6-2 had its fair share of trouble spots, it was one of those levels with more areas than most It probably took me 10 attempts to get through it 6-3 took place on a boat so it’s automatically in the bottom 5 levels of this game The ceiling height was higher than normal during the hammer guy’s fight, I found that incredibly off-putting, it bothered me quite a bit He died, I killed his puppet overlords, played on the sails, and 6-4 happened What can I say about this one, I need to choose my words carefully Um… fuck this level The first few screens, I made them all my bitches after I learned the layout Then you’re given an umbrella because there’s a lengthy vertical area you need to get through that’s filled with explosive coconuts that fall with the intention of ending your life This was bad Just getting to this point, despite what I just said, took a bit of effort Not a lot, but some I spent so much time on this little slice of hell Without the umbrella you’ve got to be inconceivably careful with your movements Like, by the time one of the coconuts starts falling, you need to already be moving out of the way Psychic abilities would really come in handy here After slamming my face against those coconuts for 25, 30 minutes with no perceivable strategy other than fuck those coconuts, I had a moment of clarity I could use the trees to my advantage, learn where I need to be Of course, it was much simpler than I was making it Basically just stick to the right side, dodge a single coconut, and you’re done 6-5 was like taking candy from a baby that died from the flu 100 years ago compared to the last level 6-6 is commonly thought by Kirby lore experts to be the level that bridges the gab between Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal The multiple UFOs made me question my own mortality, wondering if the emptiness after death could be better than what I’m experiencing now Short version is I again was full of myself after 6-4 and kept making mistakes It was also the last level of World 6 so it had some girth to it The boss battle of World 6 was certainly something It was where things started falling apart The reason is simple: you can’t start the fight without acquiring the sword ability Normally the select button would spit out the ability, I briefly hoped I could gain the ability then remove it, but you can’t I decided long ago that if a game requires you to do something, it doesn’t count, but I don’t have to like it On a technical level, you can’t beat Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land Without Using Any Copy Abilities As for the fight itself, Metaknight is tougher than any of the other bosses because he has more health and he’s also much more nimble As is tradition, the last time I faced him I pushed his shit in so hard it came out his ears I legit killed him in less than 10 seconds Then comes World 7: Rainbow Resort I vomited out that sword nonsense and entered 7-1 This block section made me mad Not because it was, like, difficult at all, it wasn’t, it just bothered me that it existed in the first place 7-2 was the obligatory boss tower level where you fight through 7 different mini-bosses I got real lucky with this one and got through them all without taking damage once, getting to the last one and having your cheek ripped open by a flaming lion while you were sneezing would’ve caused my throat to be coated in Drain-O when I did a shot of it 7-3 brought back the slippery surfaces that must exist in every platformer They were accompanied by flying enemies and Sir Kibble and his merry men That wasn’t some stupid joke, Sir Kibble is the name of the enemies that look like knights and throw boomerangs or whatever the fuck After the slipper room is an invincibility section and if you’re a gamer god like I am who’s great at Kirby that power-up will get you through the rest of the level, or at least most of it 7-4 was nuts The idea is dead easy, it’s a bunch of rooms where you kill 4 of the same type of enemy,

World 7 is all about the gimmicks I got through it just fine the first time, I messed up a jump, probably because I never had the makings of a varsity athlete, and spent the next 15 minutes trying to get through this level 7-5 forced me to go slow, those bombers were back There’s a wheel fight in an enclosed space, the gimmick here is the fastest mini-boss in the smallest possible area The rest of the level is easy 7-6 is a joke, you’re just going through a bunch of different areas from the original Kirby game in black and white There’s no reason to take damage here That was it, the last level was finished, all that remained was left to do was murder the high king of Skyrim and claim the crown for myself Before I even talk about the fight itself, let me tell you this: it took me 35 minutes to beat him without taking damage, you’ll understand why I told you that in a bit The biggest problem I faced in this fight was getting pinned against the wall with nowhere to go then his majesty fucks me with his mallet His inflation attack can be dodged easily, the suction can be avoided easily, the hammer and his ass slam are the problem children of his arsenal That and time Time wasn’t on my side The longer the fight, the more likely it is that I’ll make a stupid mistake and take damage There were more than a few times where he was one hit away from death and I just threw it away Another issue is one that comes directly from the challenge run The only time I can do damage is when he does one of his attacks that leaves a star on the ground In fact, I’d call that the biggest hinderance of this climactic battle for the fate of Dream Land But finally, after 35 minutes, the king lay almost dead at my feet He had enough life left in him to beg me not to do what I was about to do Never one to trust a dying man, I did it anyway I don’t make mistakes I fully planned on unleashing the ultimate evil of the Kirby universe on Dream Land I then had to fight the Nightmare with the Star Rod Same as the Metaknight fight, I had no option to not use it, this time I even spawned with it I took damage then let him kill me because it didn’t matter I knew for a fact that I wouldn’t have to fight King Dedede again, I remembered how this game went from when I played it as a children There’s the orb monster then the tornado guy I took some damage then let myself die because it wouldn’t matter all that much I was in awe of what I just witnessed This is a level of disappointment I’ve only experienced a handful of times since I started doing these challenge videos Not only did I have to fight Dedede again, which in and of itself would’ve been annoying as he’s the toughest boss I’d encountered so far, I had to beat him without taking any damage, then the corrupted pokeball without taking any damage, and then the true final boss… without taking any damage I wasn’t sure how to process it It was like that scene from Contagion where The Martian is told his wife is dead then he asks if he can talk to her He couldn’t comprehend the information he just received That’s how I felt I stopped playing for the night, I’d just spent an amount of time I’d rather not say playing Kirby, I had to clear my head and think about how to proceed After thinking, I remembered that if you die during the fight with Nightmare, you start back at the beginning of the fight So my options were to give myself 3 chances at the bad dream because that’s how many lives I had, then if I fail I fight Dedede again, back to square one basically Or, because the video title only mentions Copy Abilities, I deem myself a failure and quit the no-damage run I think you know which one I did Fuck the No Damage run And because the Star Rod ability is given automatically fuck the No Copy Ability run too Back in the air, the disco ball didn’t kill me at least not directly The battle consisted of holding down the b button and avoiding projectiles I killed him then I… got crushed by the screen? He had no health, I’m don’t know what I just saw happen The 2nd time he got got and I rode to the moon The living Nightmare, Chuckie Finster himself is here to destroy imagination as we know it I remembered this being a bullshit boss when I was a youth I started off with one health and obviously failed miserably I won’t lie, I made a quick save right when this battle started, I felt like I’d earned it But even with that, even knowing I was almost done, this was the most maddening fight of the game Mostly because I felt like his attacks were bullshit and me not hitting him was bullshit and him being invulnerable most of the time was bullshit Sooner or later I began to evolve, my movements became more precise, my ability to avoid attacks became godly, I gave the game my undivided attention No Discord, no music, just playing Kirby the way Todd Howard wanted it to be played With a single health left, I delivered the final blow, the Nightmare blew up the moon, Cookie Monster’s gonna be pissed about that, and I did not beat Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land without copy abilities or without taking any damage If you enjoyed the video or learned anything, leave a like Leave a dislike if you didn’t enjoy the video or didn’t learn anything Join the Mitten Squad Discord server through a link in the video description Thanks to the champion tier supporters as well as other channel members for making videos like this one possible Follow me on Twitter @MittenSquad My name is Paul of Mitten Squad

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