Inside Network Marketing V1:N9 (9/11/13)

hello welcome to another edition of inside network marketing this is len Clements this is Tuesday August tenth 2013 and this review segment is going to be about my review of empower network just a kind of a brief overview of what turned out to be a 51 page review a little carried away with this one that’s kind of what one of the things I’ve been doing to the last five months you probably not seen a lot of activity on the inside network marketing website besides my regular consulting stuff that I do which is very time-consuming there are actually two major projects that I’m working on right now one is kind of still a little secret you’ll hear about this soon I think it’s going to quit a lot of buzz in the industry but the other one was the empower network review and it started out to be like a you know typical 1015 page review but besides me getting a little carried away with it empower network was kind of a moving target they were constantly in transition they kept providing me more and more information to review and like near the end of the review when I thought it was almost done they gave me full access to all of their products to view excellent make the case that I really need to see it all 50 125 dollars worth of me 160 hours of video and all this kind of stuff because for those of you not familiar with empower network this is you know how to make money or generate leads blogging online and all the training about it they provided blogging platform and so forth and I thought I don’t want to review this based on other people’s reviews it’s like a movie reviewer reviewing a movie based on a bunch of other movie reviewers reviews I’d rather watch the movie and apparently they bought my logic and said okay here’s temporary access knock yourself out so I actually got to see all of it and really see what it was all about and that is part of part of the review which you can read on inside the remarketing at the anyway my concerns certainly migrated over this time I started off pretty negative now I ended up not quite as negative but probably still a little on the negative side of the scale I know I’ve used this analogy before but if you hold up the empower network x-ray there are still a few dark spots on it they need to be addressed but one thing i will definitely say about these guys is they are they are not evasive they would engage sharp the co-founders they went out of their way to provide me about anything that I asked for some of the inside information about their sales that recruiting numbers the commission breakdowns it was it was somewhat odd actually how open and transparent they were an indulgent of all of my requests for this for this information so which leads me to believe first of all that it’s truthful because not all of the information they provided me necessarily supported them as you’ll see in the review so I don’t think they were just making up big numbers to look good because it didn’t always end up that way they were just being open and transparent these guys they definitely have no skeletons in their closet I’m not saying they don’t have skeletons they’re just not in their closet in fact they dragged them right out onto their videos and on stage at their events and rattle them right there in front of it especially dave sharpe so yeah they got skeletons just none of their closet they’re very open about everything so which is something it was you know rather refreshing and kind of made my job a little easier in that way in one sense was longer have a lot more now to report on but we said you know some facts and some basis to report on it so you know check all that out the the corporate culture i thought was one of most interesting things about empower network it was such that i mean they’ve created this weird sort of culture where you know they for example the the owners of the companies they would date sharp and come out onto their videos and onstage at their events dave woods barefooted wearing Bermuda shorts sleeveless t-shirt kind of makes shark look over dress because he’s Justin rip faded jeans and sandals and everybody loves it you know they think it’s hip and endearing they drop f-bombs like crazy use a lot of vulgar language on stage on their videos everything which is which is odd because credibility is one of the most coveted assets in this industry especially on a corporate level and these companies are going out of their way to create this this very reputable very professional very competent looking sort of image of the company and yet here’s you know empower network that are kind of almost the antithesis of that they I’m going I’m going to assume here that these are all professional adults you know mature adults watching this right now if you’re under 13 turn it off but for no other reason then I have no idea why you would have any interest in this so again i’m going to assume you’re a mature adult i’m just going to explain

to you what I’m talking about here I would usually think that in most cases distributors for a network marketing company would find it somewhat off-putting when the CEO of their company is on a video explaining their compensation plan and comments into the camera that the first time he saw this compensation plan he got a boner but yet everybody loves him for it you know for making cracks like that nobody seems to be offended by that all and these are not just gen y and gen x or Jen XXX I mean there are a lot of boomers in this company there I saw a lot of elderly people in this company I personally surveyed and interviewed 104 of their distributors their top people all the way down to newbies to sort of randomly selected as part of this review and no it’s it’s pretty much the whole spectrum so even to older people that you think might be more put off by by this type of antic and yet they’re not I couldn’t find a single example they all just seemed to love them for the way that they act now dave wood and dave sharpe are also at the very top position what they call the master distributor position they um that’s fine and by the way I don’t have any problem with that and in fact a lot of my my corporate clients you know I got sometimes recommend that strategy but once the company launches they gotta stop recruiting the company can’t sell products in competition with their own distributors to retail they can’t continue to recruit distributors in competition with their own distributors after the company launches it’s considered highly taboo to do that there’s all kinds of examples of how this is wrecked company in the past there’s a brief little anecdote there was a company back in the 90s at me and some of some guys I was partnered with at the time was checking out went to the home office and are we had been with another company previous to this and I worked at the home office for a couple of months found out they weren’t operating in the most ethical manner so I told me the three partners we got to go to a No Deal so Corey Augustine and lemon cider calm him and I went out to this one company to check them out but we always found what a lot of you may have found that the owners of these companies their leadership they always act like such honest professional competent people when you first meet them when they’re doing their little dog and pony show to try to get you involved then you actually get in business with them and not so much you know I was joke that I’m over to in my corporate ventures an MLM but on 2 and 0 in court against my ex-partners so I’ve experienced this somewhat myself so this time we said we’re going to take them out after we take the tour and we’re going to get some steaks and some beer climb with a bunch of beer give them a little loose little tipsy who these guys really are how they really think once we got there of course we soon discovered that the company was based within a dry County so we took them out for coffee and but the point is is that after we got back we got spotted out there and I went all through the grapevine no secrets in this industry it’s already made grapevine it’s already there and information moves fast and all these distributors are going o Clement san agustin we’re out there than making a deal with the company are they in your downline no my downline ten years now i just checked it i don’t see him in my downline well that’s called a master distributor if they’re in the downline they got to be under him they call him up guys I just checked they’re not my downline either and I was dirty rotten bastards and musta made a deal with the company and went front line in direct competition with all of us just the idea that corporate might have put us front line and competition like corporates recruiting we’ve created a firestorm and this company had to call us up and say guys can you put something in writing that you’re not in anyone’s down line because you didn’t join yet you know so he can tamp down this firestorm I mean that’s the kind of result you usually get that nets and that’s not on you know a typical yet in empower network nobody cares Dave wouldn’t a sharper up there recruiting in de woods claimed over twice as many people than the second highest earner in the company over 5,000 people they sponsored even during a two-month period right after they launched when they couldn’t accept credit cards because their merchant service provider companies or their banks would stop doing business with him but dave wood and a sharp still have their own credit card processing account so they could continue to recruit which i’m not at all suggesting they took advantage of that or is on purpose i don’t believe that for a second but my point is even during that period of time no one had a problem with it with them being in a position to recruit against them and their other things I talk about the review but I have a theory as to why the empower network culture is so different from any other that I’ve ever seen there was about two months before empower network logs which was Halloween

Day 2011 I believe it was and I’m going to pull up here some exact quotes from this conference call that wooden sharp was going to to sell and provide some training for and here’s how they described it how to use hypnotic selling language to influence prospects potential customers to buy your products and join your business they went on to say in the sales letter how to hypnotically force your prospects to buy now through the power of video some entire network reps me find this somewhat familiar how to create an almost cult-like following waiting to hear anything you have to say during my interview with Dave would I asked him point-blank are you using these mind kind of control techniques is this this persuasive secret language if nautica language on your own people and he answered as candidly as he did with pretty much any other question I asked him he said of course be stupid not to quote unquote what is the root word of culture just put it out there the air products again I got to hit just the very top points on this to try to have any chance at all keeping this under 30 minutes which I know I’m going to fail to do but they have essentially five products a $25 monthly blogging platform with some training called fast start training a hundred-dollar monthly inner circle product which is just a bunch of recorded calls essentially that you get access to a single one time five-hundred-dollar what they call costa rica intensive then a one-thousand-dollar 15k formula product these are mostly video and a single 3500 dollar masters course if you go all in they call it for 5,125 dollars you get all of these at once now I firstly at one time I thought the $25 product was without a problem with it like a lot of other critics do I did or probably some still do in that the blogging platform essentially was WordPress which is free and you know was this really worth everything else that they were offering I again I saw the fast start training for that product it’s almost entirely designed to train you on how to build in power network not to use in power networks blog power network blogs are supposed to be to get to create funds to sell products to generate leads towards whatever business that’s what they teach you how to blog to bring attraction to attract customers to your business but this is all about just how to use your empower network blog to build empower network mostly they did mention you can use it for other things but the training is pretty specific towards in power whatever I don’t have a problem with that product anymore they gave me access to a video stream of where they unveiled it at their july event in denver and i saw what they’re now 2.0 version of their blogging platform work which is customized blogging platform just for them it’s their own product and it rocks and if i had not went to the hellish process of paying for someone to well I’m paying and also thanks to Dennis lambe we’re going to give him credit here to a lot of pro bono work that he did for me to build my own blogging platform I would probably buy theirs and pay $25 a month just for the value of the blogging platform alone even without the training which is which is basically the basis for a legally commissionable product would you buy it even if there were no income opportunity a task I think they have a product that it absolutely would buy so i don’t no problem with that one anymore now the other four products still do have a problem with those I don’t believe people are buying them for the value of the product I think they’re buying them to qualifying the compensation plan that’s my opinion based on all of the evidence that I’ve collected ensure of these I’ve taken and so forth the purchase motive is it’s very key here as you’ve probably heard from previous videos that I’ve done like the one where I did about what’s a pyramid scheme you can check out the link to that below you revisit that but the FTC and AGS have made it very clear that the purchase motive is the defining criteria they look for are you buying the product as you actually want it and you would have purchased it anyway even if there were no income opportunity to qualify in or is the primary motive for buying this product to qualifying the comp plan I believe that even in the $25 product it’s not how it’s designed to be or how it could be what the legal authorities look at is how is it how is it actually being used I think this two point O program will garner a lot more

actual customers to it but right now at least in the past on their previous product it seems to be primarily people in the business of building empower network but but it has the potential to have real value to outside people I don’t believe the other products do let me think about this it’s 50 125 dollars to go all-in for over a hundred and sixty hours of video training some of it very advanced stuff if you were just buying it for the value of the product we had no interest in the income opportunity to enter about qualifying why would you want to pay for a PhD in medicine your first day of pre-med does it make any sense I mean why wouldn’t you by the $25 monthly and maybe the hundred-dollar inner circle see how that is kind of out of it see what it’s worth how much value it has once you’ve absorbed a lot of that because that’s a lot of time to absorb all that information then get to Costa Rica intensive for five hundred dollars once you’ve got you made your way through that you still like everything you’re getting tots not getting repetitive or whatever then by the thousand other product and if you still want more advanced information than by the 3500 product some number of months from now after you absorbed all the previous stuff there is absolutely no other logical reasonable explanation for going all in which is almost their mantra dave wood and dave sharpe in all eight parts of that fast start training a $25 product all eight segments they encourage you to go all in and buy all the products up front you’re a weenie and a we’ll see if you don’t and you’re a badass if you do it that’s what they say and you and and and why else would you do that but to qualify and in their training they actually say that that’s the reason you would do it to make more money so you qualify for bonuses in all of these things where the actual reason should be because it’s great product with great training now they have changed this attitude since they was interview with me and like I said you very practically went out to try to effect a lot of the things I had concerns with which I very much admire at their Denver event they did a one hour compliance on the stage with attorney that recently hired Kevin Thompson who’s one of the best in the business and they talked about not saying upgrade just to get more commissions do it based on the value of the product but they’d never taken that tack really before that and in their training it still says you upgrade to qualify for more commissions they hit them on don’t make income claims which I’ll get to in a minute but like for example when I mentioned income claims today would he said I thought we were getting a word out that you need disclosures and stuff and I didn’t know nearly this bad and I got an internal email CC to me that night where Dave’s telling everybody else you know at this Denver event coming up in a few days we have to put the the URL to the income disclosure page online right there on those big check placards that we’re going to hand everybody to show off up on stage it’s going to be right there on the checks which ever was previously and then at their event there they are on the checks so they did very proactively try to address some of these things but I’ll get to that in a minute but the point is that it’s great that they’re trying to effect positive changes but these are some of these are just bails you can’t unring it’s too prevalent there’s like there’s an ocean of all of this stuff already out there so just not adding any more to it won’t necessarily solve the problem of the hundred and four people that we surveyed mean a couple of assistants 104 empower network people including about most of their of their top ten ninety seven percent said they were using their empower network blog primarily or solely to build their empower network business to sell the empower network products not for any other third party some of them said I started off using it to generate leads for another MLM company but i found out i can make far more money selling empower network from my empower network blog than selling my other MLM companies products they might have used it for our you know real estate business or dog grooming business or whatever like that but no i can make more money in power network so now just focus on just that three people three at 104 said i’m using my empower network blog to attract attention to generate leads for something completely different than in power network i’m not using at all to promote empower network yet all three of those people one of them i spoke to personally and he told me he made twelve thousand dollars last month in empower network even though he wasn’t promoting it at all with his website he said that’s how he answered to the surveyed the other two which spoke to my assistants that both of them said they’re using it to build something else but both of them tried to recruit my

assistant into power Network which doesn’t really sound like they’re not building empower network site really it’s those three you got to go in that category as well which means essentially a hundred percent of the people we surveyed are using the empower network blog and training to build empower network now if you do a Google search least when I did a couple months ago for the term in power network com in quotes on the top 100 search results they weren’t empower network blogs for dog grooming businesses or real estate businesses or some other MLM company 94 out of a hundred the other six were just unrelated by 94 were empower network blogs that were bait and switch review sites they said an honest review of empower network or empower network as a scam and you get there and they’re promoting empower network not a single one promoted any type of third-party business not one and I kind of made it my mission because they would during our interview was very emphatic that whether all kinds of people using it for other things well I got to find them so on Friday night about eleven o’clock I made it my mission to find five websites they’re promoting 5 empower network blogs promoting something else besides empower network and it took me 90 minutes but I found them which is indicative of nothing else than they have no semblance of a life but besides that yeah so they are out there that there’s not nearly enough not even remotely close watch the problem with using empower network to build empower network it’s the closed loop there’s a lot of legal precedent on this which I defined in the review but when you use the tool that you’re selling as a tool to build the business of selling that tool it essentially becomes a sales aid empower network blog becomes a sales a to sell empower network not a product that has value to a non distributor so and they absolutely run the risk under these conditions of their product becoming a sales 18 on commissionable sales aid and the training becoming training company specific if it’s training about how to build empower network who else would buy it but an empower network affiliate now flight customer would have no value to it and that’s is how it’s being structured I think their entire training in my opinion need to be completely thrown out and redone not only is it obsolete because they reference a lot of products they don’t even have any more but they make a lot of references to income claims like crazy and a lot of things about you motivation to upgrade to a higher priced product is to qualify for income they’ve got to get all of that out of there even though right now again from their compliance site that Kevin Thompson made for them which is which is a really powerful compliant site that’s been up for over three months in almost four months now that compliance that training they did their event all of that saying don’t do that anymore but yet in their training they’re still saying do it of course the the income claim is another big issue you can’t make income claims without the proper disclosures and a disclosure is different than a disclaimer so I won’t get to the details here again you can go to the income claims video blog that I did to turn more about that but the vast majority those we surveyed and all that autoresponders and stuff and ads I’m getting undated with from making Blake and income claims with no disclosures or disclaimers and a few that do try to use a disclosure or doing it in a non-compliant way in fact 104 i reviewed only one person one person made an income claim and then provided the proper disclosure so that’s that’s that is an ocean of income claims already out there that they’re never going to be able to to bring back in they can tamp down the addition of new stuff but remember all this compliance has been out for months now go to google and do an image search of the term empower network in quotes and the word checks and just look at the pages and pages of these people holding up these big checks on state the vast majority of them before their denver event with no disclosure on the check it’s out there and it’s out there forever so i think this is this is going to be an ongoing challenge for them and and and they themselves are even still continuing to make as they slip every once in a while and still make an income claim on their face page I’ve noticed even after the telling anybody stop doing it so it’s going to be hard to it’s hard to undo that I don’t think they’re going to be able to do it that’s going to be a challenge refund policy one of the M way safeguards is having a buyback policy you know everybody always has a seventy percent rule minimum customer rule and a buyback policy well in at least 90 days you would expect they at one time had no refund policy then it was changed to we will we won’t maybe you know take on a case-by-case basis now most recently the

last few months it’s been a three-day 72-hour refund policy which is commensurate with a federally mandated cooling-off period which I’m not even sure really applies to them based on the criteria for having to go by that rule bed anyway that’s probably why that’s there and I completely understand why that’s there because if you get all this information upfront you go all in you get almost everything right up front and ask for a refund you still have everything and so I understand why they’re doing it and I’m not sure AGS in the FTC if they look at a refund policy of three days will necessarily buy into it that’s yet to be seen we’ll have to see what happens but a three day refund policy could be problematic five states you have to register it as an MLM company before you can begin business there Montana Louisiana Georgia Massachusetts in Wyoming year and a half after they launched and when my review started they were not registered in any of those companies there any of those countries in he throws states Len third time’s a charm when they may be became aware of that i was told that well they thought the MLM law firm they hired initially had taken care of it i would have checked up on that myself but apparently they didn’t and so now they are taking care of it and as of july third all the information to be sent to those states about a month later on august eight i checked up montana georgia and Massachusetts said they had not received anything yet a month later and louisa said Louisiana said they received it it was incomplete we send it back and Wyoming said we did receive it there now registered by the way Wyoming told me the day before they’d not received anything the next day oh you know we’d have it for a few days and the other are registered so I would take the other three stage with a grain of salt but and and and i’ve not checked in recently again you know this is sep tember 10th because i’m not going to do any more work on this review i’m done but if i were to do it i would suspect they’re going to probably be registered in the least two more states and they’re going to get registered in all of them eventually i have no doubt they are working on it obviously they’re going to get registered but the point is why weren’t they for the first year and a half that’s kind of an important thing to overlook but that’s going to get resolved the one that’s going to be the big problem though is sales tax there are 15 states that have enacted digital product sales taxes at least 10 of them probably all 15 but at least 10 for sure because I’ve checked them I talked to the auditors and the sales tax departments of these states the ones who decide what’s taxable and what’s not so you can get this more from the horse’s mouth access to digital information that you don’t know that you don’t take possession of you don’t download it remember in empower network you have the option of downloading any of these videos or audios or PDFs but even if you just access it online and it’s streamed these are still taxable products in the states now none of them are the big states California Texas Florida but they are the states that you can read about in the review but there’s such that i would estimate conservatively about five to six million dollars of sales taxes will be due in these states if they were have to pay back taxes not counting penalties and interest which can be substantial so this is an issue and there at some point there’s going to be a big tax bill due here and they’re gonna have to re-rig everything to continue to start charging sales taxes with all that that entails like adding several hundred dollars to going all in any way that is i know at least being considered on their part but for right now they’re not paying sales taxes on a product that apparently is taxable the policies and procedures are very similar to most MLM companies but they do have language in they’re like you can terminate someone at their discretion they have to approve the sale of your distributorship the they control the content of your blog they can they can not renew you on your renewal date for you have to give you a reason now again most Ameland companies have that kind of language in there Dave wood and Dave chart both said that that’s absurd to think we would ever exploit any of that kind of language and our policies and procedures we would never do that and in Dave would ask me to put all that all these concerns I had in their policies and writing and send it to him and maybe we can start revising some of these policies and procedures I just checked about two months later now after that conversation and nothing has been changed in their policies and procedures but I don’t believe it’s because they do intend to actually use any of this language to exploit it to terminate anybody unjustly but still just beware it’s in there it’s in there and and they don’t they’re aware of that it’s in there and it’s still in there the corporate associations or alien nations this would clear up some of this that yes they do

they did get dumped by two of their merchant service providers in the beginning but the whole credit card issue has long since been resolved so that’s not an issue now paypal yeah they had a falling out that paypal doesn’t like anything MLM paypal does not ban MLM by the way some people will tell you that paypals policy say they they don’t allow certain in the lens but that’s almost all of them so the fact that they don’t like empower network is nothing they just don’t like MLM they did not get banned by Facebook and YouTube like you might hear out there they did band putting in certain links to their promotional stuff on Facebook and YouTube did ban a few YouTube accounts but not empower network and most of those YouTube accounts by the way they just petitioned to have their YouTube account brought back and they then they reactivated their accounts obviously they haven’t banned them because facebook is loaded with empower network pages you do you go to youtube and search and power Network you get over a hundred thousand hits so clearly they didn’t ban them now google it does appear they’ve done a little reading indexing or d indexing because empower network blog sites tend to be trending a little bit lower in the search results but you know they can live without facebook and youtube i don’t think they can live without google and google is the owner of youtube so you know they got to make sure that they do maintain a good relationship with with these companies i mean these other entities he sort of symbiotic entities that they really need growth trends you hear a lot of stuff out there about their going down there free falling they’re not their overall trend is still up they got a little dip at the end but as you’ll see from aldi the income figures june july in august was lower than March April and May but August was also twenty percent higher than July and their fourth best recruiting month in the history of the company so again like the corporate hype video that I did you can you can make a case for both ways but generally overall you know they’re still trending up they’re not they’re not free falling compensation plan is loosely based on an Australian to up it’s not an Australian to up but the basic mechanisms are still there similar to it such that it’s a very back or top-heavy plan most of the income gets squeegee to the top people Dave wooden fatica Lee denies that but again their own data kind of heat rays that they gave me the income breakdown for June they did almost four point eight million in sales in June they did over four million in commission in June and the top 25 earners out of thirty thousand active affiliates the top 25 made over thirty five percent of the Commission’s okay 18 hundredth of a percent of their active affiliates earn thirty five percent of the Commission’s not only that but the wooden sharp position at the top mate 3rd 333 thousand dollars which is almost double what the number two earner made which in itself was fourteen percent higher than the number three and four earner combined and it kind of keeps on going down about like that and besides that based on their own disclosures their public disclosures ninety-seven percent of all of their distributors all their affiliates made less than four hundred fifty dollars last year so there’s way less to even cover their $125 monthly cost for the two monthly products the david woods response to that was well he and sharp has sponsored 5,000 people to over twice as many people as the number two earner fair enough that’s a good explanation i guess and why you made so much more than the number two guy but that only reinforces the concern about competing against your own distributors i mean if you had an option of enrolling in empower network with some new guy that just signed up or the to gurus that everybody loves in the doors that are like the rock stars of the company in the face of the company who are you going to go with you know it’s like imagine a young Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie I’m 55 now so our current day Angelina Jolie works just fine but for everybody else a young Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie decide to make themselves members of their own online dating service okay so women you have the option of looking at my profile and choosing me to go on a date with our Brad Pitt are you going to choose so again it’s sort of maybe results one issue but kind of reinforces the other and I don’t that doesn’t explain all the other people and how the income breaks down so again it does tend to kind of roll up to the top again going a lot more detail in the review about the compensation man in conclusion I kind of

try to think that I’m sort of immune to all of this sort of mind control and you know persuasion techniques and things like that and I don’t know maybe I’m not as much as I think I am and dave wood and a sharp just kind of used some of their mojo on me but I gotta tell you after spending as much time as I’ve had with these guys I personally find that I really like them on a personal level I really think in their heart they’re good guys and they honestly believe that their compensation plan and their program is honest and ethical their products have value I think they honestly believe that I also also think you can believe i believe you can use a lot of these persuasion techniques and hypnotic language on yourself this will he’ll too but done so anyway I don’t know how they’re going to feel about me now but I mean I really like these guys on a personal level I do think of it and their hearts are good guys but dumb doesn’t change my opinion of the opportunity over all that much the distributors themselves that I spoke to and there’s been a lot of them the nicest sweetest most generous bunch of people I think I’ve ever spoke to and all of the reviews I’ve ever done and done I got a feeling though that they’re gonna be somewhat like Kevin Thompson described himself off from the stage of the event because he said I’m a nice guy but don’t piss me off got a feeling empower network distributors are going to be that way as well because you know as pragmatic and and as factual and as fair and balanced as I’ve tried to be in my review I fear that just anything less than hundred percent approval is going to be considered sacrilege and an affront to their culture so you know we’ll have to see all I do is just ask them to please an open mind try to look at it from a lucid perspective and really see it may I even the criticisms I’ve made I’ve tried to be constructive in the way that I’ve made them i really think i’ll try to be fair here but i guess we’ll find out i had six death threats in the 90s and only one in the early owes and nonsense so no I’m do sorry that’s some just a brief recap you can go to inside NM calm mostly you’re probably already there and go into the article section read the review that I’ve done about empower network you can also go into the podcast section listen to the marathon interview i did with dave wood it is indexed so you know where the different topics start and at the time that you have to look for so you like to go listen to the whole four and a half hours to find whatever you want to look for do check those out and remember when I always say you go through your MLM quivers blinders on sooner or later you’re going to get blindsided even if you’re done and empower network or considering them there’s a lot of education to be had here this will really strip a lot of blind off so you know please do check it out and instead that information so again thanks a lot for indulging however long this went and we’ll see you next time and it’ll be much sooner next time as well too alright thanks a lot