3305 Elite Dangerous – Frontier Break Launcher, April Update Reveal, Black Hole Scale Comparison

hi guys and girls I’m obsidian aunt and welcome to 30305 this is where I’ll take a look at the news and happenings in and around elite dangerous this week the only dangerous launcher fouls the April content is about to be revealed on a frontier livestream and we take a look at the scale of the Messier 87 black hole yesterday elite dangerous received a launcher update now this didn’t appear to alter anything drastic and is likely in preparation for the upcoming update on April the 23rd however the launcher update did cause some unexpected problems players very quickly found that they were unable to launch the horizons version of elite despite owning a copy instead the game would load them into the vanilla version of elite cutting them off from a vast amount of content that they should have access to meanwhile older users who launched the game through Steam also found that their game would not work frontier were pretty quick to respond to this and post it to Twitter that they were looking into the issue fortunately a workaround for the steam issue was also available now once the problem wasn’t affecting all users it appeared to be causing difficulty for a significant number as of this recording that the frontier issues tracker still shows this problem has a confirmed issue however a tweet from frontier states that the issue is now resolved I’m curious then to know if any of you have had or I still experience in trouble with the launcher let me know in the comment section the April update is due in a little over one week and frontier will be putting on a reveal live stream on Thursday the 18th of April the live stream will cover all upcoming content in the new update and to summarize here the April update is focused on improving the new player experience and as such most content is aimed at the early stages of the game however there are some improvements that will be beneficial to all players here then is a very quick rundown of what the April update will contain a beginner zone an advanced docking computer that will undock your ship super glues assist is a module that will manage your super crew speed and drop you into regular space at the right all ships will gain additional optional modules loss small ships gained two sides one source must medium and large ships gain one size one slot the navigation tab over on the left hand side of your ship will be upgraded to offer more information much of it envision that the trade in the screen is going to be improved links from within the cockpit will take you directly to the pilots handbook and interstellar initiatives are listed as the new upcoming community events now a quick note here on Interstate of initiatives when this was announced last week I did talk about them very briefly in a video and I’d assumed or speculated on the text at frontier wrote that these are maybe some type of battle passes form of gameplay now from they have confirmed that this is not the case and that they are instead as some type of events or event based gameplay but the details are still sparse so I guess we’ll have to see now for the full details or to take a look at frontiers announcement in the video description the frontier livestream can be seen at 6 p.m. at UTC on frontieres’ youtube channel now on a related note here as the April update is focused on the new player experience I was interested in finding out how many viewers are actually new players so I’ve set up a poll on my channel where if you’re interested you can detail how long you’ve been playing elite you can find a link to the poll in the video description last week the first ever image of a black hole was revealed the image was assembled using the event horizon telescope by a team of over 200 members the black hole itself is located in the Messier 87 galaxy which is actually a 55 million light years away from our own so quite a significant distance naturally the image has been the subject of much discussion David Braben himself approached today a fun comparison to Twitter of the black hole in elite meanwhile Nevada user blood sting created an image to explain that just how large the black hole actually is you can see the image on the screen right here and using our own solar system as a central reference and the hutton orbital at the most extreme edges of the image it really does convey yet just how big this black hole is now the accuracy of the scale used in this image may well be debatable by some people but with the black hole m87 being around 100 billion kilometers in size it certainly makes for an interesting visual concept one of the oldest and dare I say greatest elite dangerous youtubers returned recently with a brand new video I said owners at latest video once again focuses on his adventures within the elite galaxy throws that haven’t seen his videos before Ison owner uses a

unique style of text-based commentary to tell his story as the events unfold on screen it can often make for some very compelling viewing torch the latest video to take a look at the link in the video description that then then brings us to an end of this episode of 30305 as a wiser thanks for watching and I catch you guys and girls next time