My Hero Academia Cosplay by Sykkuno as Todoroki Highlights – Stella Transforms

What a way to start a stream. Hello, everyone. Welcome. Two seconds before we started, I just farted and Sykkuno just had to deal with that So Hello everyone. I am Stella Chuu. This is Stella Transforms, a show where I take an unsuspecting person and I turn them into a character of their choice. And I have today, Sykkuno. Yay. Sykkuno Yep. Hi Talk to every single camera at a time. Introduce yourself to this camera Oh, hi. And now this one. Hi? Now this one. Am I being trolled? So, you don’t actually get to be on camera very often. This is your really first week of ever being public Yeah. Yep. Just started Oh, oh, oh, you got it. It’s okay. It happens to everyone How long have you been streaming? Just over a year now. Your hair looks really nice today, they said I… Yeah. Yeah You don’t like taking compliments, do you? Oh. Well, I wouldn’t say I don’t like it. I’m just not used to *chokes on uwu* Don’t be nervous. Don’t be nervous That makes me more nervous Yes, perfect Wait, what? But you’ve been doing YouTube videos for seven years now, right? Sort of. I kind of did it for a couple of years, and then I quit for five years What made you wanna start? Oh, that’s a long story but the short version is that wanted to try and make friends and stuff, sort of Are you watching any anime recently? Only My Hero, and this toilet ghost one What? Okay. I think it’s called Hanako What’s the toilet ghost about? I’m actually not sure what’s happening half the time, but I like the art style So tell us about the D&D game that you guys have been doing Well, my character’s named Potato Perfect! I think Michael’s name is Daehkcarc. It’s very fancy right? Wait, is that something backwards? Wait. Daeh Wow. How did you figure that out? What kind of character is yours? I think mine’s just a fighter. I tried to pick something plain, so I wouldn’t get confused What’s Lily’s character? I forgot the name actually It’s a mage though that misses a lot That’s pretty much all I It’s sound like KonoSuba Oh, wait. It’s Cannonball or something Cannonball Do you roleplay your character or do you just kinda play as yourself? I just be myself and play the game mostly You just roll the dice and things happen but mostly you just say, “And then I kick down the door.” You can’t do that. “Okay, then I punched the guy.” No, you can’t do that. “Okay, then I fly into the sky.” No, you can’t do that Okay, so we’re actually gonna move on to the transformation portion where I put on make up on you and everything. You still have to talk to people and you still have to look at the camera Yeah. Nothing’s gonna change And now we’re gonna get into the makeup portion because Todoroki has this scar on his face You’re gonna be so cute Not that you aren’t already Oh… Right First things first. I have this make up wax. It’s for scars and stuff or to make a fake nose. It’s my first time using it First time using it It’s not difficult, at least I don’t think. His scar’s on this side of the face so we’re just gonna build this up Do you have a name for your fans at all? Not really You should call them Kunochans Kunochans? The psychos They wanna be called the psychopaths That’s a good idea or Gremlins The Gremlins. Right No. Maybe not the Gremlins That is looking way better than what I was doing before, actually. This looks more correct. So guys, see he has this thing on top of his forehead now. I love him so much, but Bakugo is my favorite boy Why is he your favorite? Bakugo’s character is really complex He is angry all the time. He’s fiery. He’s competitive. He pretends like he hates everyone, but when push comes to shove, when it really, really counts when people actually need him, he is the guy He doesn’t ever sacrifice people like some people. If someone has to get hurt in order for him to win, he never lets that happen And I think that’s a sign of a really great hero. How about you? Who’s your favorite? I like the… Wait. Do you know Shinzo? His ability is if you answer his question, he can mind control you Yes. I love him You have very smooth skin Martin: Get a butter knife, and spread it all across Oh my god, Martin Now we’re gonna apply some liquid latex Martin, if you are were character from My Hero Academia, you would be Naval Laser I’m not in any pain yet, so I’m assuming it’s okay Hopefully that’s the thing you can say throughout the stream, that you’ll never be in pain during this stream. Oh yes. I would highly prefer Oh yes. I would highly prefer to not be in pain So we can also stop right here and just do a Zuko cosplay from

Avatar: The Last Airbender. Look at how scar y this looks Is this good or bad? It just looks kind of really, realistic. The scar It’s really giving me trypophobia vibes Oh god I’m really unhappy. I mean, I am happy with how this is turning out but I’m really unhappy that I’m literally drawing my own fear right now which is trypophobia Why did I do this? Was anyone else feeling it? No. I definitely wasn’t ’cause I didn’t see it. Yeah. You’re so lucky. Now it looks fantastic. The scar is done So you saw yourself in the bathroom. How did you like it? It looked very scar y, alright. We’re going to put on your wig. So now you have lunch lady hair. Please somebody screenshot this Oh my god. The transformation has begun. Guys, look it’s Todoroki. Superpogs! His hair covers most of his scar so it’s like, “What’s the point?” Unless the wind is blowing on you. Oh, it’s on that way. This arm, that way. Wait. Oh, that’s right. It’s on… See if you can get your arm through this way Perfect. Buckle yourself in. Give me a smile. Oh, smile. Todoroki does not smile. I know. But, it’s cute to see him smile. Oh, aw, that’s kind of nice of you I’m catering chat. You’re welcome, chat Oh, so you didn’t actually mean it? Never worn boots, do I just force it in? Yep, force it in and then zip yourself in. Alright, cool. So, this zips all the way up Wow, that scar looks really scar y You’re Todoroki now. Todokuno. IcyHot boy So, here’s our first background, we have fire, so what I want you to do is put your feet apart, but kind of grab as if you’re angry. As if I’m angry? Yeah. Argh. Nevermind, nevermind. Okay, nevermind. I don’t know how to look I don’t know how to look mad You’ve never been mad. First day of school. Hero training You’re actually smiling, though. No, this is perfect. Be less happy No, that was perfect I like the other one that looks crunched up. Remember the TikTok I was taking before? We’re gonna finish it right now. Yeah, three, two, one I don’t know what to do It’s so perfect We’re gonna start off with a meme one, and I just want you to hold your hand out like this, and I need somebody else to Photoshop IcyHot, into his hands. And then this arm is out reaching for the cereal box on the shelf There’s a cereal box? Let’s pretend. Oh, oh. Okay We’re gonna reach, and this arm is resting on your friend’s shoulder. But, you’re also at the same time, stretching your back a little bit like you’re yawning, so you’re like, “Cereal, lemme lean on somebody.” Say Ahh Ahh? Ahh Look at the cereal box and say, “Ahh.” Ahh. Can’t reach it. Yar? Argh. Argh? Gimme like a pirate sound, like, “Argh.” Argh. Arrrrrrgh Got it. Yay! Put your hands to your face and you tilt Closer to your face Yeah. uwu. One, two, three. Now say “owo”. Uwu? Okay wait, I need this on video, too. I need you to say uwu on video. Uwu Perfect Thanks. Do this. Do this? Yes One, two, three. And then, can you also do the Korean heart? Both hands. Both? Yeah. Cute. Now, look at me one more. One, two, three. Yay! We’ve got it, we did it! Thank you so much for watching you guys. I hope you had a lot of fun. I know we were pressuring you to do a lot of silly things That was Sykunno, make sure you guys check him out on all of his social media, all of his streams on Twitch. You have a Twitter, you have an Instagram, as well. Check back again next week, we’re going to have another guest. Next weeks guest is Gibi ASMR. She is a ASMR Youtuber and streamer and I’m turning her into Jolyne Cujoh from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, so see you guys next week. Bye, bye! Okay, I’ll stop bullying him, I’m not trying to