What if Darth Maul Trained Anakin Skywalker TRILOGY – Star Wars Theory

It would be an honor if you join us With a definitive slice Maul stared at the floor as he heard obi-wan decapitated head fall and rolled to his feed his eyes glowing orange fuelt with victorious hatred he could feel the darkside flow through him as he stood in the generator complex of the royal Palaces hangar no noise but the sadistic hum of his lightsaber. He shead is Jedi killing weapon onto his belt as he began to walk away He heard the whimpering of Qui-gon Jinn who was still alive Narking into the distance he quickly turned raising both hands of the [fuehrer] conductor in a John Williams orchestra the two Dead Jedi Lifted in the air like limp noodles he motioned his hands over the pit of the generator shaft and let go of the force Peering over the edge as he watched them float down the tunnel into the unknown having discarded them like the trash They were he grabbed his telekom in his pocket Communicating with his master darth sidious [the] husband of my lord sidious appeared as a hologram in [Montcalm] Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen Maul did a slight bow to his master as communication was kind Staring at the ceiling closing his eyes. He [knew] where anakin was up in space Grabbing his cloak from the main hangar where his fight with the two Jedi had ensued? He climbed aboard a larger ship in the rebel so as to blend in with the others above Flying to where he could feel anything would be Upon anakin successful victory Maul flew next to him and the other fighters as he got anakin’s attention through the intercom system Motioning to follow him he told him padme and the others were waiting just for him at a private location that would kept a secret For her safety hiding his face beneath the cloaked cockpit of the carrier anakin flooded with happiness followed Maul Falling for his trap [Maul] told him to leave quickly boarding his ship as he knew the coordinates the others and didn’t want to create a lead for the empire who may be watching and it can blindly accept it and flew his fighter into the large rebel ship as It swallowed anakin he could feel something was wrong Why didn’t anyone tell me this before qui-gon told me to stay put on that boot. Maybe he changed his mind And it can thought to himself once the doors to outer space shut behind him and it can go out of the cockpit and it went up the stairs to the Central navigation point through the Glass windows He saw a large chair at the center of the room overlooking the front of the ship and the Galaxy however No one was in it as he could feel the darkness in the room he quickly turned to leave and get back into a ship When he walked straight into Maul who had slithered behind him as he entered who are you where’s padme? Where’s qui-gon? And Obi-wan are [they] here? You don’t know that’s for your Jedi friend You can find the [most] embodied down the reactors coal. I have sensed your powers You’re the one main speaker And it can begin to cry he [looked] to the floor thinking of an escape plan from the [red] [Devil] And he found his voice to be so confident and powerful even amidst the horrors they colluded Something he secretly desired to emulate and wish to become a Jedi don’t you I? can feel your emotional chi inaudible as More [crouch] to me anakin face to face the only thing to change anakin’s mine was the promise to give him a better life Than a slave and to ultimately unlock his powers, which he knew he had his whole life [do] you wish to save you a lot of I know you don’t want an opiate slave to a wretched? Disgusting creature they call whatever I can save her I can kill him and make him suffer I will release her to you where she will have room to shelter and everything She needs I can make you more powerful than any Jedi than anyone in the Galaxy [if] what they say about your truth under my training who arrived on my prentice and be the most gifted force user of them all We should have overthrow the emperor and the Jedi with our revenge And then only then you will take Batman where you take anything else you want now? If what I’ve said is not enticing [me], and you should betray me I will hunt your mother down kill her and padme bringing you their heads. It’s there at every night in your free fall I make you much lately. [I] will make your previous life look like [a] warm terrine compared to what I can do to you And it can was backed into a corner he had no other choice If what he said was [true], and qui-gon was really dead along with Obi-wan anakin’s primary goal [was] becoming the most powerful He could be so that no one would take advantage of him able to save his mother protect padme and bring peace to this world Walled eyes glowed orange through his hooded cloak he peered into anakin’s and blue eyes his patience growing thin for an answer He ignited his life shaver illuminating the room with a blood-red glow Bringing it to within an inch of [Manikin] a sheet Not moving a muscle [other] than his wide eye Anakin stared of the Saber with utter fear yet immense curiosity The color was mesmerizing the sound the brightness of it almost hidden enough Maul raised his neighbor says the hilt [wooden] in front of anakin if he took it and did not attempt to strike them all down

Then this was his test to prove his initial transformation [Adam] apprentice however if he failed he would use telekinetic abilities in the freed anakin and blade and kill him as he knew you cannot trust someone if they show even an ounce of Trattoria soil in one and it can looked up a ball Waging his options knew he wanted powers who knew he wanted to save his mother if what he said was true Then he was more powerful than qui-gon and obi-wan especially if they fought him to the team and the one Perhaps you can use [mom] and when you learn everything good you could kill him and find padme bring his mother from anything hold the outstretched his small hand wrapped the hilt of the my favorite a Compliment each inch of [loot]. He switched it off and Pledging himself to the trainings of Dark Maul his new master over the next 13 years training heavily under Maul utilizing his powers Mastering the Acrobatics learning the Seventh of seven Lightsaber styles like Maul add this down in particular was the most difficult which harnessed the [user’s] ability for proficient strength speed acrobatic and athleticism His body began to change developing unbelievable muscle bellies and definition Just like Maul hat upon each large test, and it can was tattooed by his master Just like mall had done once to himself and with the command of Lord sidious the empire was completely unaware [of] anakin Believing him to have been killed by mall on the battle of Naboo [with] the other Jedi Sidious was saddened by this as he knew he was the prophecy reborn however He believed so greatly in moles abilities that he was able to look past it Upon Multi vut time from the Emperor’s dealings. He would travel to the homeworld of the ancient sith Academy on Korriban Studying every single scripture and holocron passed down from the legendary sith such as in vain [reven] Rag nose and anyone else. He could soak information from remember long was atletic as he was intelligent He always understood [the] value of books and to get ahead meant learning from those who had taken their experiences by writing them in the temple He taught anakin for slightly although not his favorite attack as he believed in fighting your opponent like a barbarian would up close and Personal he poured every ounce of knowledge in the galaxy that he could gather and get his hands on into anakin the Air can resolve the end of a render the fifth under only one training with nothing compared to the anakin who was Completely unlocked with no attachments slow him down or wavered emotions under Maul tutelage is Based covered in the fifth [tattooed] be neither identified himself as a fifth nor [at] the Jedi bearing a black lightning Free of all rule. He was simply a powerful user Blending to his mood and bound by no [vote] [this] training was complete Plodding to finally kill the M1 Mall Led [Anakin] [did] [you] notice where they would meet [sidious] and you but known to them that enemy wasn’t in a lot? The time had come they were ready the night before the ship’s arrival to their destination and can closed his eyes to sleep But he kept hearing [whispers] of a familiar voice He couldn’t make out who or what it was only that it was calling to him He got up out of his bed and walked to the other room of the ship alone He looked outside to the Galaxy everything was quiet not a single noise other than the hum of the spaceship an Ominous blue or appeared to his left or he saw the outline of qui-gon Jinn appear With shock he stood still not knowing what to do or think Should he call his master should he strike down the premonition? Perhaps it was on his head he had been training awfully hard anakin said quite on You have changed the events on the who ultimately changed the fate of the galaxy and I am to blame for this If I had [perfectly] [my] skill in [greeting] [law] he would have turned to the life side under my training and drop out before Anakin’s eyes began to Swell with tears the sight of his [long-lost] friend and potential master made him reminisce of who he once was and the path he was promised to follow and It can replied with a harsh [voice] that he had brought peace to the Galaxy He was bound by no code of [the] Jedi or the sith and that he could do what he wanted Qui-gon assured anakin that his freedom [would] not as well proceed that he had thought it was Telling him to look at [himself] becoming the very image Maul had plotted for him to become Anakin fell short of Words Hearing footsteps entering the room qui-gon vanished and it can look the seam all very dissatisfied and asking who he was speaking to no one master as anakin went back to his bed Maul locked the door and imprisoned him to his quarters until their arrival on geonosis anakin sat in the dark observing the last [thirteen] years and what he turned into Meditating on his thought and can believe that there was a way out of this

He did not know what to do or who to call as the only person he had over the last 13 years was Maul himself Almost like a prisoner he felt He couldn’t do anything He tried to channel the force and talked quite on hearing him in his head remembering qui-gon faith as if it were yesterday As he kneeled closer to Anakin tell him about midi-chlorians when he was checking his blood it had seemed like a dream So much had changed so much had passed he had been so caught up in the dream of saving his mother Becoming the most powerful user in the Galaxy and getting everything he ever wanted So that no one again would ever bother him he had turned into the very type of tyrant that controlled him and his kind years ago Did he knew what to do he had to bring balance to the horse and the only way to do that? was to kill City is small and How can he do this he knew she wouldn’t have to take all three on that one he would have to do it alone he looked back to his training the last 13 years and remembered all the stealth like [move] small talk to think read and Act like a shadow itself as he opened his eyes and qui-gon [boy’s] vanished. He did what he had to do he grabbed his lightsaber holstered it on itself [looked] to the air shaft above and entered it crawling through the ceiling and Finally looking down on [ballroom] This was the moment this was what he was waiting for he had to kill Maul Intercept you to infinite and do what must be done But a single flick of his lightsaber hilt he ignited a shudder through the shaft and falling to the floor of maules room But he was nowhere to be found The room was silent [all] he could hear was his heart being at a steady [pace] In tune with his emotions. He moved his life-giver around the [gloom] as it hummed in each Direction casting Adam Hugh into each corner of the room Anakin searched his feelings from all but felt absolutely nothing shh the dark presence was nowhere to be found Hearing the noise. He pushed open the door entering the main console looking out the window And he saw [Maul] ship speed off into the abyss He ran away, and it is said that wasn’t like Maul to run especially from his apprentice He continued to stare the ship that was swallowed by the stars sitting in his chair thinking where Maul could have gone He must have sensed qui-gon and was able to feel the [shift] in my emotions Anakin left out of the chair. He’s gone to meet sidious and dooku now that he knows I won’t join him He needed his whole plan all along was to train me as best as he could so that together with my help [we] [could] take down the emperor enter honest He’s a braid either that or very stupid to think he can take them all on by himself He knows that would look for him like he did for me on touch anakin [Paws] Eyes fixed on where Maul ship had drifted into space his mouth wide home And it can move to the center console moving his fingers as fast as because opening the clusters battleship at full Throttle Setting a course for [10] [a] week his lips trembled as with mother Knowing now that Maul wouldn’t be [bullheads] worth Caramel He would first make anakin stuff of course betrayal by killing his mother and then taking [delight] after he could not fit He could not even breathe thinking of what mall could do – me as he had promised when he had recruited anakin first He remembered there was one extra emergency escape Pod on the lower deck this Pod Would barely fit him, but it was very fast to escape danger in the case of an emergency He quickly headed to the lower hangar getting into the vessel and injecting setting course for tatooine Anywhere on the planet was the fight at this point as he looked behind him through the small window Just large enough [for] his eyes to keep back at the ship he could pinch it with two fingers That was how fast he was moving to the [daedalus] page. I’m coming for you. All your time as I’m Not thinking of anything else you medicate knowing the flight ahead of him would be most challenging and difficult for you [at] stage he trying to see the positive [your] situation as it helped keep the fear of a He sought as a warm-up for [city] from dooku after he knew she was lying to himself He was afraid if there was one man in torment and tortured and scarred another child it was wrong the steering stuck with him no matter how old and powerful After several hours he could feel [the] planet nearing opening his eyes He saw the giant sand colored sphere grow inside with each star He passed it had been over a decade since he saw his mother. He didn’t know where to look knowing He needed to find that wretched flying creature who enslaved them both He would start there as that would be the only place he could think of for who would know where his mother went Softly landing on the planet as [the] massive double parachute of the Pod opened like the wings of a butterfly

She’s like to the door impatiently kicking it open Squinting not having seen his [homeworld] for too long He did not miss it nor the two merciless suns that would leave his skin raw when he was a boy Making the whipped water used on him even more painfully fearing she knew where he was By luck the Pod dropped him 20 miles from his hometown of Montezuma. He would use the force to run it Beyond human Speed I Layering with fury and rage as his legs moved so fast it were as if he were floating upon there Seeing a Jawa in the distance with his trail of stolen. Goods some of which were speeders to his surprise Knowing he needed to save as much energy as he could he traveled to the little annoying creature without wasting time on normality what is he drove with all it took a Jawa sizzled on the charts and as a twitch in five pieces Becoming motionless and it can board at the bike without hesitating traveling faster than the ever could make for even with [course] You could see the mirage of the town [here] with every spark of [Anger] he had Getting off the blanket and continued to travel in a straight line Crashing into a fruit stand and causing a pinion and it can ran to water the workshop Surfacing horrid memories he ignored them and asked the slave where water was the small Malnourished boy covered in grease dirt Andrew pointed to the outdoor internet several block north [and] [it] [can] looked ahead He could make out the silhouette of a fat loading waspy bug-eyed creature Socializing with other aliens over a drink his heart racing. [he] didn’t grab for his lightsaber Yes for he wanted to deal with his former master with his bare hand a new ability Watto looked at Anakin with his mouth [again] his drink falling to the earth with a shatter as [if] friends including [cibola] Wondered who approached eyes Glowing orange? And it can walked up to [watteau] and grabbed him by the throat almost piercing through his oily bearded neck with his grass Several of Waldo’s friends grabbed Anakin’s shoulders until they began to combust from the inside out screaming It’s integrating into the ground until nothing was left But bone and flaming hair people screamed with fear they all ran in opposing directions from the scene What was I bulging from their sockets [he] tried to speak? Saying his mother was an amish dirt farm not far from here, and it can let go of his grass How would you know I want to [know] about my mother there was another moments ago with my shop He asked me to tell them I’m covered in the black cloak no hood It would I couldn’t please water wings [laid] on the floor along with his leg and hand Nothing, but an egg with a head, and he automated on the ground shrieking for help And it can kick them in the mouth as blood began to [cpU] from [where] broken teeth were he looked down a [wattle] and said Now you feel some of my pain walking up to a nearby onlooker on their speeder He pushed them off and he raised one leg to saddle the vehicle he sped off for this moisture run Only whooping Lal hadn’t found it yet first Traveling for what seemed like an hour as the second sun began to slowly set [Luma] nating the dark men with the planet He saw black smoke Protrude from a home in the far different with a terrible feeling he wished the speeder would go faster Having talked it out the whole trip [their] three bodies laid on the floor they were Unrecognizable only that one was a man no leg and the other two were a young man Their remains weren’t even human looking anymore faces completely ‘disformed limbs missing Gashes on the parts of their body that weren’t burnt alive even for anakin this was pure and evil his stomach sank at the site He didn’t care for them only in the hope that his mother was not there He walked into the home which was still partially on fire mostly reduced the charcoal by now No, son of his mother could be found the place was empty Walking back to his Peter He noticed a piece of paper laying in or the burnt severed hand the Arm was blackened and almost skeleton like however the paper was unconscious almost Brand-new with the Exception of Char marks of course he pried open the crisping fingers and they fell apart opening the paper It was a note from the mother she was alive. [she] [had] managed to write him a message before Multrevich [notice] It didn’t look like her handwriting, but maybe she was in a russian He was getting the paper before Maul took her he only knows he’s baiting you anakin he said to himself Get up get on up here and find the museum He new mall with waiting for him on Genosha the planet most likely with dooku and it Just meant he had to take on all three of them nothing could get in his way now He had to fulfill the prophecy What about the other Jedi perhaps they can help he had too [much] crying help besides his powers were beyond that of any Jedi So he thought this was something he had to do alone

I mechanic qui-gon voice appeared as anakin sped through the cold desert night anakin go to courses seek help from the other masters If you go to Jerusalem, I cannot help you we’re working all these years to help me anyway And it can set through his teeth as the wind hit him in the face Watering his eyes where were you when I was a [child] alone afraid Helplessly slaved in that devil where were you when I needed you anakin I couldn’t interfere. I was enabled I’m the most powerful Jedi ever I will bring my new empire so enraged He felt like he was going to explode approaching a small village of San people He stopped his bike and slaughter everything wouldn’t appear great Women children men young old it didn’t matter and it can harness every part of the port light [darkening] between he would truly free Unbound by any code once his free had ended which didn’t take long at all He dropped back on his computer and covered his mouth hooded robe coughing And he inhaled all the floating pieces of charm from the body he just mutilated he was approaching Mos, Espa again But as he looked to his [left] He saw a ship it was [medium-sized], but it bears the imperial logo And it can quickly turn then stop in front of the lower door as at least [fifteen] droids walked in out and around the ship loading cargo he put his fingers to his lips and whistled as loudly Stood shouting how much he hated the empire the droids reacted fast pointing their guns at him all? Fifteen standing in a semi-circle around him and it can love this feeling he closed his eyes ignited his lightsaber and threw it like a boomerang and Fundamentally just propellers placing everything in a path returning to his grip before every droid fell to the floor Impressive young boy Surely was strong in [the] force my young Jedi that a deep voice in the darkness of the ship I’m no Jedi. I show yourself that an academy raised as life-giver an offense effectual emanated from the darkness of the ship and a black Young-Ran, and it can do this was dark ironic the former and fallen Jedi count Dooku bearing a Curved Lightsaber he approached anakin what do you want war perhaps? You could run off him his face twisted as he said the next sentence unloved She’s a little joke. I don’t I hope you said dooku at the in lack that anakin showing him a hologram of his mother unconscious and beaten Badly Do you think Maul kept you a secret this whole time the empire knows everything I would spend Europe on low Radiuses [requests] to what rings Earth did you know? However, this is the turn of event then you are much faster than we anticipated [Anakin] had heard enough their lightsabers creating a show of lightning fireworks you could continue to taunton your skills [oh], nothing perhaps you failed in the students, but then again How good can you be with that pets of the emperor doxology supposed not do not worry boy? I will take you to the may be religious in time Castilla had called the oil. She’s late they were dropping and it can have harnessed black radiance like half of degrees face off at A vertical angle as he drop to the ground and Concussive head and held it by the air Staring at the nose lips face or whatever was left of it He moved all the droids out of his way with a sway of his hand harnessing the force Boarding a huge it He tossed you could decapitated and onto the floor ulcers his saber onto his belt and set course for [notice] He was truly ice he had no emotion left. He was a machine Knowing what he had to do and how to do it that? Often to space leaving his home planet behind and they got smaller in the distance There was just one thing left he had to do Kill Darth Maul, and the Emperor Anakin sped through spinks said he sat back in the pilot’s chair Cutting circle than dooku severed head like they were a troll on the ground the smell of the cooking flesh began to annoy him so it kicked it into the corner of the room and Turned around to face the ship destination course especially gnosis Shouldn’t be long now He thought all he could think about was the hologram dooku show him of his mother and the note which said that they also had Padme [a] small part of them was excited to see her even though she was held captive It had been over 13 [years] after all The last time [she] left tatooine he had told his mother he’d be leaving to become a Jedi Only hoping that she would understand his life and the choices he was forced to make through Maul None of that mattered anymore he knew his duty And it was going to be the hardest thing he had ever faced as he paced the ship thinking of different scenarios that could unveil When he would fight mall and sidious trying to anticipate their moves and come up with different strategies He lingered on the fear of mall and leashing his powers and even if he did kill his master He still had the emperor to deal with all of anakin’s life

He felt a large build-up within it even when he had not met qui-gon or the others before his life was turned upside down Knew there was a rage brewing within him that he had not tapped into and was almost Beckoning for him to let go and release it no matter what happened to him the torture Maul put him through The pain of not seeing his mother the fear of not being able to survive under the harsh conditions He still could not break he tried so many times So many moments past where he felt slipping [I] felt himself Finally letting go no matter the anger or [the] loss he experienced the only extent of his reactions would be tears or anger But the bottled up feeling never went away like a big sneeze that would just constantly linger the tip of your nose Taunting and teasing, but never happened, and it considered the planet approached It’s bright rusty sand [light] complexion glowing in front of his face like a growing orb he set coordinates to land where him and maud Originally planned to intercept dooku and palpatine throwing off the cloak he was wearing He didn’t need it nor did he wish [to] stay hidden any longer 13 years was long enough Grabbing a small sack with a drawstring he put dooku’s disfigured severed head and sealed it in the bag He couldn’t wait to throw [Tamar’s] feet he readied his lightsaber on his belt stood and face the front of the door of the ship As he landed oppressing the gate to open his eyes still they stern and mind ready the force was with him now There was no turning back As the doors opened his eyes were met with the piercing light of the planet sun as he landed on a roof with Suspended hanger on the side of the mountain he puts a bag on his back and walked down the ramp of the ship Entering the largest opening of a man-made cave he had ever seen Looking around him. He saw no sight of anyone his force powers extremely attuned to his surroundings He made sure his footsteps made no noise. He could hear whimpering from around the corner with every inclination of his soul He wanted to see who was in pain But he knew it would have been just a trap waiting behind the corner of the stone wall He placed his hand by his lightsaber Just in case anything were to happen Mall and sidious after all were the Galaxy’s most skilled at the ability of stealth and hiding their presence This was his moment from here on everything would change to its favor or the fifth The fate of the Galaxy rested upon his shoulders upon its very moment He could feel the rage [build] up even more now as if it hadn’t marinated enough on the ship to the planet like carbonated water In a tin canister he couldn’t wait any longer swiveling around the corner who ignited his [lifesaver] only to see Nothing no one he was standing in some sort of gargantuan [oval-link] perhaps a thousand people could fit in here he thought to himself his lightsaber was the only thing making noise [sheathing] attack on his belt the place seemed familiar as If he had been here in a past life looking around guarded seeing nothing or no one Except a small hexagonal round object with string laying several metres away from him at the other end of the room he knew what that was he ran to it bending down as he covered his mouth with one hand and Picked it up with the other Dooku’s head swiveling in the bag from Anakin shoulders and back to the middle [again] And he stood upright his eyes beginning to turn orange with hatred as they leaked tears streaming down the crevices of his face It was the necklace he had given to padme 13 years ago on her ship with qui-gon and obi-wan He remembered how she said she’d keep it forever. It looked burnt and charred His mind raced as he could feel a darkness Blanket the room like a sea of evil drowning every ounce of air you he said to the defiant voice And he turned the basic old Master Darth Maul’s stood at the end of the room with a hood shadowing the things. Where are they? [they’re] going to pay for what you’ve done The [rage] it was not lit It was the most uncomfortable feeling he had ever experienced as if someone had to vomit but nothing would come up He stared at mall of the assassins eyes glowed orange through the Earth He was greatly said Mom and you ran Replied anakin what a coward because you know I’m more powerful than you or there one who pierce it from behind the shadows a shadow Darker than it had emerged Cloaked and hooded and black with pale hand of stretch to the dream of its [roe] blue veins like ice Protruding from the Emperor’s fine skin as the tale of his quote floated effortlessly behind his every Step and a kid could only see his lips they were thin and cracked as they curled up in a sinister smirk as he stood Slightly behind mall he pointed to anakin with this small long thin finger the [provision] has arrived Everything [is] proceeding as I have foreseen Maul uncrossed his arms and slit his cloak down his broad shoulders and a crumpled on the floor He pushed it away using his mind [tossing] into the [bottom] room the health of [the] double bladed lightsaber Twirling in his hand as he grabbed it from the velvet tunic

Anakin took the bag off the back opened it and grabbed dooku impaled half-cooked face by the hair tossing [it] in the air and Slicing it immediately with his lightsaber holding both halves of the head with the full he threw it small with Vicious speed who [looked] Destructed with a slight smirk on the face of the yet Enjoyed it the emperor shocked at the evident death of dooku who was supposed to return by now Stared at the face not with disgust but with a look of dissatisfaction [as] if you were insulted [that] he even gave Dooku any training at all to be killed so [easily] anakin Voice echoed heavily through the chamber I’ll do the same [with] your head my master And then your all your highness [as] you look toward sidious with a cold gaze almost lifeless jobs said palpatine as he looked to the corner of the room which led to another smaller pathway as two droids came out holding a Carbon Box palpatine motioned them towards anakin as the [gorge] walked over to Skywalker with the package anakin taking no chances [crush] them using the dark side then threw them back at the emperor who literally? Disintegrated it without moving a muscle Just inches before his faith and his eyes Anteclo gold from Deep Within his Earth the [box] lay on the ground where anakin had crushed the droid several feet in front of him Pulling the Box towards himself he questioned the purpose of this act and the emperor’s voice echoed throughout the room opening Inside of the truth that he read the truth complete your training make you buy a brick Wall quickly turned to face his master confused and perplexed Sidious continued he had planted all alone for you to be trained by my apprentice making your captain Christopher [would] throw me with him, but I had a lander all along to bring you here per second you To test yourself to see if you [are] worthy [learn] the true power of the dark thing This is why I had you encounter do cooper use your birthday. I am sure you can get you in your neck the third and final test will be the meal [at] my readin pleasure my However that you will open the gift I am given the unlock your power Anakin shocked at the level of planning for over 13 years of the emperor schemed and manifest into reality Everything [he] had planned to happen was happening before their eyes in real time He was truly brilliantly evil and it could conceal the [box] calling to him could this finally be the tool He needed to make him the most powerful in the Galaxy perhaps opening. It would give him the power He needed to kill sidious and Maul indefinitely he had control over his powers He wouldn’t be turned into the emperor’s urban he walked over to the block ancient culture with every step Anakin no Ji Master mace windu and master Yoda out of here behind to involve both their lightsabers and already illuminating the Shadows with purple green with the Documents that [yoda] in a very serious manner this was the first time anakin had seen master with you and yoda since the Jedi Council had briefly testing capabilities with upon Flygon’s request qui-gon Communicated with master yoda from the other realm he told us everything that had happened We had to get here before the bugs are over anakin didn’t understand What was the deal with this box was it some ultimate lightsaber that can cut through other laser swords he didn’t understand But he knew he didn’t respond well to orders by anyone listening to himself He walked to the boss ignoring when use cries to stay away while studious beckoned Brannigan to do it to become the most powerful [Force] user in the gallic telling him if he didn’t he would regret it forever Vision Yoda rush sidious and mall all [four] entering in the most amazing flight without the red blade Swirling all around purple green as yoda flipped show me and bounce Pablo action While mace harnessed his abilities could use the dark and light side of the force keeping up with mall every room They both had mastered the seven form of legendary combat however maces Barian cosmic Pod [used] [a] slightly different style at all circling each other and switching opponents when the time was right Yoda and Maul outdoing each back foot and acrobatic moves with the next one an amazing city [its] entwined in the dead that all that Could be seen [was] colored orbs of light moving faster [than] any other creature could attract [oh], and it can wanted nothing more than to kill them, but he wanted more power than anything else He wanted it more than seeing his mother or padme for that matter He wanted his destiny to become a reality [to] turn himself into the most powerful entity in the galaxy [if] that was what was in this box? And that could help him even slightly he would take no chances crouching in front of the package holding padme necklace in his left hand he Used his right to slowly open the first lid of the portion when black time stood still The necklace making a silent noise as it dropped from the trembling hand this world was indescribable nothing was visible only pure bubbling black at Kun of the fighters emanated in and out of

Like they were coming new parallel learning test go Don’t get back before you Before you leave his eyes open. They were not blue orange or red They were black as if his pupils are dilated beyond the [eyes] corners and into his brain Anakin was no longer anakin he was something else something the universe itself couldn’t explain He was larger than life or death. He was both at the same time Finally free what Vegas and palpatine had accidentally traded him for from his birth had become real his training Was country walking over to wall and the Jedi Masters and [zipped] Lord continue to fight completely be known to them that anakin had opened the box to find the contents within and it can push yoda and windu into the Wall melting the stone around an auditor that they could not interfere with what was about to happen Skywalker don’t give in [to] the haze make [yelled] [who] tried to break free from the wall that swallowed his limb? Forced to watch and incapable of doing anything while yoda wouldn’t a shock at what he was seeing ball and sidious based Anakin and he walked towards them his lightsaber on the floor behind him with the block and padme necklace Wall [smirk] and readied himself to fight as he noticed sidious back away [in] fear running for his ship Docked on the platform overlooking the second small Hangar by the circular window Running with a look of shock on his face. He had never seen before Confused mom [looks] back at the [anagen] an inch away from him Wondering how he moved so quickly across the room without him sensing it [all] back to a period Anakin black soulless eyes when he looked down to his stomach to see an entire arm through it Peering unbelievable pain at the hand retracted he turned around leading all over the floor to [the] Standing behind it dropping to his knees at least streamed into the [ceiling] [while] the chosen when Klaus mauled I have to burst into flames so hot have The blood charred before I can even spill out of course That Jedi master on the wall shut their eyes as they couldn’t watch any more of the horde being happening right before And it in place both of his hands on bald head and horns protruding around anakin Grass Pushing inwards breaking the horns off and squeezing bald head into account as it oozed blood pouring out of the new cracks that hit the skull Maul fell to the floor like Anakin had no facial expression not even anger he was purely the force Being bent at the will of the user as sidious began to board the ship he put the thrusters on full blast Effect course for a planet far away in current hearing the roar of a jet engine. [he] [sat] back in the chair closing [down] Wondering why it was still bright the cockpit It should have been as dark as space already as yet opened his eyes to see he had not moved at all in fact his ship thrusters were indeed on full blast however It was suspended in the air and not moving as if it were tethered to an anchor the side of the planet and it can controlled the ship Moving it down from the ledge and onto the ground in front of him between him and the box the emperor spaceship Split into two discrete metal and other [nailing] of material separating as a molecular Bond Palpatine hovered in Midair unable to move floating Toward Anakin his powers were far beyond all but still no match for anakin you Unlock abilities before palpatine could even start his sentence the lower half of his jaw had broken and dislocated from the skull Hanging like a rock on a thin string his hands outstretched as his arms began to hug himself but in the opposite [Direction] of his Joint breaking all of his bones as he started to implode screaming for Anakin stop wishing for him to stop anakin’s arm outstretched He yelled a godly roar at sidious as the [emperor] skeletal system turned defragment abduct his eyes watching at his nose melted from his [feet] and Evaporated into the air during the pain of anakin in his soul at the very pain that was inflicted on him Physically all he wish now is for death which was coming for him [exactly] as his body disappeared into nothing [but] two halves of the ship finally collapsed on the floor denting the ground. That’s wait an event aside Skywalker was like a [Yoda] had never seen anything like that and all [of] his existence neither had Master windu Anakin turned around his eyes returned to their normal shade of blue again. He collapsed on the floor face-first unable yoda and when you harnessed the force embraces adjourned area now that Attendance in the order placed his alien like fingers on Anakin skull quickly removing it at the touching from [cot] Anakin temperature would be on scold it was a wonder how he wasn’t dead at the [yoda] felt his throbbing called mage walked over to the box curious to see what was inside as qui-gon had never told the Contents standing over it peering into the cracks with failure [he] knelt down on a single meal Unfolded the flapper fell back hill to turn the face window oh, Masha Take Skywalker with us to [coarsened] much training to the [past] of the night. He does burn the box bring it with you

Do not the Jedi did as he was told by the wise Master grabbing their cloak they entered the ship with the unconscious anakin [that] [in] court for the Jedi academy Thank you all for watching this complete Trilogy. [I] hope you all had a great day [I’ll] see you all in the next episode of Star Wars theory until then Remember the four he will be with you always