A Sim Racers Opinion about the Valve Index VR Headset

hi I’m masa pistol and while driving with the Porsche Cup of ACC in the rain of Silverstone I will talk a bit about my early experience with the Bev index before I start if you have tried ACC before and you weren’t happy give it another chance it really improved and I like it everything you hear at now is recorded with the internal microphone of the index so you get an idea of how good it sounds i didn’t buy one yet but luckily a friend was so kind to give me one for a while my previous VR experience was mainly with the oculus rift cv one over the last couple of years and before that a little bit with the HTC vive I haven’t tried the rift as yet because of several reasons it’s not so appealing to me it seems like only the resolution and ease of use really improved with the rift s but the rest feels more like cost on main things that at least on paper it is like the lower refresh rate no improvement of fear of you missing proper headphones and I’m not a fan of inside out tracking which in my special use case won’t work because of my green screen setup all that is the reason why I mainly had mice on the birth index lately because I want a finished and polished product I’m not so much interested in the hi max headsets even though they might work great for some enough introduction let’s start talking about the vet index specifically to give you a short summary in case of too long I didn’t watch hardware top software kind of flop the first thing I’ve noticed coming from the rift is of course the increased resolution and sharpness which most of you might know already surprisingly even the depth perception improved with the index because of the sharper image across the whole stream and the almost completely gun screen door effect 3d looks even more believable and tricks the brain better than ever finally I can read all numbers in the – you see here even the smaller ones without the need of directly looking at them focusing in the distance is easier and more comfortable it definitely puts a lot less strain on your eyes now I even wet the index while editing this video and felt totally comfortable while doing it I can understand that for some people the resolution and sharpness of the first VR headsets weren’t good enough but now with the index and other headsets with similar resolution I can’t really see that being an issue anymore everyone which is not happy yet is in my opinion just way too picky and isn’t getting how much else VR offers that the monitor just can’t deliver in the old rift sometimes you had to guess which kind of cries in front of you that’s something of the past now I was looking forward a lot to the increased field of view the index should offer and it’s nice to have a little improvement there but at least for me it wasn’t that noticeable and wouldn’t be a reason to buy it something great in comparison to the rift s is that you have all the choices regarding refresh rate you can choose between 1890 hundred and twenty and even hundred forty-four Hertz even though the high refresh rates will be quite hard to achieve even with high-end pcs it’s a great tool to balance visuals and performance if you for example struggle to reach 80 FPS on the rift s which only offers 80 Hertz in-game friends will drop to only 40 and the head tracking will be smooth with reprojection to fill in the missing frames maybe your PC might not struggle so much to achieve 60 or 70 frames but that doesn’t help you because as soon as you could go below 80 it will result in 40 but with the index on the other hand where you of course would have the same issue with the lowest 80 Hertz setting you can raise the refresh rate to 120 Hertz you are still in reprojection territory land but cutting hundred 20 in half will give you 60 frames per second instead of 40 and a smoother experience like you’ve probably already heard the integrated speakers are awesome and even a little bit better than the already great rifts ev1 headphones i was positively surprised that even though they are not designed for noise canceling I didn’t hear my big loud fan which is directly pointed at me the bass line might not be as good as very good on your headphones but spatial audio is phenomena and they couldn’t be more comfortable talking about comfortable the headset is a bit heavier than the rift but that I only felt when turning my head quite fast from side to side other than that it doesn’t feel heavy the head straps and

headset itself have plenty of adjustments and it didn’t take long to find a good sweet spot from other reviewers like gamer muscle I’ve heard the index can get quite warm so I kept the front cover off and my fan on full speed the headset indeed felt a bit warmer than the rift but I wasn’t sweating more than I’m used to and it was still comfortable enough to drive long I might put a little USB fan in the front port the index of us when I get one even though I have the lenses really close to my eyes they were not up yet which sometimes happened with the rift the Fresnel lenses itself look a bit rougher and cheaper than those of the rift and roof nests but when you wear it the sweet spot and clarity is great across a very big range and I can read text up to the outer edges of them which was impossible with my old roof one downside of the indexes rougher Fresnel lenses is a little bit more shimmer cross-firing from other parts of the image for example you have a quite darker interior but the outside is bright then the light coming in from the windscreen in the upper part of the image reflects from the lower part of the lenses as well and washes off the darkness they have it that’s something I immediately noticed when jumping in the car first but I quickly forgot about when driving this effect gives the impression the display would have bad black levels but when directly looking at something that it is not as dark as on an OLED screen but it isn’t bad at all it’s the Fresnel lenses which make it look worse than it is when something brightest displayed at the same time in general the headset is really great and I like it a lot sadly the software called steamvr isn’t on power oculus ohm has its flaws as well and pfr isn’t perfect but most of the time it just worked and was always ahead regarding features like as if on a spacewalk for example steamvr did improve in that section and now being in reprojection is finally usable like with oculus but it was quite a shock how much issues I had during the first testing base station are found at restart steamvr desktop you know had to restart steamvr country stop with the headset on I had to stand up and walk to my PC monitor and this had way too often mostly was soft with the restart over to but totally annoying I thought the trekking is superior to the rift once and while you are in range it might be the case but sometimes when I go outside of the range to craft my keyboard or something to drink I come back in range and the tracking is off-center something annoying in comparison to the rift when tracking might be interrupted because of whatever reason the rift always showed me what is happening in game worst case it looked a bit janky but at least I could see with steamvr on the other hand it just graze out your complete vision and you can’t see anything I guess to prevent you from getting sick but it reacts to sensitive and I would like to disable that this happens for example when I really trust the index on my head by grabbing it I blocked the tracking with my hand compatibility so flies also not on par with the rift this might not be an issue of the index in general and maybe it’s just because it’s newer and some games didn’t adapt yet in iRacing for example something weird is going on when I moved my head around it looks a little bit warped not that it’s totally obvious but looking around while driving feels weird at times and I am not the only one who has these issues there are at least two discussions on the iRacing forum talking about it ACC interestingly besides his high resource demand worked really well that natural and smooth AC one was okay as well just the mirrored image and the monitor was totally distorted and not usable for recording I know that’s mainly due to implementation of the still new index but I hope they address this and offer developers help I know that oculus is quite close to game devs and they did even travel to some sim racing studios to make sure everything is working fine I don’t know if Beth’s priorities regarding this similar leather let’s hope for the best I’ve used the index for four days now and I really enjoyed the headset a lot when it worked properly still I’m not sure if I want to spend so much money for something I probably have to troubleshoot and compromise more than before let’s see how much the lower resolution and sharpness strikes moving going back to my old rift I hope you have enjoyed the video and I had some useful information for you please feel free to leave a comment about your opinion or questions have a nice day