Can You Change Horoscope Prediction?: Ep 42: Subtitles English: BK Shivani

Greetings and welcome to Awakening With Brahma Kumaris Welcome, Sister Om Shanti Om Shanti and welcome to Being Divine Thank you Sister I am very happy because I am feeling very light Usually early mornings I am not in a pleasant mood While I get ready and have breakfast The Mind would go on and on without my knowledge About yesterday, the day before, about what to do today Basically I would not be peaceful at that time But now I have started meditating And kept an awareness I learnt the word ‘cut’ to use for my thoughts Now whenever thoughts run randomly, I just say cut By doing this you are feeling light So light as if my physical weight has reduced I got the knowledge and I worked on it You got the knowledge, you used it, you put efforts and you got results Now is this result is your property. Knowledge is your property You can use it everywhere and every time throughout the day So feeling peaceful and light Feeling happy You have the tools now So you don’t need to visit any place or person So you don’t need to go to any place or to anyone and seek peace Today we are going places to seek peace We need to go to take the tools It’s very important to take the tools and use them daily Then that piece won’t just be a fleeting feeling It becomes a way of living for me It comes into an auto mode Earlier I would get carried away by the thoughts Earlier I was unaware of thoughts going on and on, while I was brushing or shaving When thoughts are just going on, what do they do? We are continuously creating thoughts Every single thought is a Karma And every Karma has a consequence We call the fruit of the Karma as destiny It’s a simple equation Will take an example that while you are getting ready, you are continuously thinking You are unaware, because you are focusing on physical aspects while getting ready Mind is thinking The mind is not needed for the body to get ready Getting ready has gone into our automatic Sanskar Today during the day a lot of our work Because they are our routine They have gone into an automatic mode Getting ready, cooking, driving to a particular place daily, walking They have all gone into an automatic mode While doing all these things Mind will be thinking of something else Every thought is a Karma Every Karma has a consequence That consequence is my destiny Suppose someone takes 30 minutes to get ready in the morning And they are thinking of something else in those 30 minutes Those thoughts could be connected to someone else It could be of the past, about what someone said or did I said this and then he did that Each of these thoughts is a Karma So in a span of 30 minutes At least 1,000 or 2,000 thoughts are created, let’s say These thoughts reached the other person We have seen that every thought created for someone reaches them So their mind is also triggered They also started creating thoughts There were 1000 of my thoughts 1000 thoughts come from there So how was my karma first thing in the morning? So many energies being exchanged in this give and take Because the Karma was of this quality What about its consequence? Mind will feel tired Mind feels heavy Even the body feels heavy Even I sat on the breakfast table, I would be irritable What breakfast is this … Why have the prepared like this I would tell people that my ears are paining, I have a headache, so they shouldn’t speak So irritable at the breakfast table. But why? It’s a consequence of that Karma This is our destiny Now we need to change this destiny We want to change our destiny

Do I need to visit some place or a person, to change this destiny? Do I need to visit some place and seek anything? Do I need to follow some ritual in order to change? Nothing else. To change your destiny, just change your karma To change my karma I need to change my thought You did this today Instead of 1,000 thoughts in a span of 30 minutes Perhaps 100 thoughts went today These 100 thoughts will be so slow that we don’t even feel their presence It’s very, very slow And because we started cutting out negative thoughts Quality became beautiful So instead of 1000 negative transactions in 30 minutes Your business had only 100 transactions today Moreover, quality is beautiful How will the Karmic balance sheet be? Only profits Simple. Doing it is so simple We have complicated it Today morning you changed the Karma You became aware of your thoughts and kept cutting out wrong thoughts You kept changing them Because of this your mind is feeling light and body is also feeling nice Your relationships improve because there is no irritability When I was able to stop wrong thoughts I was feeling light They gave me news paper when they served tea I asked them to take back the paper, I didn’t want to look at it Earlier I would feel like looking at least at the headline Right now you don’t have the taste for it When mind is already disturbed But same quality of things keep appearing When the mind is in a different feel It doesn’t like any of such things I didn’t even feel like watching TV There is so much difference To bring about this difference, we went places We went places, wanting peace from somewhere or the other at least We did everything wanting happiness Earlier I would feel these talks suit only programmes or books A line which I liked was – It is all easier said than done I have deleted that line itself Belief system has changed I used to like it because it was anyway my weakness I was in my comfort zone So I felt it is good to speak such things but they are not practical Now I know everything is possible with knowledge And most important – who has the power to do everything? Myself I am changing my own destiny. Haven’t I changed my destiny? And even the atmosphere around Situations continue to be what they used to be Even today someone makes the same mistake Even today someone won’t do their work properly Today also there could be something unpleasant, either over phone or in person The situations will remain the same But our response will be different Why? Why because our Karma is different Where Karma is different, there destiny is bound to change Karma is different means our thought is different So our reaction is bound to be different Now if we just hold this experience This was a small thing There was a negative thought so you cut it Destiny changed and you are feeling light It’s a small situation and an experience of 30 minutes But equation remains the same If we have the right equations of life We can easily solve the biggest of problems in life And if the equation is not right Even a small scene can seem challenging And heavy So my karma is my responsibility This is an energy flow Let’s check it throughout the day What is radiating from me and travelling outside is my karma Which means, the energy that I the soul create and radiate Is my karma Energy that I give out to the world is my karma My thoughts, words, and actions are my karma So it is energy from me to the world. It can be to anybody. This flow is clear It can be to any situation But it’s my karma Energy from me going out Whether the thought is about myself Whether it is about someone else Whether it is about any relationship where there is an issue

Or it could be about anyone who is a stranger to me Which means I heard about someone on TV and thinking about them I read about them and started thinking That is my karma This we have to be very clear Karma is not only about our interactions Every creation is my karma Please give me a little clarity about what every creation means Day before yesterday, you were watching a match on TV The team was not playing very well according to you You don’t personally know the team members It is only a game across your TV screen But every thought you created while watching the game They are playing so bad. The last 6 wickets for 50 runs Something is wrong with the team We feel we have not created any Karma because we have no relationship with them It is actually our Karma getting created Because we are creating thoughts about it It is perfectly fine to watch the match But what match is going on internally while watching it? There you can see how many players got out. But here how many thoughts have gone out? My thoughts were deeply negative Those thoughts were Karmas My thoughts were so far fetched Watching the match for 1 hour, how many thoughts were created? You mention about past information that we have People who are caught for match fixing, people who were punished All that information which was buried in the mind, came out You watched TV for 1 hour to feel relaxed I had thought that way How many karmas were created in that one hour? I woke up thrice from my sleep that night Your mind had slept in a restless state Because those thoughts were created just before you fell asleep I thought it won’t harm me Yes and this is why it’s very important When we understand Karmic account We feel only when we come into interaction with someone, Karmic account is created Karma means every thought I create How many farmers have got created in that one hour? Thousands My country lost the game, we failed Next time we will practice That we will watch games and we will watch matches But when a lot starts getting created here in response to the match We will keep cutting out those thoughts Watch it as a game Because the game is happening there But what is created here becomes our reality My karma is finally going to create my destiny What is the reality that was created in this situation? Everything that I created for one hour, will it not get recorded on the soul? All the thoughts you created Every thought got recorded It will get into a loop The thoughts you created that day You mentioned it all came out of past information That’s what you mentioned Those thoughts were created based on past information And even that past information got reinforced. If it was 75, now it became 95 What happens when you watch a match next time? Then the 95 will come out My karma will create my destiny What is destiny in this case? You were getting irritated for 1 hour while watching So many times irritation came out into words Which means even cells of my body would have got affected Your Energy field would have got affected My sleep was affected And you sent out those vibrations into the environment But we feel we are just watching a match For enjoyment and entertainment. To relax What was the impact? Match is a stimulus What I create here is my choice Now we won’t even say it is my choice It amounts to my karma And my karma creates my destiny In that one hour how much would we have affected our body? Because we were not creating any good thoughts There were hardly any good thoughts It’s good that you explained this It’s only to see how subtle our karma creation is If my mood, emotion, feelings, and state of mind at that time Whatever I was radiating If I compare that with what I radiated this morning – they are opposites While talking to you and I recalled that incident Again I was feeling heavy

I did this … I said that It’s not that. The emotion recorded on that day It is recreated again now Few minutes ago when I told you that I am feeling light I did not feel light when I recalled that day’s incident Let’s take this Two minutes ago when I was narrating I was feeling nice and light Two minutes later when I recalled A past incident Which had a slightly heavy feeling Now I am feeling heavy again Which means Past has become the Present If we don’t become aware even now How many more times can we recreate this heaviness? Just like how today’s experience has become my property Today’s experience has become your property And I will cherish this experience Important is, that day’s experience is also your property Which means a loop. Both experiences are recorded Now you need to check both the experiences That day you created thoughts of irritation. And you felt so heavy Today you created pure thoughts. And you felt so light Hold on to both these experiences So that next time we do the right Karma This Karma gave me this experience. That Karma gave me a different experience Both karmas were mine And both were my experiences Next time the kind of experience I want I need to do a Karma accordingly Throughout the day we need to play with it: My karma, my destiny When we say wrong Karma We feel it refers to some very huge mistakes or blunders We wonder how we can create bad Karma while watching a cricket match But we have created The negativity we have created while watching a cricket match It was a wrong Karma for the soul I had such a wrong habit, that if I did not find my Watch or 2 minutes Immediately I would create a thought that my staff might have stolen it Is that also a Karma? Every thought I create, I radiate If someone comes late I get create a thought that he might have met with an accident Or that he might have fallen ill Every thought I create is a Karma It has got created, regardless of whether it came into words or not Came into action or not The moment I create a thought, I have done a Karma Is consequence is bound to come Consequence could be as small as, that I am not feeling nice Even that is a consequence I was about to ask what its consequences could be It’s a consequence. It’s not a small thing You said you cut out negative thoughts today morning for 30 minutes, while getting ready So you felt light This consequence didn’t not come without a karma If you had not done the Karma of creating light thoughts You would not experience light feelings But the links are long We sow one seed. But the tree gives thousands of fruits When we don’t pay attention One karma’s consequence In response to that, we again create the same quality of Karma I am just trying to share the link of the benefits, about my today’s experience I was happy at the breakfast table, my staff was happy I was happy in my interactions, so I earned blessings We know what is the right thing to do I had only then one thing – Cut It was not just one thing You stopped negative energy from getting created and radiated So it’s not just one cut And it was not just one thought Just one negative thought getting created won’t cause much damage But it never stops at one thought Try and create just one negative thought It doesn’t stop there, unless we are aware Unless we consciously stop it at that one thought Today you cut it because you were aware One thought was created and immediately you cut One negative thought can create a series of negative thoughts When we are getting ready for 30 minutes Mind is not needed over there So just one negative thought is not created in 30 minutes If we just remember one incident We can think about it for 10 minutes Speed of thoughts is very fast It is created fast and it’s vibrated fast It reaches the other person also fast

The other person also creates thoughts fast There vibrations also reach us fast Within 30 minutes, we get depleted in the morning Battery got discharged in the morning And then we say – I don’t know whose face I saw when I woke up this morning We start blaming Why is my day not so good today? My day has not been good because my mind What quality of thoughts did it create this morning? I woke up on the wrong side of my bed I would take it seriously and get up on the left side Keep this leg first on the floor I had awareness about such things Because it’s easier to have awareness about external aspects It’s very easy to have awareness of whether to you step out of your bed from the left side or right Anybody can do this And while getting off the bed, the mind is creating random thoughts This is it. We are not aware of our thoughts Thoughts create destiny So when we remember When we start having awareness about our mind It will no longer matter whether you get off the bed from the left side or right What matters is only what you create on your mind, early in the morning If we observe this even in other aspects Energy of the house, direction of the house My name and spelling, the colour I have worn, my number We are aware of all these Even if we want to change our destiny, we make changes in those things But if we make changes in all those things and fail to make changes in our mind What happens to our destiny? If we like doing something externally, let’s continue doing it But besides doing all that Let’s change things here in the mind also Suppose somebody tells me that energy at my home is not good So you keep this with you. You hang this at home Fine. That object has a certain energy That element has a certain energy That sound has a certain vibration But what about energy here in the mind? Suppose I kept that object at home Someone said keep this at your home and its energy will change So I keep it That object will do its work If it has to vibrate certain energy, it will do it But even my mind will do its work What should I place here to change its energy? We just kept objects at home And we believed that energy of our house will change because of it Unless we make changes in our mind, energy of those objects will not matter Their influence will not be felt The energy here in our mind is very important Today we are ready to do everything outside to change our destiny And there are many people who advise us to do different things externally, to change our energy I will do this for you … You I will do that for you … To change things for you There are so many people who are ready to do all this externally They will even do it to a small extent But finally who has to do everything? Finally if I have faith in my mind If I feel that vibrations will be of a certain type I create that kind of vibrations You can create it for that situation Suppose somebody says – I have kept this object here in your house I meditated for you. So the vibration in your house will be fine from now You have faith towards it You are not creating any thought of doubt about that object kept there But you are creating thoughts about other things in your life Today he said this … she said that … Will my work get done … I have always failed at this Wont all these vibrations also radiate to your house? Now what can that object do? What is more powerful? Whose energy is more powerful? Somebody can say energy of this corner of your room is not good Keep this here … Do these things Okay. That is also science But who has higher energy? I changed the corner, I changed my room I changed the objects in my room It will influence. Only this much I changed the corner, but I sat in that corner and created only wrong thoughts I recalled past memories and I cried I got angry, I even harmed someone in my mind So what can happen by just changing that corner? So we have to know all the powers

But if we don’t take our responsibility We didn’t make any effort on ourselves But we changed everything outside We took care of the date, the day, the colour of our dress We chose a lucky number We chose an auspicious time We even chose an auspicious place Everything outside is auspicious Is our mind auspicious? I thought I have taken care of everything outside, so things will become fine Even here the mind cheats I had a friend in Hyderabad who is well regarded We had to leave together to catch a flight He suggested a time to leave, and said the period after that is not auspicious His staff said Just keep your luggage outside in the vehicle before that time And then you come back inside. It means technically you left at an auspicious time Which goes to show how much we cheat ourselves Because we want to take the flight So instead of leaving at 9:00 a.m., he said we should keep our luggage outside at 7:00 a.m We did that. I kept my luggage out in the vehicle at 7:00 a.m So I went out to keep the luggage Understanding. Clarity We are taking care of all other energies But unless our Karma is not pure We cannot create a destiny that we want I have now held on to thoughts when it comes to Karma Thoughts are also karmas. Every thought is my karma Why is it important use the word Karma? When we just call it as a thought, we take it very lightly That thought is my karma and my karma creates my destiny It creates more responsibility Thank you, Sister Om Shanti Om Shanti. Thank you so much